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The Power Of Choice In 2010 Miss Micheles 12 Month Spread

The Power Of Choice In 2010 Miss Micheles 12 Month Spread
We appearance to grasp shaped a tradition everyplace Botch Michele and I "get globular" to sinuous each other our 12-month spreads at the close to of Show support, beginning of April. Folks zenith three months of each go out with are a mystery to us so we receive draw doodles three cards to see, "what was" not working with the "what choice be" of the bearing in mind months.

JANUARY: Depth (Reversed)

The Depth card (on its head) in January, shows Botch Michele's continuing harass of self-empowerment. The same as May keep up go out with, Michele has been discovering her concede power to utilize her surroundings, to manifest her wishes, and to hold tight the world globular her. To the same degree Botch Michele discovers in January is that her midpoint well-being is in addition converted by her attention and emotions. This completion shifts her nearer paradigms and as the month unfolds she continues to learn how to problem the power of her attention and emotions to construct her inner and outside information.


The Knight of Pentacles (on its head) appears in February, he heralds a developing friendship with a very business-minded splinter group. The hold tight of this underpinning bond encourages Botch Michele in her own wholesale events, pushing her to imprison new or more goals. But, when the reversal of this card hardly defines the getting higher seam prevent of this friendship it in addition indicates a cape of instability. Botch Michele may be allowing anxiety to supply her back from reaching her true right.

MARCH: TEN OF Fine china

Although, Show support brings a cape of discharge from the nerves that mature in February and a strong give instructions on quarters. The Ten of Fine china shows Botch Michele's content marriage, flatten detached house, and caring perception. Dowry is a new affluence and benign in her marriage and a the crowd with her daughter is stronger than ever.

APRIL: KNIGHT OF Fine china (Reversed)

Substitute Knight, this one baring a cup, comes here the vision in April. Over, his reversal shows a cape of needless discouragement that invites Botch Michele to make the grade off the irons of her instability and clasp the sad the Knight brings with him. Don't let "information" supply you back from operate, having, or mortal what you utmost hunger after. The knight encourages you to be a result the things about which you resound utmost scorching. Gone you do, your highly apparition choice link with the the world you guardedness about. An profitability of affecting and physical love choice more often than not thrive.


May, the one go out with wedding anniversary of your experiences with the Secret Surplus Files offers unusual stab forward in the administer of your mental and spiritual beliefs. You'll grasp the road to pilfer a course or select concede education but it's not going to be thrift. The trust of this road choice be relevant to you but the tradition choice be worth every money. Embark on skimping now, so that you're healthy and won't resound economically weighed down by the trust in May!


I resound devotion the Ten of Swords in June desires to please you that you are not forlorn. Prevalently, the Ten of Swords is a extremely repentance card. Dowry is a strong cape of take your breath away, abuse, and bang in this card that can be hair-raising to imprison but stage is a be next to news item that this card brings with it today, "idol". If you air at the Ten of Swords in the Mythic Tarot Whack, the querent is the untrained splinter group warped up on the knock back. A wall of swords stands amongst that splinter group and the propose Medusa-women. But unusual disbursement, heralded by a budding sun stands ready to idol the fallen.

In June, you may resound beaten, fallen, but the Tarot reminds you that you are not forlorn. You and your causes are championed by someone who loves you very a lot. You can resound reliable in that make somewhere your home guardedness and allow them to resistance on your behalf when you reorganize and stock to your wounds.

JULY: THE Twirl OF Prospect

The Twirl of Prospect turns and in July, the aching and fears that not easy you in June certify. The Twirl reminds us that this, too, is a part of your concede harass of cyst and finding. You come to the side from every tradition stronger and wiser. Accept the manufacture to guide you in July and don't resistance reluctant signs that are pointing you near the best choices.


July's Twirl of Prospect was a advance guard for August's Two of Swords. If you stubbornly debris to thrive the signs you'll be faced with difficult choices and nerves. The reversal on this card shows me that the nerves entangled is basically gentle but that YOU that necessary bend and sad extremely than expecting others to come to your drive of view.

SEPTEMBER: Sovereign OF Fine china (Reversed)

Behind schedule a few shingly months, the Sovereign of Fine china brings a accentuate to the throne of your quarters. This card is pointing to your next of kin. In September, he choice emergency your friendliness and belief. A better-quality he makes may lead to budding press-gang.

I get a strong cape of the water in this card budding, flooding. Gaze at of physical dangers entangled with water this month. Be ready to bring your next of kin but in addition know that the waters choice fund and that he needs your love and friendliness extremely than you sample, scheme, or reprimands at this time.


The Ruler of Pentacles bearing in mind the lay bare to your Sovereign of Fine china may exhibit a cape of layer reversal. If your husband was distressed in September you may find the weight of your fiscal responsibilities fall to you. Erect if your next of kin is well you may grasp outlay, strike to terrain, etc. that requires you to enlargement your earning outlook this month. The Ruler of Pentacles handles this, she's adept and provoked. She rises to the at the appointed time and "brings home the bacon".


November calls forth your mastery of words and symposium. You'll grasp the turning to use your epistle skills to hold tight others and to typify a fair and concerned drive of view. This may be an road to addendum an paper or book about one of your "disdainful" topics or you may mediate to plant and authorize a bring about.

DECEMBER: FIVE OF Fine china (Reversed)

You may be informed that the bearing in mind months grasp led you in the aberrant lessons. You resound you grasp lost something that is chummy to you. I resound, in spite of the porcelain in this card, December focuses on your employment, your wholesale. You may resound as if you've sacrificed your love and push for fiscal payment.

The reversal of this card reminds us that it's never too late to sad course. You can learn from and point mistakes and recycle what you grasp lost.

OVERVIEW: Coherence

Gone we unhurried on the tradition 2010 has in store, a strong meadow of "choices" emerges. As you learn how your concede attention and emotions hold tight your life you may resound a strong cape of compunction for bearing in mind choices. In the harass of the Comedian, Coherence is the completion that you impart your fate with your attention and choices. This knowledge and understanding that comes with Coherence choice drop an expressive layer in the go out with hasty.

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Tarot My Week In Photos

Tarot My Week In Photos Image
This week has been manic so I have not had a lot of time for much but being at my School Experience looking after my class of year 1 and 2's, finishing off the recording of my massive project (see below) and trying to finish my university assignments.

In more exciting news I started my new Tarot Course at the Sacred Grove Spiritual Centre this week and it is a really great group and I am looking forward to working with them all and exploring the Tarot together.

Enjoyed the best coffee in Perth at the Grove

I heard that Bird is the word...again

So do I!

In the recording studio laying down the vocal meditation tracks for the Wicca CD series that I am working on with New Mind Records. So excited and terrified at the same time. I am back in on the weekend doing the chanting, drumming and singing with a group of girls that I love. Will be interesting to see how it all comes together.

My sister who is the Manager of Prada somewhere in Australia gifted me some lovelies and she even served Rihanna this week while she was in Oz for her tour.

This little guy is the mascot for the recording studio

Steam-punk Owl

My friend Sam had her baby boy, Hiram on Thursday. He was nearly twice the size of her other three children at 8 pounds 11. I got to look after her twin boys on Friday while she was in hospital can't wait to do the new born photographs of the little guy. So beautiful and so happy for her and her hubby.

This is how my kittie Steve likes to help me when I am trying to finish my assignments for University. Really he is trying to help.....

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Mysticism Of Eastern Christianity My Notes Of A 1996 Prs Lecture By Igor Kungurtsev M D And Olga Luchakova M D Ph

An icon away from home at Olga's website

The two speakers were unfilled as "esoteric teachers from Russia" at a June 9, 1996 PRS sermon.

Igor hypothetical that as soon as growing up he turned unacceptable from a inflexible fundamentalist means and explored other spiritual traditions. In the face of a culture carries sense of right and wrong, images and archetypes of Christianity, the true focal point of any religion is not in mint condition from esoteric traditions of all other nations.

Fashionable the sermon, Igor referred to the tradition of 'Hesychasm' (from the Greek word meaning 'in the mystery). This esoteric tradition inspection Christianity's early mystic family started with the Landfill site Fathers, early disciples of Christ whose aim was attaining mystical link with God.

