Saturday, August 27, 2005

The Complete Guide To The Tarot

The Complete Guide To The Tarot Cover

Book: The Complete Guide To The Tarot by Eden Gray

As someone new to the study of the Tarot, I found Eden Gray's "A Complete Guide to the Tarot" to be the best general Introduction to this fascinating divinatory system. Gray writes with a confident but accessible authority that makes her book very appealing.

This book truly explains the deep meanings behind the hermetic symbolism of the Waite-Rider deck. With the systems and symbolism section it becomes a comprehensive text on metaphysical thought- a true book of Thoth, or Hermes. My only complaint is that there is no deluxe copy with leather binding and vellum pages. I would gladly pay extra for it, for this is the kind of book you will refer to again and again over a lifetime. Of course, if the tarot is no more than a new-age parlor game to you, you might want to look elsewhere. If you are prepared to meditate on the meaning of deeper things, then you have found your guide.

Gray devotes one or two pages to every card in the classic Rider-Waite Tarot deck, and lists possible divinatory meanings. She shows how to use various spreads of the cards in order to give readings, and she also discusses the use of the Tarot as an aid in meditation. She also explores the connections between the Tarot and other systems of occult wisdom: numerology, astrology, and the Kabalah.

It is a perfect guide for beginners as well as an excellent convenient reference for more experienced readers of Tarot Cards. I've seen many books aimed at those new to tarot, none are as complete and most are confusing to novices. This book clearly and concisely explains the divinatory meanings of the cards as well as the symbolism behind each one. Its illustrations are of the popular and easily accessible Rider-Waite deck, but it can be used with most standard decks. Gray also provides information on some systems of thought that can illuminate the tarot experience. This book's low price is a big bonus. One wishing to dabble in tarot can easily afford this excellent guide. One who is experienced can easily afford to add this to a reference set.

The book includes a bibliography for those interested in further study. Overall, I found this to be a useful and enjoyable book.

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