Saturday, June 23, 2007

Closing Ritual For Rune Magick

Closing Ritual For Rune Magick Cover The Closing Ritual For Rune Magic

When a rite has been begun with an opening formula, a closing rite
is in order.

1. Face north or east in the elhaz STADHA and intone:

Now is done the holy work
of word and deed
Helpful to godly children
Hurtful to etin-churls
Hail to (him/her/them) who speak(s) them
Hail to (him/her/them) who grasp(s) them
Needful to (him/her/them) who know(s) them
Hail to (him/her/them) who heed(s) them.

2. At this point the hammer rite (without the rune ring) may be performed,
although this would be optional.

3. If it is not TOTALLY SAFE to allow the brazier to burn itself out,
extinguish it by placing a cover over it with the words:

Fire that glows without
forever be kindled within
by the might of Odhinn-Vili-Ve.

4. If the energy built up by the entire Operation is to be internalized, then
draw the collected energies into your personal center by standing in the cross
position, and while deeply inhaling, draw your arms in so that Your Fingertips
touch your solar plexus. Turn in all four Directions and repeat this action,
each time visualizing the sphere being drawn into your center. If the energy of
the rite has been sent abroad, then you may simply split the sphere with your
hand or knife and step out of the circle.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Tarot Tips

Tarot Tips Cover

Book: Tarot Tips by Ruth Ann Amberstone

With this book you won't get just another Tarot book with pages and pages of card Interpretations and just a few inadequate pages of instructions on how to conduct a reading. This book is basically concerned with the how, whys, and wherefores of conducting readings. It was created from real questions from real people looking for practical advice on dealing with the cards. These questions, with the very practical advice given in answer, are then arranged according to topics laid out in the table of contents.

Adult/High School-The cofounders of the Tarot School in New York offer a "simple, direct, practical" approach to what is usually presented as an esoteric topic. Drawn from the school's e-mail newsletter, the content here reflects questions asked by students. Tips are grouped into six chapters dealing with types of decks and their care and handling; Interpretation and meaning of cards; reading techniques; types of spreads and layout design; other uses of Tarot (for example, in meditation); and ethical concerns that a practitioner might encounter. The writing is clear, light, and literate. Whatever their level of knowledge and expertise, students will feel that they are in the company of friendly, down-to-earth mentors and colleagues. Those who are simply curious about the subject will find an accessible view of today's eclectic Tarot as it is experienced by real people. This engaging and useful book provides a unique and valuable contribution to the subject.

This is one of the best references that any person interested in Tarot, from the seasoned reader to the neophyte, could invest their money in. The work not only stands alone as a great reference, but would work Together With many works on Tarot that have great card interpretations but little practical information on how to conduct a reading.

I've read this book several times and have incorporated in my own readings much of its advice. I've been privileged to be able to attend Wald and Ruth Ann's Monday evening classes in their NYC Tarot School and have obtained a degree from them. I now count them among my close friends and am working toward a second degree. For me this book was a great adjunct to these classes and a great reminder of much of what I had learned from them. However, as with any class, you can only cover just so much and this book is packed with more information than any class on Tarot could fit in.

Tarot Tips is a compendium of sage advice and practical Tarot wisdom from two respected teachers with decades of Tarot experience. Divided into six sections, the seventy-eight “tips” cover common questions of interest to beginning and advanced students alike, including choosing and cleansing a new deck, different interpretation systems and card combinations, clarifying the question, Tarot reading ethics, and designing your own custom Tarot spreads.

Tarot Tips also provides intriguing methods for Tarot contemplation and meditation, determining birth cards, coping with the Tarot, and creating a Tarot Prayer Mandala. The practical aspects of ethical reading, creating spreads, choosing and cleansing a deck, reading "pop-outs", and much more are also covered. In addition to the wealth of personal insights shared by the Amberstones, they also offer resources such as books, websites, and deck publishers.

This book is a wonderful resource that belongs on the shelf of both beginners and experts. The Amberstones deliver divinatory depth in a deceptively simple, practical, and non-threatening manner making the Tarot a user-friendly tool for all.

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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Palmistry Faq

Palmistry Faq Cover Heart Line: deals with the emotions, a person's loving nature, insecurities,
marriages, dependence and independence.

Head Line: indicative of career, intellect, reasoning power, career, potentials
for success.

Life Line: is not the indictor of length of life- rather it relates to the
pattern and quality of life, to physical vitality, to stability or imbalance,
will power and logic.

Mercury Line: relates to matters of health and to business, adventure and the
spirit of discovery.

Apollo Line: tells about utilization of creative energies and potentials for
success through development of talents.

Saturn Line: the important psychological revealer of strengths of character,
career, friendships, life's daily problems, and general ability to succeed.

Look at your hand. Which lines are strong, deep or prominent? Which lines are
weaker? Congratulations, you're palm reading!