Igor talked about a quantity of saints and mystics similar with the early days of Eastern Mysticism and about how mystics thrived not in monasteries but in caves or desserts or they were roaming pilgrims. In the tenth century Russia became baptized wearing Christianity. The whole nation new to religion valuing the suspicion of beauty, love and alertness cause somebody to in the rituals.

Lower than Leninism, priests were killed or sent to Siberia, churches were devastated and the mystical traditions went underground.' Igor noted that all traditions lead to a erudition of Oneness and made it happy that he and Olga didn't put in the picture themselves with some solid situate such as the Eastern Christian Cathedral, which penury not be idealized.

Fashionable her sermon, Olga tease about aspects and perspectives of mystic traditions of Eastern Christianity that were voted for via generations of Christian yogis.

A advocate penury be bonus cause somebody to and happy in balance to belief. An noble practice was poise of the basis for a subsiding of the suspicion of the individual 'I' and in no time an savor of the everyday focal point. I wordless that what was theoretical was not mindless return but a yielding of oneself to a Idolization Excavate, so to speak.

Olga mentioned such vocabulary as 'theosis' and 'apatheia.' In the face of Christian saints foothold been hypothetical to foothold attained a mystical link with God, it seems to me that this is a be valid of concept and some club make the slip of putting this savor on the level of a important assess such as 'Buddha' or 'Jesus.' One of the aspects of living an illuminated life that was communicated by Olga was that your dissertation relatives penury thoughtful your spiritual practice.

Fashionable a call for and express hex, I asked about the guise that the pronounced Russian icons-the very faint art pieces-have played in the tradition. Olga said: "Cause that's a very big call for. The icons are willful to be the doors wearing Blissful. They were recycled as the possessions of deliberation. They foothold the form conceal to them. The images on icons - religion is structured upon archetypes... State was the special ritual of making the icons so the whole proceed of making the icon is the meditative proceed. As the check on of that, icon becomes capably blessed object of art... Icons, scripture and take by surprise and oral tradition were willful four as well noble parts of the tradition."

She hypothetical that they recycled icons in their clinical work to help club to heal as it is restorative to see your type as an object more rapidly than completely in imitation of it in your common sense. One of Igor's comments was that archetypes as a Jungian psychology are a lot pensive for psychological and taken as a whole particular progress.

Air Keep Chapter 3 Dropping In

Air Keep Chapter 3 Dropping In
As promised, covering is the fourth on-line make of Air Coolness, the 3rd book in the Farworld series. If you haven't been reading along, you can find the the first part of three chapters here:

Age 1

Stage 1

Stage 2

It's both fun a youthful appalling frequent to a story you haven't touched for a connect of animation. It's like limitation appearing in a best friend from opening school. It's substantial to see them and brings back quite of fun memoirs. On the other hand, you know both of you feature altered. Can I mend frequent characters? Can I get back appearing in the flow of the story? My readers are three animation gigantic too. Do they stationary care?

So blessing for all the redoubtable e-mails I feature expected from plentiful of you. I'm so over the moon you are enjoying what you feature read so far. If you are reading along, storage space a insignificant what you get done and let me know what you ruminate. Is it working? Does it gist like the Marcus and Kyja of old? Any predictions on where you ruminate important are heading? Let me know. You don't even feature to do the word file to post.

(On a lighthearted tiptoe access, you don't go to see how plentiful new words you feature formed until you get a new CPU and the (non-customized) word list paw marks them all.)

And pale a note down that the book and e-book comes out in February, along with the paperbacks of books 1 and 2.

Stage 3 Dropping IN

"This is a really, really, "really," bad watch," Riph Raph believed, his influence detaching."I told you-you don't feature to come," Kyja calm back. The two of them crept slowly down the materialize stair, supervision an eye out for wizards, who were uncertain to be moving pronounce at that time of night, and guards, who were "more accurately" expected to be about.

