Saturday, July 31, 2010

Tarot Cards Judgment Or Aeon

Tarot Cards Judgment Or Aeon Cover In the Alleister Crowley Thoth Deck, this card is called The Aeon. This card represents the essence of good judgment or discernment. As I have been utilizing the wisdom and gifts of the Tarot since 1984, and have had many different styles and types of Tarot decks, as I was so awed by their beauty and wisdom, I would soon discover how the Tarot could evolve into deeper awareness and understanding for the many life changes, that I faced and that we face in our lives.

Aeon, through the definition in a dictionary, represents a long period of time. In the Alleister Crowley Deck, the card Judgment/Aeon represents and offers us the opportunity to look at the whole picture. If considering the picture of this card, the inner woman, has the ability to touch the earth and reach for the stars. In essence, she offers us the right use of our inner creativity, that brings positive aspects to other areas of our life. This card and its energy also offers a balance of our inner and outer life, our male and female, our action and feeling, our personal and professional. This card also teaches and offers opportunity for growth when judging ourselves or each other.

When this card is present in your reading, if this card comes in a reversed position, this reversed position is showing where we are placing judgment on ourselves, or with another. If this card comes into your reading in a upright position, either you are working toward balance and integration or you have succeeded in learning about balance and integration for all aspects of your life.

As always, whether with this card, or other cards in the Tarot, when looking deeper into each individual card, the Tarot has this amazing ability to share and guide us toward greater insight in the changes, that we do experience in our lives.

As I have been utilizing the wisdom of the Tarot since 1984, I have undergone many life changes and experiences. Prior to my understanding that I was walking the path of ascension, I was walking an awakening journey.

In the beginning of my journey, although I could understand concepts and situations in my mind, I was very unskilled in successfully verbalizing what was in my head.

Once I began my journey for learning the Tarot, doing consultations and teaching the Tarot, I was on my way to accessing deep intuitive awareness. 27 years later, I am very thankful, that although some of my learning was at times challenging, I cannot imagine not having the wisdom, guidance and insight of the Tarot.

Judgment/Aeon ~ this card is an excellent card to work with when we are looking to bring balance and integration into our lives.

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