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3 Tips Before Making Your First Psychic Reading Call

3 Tips Before Making Your First Psychic Reading Call

By Olivia Rostigus

Choosing an advisor for your inventive psychic readings can firm upsetting. Which one to choose? Eminent you pocket to pick out a conventional online psychic reading site. Fastening out if they top that they test and overseer their children to make inevitable they cleave to the central skills and discrimination to perform their duties.

A good psychic who uses the Tarot, may not be a medium. A psychic medium necessitate be able to help you phone call obsolete family and produce you articulate information about them. A Tarot reader necessitate not be asked to phone call your friends and family on the other site so that is not what they do. It is sizeable to know the level gifts that advisors hold close so that you get what you pocket out of the reading.

Not all psychics or tarot readers cleave to the extremely competency. All psychics necessitate cleave to one or additional gifts such as clairvoyant, clairsentient or clairaudient. One of these abilities will be notorious and that is the one they will use the greatest extent. Tarot readers may not cleave to any of these abilities, silent, if they are good, they will cleave to awkward the Tarot and necessitate be able to produce you an delightful reading. A medium will cleave to greatest extent of the abilities pro they can phone call the other heap. Most of the time they do not pocket tools, such as Tarot cards.

Tarot readings - A number of children cleave to sagacious the Tarot but are not psychic, still some say they are. However, some good psychics and mediums will use the Tarot as a spring-board to border start a reading and will use their psychic abilities to procure greatest extent of the information. Tarot readings are doomed to produce guidelines for everywhere you are in a particular (or extensive) stance and if you record to the path you are on, everywhere you are greatest extent capability to manage in the fortune.

Augur information is normal by clairvoyance (pictures), clairsentience (point of view of brain and emotions of others) and clairaudience (audible range words). Not always to the pictures, brain or words come in considered highest. The type of information that a psychic reader gets must be interpreted which is sympathy that is manufacturing departed time by real professionals.

Towering instructions to gaze early your call:

1. Make itself felt what it is you are natural ability about

2. Addendum your questions down

3. Spin your advisor why you are natural ability

The greatest extent sizeable thing in order to get the greatest extent from your psychic readings is to cleave to an open keep an eye on. Addendum down the information you procure, let it plummet in as soon as your reading and you'll be bewildered that some of the information you normal and didn't make peninsula at the time, will make peninsula to you within a few days. Stay on the line mercy and greatest extent of all be ready to tittle-tattle with your advisor.

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Experienced clairvoyants and perceptive readers can weekend away your love questions. Your free account with has a thoughtless inventive time customer special.

Tarot Card Games

Tarot Card Games Image
Art by - Michele-lee Phelan -

Booklet by - Carisa Mellado

Published - Blue Angel Publishing -

This deck comprises of 45 cards and a guidebook. The booklet is 113pages. The cards have a laminated finish and are oversized. (Compared to playing cards they are twice the size)

The way that the deck and the booklet are ordered is by groups of mythologies. They are the Titans, Olympians, Magical Beings and Heroes. Some of the Olympian Gods have more than one card, but the meaning and the art work is different, this does show some depth to the myths surrounding those Gods and that they were multi faceted. For example Demeter has one card for the Harvest and another card for the Mother two of her major aspects.

You do not need to know anything prior about the Greek Pantheon to work and appreciate this deck at all, if you do know and love your mythology remember that this is an oracle and the information given in the book is referenced for that purpose only.

The explanations of the cards are broken up into the Myth about the God or being and then the message or the divination meaning behind it.

The artwork, like all of Michele-lee Phelan's work is vivid, bright and beautiful. She captures the feel of the myth or the God or Goddess beautifully. Her work draws your eyes in with the bold outlining and deep but bright colours, which allow her to keep some darkness and mystery in her work.

I have been drawing a card each night since I got this deck to work with it a little. I did find the information about the myth a little limiting as I mentioned above, but for its purpose it is just enough and the messages can come across as a little fluffy but they have been good little reminders and I have been drawing from my knowledge of the mythology of the Greek Pantheon to enrich my working with the deck.

I would have liked to see some of the less than perfect personality traits known in the deck and the lessons behind those, as this is what Mythology is all about.

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Hope In A Perfect Future World

Hope In A Perfect Future World

"by Teresa Carr"

The SciFi Harmonize in December 2006 aired a special, "Countdown to Doomsday".

The prove dealt with natural disasters, extraordinary attacks, colliding

asteroids, robots, location and everyday annihilation, global warming and

global terrorism. In the end of all substance, Tom Clancy sums it up in the

dream of, "The Sum of All Worries" in Al Gore's documentary; "An Unfavorable Directness"

and the catastrophe dream of, Unutterable Consequence these are merely signs of substance that may

perhaps expound. Close such real catastrophes, Pompeii of 76 B.C. and

modern day tsunami in Southeast Asia and Whirlwind Katrina that has killed


Wouldn't life be a whole lot simpler and less traumatic if you go to the

Bible and know of God's place of salvation and eternal life? What's so far

fetched tackling a disturb so huge it would wear generations to try and

come undone it or anticipate in a powerful God to come undone our complexity. Together with the

invulnerability of extraordinary attacks and a engine sedition ever featuring in, Jesus

believed departed 2000 years ago that these substance shall come to ferryboat prior His

luxury coming. As Christians we can put up with assume that the earth fortitude not be

destroyed even by nuclear holocaust. Yes, the earth fortitude be saved. All the

chaos and hitch that is coming upon the Land-dwelling fortitude one day pause.

Whatever thing that subsequent to was fortitude be no better. All substance fortitude be smoldering in

its tracks. The end of this age and the end of all evil fortitude edit. At hand

fortitude be a new world called infinity. Cosmos fortitude go on. Jesus Christ's

return to Land-dwelling is evident. He fortitude return to principle on the Land-dwelling as Sovereign of

Kings. The rascally fortitude pause to come into sight, but the submissive shall enter upon the

earth (Psalm 37:10-13). You can be there in a chief world, all you put up with to do

is select on the Noble Jesus Christ and be saved. He is the unmarried way to

the Outset. Undiluted in the mysterious droughts He calls out to the lost (Isaiah

). Wherefore, in the same way as I came, was state no man? In the role of I called, was state

none to answer? Is my hand abridged at all, that it cannot redeem? Or

put up with I no power to deliver? Scrutinize, at my scolding I dry up the sea I make

the rivers a wilderness; Their fish bait stinketh, in the same way as state is no water,

and dieth for sunstroke. Folks speed who are phobia in imposter religions are

living in cloudiness. These are followers of Islam, Jehovah's Viewer,

Christian Scientists, Mormons, Scientology, Buddhism, Hinduism, Shintoism,

Taoism, Transcendental Meditation, Satanism and any other religion that

doesn't direct or drive away Christ as redeemer of one's nature. He calls all

to be remorseful (Isaiah 55:7). Let the rascally leave his way, and the

unrighteous man his thoughts: and let him return unto the Noble, and he

fortitude put up with gentleness upon him; and to our God, for he fortitude a lot support.

Following the hitch fortitude come a time of do for all firstly substance

fortitude put up with conceded ready and a new Illusion and a new Land-dwelling fortitude begin. The

Noble says, my decency is near; my salvation is gone forth, and vision

arms shall tell on the people; the isles shall support upon me, and on vision arm

shall they anticipate. Pull up your eyes to the heavens, and representation upon the

earth beneath: for the heavens shall disappear ready poverty smoke, and the earth

shall wax old poverty a garment, and they that hiatus therein shall die in

poverty manner: but my salvation shall be for ever, and my decency

shall not be abolished (Isaiah 51:5-6). At this time all the rascally put up with

been destroyed. The antichrist and the imposter inventive are cast clothed in the

lake of fire. Satan is ambush in the ad lib pit for 1,000 years. The

rascally dead no longer come into sight and self-conscious for the Great Pasty Throne

shrewdness while the 1,000 years. Trendy the time of revolution of the old

earth it would anticipate wear months for everything to be transformed.

You're believably continue God can make additional one in six days right. Sympathetically we

got clothed in messing the earth up so God fortitude allow us to make good it, in other

words clean it up. In Ezekiel 38-39, state is the war of Gog and Magog

in which God intervenes and destroys the enemies of Israel. This fortitude wear

seven years to promote to the blistering of all the armaments, and it fortitude wear

seven months to heavy rain the dead (Ezekiel 39:11-16). This is believably the war

prior the war of Armageddon at the end of the age. This war involves

Russia (Gog) their Islamic alliances (Ezekiel 39:1), the cover prince

(Rosh) of Meshech and Tubal. The vital war, Armageddon on the fields of

Megiddo fortitude be cut squat by God himself in the same way as no flesh would be moved out

moving. Jesus fortitude slip upon the Growth of Olives and split it in two

from the east to the west creating a mysterious degrade, imperfect the tip

cloistered to the north, and the imperfect to the south (Zechariah 14:4-9). From

that day permit state fortitude be no better cloudiness. The day and night fortitude be

light, which shall be one day. The Noble shall be king departed all the earth.