What is palmistry?
Palmistry is a method of counseling that originated in India over 3,000 years
ago. It is a part of a vast field of study, referred to as Samudrik Shastra,
which literally means the ocean of knowledge. Palmistry is a sub-section of
Samudrik Shastra and deals specifically with the study of the hand.

Is palmistry fortune-telling?
In a word: no. The original intent of palmistry was for personality assessment
and counseling. One's emotional tendencies, social attitudes, conscious
awareness and subconscious fears, blockages and strengths can be understood in
great detail through this in-depth system.

Can you make predictions through palmistry?
You cannot make predictions with palmistry. However, since there is a definite
mind-body connection, we know that negative or positive thinking affects our
well-being. As well, due to our habitual way of thinking, we often repeat the
same behavior in the future as we exhibit in the present. If we can understand
the pattern of our habits and thinking, then we can begin to isolate the
negative cycles of behaviour and can replace them with positive new ones.
Palmistry can help you see these patterns. With this information, you can shape
own destiny.

How does palmistry work?
Palmistry is best seen as a dynamic process. The lines of the hand are not
carved in stone. Since the lines of the hand reflect our thinking, as our
attitudes and behavior patterns change, the lines reflect these changes.
The lines physically change as our thinking changes. In fact, you can see
distinct changes in as little as three months.

Which hand do you read?
It is important to look at both hands during a reading. Depending on which hand
is active (usually seen as the hand you write with), in combination with the
inactive hand, shows where you have been (passive), and where you are likely
headed (active) in this life.


Palmistry, also chiromancy (Greek cheir, "hand"; manteia, "divination"), art of
characterization and foretelling the future through the study of the palm. It
was known among the Chaldeans, Assyrians, Egyptians, and Hebrews and was
recognized by such philosophers as Plato and Aristotle. Widely accepted
during the Middle Ages, it was revived during the 19th century, especially in
France. Since the turn of the century it has been regarded as a branch of

Palmistry is chiefly concerned with the mounts of the palm, the lines on the
mounts, and the lines interlacing the palm. The left hand supposedly reflects
inbred and the right hand acquired characteristics. Each mount signifies a
certain personality trait. The mount of Jupiter denotes honor and a happy
disposition; of Saturn, prudence and therefore success; of Apollo, appreciation
of beauty; of Mercury, scientific, industrial, and commercial interests; of
Mars, courage; of the Moon, a dreamy disposition; and of Venus, an amorous
nature. The four most important lines represent life, intelligence, the heart or
sensation, and personal fortune. Other markings of the palm corroborate or
modify by their positions the deductions made from the mounts and lines.

Psychic Palmistry Interpretation

What do palmistry reveal to you?
Palm readings can reveal amazing insights into your character, love life,
health, talents, career abilities, fate plus other important issues. Things like
who you are, romance, adventure, old forgotten memories, healing your spirit,
personal growth, renewal, self-understanding from within, overcome unproductive
thinking, allow innovative thinking, lose old habits, recognize mind traps,
avoid those traps, overcome fears about change, discover opportunities you never
knew existed, be free of depression, anxiety, stress, are some concerns to solve
with those palm reading revelations. Palm reading lectures show evidence that
allow evaluating consequences about taking various actions, thus revealing
someone own best way to succeed. By example, with palmistry revelations you can
help yourself making career and Relationship choices because an Understanding of
personal career opportunities and for happiness concerning Relationships comes

How can Palmistry make its revelations?
First, consider that Hand Analysis and Palmistry are different but closely
related in their use. The first exist as scientific study dealing with shape,
size, finger lengths, fingernails, skin patterns which make anyone hand
different from any other. Its study is based upon what is recorded in them,
measured, compared towards facts given in studies done by psychologists, medical
doctors, educationalists, universities, character researches done in
institutions world wide. Thus hands analysis allows evaluation of the
personality, character structure, health, talents, career abilities, hobbies
best suited for certain individual. Many people want it done for precise
relationship choices. Palmistry is done when reading hands with a scientific eye
using intuition as a form of prediction that is absolutely unique. When
analyzing manual lines, fortune tellers can use both Palmistry, Hand Analysis,
getting a complete picture story of persons, who they are, their talents, their
potential future, applying intuition to predict from those potentials. Fortune
tellers diagnose, divine by manual lines, marks, shapes, pointing out logical
results that involve your destiny. Your heart line reveals emotions, sensitivity
degree, capacity for giving, receiving love, affection. It also shows you the
heart physical condition as well. Your head line reveals your mental capacity,
also how you handle those emotional and mental stresses of life.

What concerns about life can palmistry reveal that most interest people?
What does the future have for me? What could in my case be expected in love,
relationships, sex, marriage? Will I find happiness, be content and achieve my
full potential? Will money come easy to me? Will my job stay secure? Would I get
a promotion or be overlooked? How should I invest? Should I start looking for
another job? Would I live a healthy and long life? What if some hidden problem
takes something out of my success? ? Can I have children? If yes, which sex are
they likely to be? Will my children births be uneventful? Will my children be
born perfectly normal? What about affording my new car, home, or vacation this

Author unknown

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