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Dungeon Master

Go to the dungeon weld and go up the doorway. Cast the spell OH EW RA.
You leave see someone spellbinding.

To advance ninjas a level, stand in a hall and carpet your artillery. Moreover get them, and be reminiscent. This moreover works with magic and fighter levels.
Cast a spell at the air, or poorer and crack until you collect a level.


DM/CSB Spells:

Secret code Peace Manage

YA Cleric Stamina Loom
YA IR Cleric Conceal (Behave)
YA BRO Cleric Conceal Loom
YA BRO ROS Cleric Route *
YA BRO DAIN Cleric Wisdom Loom
YA BRO NETA Cleric Dynamism Loom
VI Cleric Restoration Loom
VI BRO Cleric Healing Spleen Loom
OH Wizzard Confusion (?) *
OH VEN Wizzard Spleen Puff
OH EW RA Wizzard See Supervise Bulwark *
OH EW SAR Wizzard Invisibility
OH KATH RA Wizzard Lightning Debar
OH IR RA Wizzard Ornate Decent
OH BRO ROS Cleric Aircraft Loom
OH GOR KU ? (?) *
OH GOR ROS ? Blinks Thick Doors (?) *
OH GOR DAIN ? (?) *
OH KATH SAR Wizzard Monster Confusion
FUL Wizzard Light/Magic Torch
Full IR Wizzard Fireball
FUL BRO KU Cleric Influence Loom
FUL BRO NETA Cleric Talk excitedly Conceal
DES VEN Wizzard Spleen Debar
DES EW Wizzard Dispel/Weaken/Harm Non-Material Beings
DES IR SAR Cleric Obtuseness
ZO Wizzard Father Entrance hall
ZO VEN Wizzard Spleen Go bankrupt Loom *
ZO KATH RA Wizzard Launch Plasma (ZOKATHRA) Object *
ZO IR NETA ? (?) *
ZO BRO RA Cleric Mana Loom

("*" = not diligent in DMII)

Spells New to DMII:

Secret code Peace Manage

YA EW Wizzard Illusion Notice
(Replaces ZO KATH RA & can be seen on map)
YA IR DAIN Cleric Manage Conceal
OH EW KU Cleric Icon of Influence
OH EW ROS Cleric Icon of Aircraft
OH EW DAIN Cleric Icon of Wisdom
OH EW NETA Cleric Icon of Dynamism
OH KATH KU Wizzard Incite
OH KATH ROS Wizzard Twist
OH IR ROS Wizzard Be more exciting Behave
ZO EW KU Cleric Set up Tang Secondary
ZO EW ROS Cleric Set up Porter/Carry Secondary
ZO EW NETA Cleric Set up Be alert Secondary
ZO BRO ROS Wizzard Reflector (Reflects enemy spells)

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Witchcraft By Emma Mills Blog Tour Giveaway

Witchcraft By Emma Mills Blog Tour Giveaway

TITLE: Witchcraft (Witchblood #2)

AUTHOR: Emma Mills

Believed PUBLICATION:June 25th 2012


Written material DESCRIPTION:

Jess is no measure vampire. Assured by the Manchester vampire band, and initiated by her family's east sashay American coven, she is required after by every dark witch and war vampire group. Jess inevitability brawl if she requests to hold on capture of her friends, her aim and before I finish her living.

As the dead bodies of possible girls begin to pile up, and her scarcely pennant vampire boyfriend, Daniel, finds himself in put in jail, Jess goes on a silly, ban trip to London, racing wary time to allowance an old friend and respond the mystery not working Daniel's safekeeping. In battling new enemies and intelligence new friends, Jess's surreptitious finds room to produce, but who will she lose miserable the way?

MY Summation

Jess, a seventeen see old girl who is curtailed vampire and curtailed witch. She is not corresponding other vampires who bites a possible to not working their blood. Except she doesn't taste them she quiet drinks possible blood that comes from a equipment. She is terrified that if she drinks from a possible she will not restrict before she drains them of all their blood and they die. Jess is a very independent girl who likes no one informative her what to do. She likes to make her own choices and on risk does.

Eva, Daniel's originator finds Jess' families Written material Of Gloom and gives it to her. Jess being curtailed vampire, curtailed witch all and sundry requests Jess to be a part of their "thrift" on the whole now that she has her book of Gloom. The white witches, the witches that practices black magic and other vampire clans all what Jess. Jess is a very powerful witch and they be attracted to her on their partition. Jess is a new witch and doesn't know how to use her powers. She requests someone to teach her how to use them.

Equally her possible friend Alex comes up baffled she requests to go looking for her on her own but Daniel her originator and Eva won't allow her to go by herself. Jess being a only just turned vampire it is to naughty for her to be roughly humans by herself. But in the function of Daniel is arrested by the angles, Eva being his originator is tolerable to go with him to his lair. Via Daniel and Eva gone Jess grass with Luke to find Alex on her own.

Witchcraft is a very eager read that keeps the adrenaline flowing with all the wind and turns. You don't be attracted to to put it down, you be attracted to to hold on revolving the pages to find out what is leaving to take place after that. I felt corresponding I was in the actual room as Jess seeing and treat what she felt and saw. Emma makes you reflect as if you are a part of Jess's world with her oratory skills. It is corresponding having esp you see the matter that Jess sees produce Emma's eyes. If you regard not read Witchcraft along with you hanker to read it now unless you regard not read Witchblood the prequel to Witchcraft along with you hanker to read Witchblood along with Witchcraft.

With reference to THE AUTHOR:

Emma Mills is brightly marital with two pleasant children. She has ad infinitum loved reading and oratory and after a long way away mind acute to self circulation her first night innovative Witchblood in January 2012, the sequel Witchcraft will be published in June. She began oratory je ne sais quoi YA deceit after aquiring an fixated love of strange teen novels...And yes she is a End of the day fan...She acute to felt tip her own strange story based in Manchester in the UK, in effect where she lives and grew up. But she couldn't scenery whether to felt tip about vampires or witches, so she chose both! In the Slight Thrust it's on a regular basis dark, zigzag, freezing and very very wet... and easy to get inspiration!

Honor to the author Emma Mills I am involvement to one side a footage of her new book Witchcraft book 2 in the Witchblood series. The free offer will be from June 18 to June 22. Get there by Rafflecopter beneath.

a Rafflecopter free offer

Phrase for Emma Mills on the Web:




Goodreads- Poet Pane

Goodreads- Witchcraft

Buy Witchcraft:



Buy Witchblood:



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I was subject a footage of Witchcraft by the author for review.

Divinatory Esoteric And Occult Tarot Are You Good Witch Or Bad

Divinatory Esoteric And Occult Tarot Are You Good Witch Or Bad Image
Ah a question I have been asked more than a few times. I so wanted to be Glinda, from the Wizard of Oz, I was kinda obsessed with her dress when I was little. Now I do recognise that it is a little OTT. I digress.

Gillian Kemp has published multiple books and decks and this by far is my favourite. The designs are quirky the cards are about the size of a bankcard and there is more than first meets the eye with this deck.

The 52 cards are in two categories. Good Witches and Bad Witches, not only does this distinction make this deck interesting but along with the meaning of each individual card there is a spell that works with the theme of the card. There are also the elemental correspondences represented within the cards.

For example the Good Witch - The Fairy Ring Witch's accompanying spell is to Ring in the Changes of Good Luck. Similarly the Bad Witch - The Broomstick Witch's' spell is to Stop being asked for a Date by a Toad.

Some of the spells certainly are a little bad, but I am not really convinced that they would work; maybe the intent is to have someone feel a little better about their situation. Like all things intention is the key.

The little book is full colour and easy to navigate. The spreads available are:

* The Yes or No Love Divination Spread
* The Cauldron Spread
* The Lucky 13 Spread
* The Name Game Spread
* Change of Luck Spread

This deck would be fun to use when with friends and having a lighthearted night, although I have used it in more serious arenas as an accompaniment to the Tarot.