At hand fortitude be one Noble, and his name one. At hand is no other. Folks

hitch saints moved out moving fortitude see the return of Christ and His saints

from Illusion. Folks saints that died in the hitch fortitude be resurrected

to be there and administration with Christ for the thousand years.

This is the mysterious assume to all colonize who select. Are you on tenterhooks for a

mysterious arrival in a chief world to be there in method and excitement for the rest

of your life? It's simple. Appropriately select on the Noble Jesus Christ and be

saved. Also you fortitude gain the eternal utility that no life reimbursement

border can guarantee. God ended us heirs to his Put down and it's almost

to us if we unmarried select and anticipate in Jesus Christ.

Faithful God,

Thank you for rescue your son Jesus Christ to die for my sins. According

to your Belief in yourself, I select on the Noble Jesus Christ and that you raised him

from the dead that I am saved by the blood he skin on the complaining at

Calvary. I turn from my sins and I fortitude be there for you and think a lot of you all

the days of my life and for all time. Thank you for thrift me and making me

your child. Hit the roof me with your Sanctified Vigor and guide me each day in your

gentleness and refine. In Christ Jesus I pray. AMEN.

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Autumn Equinox Pagan Events In London And Nearby

Autumn Equinox Pagan Events In London And Nearby
Now to 2 October; Tales from the Autumn Family art average. Venue: The Belfry, St John on Bethnal Undeveloped, 200 Cambridge Heath Rd, London E2 9PA. Emotional Thursdays and Fridays from 6pm to 9pm and Saturdays and Sundays from 12pm to 5pm. You can find out on here: Twitter: @theautumnhouse. Player website:

Thursday 18 September; Pious Walks and The Kingston ZodiacAdventure - walking the Virgo sign in Beddington. Cause at St Marys Religious Beddington Religious Focus, Beddington SM6 7NJ at noon. Slog takes about 2 hours. Tempo lb10, advance booking required:

Thursday 18 September; The Key Choice to Nonsexual Adeptness in Direct. Persuade and book signing by Sarah Alexander at Watkins Books, 19-21 Cecil Smart, London WC2N 4EZ. Time: 6.30pm. Free gathering. For on tired Tel 020 7836 2182 or stomping ground the website

Thursday 18 September; Book start gathering for The Monster's Partner by Kate Horsley. Set The Atlantis Bookshop, Museum Street WC1. Time: 7.30pm. To carry out this gathering you prerequisite cache a place in advance. Log on the Atlantis Bookshop on 020 7405 2120.

Thursday 18 September; Seidr and Pious Sites In Sweden. A display by Imelda Almqvist. Venue: Rudolf Steiner Family, 35 Tolerate Focus, London NW1 6XT, Entrance is lb10 Concessions and donations optional, pay at the door. Doors open at 7pm - all welcome.

Thursday 18 September; PFL Autumn Equinox Emotional Ritual facilitated by Hendon Heathens. Venue: Conway Hallway, Red Lion Insignia, Holborn London. Time: 7.30pm for 8pm start. Ritual ends participation 9pm followed by feasting until 10pm. Entrance: lb6/lb5 PF members. Please bring vagrant nourishment and food and drink to share at spread what time ritual. For on tired, stomping ground

Thursday 18 September; Croydon CoA Witches Discussion with congress and social accomplishments at 1 Matthews Workshop, off Surrey Street, Croydon. 8pm start. Entry: lb1/lb2. Occurrence thought on the third Thursday each month. For on tired visit:

Friday 19 September; The Path: Contract, Fake and As soon as your Profession. Persuade by Kathleen O'Hara and Rasheed Ogunlaru, organised by the London College of Religious fervor. Venue: Westminster Quakers Meeting Family, 8 Hop Zone, off St Martins Path, London WC2N 4EA, London. Time: 7pm. Cost: lb10, booking essential. Details:

Friday 19 September; Orthodox Tibetan Management. Persuade by Dr Nida Chenagtsang. Venue: The College of Seer Studies, 16 Queensberry Scenery, London SW7 2EB. Time: 7pm-9pm. Cost: lb14/lb16 Egg on booking advised. For tired call: 020 7589 3292 or stomping ground

Saturday, 20 September - 21 September; Intercontinental Convention On Theosophical Older. Venue: 50 Gloucester Scenery, London W1U 8EA. Tickets: lb30 per day (lb25 concessions, lb20 TS members) or lb50 for both days (lb40 concessions, lb30 TS members). For full details:

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Russia Marches To Holy War

Russia Marches To Holy War
Everything very uncharacteristic is concerning in Russia - unknown than Putin's toadying female devotees or not whole bare, Siberian hunting excursions.Byzantium II is resurrecting - or attempting to - profound in historic Rus.Free ever ahead wearing secularism, the West is too busy nailing the doors of the church compact with nonstop lawsuits and harassments to even put your signature on. Meanwhile back at the Kremlin, Russia looks back pensively to a pre-revolutionary shape of glory... and church.Mirror image abounds in weird method military expansionism, Russian media, church announcements and even the arts. Not new art, which is still co-conspirator anxiously with European tolerance, but church art, individually icons, which are becoming unequivocally martial. When are we to make of it?Flocks of the close up tribute even copies of a "breathtaking" icon of Tsar Nicholas II. The personality in the U.S. is recognized to exude the perfume of myrrh. In 1998 the icon was sent by air to circle Russia to stop with back "the recovery of Russia" to confide in.Nicholas II and his family are now all deliberate religious martyrs, murdered lately for their confide in. This has been a immobile belief ever having the status of their deaths in 1918. Historically introduce is on the dot abundance truth in this to make it sensible. The reds who murdered them were devoutly, God-hating atheists, the same as the Tsar was proper devout and partisan. Also the Russian Best Patio justly exonerated the Romanovs in 2008.In particular and lovingly Russian Regular, the tsar wasn't completely lenient with Protestants, Roman Catholics or others. Perpetuation up tradition, he further continued the anti-Semitism of his fathers, pushing a unplumbed detail of Jews from Russia.In bad feeling of Nicholas' failures, his mythology and federation carry on to intensify ache once death. Roundabout in conspiracy, the idolization of the tsars never austere died - even once seven decades of Collectivism - and is mushrooming in appropriateness now.Nicholas has full on a adorable brilliance of sanctity and holiness unequaled by real life, bar he wasn't completely pronounced compared to other czars. Several honorifics about him reveal Regular spiritual figure with the hindrance tsar, who is seen as a Christ-like expense for Russia.The tsar was "anointed with Holy Chrism" and "in the eyes of believers and atheists indistinguishable, improved than a man." He is "Saint Nicholas the Passion-Bearer," the Russian Regular House of worship declares.In the function of the regent's death, he and his family were canonized laterally with a heap of mixed Russian saints and defense force.By kill him the "Bolsheviks were deliberately charming at the seat of Russia or, improved truthfully, at its command," claims writers of "The Mystical Occupation of the Tsar's Martyrdom." Unique makes the allure importune, "The Tsar has full the unhappiness of the Russian empire upon himself, and the Russian empire is forgiven."Tsarist believers advance Nicholas as the "Upholder of the House of worship." His devotees further cite the curse of Soviet suppression at the feet of the bad-tempered butchery of the Romanov family abandoned. Separate peak Westerners, Regular see any attacks on the monarchy as attacks on the church.Several still cherish that Nicholas II was the hindrance ambassador of officially recognized, Christian committee in this world, that he meticulously phlegmatic "the mystery of impiety" (2 Thess. 2:27).Visions of Nicholas come such as this from a sailor (Silaev, with the dinghy "Almaz"): "The Tsar-Martyr in pomp pale purple and a crown, holding a cup complete to the highly with blood. Aligned with him on the exactly was a good-looking teen - the Tsarevich - in a dress uniform, further with a cup of blood in his hands. Afterward them, on their break on, was the whole martyred Turmoil Pedigree in white garments, and each of them open a cup of blood in their hands."Put on are certified paintings and icons with this matter.Biblical prophecies, as well as historic procedures and Bible verses, are reinterpreted in this fashion. "Connect with Not Outlook Anointed One " warns the Alaska Brotherhood with horrific metaphors of the rage to come. And it did come - too late, of course.Several icons even place Nicholas at the Verdict Sustain of God or the exactly hand of Jesus. A modern icon from the Sretensky Monastery in Moscow, "The Attempt of the Fifth Block," description Nicholas interceding for Christian martyrs in compulsive become old familiar.Steal a honor at the tsars' titles reveals the scope of Russian power or reverie, which seems to be rekindled scarcely. The full name of Nicholas II from the 1906 Shape is raging lavish and determined. Remembrance that the Russian Development was one of the major in history, surpassed lately by the British and Mongol empires. Conceivably the Finns and others essential stand video.In vogue ARE A FEW EXCERPTS FROM NICHOLAS' Illustrative NAME: * "Ruler and Bully of All the Russias'" * "Titular Emperor of Poland" * "The Deluxe Principality of Finland (as an undividable part of the Russian entry of course) * "Prince of Estonia, Livonia, Courland and Semigalia" (more to the point for Georgia self played out now) * "Child of Norway, Duke of Schleswig-Holstein" etc, etc.Big hunks o' earth were claimed restraint to Nicholas II and deliberate part of a divine plan to do up the Convoluted Development in Russia. This is unremarkably pressed over in some Russian circles, bar not source given away for unoriginal reasons.Statements carried by the wind rotund in later than usual years finalize this, such as from a website shortened by Bishop Alexander of the Russian Regular House of worship Abroad: "[Nicholas] was an chronological symbol of the Delightful Emperor, the safeguard and support of the Regular House of worship in Russia, and the progeny of Byzantium.... And, come up to his leave, he too was the command of Russia's Eastern Regular House of worship. Under Nicholas II, Moscow was still seen as the new City of Constantine, the 'Third Rome' (having the status of the 15th century)."We find out improved about the Convoluted Development, which may be ancient by the West but not the East. This is very old stuff. Catherine the Extensive groomed her grandson (Constantine - what besides would he be named?) to become the better emperor of a restored Byzantium. That didn't deactivate.Catherine was further feeling all over again the destiny of Regular Christians under Ottoman hurry, which was frequently not good. Today many of these enormously lands are in Islamic bedlam. Russians aiding Christians in Syria makes them the "good guys," and the U.S. is reflected on meanly, as we storage not helped.Western conventional Christians egg on when Putin stands up for Christian citizenship in Syria and other ex-Ottoman territories - and so do I. But if his motives are generous, we'll storage to stay on the line and see. Putin's occupation in religious citizenship is incarcerated to the Russian family and those of Regular confide in. It is not astrophysical.But this may become a resurrected war of worldviews from antiquity: Byzantium, led (so far) by Russia, vs. the Ottomans, which storage frequently fallen to terrorists. If this is our advent, it hand down be impractical to not egg on for the bear-wrestling one.Patriarch Kirill and Vladimir Putin are in close proximity to connected at the hip, espousing a very strong state/church understanding. The Theotokos (icons of "Our Member of the aristocracy of Kazan") go on before them.Russia's universally icon is making a answer in appropriateness once decades in thrashing. The Kazan Member of the aristocracy was "found in a garden" in 1597 and once many centuries embodies Russian xenophobia and militarism. This Madonna is a Russian girl to the bung. Is this a religious recovery, a new imperialist operate or both? Either way the icons storage bring to an end signification, as they did ache ago. They are not simply jewels.Christians storage forever prayed for group, protection of their nations and troops, mode priests and chaplains out for this outlet. We understand this. But Russia's icons storage further been portents of war to come as well as promises of group.Russia's palladium, the "Kazan Blood relation of God" icon, is their peak celebrated religious icon, but it has a nonessential mission: She has been borne wearing tussle for centuries by Russian generals and Emperors. The "Kazan" icon is deliberate imbued with breathtaking power to help in military matters - but lately for Russia. Her aid is endorsed to fending off (frequently gleefully) Napoleon and the Turks, Persians, Swedes, Poles and Germans.So valuable is the Blood relation of Kazan (or Black Virgin) to Russians and belief runs so profound that even Stalin appeared to storage used the icon for military purposes. Or almost certainly that was on the dot be situated - who knows? From profound transportation, Blood relation Kazan's icon was sent to Stalingrad in 1943 by Stalin for divine help vs. the Germans - apparently a true story.Russia's Member of the aristocracy of Kazan is beginning to see rates over.In February Putin unremarkably sent the Kazan icon on a trip to the Crimea. At the time it was expected it was for a blessing all over again the Chilly Olympics - but far from it. The procedures in Ukraine and seizure of Crimea completely followed. All this is according to ancient manipulate of bringing in the icons to bless a military coincidental.The stuff icon "She Who Reigns" was further sent on a source politicized control diagonally the world by the Regular House of worship and ascribed by Vladimir Putin. The 2007 coincidental was source given away as a stop with to "indicate reconciliation among Russians at home and abroad (having the status of the 1917 sedition)."Russia's joint church/state coincidental receives suddenly thrive from the Western goad, who storage no conception of the slowness of religious like of the ad of unselfishness. Still, in the U.S., the undisputable unity, in close proximity to theocracy, Putin and Kirill scene for Russia makes what's more not here and exactly draw back. It is very politically related and usefully collective of Putin. One wonders, hand down they implore a new Ruler to do this?Not all Russian Christians are dancing with joy either. As Putin declared a Day of Residence Comprehensiveness amid the Regular House of worship and the entry, many felt at odds. Complaints ranged from the Russian Categorization of Evangelical Baptists to the leaders of the Communist Reliant, who called it a "gamble" that would lately lead to part. Tatar nationalists pet hate the Kazan icon, labeling it as symbolic of "the colonial tie together."Russian Regular accept as true icons "an large world that experience our peoples... a consolidating point." Put on are not many stuff, personality icons, and they really aren't very stimulating to honor at - individually once you've seen them 1,000 become old. The art is trite and undemanding, faces unlikely or emaciated. But their antiquity, purported powers, history and repeatedly secret meaning to millions of Regular make these suddenly, gilded plaques almost certainly the peak powerful pieces of art on earth.Sources: R. Monk Zachariah (Liebmann) / The East-West House of worship ">SOURCE

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The Dark Side Of Tarot

The Dark Side Of Tarot Image
The Tarot Association of the British Isles (TABI) asked me to write an article for their member's newsletter. I took the opportunity to explore my Dark Side and thought I'd share it with you. Do check out TABI. They are a great group...and you don't have to live in the British Isles to join. Learn more about them HERE.


Recently, someone said to me, "you are entirely too cheerful. Where is your dark side?" I told her that I did indeed have one and kept in the drawer where I hid my candy.Anyone who knows me will likely think it odd that I am writing about the dark side of tarot, as people generally think of me as a "fluffy bunny" and associate me with such things as glitter and cupcakes and excellent footwear. But I think that an important aspect of being a good reader is also being a healer, which means being comfortable with my dark side.


I like what Paul Levy says about healing:"...the wounded healer refers psychologically to the capacity 'to be at home in the darkness of suffering and there to find germs of light and recovery with which, as though by enchantment, to bring forth Asclepius, the sunlike healer.' The wounded healer only becomes able to heal and help others when instead of being resentful, bitter and feeling victimized by their wound, he or she recognizes their wound as a numinous event, an archetypal moment that seeks to make them participants in a divine, eternal happening."To be at home with darkness, to see it as a numinous event and from it, accessing archetypal power. Now that's what I call hanging out on the Dark Side of Tarot. Unfortunately, most of us are not at all comfortable with the dark side. Of course we aren't. Another term we use for the dark side is our shadow, which is nothing more or less than all the things we hate about ourselves.The tarot, we know, is all about balance, and so we know and accept on an intellectual level that we should integrate our dark or shadow side with our light, or what I think of as our "daily," side. Is this not what the Strength card teaches us? Of course it is. Integration is not suppression, we see in the Strength card a lovely woman gently controlling a noble beast as if she were channeling its power.



Again, we have this idea of power within the darkside...ancient, archetypal power. Magicians and magic workers talk about raising energy before casting a spell. Where does that energy come from? It exists in the world around us, obviously. But we also have it within us. In"Tarot and Magic", Donald Michael Kraig writes:"There is another aspect of wanting to explore our own depths that is of value to a magician, and that is my belief that our strength and energy come from our darker sides. Consider, for a moment, what those darker sides might be: anger, lust, rage, etc. Note that these and other emotions/feelings/experiences are often short-lived but very intense and powerful. Now, if we can take that intensity and power and filter it through what I believe is our innate goodness and love, how powerful that could be!"This sounds very like the Strength card, doesn't it?


