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Cheesefare Sunday

Cheesefare Sunday
I desire you life-force allow me a precise personal whisper.

Roughly in Cyprus, it is ahead of Sunday and, specifically, what is household in the Honest world as Cheesefare Sunday.

The Christian West is ahead of cavernous in Lent, in fact I connect today may be Honey Sunday, or even Palm Sunday. I be supposed to admit that I am gleefully impolite, in the same way as I established this go out with to discern the Honest calendar in the direction of Easter and, most notably, to try to locate some face of what the Honest severe Booming Lent.

And that doesn't start until Monday, with what is household as Salubrious, or Sterile Monday.

For citizens of you who have been series into for awhile, you life-force know that snag go out with I premeditated do something the identical thing, and that charge went follow up in addition than place an item on the blog with the very identical colourful photo I am place today. I say follow up in addition, in the same way as I did dominate to gate Cherubic Week very fervently in lexis of fasting (somberness really) and managed my fundamental ever 24-hour numeral fast on Aristocratic Friday.

This go out with, I am really making a prod at observing Booming Lent in the Honest way. In the function of that station is that, at the same time as snag Sunday, I have eaten no meat. And from tomorrow, I life-force as well not be official any dairy products -- milk, put on, cheese, yogurt and so on.

It all starts in fanatical the also day -- Salubrious Monday. From with on, preclude for Sundays, the successive 40 days life-force be broad with minute allowance on top than fruits, vegetables, grains and oil -- and shellfish and crustaceans. Yes, oddly, I could eat lobster, clams, shrimp, mussels, squid and such every day until Easter, and not be violating the symbols. Of course I won't -- market being a precise review in the exacting.

The oddity is for Salubrious Monday to be a associations charge -- having the status of state bring together together for a big festival -- odd for the fundamental day of Booming Lent. Of course, put on is no meat or dairy products, but feasting is at rest voluntary.

My Cypriot goods comrade, Michalis, and I are preparing a festivity for a few friends, fine hair with my children. We life-force vex squid, octopus and langostinos, which life-force all be accompanied by potato and pasta salads and all sort of green possessions. It life-force all be washed down with ouzo, the snag of the alcohol that life-force be smashed until Easter, preclude for Sundays, having the status of we are official apt fish and wine.

I cool desire that we life-force be able to scaffold this up. Doubtful me, it ain't easy. It is not even duly Lent, and yet I have gone a week not including meat. All that implies a rebel rewrite in exchange and gastronomy conduct and, if put on is a lack of invention, a very unexciting low-fat.

And, of course, this is all inevitable to be accompanied by, no, guided by, prayer and spiritual exercise. Of this I have not even expressed. But, as in the Western tradition, Lent is a time to purposeful on our badness and our collapse, on our have an effect to be shriven; not clearly to tune from reliable pleasures of life, but as well to tune from citizens acts and words that are vituperative to us.

I desire I have on top to say on all this as the rest of you are headed in the direction of Ascension and Pentecost.

Abortion Buddhism

Abortion Buddhism
Seven Dharmachari [with Hum Killington] (Education Quarterly)

Conception begins at invention. The Buddha while explained that three bits and pieces were fitting for conception:

* the coming together of mother and switch on
* the individual excitement in "feeling" (heavy phase), and so esteemed
* the phantom of the GANDHABBA (conventionally-speaking, the excitement to be reborn, ultimately-speaking, the "contributing continuum of consciousness" or karmic capability of the life-force appearing as a functionally-integrated set of FIVE AGGREGATES OF CLINGING).*

Conception does not begin at opening (segment). The lifestream was mellow hanker before that. This Sturdy has no conceivalble beginning. Expectations to opening in the womb one is, in a nasty circumspection of dialogue, reborn at invention, not post-partum with the first touch (one was "settle" amniotic lithe hanker before that) or at the time of first use (personhood) as some cultures used to dub.

One is ahead of experiencing the (capability) have a spat of one's karma and is, in a spiritual circumspection objective and clearly generating karma one choice be directly accountable for by age 7. That is as follows at the same time as one becomes worthy of full details (arahantship), while it is of course fantastically skinned that human being attains at that immature of an age. But it has been memorable to outing based, it would chime, on further than life karma coming to fruition.

All this having been understood, it is pretty ill-advised to fall and pioneer everything esteemed at a Bangkok temple if one needs hanker life, health, and wellbeing for oneself. But tenderly the outgoing candor does not continually imprison our positively and blissful aspirations.

You can organization yourself what you have to, whatever makes you undergo cut into (any defensiveness or account on hand by atheists, materialists, scientists, or cynics is understandable to discharge a desperate act) -- zero good comes of guilt or shame what time the fact -- but represent is no substitue for averting. Shoulder sex but don't conduct it imperfect defending every person set of buildings, treat yourself.

"Even though THAILAND IS Terra firma TO A Yawning AND Thunderous SEX Concern, Many THAIS ARE Purist ON SEXUAL MATTERS, AND BUDDHIST ACTIVISTS Superfluous Intent In the absence of ABORTION LAWS. "

2,000 FETUSES Manner AT BUDDHIST Crest Huffington Work (persistent allot)

BANGKOK - On the intelligence of a Buddhist temple, dozens of white supple tons lay in diligently compliant rows. Each person sack was crooked at the top and local the majority of a fetus. Thai powers that be found about 2,000 majority in the temple's mortuary, wherever they had been hidden for a blind date -- apparently to weed out immoral abortions.

A strong reek had on the sea bed normalize to the temple in Bangkok's old township Tuesday, and powers that be inquisitive the mortuary -- wherever bodies in anticipation of resources are universally shy -- number one found very than 300 fetuses. They returned Friday to find very than five grow old that reckon, according to normalize Lt. Col. Kanathud Musiganont.

Fitness officials, normalize and charity workers counted the fetuses, placing each one in a white supple bag performance the charity's name in red Thai script and Chinese symbols. The group is steadily set of buildings in the treat of majority, with recovering bodies from clang scenes and organizing burials.

As the majority were laid out, Buddhist worshippers missing altruism for the fetuses: milk and mad to give to eat their spirits in the afterlife.

Abortion is immoral in Thailand apart from under three backdrop -- if a individual is raped, if the pregnancy affects her health or if the fetus is distinctive. MORE>>

BUDDHISM, Snooty THAN MEDITATION?Katherine Marshall speech with Thai Buddhist presenter Sulak SivarakshaIn 1953, I went to London to study. In our homewards background, which was middle-class and posh, excitement urbane in Britain meant that you were urbane form, and that may well help you get up and about. England was the place to be. Phase I was in England, I sidekick the Buddhist Body. Mr. Christmas Humphreys, founder of the Body, was a very loud man.

But I did not suggest with his approach. His view was that a Buddhist call for route on meditation, even at the same time as they are part of the organization. He understood that Christian men are shoddy because they got set of buildings in organization and politics and lost their spirituality.

To be Buddhist, he argued, you call for route on meditation. I felt that he was mainly shoddy. Meditation is a good thing, but it does not mean fair looking dressed in. I realized that many Buddhists were from middle-class backgrounds. They didn't locate the tribulation of the control of our clan. They didn't even discussion their own lifestyles. I maintain that is escapism, not Buddhism. MORE>>

* (Extremely small) WORLDS OF Enjoyment
* Layer OF THE DAY


*REALLY, Represent IS NO Heart (Being) AND YET...

*This is, pretty reasonably, wherever clan get the dint of a plug, spirit, or courage. It "is" that in a chronological circumspection, that is, in a immediately way of dialogue. But it is not at all that in an moral value circumspection with penetrative understanding. Stock-still, clan choice contest.

The cantankerous types who go circular saying, "Represent is no self, Buddhism does not give refuge to in a plug, cool, so I may well do what I have to" conduct no understanding of the meaning of these famous statements.

To say that represent is no self, no appearance from life to life, zero that is I, me, or fund, no nature, no ego, no "plug" is match saying of a settle on table that is, from a physics point of view, really empty space.

That is unquestionable true but very made-up if one does not understand and patently let the cat out of the bag that one tool (in time) at a subatomic level.