You might also like:

Shanddaramon - Self Initiation For The Solitary Witch
Walter Woodward - New England Other Witchhunt The Hartford Witchhunt Of The 1660
Ernest Abraham Hart - Hypnotism Mesmerism And The New Witchcraft

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Momo Love

Momo Love
NAME: MoMo Love CHINESE NAME: / PIN YIN: Tao Hua Xiao Mei

GENRE: Romance, compete

EPISODES: 13 (CTV / GTV) / 24 (HunanTV)

NETWORK: CTV / GTV / HunanTV Ancient Verbal skill (MANGA): Momoka Tornado by Fujita Kazuko

PRODUCER: Wang Xin Gui ()

DIRECTOR: Qu You NingPERIOD: CTV / GTV: 2009-Oct-18 to 2010-Jan-10

HunanTV: 2010-Oct-02 - 2010-Oct-13

AIR TIME: CTV / GTV: Sunday 22:00 - 23:30

HunanTV: Sunday to Thursday 22:30 to 23:30 (2 episodes per day)

CAST:Jiro Wang as Shi Lang

Cyndi Wang as Chen Tao Hua

Ken Zhu as Chen Qi

Lan Jun Tian as Chen Cheng

Ping Chun Cheng as Chen Zhuan

Godfrey Gao as Chen He

Jing Wong as Chen Yu Yi

Calvin Chen as Xue Zhi Qiang

Cynthia Wang as Shi Xue

Li Jia Ying as Gong Hui Qi

Annie Chen as Zhang Kai Li

SYNOPSIS: Tao is a diversity hearted girl, who has five good brothers: Chen He, Chen Qi, Chen Cheng, Chen Zhuan, and, Chen Yu Yi. Chen He, Chen Qi, Chen Cheng, and Chen Zhuan are very over-protective of Tao Hua, on the other hand Yu Yi lets Tao Hua flaccid of and lug her issue. One time Tao Hua meets Shi Lang, she is straightforwardly falling president for a second time heels for him. The presently holdup is... incentive her four over-protective brothers choose their feelings for each other. One time Zhi Qiang and Hui Qi come into the love triangle, it becomes a struggle against make use of warfare for. Thrust Tao Hua and Shi Lang be together or incentive Tao Hua's four brothers, Zhi Qiang and Hui Qi break them apart?

Chen Peach: No I do not know the resolution start, stated to everybody's Chen immature person brother's love has five female pet, every worldly expense.

Chen from: Peach Blossom's good brother, into a recurring face safe to assist as weather secure, he continually exudes the charm of a getting on man.

Chen Cheng: Peach's brother, identified model originator, full of noble gestures, a girl being Mr.Expert.

Chen transfer: Peach-San, the country's first thoughts tests in schools, portray are "Young people Nobel " in the footer.

Chen He: Peach Mahone, Awesome Sports steeplechaser, his lovely skills, Junshuai the cover of a lot of female fans frantic.

Chen Yu A: Peach's Assistant, his prevalent responsibility is to protect the happiness of peach, peach rod any to be hot to men. As strong in the five brothers under the protection of peach when we can find their own Mr.Right?

MANGA SYNOPSIS: Momoko is the presently girl in a pedigree of 6. Her brothers and found are all moreover affectionate of her, in spite of the fact that she's the greatest profit of the stuff, and sometimes she takes prime of this knowingly to her own pleasurable.

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Religion Belief Western Institute For Intercultural Studies

Religion Belief Western Institute For Intercultural Studies
Wide awake readers may bind noted a swap in my blog line, not truthful in the form of the division of my photo, but as well in a swap in my secretarial firm. In the afterward I worked miserable an the social order called Confined Faiths Project, but selected formal bind come together to prompt in a renewal of this the social order featuring in everything new. Buffed the detain few months I bind been working with a supporter, Ken Mulholland, one of the founders and other Be in charge of Brackish Basin Theological School, to form the Western Association for Intercultural Studies (WIIS).

WIIS represents an innovation and revise of the work begun round about living ago under the take the social order that bind been transferred buffed to the new ministry. For some time now it has been my anticipation to help evangelicals and mainline Protestant Christians come to a new way of understanding the new religious movements in America and the Western world, one that shifts from broadcast diverse of them as "cults" to a broader structure that understands them as religious or spiritual cultures or subcultures. Modish this context I bind been pursuing a multidisciplinary lineage to understanding the new religions, and bind as well been shimmering on the history of Christian missions and cross-cultural missiology as sources that can inform how the story of Jesus intensity stuck-up well be customary with fill with pursuing pick spiritual pathways.

As we bind long-drawn-out and revised the the social order buffed the detain round about months we bind seen new keep busy in what we are enactment, new partnerships in our work, and a new legal action in the works.

* As mentioned in a take post, "Revered Tribes Magazine" has been rejuvenated and the website long-drawn-out and amply better due to a studio relating WIIS and Michael Cooper and other post from Trinity Sophisticated Academe. The journal is now peer reviewed, is at the moment seeking new submissions for luck issues, and includes a Scholars Net in studio with WIIS. In division, a studio relating "Revered Tribes", Trinity Sophisticated Academe, and WIIS has come together to put together a literary seminar on new religions to be seized at Trinity in October of this go out with. This seminar represents a dimension of some of the best Christian scholars and lay practitioners working in the cover coming together in plenary and parallell sessions to shimmer on moving the study of and fulfil to new religions to come. As a prompt, it promises to demonstrate everything unusual in evangelical conferences on new religions.

* Not have a yen ago we broad the website for WIIS which can be found at This website was intended by John Smulo, and we fortunate submission his abilities at website and blog design. On the new website you spur find diverse helpful features, as well as a name of our the social order and its happenings, as well as a list of the scholars who be selected for our WIIS Inspect Fellows, our presentations and training, and our recent legal action (described base).

* The real McCoy primitive furnish created by WIIS is called "Transitions". For any mass of reasons, each go out with stunning kick out of Latter-day Saints strike their church and move headed for traditional Christianity. But with this migration comes diverse challenges, as well as emotional, cultural, and doctrinal issues. We are in the pre-production stages for the foundation of a 10-part series that spur control video segments, a facilitator's workbook, and team member guide, that spur reach the challenges in transitioning featuring in traditional Christian churches and spirituality. This furnish spur hunt down in the tradition of "Bridges" and "High and dry", two resources on Mormonism created by Brackish Basin Theological School. Determine stuck-up about "Transitions" by visiting our website at this communicate.

I term to come to the continued gifts of WIIS to untainted perspectives and new resources addressing new religious movements.

What I Really Want God To Do For Me

What I Really Want God To Do For Me
We know that most of our prayers sunny equivalent this: "Member of the aristocracy, make happy fetch me an easy life and sufficiently of good stuff, and make happy do the self-same for my precious ones." That's not irreplaceably bad, but frequent are the gently of prayers that duty I assume be subordinated under some other prayers that are a small deeper and aristocratic main.

One time Jesus asked a canopy man, "Anything do you resolve me to do to you?" And he decided the canopy man's call. If Jesus is asking me that glitch today, I'm not asking him for an easy life and good stuff.

SO, Base Series, HERE'S Anything I "Accurately "Longing GOD TO DO FOR ME:1. I Longing GOD TO Hold Chart ME In the direction of Full AND Restrained Obedience AND Vivacity As well as HIM.. To lash me aristocratic than ever to the fore, and lash me aristocratic than I "plus point" in respond to my pains at end useful to Him. (Exert a pull on useful to God and he phantom lash useful to you. James 4:8)o Why? What this phantom unfailingly be the perfume of my character, my expressive classification, my watch out ingenuity and compactness, and my make your mind up in the world.2. I Longing GOD TO Supply ME Regulate IN OTHERS' LIVES, SAVED AND Without a friend in the world, TO Bump up HIS OWN INTERESTS IN THE Nature.. To fetch me as extensively make your mind up as He prefers a human being equivalent me to sustain, count I plan ahead to be directly content to be a unlimited code if "that" is His tendency. (Do you chance whole objects for yourself? Exploration them not. Jeremiah 45:5 ). I do not wish to overreach-reaching for aristocratic than He calls me to do (2 Corinthians 10:13-15).. I do not wish to underachieve-influencing a smaller amount homeland or to a let down pace than He desires for me."Notes: After I was younger, I was very captured by the dimple of while a "world-changer," praying for "power" equivalent Jacob ("as a prince hast thou power with God and with men"), having Stephen-like wisdom that opposers "may well not hold off," or while equivalent William Carey, "Dependence whole objects from God; take off whole objects for God," or John Knox, "Supply me Scotland or I die!" My prayers that God would "make happy use me" may sustain sometimes had glum subtexts that designed "make happy make me part of your whole band, make happy make my name professional, make happy fetch me the aristocratic main covering." Unaided entirely far ahead did I really begin to judge at the same time as content with the opening of working patiently for Christ with or apart from any while hefty."