All individuals have their dark sides, their shadow selves. Cultures do as well. And I believe that specialized groups also have collective shadows shared to some degree by its members. What is in the shadow of tarot readers these days? What is something we all seem to dislike to some extent?I had a friend once who told me that she hated the New Age movement because it was based on the premise that there was always something wrong with you, something that needed fixing or improving. What bothered her is similar to what I see as our (by "our" I mean the "tarot community's") dark side.What is this deep, lurking monster, you ask? Simply this: the notion that we can do whatever we want and have complete control over our lives.I know. That idea is meant to be empowering. And in moderation, it is. But we do take it to extremes sometimes. We refuse to let "negative" cards be negative. We say "there are no 'bad' cards." In terms of accessing our archetypal power, this is very disempowering.The Legacy of the Divine TarotOf the 3 of Swords, we say, it only hurts because we are focusing too much on it, making it bigger than it should be.Rider Waite Smith TarotOf the Devil, we say, oh, they can easily slip away, if they want to.The Pagan Cats TarotOf the 5 of Cups, three may be spilled, but two are still upright plus he can cross the bridge, go to the castle, and all will be well!The Legacy of the Divine TarotOf the 8 of Swords, she may be surrounded by swords, bound, and blindfolded, but she can easily walk away...her feet aren't bound, after all.The Pagan Cats TarotOf the 5 of Pentacles, there is no reason for them to be sick and hungry...the church is right there!The Lo Scarabeo TarotThe is a new beginning and you didn't need all that stuff anyhow.Rider Waite Smith TarotAnd of Death and the 10 of Swords, but look! The sun is rising in the background.Now don't misunderstand. I do agree that these more positive interpretations can apply to these cards. However, I think our dark side is leaping too quickly into the light. By focusing exclusively on how lives can be "made better," we don't allow ourselves or our clients to "to be at home in the darkness of suffering and there to find germs of light and recovery with which, as though by enchantment, to bring forth Asclepius, the sunlike healer" and recognize "their wound as a numinous event, an archetypal moment that seeks to make them participants in a divine, eternal happening."Unless we dwell for a time in those dark places, for enough time to be at home and comfortable, we will not access that archetypal power. We cannot raise the energy needed for true transformation. We merely apply a bandage. That is not healing. That is first aid.

"The Dark Side of Tarot"

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... on Raised ground 5 of the Dungeon.
The game lasted 00:02:16 (846 turns).

4tharraofdagon the Skirmisher (Minotaur Parson) Turns: 846, Time: 00:02:16

HP -5/38 AC 6 Str 16 XL: 4 Next: 81%
MP 1/1 EV 8 Int 8 God:
Gold ingots 44 SH 0 Dex 12 Spells: 0 memorised, 3 levels gone

Res.Alarm :... See Invis. :. f - +1 stir (draw near to)
Res.Pitiless :... Warding :. d - +0 high-quality mail (curse)
Establishment Prot.:... Recover :. (no guard)
Res.Poison:. Res.Corr. :. (hood indigenous)
Res.Elec. :. Emptiness :. (no encase)
Sust.Abil.:.. Work.Shd :. (no fashion accessory)
Res.Mut. :. Stasis :. (no boots)
Res.Rott. :. Flee :. (no amulet)
Saprovore :... (no ring)
(no ring)

@: scarcely not to be swayed to opposite enchantments, terribly unstealthy A: disciplinary headbutt, horns 2
a: no special abilities

You were on level 5 of the Dungeon.
You were not hungry.

You visited 1 partition of the dungeon, and saw 5 of its levels.

You unruffled 44 gold pieces.


Equip arms
f - a +1,+1 stir of reaching (hit)
c - a throwing net (quivered)
a - a +0 robe
d - a cursed +0 high-quality mail (tattered)
n - a +0 title armour
Illusion strategy
g - a wand of split up (8)
b - 2 currency rations
m - a essence ration
i - a scroll of drivel
j - a potion of flexibility
l - a potion of curing

+ Raised ground 4.7 Dogfight
* Raised ground 3.1 Maces & Flails
* Raised ground 1.2 Armour
+ Raised ground 4.1 Dodging
- Raised ground 1.5 Evasiveness
- Raised ground 4.4 Frail Skirmish

You had 3 spell levels gone.
You didn't know any spells.

Dungeon Generality and Raised ground Notes

Dungeon (5/27)
Temple: D:4-7


D:5 Menkaure

Mammal Abilities, Odd behavior & Mutations

You submissively headbutt colonize who twirl you in melee.
You relay a two of a kind of horns on your be winning.

Letter Archives

You hit the orc.
You effect the orc!
Menkaure hits you!
You hit Menkaure but do no wreck. You headbutt Menkaure.
Menkaure is trivially shattered.
You hit Menkaure but do no wreck.
Menkaure is trivially shattered.
Menkaure breathes stain at you.
Menkaure calls on the powers of darkness!
Your personality is wracked with pain!
You hit Menkaure. You headbutt Menkaure!
Menkaure is slowly shattered.
You hit Menkaure.
Menkaure is unsympathetically shattered.
Menkaure hits you.
You hit Menkaure.
Menkaure is unsympathetically shattered.
Menkaure hits you!
Ouch! That really hurt!
You die...

# ###
#. #.# ##.

You may perhaps see Grinder (nomadic) and Menkaure.

Overcome Creatures
An ogre mechanism (D:4)
A slog ant mechanism (D:4)
2 adders (D:2)
A enormous louse (D:3)
An adder support (D:4)
2 enormous geckos
3 orcs
2 crowd pythons (D:2)
A bat (D:3)
2 enormous vermin
2 goblins
A gnome (D:5)
2 kobolds
A enormous newt support (D:4)
4 jackals (D:3)
A kobold support (D:4)
A rat (D:4)
A rat mechanism (D:4)
29 creatures conquered.

Twist Place Mention

0 D:1 4tharraofdagon, the Minotaur Parson, began the pursuit for the Orb.
0 D:1 Reached XP level 1. HP: 17/17 MP: 0/0
102 D:2 Reached consideration level 1 in Maces & Flails
102 D:2 Reached XP level 2. HP: 11/24 MP: 0/0
510 D:3 Reached XP level 3. HP: 26/30 MP: 1/1
573 D:4 Reached XP level 4. HP: 19/38 MP: 1/1
791 D:4 Reached consideration level 1 in Armour
834 D:5 Entered Raised ground 5 of the Dungeon
838 D:5 Noticed Menkaure
846 D:5 Slain by Menkaure

Put on an act 1- 3 4- 6 broad


Melee: Beat 57 40 97
Frail 2 2
Use: Fabrication 1 1
Scroll 6 6

Monday, February 20, 2012

A Review Of The Magical Misadventures Of Prunella Bogthistle By Deva Fagan

A Review Of The Magical Misadventures Of Prunella Bogthistle By Deva Fagan
My gofer thing about this book is that it gives us a girl who just isn't cut out to be what she is designed to be-a bog-witch. Developing readers specter laugh to read how Prunella "longs" for a wart or two, and for the aptitude to cast curses properly! More accurately she has bewildered magic and even a nourishing breeze of most un-witchlike forgiveness...

To the same degree Prunella catches a inexperienced bandit named Barnaby in her garden, her attempts to curse him set him free more readily. Whereupon Prunella's exasperated (and discriminating) witchy grandmother throws her out, so Prunella tags through with Barnaby, internal strife with a smile with the worldly boy. For some account he wishes her to get hold of the consider pork bone out of her hair. (Expansion that Prunella is dark-skinned, which is prohibited extremely in the wire art. Thank you, Henry Holt!)

Prunella and Barnaby whichever entail to find the lovely and awesome Peer of the realm Blackthorn-Prunella to save her great-great-grandmother's gone spell book and win her place with the bog-witches, Barnaby to find a magic chalice.

Fagan has a earsplitting time with her get hard, payment us gigantic alligators (pets to the bog-witches) and slithery pondswaggles, not to allusion a full-scale abuse on a clearance by difficult creatures elation toothy wights and ghastly stallions.

Bring down with the author's creativity and wit, the increasing friendship amongst Prunella and Barnaby is a shock in the book. These two libretto do the Bogart-Hepburn thing particularly well in a variety of pre-teen way.

"Prunella!" Barnaby hustled me through the trace double-time until the boy had flummoxed behind schedule the later dispose. "Possibly will you possibly try not to jeer at all and sundry we meet?"

"Me?" I tugged my arm free. "He" was the one staring at me elation I was a bubble of mudwhelp goo. And did you see that talisman? I'm no wraith!"

Barnaby let out an exasperated trace. "You're the one who wishes to tramp give away looking elation the descendant of the depths of despair. You can't confront him."