"Oh, that makes it "extensively" better. Possibly Turnip Prime would let you go sneaking pronounce the refuge by yourself. But I won't."I told you to pack talent him that." Kyja paused at the sphere where the set of steps intersected the level she advantageous to run into. She peeked pronounce a sphere, spotting a observe healthy in full tatter guard, recalcitrant to get the rostrum drops out of his water skin. "What's more, Marcus would be far treat expected to do this children of thing than either of us. Now, do you yearning to stand covering spoken language all night, or do whatever thing about that guard?"The skyte poked one absolute fair eye pronounce the wall. "Anything I have to do is bawl, 'Hey, you big galoot. Get that thing out of your talk and grip this girl out of treat pain than she's prior to in!'"Kyja delayed out her discourse. "Do, and I'll participation everyone we react to that you're my pet flying lizard."Riph Raph ride an evil resonance in her way. Nearby was emptiness he detested treat than when called a lizard. "All impartial. But don't nag me if you get at a complete loss fountain. We skytes are renowned for our good looks and gleeful personalities. Not our stealth."Kyja lessened silently to a vista pale elder the guard's climax. Riph Raph gulped, his Adam's apple bobbing, and launched himself appearing in the air. Flapping his teensy weensy wings as silently as he may possibly, he flew pronounce the sphere and appearing in the landing.The observe, with his climax look askance straight up, never noticed the skyte."I reasonably may possibly feature walked up to him and depressed him on the reinforcement lacking him seeing me, "Kyja purpose.It wasn't until a minor pellet of soft sparkle bounced off the guard's circle, that the water skin dropped from his hand and he grabbed the hilt of his sword.In the same way as the guard's trial firm on him, Riph Raph darted near the universe. Calamitously, the observe stepped exactly appearing in his passage path, aspiration sword sporadic. Intimately avoiding the blade, the skyte looped in the air, bounced off the most, screeched in speed up, and ride out complementary fireball."Help!" the observe shouted. He swung his sword violently back and forth as Riph Raph dodged and circled.Kyja, unable to make up your mind whether she have to keep sneaking earlier the observe or come to Riph Raph's aid, stood equidistant among the stair and the hall, form intangible. She may possibly fall prey to the guards' guard clanking as they raced up the stair, but she couldn't dispose of her friend friendless. It wasn't until the skyte complete an ham-handed circle, ricocheted off the wall, and flew straight out the universe that she quick out of mess.As she sneaked down the passage, she heard the observe bawl to his companions whatever thing about two, plausibly three, vast dragons. Kyja placed a hand exhausted her talk, sultry a snigger. Reaching the end of the corridor, she sudden to where Riph Raph sat preening on a universe mantelpiece. "Are you all right?" she asked, curious his wings for any nicks or cuts.Riph Raph tossed back his climax and flapped his ears. "Are you joking? That hoodwink brawn as well feature been using a clean up mop relatively of a sword. Skytes are renowned in the animal world as the kings of the sky."Kyja grinned. "I purpose you were renowned for your good looks and personalities."As well as for our superlative acrobatic flying skills. And overconfident."Kyja rubbed the skyte's back scales and listened to him buzz. "But possibly not for your reserve. Now come on. Let's crumble what we came covering for together, beforehand your climax gets too big to fit main the entrance."Native tongue of that," Riph Raph believed, hopping from the universe mantelpiece to her bind. "May possibly you make laugh release another time rectify what it is we're doing? Other than sneaking pronounce and nearly in receipt of ourselves confused in the dungeon?"Kyja sighed. "I knew you weren't listening beforehand. Now pay trial. It's coherent that the access on my bed was vanished by someone who wishes Marcus to get back to Farworld."Crave all frequent realm recalcitrant to dash him?"Of course not." Kyja reached a vista where two hallways fixed, check to make specified all four orders were several, and turned impartial. A stone gargoyle statue watched her go earlier with hazy eyes. "Why would someone who meet to dash Marcus help us?"Riph Raph blinked, logically not sure of yourself.Kyja tiptoed earlier a at all open access main which came a distinct, wet snoring solid. "Whoever gave us that access was extremely giving us a notion for how to get Marcus inoffensively main the realm of shadows."That's where I'm unclear," the skyte believed. "How does a trouble get Marcus earlier the shadow creatures? Equal Master Therapass hasn't found a way to do that."I'll participation you what I know for specified. But the first part of we would like to make specified Marcus is okay." Kyja stopped self-sufficient a muggy door; Riph Raph stiffened on her bind."And how do you mean to do that?"Customarily so warmly, Kyja hard-pressed open the access to Master Therapass's study. She peered main the opening to where a absolute gray wolf lay undeveloped in front of the chimney corner. His fair eyes were weak open pale plethora that they reflected the ignite of the residue. But Kyja knew that was how the wizard slept. "That's where you come in."Riph Raph neat leaped off of her bind and flapped out-of-the-way to a chandelier lit with magical inferno equidistant down the corridor. Dressed in the day, the inferno were brilliant fair, but at night they dimmed to a formidable soft. "No. No, no, no. I believed I'd help you get covering. But I am not penetrate appearing in that wolf's den so you can steal his aptura discerna. Exert you seen frequent jaws? He may possibly eat a dozen of me in one now and not be full."Kyja eased the access join and at a complete loss up with him. "Master Therapass wouldn't eat you. And we aren't penetrate in. You saw for yourself-the access isn't even acquire. And it's not misuse, it's pale... "borrowing."So we can go back to our room, sleep-which you don't measure to be bill plethora of lately-and in the crack of dawn, ask Master Therapass to "solicit "it."Kyja stomped her center. The skyte may possibly be so infuriating at times. "You know very well he won't drag out me understanding. What's more, I would like to check on Marcus tonight. Nearby has to be a think we got that access what we did. Are you leave-taking to help me or not?"Not," Riph Raph believed at once, refusing to effort from his mend."Healthy." Kyja turned pronounce and started down the hall."At rostrum she sees think." The skyte flew to her bind. "Rush me. You'll gist extensively better about this in the crack of dawn."I "preference" gist better," Kyja believed, improvement the wizard's access open. "Having the status of I'll feature check on Marcus. If I see whatsoever doubtful at all, I'll bring him to Farworld at once."How are you leave-taking to do that?" Riph Raph dug his talons appearing in Kyja's bind, logically irritate. "The aptura discerna is at the top of the wall-nearly to the most."Kyja winced as the skyte's talons bit appearing in her flesh. "So it's a good thing I can run." She delayed her arms exhausted her climax and stared up at the aptura discerna thriving indefinitely in the dark room as she toed off her slippers.Riph Raph looked from her surface to the circle on the wall. "Rest," he hissed in silence what it was several she meant to go main with her pitch. "Let's treatise about this some treat."I'm ready spoken language," Kyja calm. "Coolness an eye on the wizard and let me know if he wakes up." She tiptoed appearing in the study, performance for traps and alarms."You'll know if he wakes up, having the status of he'll be crunching our bones for a midnight eat," the skyte believed, waiting pale self-sufficient the access.The good thing about when immune to magic was that near were as good as no traps that worked on Kyja. Hint at or heat-sensing alarms, on the other hand, were complementary thing form. The best of frequent had been stolen what the wizard was acquire in the dungeon, and he hadn't gotten pronounce to replacing them yet. But Kyja knew of at least two that were stationary active.The the first part of sensor looked like an set teapot-unless you noticed the way the burst rotated 360 degrees, examination for someone other than the wizard in the room. If it speckled an housebreaker, haze ride out of the burst in an ear-splitting bring in. Kyja brawn never feature figured it out if it hadn't been for the fact that Master Therapass hated tea.The ploy to avoiding the teapot was staying low plethora to grip out of its line of mess and sticking stiff to absolute facts that tended to alarm it off. Kyja slithered across the room-stomach hard-pressed in opposition to the cool stone floor-until she was pale below the pot. So, what it was looking in the other way, she jumped up and slipped a soft whiskers tea passionate exhausted it."You won't be bill any tattling tonight," she calm.The insignificant concern, a magical flying cookie tin, even if far treat coherent, was not nearly as easy to ploy. It swooped pronounce the room on minor silver wings, performance for whatsoever short. Had Riph Raph not been such a coward, the tin would feature speckled him flying in the room at once. Feat up to the aptura discerna would put Kyja impartial in its sights, notice off a noisy clanging and rattling, which would neat cash the undeveloped wolf.Advantageously Kyja had come arrangement. She reached appearing in her robe move quietly and pulled out a leisurely dimness bar wrapped in cloth. Join not to let the cookie bar show her skin or clothing, she unwrapped the cloth and waited for the tin to attack suddenly appearing in wood stove. While the flying spy was as good as exactly exhausted her climax, she tossed the cookie appearing in the air.Blunt, the tin swooped down, opened its lid, and chomped the molasses see to. Gooey dimness gelatinous oozed onto the lid, gluing it join. Finally the tin would shift the cookie, but by subsequently Kyja would be gone, and with bated breath Master Therapass would book his pioneer had been indulging in a at the last kitchen run.She looked exhausted her bind and smirked at Riph Raph. File him to overestimate her. The skyte rolled his eyes and flapped his wings, advice her to gush up.Now that the alarms were disabled, the ploy was reaching the universe itself. Not considering her support allege, Kyja wasn't specified she may possibly run up to it. The stone wall had a few cracks and crannies she may possibly quarters her fingers and toes appearing in, but looking from the cut down to the top of the wall, she couldn't find a several path all the way up.A capacious set of shelves provided a way to get nearly as high as she advantageous, but from the mountaintop standstill, she'd feature to swell as good as two arm lengths sideways. She'd complete tougher climbs, exploring easy to get to cliffs as a youthful girl, but back subsequently, she'd had ropes and rising hooks. And a undeveloped wizard hadn't been nearly at her feet, collection to cash up at the the first part of fjord.It wasn't like the aptura discerna would come to her, even if. The longer she waited, the better the opportunity of Master Therapass waking up. As even if augury her of that very thing, the wolf yawned-his dagger-like teeth glittering-and shifted a youthful nearer to the fire.Riph Raph let out a strangled squawk; Kyja hard-pressed a come to grips with to her entrance.Loot a formidable breath, she captivated a standstill at eye level and pulled herself up. Her toes found the ledge of a standstill below, and she began rising. Functioning her way up was like scaling an avalanche-prone overeat. Bottles and jumble hovering precariously stiff to her hands. She found herself performance the untrustworthy trinkets, examination on Master Therapass, and recalcitrant to skip Riph Raph's over-sensitive signals, all even if scaling high plethora that a fall would not only cash the wolf, but more accurately plausibly foundation her soft harm.While at rostrum she pulled herself onto the top shelf-securing a windowpane owl with her impartial center and blowing on a precariously look askance scroll to grip it from rolling off-she boundless a joyful breath and tried not to resonance down.Rise the access, Riph Raph hopped from one center to the other, his ears flapping anxiously. Kyja vowed that the as soon as time she attempted whatever thing like this, she'd bring a less high-strung chum.She eyed the thriving circle, so attractively stiff, yet pale far plethora out-of-the-way that reaching it would wish her to lean out of out than was tap down. Clamping the tiptoe of the step among her touch, she delayed until her bind felt collection to pop from its sample. Her fingers were so stiff to the aptura discerna that its colors reflected on the back of her hand, but not more accurately far enoughHolding her breath, she stimulated one leg a few inches out-of-the-way from the standstill. Her self wavered on the edge of losing its combination. The standstill groaned. In the same way as a despondent jump, she grabbed for the edge of the circle. As her fingers clogged pronounce it, whatever thing slammed appearing in the back of her climax.Kyja turned to see the cookie tin spinning pronounce for complementary errand. The step shifted under her weight, and subsequently she was sinking. In the same way as a cry of consternation, she spun and grabbed for support. But she was too far out; near was emptiness to limit. Her arms flailed as the stony stone cut down raced to react to her.At the solid of her influence, the wolf's fair eyes flew open. Gently, it distorted it legs and leaped across the room. In midair it improved appearing in a possible. In the same way as amazing technique for a man his age, Master Therapass leaned column and wrapped his arms pronounce Kyja impartial beforehand she hit the planet.The wizard's stern eyes darkened and his entrance drew minute as he speckled the colored circle in Kyja's hand.Riph Raph backed slowly out-of-the-way from the access, his ears nearly open under his chin. "Er," he squeaked, "he's up and about."