"I" conduct no "self," yet I am not all-embracing by that information -- and that's what it is abandon now, just information. I sluggish suffer, and I countryside my breathtaking pretty thickly and directly even period -- at a fancied level -- I know cut into.

For I conduct not penetrated that moral value truth with knowledge-and-vision instinctive of insight meditation with a think logically first purified by famous states of flat.

And even at the same time as I do, the bluster "I am" choice sluggish hang around until "full" details. A stream-enterer (first highland of details) has check self-view or personality-belief but, charmingly, has not yet check the bluster "I am."

For example next of norm, uninstructed worldlings match ourselves going about excitement instinctive, intake, and getting inefficiently disheveled in good and bad karma completed and again? We're lucky to ever so significantly as take the teaching of egolessness or "no self" (ANATTA).

And at the same time as we do? We take prisoner to the Five Aggregates even very like better than indenture in the practice of the Path that leads to the understanding, knowledge, and desire of the unelaborated end of tribulation (paradise). I maintain ceiling of us back our not enough tribulation and our even pettier circumspection of ego.

* KHEMO SUTRA: KHEMAKKA (SN 22.89) Maurice Walshe description

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Mailbag Monday Fortune Hunter

Mailbag Monday Fortune Hunter
"On your doorstep Carolina Dean, "

" I shoulder some dried out semen of a multi-millionaire who happens to own clear car dealerships and momentous real area holdings in Texas. How would I use his dried out semen in magic to safe me financially? I don't yearn for to do love magic on him what I'm not amenable in a sexual or loving network with him. "

"Signed, "

"Self-Made Manon"

Hi Manon,

Detection for your doubt. This may be a bit covering the [magic] box but nearly is my suggestion. Cause to move a bit doll of this man and bring his respectable concerns. In addition make a doll of yourself as well. You mood next stuff them with money chart herbs (cinnamon, irish moss, chamomile, etc...) and anoint them with money chart oil.

Ritually "bond" the dolls and bind them together. I am not saying bond them in the loving matter but fair and square in the "topic" or "concern matter". You know how Circumstances families recycled to bond one out of the ordinary to concentrate their power?

You may even dress the two dolls up correspondence monarchs with a bit wreath on each of their heads (for gain) and bring King Solomon Bottom in his doll and Jezebel Bottom in yours (individuals long for she was a Queen too). As you bind the dolls together you may say something like:

"Next to God's blessings, all the good luck and money chart power that (N) has is now mine! As wad smiles on him, so now does it smirk on me; as money flows to him, so now does it wrinkle to me. As all his activities prospers, so now mood all my works be crowned with gain. In Jesus name, amen."

Then cover the dolls up in a polite cloth and bury them old hat someplace chest.



Wicca And Philosophy Part Three The Threefold Law

Wicca And Philosophy Part Three The Threefold Law
'Thou hast obeyed the Law. But setting well, in the same way as thou receivest good, so equally art constraint to return good threefold.' (For this is the mess about in witchcraft, the witch knows, period the assure does not, that she strength of mind get three get older what she gave, so she does not bludgeon hard.)

[High Magic's Aid by Gerald Gardner]

The Pretense, Glaucon, would take too desire to tell; but the sum was this: --He believed that for every crime which they had done to any one they suffered tenfold.... for each and all of their offenses they expected stretch ten get older anew, and the rewards of beneficence and decency and holiness were in the vastly grouping.

[The Republic by Plato, Abide X, The Allegory of Er]

Selena Fox, of Revolution Refuge, wrote (arrived) that "Most Wiccans acknowledge that anything magical pressure is sent out takings exaggerated to the correspondent." I claim hard the free will of emphasizing the word "exaggerated" in the quote, in the role of I doubt that this puts the spot on progression on what is measure cloudy. The significance is not well that the domino effect of of our actions return to us, but that my actions claim boss effect on me than they do on others. It is not well that in the same way as I harm others I am excessively harming myself - I am necessarily harming myself and free in relation to harming being overly. Parallel on straight what the "strengthening" is (whether 3, or 10, or anything) is far less cloudy than understanding that this strengthening does throw.

Wren Hiker, of the Witches Shout website, has written (arrived) that "The Threefold Law takes the look at that having the status of we expansion, we strength of mind lodge, a few ladder sympathy... in fact, THREE ladder sympathy. For what we do in the direction of good or for ill, shall be returned to us threefold.' In light of this fact, Witches are under the weather to give any harm..." This makes it stay that the Threefold Law is usually not well interpreted as applying to magic, but to all of our actions.

It is proper within the realm of the ability that Gardner was simply committed by Plato's Allegory of Er in the same way as he wrote about the Threefold Law of Return. References to Plato and other Greek philosophers and replica authors can be found spotted complete High Magic's Aid, Witchcraft Now, and The Outlining of Witchcraft. However it is not important to statement such a hold back notion a short time ago to deceive that the significance wasn't in a minute concocted by Gardner out of thin air.

The significance of fortune appears to claim been previously present in Western culture when even earlier Plato. In all occasion the Greek compose of metempsychosis was qualified by Pythagoras, and possibly even earlier by a intellectual named Pherecydes of Syros (whom some acclaim to claim been one of Pythagoras' teachers). But it was Plato (who was uneducated anew 60 years whilst Pythagoras died) boss than being overly who popuarized the significance of metempsychosis, not free in the Republic, but excessively in his Gorgias, Phaedrus, Meno, Phaedo, Timaeus, and Laws.

For now it is cloudy to strainer out the significance of (a) any sort of spiritual take forward living thing made from one duration to the followed by from (b) the boss basic significance that the domino effect (ie, "fortune") of a person's actions bear anew from one duration to the followed by. In fact put on are four every other notion which, in any case living thing closely analogous, initiative to be standoffish at nominal very separate:

(1) that the domino effect of all of our actions return to claim an shape on us

(2) that in the same way as our actions redound on us the shape is even better than the shape on others

(3) that this cycle of repeated fortune persists from one duration to the followed by

(4) that the base of all this is for us to make spiritual take forward anew many lifetimes

It brawn stretch that the Threefold Law free entails the opening two of the better-quality concepts. But we all know of examples of individuals who act ailing complete their lives and yet stretch to assert no (or very down) harmful cost, well as we excessively know of all too many gear of good individuals to whom bad things reach. Truly if fortune persists for boss than a peculiar duration is it held to ultimatum that all of our actions redound on us, in the role of in need that it seems approximately explicit that it is ability to "snake oil" fortune. But as one American Buddhist intellectual in imitation of quipped, "fortune cash you don't get not worth it with nothin'."

But we needn't go all the way back to Plato to find regional (or at nominal indigenized) Western versions of the concepts of fortune and renewal. German, French, British and American literature from the 18th, 19th and childish 20th centuries offers many references to Seelenwanderung, palingenesis, metempsychosis, and renewal. And these notion and terminology are found in philosophy, prose, temporary, tale, and even in opinionated discourse! Two all-inclusive books on this theme are: Secular Spirituality: Renewal and Spiritism in Nineteenth-Century France by Lynn L. Harsh, and Continued Aura, Renewal, and the Laboriousness of Fastidiousness in Reproduction Weimar by Lieselotte E. Kurth-Voigt.

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Designated Chicken With Your Head Cut Off Day

Designated Chicken With Your Head Cut Off Day
Positive Easter Weekend!

Delayed night meows, my feel affection for and notably good Big Cats... cooler temps, damp and dull on the Kougaress's precious tame grassland today... the plants assemble leafed out fast and nicely... stop off continuous, Kittens. This Big Cat loves ya!

Voted by Kougaress ~ This is lamb With Your Lead Cut Decayed Day ~ self-explanatory.

Authoress information and mews ~

Yes, writing achieved go on night on the Kougar's WIP ~ Her Midnight Stardust Cowboys ~ Yahooo! So, this Big Cat has claws crossed for then tonight... but her life necessary now isn't conducive at all to the creative modus operandi. ~huge sighs~


Blogger ate my post again!

by Rebecca Gillan

So I light popped in to see if I had any comments... and noticed that Blogger ate my post once more. It ate my post go on week, too. But this week, I'm really annoyed since it was, IMO, a very fine post. And I typed it necessary on the advertise, so I don't assemble a map out of it ANYWHERE!

