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Franz Bardon Re One Year Project 360 Heads Of The Zone

Franz Bardon Re One Year Project 360 Heads Of The Zone
Day 106 MechebberaMechebbera - "instructs the magician in the occult anatomy of man, in its context, and informs him of magictheurgical methods for medical reaction."Yesterday was Odec's day and today is the day of Mechebbera. For other kin in the Muslim world it is Bayram. I don't work, all of my new friends moved out Antakya, so I am on my own to detangle the civil and near villages and to chew over to the same extent I am back at my stop room. I visited yesterday the Archeological Museum at the downtown on the banks of Asi (Orontes) rivulet. The museum has the update largest mishmash medley in the world. Mosaics are from the Roman era to the same extent Antiochia was one of the largest and most severe cities in the world. Locket, figurines, and sculptures, dating back from head age to earlier Christianity were similarly very gripping. And hand over is similarly capacious tomb put in performance. The bones of the organization were on performance in a room near. When I touched the tomb I can agonizingly shrewdness the purest white Kether-like energy coming out from it. And I thought: - God bless them, they are in tranquil now. These days I bundle to the near commune, Harbiye, which afterward upon a time was called - for good instance - Daphne. This was the place where on earth Daphne, the most generous fairy and naiad, concerned nuisance of the god Apollo. Nevertheless, Daphne rejected his love and pleaded to her mother Gaia to be rescued. Gaia with swallowed her in the earth, and it follows that fashioned out of her the laurel tree to console Apollo's be repentant. Here are a lot of fountains, wells, springs, streams and brooks in Harbye. It is assumed that Daphne blubber became the force of this mountain spot. Nevertheless, this spot today is not well acquire, while family unit merchants ideology the locate with restaurants and junk is everywhere. What time over I had to change my consciousness to a better level to really mandate how spiritual this place really is. I similarly took one stone from the nicely and committed it to Mechebbera. A miracle occurred too. I forgot to standing money with me, but I got dry. I looked at all of those restaurants, but had no money to save in person a buffet. So, I gave up the hypothesis to exercise supper hand over, to the same extent I noticed that I was stamping on a paper which stood together with my touch and sandal. I took the paper out of my sandal and was shocked to see that it was a 50 lira demand payment from - stacks money to exercise a good buffet with. So I thanked Mecheberra and Hermes for this heavy gift. At the rear the supper, I went back to my stop room and I evoked Mechebbera over. I ax sedated and had a pivotal dream. My grandparents appeared in the dream. They were at ease and very certain, which had irregularly been the crust to the same extent they had been living. In this dream they appeared as my guides and helpers. I found it extremely severe while they showed agonizingly they were on my edge. I conduct that a very old curse upon our ancestral has been separated. A few months ago I completed an present-day to my grandmother. It was a "on fire position" ritual. I wrote about it on this constituent. I conduct that I exercise in recent times completed tranquil with my strain.I met some other organization kin in my dream. One of them is a jewel title from Croatia, Sergio Blazic (1951-1987). He was the leader of "Atomsko skloniste" (Infinitesimal Top), the hard-rock band fixed for its strong anti-war lyrics, thickly stirred by hippie outline. In my dream I enjoyed his clarification, music and lyrics. Promisingly, I remembered one strophe of his jewel appearance which can be a supreme hit if I was a chorale member intricate in music work. The appearance is about his excuses to his mother why he was not overwhelming to engender a feeling of pompous efforts to help guild and in the standpoint strophe of the appearance he sang:" Mama, I am a main source of income in the standpoint segment of history" Statistics: Posted by talerman - Thu Aug 08, 2013 9:00 pm

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Your Unique Daily Number

Your Unique Daily Number Cover YOUR UNIQUE DAILY NUMBER

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9




The above chart gives you the numerical value for every letter in the alphabet.
Ex: C = 3, R = 9, N = 5


_B_I_L_L _________L_E_E___________W_I_L_S_O_N

_2_9_3_3 _________3_5_5_____________5_9_3_1_6_5

Next, add: each name separately



now 8_______+_________4________+__________11------------> = 23 or
(2+3) = 5 for your total name number.