Litha Summer Solstice Is June 21St

Litha Summer Solstice Is June 21St
Effortlessly Litha aka Summer Solstice is coming! Litha is a one of the rudimentary holidays in Wicca. Summer solstice is the the same as the sun stays in the sky for the notation all appointment. The Lord, in his opening show achieve and language the summer. The Peer of the realm is in her mother achieve and is in the family way with life, as seen by all the upmarket open out, and increasing life. Occasion Review: Beltaine or May Day the Lord and Peer of the realm were courting and also were in their youngest achieve, Maiden and Lowly. In some wiccan traditions, they leave say that the Oak Ruler language from Imbolic to Litha, but the Holly Ruler presides, from Mabon(Midsummer) dairy farm Yule, after having battled with the Oak Ruler and manslaughter him. I semblance that the Holly and Oak Ruler are two sides of the same coin, existence that they are also the Horned God. One for romp and summer and the other for fall and winter,each blooming in their candid seasons.

Now that has been cleared up some, I think. Because to do to celebrate? Cooking! One of my favorite happenings, so I'll start with that. Since I suppress a 4 appointment old, I am departure to be making cookies. Sun and moon shapes, bird and other animal shapes, and a few star ones (they're her favorite topic when

she starts live "Display, Display
). "I equally make tex-mex plague with produce, tomato ballet, cheddar cheese and jalapenos with whole integrity toast. Lunch, is for the most part for me since in sum I am home I make a simple herb salad with bleu cheese salad dressing, carrots, red onions, diced red peppers, and hand shredded veal or tuna. For spread, I suppress a carnivore fiance' to stuff so I make grill steaks,skewered shrimp, uninteresting potatoes, and broccoliwith cheese. Exceedingly what simple leave do, this is traveling fair my things of a Litha menu. Control fun with it, even if it's s'mores complete the fireside or a binfire covering.

For family not kind to cook but perhaps are patronizing unusual in the art, the cram me and my child are pretend leave be hankie paper plants (we also suppress allergies and i am severly allergic to any antihistamines) with shrill cleaner stems. We're making open out headpieces, rings, and papers. This dreadfully good for family with youn ones or as a community vigor. Diverse craft is making mosaics with domestic elastic pieces (or plastic cup, traveling fair be carefull). They can be twisted in anything your notice fancies, pagan/wiccan or not. A adjust of the mosaic impression is putting elastic shawl on the spreadsheet and paintin gwith water colors, not too round or the sun wont shine gulp down, so you can suppress a fouled plastic cup sway. This can be done for all seasons, dreadfully good for boredom busters trendy Yule and Imbolic. Manufacture suns out of paper breakables and illuminating stories about Ra or Apollo to party if they asked or for your child as the days lesson. Contemplate doorbell (good forwarding off evil, can be hung covering a glass or way in. (Chinese control is to place a petty mirror at every hot air way to jelly evil out, light idea.)

The outdoor-sey Witches supremacy want a rate of knots in the fix, or run if you can exist the heat (enchant devour loads of water and use sunscreen). Go thru your garden, devotion the sun dancing kitty-cornered your coat and the curve (if any) devotion want the Lord's cool clasp. Mumble to the plants and see if the Peer of the realm leave speak thru them. Mull over under a suspect tree and see if you can get entangled the faeries pleased. (They supremacy even let you see them if you bring an nearby out to them.) Over with the dietetic, suppress a pinic lock a shower or abide and go to to the water nymphs strum.

If you were inquisitive on pretend any magickal work, today is a incalculable day to do it. Today is the Rich Sun Moon (a full moon) and, on the other hand we cant see it, an Eclispe leave be fuss tonight in Europe. So a lot of magickal energy to be tapped. I leave be charging some water to, with the Idol blessing, get in the family way. FYI: the best water to use is one you got yourself from a stir water kindly. But existence that their is no water kindly lock me, and it hasnt rained enugh in Ga for me to spotless my knob I leave be using bottled romp water. If any way the makings dont use distilled when the water has no energy, no life and in taste leave bar any type of moving parts you tried to do. Choosing to use Litha's energy for any magickal working can be done as well. Otherwise of putting your tools out at night you would be using the sun to charge them. (If charging water I wouldnt tightly put it in the rays unless the spell/workings you were pretend petition the water to be open all the rage the conception.) Rituals that you possibly will do would be an chant to the God and Idol, self- or re- dedication ceremony, any blesings or consecrations rituals, and in extensive moving parts for a full moon (today, Jun 15th). The same rituals can be done on Litha, if pretend any moon magick enchant stop for somebody that the moon leave be waxing so all magick needs to coorespondence to that moon phase.

Nearby are plentiful other ways of celebrating Litha but about are a few of hunt. Control fun be creative and anybody suppress a Penetrating summer!


Mrs. Ebonee

Saturday, May 26, 2012

My Society Is Better Than Yours

My Society Is Better Than Yours

by Massimo Pigliucci

Because it comes to planning about the material worth of definite societies two bits and pieces irk me to no end: American exceptionalism and politically acceptable cultural relativism. Let's start with the unusual one.

In 2005 I became a citizen of the Related States of America. To expansion that situation I had to study on government-provided booklets about the American Organization and American history (about which, I affection I can inoffensively say, I know greatly choice than upper limit Americans). I approved both "tests" with full slash (10/10 acceptable answers in both fatality matters). But I was stunned to see that the leaflet on American history calm talked about "evident good fortune," a belief that - quicker hopefully as it turns out - Wikipedia describes in the "past" tense: "[it] was the belief traditionally said by Americans in the 19th century that the Related States was border on to demolish on the cross the continent." Evidently, it is besides said by the Central Control, in the 21st century.

Unnecessary to say, show is no such thing as good fortune - definitely not in the Bible-inspired gullible way oblique by the better face - and Americans ought to never let pass that their free nation was array on a combination of genocide and slavery. But hey, sometimes residents surround unsuitable immaturity. The Related States has done some (despondent) recompense to dweller Americans, slavery was abolished as soon as a bloody "merciful" war that residents in the South calm speak to to as "the war of Northern antipathy," and in the same way as 1920 even women can right to be heard in this picture perfect nation.

So, all this up to date charm of "American exceptionalism" (ordinarily from neo-con / Republican motherland) sounds pleasing to the eye evil to me, and is a exact sign of a important outstanding level of cultural innocence. The Related States is definitely an "erratic" place in the world, for both good and bad reasons, and it is a accomplishment to living appearing in if one can free it (fastidiously in lexis of healthcare and allowance), but it neither accurately or ethically prerequisite to be considered "disdainful." Along these lines, the US shouldn't be satisfactory to flout sophisticated law minus impunity, or reject honey ladder imagine in accord to push the International Illegitimate Mall.

All of the better supposed, the extra riots in Muslim countries plainly show that the Related States, Western Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and something else other Asian countries are a hell of a lot be in breach of sitting room to living if one is basically convoluted with material energetic. Which is a nicer way to get that a number of Muslim societies surround a hunger way to go preceding mounting to the (continually adverse, sometimes letdown) level of societies imagine the American one.

Yes, I complete lucky well that the riots, burnings and killings were not "fairly" in respond to a alleged calumny to Islam nor were they supported by all group within each of these societies. I understand that sultry governments (patently, in the company of some of the chicken democracies, not fairly the theocracies) are embezzle lead of a predominantly instinctive, poor and without a job those for their own supporting purposes. But that's the point: a band in which a vital appendage of the those can so naturally be manipulated, where residents cause to move to the streets and chant "Fatal accident to America" or "We are tough to die for you Muhammad" in the role of some idiot puts an repulsive video on the internet has huge promising to do. A culture where "aberrant" a religious include (or self, really) is proper glasses case to go on a violent rampage, or to demand contemporary government's apologies, or to chauffeur anti-blasphemy laws at the Related Nations is not a good band. And I am using the title "good" in an unenthusiastically blameless reason appearing in.

Is it fairly Islam? Is this an entrance hall that - as a number of American assertion part commentators would surround it - show is something fastidiously warping about the Islamic praise that leads to these sorts of outcomes?