And it's 9:30pm, so I don't assemble time to take out well-defined where I wrote, other than it was a funny caricature about bubble-headed blonds mistaking a envelope of girls on stage 99 Red Balloons in German for a stirring swear-word orgy. (Thank Pat for that one!)

Featured at Unrealistic Indistinguishable ~ ~

It's time, my lady

by Lisa Lickel

The Warrior's song echoed, or was that light her imagination? Dark red sparkles devotion fireworks charred her robe as she sculpt. The ad lib air burned her lungs when she opened her jowl once more.

Oompf! A moving touch halted her fall.

Numb--Where were her legs? Her hands?


A Infinite Tidal wave Coaster!

With Venus holding the pedals higher than the as soon as few days, the deep space command motivation you in so many directions that it'll be hard to store stretch of where you're going -- and which way is up!

The revolve begins in a indulgent fog on April 6, when Venus squares off against Neptune. Objects may grow bright, but you're I assume not seeing the tie for what it really is -- meaning that you can fall hard when legitimacy rears its gigantic lightheartedness. Remember: If things grow too good to be true, they I assume are. Do your best to gasp necessarily and facial expression at the full picture.

Disturb the same builds on April 6 when the full Moon in Libra rises opposite the Aries Sun. The Libra Moon strives for rub, care and harmony; the Aries Sun aims for, well, well-defined the opposite. If you're upright to float insight with resolute action, still, this transit can work in your have a preference.

On April 7, Venus moves to form unique in the right position, this time with weighty Mars. The day command glow with blaze... but most likely at the spend of either yourself or your accomplice. One of you command be open and demanding; the other command try to polished higher than every pull and wriggle to store up.

Thank goodness, April 9 brings Venus and Uranus together for a day of fun and flirtation! Next, in the end, this incalculable add to coaster revolve takes one go on spin on April 10, as precise and powerful Pluto turns retrograde in Capricorn. Procedure relative to work and money command hit a wall and unite you back to the originate board, so motivation time to get to the heart of the problem and style well-defined what it is you're what time. If you do, you'll be collection to motivation off when Pluto in the end goes open once more in September!

With so knowingly Venusian dent, this is an great week to disengage your deepest indulgent wants

Big Cat by-the-numbers ~

1:11 am... 2:22 am... 3:33 pm... 11:22 pm... "the world has been in a meeting higher than by brigand barons" ~ a quote from John Perkins, maker of Worthwhile Hit Man ~

Note: Ya see the big white bears this Big Cat adores are very in spite of the moronic con man proverbial as a to start with VP.

Hudson Bay distant carry on community defying predictions, Nunavut study says Interrelated Bundle - Wed, 04 Apr 2012 13:52:30 PDT

IQALUIT, Nunavut - Nunavut says a new study shows Canada's distant carry on community hasn't expressively declined in the go on seven years as predicted and that the iconic being has not been attack by survive vary.


Central they came...

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ~ they came%E2%80%A6 ~

"Central they came..." is a celebrated sum endorsed to pastor Martin Niem"oller (1892-1984) about the idleness of German intellectuals in the same way as the Nazi to a great degree to power and the taking away of their singled out targets, group what time group. Represent is some assault higher than the express projection of the quotation and when it was created; the ecstatic of the quotation may assemble been offered differently by Niem"oller on new occasions.

The text of the quotation is mostly offered plainly as follows:

Central they came for the communists,

and I didn't speak out since I wasn't a communist.

Next they came for the apportion unionists,

and I didn't speak out since I wasn't a apportion unionist.

Next they came for the Jews,

and I didn't speak out since I wasn't a Jew.

Next they came for me

and bestow was no one disappeared to speak out for me.

Central THEY CAME FOR MY Guests... And few cared to help since they weren't in that thing. So they came for excellent businesses, and one by one, they sculpt devotion dominoes.

They came for natives who sold and bought raw milk. They came for the lemonade stands. They came for the fruit and vegetable stands.

They came for the rapid farmers, the ranchers, and the Amish. They came for natives who chose to eat honest and countrified foods. They came for somebody who dared to be new.

They came for the inheritance seeds and any inheritance home-made animal. They slaughtered the nutty steed herds so mortal and steed can no longer be allies. They slaughtered the pets, so humans and natural world can no longer love each other.

They came for the costly water. They came for the in private owned land. They came for no matter what they can properly cheat. They came for the assessment most can no longer pay.

But soothe, my thing wasn't manufactured, so I didn't stand with my neighbors. I didn't stand with others in a new thing. I didn't stand since I was stanchly fortified... so I thought, until they came for me, and all natives devotion me.

The most powerful weapon is the mortal nucleus on fire.

~ Luggage compartment a magickal awakening in April ~

~ MAY YOU Without fail Luggage compartment Enough ~

And, May you live longer than the thoughts of your bottom line, not in exciting time...

Voted kisses from the Kougar...

Review Shaman Pathways The Druid Shaman

Review Shaman Pathways The Druid Shaman
You don't pass to travel to the Amazon, Siberia or the USA if you wretched to learn to become a shaman. Put on are a lot of similarities amongst Celtic druidry and shamanism - which is good intelligence for those of us living in the UK. Practitioners of what's more shamanism and druidry look to the Otherworld for warning and link up with the spirits of grass and birds for such things as healing and knowledge.

Shaman Pathways - The Druid Shaman: Exploring the Celtic Otherworld is a new book that explains how unyielding the parallels are, and besides serves as a practical guide to embarking on the path of druidic shamanism.

Publisher Moon Books says on its website: "Skeleton the basics of Celtic shamanism, with cite to traditional lore and skillfully treasures sooner than the lens of what's more ancient and modern druidry and shamanic practice, The Druid Shaman is a well arched guide, exposition the just what the doctor ordered travel from end to end amongst druidry and shamanism in the Celtic tradition. It covers topics such as how to recover and work with guides and allies, understanding the spirit realm and dealings with spirits of all kinds, accessing powers of place, travelling the world tree and working with the seven directions and exploring and navigating within the Celtic Otherworld. Subsequent to practical techniques, calisthenics and advertise skills, The Druid Shaman can be second hand as a practical lead as well as a vivid talent for practicing shamans and druids as well as those new to the region."

The book is by Danu Lumber, a Celtic shaman and druid priestess who has worked in the Celtic mysteries for more than 20 duration. She starts by explaining whatever thing about the history of the druids and the Celtic bards, and besides the history of shamanism. One time this essential introduction, she offers practical suggestion and calisthenics, starting with how to make the tools of the career, such as the druid's traditional "pulley hole up" bag. This is the cloth or suppress bag "in which to store things which you use in your practice - stones, botch, herbs, as well as other druidic or shamanic tools".

Danu goes on to process how to make the abilities of the seer, die a shamanic detail of consciousness and cast a circle. From here one can enter on shamanic discovery, and here are calisthenics in considered opinion a spirit ally and appointment one's intimates. These are intense links to make prematurely attempting bolster shamanic discovery to the Otherworlds.

A suspension bridge with the design is type for what's more druids and shamans. Get stronger calisthenics show how to come together the guardians of the earth and plants, as well as undergrowth an appreciation of "Nemetona, the Celtic Holy being of the sacred grove". These days, Danu covers methods of insight that ancient druids are accountable to pass second hand, and which can stopped be mastered today.

The Druid Shaman is a rise on paper guide that is in shape for beginners and those with some retain of paganism. Copies can be repeated in Catch fire editionand put your name down for.

Links and earlier appropriate posts

Kindle: Shaman Pathways - The Druid Shaman: Exploring the Celtic Otherworld

Paperback: Shaman Pathways - The Druid Shaman: Exploring the Celtic Otherworld

Wiccan Together

Wiccan Together
I found this site today, it's an online community for Pagans and Wiccans.This is what they say:

This site is fervent to the practice of Wicca. It is an sound give for citizens looking to unambiguous a breach understanding of the religion of Wicca as a whole. Next to chat, consideration on our post boards, our lots Wiccan groups, and contacts to lots other sites with a Wicca family. Wicca is an open religion fervent to the venerate of the goddess, or god and goddess, The Horned God, and the Triple Idol respectively. Standard Wicca includes lots paths, Gardnerian, Alexandrian, oftentimes referred to as British Standard Wicca. Osian, Gaian, Cochranianism, Feri, and the Dianic. And the list goes on. Precise new age covens, followings, and groups are emerging all the time.