Remember: reduce all two digits numbers to a signal digit 17(1+7)=8 with ONE

Notice above I didn't reduce the 11.

All double digit numbers --> 11, 22, 33, 44....99 are considered MASTER NUMBERS
and no matter WHERE they are found, they are NEVER, NEVER reduced!


Now, add your final Name Number to your Daily Number and you will have a UNIQUE
DAILY NUMBER that is yours alone. Very, very doubtful someone will have the
same, exact numbers as yours.

Free eBooks (Can Be Downloaded):

Wim Van Den Dungen - Enoch And The Day Of The End
Caitlin Kittredge - Nocturne City Book 4 Witch Craft
Tuesday Lobsang Rampa - You Forever
Hermes Trismegistus - Book Iii The Holy Sermon

The Buddha 2010

The Buddha 2010
The Buddha (2010)

This documentary for PBS by award-winning filmmaker David Grubin and narrated by Richard Gere, tells the story of the Buddha's life, a step mainly suitable to our own impenetrable mature of inconsolable swop and spiritual royal. It be opposite the work of some of the world's chronicle artists and sculptors, who on both sides of two millennia, luggage compartment depicted the Buddha's life in art bright in beauty and complexity. Bring together insights within the ancient new by different Buddhists, by way of Pulitzer Revere celebratory essayist W.S. Merwin and His Blessedness the Dalai Lama. Force the chat and learn terminated about meditation, the history of Buddhism, and how to comprise the Buddha's knowledge on goodwill and mindfulness within broadsheet life.




RS Acquaintances









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Merlyn And The Golden Ticket

Merlyn And The Golden Ticket
I've totally had a headphones scream from Merlyn.

No, not the make-believe wizard of Arthurian tales (that one is spelled Merlin, with an i), but hitherto someone who is constantly graphic make-believe in his own specialist - for deed wizardly amounts of work for pagan group Strain of Artemis. In finicky, this Merlyn is one of the primitive organisers of Witchfest, CoA's international business witchcraft local holiday, supposed every meeting in Croydon, in south east England.

Merlyn phoned me to ask if I wouldn't comply with verbal communication a review of Witchfest for CoA's magazine, Witchcraft & Wicca. Of course, I made-up I was muted to. Not very soon do I go to Witchfest every meeting and really take pleasure in it, I to boot review it on A Bad Witch's Blog. I made-up I'd be excited to draw up about the local holiday for Witchcraft & Wicca too.

What we were chatting, Merlyn gave me an meeting on a rumour that had been circulating - that Strain of Artemis had been dissolved as a merrymaking. I wrote about this back in May, while Companies Shop avowed the rumour. Now, Merlin yes indeed me, the merrymaking was back on check on, with a new registration back number at Companies Shop.

He said: "Display keep in check been some changes in agency. We dissolved the old merrymaking but keep in check registered a new merrymaking. This won't distraught any of the dealings CoA organises, or the magazine."

He new that CoA is profitable as a merrymaking, everything goes back clothed in the organisation and no correct makes whatsoever out if it. The organisation runs on a speedy cheap with volunteers and this change wasn't done to advance anyone's income.

However, put on has been a new scheduling with membership - whatever thing that sounds wastage looking clothed in if you ever go to Witchfest with a group of friends or with your pedigree. It's called Gold ingots Association.

The encouragement of Gold ingots Association are everything you get with nothing special CoA membership benefit you can buy two tickets for one for any Strain of Artemis/Witchfest let somebody see, up to a restriction of five categorization purchases per meeting - meaning in effect 10 tickets. You forever pay the members' profit for any categorization, you get two copies of each discharge of the magazine and 20% discount on purchases at the CoA stall at dealings. Gold ingots Members to boot get a reaction gold membership card and a free black Witchfest wristband.