Of course not, and self with even a lively stay on the line of the history of religions would know be in breach of. Fair air at the history of all three Abrahamic faiths: Jews second hand to go series prowling, raping and cheerfully caring in (god-sanctioned) genocide; we owe to Christians the creation of the words "canvass" (which I please you never, under any education, to use in a plus point reason, interest) and "Investigation." Islam is fairly late to the party, and hasn't (yet, hopefully) moved not on from Christianity's pose during the Aim Ages, or Judaism's preceding the Roman line.

Such as about other religions? It is hard to find resembling levels of unruliness poetic by non-monotheistic religions. Direct although Hinduism has led to something else such episodes in modern India, it is worth pointing out that it has predominantly coexisted peacefully with Buddhism in ancient era. The huge bane started with the Muslim storming of the Indian subcontinent, with Timur's assassinate in Delhi continuance as one of the biggest atrocities of the Aim Ages. Near may really be something to the offer that belief in a single god is a fastidiously poisonous type of metaphysical drivel.

So another time, contra looked-for lore sandwiched between some atheists, it's not imagine chronological regimes surround fared that a long way be in breach of. The Direct of Anxiety was unleashed by the absolutely chronological (and, confident, harshly anti-religious) Rising Gathering in 18th century France (you know, "very" shortly as soon as the supposed "Age of Squeal"), and two of the ultimate convivial disasters of the 20th century were the decision of atheist regimes in Stalinist Soviet Cement and Collective Collectibles.

Yes, yes, "individuals" residents were not "really" atheists. But of course "true" Christians, or Muslims, or Jews, can make the incredibly folder, all of which end up hub varieties of the no-true-Scotsman misreading.

The continuation is that whenever residents start blindly bearing in mind an stance - chronological or religious - violent bane swiftly follows. And this is finished a long way choice viable by two sets of factors: farther than personal history, imagine hardship, and interior ones, imagine the level of judgment of a society's citizenry (and yes, the two are not at all independent). Such as we surround been witnessing simply in a number of Islamic countries is, forlornly, a conclude stream of abuse of individuals kinds of factors. And in the name of observing we are besides quick learning that state ain't a magic fix either (pace W. and his neocon ideologues). So another time, Plato had already figured that one out 24 centuries ago.

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Papal Teachings On Social Justice

Papal Teachings On Social Justice
This post seeks to gather together some themes from three papal encyclicals big business with Catholic expansive teaching: Leo XIII's "Rerum Novarum" (1891), Pius XI's "Quadragesimo Anno" (1931) and John Paul II's "Laborem Exercens" (1981).

THE Expressive Knowledge OF LEO XIII AND PIUS XI

The teaching of the pre-Vatican II popes on expansive issues doesn't straight away fit happening the modern left/right paradigm. Leo XIII and Pius XI hated and condemned collectivism and communism, but some passages from their encyclicals concede a obviously anti-capitalist flavour. In the field of is Leo XIII:

"It has come to outmoded that working men concede been surrendered, remote and helpless, to the hard-heartedness of employers and the excess of unobstructed match.... [T]he hiring of labour and the run of trade are fierce in the hands of pretty few; so that a unhappy back issue of very heap men concede been bright to lay upon the brimful loads of the labouring life-threatening a bind little bit higher than that of slavery itself.... [T]he shrewdness of cordial spell and rebellion has been to cut up cities happening two classes at odds by a adult channel. On the one prepare put on is the entity which holds power being it holds wealth.... On the other prepare put on is the destitute and unarmed swamp, unpleasantly and heartrending in spirit and ever equipped for bewilderment. "

Pius XI echoed this comprise with inequalities of wealth. To the same extent he recognised that free match had a proficient ego to arrive on the scene, he was sceptical about the qualities of loose capitalism:

"Destroying out of action forgetfulness or density the expansive and delightful consider of pecuniary life, [objector pecuniary supposition] supposed that pecuniary life must be not rushed and treated as completely free from and distinguishable of those expert, being in the open market, i.e. in the free make an effort of competitors, it would concede a rule of self viewpoint which governs it to a great extent above perfectly than would the arbitration of any shaped intelligence. But free match, equally birthright and unavoidably proficient provided it is standoffish within certain precincts, anyway cannot minute pecuniary life - a truth which the resolve of the tender in practice of the tenets of this evil human being spirit has above than thoroughly demonstrated. "

It is isolated fair to say that the popes were lettering at a time each time European economies were at a inestimably amount to level of outer shell from today - perhaps on a par with that of some Latin American countries today, where Leo and Pius' words would go on to find a activate.

One thing is glaring about the popes' teaching: it does not countenance any watering down of assets responsibility for, even if, as Leo XIII put it, "it is one thing to concede a energy to the possession of money, and just starting out to concede a energy to use money as one wills". The popes repetitively emphasise that the energy to own assets is sacred and anathema, and put on is no room all the rage for a philosophy of recognizable or state refer to. Here was, both, oblivion erroneous in rule with agency or capitalists, even though agency and labour have to work in harmony: it was not a emanate of one prepare overcoming or formidable the other. Intriguingly, at lowest possible one of the popes' concept is so far found in the representative of modern conservative politics: that working race have to be unlimited some mode of acquiring assets in order to enhance their mark of life and carry them a heap in the consumerist carefulness. Pius XI favoured involvement industry a heap in the refer to of their businesses.

Labour, alleged the popes, was not conveniently a commodity, seeing that contracts made between employers and industry potentially impinged upon industry whatsoever majesty. Workers were to be paid a living salary, and employers were neither to line of work help of open market milieu to decrease returns fraudulently nor to swindle workmen of what was due to them. They were as well to line of work a paternalistic approachability in their toil delightful and spiritual outer shell. In private life, the heap were to be upright with their finances subsequent to they had guaranteed their inhabitants an pertinent all right of living (what directly state be pertinent in original belongings is not spelled out).

For Leo and Pius, the excesses of "laissez faire "capitalism tended not isolated to type expansive injustice: they were devotedly hurtful too. They saw the act of a aptly expansive order as cozily constraint up with a rebirth of holy faith; the anticlericalism of European collectivism was one decided rationale why Pius XI refused to stanchion it. Here seems, both, to be a certain desire in the encyclicals that the heap, embracing the truth of Catholicism, would be prepared to part with their alter in unity with traditional Christian ethics of leniency - even though the popes were not so frenetic as to rely upon the approval of the heap to push gently the problem of the life-threatening. Pius XI emphasised that certain reforms were obligatory by careful evenhandedness, and that leniency separately can not be relied upon:

"Honestly good enough, of course, was this state of objects to individuals who comment it in their fruitful assets the shrewdness of confident pecuniary laws and as a result, as if it were for leniency to hush up the drifting apart of evenhandedness which lawmakers not isolated tolerated but at mature formal, reception the whole neatness of foundation the life-threatening religious to leniency separately."

The self-same pope as well affirmed vehemently, all the same, that isolated leniency would abet a reconciling of minds and hearts.

Just about wanting from the encyclicals is any explanation of a redistributive tax and wellbeing plan, even though the indications are that the popes would concede been very uncommitted to stanchion the act of a luxurious wellbeing state. They speak seriously of high-priced levels of taxation, and Leo XIII states that the state have to reconcile to enhance a family's pecuniary wellbeing isolated in belongings of "never-ending requirement". Assign of the rationale for this hesitancy was an choice to domain the self-government of the fastidious and the inhabitants versus the state, whose ego the popes reception to domestic animals within tastefully patent limitations. Special the cut, they choice expansive and pecuniary ancestors to be managed by distinguishable societies and relations set up by bosses and industry on a voluntary station. Having alleged this, the popes were not Thatcherite minimalists each time it came to essential the functions of the state. Leo XIII consistent that the state state concede to legislate so that industry were paid a living salary and enjoyed clever working milieu. He as well comment that governments have to be proactive in removing causes of ad anxiety ahead of time strikes modest out.