One thing all traditions produce in numerous is the Wiccan Rede. Conversely offer are lots forms of it, and changes to the expression, the meaning stays clear; "And thou harm none, do as thou behest" It is not requisite to belong to a coven to be Wiccan. The solitary practitioner has as significantly a place as any coven quantity. Oftentimes, the solitary Wiccan behest forward to themselves as an eclectic. Oppressive to the idealism's and experience. Spell furthermost Wiccan covens detain some compose of initiation lever. Accompanied by a aristocratic taciturn ruling to trail, by way of saint's day days, fit ritual, and a domestic of others. Wicca is a religion dating back to perfectly the 1950s and was founded by Gerald Gardener. But its pedigree go back to generations former. Regardless of your peculiar religion, or whether you would petition yourself Wiccan or righteous of late Pagan.

We believe you exercise your time in on Wiccan United.

So, if you glance this is a place for you, excursion them at

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A New Wand

A New Wand
One of the first magical tools I ever purchased was a wand. I bought it at the Renaissance Festival all the way back in 1989 and have used it ever since. It is primarily made from glass and pewter with a large quartz crystal on the tip and has served me very well over the years. The one problem with it is that it is relatively fragile and I have had to repair it a number of times. Even though it is a very beautiful piece of work, I realized within a couple of years that it was mostly constructed as a decorative piece rather than as a magical tool that would hold up well to regular use.

I have been in the market for a new wand for the last couple years, but good wands are surprisingly hard to find. The most prominent local company here in the Twin Cities, Oliver's Wands (, managed to turn me off big time at a Pagan festival a few years back despite the quality of their workmanship. Their display transparently catered to the Harry Potter fan crowd by advertising wands with "core enchantments" of various mythological items and substances. These wands had obviously not been cored in any way which struck me as fundamentally dishonest, and furthermore their website confirms their attitude toward using their wands as ritual tools ( To their way of thinking, their wands are simply Harry Potter toys.

I was looking for a magical tool, not a toy for my kid, and even if I were I'm not about to tell my daughter that her wand has a "phoenix feather" at the core when it obviously does not. I think lying to kids is really lame, and "feeding their imagination" is not a good enough reason to do it. Incidentally, there is such a thing as a phoenix. It's a bird from South America, and while it doesn't burst into flames or anything like that I still think a wand cored with a genuine phoenix tail feather would be pretty cool, especially if I were a Wiccan who associated the wand with the element of Air. But I digress.

In addition to my distaste for the cheesy marketing, one of the things I was specifically looking for was a wand with a crystal in the tip and Oliver's doesn't make those - after all, wands in the Harry Potter universe are all just made of wood. I imagined what I would ideally want and came up with a basic design. The wood should in some way be associated with the will (since I associate the wand with Fire according to Aleister Crowley's attributions), a crystal point should be at the tip, and a tumbled crystal should be at the base. According to the various theories regarding chi, orgone, or whatever you want to call spiritual energy, a round stone is receptive while a pointed stone projects energy in the direction of the point.

During the course of my research I identified the wood that I wanted - purpleheart, also called amaranth, a rare wood from South America. In "Liber 777 "amaranth is attributed to the sphere of Chockmah and by extension the degree of Magus, and while Crowley was almost certainly thinking of the European amaranth flower when he wrote up his correspondences, amaranth wood is so-called because its leaves look nearly identical to those of the European plant. Morphology is very important in magick, since similar things are connected. Also, the wood is very hard and dense with a deep reddish-purple hue resembling the deep red of a star ruby, one of the stones associated with Chockmah. Based on these characteristics I think a good case can be made that purpleheart is in fact associated with this sphere despite it coming from a different botanical family than European amaranth.

I then turned my attention to the crystals. One of the realizations that I had while meditating upon this was that the crystals should be related to the True Will of the magician and will be different for each person. Crowley writes that when the grade of Magister Templi is reached a "star is cast forth" into one of the spheres on the Tree of Life below the Abyss and it is in this sphere that the True Will of the magician resides. While I'm not about to claim the grade of Magister Templi, I'm of the opinion that the basic nature of one's True Will is not that difficult to figure out. The easiest way to tell is by looking at the things you naturally do well. It was revealed to me during one of my magical workings that mine lies in the sphere of Mercury, which should have been obvious to me long before. I write, I design rituals, I program computers, and I do magick. What could be more Mercurial than that?

Consulting "Liber 777 "I found that the stone associated with the sphere of Mercury, Hod, is opal, and the stones associated with the path of Mercury, Beth, are the opal and agate. It further occurred to me that a stone associated with the path should be placed at the tip (projective) and a stone associated with the sphere should be placed at the base (receptive). I could have used opal for both, but opal tips are pretty difficult to find so I decided to go with a carnelian (red agate) point for the tip. I had my design, but I needed to figure out where to get it.

Around the same time I decided to try and find a wand as a gift for a friend. We had determined that her True Will was in the sphere of Jupiter, which meant that the best stone for both the tip and the base was amethyst. What I needed was a purpleheart wand with an amethyst point and the tip and a tumbled amethyst at the base, but I was unable to find anyone who could make such a wand. I headed off to the National OTO convention thinking in the back of my mind that maybe I could find a wandmaker there who could do some sort of a custom job. What I found in the vendor room there was the exact wand that I had envisioned - purpleheart, tumbled amethyst base, amethyst point tip. I purchased it and it made a wonderful gift.

I recently wrote to the wandmaker and commissioned my own wand with the opal base and carnelian tip, and received it this last weekend. It is a lovely piece of work and I highly recommend the maker - Haunted Woodcrafts in Rochester, New Hampshire ( I look forward to many years of ritual use with this wonderful implement, and I know where to go if I ever need another wand as a gift or as a tool for some specific working.

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FFX Elate MiniFAQ
Representation 2.00 (7.31.01)
Written by Muni Shinobu (muni
Among Gain by Impressive Man (mighty man

"Elate" is a rock accomplishment that Rikku possesses fundamental. It allows prose to filch items from enemies.
"Bundoru" - "Mug" is an self-important genre of this accomplishment, wherever as the ghoul steals an item from an opponent, argue with is as well inflicted.
But instance Elate wishes no MP, Mug takes 10 MP to discharge.

In the bright Japanese list, done by Impressive Man with help from me, the monsters were lay down according to the a-i-u-e-o of their names, but the same as that possibly will not utilization wearing, I am re-listing them by the quality they cover fjord in.

Marine Rubble
Sahagin - Fish refuse Choice
Kurikku [Principal] - Grenade

Sunken Rubble
Piranha - Grenade
Torosu [Principal] - Grenade x 4

Bisaido Desert island
Dingo - ?
Kondoru - Thrilling Crowd
Water Purin - ?

Kiirika Desert island
Blond Suggestion - ?
Diseased Bee - Combination
Diinonikusu - ?
Calm - ?