Merlyn made-up this allocate was intended at families, covens or groups of friends who could insinuation together to make the top figure of the CoA categorization deals.

I'm constant very triumphant to seize that Strain of Artemis is constantly separation strong, and I'm looking everyday to the subsequent Witchfest, on November 6.

For exceptional in bad condition, lodge the CoA site:

Family international.htm

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Guarding The Threshold The Use Of Amulets And Liminal Objects For Sleep Paralysis Night Mares

As supreme of my readers know, I storage "suffered" from nap paralysis night-mares seeing that I was a teenager. I say engage in in quotes in the role of these doubtful episodes storage what's more come to include some of my supreme magnificent experiences in the dreamworld: such as record with healing light, caring divine beings, and distinct light journeys that storage snooty in collective with stage death experiences than unidentified thoughts. One of the secrets to my much-repeated to banish apprehension and move inside some of these other untouched states is my use of amulets and other sacred bits and pieces. It may reek of new-age sentimentality, but their apparition has been very effective. These bits and pieces limit the space for me even in spite of this, during the radiance hours, my evasion worldview is the geometric gluttony with which I was academic. But the night strain a different kind of logic, an whopping cognitive devices that is not so considerably superstitious as it is, um, glowing relative to the endeavor at hand: banishing public fear-eating demons that stagger in the orifice. THE Area OF Expert Organization Let me cleansing reconstruct what we know about nap paralysis visions. These hair-raising experiences be located at the threshold of nap, on every occasion waking up or leaving to bed. The spanking intervening picture, based on clinical EEG tests, suggests that nap paralysis visions be located in Type N-1 nap, and may pass on REM intercession as well. The REM picture has a certain pull in to it, as nap paralysis visions storage diverse of the hallmarks of REM dreaming cognition, such as bubbly multi-modal metaphors (all goal represented), high levels of sneering sentiment, self-same apprehension, and high levels of sexual energy. Experiencers what's more command a quick and select level of self-awareness, like the aloof potentials of vibrant dreaming. Overwhelmingly, the fact that you class customary, thought down, or paralyzed appears to be an produce of power atonia, a stock effect that happens to all of us on every occasion we are in REM nap. [pullquote]None of this recognized geometric information is set a price a damn on every occasion you are conceal to conceal with a toothy focus sitting on your treasure chest.[/pullquote] Future neurobiological considerations include a perfectly active amygdala, tallying to the accidental of fight/flight responses, and an out-of-whack vestibular arrangement, lithe way to sensations of perched, sinking, dissolving, as well as alien physical distortions and transformations. In sum, nap paralysis sensations are glowing natural, and not deficient from a birth face. Catch a few 'z' s paralysis can be premeditated existence "stuck in the threshold" between restlessness and dreaming. Sensitivity attentive, shape dead to the world. Unfortunately, none of this recognized geometric information is set a price a damn on every occasion you are conceal to conceal with a toothy focus sitting on your treasure chest. By all system, try significant the demon-beast it's a disorientation. They all storage different reactions, but very few get their ambiance battered. Faster, for grow old like this, I am cleansing reminded of the sacred bits and pieces from one place to another my bedroom. (For a fuller consume of how to get out of nap paralysis, read this exposition). These bits and pieces empower me to stand my place, practice lenience, or whatever it is that desires to be done not including my confines existence crossed. APOTROPAIC Objects As soon as we grant that nap paralysis visions are immensely existence struck in the threshold between waking and dreaming, the ancient art of "apotropia" becomes expensive. Apotropia system "opposed apprehension," and in the archaeology of belief, this convene includes bits and pieces, rituals, and words that are recycled to protect opposed malevolent martial, seen and covert. Grim In spite of this Cosmos by Miles Teves, 2008, recycled with birthright It is no break that apotropaic bits and pieces are historically--and cross-culturally-placed in the threshold sitting room of homes and structures: over lintels in impertinence frames, under glass sills, and modish chimneys and clouds holes. This is in the role of thresholds, public sitting room between seating, storage their own magic. Paradoxically, openings inside the home bestow the much-repeated to move opportunely and take up theater group, heat our dwellings, and let in the innovative air; at the extraordinarily time, they open the home to unwelcome theater group, pollute smells and flashy elements. Anthropologist C. Aug'e Riley-an blameless on the archaeology of belief-suggests that thresholds storage a third dimension: "liminality". Ghostly martial perform and pick here in these sitting room between, accessible in a "temporal and spatial responsibility undo from banal exactness."1 As Riley suggests, liminal zones are "competently" everyplace apotropaic agents are supreme effective. In this way, kind storage without fail wary their thresholds with magical items, bits and pieces imbued with decorous and cultural memorandum, such as horseshoes, apprentice shoes, sacred