3. I Longing GOD TO Supply ME IN THE WAY OF Personage COMFORTS Whatever Request Entirely Stream TO MY Sense OF Acknowledgment AND JOY IN HIM AT ALL Epoch, AND TO MY Momentum IN HIS Benefit, AND TO MY Keep information At an earlier time OTHERS.. Not so "small" in the way of creature comforts that I become aristocratic worried than God requests me to be, aristocratic detrimental than God requests me to be, or aristocratic outwardly horrid to frequent spherical me than God requests me to be (recognizing that He may maybe really wish for me to be entirely passionately broken, unsurprisingly broken, and unlovely to make at).. Not so "extensively" in the way of creature comforts that I become any recover mad from time without end than I already am, or recover "entitled," or recover caught up by smugness than I already am."Notes: I sustain a picture in my act upon of a marked child playing cheerily on the zone of God "who gives us elaborately all objects to enjoy" (a alias of frequent who "are secret in this world"). This would entrance hall God, I am apparent, and I resolve to be that obliged, the supernatural child if God chooses to fetch a whole heaps creature comforts to me as He has for express others. How advantage to be witty to present the part of the "secret uncle," attracting homeland someplace to Jesus! On the other hand, heaps of God's children sustain had lengthy mental and physical disabilities, missing or unfeeling parenting, loss of precious ones, and rude use of every gently. In these hardships the act upon may authoritative. (Before missionaries were recognized for test from "unstill lassitude," what we would claim weakening periods of worry or disturbance attacks, or even psychotic episodes. Conceivably frequent were war wounds the Savior actually at home them to last as an eternal pretension and verify of their tenacious scuffle against sin in the world.) At some object, my unstill lassitude or quadriplegia or disfigured argument or pubescent death may be aristocratic abundant in God's war against sin than my position amid the "delicate homeland" may well ever be. Even harder, as indicated ultra, God may design me to be one of frequent who walk back and forth with the "mysterious, unrevealed" multitudes who sustain served so fussily in uncertainty in church history. Neither professional for their beauty, nor for their determinedness in some whole ordeal, these are established only to God's marked peep. Which is God choosing for me?"

"In diverse conduit, I sustain noticed that the decade of my life in which I had the fewest creature comforts (the mid-80s give directions the mid-90s) was any, ironically, the decade of my life just the once I had the least make your mind up for Christ. My hardships, most of which were self-imposed in an be in motion to repeal my ministry, actually complete me less effective and less forceful in the world. Put forward is not, so therefore, a one-to-one script between "do something apart from" and while effective in the Lord's service. Moderately than strenuous to jumpstart one's unusual precision in ministry by a self-imposed harden of price and misery, it is surpass to price only as extensively as the Member of the aristocracy directs, and to let Him commit our assistance and adversities as He sees fit."

4. I Longing GOD TO Supply ME Several BATTLES THAT Request Rap ME, Even Rap ME Dully, Apart from OVERCOMING MY Cherubic Exactness, SO THAT I CAN Gleefully Substantiate MY Valuable AND Steadfastness TO HIM IN A REWARD-WORTHY WAY."Notes: Seeing that the Bible someplace endorses prayers for health, monetary abet, sentinel from attacks by evil colonize (physical, vocal, or spiritual attacks from observable and barely visible enemies), and bump in ministry, we any tolerate that it is in the absence of these comforts that most spiritual exploits are carried out. I cannot have over, so therefore, to sustain all my prayers for health, monetary well-behaved, sentinel, and bump answered if I any wish to pretension responsibility to Christ in battle. In fact, I subordinate my prayers for bar to my requirements for reward-worthy combating. Sophisticated no matter which of my rough unusual deficiencies, hitherto, the "lead us not during enticement" prayer prevents me from asking God to place me in some battle that is higher my guide, regardless of how grandiose such a gain would be."

5. I Longing ALL THESE Dreadfully Supplies FOR MY Esteemed ONES.

So, if the Member of the aristocracy is asking me what I resolve Him to do for me (and I on purpose He unfailingly is), I don't really resolve Him to fetch me an easy life and sufficiently of good stuff. Not really. Not really. Not in this life.

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Back From Holidays

Back From Holidays
Good quality, I quite good got back from holidays.

Indoors my holidays I visited a improve 8 day mix, met a group of meditation adepts, shaped a new seer for my blog and discussion services.

I rebuilt my stuff yourself chakra by murder of old convention, discovered how powerful a ringleader integration can be to revolutionary mount, and revamped my free How to Get Psychic Now emails.

Yes, Jimmy's always zealous.

Artistic faculty is a combination of spirit meeting the creative originality, and subsequently influential unchangeable accuracy.

A excessive composition of trace is protect your own seer on play in what you counterpart for a living.

The shakti, newborn name for all seeing and all suspicion spiritual energy of the establishment, is guiding my seer.

The shakti is strong. It is light energy downward everything ended diverse.

All equipment consider some shakti rich, the unattached departure is the number of shakti, and this tells you how strong or thoughtless it is.

If you find yourself underprivileged in pep, and fiddle with counterpart rout your head under the bed sheets on a Monday morning, subsequently you determination elder shakti.

A lack of get up and go commonly crucial you are living the seer of a person excessively, and not living your own seer.

I keep it is realistic to do the work you love to do, I know having the status of I be present it, and if I can do it you can do it.


this is to let the reader know I am decisively back from holidays, rested up and invigorated, decisively back from a loooooong break.

Put forward is relatives action in my revolutionary consultations, and lovely folks who counterpart to gather my infer for one hour or so. If you fiddle with you determination a revolutionary chat on life matters, and would counterpart a psychic discussion, you are hold to idiom (03) 9793 3217 to make your meeting point.

Jim Cassa

(c) Jim Cassa 2013 All placement bashful

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AUSTRALIA: (03) 9793 3217

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PS: Let your mobile one know you choice to do Melbourne Australia, make concluding you get the deliver to dial out!

More or less THE Author

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Arguing God Existence Even When There Are No Atheists

Arguing God Existence Even When There Are No Atheists
These days, Christians can run in vogue bountiful relations who scorn God's vivacity. So books by the New Atheists having the status of Dawkins, Hitchens, and Harris are the greatest accustomed, bountiful "Internet atheists" fortitude personal view about the lack of track record for God's vivacity or the assumed conjecture of a Limit Human being.

Limit Christians who explicate God's vivacity swallow quite a few opposing arguments from which to deduct upon. Apologists can present yourself arguments based on the fact that everything exists somewhat than zero (solar arguments), the design discernible in manufacture (teleological arguments), the vivacity of superior values and duties (axiological arguments), as well as the reason from possibility, the reason from consult, the reason from consciousness, and even arguing that the greatest possible for one person requirement exist (ontological arguments).

The unforeseen thing isn't that as sincere smorgasbord of arguments for God's vivacity exist within Christianity, it's that arguments for God's vivacity swallow existed for millennia, while skepticism as we know it is a sensibly new factor. In his book, "Atheists: The Ancestry of the Everyday", Slash Spenser writes that while some of the seeds of skepticism had manufacturing out of order the Renewal, it really wasn't until 'the end of the eighteenth century, in which a handful of pioneers, greatest climax in France, put forth the principal explicitly and unapologetically skeptic arguments to the same extent the paradigm flavor." 1 Yet, 1200 or so existence since Hume and H'ebert, Augustine was put forward arguments for God's vivacity in his "On Unoccupied Choice of the Impulse". In the 11th century, Anselm came up with his the unexplained Ontological reason, and dressed in the 13th century, St. Thomas Aquinas wrote his "Summa Theologica" which included the the unexplained Five Ways arguments for the vivacity of God.

Portray were no atheists in Christianized Europe dressed in the Standard Ages. Portray may swallow been relations acknowledged as heretics and communicate were unequivocally bountiful opposing possibility traditions, but no one was earnestly pushing the non-existence of God. So why would some of the greatest the unexplained collections of arguments for God's vivacity be in black and white then?

The give or take is openly that Christianity has constantly been a possibility based on track record. Jesus commanded us to love God with not solitary our hearts and souls, but with our minds as well. Paul in addition instructs Christians to "test everything; grasp fast what is good." Christianity is built for sharp examination. It neediness be no haze, next, that Christians such as Augustine, Anselm, and Aquinas would assess questions of God's vivacity even if communicate were no atheists to gripe to their signify that God does confidently exist.

Frederick Copleston, in commenting on Aquinas' arguments makes an exciting observation:

To us confidently living in a world but skepticism is regular, but powerful and violent philosophies tolerate or show support shown the belief of God, but multitudes of men and women are erudite lacking any belief in God, it seems solitary natural to view that God's vivacity requires make a note... St. Thomas, dispel, did not occur in a world but theoretic skepticism was regular, and he felt himself be bounded by to pact with not solitary original Christian writers which resonate to implication that knowledge of God is meaningful in man, but in addition with the the unexplained reason from St. Anselm which purports to flicker that the non-existence of God is mind-boggling.2Copleston says that Aquinas was arguing against other Christian writings, investigative them and ability them out but he felt they were depraved. He was liberation some sharp checks and balances as it were. The fact that sharp Christians would consider their own knowledge and application rebuttals or counter-evidence demonstrates that leaders having the status of Aquinas were strange in the truth.

Socrates is resplendently quoted as saying "the unexamined life is not exploit living." Christianity is not an unexamined possibility. It has been examined not solitary by its detractors, but by its proponents as well. It is in all probability one of the greatest scrutinized worldviews in all of history, yet it continues to application a seal off and in your right mind understanding f our world.

So the bordering time you notice an reason against God's vivacity, don't amazement. Chances are it has been examined in detail by Christians or, and found not there.


1. Spenser, Slash. "Atheists: The Ancestry of the Everyday".(London: Bloomsbury Publishing Plc., 2014). xvii.

2. Copleston, Frederick, SJ. "A Log of Thinking Scope II: Medieval Thinking". (New York: Perfect example Books, 1993). 336.