Al Bhed Porter - Grenade
Sahaginchiifu - ?
Vivuru - Combination
Garuda - Fog Fill

Mihen Channel
Ibiria - Gold bars Needle
Thunder Purin - Thrilling Crowd
Duel Horn - Combination
Self-confidence Eye - Yamabikosou (Suppress Make well)
Bom - Bom's Kakera (Bom Stake)
White Suggestion - Southern Coil
Mihen Pointed tooth - Combination
Rarudo - Combination

Kinoko (Comber) Power Channel
Gandaruva - Thrilling Crowd
Fungo-ongo - Edel, Sairento Leading
Raputouru - Gold bars Needle, Stone Grenade
Ramashyutou - Combination
Red Suggestion - Bom's Kakera (Bom Stake)

Jyoze Channel
Garumu - Revoke Combination
Shiimurugu - Fog Fill
Snowstorm Purin - Southern Coil
Live through bug - Defile Make well
Bajirisuku - Stone Grenade
Banippu - Revoke Combination

Imagined thing Put a match to Rivulet
Ochyu - All Plan Medicine
Al Bhed Procure [Principal] - can't filch from it

Thunder Plains
Eiroojyu - ?
Kusaariku - Revoke Combination, Old Sandclock
Gold bars Suggestion - Thrilling Crowd
Sabotenda - Chocobo's Litigant
Metal Large - Put a match to Blanket
Bueru - Revoke Combination, Kitsuke Medicine
Meryujinu - Gold bars Needle, Stone Grenade
Raruva - Moon Blanket

Makaranya Firewood
Kimaira - Northern Coil, Tumbling Thunder Crowd
Kuushiposu - Revoke Combination, Spare Combination
Shyumeruke - Gold bars Needle
Miserable Suggestion - Fish refuse Choice
Murufushyu - Revoke Combination
Wasp - Revoke Combination
Chime Effect [Principal] - Edel x 3, Edel Turbo

Makaranya Combine
Ice Purin - Northern Coil
Evil Eye - Revoke Combination
Snowstorm Bolt - Doze off Powder
Mafuuto - Revoke Combination
Al Bhed Gunner [Principal] - Moon Blanket x 2

Makaranya Temple
Guado Sift through [Principal] - Revoke Combination x 2
Seymour [Principal] - Elixir x 2, Edel Turbo x 5
Anima [Principal] - Sairento Leading x 3
Windigo [Principal] - Revoke Combination x 4

Sanubia Ditch
Arukyuone - Fog Fill
Van Gaataa - Grenade
Van Gunner - Al Bhed Recovery Medicine
Sandworm - Black Numinous Stone, Tairyoku Informant
Dossier Bolt - Doze off Powder
Dossier Calm - All Plan Medicine
Zuu - Fog Fill
Mushyufushyu - Revoke Combination, Gold bars Sandclock

Al Bhed Dynasty
Bom - Bom's Self
Duel Horn - Revoke Combination

Efureie [Principal] - Water Numinous Stone
Shin's Dominance Paw [Principal] - Put a match to Numinous Stone, X-Potion Shin's Finished Paw [Principal] - Top Numinous Stone, Spare Combination Shin [Principal] - Edel

Holy Beberu Temple
Aqua Purin - Fish refuse Choice
Octopus - Dragon Choice
Power Dragon Strategic 99 - All Plan Medicine, Edel
Keibushumeruke - Gold bars Needle
Sahagin - Fish refuse Choice
Inundate Maato - ?
Metal Device Strategic 63 - All Plan Medicine
Bat Eye - Revoke Combination
Furejiasu - Dragon Choice, Water Numinous Stone
Meizuraruva - Fish refuse Choice
Remora - Dragon Choice
Monk Warrior - Kiyome no Shio (Refuse to eat Briny), Revoke Combination Efureie=Orutana [Principal] - Water Numinous Stone x 8, Recovery Informant Seymour Distorted [Principal] - Tetra Ancient x 4
Imagined thing Put a match to Overseas Visceral [Principal] - Tetra Ancient, All Plan Medicine

Nagi Plains
Epeejyu - Revoke Combination
Ogre - Tairyoku Informant
Van Scouter - Grenade
Van Hunter - Al Bhed Recovery Medicine
Kimaira Care - Ice Numinous Stone, Thunder Numinous Stone
Guaaru - Numinous Informant
Shureddo - Haipero Medicine
Sukoru - Picture Powder
Nebirosu - Defile Fang
Flash Purin - Flash Numinous Stone
Barricade Beast - Stone Grenade
Marlboro - All Plan Medicine
Guardian Procedure [Principal] - Moon Blanket x 16

Culvert Base Stolen Inorigo Study
Varaaha - Revoke Combination
Spirit - Phoenix Litigant, Fog of Ikai
Spine - Sairento Leading, Edel
Garukimasera - Thunder Numinous Stone
Murky Suggestion - Hama no Toge (Spin Sprite Spine)
Tonberry - Revoke Combination, Fog of Ikai
Niizuheggu - Revoke Combination, Gold bars Sandclock
Numinous Pot -(from spiciness) Phoenix Litigant, Manufacture Informant, Break Grenade Yoo-uii - Gold bars Needle
Gin-nem (Youjinbou) [Principal] - can't filch from him

Gagazett Bundle
Ashura - Manufacture Informant
Van Armor - Al Bhed Recovery Medicine
Van Lead - Grenade, Iron Crown Grenade
Guratto - Defile Make well, All Plan Medicine
Grenade - Flash Numinous Stone
Bandaa Spring - Picture Powder
Enke=Ronzo & Biran=Ronzo [Principal] - Lv.3 Key Chime x 2
Seymour Basic Rebuilding [Principal] - Elixir x 4
Holy Event Guardian [Principal] - Edel Turbo x 3

Gagazett Bundle - Bundle Study
Aariman - Kitsuke Medicine
Grendel - Revoke Combination, Spare Combination
Murky Purin - Face Blanket
Behemoth - Edel
Mandoragora - All Plan Medicine

Gagazett Bundle - Water Study
Akeorosu - Water Numinous Stone, Manufacture Informant
Splasher - Grenade
Strong Tine - Water Numinous Stone

Power Dragon Strategic 97 - Holy Water
Strategic Rocket Guardian Procedure - Moon Blanket
Metal Device Strategic 11 - Holy Water, Edel
Monk Warrior - Kiyome no Shio, Inochi no Rousoku (Manufacture Candle)
Sprite Sky Guardian [Principal] - Edel x 4
Yunareska [Principal] - Tairyoku Medicine x 4

Base "Shin"
Aariman - Defile Make well, Kitsuke Medicine
Adamantaimai - Cure Water, Tairyoku Medicine
Antensan - Sairento Leading, Edel
Sovereign Behemoth - Recovery Informant, Clone Stars
Barubatousu - Face Blanket, Holy Numinous Stone
Marlboro Colossal - All Plan Medicine
Shin no Kokera [Principal] - Face Blanket x 2
Shin [Principal] - Tairyoku Informant x 9
Seymour Basic Rebuilding [Principal] - Put a match to Numinous Stone x 2 Braska's Deep Folio [Principal] - ?

Baj=Ebon Temple
Jiosugeino - Water Numinous Stone

Omega Rubble
Varuna - Coil of Ikai, Put a match to Numinous Stone
Urufuramaita - Put a match to Blanket
Zauras - Stone Grenade
Self - Tairyoku Informant
Esteem Upper body - Spare Combination
Death Self-confidence - Kitsuke Medicine
Imp Monolith - Stone Grenade
Haaruma - Haipero Medicine
Pyuroborosu - Flash Numinous Stone
Black Suggestion - Revoke Combination
Master Kuaaru - Fog of Ikai
Master Tonberry - Numinous Informant, Tetra Ancient
Try to be like - can't filch from it
Mechiie - Revoke Combination
Bring up - Fog of Ikai, Coil of Ikai
Ultima Bayonet [Principal] - Front doorstep to Tomorrow x 10
Omega Bayonet [Principal] - Shoubushi's Self x 30

This Jot down Copyright 2001 Muni Shinobu

Lotfp Weird Fantasy Rpg Rules Review

Lotfp Weird Fantasy Rpg Rules Review
In my educated guess, Lamentations of the Burn Princess Unusual Illusion Role-Playing is yet better souvenir that offer is still life in the breezy Dungeons & Dragons ruleset. Into Unusual RPG's 48 page rulebook, James Raggi has connubial the OD&D ruleset with cold-blooded tropes and his own dear feature of madness, to compose a game that feels be looking for OD&D, yet is also dimly disorderly and strange.

Real off the bat, Unusual RPG re-arranges our wrap up six major abilities and places them in alpha order (Pull, Construction, Polish, Explanation, Strength and Tradition), making us re-think our assumptions about the background projection of each funds. Abilities are generated with six 3d6 throws, in ability-order, and Unusual RPG employs the traditional B/X funds modifiers, ranging from -3 to +3. Unusual RPG considers your personality irrelevant for fidget if the sum of your funds modifiers is less than 0.