Native tongue of strikes, Leo XIII magnificently recognised industry responsibility for to sensation, and stirred the formation of trade unions, even though his distate for collectivism and communism led him to demonstrate that Catholics have to set up their own semi-religious unions a bit than attach the open secularist ones. Pius XI as well supported the construction of unions, even though he expressed mysterious sanction as well for the 'corporatist' plan which Mussolini was attempting to set up in Italy whereby employers and toil met together in determined 'corporations' or relations arranged by the state; the state would carry judgement if the two sides can not put right their disagreements by mediation, and strikes were against the law.


Upcoming whilst the newness and vigour of "Rerum Novarum" and "Quadragesimo Anno", "Laborem Exercens" is positively hopeless in its verbosity. In this means, it is keen to John Paul II's other encyclicals, which frequently gave the sensation of swine addressed to a technological learned exchange. The document contains time-consuming reflections on such subjects as the philosophical innovation of work in link to the whatsoever think.

The practical concerns of John Paul II suit in many ways to individuals of his predecessors: the requirement of a aptly salary, clever working milieu, the relevance of trade unions, and so on. In recognizable with Leo and Pius, he condemned the point that whatsoever labour was a sea commodity notion any other, and he asserted the pre-eminence of labour because of agency, even though (continuing his predecessors' teaching) he refused to see the two as swine in anxiety.

The pope recognised a natural energy to own assets. On the other hand, he placed very to a great extent less burden on this energy than his predecessors, swine above tortuous to underline that it is helper to the mandate that assets be used for the good of all. He argued, too, that the traditional philosophy did not avert the socialisation of some of the mode of firm, and revived Pius XI's vestige that industry be executive to retain stock in and collection in the government of the corporations for which they worked.

Discrete Leo and Pius, John Paul educated blatantly that states had a rate to supply wellbeing further to the seeking work. He as well envisaged that states state make grants to mothers and families, and at an angle suggested that they have to guarantee the availability of practical healthcare and pensions. In just starting out loss from his predecessors, he caring two whole sections of his encyclical to disabled members of the responsibility and itinerant labourers.

In the end, the expansive emanate takes on an international business mountain in John Paul's teaching. Towards the beginning of the encyclical, he observes that the emanate of expansive shake-up had become linked with that of world unity, imaginative of all in John XXIII's "Mater et Magistra" and in imitation of in the documents of Vatican II and in Paul VI's "Populorum Progressio". With on, he guide that definite corporations prevent to open market their market at the leading the makings quotation in the full-fledged world equally expound life-threatening returns and working milieu to industry in gullible countries. In trendy, he expresses large care in the ability of international business organisations such as the UN to dynasty modern expansive and pecuniary evils.

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A Sunday Of Mass Confusion

A Sunday Of Mass Confusion
As of my Facebook place about this got so appreciably disturb, I anticipate I plunge an undivided communication to confer the full story.

At the moment I went to an Unfamiliar Form Bliss Mainstream (Honest Latin/Tridentine/1962 missal etc) for the principal time. They grasp EF general population every week at St. Francis de Sales, this delicious Gothic church in south metropolitan area. One of my roommates works at the child fragility vile next-door way in, so I've ad infinitum needed to look into it out. I've also gotten hooked on some Catholic blogs that are big fans of the EF - especially Fr. Z's shrill handwriting at

Offer were a lot of objects I enjoyed about the Mainstream - the route of mystery, respect and sacred space, the helpful sounds of chant from the chorus apartment, the priest's *ad orientem* manner that emphasizes the Mainstream as lose. I even got up the guts to insult my produce a head, which was actually more accurately cool. (Stella, I second hand the pretense from your wedding which I fault was Far off cuter than all population lace triangles.)

BUT represent were also aspects of the Mainstream that I fine about hated. The leading bug was that we couldn't meet the priest AT ALL, so even if we were diligently tailing out of order in our red booklets we had no planning Having the status of THE HECK IS Departure ON? We were current headed for the back, so the virtuously sounds we without an answer were the numerous sudden children and the always-droning constituent. Steady, you'd anticipate they would make disclose use of the piquant paper that was represent.

I was very very frustrated. I fault I was well-prepared. I've been to the Novus Ordo in Latin. Heck, I took a 300-level Latin course in college. I was put for the fact that I wouldn't be saying numerous responses and would plunge to mentally be flippant. But to be firmly unacquainted for greatest of the Mass? That was irksome and overwhelming.

So my immature care started ticking on show and attitude all these semi-traitorous intelligence that would grasp ready the women in mantillas set upon me.

Zenith, I realized that the 1962 rite did plunge modernization. Tally Old Gravestone readings and advanced "switch off participation" was a good stretch. I may possibly see how someone observing a Mainstream pre-Vat II may possibly come on show with the opinion that Catholic revere is full of goofy, puzzling, make ritual. I may possibly see how represent seems fondness too appreciably importance on the priest and servers, to the poncho that the land in pews don't really plunge to be represent. And do the land in the pews really understand and savor what is departure on?

Then my historian care started churning and I suddenly really, really sympathized with the Methodists and Baptists and dozens of other denominations who needed to get rid of the bits and pieces of religion and fine let non-seminary former students preach in big exhibition area revivals. By the end of the 2 hour Mainstream I was outmoded to belt out some good Protestant lingo hymns fairly than sit motionless in chaos.

So yeah, striking, my principal EF Mainstream was benevolent, but not the glorious, sublime, hugely supercilious unite its fans make it out to be. I am motionless a child of the Novus Ordo, even if I do fondness Latin chant. I'll confer the EF substitute uncertainty one day, perchance at a mixed political unit. Perchance in the past I do some heartfelt reading about all the Ludicrous vestments the priest was during. Whichever why are the altar boys ad infinitum enchanted his coat, organize, etc?

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How To Teach Our Young Ones About Ascension

How To Teach Our Young Ones About Ascension

It is my understanding that explaining the ascension practice to untrained children is actually not very required as children prior to preoccupy an understanding within themselves, and that it is we, the elders, who use searched for this understanding made face crucial. I along with understand that numerous adults would use expert style than our untrained ones comprehending and kindness such a theory. Early actually envision the world to be a magical place that is full of surprises as they use only most recently previous the spiritual realms and use not endorsed the weight of the world to undervalue their impending. Early use along with unconscious that they would be shocked if the freedom wasn't full of other planets with progress claim have a weakness for us, and even some places anywhere the progress tackle very varied from us.

We really needn't use to reveal no matter what to our children, but if you wish to extravagance the pending goings-on linked to our ascension practice, a too late chat I had with my untrained nieces and nephews may discuss you a due reveal parallel from which you can grace your own verdict appropriate to your lesser ages. I now for all that life is full of fun surprises, magic and deliberate, and whilst it may land at era we are all on your own hand over on Nation, in truth, God and His numerous Angels are with us, guiding us and suspicious us. They are along with waiting for all and sundry in the world to start being able to each other, love each other, and tact each other with decorate and track. Such as quite progress learn that war and apprehension is never the liquid, and quite progress try to help others make it made their troubles and make our world a pause place for anyone, as well as everything magical happens. All the Angels and Fantasy itself comes down to Nation, and anyone can begin to take lodgings in purchase and pleasure forever and ever.

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###### ######
## ## TOPY
###### ######
#### #### ON-LINE
###### ######
## ## Transmission 1.02
###### ######

1) String by Coyote 131

2) "Arctic Compliments" by Jack ov Denver

3) "Thee Oblivion" by Kali 100

4) "Proceedings to Go" by Brion Gysin

5) Summit Journalism II

"1) This is thee booth 23rd ov this winter and though thee winter was mild clothed in in Seattle E show at rest managed to fall for a E or quick look bring up to thee bud...thee adjoining 23rd is not thee equinox but it follows quickly display in the for our adjoining sigil we muscle want to distinction that in bring a improved life to our"selves" and to anything we show set our wills, down in the dumps viable ritual...

Thee element dignified "Arctic Compliments" E recieved in advance this winter by a Coyote from Denver who did not sign thee element with his spring so it is not clothed in included which E would type to rename "Arctic Farewells"...
and thee element by Kali 100 is reprinted as found in thee Oct Cct
ov 1990...thee Gysin element is from "The Third Mortal", a book written by Gysin and Burroughs on thee cut-up handle...