"I'm not putting on petticoats and a frilly cap just so some dim donkey boy doesn't wave around a fit."

Barnaby rolled his eyes. "Inordinate. We aren't even into the city gates and I'm regretting this...."

Of course, the Uplanders reckon the greatest of Prunella, but she manages to sourly intuition them right behindhand they verge on behead her. (The sprint wave around good account to be quick-tempered about magic, as the whole land seems to be cursed.) Meanwhile, Barnaby is instinctive chased by a thief-taker named Rencevin, and we find out that the boy influence not wave around told Prunella the truth about the Mirable Chalice. For that gadget, what's up with Queen Serafine, and who is Peer of the realm Blackthorn, really?

Daydream Fagan's gone book, "Fortune's Lack of common sense", this story gives us enough of action, fun contraption twists, and a very sympathetically central attitude. Prunella may not be inevitable to become a bog-witch, promptly, but she's noticeably designed to mix cram up in this amiable suppose. And being the notate wraps up her contraption, she does depart room for a sequel. Fans of Patricia Wrede and E.D. Baker specter be cheery to uncover this audacious heart lecture suppose.

"Here's a go in with to "a review at Charlotte's Archive". (You'll find that Charlotte and I are whichever in love with fantasy!) And appearance for an consultation with Deva Fagan at the "Captivated Inkpot" on June 23, 2010. "

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Lightworkers are introduce somebody to an area who volunteered - previous start - to help the Terra firma and its district heal from the effects of fear. Altogether lightworker is in the neighborhood for a sacred line of reasoning.

Nature on earth with its make a difference contain unremittingly creates a form of amnesia in lightworkers. They as a consequence let pass their divine and fathom identities, as well as their abilities to mind-bogglingly help the Terra firma and all living creatures. So lightworkers let pass their true district and line of reasoning, they flamboyance lost, blurred, ungrounded and terrible.

Your are a lightworker if you:

flamboyance called to heal others

privation to sort out the world's social and ecological ills

think that spiritual methods can heal any catch sight of

have had mystical experiences, such as psychic premonitions or angelic encounters

have endured domineering life experiences that potholed the knowledge of your Spiritual perfection

privation to heal your own life as a foremost action in healing the world;

flamboyance be next to to engrave, teach, or advice about your healing experiences

flamboyance a thought of urgency to comprehend your appointment - even previous you know that you are in the neighborhood for a director line of reasoning, or even if you are unresolved what it is or how to comprehend it

Many lightworkers have open locked away spiritual gifts, such as psychic communication skills and spiritual healing abilities. These are the gifts that you volunteered to use to heal the Terra firma and her district.

Persons who are lightworkers don't manifestly cart to add suchlike to yourselves to rider for your appointment. You ahead of have locked away abilities, even if they are immediately motionless. More accurately, you cart to work on releasing fears that save from harm you from feeling get hold of in your lightworker abilities.

So you give a ride to and understand that your power as a lightworker comes from your director self and the Spiritual - not from "you" - you desire flamboyance higher indeed of your abilities as a spiritual healer.

By your focused suggestion, understood and spirit, you can heal suchlike. Current are no bounds, keep introduce somebody to an area you place upon your own healing abilities.

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Gaol Naofa Relaunches And Celebrates Five Years

Gaol Naofa Relaunches And Celebrates Five Years

In the same way as it may emerge we've been muted for a since, a good deal has been advance behind the scenes as we've huge five kick as an organisation. Our parliament has been very vivacious, creating new comfortable for this site, as well as for species use by the members of Gaol Naofa. All of the site annals supply been well-run and reorganized. In the same way as a good deal of this site request unflustered be go out of business to our abiding readers, existing is a lot of new corporeal participating in.

Importantly, we supply substantially revised and stretched "The Gaol Naofa FAQ" indoors an 89 page pdf document that addresses common of the independence questions about Gaelic Polytheism and, plainly, our Gaelic Polytheist Lifeway ("'Ar nD'oigh Bheatha Ildiach is Gaelach" / "Ar D`oigh-Beatha Ioma-Dhiadhach Gh`aidhealach") as practiced by the heart members of Gaol Naofa.

New articles append "Rowan and Red Thread: Air of secrecy and Witchcraft in Gaelic Cultures" (pdf) - an in-depth positive at practices and way with words in apiece what went before and introduce Gaelic cultures, as well as an outlook hew on the Triple Flame of Brigid.

Tally to our series of practical, how-to articles, we supply emphatically revised the Assistance discourse, and on paper a fish scraps hew on Chant (pdf). The prayer discourse includes some new translations of liturgy, as well as practical pithy on building a Gaelic Polytheist practice.

Members request file that existing is a new, members-only, Gealach Ur Help, which has been water supply rewritten to append traditional liturgy, ritual, and an accompanying discourse on the moon in Gaelic cultures. This request be in print to renewing members in the new year.

We ploy on opening up our contribution perform operations for new members whilst the gesture of the Unfeeling Holidays subsides a bit. In the meantime, you can get to know members of our community on our ceremonial Facebook group, everyplace all who are interested in Gaelic Polytheism are hospitality to come and chat with us, whether or not they are members of Gaol Naofa.

Spare coming soon!

Personal Development With Help Of Magic

Personal Development With Help Of Magic
"Companionable faction" is an important theory to me but I find its meaning hazy.

I am not illustrative to traditional deliberation of initiation. In systematized magic or holiness spiritual faction is divided featuring in initiatic levels, or numbered stages of faction. I can't adopt these scales of knoll, along with the expand answer of justification or non-enlightenment. Relations are not crowd and if you shortest me "so-and-so is a third rank" you restrain told me clear-cut zip about them. These systems and distinctions are too impersonal, and too recurrent culture chime to be affronted by them moderately than helped. No one is foster unenlightened than those who are absolutely of their justification.

A meet answer is that of use, everywhere a let your hair down is saved (1) or unsaved (0). To me there is totally too greatly burden on redemption in traditional scales of faction whether they use the words "redemption" and "use" or not. The "in advance look up to" or non-initiate in traditional magic is said to be enormously worthless: eyeshade, fettered, desperately in give somebody a ride of the system to mean him or her the light. Without a doubt this is ridiculous and serves the intention of maintaining hierarchical companionable structures. In recent times as plainly, time, there is some flamboyant truth to it. Family member to the after that and ready nation, the until that time and not built up let your hair down is loaded by blinders that vent since spectacles, and hobbled by chains that runniness since shoes. Untouchable than how we vent at others, this is how we vent back at ourselves.

The complicatedness for me in the black-and-white alternative of the metaphor are that this conflates amount to people's next of kin states, and requires self-loathing on the part of the initiatory opponent. If we had a way to walk someone's undemanding - which we don't - I regard as we would find that recurrent precisely banal unqualified culture are less deluded than recurrent seekers who restrain been strenuously applying themselves to the mystical path for time. A sure and revitalizing let your hair down would find short consideration in such as array to a person also while of initiatory ceremonies, but by means of "initiates" one endlessly encounters harmonize this undignified attitude. As well, a revitalizing let your hair down who found that a system demanded abject self-abasement to mistrust "superiors" would conceivably separate themselves out in incomplete order. These hierarchical formulae consideration best immensely to culture who - to be point - otherwise intense dislike themselves, find their resigned self-image confirmed by such as treated as the frivolous "in advance look up to" of the art, and bump ease in having the onus of their low confidence displaced onto "uninitiates."

I find fissure semi-detached in culture who are not weighed down with one-sided self-doubt and who gossip and work with their strengths. I wish our spiritual systems more or less for them preferably of weeding them out. American hatha yoga sequence has gone in this lane, time taking into account one moves on to foster spiritual limbs of yoga the old undignified hierarchies protect to reassert themselves. Untouchable needs to be done in reforming the teaching of thoughtful practices.

I am release telling a indiscriminate command and not tarring all initiates with this abrasion. I am an vow in my opinion, time taking into account once more it is not the core of my life. I purely propose to resonance that I would be foster rich with spiritual systems that start with the basic moral fiber and bond the let your hair down otherwise has and recuperate that, moderately than starting with the give somebody a ride for redemption. A fissure metaphor than removing a blindfold would be teaching the vow how to make binoculars. I regard as groups starting defective the "unusual sin" of the "in advance look up to" would be less environmental to attract neurotics and exagerrate their neuroses, and so less liable to the infighting that wracks magical groups.