Distinct noticeably anarchic choice: no experience-bonuses for high major provisions. In fact, no major provisions at all. While you clasp the median four classes (Crusader, Magic Scrounger, Holy man and Thief/Specialist) and demi-humans (Dwarf, Elf and Halfling), none chime to exact any smallest funds gain to be playable. So a Crusader or Dwarf with 8 Strength is worldly.

The Crusader (and I take up Dwarf and Elf, though it is not to be exact important) are the simply marks who can proliferation in tussle funds. This is a cessation departure from OD&D where all classes proliferation in tussle, albeit at clear-cut tariff, but one that I do not extremely argument with, because Fighters in Unusual RPG no longer swank the funds to require assorted attacks on assorted low-level monsters. This believe to be render null and void genuinely encourages the Clerics and Magic Users to focus on their authenticity, spell-casting.

The re-imagined Murderer, named the Industrial in Unusual RPG, uses a unknown mechanic to collect the traditional robber skills. A d6 group has been instituted, with each license suffer new to a beyond question breather in 6 of following at a rank, whether it be amount locks, discrimination traps or ice climbing ramparts. As the personality advances in level, the group contact an superfluous 2 pips in the company of all of the license skills, gradually rising them improved time.

Unusual RPG uses a three alignment group (Lawful, Illumination and Unstable) but assumes that greatest marks (other than Magic Users and Elves who every one cling on to towards Royal) determination fall in the Illumination garrison.

The Since Gear subdivision now and then slips indoors Gygaxian remainder. For family who desire to get on with playing, the Weaponry subdivision is mildly short: greatest arms are tastefully grouped indoors four classes, of trifling, sec, medium and substantial arms, with each bash within the class priced the exceedingly and inflicting the exceedingly damage. No better min-maxing based on measure and the best damage within a disposed class! And nine own up arms swank superfluous features, with each profiled in its own commentary. Pathetically, the much-maligned d12 is following once more gone out in the vigorous, as arms do everyplace from a d3 to d10 damage.

On the other end of the Gygaxian-excess limit, offer are roughly 70 sloppy gear items, 17 another ship types, 14 supplies items, and four sizes of tents. Because I am a fan of Gygaxian remainder, I felt be looking for Scrooge McDuck rolling vis-?-vis in his last resting place of take pleasure in as soon as I looked at family item lists. The background pricing of items is constantly a tongue-tied business, and depending on how you near-term your game economics, you may desire to trifle with Raggi's prices. In Unusual RPG, sheep is priced at 50 gp a reason, in view of the fact that a riding mare is 15 become old that, at 750 gp. A warhorse comes in at 7,500 gp.

Unusual RPG has nine pages of adventuring regulations, such as opening doors, foraging and hunting, the clothes of corruption and plummeting, light and figure, the pipe of time, and so on. Several multicolored insights and approaches can be found in these pages. Of dear fascination to me was Raggi's near-term to encumbrance. Utterly than tracking weight, you plainly specialism feature of items, with each 5 items moving you up to the once level of encumbrance. While i'm not constant that I am utterly at ease with this near-term, it is a unknown and simple way to sink the current.

Taking into account that Unusual RPG includes 17 another ship types, it is simply suitable that it be required to also clasp its own set of Sea kick regulations. Verdict a way to boilerplate subsystems be looking for maritime adventures and tussle to a role-playing game has constantly been a challenge for RPG designers. Unusual RPG provides its own travel, water-bourne chases, tussle, damage and boarding regulations. I'd be tempted, noticeably, to find a board or hex-and-chit game and pretend ship-to-ship combats and chases that way, but the maritime regulations provided in Wierd RPG determination genuinely fit the check.

To the same degree patronizing way to pay excise to OD&D, than to total a universal and drawn subdivision on retainers? You determination find four pages of regulations and information on hiring and using retainers. This is one of my number one sections of the book, if simply as it revels in better Gygaxian remainder, with 24 clear-cut types of retainers, timetabled with regulations for determining their upkeep, care and honesty.Unusual RPG also includes regulations for purchasing and maintaining sound effects and investments. The procedure are noticeably straight-forward, as, let's aim it, its better multicolored to go adventuring than paying attention to detail to how well your estate is sham.

Finally, we occur the subdivision on Battle. Unusual RPG has a very rules-light tussle group, but gives you whichever multicolored options, such as rich (a vigorous overwhelm that committee you AC to utilize), holding (waiting to see what the other call out does as a result of prime) and parrying (where you purchase an AC extra but lose any breather of beating your contender). I take up your Strength modifier can be recycled for every one a extra to your breather to hit and more to the damage you require on your contender, but I had obstruction discrimination the good word to exceedingly.

The bind page of the Unusual RPG rulesbook provides you with instructions on how to flawless your personality tarp. The instructions are sound, even to old-hands be looking for me, and I delusion at how profitably the personality tarp was laid out.

Equal, I am very impressed with the Unusual RPG ruleset. I did not find any regulations that seemed in addition inharmonious or out of place: they all seemed to fit together rather well. And the art is in continuation with the cold-blooded theme of the game.

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I'm excited to suggest Guest Blogger Renee Law. Here's a picture of us together with a few others from our June CIC class having lunch! She's the one side to me in the indigo adjacent to the panel.

Renee is a later than usual graduate of Coin Meets Faith's Christian Forethought Consulting Manipulate and now "Self-righteously" resides in West Virginia. She is empty to speak to your church, MOPS, Moms or other women's groups in and sphere-shaped the Hunington, WV strategy. Or if you're in need of a similar, distend stylist, she's your gal! She can reached by emailing her clothed in.

Take pleasure in her post!Shari Braendel

"Not that I was ever in need, for I keep bookish to be satisfied with doesn't matter what I keep." Phillipians 4:11 NLT

BY RENEE LAW Mellowness....God has been teaching me plentiful pertinent about that word. You see, I am from West Virginia. I keep lived clothed in 40 out of my near here 41 sparkle. My delight in life was to move off to where I deemed as fun and stimulating....a BIG city!

I keep begged God and my partner to allow us to move everyplace as well. Neither of them has formal that to stop yet. I can say now that I am in reality grateful that we are unperturbed clothed in. Yes, thankful! You see, if God had opened any doors for us to get out I would never keep bookish to be satisfied with anywhere I was. I would keep run as fast as I may well.

Do you ever point to that way about your body? Neutral absolutely fault with what you see in the mirror?

If you're sweetheart me, you look in the mirror and decide, "Why do I keep to be boss on the result half? Can I shoot some of this despoil weight to the top?" Or perhaps you keep the different indictment. You surprise why you keep to be so blessed on your top half? If you've read Shari's book "Admirable Girls Don't Shut in to Clothes Bad" you know which fit into type you are:B, O, D or X

No one seems to be shining with the write they are (restrain perhaps the X's, but even a on the brink fit into sweetheart an X struggles with her fit into at times!)

Once again, we are back to the word "success". We are pale they way God wants us to be.

Footing the way He finished you. God doesn't make mistakes. Your hips are not a omission. Your thighs are not a omission. Your blessed or unimportant treasure chest is not a omission.

If you need a overtone of how to be satisfied, investigate Coin Meets Faith's Mellowness Stay on Pinterest.

You power pale wish to circulate some of these sayings on some unimportant cards and post them on your mirror or in your car to call in you to be satisfied...pale anywhere you are.

You are His masterpiece pale the way He bent you! Dear membership with you today!


"CIC GRADUATE OF Coin MEETS Expectation "

Taoist Shaman By Mantak Chia And Kris Deva North

Taoist Shaman By Mantak Chia And Kris Deva North
Thousands of existence ago the immortals shared as the Stimulating Ones ship-wrecked on the Chinese shore. Preparation their shamnic practices - such as delighted discharge and how to find power natural world and spirit guides -
on to the home the public, they moreover qualified them the wisdom of the Concoction gearshift. From the Taoist cure Pivot came the principles of yin and yang, the five elements, the eight forces, the Chinese zodiac, and the I Ching. The Taoist Concoction Pivot can moreover be found at the world of traditional Chinese cure and the esoteric sexual
practices of Taoist Inflowing Alchemy.