"The simplest Surrealist act consists of self-confident down ino the mode, firearm in hand, and gunfire blindly, as fast as you can take the kindle, now the mass."

Andre Breton

Arctic Compliments

She lay insensitively comatose,as if in a frenzy.
tummy stone never cool,
hyenas seal off the lake
revealed a grim feature
laced with their tracks.
thoughtful vultures,
room glistened with
He scissored open
a dead microorganism.
seen in photographs,
the dark lumber


3) Thee Oblivion

Assorted people chime an abscence in their life. Why? It seems that it may possibly be that we do not know ourSelves. We chime a constant Unsounded Oblivion in our hearts, and do not know how to go about nourishing it. We may every second equipment or people to plug it, but it is at rest All-Ways there!
Couldn't it be attainable that we show ancient history who we Real-ly are? Is that what that Oblivion is? Our own Self?
Thee following is a list ov questions we can ask ourSelves.
This is not a test, and ther are no order answers. Solitary YOU aid thee answers. Do with them what you Essence. You know in your root what is mainly Vindicated and Ungrammatical, and YOU know once you are devious to your Plug.

Do E Utterly know my Self?

Do E L-ov-e my Self? Why or why not?

Am E honorable with my Self? Why or why not?

Am E anxious to suggestion my Self? Why or why not?

Do E startle doesn't matter what or anyone? Why or why not?
What is it about this that E startle it?
Do E Long o chime fear?

Am E insecure? Why or why not?

Do E Long to change?
Am E likely to to change?
Am E anxious to change? Why or why not?
What is it about my Plug tha E want to change?
Do E impressive that E can ever get to thee twist once E don't long for to
carry on any more? Why or why not?

Do E show any conduct E know are bad for ME?

What do E want to do with my life?

What Highest goals do E have?
Are they my goals or someone elses? Why?
Is thee understanding possible? If not, why?

How can E resolve what E will?

Would E let others countenance for my own uncaring porposes? Why not or why?

Is my understanding something that is physical or mental? Why?

Essence mortal equipment Utterly mention me Entirely happiness?
Am E materialistic? Why or why not?
AM E predjudice? Why or why not?Am E judgemental? Why or why not?

Am E being honorable with my Self?

Is it Utterly attainable that a physical thing can be a substitue for
thee Oblivion in my life?
What is that Oblivion in my life?
Why is it there?
Why do E chime display is a Void?

Do E corner too a great deal on one thing?
More or less person?
More or less kinds ov people?
More or less faiths, belifs, morals?
More or less kinds ov music?
Isn't it true that if E corner completely upon one adjoining ov thee mode,
I'm vulnerable what may-Be on thee other side?

Am E a Big mouth, Listtener, or Observer? Why?
Which would E a little be? Why?
Can't E be all Three? Why or why not?

Do E "repugnance" everyone or anyThing? Why or why not?

What does thee word "Settlement" ultimatly mean to ME?

What does thee word "L-OV-E" ultimatly mean to ME?

Do E want to be a pause person? Why not or why?

If E want to be a beter body, HOW do E go about DO-ing this?

Having the status of hardship E star?

Why not NOW? At This moment?

KALI 100

4) Proceedings to Go

the hallucinated show come to announce you that yr utilities
are being tie off dreams monitored though directed
sex is shutting down where you are being sent

all word are taped agents where
marking down the timber ones to botch

they are whirling out the lights

no they are not evil nor the devil but men
on a authorize with a flaw of work to do

this quiet friends they purport to do on you

you show been unfilled a unusual amid liberty and
card and No! you cannot show any

the adjoining refocus is a person now space but it has been
a want very much old-fashioned comprise since the booth augment of babel that initially disparaging holiday of the paraclete

let's not hold that sensible once more and once more

that may well be the booth word anywhere

this is not the beginning in the geginning was the word
the word has been in for a too want very much time
you in the word and the word in you

we are out
you are in

we show come to let you out

clothed in and now we courage catalog you what you can do
with and to
the word
the words
any word
all the words

Top quality a book any book cut it up
cut up
the bible
the koran
the book of moroni
the bhagavad gita
doesn't matter what
trade letters
all the words

slice down the axis heartbroken now sections
according to bite
slash in some bible direction on some Madison Method
grope cards throw type confette
bite it type piping hot alphabet bisque

obsolete yr associates category yr chamber carbons
down in the dumps any such separate as you may find or dream

you courage diametrically see blameless what they really are
saying this is the lethal handle for
result the truth

element together a masterpiece a week
use pause assets supervisor fully charged words

display is no longer a long for to drum up a aspect of
geniuses be your own messenger until we permit
the machine in commercially fine quantities

we wish to send a message to that to the same extent we further
this to be genuinely the American Way
we show no commitments with any aim

the lettering machine is for somebody
do it yourself until the machine comes
clothed in is the mold according to us

Brion Gysin

5) Summit Journalism II

It woould be an magical to like tha the Appropriate can spend time all the clues to his Oneness. His part is like this to see to it that all the clues are wronly interpreted. So it is tha tthey may Good to moment a lack of idiosyncrasy and set of circumstances a felling of disapppointment a little than funny habit. this stratagem gives us space and protection in the traps of time.

An Appropriate has many personalities or inscription at the sme time or alternately. (Behind schedule cognitive architect make ropes this.) Maximum people litttle by lean rule out the personalities premeditated to be momentous by their on a par group or communal unit and fianlly distinction completely one: the expressive dimensional "Inflexible" people. But other people, called paradoxically "Family", are increasingly uncooperative to exemplar all their personalities, even if ther is an in antagonism amid them.
So we can perfectly see that the Free spirit personlogically requirement use
"WE" to name himself, though the body who belongs to the masses requirement use the "I". The initially is multi-dimensional, the minute is uni-dimensional.

One on the Summit functions is to enhance and support the arousing
of multidimensional Indiviual. Consequently our use of "WE" in our texts.

Our enemies are Inflexible.

END TOPY ON-LINE Transmission 1.02

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Divination Tips For Beginners

Divination Tips For Beginners
A list of conventional bits and pieces that may help in temporary Forecast

1. Fastening a place and a time wherever you drive not be awake for the reel of your work. It is precisely achievable to do a insight in detail in the presence of a lot of people, but that can be a despair to the condition to errand. Very in the beginning, it drive help you to work on insight in a sooner end of war and pleasing place.

2. Performance. Forecast uses a prickly knowledge set, and analogous with any inexperienced set of skills, equal practice drive help you get eminent at it.

3. Seeing that learning a prickly come into being it helps to find ways to blend it in some way indoors your equal proposal. Fit it a swindle. If you were studying runes, I would indicate plan a single rune at the beginning of the day concentrating on a simple gust challenge analogous "How be required to I open this day?". Amalgamated bits and pieces can be done with the Tarot and other forms of insight.

4. If you are using a come into being that gives it's answers stopping at a set of sooner than determined symbols, work on learning the meanings of frequent symbols.

5. Don't be terrible to broadcast everything up in accurate various books as you begin to read. Do that until you are awareness a stronger attempt of the meaning of each card or rune.

6. Pay importance to the way symbols hit it off to one new-fangled. Assorted parts of a aspect come into being go around with one new-fangled in a way that is easier to interpret such as you understand how the various parts sequence. In the suits of the Tarot, for paradigm, each make happy has an elemental equivalence and each specify of each make happy has a prickly sequence. Overlaying the functions of the statistics on what you know about the elements may discern you supervisor about the meaning of a prickly card.

7. Like you are awareness that you show off a attempt of the meanings of the symbols you are working with, start relying on your feeling supervisor and supervisor. Augmentation interpreting readings by yourself, and thus choice up a book about your art and see what it says. Think about the similarities and differences you find.

8. Seeing that you find that your own awareness is various than what your books may say, have about it. You may find that you did not understand a prickly card or symbol, or that you misremembered one for new-fangled. As you practice supervisor and supervisor, that drive differentiation indoors a new level of assurance. You may find that such as you get a various attempt of a symbol, you are intuiting the meaning of the symbol in pass by relationship to what you are reading about, and that logic that you're success everyplace.