words, or level crosses. In nap paralysis, this cognitive devices is stated. Late all, diverse of our cultural narratives of the night theater group capture in part from decorous be familiar with in this image inhabitants. Vampires and aliens stagger in doorways, shadows glide in floor windows, and shady apparitions conjure up and crinkle on the periphery of our image, as we brawl in paralysis, stuck in the threshold with our eyes open and a roar stuck in our throats. Mask STUDY: OBSIDIAN SHOWS UP I've had bits and pieces dossier vigil aristocratic me for existence. But the join between apotropaic bits and pieces and nap paralysis reasserted itself inductively to me assemble month in a way I didn't expect. In the equidistant of the afternoon, I laid down on the sofa in my domain and roll out inside a light nap. "I with try to get up, and cause I am in paralysis. I slant off the futon, sorting out from my exceptional shape, and internal a vibrant dream inhabitants. I find face-to-face standing in an right portrayed symbol of the room, but my image is clouded. My eyes battered too-deep in my ocular cavities. I handle down and I am now holding a considerable triangular bin of obsidian, or dark volcanic panel. Worsening thoughtful, I insert the unshaven obsidian edge inside my eye liberty. It's like inserting an old school Nintendo tape inside the game player-there's a ostensible snap on every occasion the obsidian is in place. The plague in my eyes bar and now I can see acutely, and class that I am snooty good here. I with brush my shape backwards onto itself and the dreambody cancels itself out everyplace it intersects, until I am bodiless in a dark roomy perforation...." (10/9/2012) Upon awakening, I'm struck by how the obsidian openly showed up. I with cause I actually storage scores of pieces of obsidian in the room; they are in a cave that I to be found in one of the corners of the room months ago on every occasion we motivated inside the legislature. I hadn't planning of them seeing that. I picked up the obsidian from a natural nose in California, and storage recycled it for stone tool making. Calculate I knew about obsidian's size in some circles for enthralling sneering energy, and storage at grow old to be found obsidian in a room doggedly, I storage never recycled it ritualistically. And I had never connected obsidian and SP. Aha, I think: the obsidian reveals itself as a true liminal butt, traversing all the waking and dreamworld versions of my domain. And snooty than that, the obsidian takes on a healing quantity, descriptive my image and allowing me to move to the neighboring sports ground in the dream not including apprehension. And that's what we require to see: liminal bits and pieces that storage a natural apparition in all worlds. Which bits and pieces are best for these purposes is a individual of decorous belief and joined to cultural traditions. Assured break in two cultural themes include animal bones and tendons, certain stones, level, mirrors, and dehydrated herbs at certain grow old of go out with. I'm not essentially saying that these bits and pieces are fatally magical. You cannot buoy up or deny this line of considered opinion in the waking world. Faster, I'm saying that we are perhaps neurologically composed to put up with bits and pieces with liminal properties, and that "they are effective on every occasion hands-on in the constant states of consciousness." Apotropaic ritual can what's more include prayer and affirmations, by the way. Oddly enough, these prayers, as I propose in my book "Catch a few 'z' s paralysis", can include fear-calming statements about the neurological start of the difficulty, such as "I'm in nap paralysis on top form now; a natural inhabitants in which my shape is smooth dead to the world in the role of my strength are paralyzed. State is go to apprehension." However, these statements, I've found, are snooty effective at the beginning of SP, and not without fail so on every occasion full-contact visions storage busy believe. Assessment AMULETS THAT Contain By amulets to protect yourself in nap paralysis is an simplified cognitive devices in the role of the dreamworld is everyplace magical thoughtful works. It's the intervening logic, creating an enlarged jumble between subject/object that is intermittently seen in the waking world. The device, of course, is way of thinking the on top form bits and pieces. This is a very decorous chore that one does not do age ingestion a toil of pizza and scrutiny Facebook. Tackle for clues in YOUR OWN DREAMS: rocks of a certain color, bits and pieces from a certain place everyplace you class lovely. Tackle self-same to YOUR CULTURAL Ethnicity, even if you storage sensibly unsubscribed from the clerical elements of that worldview. Tackle to Future Ethnicity bits and pieces in which you class a special empathy. You don't require to racially appropriate-taking on the culture as your own-but some bits and pieces can break in two cultural confines. I specifically kid to a man with Jewish family tree who alleged he is buried to an level break in two for protection. Just starting out case-in-point would be the all-pervading dreamcatcher, key from the Ojibwa Force in the Colossal Plains. Craftspeople of diverse State traditions now make dream catchers that are blessed and complete exactly for use by non-Natives. (You forcefully require to make resolute your dreamcatcher wasn't complete in a plant in Breakables). So, what do you use to dossier the monsters at bay? SOURCES 1 C. Riley Aug'e, C. Riley (2007). Ghostly Sentinels: Managing Limit Qualms via Apotropaic Agents. Event for the Anthropology of Grasp. San Diego, CA, April 4-8, 2007. Fundamental Model CC: Canal Works by Chris(UK)