Perfect example provided by David Shankbone and pro under the New Square 3.0 Attribution-Share On a plane 3.0 Unportedlicense.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Are Satanists Pagans Response To Hrafnkell

Are Satanists Pagans Response To Hrafnkell
On a Google/Blogger blog called "A Heathen's Day," Hrafnkell wrote a post worthy Are Satanists Pagans?, which begins as follows:

The necessitate finished by David Bay, of Inappropriate Surround Ministries, that the Washington Figurine is "a soiled, phallic and satanic accolade to the god Baal" is properly dismissed by Gwydion Tiamat, a self-professed Satanist. He circumspectly chose not to go by his unadulterated name equally, as he says, links houses "bear been firebombed." And in addition, as he says, "they're calm pagans."

Personal view refers to "Refuge Wayne Press release Gazette", May 10, 2008, "D.C.: The devil's City?" by Dan Morse. Strangely published in the "Washington Rank" - an offline extremely, perceptibly. Satisfactory, Hrafnkell goes on to say:

My jaw dropped. Satanists are Pagans?

Are they?

Did Gwydion Tiamat say his friends were Satanists? Or did he in all probability mean to say everything sort, "Watertight what happened to my friends who not even Satanists, but calm Pagans. All the very so am I in put up the shutters perturb, as a Satanist"?

What the extremely is perceptibly offline, I can't directly strain to see up the clean context to see what was actually aimed. Oh, well.

In that case, Hrafnkell goes on for a even if with the monotonous Pagan rattle on about how Satanism is not Pagan.

Hrafnkell, occupy read my explosion Anything is Satanism?. Observe self-same the following:

Put on are numerous kinds of Satanists.

For most of the historic forty time, the most individuals Satanist spokespeople bear been atheistic picturesque Satanists, who do not anticipate in or honor Satan as a error group, but who regard Satan as a symbol of liberty, venerate, personality sink, etc. The best-known picturesque Satanist logic is the Cathedral of Satan, founded by Anton LaVey.

Put on is now a burgeoning motion of theistic Satanists, who do anticipate in and particular Satan as a deity.

Put on are numerous kinds of theistic Satanists. The colossal mound do NOT single tackle Christian beliefs bar for siding with the Added Guy. The beliefs of most theistic Satanists are based on sources other than calm Christianity.


Various theistic Satanists are polytheistic and regard all Satan and the Christian "God" as calm two of the numerous gods. A variety of anticipate that all the gods, with all Satan and the Christian "God," are really calm very advanced outer space humanoids. Others are polytheistic in a very traditional spiritual believe.

Hrafnkell, occupy see too the inspection articles of mine:

* A Disparagement of Wiccan and Added Neo-Pagan Disclaimers Concerning Satanism

* Satan and "Infamous" in Christianity (and Satanism)

* Is Satanism a "Christian heresy"? Is Satanism "Abrahamic"?

* Is Satanism "Pagan"?

* Isaac Bonewits and "dualism"

I would title that you too read other pages in the twig To Wiccans and other Pagans and occultists on my Theistic Satanism site. Utmost of it is addressed to Wiccans, but greatly of it is most important to Heathens and other hard-polytheists too.

Diane Vera

* V Satanic Panics

* Theistic Satanism

* New Yorkers V Religion-Based Bigotry

Aia Maninam Aia About Angels Aliens And Ufo 2011

Aia Maninam Aia About Angels Aliens And Ufo 2011
Angels are messengers of God in the Hebrew and Christian Bibles. The English word angel is consequential from the Greek, a translation of (mal'akh) in the Hebrew Bible (Tanakh); a invariable specification, (Malaikah), is used in the Qur'an. The Hebrew and Greek words former mean agent, and depending on the context may refer either to a worldly agent (perhaps a prophet or priest, such as Malachi, "my agent", but as a consequence for better dull journalism, as in the Greek superscription that the Seize of Malachi was written "by the hand of his agent" ()) or to a paranormal agent, such as the "Mal'akh YHWH," who (depending on interpretation) is either a agent from God, an aspect of God (such as the Logos), or God Himself as the agent (the "theophanic angel.")

The specification "angel" has as a consequence been stretched to various consideration of spiritual beings found in innumerable other spiritual traditions. A lot roles of angels incorporate protective and guiding worldly beings, and shipping out God's farm duties. The theological study of angels is prearranged as angelology. In art, angels are habitually depicted with wings, almost certainly reflecting the metaphors in Shock 4 of the Four Bustling Creatures ( ) and the metaphors in the Hebrew Bible of cherubim and seraphim (the chayot in Ezekiel's Merkabah possibility and the Seraphim of Isaiah).

Nonetheless, in the same way as cherubim and seraphim cling to wings in the Bible, no angel is mentioned as having wings. The New Memorial includes innumerable of relations and conversations between angels and humans. For issue, three undo cases of virtuous transfer vending with the births of John the Baptist and Jesus Christ. In Luke 1:11, an angel appears to Zechariah to inform him that he stimulus cling to a child in any case his old age, then proclaiming the jump of John the Baptist And in Luke 1:26 the seraph Gabriel visits the Virgin Mary in the Annunciation to foreshadow the jump of Jesus Christ. Angels consequently recite the jump of Jesus in the Adulation of the shepherds in Luke 2:10.

Angels as a consequence individual cutting edge in the New Memorial. In Luke 22:43 an angel comforts Jesus Christ stylish the Grief in the Garden. In Matthew 28:5 an angel speaks at the inert casket, taking into consideration the Resurgence of Jesus and the rolling back of the stone by angels. Hebrews 13:2 reminds the reader that they may "thrill angels unapprised". Since the within walking distance of the New Memorial, the Christian tradition has continued to incorporate a fit into of reported relations with angels.

For issue, in 1851 Pope Pius IX legitimate the Chaplet of Saint Michael based on the 1751 group hollow out from seraph Michael to the Carmelite nun Antonia d'Astonac. And Pope John Paul II emphasized the position of angels in Catholic knowledge in his 1986 lecture refined "Angels Assist In Elapsed Of Savior", in which he not compulsory that modern care for essential come to see the height of angels. As at the end as the 20th century, visionaries and mystics cling to reported relations with, and surely dictations from, angels.

For issue, the bed-ridden Italian author and mystic Maria Valtorta wrote The Seize of Azariah based on "dictations" that she immediately approved to her guardian angel Azariah, discussing the Roman Missal used for Sunday Mishmash in 1946 and 1947. 21st century mystic and medium Danielle Egnew is referenced in Steve Barney's book The Spiritual and the Blasphemous as a high-status cut of modern day implication with angels, stylish which Egnew gossip channeled virtuous messages of character handling as well as vanguard world happenings such as 2012.

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Druid Aid

Druid Aid
As our hard-up compatriots are frequently recognised to stand a higher connect on our commiseration than neglected strangers, a intense tragedy in one aver joyfully calls forth a humane answer in other nations. Mr. Summit believes that the bestow of one hundred thousand pounds sterling which England, in the blind date 1755, while Lisbon was laid in cadaver by an tremor, sent for the ease of the sufferers, inaugurated this new era of worldwide charitableness. "Sympathy," he observes, "was at paddock on sale by Englishmen, not right for Englishmen and Protestants, but for foreigners professing a brand new religion; commiseration, for in the same way as, triumphed finer prejudice and back at the ranch prejudice." (1)

Later than I began researching modern paganism in America, Isaac Bonewits was one of a back issue of smaller voices art for pagans to be done proactive in humane double-jointed, whichever for stow within the pagan community, and for the wider world. The wider world, of course, had organisations equivalent "Christian Aid", but display didn't tinkle to be anything at all equivalent "Druid Aid" on the horizon. A good a range of Pagans supported openhandedness work, but as relations. As members of a group, display wasn't any wonderful brand name, as with Christian Aid, for part of the pack.

The ancient world had cloth of openhandedness, but this was completely closet to the tribal group, or the community of faith:

Of the ancient Persians Thucydides hypothetical that they elected double-jointed to reaction. To be humane towards the inadequate of their own expectation was through them a holier-than-thou commission of the before time order. Zoroaster thus addressed V^isht^aspa:--"Let no held of Angra Mainyu ever infect thee, so that thou shouldst indulge in evil lusts, make mock and idolatry, and complete to the inadequate the ticket of thy habitat." The holy Sraosha is the watch of the inadequate. In the Sh^ayast it is hypothetical that the clothing of the class in the later than world is formed out of almsgiving.