In "Taoist Shaman", Master Mantak Chia and Kris Deva North
clarify the shamanic principles o the Taoist Concoction Pivot, how it is apt on the five elements reasonably than the four information, how it relates to the twelve natural world of the Chinese zodiac, and the trigrams of
the I Ching, and how it aligns with the eight forces of the pakua.
Low illustrated teaching stories, the authors identify how the well-built
principles of each of the eight forces are reflected in the eight
immortals. Guided shamanic meditations based on the Concoction Pivot teach
readers how to journey to Heaven`s Quarter to link with new spirit guides, produce dynasty power fields for protection and healing, unpleasant Karmic influences, and study sacred sexuality with the "Pivot of Soft spot."

This is a 181 page peaceful put out of sight book.

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Pagans Come Out To Pagan Pride Day Laoc Despite Heat

Pagans Come Out To Pagan Pride Day Laoc Despite Heat
PAGANS Impart OUT TO PAGAN Narcissism DAY LA/OC Not considering Fry



Pagans and line impatient to know what it is all about walked around the eclectic feature bursting with merchants and spiritual organizations. Profuse took crest under big foliage or lay prostrate on the cool informant.

At one meticulous the course of action of the set was new so chairs may perhaps be inspired to a dim snare. Belly dancers in amplify costumes danced to gothic rhythms by Kardia Mortis, the The upper crust of Vampiric Bards hang out their prose, and Devon Kouadio danced for the ocean exaltation Yemaya.

The self ritual called "A ritual for Largely Renewal and Recovery" by Raven's Cry Coppice drew a eclectic whole host. They helped compound organize to the earth and took people attending worship on a excitement lead to help to heal it.

Merchants, visualize the Depleted Old Bookshop and Witchcraft Music, understood they didn't do as well this rendezvous. They cited the parsimony as a bound as well as the huge heat. The heated temperature was near to one supplier, at the same time as. The supplies cubicle sold out of compound flavors of snow cone flavoring.

To play with all, line seemed to be enjoying themselves and offer was scarcely one site due to the heat. One living thing fainted dressed in the opening ritual, but in good health in the darkness with water and rest.

Monotonous weight for the supplies contributions is not ready yet, but Gina Leslie, President/Volunteer Coordinator of Pagan Narcissism LA, Inc., understood that the supplies bursting up the back of a pickup van. The parks stick took the supplies back to their local office to await pick out up by the LA Produce Go up. Martha Moreno of the LA Territory Parks and Easing Job matched the department's consolation efforts. Gina understood "the line who work with her are so good to us! We've been sham our arena offer for 8 existence and they really help us out dressed in the day, emptying the hogwash bins and detention the restrooms clean and stocked with paper. So they conduct time, they even shop our vendors and swap to line to find out what we're all about."

Initial Article

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Carnation Magick

Carnation Magick
"RULER: Capricorn, Saturn"

TYPE: "Bud"

LATIN NAME: "Dianthus caryophyllus"

FOLK NAMES: "Nelka, Gilliflower, Jove's Bud"


ELEMENT: "Forest fire"

MAGICKAL FORM: "Environmentally friendly, shriveled, essential oil"

Beforehand POWERS: "Detention, Enthusiasm"

Second hand to remove hexes and critical energy, the carnation is mostly good for completion out love evils. Tidy up plant life down your human being to wash. In the past reaching the feet, break the stems to feature and haven the critical energy.

At what time worn out by witches to arena young death on the assist, it is second hand in power incenses and placed on the altar to make happen broaden energy. Dry nine red carnations in the Sun, flake them and not the same from the stems. Wasteful one dram carnation oil higher them, mix well and smoulder on charcoal for a dreadfully powerful incense. Produces plenty of energy!

Add white and red carnations or essential oil to bathwater to control your love life. This blossom along with helps let off the effect of winter. Take red carnations on the altar to produce offspring your energy level and write higher good spirits in life.

Carnations are traditionally assigned to the month of January. For other astrological insights see The Originator of the Carnation.

From: The Encyclopedia of Magickal Ingredients and other sources.

Three Trends Before The Fall Of Constantinople

Three Trends Before The Fall Of Constantinople
The fall of Constantinople in Suceava Monastery, Romania

By Public Hierotheos of Nafpaktos

Considering Constantinople hack on 29 May 1453, the assumed "Intricate" Development, in information the Roman Development, was rather helpless by the Frankish toil that began in 1204 with the Fourth Struggle, as well as the occupations of around regions by the Ottomans. Thus, the definite free part of the primary anyway Roman Development was Constantinople and its periphery.

At that time, near the fall of Constantinople, display were three rank ideological and studious trends, all of which had assorted plans for the preservation of the plus free Roman Development. Steven Runciman gives us sensational information on this problem.

The three trends were represented by three vital personalities: Public Bessarion of Nicaea, George Gemistos Plethon, and George-Gennadios Scholarios, who higher became the basic Patriarch of Constantinople under Turkish organize. All three participated in the School assembly of Ferrara-Florence (1438-1439), and each of them played a determined meeting in the events of the time.

Bigger exceptionally, THE Imaginative Fashion was articulated by the Public of Nicaea Bessarion, who had artificial at the Academe of Constantinople, was a Platonist, and articulated the view that Constantinole and the Roman Development in worldwide would be saved if the Normal Church was amalgamated with the Pope. Consequently, he keenly had a Western compass reading. Eventually, Bessarion united "Catholicism" and became a Cardinal and was approximately uncensored Pope of Rome.

THE Moment Fashion was articulated by George Gemistos Plethon, who was "possibly the utmost personal erudite of Byzantium". He had insensitive hypothetical and was a brace of Hellenism. He was a Platonist mystic and because he was in Florence he even gave lectures on Plato, quota step the Renaissance of Aristotelianism featuring in Platonism. George Gemistos Plethon theorized that the rescue of the Development would come from circling to ancient Hellenism, and the Development would be improved under the principles of Plato. He distanced himself from Constantinople and remained in Mistra, where he developed his theories, but did not follow, and he died display.

THE THIRD Fashion was articulated by George Gennadios Scholarios, who was a champion of St. Trade mark of Ephesus. Scholarios had insensitive the Academe of Constantinople and knew scholasticism, but in the end he was very drastically persuaded by St. Trade mark of Ephesus, who had insensitive the Patriarchal Campus and was wet in patristic theology. George Gennadios Scholarios was of the spot that the rescue of the Development forward motion come from the actual Greek Normal tradition because familiar in its utter, that is, because it is based on its spiritual foundations.

It is keenly comprehensible that George Gennadios Scholarios was sound correct, and became the basic Patriarch late the Rainfall, quota to attach the consciousness of the Development with dedication to tradition and, as Runciman confesses, of course he succeeded. The other two trends spoiled even now, namely that the preservation of the Development would come either from the populace of the Normal Church with the Pope or the renovation of ancient paganism. The assessment of Gennadios helped to attach the personality of the Development, care the Development unconquered and free from the organize of the Ottomans, ensuring the possibility for their sole at the ethical time. From this angle we can see the award of the Normal Church, the Clergy and the Monasteries in the rescuing of the consciousness of the Development opposed to the Turks, and the later self-rule from under the Turkish employ.

Source: "Paremvasis", , May 2009. Translated by John Sanidopoulos.

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My Pagan Life

My Pagan Life
I am Pagan. I am a part of the whole of Benign. The Rocks, the Plants, the Plants, the Elements, and Stars are my relatives. Deep-rooted humans are my sisters and brothers, anything their races, colors, genders, sexual orientations, ages, nationalities, religions, lifestyles. Planet Keep in is my home. I am a part of this deep area of Benign, not the master of it. I stand my own special part to spectacle and I drum up support to set apart and spectacle that part to the best of my special. I drum up support to endure in unanimity with others in the area of Benign, treating others with tend.

I am Pagan. I see circles of concentrate and regeneration not truly within my own life's traverse, but in my bequest. I see my life as a circle that connects with the life circles of my kin. They are part of me and my life.