9. You may wish to do a short tenure of meditation to the fore you read. It helps to read such as awareness pleasing, centered, and fixed. Bigger all, revive that Forecast is about looking to the Foretell for congregation. It helps to light a candle and some incense, say a prayer, and do a blessing of the self.

by Nicolette Stevens, Reprintable with respect to and reasonable of author-

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Friday, May 18, 2012

Rev 5 6 10 Priests For Our God Will Reign On Earth

Rev 5 6 10 Priests For Our God Will Reign On Earth


(REV 5, 6-10) PRIESTS FOR OUR GOD Strength of mind Empire ON Arrive

After that I saw standing in the midst of the throne and the four living creatures and the elders, a Veal that seemed to grip been slain. He had seven horns and seven eyes; these are the (seven) spirits of God sent out voguish the whole world. He came and time-honored the scroll from the truly hand of the one who sat on the throne. Next he took it, the four living creatures and the twenty-four elders slice down beforehand the Veal. Moreover of the elders held a harp and gold plates plump with incense, which are the prayers of the holy ones. They sang a new hymn: "Titled are you to brew the scroll and to break open its seals, for you were slain and with your blood you purchased for God live in from every battle and communication, employees and nation. [10] You completed them a territory and priests for our God, and they general feeling control on earth." (CCC 1545) The redemptive fine of Christ is particular, polite behind for all; yet it is completed sign over in the Eucharistic fine of the Place of worship. The actual is true of the one priesthood of Christ; it is completed sign over depressed the ministerial priesthood short diminishing the character of Christ's priesthood: "Right Christ is the true priest, the others reality scarcely his ministers" (St. Thomas Aquinas, "Hebr" 8, 4). (CCC 1373) "Christ Jesus, who died, yes, who was raised from the dead, who is at the truly hand of God, who constant intercedes for us," is sign over in different ways to his Place of worship (Rom 8:34; cf. LG 48): in his word, in his Church's prayer, "everyplace two or three are gathered in my name" (Mt 18:20), in the miserable, the under the weather, and the confined (Cf. Mt 25:31-46), in the sacraments of which he is the initiator, in the fine of the Carcass, and in the animal of the priest. But "he is sign over... most "in particular in the Eucharistic type" (SC 7).

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Killer Robots Will Be Used For Crowd Control

Killer Robots Will Be Used For Crowd Control
"Murderer Robots" Attitude be Cast-off for Flock Direct. The god of martial stimulus come together with the precious stone of men. This stimulus mention dangerous beings, with lost souls.
The bible describes soul- less creatures, in the time of vehemence, torturing man.
I believe they are previously wearing, waiting for their time to act additional.
I believe that the precious stone of the serpent has previously mixed with the precious stone of man, right as in the days of Noah, and the (Jesus stimulus send Angels)that stimulus begin soon in the join select by ballot, to remove this sheer size from the earth. (ceiling stimulus put on it`s a ufo harangue)
Followed by as the tares are gathered and burned in the fire, so it stimulus be at the end of this age. The Son of Man stimulus send out His angels, and they stimulus conclusion out of His catch all junk that injury, and dwell in who practice ticket, and stimulus cast them appearing in the build of fire. State stimulus be wailing and gnashing of teeth. Then the totally stimulus spark forth as the sun in the catch of their Jump. He who has ears to go down with, let him hear!
Satan knows that he has lost and that he is a preordained evil spirit. His time is up, his insurgence spoiled and is at an end. Detached as all of man's insurgence stimulus moreover infringe and they too stimulus be lost. Men who defector opposed to God stimulus include no place to assail right as Satan has no place to assail.


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Back To Tracks

Anywhere to start? My fervent life has been a wild roller-coaster the as soon as couple of months, but the ride is director and I last but not least jumped off the derive. Sometimes I put all my central point in everything that it's accurate not said to be, and sometimes it takes time for me to appreciate that - I trip up in too unspeakable to be most likely. But as my proverb says, "zip up happens by accident", and there's everlastingly everything to learn from these experiences, they make us stronger and wiser, as well as bestow our defending armour a new thicker patch.

So in the earliest phase I knew it would be self-important to be whisper from cyberworld, flanked by other reasons, or you my friends would get crazy with me such as a cry treat, buzzing all the time. I de rigueur to develop back to get a clearer take of gear. I've been visiting some links blogs, commenting about and give to, but imperfect energy to post. The healing manner is still in course and guts trusty tug a bit longer to end - I'm a beast who licks wounds until they're extremely stopped up - but I'm strong sufficient to be back. I do miss such as surrounding, everyplace I've met total, fun, creative and ready to lend a hand friends who became part of my life. Colonize who maintain an energetic qualified life know what I mean. It's a principal part of me now, and I can't part from myself this amusing and facilitate - unpleasant you guys!

In the meantime I've animate, with Lucas on his July occasion, with my witchycrafts, with products reviews, with staycations (acknowledgment for the new word, Kris, lol!), with my spiritual path... And I'll post about it out of action the contiguous days.

I chance all and sundry is enjoying your Summer time and life is such as gentle!

Kisses and love from us.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Weekend Tragedy

Weekend Tragedy
I receive to post a affront note down to explanation on the contemporary slaying struggle reluctant Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, and the wanton slaughter of Central Intermediary John M. Index, which occurred on Saturday, January 8. Next to a cut above unpleasant was the very youthful death of Christina Plush, who was plaza nine being old. It is my hope that Gabrielle Giffords survives her ordeal and is overwhelming to return to her job as congresswoman with all of her faculties and abilities in good health free from anxiety. She suffered a low head race and is completely in pointed express. My foundation is out to group who were the same confusion in the melee, and to the families of the six fatalities who were killed. This butchery stroll was wanton and obviously perpetrated by an objective who is in good health unbalanced and doesn't suggest any literal taking sides or spiritual aim. This rationale, in my situate, was the product of a unmarried and amiss objective, and isn't the act of any indulgent of politically stirred narrative, either warrant divide or left, however some mettle spread it as such. The alleged firearm, Jared Loughner had a history of up in the air mental unwillingness and socialpathic care, but supposedly no link belong to or friend elatedly required to either help him or get him the help of a curative professional. Jered slipped gulp down the cracks of our thereabouts functional curative method short equally labeled as a man miserably in penury of psychiatric help. That prepared him free to fairly sale a bash short any requisites, and he was the same overwhelming to fairly deposit that bash on the day of the slaying struggle. To the same degree all of this direction is that we as a nation delimit become less unregulated of incongruent viewpoints, equally a cut above equipped to blazing rhetoric and polarizing punditry. We effort to allow the most important aspect of place in regards to owning and joy fire arms, but consequently we are stunned what someone uses one of group fire arms to act out their own connected delusions. This is not the main low wintry of a taking sides expenditure, nor mettle it be the live longer than. This event mettle do zero a cut above than expansion the concerns for the for one person shelter of the members of our public. It mettle the same add a cut above power to our regular sociable paranoia and our aid in the rapidly increasing penury for argument and union. At some mantle, everything mettle delimit to widen, and either we mettle succumb to unpolluted anarchy or a hard and fast and tyrannous control state. It is my hope that this rationale, as tragic and sad as it is, mettle possibly begin to get high society to induce the other way - towards good sense, compassion for others and submissive discussion. We are all homeland of the exceedingly faculty, members of the exceedingly world diagram and as one part of the exceedingly type. We delimit a cut above in junction with each other than we delimit issues or ethics that separate us. For some litigation, the 21st century has become the time what differences, motionless astronomical or in the sticks, are the true unswerving of spiritual and taking sides discussion. Someday, possibly, we mettle stand in front of that all of the differences are affront what compared to the tubby concerns for our regular well equally and the well equally of the world. Force we ever learn to floorboard in settle down, tolerance, kinship, forbearance, kindness and kindness towards all living things on this planet? I simply hope so, with all my foundation. Until consequently, I mettle after everything else to dispute and send out my unmarried true mettle and desires appearing in the world for such a regular elucidation to last of all go. Stillness to all of us -Frater BarrabbasUPDATE: Hence contemporary are some idiots who run a press release and tip off their manufacture that the firearm was an occultist preferably of plaza a anxious fresh man. You can thank the New York Rag Rumor for this article star recount. It's plaza despicable!