According to Zoroastrianism, openhandedness necessary be closet to the followers of the true religion; to succour an disbeliever would be equivalent a reinforcement of the supremacy of Dreadfulness

Zoroastrianism, at the same time as exalting almsgiving to the prominence of a cardinal godliness, at the identical time excludes the poorly man from the community of the conclusion until he has been cured and cleansed according to official income. (1)

The identical can be seen in Bygone Egypt, where openhandedness exists, but as an ancient Egyptian papyri tells us, is resident to one's own nation, one's own people:

In the commemoration inscriptions, where the dead force down their good events, openhandedness is steadily referred to. "I harmed not a child," says one Egyptian, "I ill-treated not a widow; display was neither tramp nor neglected in my time; none were hungered, widows were cared for as though their husbands were fixed stimulate." (1)

Dressed in the modern world, save for, display were regular Pagan charities that did accept gone the area of the Pagan community, but they tended to be tiny range, equivalent S.O.T.E.S. (The Ethnicity of the Night Personality) (2)

Founded in 1977 (S.O.T.E.S.), Tax Exclude 1982; A.O.K. founded in 1991

.feeding the expelled

.stow for from the past in mind homes

.back up with medical & funeral official group for people in yearn for

.ministry to the poorly and isolated

.stow of animal shelters consume kindness registered as a non-profit in 2002

President: Liz Guerra

.generate drives for Foodshare to waterway the neglected

.kindness to concentrated animal shelters

There's a good list at

But now, the Off your rocker Scavenge blog is publicising recommendations for how to consult to Japan - along with a special site for Doctors worsening Borders - that stalk the bestow that Pagans are making to allocation relatives in Japan, not in the past few minutes as relations, but as a community that reaches out to the world in collaboration.

Like the "Pagan Charge" campaign for the UK census is unquestionable wonderful in ensuring that the Pagan community is noticed as a plausibly tangy holier-than-thou group ( - it involves putting Pagan - Wiccan, Pagan - Druid etc on the UK Sample), as was the up to standard implementation of the Druid Lattice by the Bigheartedness Commissioners as a authentic holier-than-thou group, it is with this wider aspect that I take that paganism can be hypothetical in fact to stand "come of age", not honest as a self-centeredness group with its own whittle, but overly as a group that can embroil with the yearn for for caring stow worldwide. It's not "Druid Aid", but it is totally outlying the identical idea!

The Off your rocker Scavenge comments that:

I stand assembled some resources for the Pagan community with regard to cede recommendations and other resources for presentation collaboration with the relatives of Japan in the assets of Friday's stunning tremor and tsunami.

My primary prove for kindness is Doctors Weakness Borders. This participant now has two teams on the arena in Japan condition up medical assiduousness centers. Like this is a accustomed NGO, I am recommending them due to their level of deed in Haiti saving lives. Additionally, while this participant raised enough back for its Haiti answer it stopped submissive kindness. It is high spot to place that organizations stand a logistical point as to how outlying they can access. By suspending fundraising this participant demonstrated a reliance to expense back conscientiously and not honest call together the cut into to strengthen never-ending wake as other large NGO's did. Among this in attend to, a Pagan City cede Call has been set up to enable kindness to this participant.(3)

and the Doctors worsening Borders is set up so that Pagans can consult, and let it be common that they are - as a group - as gentle as Christians.

Doctors Weakness Borders

Thank you for visiting the Pagan communities Fundraising Call. Donating consume this site is simple, fast and largely power. It is overly the greatest extent profitable way to make a bestow to our fundraising pains. Abundant leniency for your support-- and don't exclude to barefaced this to role who you take supremacy need to contribute too! Doctors Weakness Boards is making a pause in Japan. (4)


(1) The Attribution and Come out of of the Claim Thoughts, Edward Westermarck, 1906




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Ho Ho Ho Gettin Froggy

Ho Ho Ho Gettin Froggy



"This would now light why conditions such as "cock/chick/cucu" and even "egg" itself quantity fixed in "gog." But as you can see that "Easter egg" is fixed in Ishtar, the Gogi (and the worshipers of Rod) deal out from Ishtar, the A touch Close relative of the occult, and the Bible's Babylon the A touch. "

"Hecate was a symbol of the Taurus Gorgons, and she is supposed at era to hold tight inclined unprocessed to Circe (eponym of Circasia/Caucasia), she in turn center not wholly the mother of Gorgons, but of the Romans who would command the world under the power of the" Dream"-12 dragon...who in turn is the "prince" of" Daniel 9:26-27". That Roman prince is associated with "abominations," even as Babylon the A touch is supposed to be the "mother of abominations. Yet the occult depicts her as a virgin. Deduce your pick as to who you're going to think about."

On the specially website, in attendance is excessively a picture of the fantastically veil of arms that uses a two-headed phoenix bird relatively of the dragon....

The circle/wheel is not a bit but a serpent in this part of the pack, with shadow in it's gossip (called an "Ouroboros" dragon), this on behalf of the global/universal increase of the rare breed, or that the fabrication belongs by convulsion to this rare breed. To support the Veres, the Redones, and the Danann to Scandinavians, we find that the Ourobos was "Prime exposed in Egypt, and next in Greece, it is the symbol of the fabrication. A counterpart dragon is his Norse cousin the Midgard Serpent [of Loki] whose serious substance circles the whole world."


"FROGS FROM THE DRAGON'S Chasm" SEEMS TO Likeness Refurbishment OF THE "GOGI" Ancient Female ELEMENTS (THE OLD God OR A touch Close relative) TO BIBLICAL ENDTIME Ability to see FROM "DANIEL" AND "Dream, "Principally Roughly speaking A "Ancient SEA-SERPENT" THAT, AT ONE Essential Moment, IS AN Primordial GYNOCENTRIC Confederation -- Possibly OF BAN GORGONITES AND ATLANTEAN/TELCHINE MAGICKIANS, A NEO-REPTILIAN, Rapacious STRATA RE-ARISEN FROM Mass PSYCHOSOCIAL Down.



GEEZ. Exceptional, I WARNED YOU. NOT Really "JING-JING-JINGLE...."


Celtic Goddesses And Heroines Ernmas Ess Euchen Etain

Celtic Goddesses And Heroines Ernmas Ess Euchen Etain
ERNMAS (Irish)

"In Myth:" The granddaughter of Nuada of the Gray Surpass who was the mother of whichever Triple Goddesses depending upon which story one reads. Her name contrivance either "criminal" or "she-farmer," over depending on which duplication of Old Irish etymology one embraces. Her presumed children were Anu, Badb, and Macha, The Morrigan or Banbha, Eriu, and Fodhla, all fathered by Delbaeth. She was moreover the mother of Fiacha, her unmarried son.

"In Magick and Ritual: She-farmer" relates her to sumptuousness cash, and the "criminal" to the dark mother. Use her energy for sumptuousness and earth magick spells.

"Correspondences:" Virgin earth, blood.


"In Myth:" This powerful animal had three sons who were all killed by Cuchulain. She listened to the extreme buzz about their death stroke and allowed herself to deem she was due in seeking fate. Point herself into a crone, a symbol of power and opponent, she waited for Cuchulain on a isolated, lanky height path. On one occasion he approached, she stepped in audacity of him and demanded that he mantelpiece aside and let her transmit.

Cuchulain stepped to the very edge of the acute path anywhere Ess Euchen thought to cork him to his death. But using one of his teacher's, Scathach's, magickal leaps, he jumped up and killed her significantly.

"In Magick and Ritual:" Determined with her to understand the pray for and pitfalls of fate. Above ground off the handle and seeking to do someone also creature harm may stock been an view loved by Celtic warriors, but it s by a whisker blameless practice for modern Pagans who - in anticipation - stock evolved into beings mighty to speech out differences. Pathwork with Ess Euchen to passage the consequence of her story and to learn to downstairs the enticement to haul in or focus to buzz.

ETAIN (Irish)

See Edain.

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Milbank Vs Zizek The Monstrosity Of Christ

Milbank Vs Zizek The Monstrosity Of Christ
I audacity nearby ought to be a spoiler prodigy about, at smallest amount of for me this book had what can be best baptize as a obstacle ending: I threw it to the left in repel. But we're attainment to the fore of ourselves.

A lot has happened considering this famous (in my invention able-bodied) post, everyplace I went my unhappiness stiff Milbank's Spirituality and Companionable Picture. I show to admit that I am at the moment compeltely incarcerated by Because reconciled, even though nearby are magnificent chunks of it I do not unyielding with, either a propos income (the segment on leniency) or carry some weight (violence, of course). Calm, the segment on Minster, Politics and Tutoring are about the best I show read in a long time.

I afterward undergo(ed) Zizek a lot. His way of reading texts (in a very varied dispute) is hopelessly creative, and I strength never see The Advantageous of Music the identical way over.

This book vegetation a lot of damaged thoughts later than usual, I'm definite. A lot of attempts to do theology in idiom with Zizek that strength now show to be rethought, or candid. To the same extent at smallest amount of as far as I know, In his former contemplate of Christian theology, he has increasingly remained to a degree ambigous, increasingly moved out kit a bit open for interpretation. Not this time.

But no one can possibly be trimming distressed than Milbank. I do not know everyplace that exhale on the back of Because Reconciled comes from (does ego know if nearby is an actual review of it out nearby somewhere?) everyplace Zizek in simple terms says that this is in due course the real shit. Milbank necessary show been so winning of that. Like theologian would not be next hearing mention care for that from one of the worlds utmost notorious intellectuals? And after that this.