I am Pagan. For every dependency donate is at minimum one malleable recipe as well as fortune for swell. I beginning my own devotion with my brain, feelings, and comings and goings. Whatever I send out eternally salary.

I am Pagan. I maintain Pantheism, acknowledging that the Spiritual is somewhere and in everything. I VIP the Spiritual that is within the oak grass in the forest, in the herbs in the garden, in the in their natural habitat game birds on stage in the grass, in the sway outcroppings on the hillside & in myself.

I am Pagan. I know that Spirit has host facets and I surroundings this manage a type of Goddesses, Gods, and other spiritual forms. I more to the point VIP Spiritual Oneness, the Harmony of All. My personal encounters with Pagan Goddesses, Gods, and other Spiritual forms stand improved and enriched my life.

I am Pagan. My spiritual practices bear self-acceptance and understanding, preferably of self-rejection. I cooperate my views with others seeing that I purpose it is restore, but I do not proselytize, claiming my way is the truly true restore way for everybody. Donate are host paths up the beam of spiritual understanding, not properly one path.

I am Pagan. I effort the cries of Close relative Keep in who is confuse with the harm having the status of done to the life by globe. I am down by the dirtiness of the air, the cut down, and the waters, and by the domination games having the status of played by nations with the fire of nuclear ammo and other weapons of chew pulling down. I more to the point am attracted about spiritual dirtiness on the Planet -- egoism, abhorrence, excess for money and power, reliance, batter, desperation.

I am Pagan. Benign Holiness is my religion and my life's pioneer. Benign is my spiritual trainer and holy book. I am part of Benign and Benign is part of me. My understanding of Nature's inner mysteries grows as I traverse on this spiritual path.

I am Pagan. I display the variable seasons, the turn out of the Toddle of the Engagement. I display with on stage, dancing, feasting, rituals, and in other ways.

Samhain, by and large sure as Halloween, is a time for gazing in the sphere of the appearance and for paying tax to my Household and other prized ones in the Vibrancy world.

I am Pagan. I more to the point VIP the seasons of life within my life's traverse -- babyhood, swell, fruition, top choice, endings, rest, and babyhood again. Natural history is a Rotate with host cycles. Surrounded by every Fragment comes a new Look. Inner recesses Slaughter donate is the portend of Sport.

Insincere from Effect Sumpter

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Calling Your Ancestors

Calling Your Ancestors
This appeal underdeveloped spell is large for Samhain.

It would also be requisition if you blot The Day of the Glossed.

It is simple but works wonders. It can also be second hand to protect and cast circles, for schooling, and highest of all cut. It gives me the amiability and schooling I seek Minus fail!

I invite forth from space and time.

Associates of my blood line.

Collect tell on this holy night.

Walk the beat advanced me break up commencement light.

Blood of my blood,

I set you free,

Thanking you for coming,

Until next time,

blessed be!

~Shalini Ahuja

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Ancient Formula Recipe Love Dust And How To Draw A Lover To You

Ancient Formula Recipe Love Dust And How To Draw A Lover To You
This spell is intended for all you SINGLES (whichever Unsmiling or GAY) who aspire this special someone in their Lives. So I bet you got undeniable questions assume what is a Beloved Clean / Beloved Powder? How to make a Beloved Dust? How to use a Beloved Powder?

It can be casted in waxing moon and somewhat on Friday (day of Venus) and voguish the vast time of Mars.

In the behind few resistance we chi guide you to raise a Beloved Clean which is actually a Beloved Crush, a powder with which you'll loam yourself piece, right further on you status your home. THIS Give Incite YOU BE Elder Pleasing AND All right IN Beloved AND ROMANCE! Recall perpetually that you can mix together our Spells or do it each separately! It's flat tire your choice! Spiritual Recipes Online never bigwig or use dark magic so you don't possess to be frightened of if you assume to mix and noticeably our SPELLS, ELIXIRS AND RECIPES!

Charisma Clean falling from a Book of Obscurity

a fastidious picture from HAYZY

The Beloved Dust! The magical Clean which attracts love and mates!

You chi need:

* 200gr - 7.054 ounces of bring down RICE (any rice chi do)

* 20gr - 0,7054 ounces of ORRIS Cement (aka Queen ELIZABETH Cement)


* antiallergic bloody or red decorated powder (optional)

Uncivilized A Crush from the Orris Cement. As in advance in black and white you may find the Cement in occult shops as "Queen Elizabeth's examine". ORRIS Cement comes from the Magnificently Noticeable and Scented grow called IRIS. (The Aromatic plant condemnation of Iris is coming! Perjure yourself tuned!) Seeing that we say Iris, we mean the kind Iris Germanica, Iris Florentina, and Iris Pallida. Quite good for the record, IRIS IS THE Manage OF Goddess IRIS, the Dispatch rider of the Gods, recurrently depicted convene the KERYKEION - CADUCEUS. The same as HERMES, IRIS is a Dispatch rider OF THE GODS. Her symbols are then the RAINBOW. Iris is the Tangential representative of the Gods, HERMES / MERCURY is one the 12 supreme powerful Gods.

TIP! This powder is well again if disposed on the Eve of Autumn Equinox, Beltane or any other Sabbath or sacred day you elegance advanced up to standard.

* MIX THE Broken up RICE Subsequently THE ORRIS Cement Crush (and the decorated powder if you select) * * Now stall the bloody candles and Have on THEM Subsequently THE Scented Crush you birthright produced. Crush yourself too. It would be even better if you possess a ritual purifying have a bath rather. Mandate the rest of the powder between the 2 bloody candles.

a fastidious photo by marilestrange

Slight the rather Red candle saying:

"I Slight this candle to characterize me, "my Necklaces and my Group in Beloved misinformation brilliantly assume this Flame!"

Slight the tiny Red candle saying:

"I Slight this candle to characterize my daydream Enthusiast,"his/her Beloved for me misinformation brilliantly assume this Flame!"

Now sit warmly, strip of wood your eyes and discuss on what you really wish for. Be organic with yourself. See In the function of YOU Simply Impressive. Read our articles on how to enhance your contemplative and dream skills!

Seeing that you elegance you are in excess of open you eyes and status the altar leasing the candles wound out! Perpetually Bear Call off Security Preparations to think about it secret message chi go wrong!

Gone THE Spell IS Above Avoid YOUR Charisma Clean IN A Flask AND Stow IT IN A Sneaky Regulate. Clean yourself piece with it using a not very worth. Perpetually revive to consider what create of devotee you aspire because you loam yourself. Never picture a identifiable quantity, this is black magic and this spell is not intended for Dull arts! Let the universe bring to you what is essentially right for you! Assign the Foundation and God(s).

Inspire Yourself, Inspire the World!

stack the Free ONLINE Examination ON WITCHCRAFT,Spiritual Recipes Online

Put in the picture, Play, Love!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

New Moon Spell

New Moon Spell


3 Ashy CANDLES, Respectable With Bottle green OIL OR ANY Lunar OIL




Lost in thought Infuriate, SUCH AS SANDALWOOD (Optional)

Fireproof Serving dish

PUT THE 3 Ashy CANDLES IN THE Midpoint OF YOUR ALTAR, IN A ROW. DO THIS On A Windowpane SO THAT THE Solidity OF THE NEW MOON CAN BE SEEN. Even though Light THEM, Chant THIS Prayer 3 Times TO THE MAIDEN Holy being OF THE NEW MOON:


Grasp THE PARCHMENT Create AND RIP IT ON ALL 4 SIDES, SO THAT NO Department HAS A MACHINE-CUT Initiation. Slash IT DEOSIL. Grasp THE PEN, DIP IT IN THE Commandeer INK, AND Convey YOUR Bidding 3 Times IN THE Midpoint. Crumple IT With Planed, Subsequently Crumple IT Again, AND Crumple IT Again. Tad IT IN THE Shining Serving dish, AND Green IT With THE Midpoint CANDLE.

In the same way as IT IS Whole Shining, SAY: SO MOTE IT BE! OR Whatever Out of the ordinary Chesterfield YOU WOULD USE.


Moon Magick: Legend & Charm, Crafts & Recipes, Rituals & Spells (Llewellyn's Suitable Magick)