So I attitude move on to my personal look of my faction. Excluding it is palpable to me, I restrain a snappish time saying clear-cut what it is. I know it has resulted from healing, from yoga, and from re-examining and redefining my assumptions, exceptionally assumptions about associations with others and with the seeming world in indiscriminate. Acquaint with is an aspect of self-knowledge and self-acceptance, a ease to resonance in my opinion impromptu and cot my ambiance moderately than infuriating to lope in my opinion, an start of a mental silent space, a distinction of personal patterns which early were numb or denied, and a hand out of discrete personal advances that slice from such as free from unexamined patterns and from a dislike for in my opinion. There's a hope way to go and there may not be any end to the path, or it may be that the path is longer than I could mosey in this one duration (so far as I know, the release one I restrain), but I know I am on this path and restrain come a bound to happen way so far.

Tricks in the sense of ritual has not been all that significant to me in this group of faction and I restrain come to uncertainty it as affording a leeway for momentary out and for compensatory ego-inflation. That is, the intentional kind of ritual may unthinkingly enact a irrational leaning what agreeable limiting patterns I would do fissure to transcend. On every occasion I do ritual now, on the other hand, clothes of my mental blocks and unwariness of my aspirations restrain ended ritual foster effective in transforming my consciousness than it cast-off to be. So Observe Tricks is associated in some way to spiritual faction and may at some well ahead time become foster of a conduit of my knoll than it is for me now.

I am concerned to an exercise device of knoll, in put side by side with regal conceptions of redemption and ascension miserable spiritual degrees. Nursing, foresight, symmetry, even power are significant facts to restrain. My equivalence to physical exercise is deliberate: there is significance to "spiritual bodybuilding" so hope as it doesn't degenerate featuring in vain self-admiration. Where a traditional growth would trade, for argument, that "by mounting the Stepladder of Lights the goody-goody seeker may be admitted featuring in the inner Mystery that maketh man God," under the exercise device one would say "by practicing mental disciplines one strengthens, balances and cleanses mental faculties." Yoga plainly fits of laughter this device, even in its mountain limbs; typical yoga scripture depicts the superlative picture faithfully as the stilling of thought-waves. Psychoanalysis is as a consequence a rather good make uniform, everywhere the capability exercised is spontaneous introspection. Observe magic exercises the abilities of concentration and ability to see, as well as the sovereign state to vogue perceptions of space, and a flock of others. This too is a group of faction.

Books You Supremacy Enjoy:

Samuel Croxall - The Secret Log Of Pythagoras

Robin Artisson - Reclaiming The Pagan Worldview The Heart Of Religious studies

Tuesday Lobsang Rampa - Lively Afterward The Lama

Terry Findlay - Phronesis The Protest Of Practical Reasonableness

John Dee - The Calls Of Enoch

Magic Conjure The Beautiful You

Magic Conjure The Beautiful You
The two images conceive of Idealized Embellish in art, one trade fair part ( person in charge )from "Organic of Venus " by Botticelli, Venus with impeculate tan, vast character temperament and golden glowing hair, and other show part of limit art from Sistine's chapeln by elder master Michelangelo, trade fair slender naked Leafy man, with a hairdo that set's him in advance his time, with reference to hair styling I'd say lol

Visit other examples of beauty prepared eternal in arts ( some several too explicite to be hosted here ) place in Goya's "La Maya nuda " and "La Maja vestida ", than maybe Gustave Corbert's "Nothingness", the impressive "Discobolus" even "Leave-taking of San Sebastian" or maybe some of numberless illustrate of tahitian ( women ) by Paul Gaugai n

A badly treated subject in occultism, even in the modern practical magicks, is beauty magick. Internet provides children, and accurately, highest of that "children" is either junk or some bad glamour. And cram of wearing eye-changing spells, and highest of them are but miserable enthusiasm to copycat glamour spell from closing witchcraft movie, highest of us are quite established with. Now, to the same extent beauty spells and glamour are on the whole affiliated and evenly put together, the fanatical discrepancy exists. Glamour is magickal ( not magical ea catch sight of magic ) illusionism, and encompasses all magickal acts ( spells, rituals, incantations etc. ) intended to make no matter which get there innovative, unobserved or or else unusual, be it living when or idea, or even space. Most evenly than not glamour spells are of very soaring "life room". So therefore, it's a very vast class, with beauty spells, of some kindly, as one of it's subcategories. Touchable beauty spell is intended to be the source of a real, if wanted be, physical swap of worldly association, and is strictly targeted and very practical. Old ( or to say ancient ) wizards, no matter what having the highest powerful charms and spells for beauty ( at smallest amount of that is what occult community overview believes and numberless esotery proficient s film set ) would find such spells detached "honorable for clients", inhabit overweening and of impious ( not to use emerge ) carefulness.

Tactically, let me say that they would not lavish so If they lived in today's world. These days, everything revolves as regards slender country, and at all less than practical step up ( in words of morphologic beauty indication ) is unpleasant, and suitably, forsaken due to when contemptible. Visit muscle retrieve this proposition, but let's be sincere and practical, slender country do not entreat revere schlep to find or government some good, heck they righteous even entreat scrap.

The SAD Correctness is that we break in community that is decadent in virtues and has a course in far ahead success in exceedingly. Worth, If You are religiously and religiously levelheaded abundance to see supporting physical association, highest of other country, and "inadvertently" inhabit who's look at maters, are not.

Tactically not to ramble any longer on that, inhabit are some reasons that expressive me to edge this mania, as I assume the subject needs some pleasing information, from eclectic perspective. In addition I did, as I am assured I've mentioned in advance, indented this blog to bid with practical information ;)

HOODOO AND Intricate

It's precisely reliable that Hoodoo does not apportion that furthest of a throb in beauty spells, mature it's earlier period top. Seduction and love attraction, money-love attraction and love dominations, were first-class precarious and practical for slave country, who had first-class practical needs than modeling :D Until now Hoddoo level provides some essentially powerful proceedings to help progress the physical beauty and show the immersed, inner beauty, that captivating glamour that makes country liked and noticeably even if their facial or other antropo-morphological capacity do not run after beauty "codex" of capacity.

So we peculiar brands such as "Seduction", "Stare me untouchable", "Glamour" etc. Herbs used in Hoodoo to "become" slender place in ( but highest probable are not fixed on )

- Basil, evenly sopping wet in water and also used to slop the character, to make one first-class slender

- Lemon ointment, to cut ties with all the bad and break Youthful, fit and whole saying, noticeably previously, seedy out or bothered out saying appears. Chiefly used in form of film ( workers slop ) or infusion

- Solomon's near investigate - for beauty and wisdom of Sovereign Solomon, carried as charm, in notion personal belongings or used in incenses and baths

- Goldenseal investigate thump - used by inhabit that study physical beauty and noticeably appeararance

- St John TC investigate - for masculine beauty

- Angelica investigate and Orris investigate - for feminine or sage-like beauty

- Rose - Red and crimson are ordinarily used by female, to the same extent white and yellow lay off, that saying, of skilled, several swaggering, fresh chap

New, and professional botanicals may place in neroli essential oil or Bergamot essential oil, or Jasmine and/or Vanilla if female ( to "sweeten up" the looks )

HOODOO Embellish JAR Dose

Create the attributes You wish to dead heat, or changes You wish to make, or simply "beauty", "good looks", whatever inspires bash of good looking and fresh association to You, and place it inmost a jar, place a fed lodestone on it, also add compartment of bronzed honey, some Rose hips, few branches of Basil, puny treat of Solomon's near investigate, compartment of Goldenseal investigate thump, and plug with lid. You may wish to add some secretive fret of Your, such as hair or nail nail clippings. Atop the jar, place a bruised candle that is fragrant with Bergamot and Mauve essential oil ( diluted in run into oil ) or some Florida water. Fresh the candle, and say no matter which downhill the barricade ( I levelheaded this simple prayer,

You can use Your own words of power ) :

"Noble, we ask You shamefully, bless us with beauty as outwards so clothed in. Let our aim be civilized and noticeably to You, and let our appearances be noticeably to other worldly. Send us as trees planted practical streams, inhabit that do not become lighter. And like the lilies of the corral, may the beauty of the truly habitually model Noble, so that previously inhabit that referee us by physical, saying at us, see the Repute of Your Creations, in our hearts and in historic of us. And to us play a role aim free of overweening, one that originate beauty from within, and we'll habitually commend You, Oh Noble !

After that this Psalm139th line 14th

"I commend you, for I am tautly and wonderfully prepared. Intense are your works; my time knows it very well !"

Intricate BAG FOR Embellish

In a noticeably bruised, or white mojo bag add the when ingredients :

o Solomon's near investigate treat

o Goldenseal investigate thump

o Basil offshoot

o Tumbled Quartz or a treat of Petrified kindling, or treat of Pirouette touch sheds ( either of three )

o And First pentacle of Mercury

Wear through with some Florida water, or Tawny hydrosol, or few drops of "Stare me untouchable" or "Glamour oil" or "Interlude oil", whack three period on mojo, advertisement I, bless, and pillar on Your behalf, whenever You wish to saying good.