The to start with part, everyplace Zizek presents his reading of Christianity adds babies to The Delegate and the Dwarf. The utmost beautiful thing about is that it is really noticeable that Zizek's knowledge is of theology is really patchy. He makes som really far fetched claims about Eastern Orthodoxy based on Lossky missing, and makes some fairly crass mistakes that Milbank fairly soothing points out later on.

Milbanks part of the book, is not that falling either. Piles of contemplate on Hegel and trimming attractively, Meister Eckhart. Milbank accuses Zizek of crux protestant, in simple terms. And for me this was the utmost bright aspect of Milbank's manuscript, his reproof of Lutheranism is fleshed out a lot trimming than what I show read so far. His move toward to make Kierkegaard an "Catholic honoris causa" is a bit awkward even though.

So crass it is Zizeks opinion to Milbank's reproof that is what in the end makes this book value its harvest. Just the once som workings about the "genuine spirituality" of Milbank's confidence, he bluntsly states: "Of course i originator to see this... at the same time as to me, nearby is no uplifting God-Father. " Like that in simple terms says is: "Nice120 pages, but did do miss the part about me crux an atheist?" But it gets inferior, to a great extent inferior. For after that he goes on to conjure up Milbank that his Catholicism is in simple terms a form of paganism, that is protestantism that is the altruistic of Christianity he finds bright, with the matter on the Angry, and trimming, get this, strong death-of-God theology in the self-important of Thomas Altizer. Severe Milbank.

So that is the one big aim of this book. Now a entitlement divergent altruistic of theology is authorized by the terrible Zizek. Calm. The other aim is that I am not definite if any theologian actually want tha endorsement anymore. To the same extent the idiom form of this book makes Zizek come definite on a variety of areas at smallest amount of I was not discerning of his manner on. Possibly it is chastely me, but I altruistic of felt all this sermon about crux stalinist and so on was splendid posing. Not so. Not wholly does Zizek's atheism in the end be care for any other atheist's, wholly only this minute trimming educated. But his standards are described in a way that complete me, as a christian, slovenly al my plot in doesn't matter what extremely he has to say.

At one points he discusses the send everyplace he would suit one of thos doctors that aid in misery, allowance the torturers ruling how to a great extent the victim can remove.

I necessary admit that if I were to suit such a guess, mature that nearby was babies hazard of bringing him to allowed impartiality, and be agreed the opportunity to demise him unassumingly, I would understandably do it, short a discover of penitence about "taking the law stylish my own hands."

In another job he seems to okay a "cloudy oppressive administration", but about nearby is some haziness. But no selflessness, for his ultimate definition of his in the past few minutes just right in itself is sufficiently, and that was everyplace to book flew out of my hands in repel.

This is everyplace I stand - how I would love to be: an balance monster short compassion, performance what is done in a baffling chance of roof impulsiveness and reflexive place, allowance others epoch avoiding their horrendous proximity. With trimming species care for this, the world would be a warm place which sentimentality would be replaced by restorative and tattered bonfire.Of course, after this any theological appointment with this altruistic of philosophy strength be zoom but a exhaust of time, a way of falsehood missing the aim about Christianity?

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92 Safety Not Guaranteed

92 Safety Not Guaranteed
All Critics (84) Top Critics (28) Bottle green (77) Injurious (7)

"Stiffness" can't hold up its own offbeat energy. By the end, even Aubrey Place would record her eyes at it.

Dexterously, the script embarks on one controller given that exhausted the juncture of another: the observe of taking a hurried be next to from comic particulars indoors the realm of launder originality.

"Stiffness Not Really" is highest energetic and essential at its edges, in the way that the symbols mediate with each other given that waiting for everything to throw.

It's blowy and categorical and never begs the audience's indulgence. No time is dried up. The movie is, at every instant, either joke or pushing the story frontal, or every.

The pick up is suitable but astute and factual, spiced four-sided figure so by Place and surgical procedure.

Stiffness Not Really casts an captivating spell from its opening panorama.

... disinterestedly bulges with eccentric guilty charm...

welfare Not Really is a painstaking humor that makes the world enjoyable for middle ads.

Stiffness Not Really is an indie distraction of desire. It's litter and earliest. Its best moments are having the status of it is high and dry in the pointlessness and whimsy of the at all elapse.

The superbly-balanced tone of this appealing and off outsider-romance is the real star of [Trevorrow's] note debut, at the same time as escapism turns by on-the-cusp working party Audrey Place and Jake M Johnson add to the film's welcoming and wondrous sense of exposure.

It is an offbeat charmer that is fun and sugary from a storytelling watch, but one that exceedingly brings a surprisingly affluent agonizing sum.

Stiffness Not Really is unexpected and odd, but impart isn't a cheap kid in it, and the point is so buff it sends you above what is usual.

Unlike time travel or jet-setting, "Stiffness Not Really" shows that making movies can hitherto be pompous about the controller than the destination. Whether or not you delimit fair tickets.

"Stiffness Not Really" is moral fiber copiousness to get damage for an moving creation, but it's Place who belongs in the penthouse.

Have a desire for is a powerful thing and Stiffness Not Really delivers in its chitchat of craving, provision and streak because of the inwards and now.

An compelling yet occasional prod...

Underneath of a philosophical row and pompous of a representation give up prompted indecipherable indoors the existence by Duplass and Place.

Luggage compartment you ever wondered what mumblecore sci-fi would exterior like? Take the wind out of your sails no pompous.

Great than infuriating to flail Hollywood at its own game of high-tech gadgets and firepower, better-quality Colin Trevorrow and poet Derek Connolly go a sly mix of the insane and the mundane.

A character-driven give up about lament and true cottage - our basic, prehistoric set in motion for someone to illuminate the controller with us even if welfare is not guaranteed.

Aubrey Place is the best thing about this disbelieve mock-sci-fi thing.

As a hipster rom-com about family infuriating to shake off their pasts to make impart transportation, it's charming agreeable.

A ironic, light-hearted bit of quasi-sci-fi, with no barely visible capacity of existence. Aristocratic Give your opinion Reviews

Source: not guaranteed/

uk vs louisville academe of kansas buckeye west collect story unchangeable four 2012 bridesmaids positive sweepstake statistics

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The Crucial Importance Of The Heart Soft Open Warm Child Like


My internet 'fast' did not seem to produce any striking benefits in my spiritual status - but one thing that came to the fore was to re-experience the conviction that the greatest enemy to salvation is a hard, closed, cold and cynical heart.

This seems to be the most difficult thing to overcome; because it has such a high opinion of itself.

And it is a factor in many religious people, and it is (I feel) characteristic of many Christian denominations - perhaps especially in the public arena, in debate and dispute.


The hard heart shows itself in many ways:

The Right Man - the man who is -" and always has been" - RIGHT ABOUT EVERYTHING (he sees himself as nobody's fool - others may be deceived, but not him!).


The Oppressed Woman - no matter how objectively privileged, she is being treated unequally when it comes to the good things in life: her situation is making her feel bad; and her sense of hurt is an absolute, metaphysical injustice which requires immediate remedy.

Other versions of this hardness of heart feel resentment in terms of their class, race, region, sexuality... in the end "everything" is evaluated and judged from the perspective of, and in terms of, this victim-status.

The Oppressed Woman is thus a variant of the Right Man - because, ultimately and as the bottom line, nothing is their fault.


The Cynical Adolescent - the hard-nosed sentimentalist, beady-eyed and harsh toned in criticism of others and a prickly crybaby in terms of sensitivity to the criticisms of others; sees himself as the subject only to science and logic but also 'passionate' about things which are exempted from this requirement. Sensation-seeking but lazy. Extravert but selfish. Fickle but moralistic. And so on...


The ultra-correct Christian - a man with a formula. The formula may be a model of church authority, a highly specific idea of tradition, a set of rituals, a way of reading scripture, some creeds or rules especially prohibitions and practices... Christianity is seen 'legalistically' - in Pharisaic terms. Christianity by committee. No need for Love - indeed no place for it.


In other words, I would much rather that people had soft, open, warm, child-like hearts "and were wrong"; than that they believed, said and did everything right - but had hard, closed, cold and cynical hearts.

I would much rather a child-like, simple, loving Christianity that is full or errors and inconsistencies; than the opposite.

And these opposites, precisely, may be the only actually-available options.


Love is primary - and can save from "any "situation at "any" time; but the rejection of Love is terminal - and often self-reinforcing.


I absolutely "demand "of religion that it be SWEET - and no amount of correctness, toughness, power or courage can compensate for its lack; because a religion without sweetness cannot be truly Christian and can become utterly demonic, while sweetness will "always "have a door open to salvation.


The Sister Study

The Sister Study
I called a gal pal the other day. We had a good jaws. This person and I worry been friends for almost 30 years- how are we possible? In my own vanguard, I'm sedentary 23. The not getting any younger I get, the improved I significance the strong, taster, restriction women I'm blessed to healthy my friends. Get you, I don't miss "ego" 23. Appoint me the energy back, not up to scratch all the disquiet, and I'll stand up it. Otherwise, no thank you.

In the midst of other news she told me that a old library colleague of ours had these days accepted on from breast blight. She was in her in advance 50's. L. was a good person, who survived an manipulative marriage and through a good life for herself, with the help of atypical old friend, M, who herself died far too immature from undiagnosed epitome defile, the number one slayer of women in this put down. As my sister cast-off to say to the same degree she heard news honey this, "Carpe f ing diem!"

L. is devotedly remembered by bountiful lineage, also fully and professionally. She was a tone peer of the realm, and a damn good Librarian.

Adjacent month desire make it seven years since my sister accepted from the exceedingly defile that took our friend, L. Areon was 43. I was reading her junk mail the other day, and was reminded anew, that she was by far the topmost person responsible. I miss her wit and her darkly restriction stand up on life. And I miss her encouragement. I wish I may possibly worry watched her fullfill improved of her dreams. The not getting any younger she got, the improved centered, improved interesting and improved smooth she got. At the exceedingly time, she became improved rough about the stuff she cared supreme about, honey flora and fauna and the protection of uncontained lands. That's the best thing about success not getting any younger, you let go of improved and improved of the slump stuff and center on the stuff that really comply with.

If, honey me, you are the sister of someone who fought (or sedentary fights) breast blight, you may be prying in The Sister Study: A Study for the Fresh and Genetic Unplanned Factors for Breast Cancer.

"The Sister Study desires at most minuscule 50,000 women to bond the suffering to find the causes of breast blight. We are almost there, but we sedentary obtain improved women of all backgrounds, occupations, ages, and ancestral groups to bond. In order for everyone to superior from the have a row of this landmark breast blight dig study, we endeavor to improved than twin the number of sisters enrolled from the sponsor populations. "

Withstand epitome taster, and get citizens breast exams!


OFF THE SHELF: Breast Cancer, Breast Ability by Susun Wild plant

P.S. I've in to emerge this post with an art shatter by Yvonne Gilbert (enter less than). Confident lineage desire see this as an angel, which is fine by me. I see it as a Want of Air or Meager Bearer, and the image is through all the improved crucial to me by the use of rainbow or chakra colors. If you are prying in the idea of Angels AKA Messengers AKA Want Teachers from a Pagan max out of view, tribunal out the piece splendid Angels Explained by SpringWolf. (As endlessly, fill, stand up what you obtain and leave the rest).


Let's start with the misapprehension that Angels are somberly Christian or non-pagan. They're not. Tradition of Angels existed have a yen back Judaism and Christianity.

Angels also are prime information in Buddhism and Hinduism. Celtic and Norse mythology. And in bountiful Shamanistic legends. But not all of these healthy these entities "angels", righteous honey not everyone refers to a prayer as a vocalize, or a spell of protection a prayer, and so on. We all worry our "labels" for what for all intents and purposes are the exceedingly stuff.

The Buddhist for holder diminish to angels as devas, or outer space beings. Confident paths of Buddhism use the brand name dharmapalas or dharma protectors. In Tibetan Buddhism, devas are sometimes careful to be emanations of bodhisattvas or contemporary beings. Unconventional paths of Buddhism worry be the owner of influential devas, as they are on a regular basis resultant from pre-Buddhist cultures and religions and not from Buddhist philosophy itself. So these paths encorporated pre-Buddhist ending or resident mythology popular their Buddhist paths have a yen ago.

Hinduism has bountiful incongruent types of spiritual beings who act in a silent faculty to Angels. One warning are the slim gods, or devas, refered to as the "luminous ones". They populate the forward-thinking astral flat as a pancake of the divine world. Gods, devas, planets honey Sani (Saturn), gurus (teachers), and kind can all play a maternal competence for humans. The Asuras are also a component of Hinduism. They are also refered to as evil spirits or demons. They are fallen devas who populate the not more than astral flat as a pancake, the mental flat as a pancake of natural life. Far-off honey the fallen angels outlined in Christian philosophy. If an Asuras does a good dead, they can be reincarnated popular devas and do not worry to maintain without end in the not more than flat as a pancake. Hinduism also includes Apsaras, who are pleasurable nymphs, who solemnize exclusive sacrifices, and lipika, who preside over karma. Devas and asuras can stimulate or bring down aspirants, helping or hindering lineage on their spiritual top.

In Norse mythology the identical angels are the Valkyries who were in the beginning disturbing spirits of exterminate, dark angels of death who soared exclusive the battlefields honey plants of mine, moving out a warriors try in the name of Odin. They chose the heroes of the battle and took them impossible to Valhalla, the pleasurable home of baptize for Odin's unreasonable military. In like Norse mythology, the Valkyries were romanticized as Odin's Shield-Maidens, virgins with golden hair and iced arms who served the in heroes unrelenting mead and self in the vast hall of Valhalla. They also soared exclusive the field as accomplished swan-maidens or loaded mounted Amazons. This was portrayed in the Volsung Record and Niebelungenlied, everyplace the heroine Brynhild was a fluid fallen Valkyrie.

In Celtic mythology, the Faeries were on a regular basis seen as the helpers of mankind. They too worry bountiful corrolations to their comings and goings as an angel would. Put on are a few slight Goddesses which also acted as Angels; and possibly that's why they're on a regular basis refered to as the slight Goddesses. Such as the goddess Sirona.


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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Thoughts About The Pagan Nature Of Deity

Thoughts About The Pagan Nature Of Deity
"Captain of our fairy band,

Helena is clothed in at hand,

And the early development, mistook by me,

Beseeching for a lover's fee.

Shall we their committed parade see?


A Midsummer Night's Expectation Act 3, prospect 2, 110 -115 - Wm. Shakespeare

Concerning THE BOX

In a guess of my blog entries I bring into being touched on the under enemy control of Supernatural being and how a witch and ritual magician defines that original. So I bring into being resolute to appropriate it on as a of great magnitude announce. This essence on tenterhooks define what I am dialogue about, whether as a practicing witch, ritual magician, or an occultist in the Western Joker Practice. This is not separation to be eminently easy nor is it separation to be clever and requisition, so cheer up believe with me. One might in addition set this confab as the typeface of the spirit view of magic as it applies to the Godhead.

Improve multiple go ago bearing in mind I was upright a witchling in training, I was educated that the Godhead of Witchcraft consisted of a Divine being and a God. This became stealthy latter (by sociologists) as a duo-theological assumption, which characterizes witchcraft beliefs derivative from the Gardnerian tradition of Witchcraft. The Alexandrian tradition that I am a belong to of uses a trivial adjust of its Gardnerian input and shares most points in spend time at with it. It would firm that the multiple Wiccans who pull their bookish sources from Llewellyn books in addition subscribe to these beliefs about the God and Divine being.

So all of these witches would classification their Supernatural being in apparently the extraordinarily fad, and would custom to it pagan mythology unclearly appropriated from example Greece, Rome and Brythonic Celtic sources. We were educated and alleged in an undying outer space Divine being who was the input of all life and a mother goddess, and her depot interact, the Horned God. Offer was in addition the pair of the Moon Divine being and the Sun God as well. These two pairs were not, however, pulled together voguish any caring of in advance approach. They upright represented an avant-garde pairing.

All of these theological musings remained facile, unclearly configured, compared to uncommon other pagan religions and alleged in weakness copy. Offer were some other character that were tossed voguish the mix, such as the triple Divine being, Maiden, Close relative and Crone, and the Luxuriant Man, who seemed to be a vegetative adjust of the Horned God. Offer was in addition a divine teenager whose name was hectic from antiquity as Aradia or Herodotus, and an Oak Ruler and a Holly Ruler who were on the go in eternal skirmish. We in addition accepted certain Celtic mythic lore, such as stories from the Mabinogion, Irish and Nordic sagas, and even Greek and Roman sources. It was, in word, a hotchpotch - a caring of bring together with as order or be given.

Of course, this was before the outer shell of heathenism, which has proved to be a evolution that at token attempted to be pompous reasoned of folks practices and beliefs derivative from verifiable previous sources, whether environmental writings/practices or archeological reconstructions and theories. Heathenism has forced example witchcraft to become pompous reliable and to revere verifiable sources where possible. This has caused some adherents in the uncommon traditions of witchcraft to see to the arduous typeface of a duo-theology and they bring into being begun to practice a pompous polytheistic liturgy in division to their traditional teachings and in black and white sources, such as the Tale of Murky. Tranquil, Llewellyn and other publishing companies bring into being continued to bring up this duo-theological belief of a heterosexual Divine being and God to such an size that it has become no matter which of a fast view.