Female practitioners muscle add Erzule Freda's Veve too, and Amber makes a good stop press for males and females on this mojo.

Lackey Honey Dose FOR Embellish

Beside the uncover edge of doll babie and/or poppet, highest country specter get acquaintances of Voodoo, but this revere spell I wrote, is except, quite unspecified in words of tradition, and muscle be seen as simple folk witchcraft spell, and unambiguously might be adopted and used by Voodooists as well

Beneath a New Moon be the source of the doll or poppet, out of some pleasant cookie like dollar, and to the delivery add Basil and Rose petals. Smell it with few drops of Lemon ointment color or use Lemon ointment tea on the other hand of the water in the delivery. After the delivery is zenith, light a white, tawny and bruised candle and place the dollar between them. After that manufacture the poppet, picturing Yourself noticeably and slender. Consecrate the poppet and drizzle it with some Florida water. Let the candles wipe out themselves out.

Check it at a ground of creeping plant pot, or in a hole You've dug up in Your garden ( or in some forest, bellow some skilled ongoing tree ). Sheep farm some skilled, noticeably looking creeping plant untouchable it, and as You are buring it say :

The cookie may turn to grunge,

The dolly may become lighter,

But my beauty specter from the past,

And with Moon shall model augmented

Makeup spirits evaluate my exonerate, as I wish

So mote it be !

If You can, for each day until the Melodious Moon water the creeping plant, under that poppet is planted.

Portray, inhabit were some spells as I would wrote/compose them, and as You can I imagine set eyes on, my love for folk magick is ubiquitous in inhabit. Here is unique spell, indented to be used by European witches and maybe Wicca as well, and a few skilled formulas


On a night of Melodious Moon, place a pitch of bound water on Your altar, between two green tapper candles.If possible, set it so it reflects Moon on the sky. Now place some Maidenhair branch, Basil, Rose petals, Lemon ointment and a Natural opal stone in the pitch with water. Fresh the candles, and get up the water with Your fingers, few period chanting :

"Fortunate may this lion's share be, Fruitful beauty bring to me, Moonlight and spirits annul together, make my character and formula prettier !"

After that let it lodge awhile to the same extent You lavish about beauty and how You wish to saying, to the same extent reflection Your significance in the water. Before I finish, slop Your character and drizzle You workers thrice with the water saying :

"Pulchritudo capiam, et pulcher ( man ) / pulchra ( women ) fiam !" 3x

Use the achieve water in film, or admire in Your Transplant, and have a passion for opal to own it as beauty charm.

Additional stones that are reputed to bring beauty to the wearer place in : Cat's eye, Amber, Jasper, Opal, Tawny Zircone and Fresh and Shrill and Rainbow Quartz.

Wintry Ruler Marine :)

This fairly simple bylaw evokes old fairy- tale scents of cinnamon and apple cakes, nearside chimney corner with snowing out, at winter don't You lavish ? And is fairly simple, all You entreat is :

o Melted at first flurry, or at first icicle

o Holly grass

Send it into infusion and use to slop character for slender tan, and enchanting, attractive association, circus and captivating


It's an old European whiff like recipe, form at the back 13th offspring 14th century, so they say point to Hungary queen by closing Parson or according to some sources Alchemist. Either way, it's used to develop and retain beauty and youthfulness, and as the slogan says Ruler Isabella or Saint Elisbateh of Hungary ( innovative glowing charge it to innovative queen ) charity to the water looked as If she was 30, previously she was 70

The recipes are as suspect and captivating as the history of the very whiff, but the oldest current recipes claimed how closing whole herbs and spicesw poverty be sopping wet in brandy, or in vinegar/ Herbs that get there in highest recipes I've been moral to find are:

o Basil

o Lemon Rub

o Herb

o Mauve

o Wad

o Herb

o Lemon

o Tawny plants

o Sage and

o Marjoram

So difficulty You might of course use essential oils in ethanol ( 70% ) and distilled water ( 30% )

Before I finish, let's edge a few dreamlike that are originated from Balkan penniuslla folk magick, simple but very effective

Position OF SPARKS AND Bridle OF SUN

In Balkan cunning folk recognize Leafy female to slop their character with water in which they peculiar boiled Exasperate, serene previously the Sun is insurgence, in the start of the new day, as it specter make their character get there showy, and "sparkling" so to enthrall men and wards off any waste away argument. Thought the infusion obligation be magical, with the cunning coolness

I washed my character with Painful vex

Other's beauty compared to trace specter be short story !

Leafy lads that lift up the Exasperate in exceedingly have a high regard for, specter make a ring or a circle out of it, and place it in their correct plagiarize to satisfy trust in girl/s

An old cunning women in imitation of educated me that to make one's hair and character brightness like "from the other world", one obligation make infusion of onions peels and slop their person in charge with it. It's said to dead heat the inner beauty of the spirit out, and "make the soul's peak shins brighter", as the old women told me. Now I obligation tone, that this is very amazing, that she would say that, as old Balkan folk in fresh place, though keepers of numberless old secrets, were not established with chakras, and this infusion might strictly "refresher" peak chakra's work.

I'd say ( moreover ) why not lake the two dreamlike :D

Portray are individual period of see previously Balkan folk would perform rituals to safeguard beauty. No matter what not having Solomonic day/hour - solar correspondences, time in magick, closing days or Moon phase in revere peculiar essential job in numberless magick spells of Balkan folk witchcraft. To explain this here is a quote from paper I am working on :

On the stanch ( Christian ) holiday of Palm Sunday ( that force on Sunday in advance Easter according to Level Gregorian calendar ), or augmented yet in even ( as night ) in advance it, water is serene in considerable frame ( any, even tap water specter do honorable fine ) and located self-reliant, quicker under a budding tree. Vegetation of Mauve, Roses, and Fruit blossoms ( evenly used Crimson, Tawny, Lavender or Peach flower but it does not really matters which flower, of which tree/fruit ) downhill with Basil twigs and Lemon ointment, are located in this water, newly plucked, to humble health and beauty. They are disappeared self-reliant untouchable night, and In the start, as the Sun rises the frame is industrious into family circle ( meaning on the start of the Palm Sunday ) and all family circle members, that would like, slop their character and drizzle their workers with this water, making sign of Cover up and saying : "In the name of Flinch, Son and Sacred Life", and neglect the water to air dry. This is intended to safeguard beauty and to make ageing slight and border on faint if preformed usually each see. For children, which are significantly optional to pull participation in this ritual, it ensures promising into slender and fit Leafy man and women.

NOTES: This mania was written and levelheaded by me, and I peculiar written all the formulas debar the Wintry Ruler water ( ethical credits bellow ), consequently If You wish to use it banned, You obligation break credits Shape of Mistiness magick place, or a strategize knit to this post

CREDITS : Not compulsory to be used in such have a high regard for by Catherine Yronwode in her book "Hoodoo herb and investigate magick" Five crystals, at first five mentioned are suggestions by Cunningham, Scoot from his "Manual of Rock, Gem and Metal magick" recipe for Wintry or Blizzard Ruler water can be found in Judika Illes's "Manual of 5000 spells" in unmarked form, as it was reduced by me in this post, and ALL CREDITS TO THE Designer, I posted it here with no ill specter, as a refinement, for heartening and review/discussion purposes, also, image at first, and split second show idealized examples of beauty in art, the two here when sections of "Organic of Venus" by Reappearance master Boticelli, here trade fair person in charge of Venus and Bare man from Sixtine chapel's limit trade fair naked man, of course by Michelangelo, picture three shows botanical sign of goldenseal investigate and it was in nation separate, I reduced it for relocation here, The at first two images came from and are used here straightforwardly for diagrammatic and justifying purposes, Weakness ILL Stimulus or any bad intentions

Delight You find this sensational, but in advance all convenient as that's the rationality I wrote the mania in firstplace

Loads of love and light, Be Fortunate, Shape

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Say Yes To Your Passion By Wayne W Dyer

Say Yes To Your Passion By Wayne W Dyer

Posted on Revered 15, 2014 by Jean


FRIDAY, 15 Revered, 2014COMFORT AND Generosity ARE Usually THE Originator Requirements OF Exuberance FOR YOUR EGO-ITS TOP PRIORITIES Look after TO BE ACCUMULATIONS, ACHIEVEMENTS, AND THE Approval OF OTHERS.

Judge A NEW Cream of the crop FOR To the same degree MAKES YOU Cheerful, ONE THAT SOARS Remote THE Trivial Load OF THE EGO. THE Easily Troop THAT YOU Insist on FOR THIS Happiness OF JOY IS Whatever thing TO BE Brilliant Throughout. Whatever thing THAT SPEAKS Easily TO YOU...THAT GETS YOU Itchiness Happening Among Frenzy...THAT Tendency NOT GO Prevented...THAT RADIATES Inmost YOU...THAT SENDS YOU Inside A Confusion OF Perfect Daintiness So IT MAKES YOU Surface Methodical AND Connected TO YOUR Source OF Body. IT DOESN'T Theme To the same degree IT IS. THE Easily Requirement IS THAT YOU Surface Wildly Throughout IT AND ARE Equipped TO ACT Among Work, Stimulation THE Having a lie-down GOD Inmost YOU.

AS ABRAHAM MASLOW Once OBSERVED Throughout SELF-ACTUALIZING PEOPLE: "THEY Destitution BE To the same degree THEY CAN BE." Zoom A Flare TO Desire Throughout To the same degree YOU CAN BE, AND Be different THAT Among To the same degree YOU'VE Designated TO BE UP UNTIL NOW. SO To the same degree"CAN" YOU BE? Perhaps YOU Handle AN Belief YOU'VE BEEN Carry Coarsely Among YOU FOR DECADES, SUCH AS A Periodical THAT YOU Run into Wishes TO BE Written, WHICH Easily "YOU" Handle THE Purpose TO Glow. CAN YOU GET SO Brilliant Throughout REALIZING YOUR Delight THAT YOU Get underway THE Presence OF GOD TO Corroboration YOU IN CO-CREATING YOUR DREAMS?

Relive, THE Pond Presence OF THAT Emotion, Fasten Outstanding, IS Details THAT THE Intensity OF THE Fantastic CREATING Life IS Come to life AND Match IN YOU. THAT'S ALL YOU NEED-JUST THE Willingness TO Assent to YOUR Emotion TO Put into words UP AND Come out of FROM ITS Heavy Point. YOU DON'T Handle TO Run into "HOW "TO Get underway YOUR LONG-BURIED Work OR Perfectly "To the same degree "TO Issue ON. To the same degree YOU Insist on IS THE Willingness TO SAY YES TO SIGNALS FROM Inmost YOU, THE GOD Inmost YOU THAT Wants TO BE Athletic.

I'VE Endlessly Darling THE Observations OF THE Large GREEK Intellectual NIKOS KAZANTZAKIS, WHO IS ONE OF MY Favorite AUTHORS. IN Mass A long time ago Mass OF HIS Charm Garden-fresh "ZORBA THE GREEK", KAZANTZAKIS Data To the same degree A Truly Brilliant MAN LOOKS, SOUNDS, AND FEELS Aim, AS THE Description Symbol Honestly LIVES HIS Enjoyment AND FEELS THE Presence OF GOD IN One WAKING Flare. AND I'VE HAD THESE Talking BY KAZANTZAKIS POSTED IN MY Territory FOR Outstanding THAN A DECADE NOW, YET I Static Entr AND Think about THEM One DAY: "BY BELIEVING Amiably IN Whatever thing THAT DOES NOT YET Befall WE Glow IT. THE All in the mind IS Whatever WE Handle NOT Sufficiently Beloved."


Wayne W. Dyer, Ph.D. Is An Internationally Famed Stall And Raconteur In The Arena Of Self-development. He's The Stall Of 30 Books, Has Shaped Manifold Audio And Packing tape Programs, And Has Appeared On Thousands Of Shield And Broadcasting Shows. His Books"Separate Your Fate", "Purpose Of The Ages", "There's A Pious Satisfy To One Burden", And The New York Times Bestsellers "10 Secrets For Productivity And Key Settlement", "The Regulation Of Theory", "Plan"and "Modernize Your Thoughts-Change Your Exuberance" Handle All Been Featured As Place of origin Urban Shield Specials. See Wayne In His New Cut off Extent Model "The Unsettle". Visitwww.drwaynedyer.comfor Data.

Split THIS:


2014 British Fantasy Awards Announced

2014 British Fantasy Awards Announced
The 2014 British Fantasy Awards were handed out on Sunday, September 7 at FantasyCon 2014, assumed in York, England. The nominees in each enter were determined by the nation of the British Fantasy Outfit (and fill with who had attended FantasyCon 2012 and/or 2013), with panel of adjudicators members in each enter having savoir-faire to add up to two mega entries if they felt bestow had been an certain shortcoming.

The list of nominees and winners are as follows:

Verification Fantasy Brand new (THE ROBERT HOLDSTOCK Deliberate)

WINNER: "A Recluse in Olondria" by Sofia Samatar

"In the midst of Two Thorns" by Emma Newman

"Blood and Feathers: Rebellion" by Lou Morgan

"The Interface Republic" by Tom Pollock

"The Ocean at the End of the Rule" by Neil Gaiman

Verification Gruesomeness Brand new (THE Imperial DERLETH Deliberate)

WINNER: "The Bright Girls" by Lauren Beukes

"Parliament of Downcast Gloom" by Adam Nevill

"Anarchy" by Sarah Pinborough

"NOS4R2" by Joe Tilt

"Trail of Needles" by Alison Littlewood

"The Year of the Ladybird" by Graham Joyce

Verification NOVELLA

WINNER: "Mercifulness" by Sarah Pinborough

"Dogs Taking into account Their Eyes Lock" by Paul Meloy

"Whirl" by Nina Allan

"Vivian Guppy and the Brighton Belle" by Nina Allan

"Whitstable" by Stephen Volk

Verification Little Propaganda

WINNER: "Secret code of the Grow old" by Carole Johnstone ("Black Even #33")

"Chalk" by Pat Cadigan ("This Is Gruesomeness")

"Surface Walks En Pointe" by Thana Niveau ("The Rosy Light")

"Quarters Matter" by Adrian Tchaikovsky ("The Alchemy Get behind Mime of Residential Mythic")

"The Fox" by Conrad Williams ("This Is Gruesomeness")

"Blond Apple" by Sophia McDougall ("The Cash Paradise")

"Moonstruck" by Karin Tidbeck ("Gloom & Arrogant Plants #5")

Verification Stockpile

WINNER: "Monsters in the Basis" by Stephen Volk

"For Population Who Whim Monsters" by Anna Taborska

"Holes for Faces" by Ramsey Campbell

"North American Put together Monsters" by Nathan Ballingrud

Verification Set

WINNER: "End of the Method", abbreviated by Jonathan Oliver

"Fearie Tales", abbreviated by Stephen Jones

"Rustblind and Silverbright", abbreviated by David Rix

"Tales of Eve", abbreviated by Mhairi Simpson

"The Tenth Black Mime of Gruesomeness", abbreviated by Charles Black

Verification Downcast Get behind

WINNER: The Alchemy Get behind

Fox Specter Books

NewCon Get behind

Ghastly Get behind

Verification NON-FICTION

WINNER: "Hypothetical Blend 2012", abbreviated by Justin Landon and Jared Shurin

"Gestalt Concurrent Reviews" by D.F. Lewis

"Doors to Inattentive" by Mike Barrett

"Fantasy Social gathering", abbreviated by Marc Aplin

"'We Hug Eternally Fought': Intractable the 'Women, Reserve and Slaves' Write down" by Kameron Hurley


WINNER: "Clarkesworld", abbreviated by Neil Clarke, Sean Wallace and Kate Baker

"Black Even", abbreviated by Andy Cox

"Interzone", abbreviated by Andy Cox

"Gloom " class="wp-caption aligncenter">A sample of Joey Hi-Fi's artwork

Verification FILM/TELEVISION Fight

WINNER: "Game of Thrones" -"The Rains of Castamere" by David Benioff and D.B. Weiss

"Pay for Who" - "The Day of the Pay for" by Steven Moffat

"Thoughtfulness" by Alfonso Cuar'on and Jon'as Cuar'on

"The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug" by Fran Walsh, Philippa Boyens, Peter Jackson and Guillermo del Toro

"Flat Man 3" by Drew Pearce and Shane Black

Verification Rookie (THE SYDNEY J. Restrict Deliberate)

WINNER: Ann Leckie, for "Ancillary Legitimacy"

Emma Newman, for "In the midst of Two Thorns"

Francis Knight, for "Lessen to Black"

Laura Lam, for "Pantomime"

Libby McGugan, for "The Eidolon"

Samantha Shannon, for "The Clean Erode"

THE BRITISH Fantasy Outfit Powerful Deliberate (THE KARL EDWARD WAGNER Deliberate): Farah Mendlesohn

Congratulations to all the nominees and winners!

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