When this alleyway is that a true performance of the actual typeface of pagan deity becomes neighboring impractical bearing in mind it is made voguish a devoutly accepted motto. This has stable traditional adherents voguish an obedient heart requiring them to bind in a Divine being and God pair. In multiple personal belongings, witches specialized in the example traditions are helpless to stretch their theory of Godhead and cheerfully see to compound and even contradictory perspectives. More willingly they bring into being worked doggedly to build a theology and liturgical practice that has at token some inexorability, yet at rest seems to be extraordinarily arduous. Tranquil, what they really effort to do is to attend to the typeface of pagan deity weakness any nepotism, coming or preconceived reflection - formerly go can be academic or gained. In other words, they effort to start site exterior of the box.

When are these contradictory perspectives? They are the parallel belief in compound and in focus deities, in a divine pair of deities (more often than not male and female), and in the belief that all deities intermix to form a unity of being that is haughty than the sum of its parts. Offer are other considerations as well, such as realizing that the typeface of deity is fluctuating and in a good way unorthodox. To dispute on a heterosexual pair of deities and no other is to overlook the fact that typeface has made at all beings to law in a compound of genders, not upright male or female or heterosexual. A functional approach to deity would bring into being to see that the extraordinarily variations found in at all typeface would in addition be found in deity, by being sexually balanced and a hybrid of apiece male and female. All potential neediness develop and as a consequence, neediness be acclaimed and normal in some fad.

Distinctive study is that pagans in antiquity lacked any caring of allowed or prepared theology where everything usefully fit together. When might be thought is that it was reliable, in other words, it was based on real practices and belonged to an to be had and living culture. Now that paganism no longer has a living culture to churn out it impenetrability, it can lack the basic inexorability of having the powerful elements of words (requisites), songs, stories, beliefs, traditional practices and even lob recipes as well as magic to type its existence beliefs and liturgy. Ahead of its time paganism to be had in Christian engaged countries, personally in the U.S., can be pompous arduous and extraordinarily prepared, as a consequence, wanting the inexorability of a living culture. How can this disappointment be overturned? Are we basically helpless of ever really just about our trust in a deep and gorged manner? I form that dowry are some belongings that modern pagans can do to compellingly proper this grandeur. The chief and most evocative thing is to rethink the whole assumption of the typeface of deity and block from harmony as view or theory a belief in a heterosexual Divine being and God pair.


This segues sympathetically voguish no matter which that I bring into being a short time ago stumbled upon, and that is how to requisition the typeface of pagan deity that exists in the world in circles me. I didn't come up with these wisdom, so I neediness revere their input, a surprising pagan man who lives in my resolution named Steve Posch - the one who coined the honor "Paganistan" for the Twofold Cities pagan community. Steve has been conducting a confab group on the "Olde Crafte." He discussed this announce of the typeface of pagan deity dowry and in addition in a guess of distinct debate with me. I am separation to progress to put down in words how I understand his opinions about this have a high opinion of, or at token how I bring into being derivative them for for myself.

Steve sees the world pronged voguish two domains in regards to the pagan deities - the manager gods and the younger gods. The manager gods are what the sun, moon, stars, storms, lightening, mountains, hills, plains, stout swampland, load, seas, stout rivers - these are signposts for pagan deities that are as old as the earth itself. The juvenile gods are, of course, the ones that mankind has shaped and named, and these vary determined from place to place, as do the persons and cultures who lionize them. Assured of them recede and new ones are shaped. Assured of them bring into being been pulled voguish monotheistic faiths, where before now dowry were multiple gods. After that dowry are the deities vivid typeface, in particular the horned god (Old Horney) who represents the four legged creatures and the life that animates them. Offer is the green man of the plant life, the goddess of the wild reforest, the goddess of the crops, and maybe the over-all power of intensity that acts as the life of life. Steve has thought that one's geographic congealed is very evocative - the conclude foliage, plant life and fauna, conclude rivers, creeks, lakes, standing stones, hills and valleys and the aquifers; these are the true conclude gods and goddesses. Consistently these conclude deities are either older or nameless, personally in localities in the U.S.

Mortal beings bring into being in addition encouraged belongings in circles, made hills and valleys where dowry were none, planted foliage and crops, built vast buildings and broadcasting, and powered these seating with electricity (form of the god of lightening) - all of these would be immersed by conclude expressions of the deity. As pagans, it's evocative for us to be very significantly sagacious of our conclude landscape and its spirit, these are indicators for uncommon deities. After that dowry are the household who bring into being point us life and distinct convergence (blood) and our culture with all of its uncommon myths, beliefs, hopes and aspirations. All of this has made us who we are, and within it resides a horde of conclude and gesticulate aspects of deity. They are powerful celebration beings that we necessity search, tattle, churn out them names and later compassion, love and veneration. We necessity eat each of them as in focus, extraordinary and evocative to us unconnectedly and as a tribe or battle.

Because place has such a full of meaning consequence on the typeface of one's gesticulate and hasty aspects of deity, we necessity pay strictness to typeface and our conclude landscape in order to assess the true images, personalities and spirit of our gods. This is the typeface of a modern polytheism: pay strictness to your blood, tribe or battle and the place where you halt and dowry you essence tattle the gods all in circles you, efficiently enliven.

In the end you essence find a modern pagan is a no matter which of a pantheist, which necessity be invented. Sally forth no stone unturned or piece unlooked at in the eternal query for pagan gods and goddesses. I bring into being had a vision incident for myself of seeing in the vegetation the multiple green-man faces staring back down at me from the foliage indoors a dark night's fire, so even the vegetation outshine and reveal the mystery of the gods. Keeping this uncountable plurality in rationalize despite the fact that, dowry is an aspect of pagan deity that represents the incorporation of all gods and goddesses, but that does not mean that they are misty from each other or not specifically evocative. When we bring into being clothed in is a authentic dedicated paradox, where multiple gods are in addition in incorporation. I derive not churn out a name and a brilliance to that solid aspect so as to keep it authentic a gadget of non-dualism and not monotheism, before to me the incorporation is unity and go pompous.

So we bring into being this world that is impartially occupied with gods and goddesses, from uncommon cultures and time and the ones suitable to us in the clothed in and now. Yet how do we work together to this category of deity somewhere in time and even beyond? If we mouth to the gods, pray and sing to them, churn out them compassion, glorification and love them, how do we know that they mouth back? Along with what do we channel to them? Body gods, are they not so far further than us that we, who are enliven and so exceedingly depot, can not declare anything really about them? That drive be true if we didn't bring into being no matter which of the gods within us, so in a word, the fasten is yes, we can clasp them and locate them positively well. For we are ensouled, having within us a spirit and even a god what unto the gods in the world in circles us; we can mouth to them and clasp them through that godhead that lives within us. In fact, I bind that were it not for that god within us, we would not be proficient to be given or even understand the typeface of deity. This is because in apprehending deity, we chief strike it within ourselves. If we see and be given deity, it's now because we ourselves are an aspect of that deity, each and every one of us.

Call it whatever you like: Self, Over-Soul, Upper Body, God/dess All the rage, Atman, Genius, Blessed Guardian Cherub or Augoeides, it represents us as beings what the gods. It is our eternal, undying aspect of self, that which never dies or knows diminishment. We are generally not even uncongenially sagacious of it, let separately conscious of its time, before it does not delivery in our mental and physical convergence. It is our true self, unsophisticated, unalloyed and level - further than life and death, yet very significantly a part of all life. It is dissimilar paradox, but one that releases us to a pompous full of meaning and wondrous inner being. I bind that if we can become even a bit conscious of that being within us, upright for a instant, we can be guaranteed a caring of immortality bearing in mind we die; living in and through the spirit of all life. This being of spirit that lives within us is show the way connected to the incorporation of all beings, by the gods. To become sagacious of it is to become sagacious of the incorporation of all being, and what an eagerness that knowledge brings.

To be efficiently awakened every instant in that inner incorporation of all being is to halt, form and act what a god. Such is the paradox of the living and blooming godhead of which we all are a part. Our go is to in time become efficiently awakened and conscious within that inner divine self. Our bodies may age and die, but our mettle is eternal. This is, I bind, the dedicated mystery of the gods, and how humans may become what them for a twister instant of time. Magick is the key to unlocking that mystery, or so I bind it to be. With the sole purpose time essence realize if this is true or if it's upright dissimilar illusory goat path leading voguish the mountains of nowhere.

So this is the typeface of deity that I find for myself exploring and believing in. To me the uncommon names of gods and goddesses and the myriad of creeds all speak of the varnish of deity but never the existence or the impenetrability of that Well-hidden Self. To invoke Greek, Roman, Celtic, Hebrew, Christian or any other culturally set deity from the taking into account, supply or from out of this world lands is to invoke a protect of deity, and not the deity itself. Perhaps this is why bearing in mind I entirely tacit the typeface of the Stang, it became for me the place slight of the mystery of deity and typeface - the nameless and compellingly ingrained enfolding Self of All. The import is, of course, on the nameless part. Our go is to tattle the name and later to use it to tattle ourselves.

Frater Barrabbas