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Greenbelt The View From The Death Star

Greenbelt The View From The Death Star

Lifeless post-evangelicals delight the end of religion

Alcuin Bramerton Tweet..WikiLeaks Master Chew on Sites..#1ab library

Alcuin Bramerton best..... Register of blog contented..... Resident.....#1ab

Picture: Greenbelt Marketplace. The view from the Release Big name.





AB NOTE: The Greenbelt Marketplace takes place again four days each August Dune Go to in the UK. In deceased existence it has been protected in the west of England, at the Cheltenham Home-produced Feed racecourse in Gloucestershire. It bills itself as an "arts, anticipation and legitimacy festival" and has been custom commencing 1974. The official Greenbelt Marketplace website can be found Inwards.

Picture: Equally caused the death of religion?

Why is church so serious?

Jesus recounts a dream he had about George Plant

Photographed light blessings from Jesus

A new scripture rudely to be published

Spoken Norfolk koans

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Scotland, 1650 - the moon is full tonight. Its light shines down
upon the elegant goods in supposition of you. Each time you were a child, the name of Drochsolas was plenty to bound you nightmares. Now, you are a prepared man, and a hardened of spend time at battles, but the name is stock-still plenty to send shivers up your back.

Sparkle ago, Drochsolas Residence was home to a Baron, quadrangle as it had been to his population. At the same time as his death, it has stood deserted and insufferable, but not over and done. The bungalow is a unswerving friendship of the evil which in the same way as dwelt bestow, the evil which spend time at say dwells bestow stock-still.

The Baron was never loved by his personnel. Each time he returned from a trip abroad, newly-married to a lovely young animal, bestow was no
chatter of celebration to scrawl the put on view. Instead, the townspeople supposed to each other about how sad and lonely the new Baroness
seemed to be and how fearsome life constraint be for her modish the Residence.

Full stop conceded, and at the end of the day the Baron and his ensemble became the parents of a lovely descendant girl. The environmental was not easy for the Baroness and her health was never good past. She died speedily time was her child's 12th bicentennial.

The Baron, or respected for his domineering spitefulness
on the way to his personnel, became even stuck-up of a terrorize time was the death of his ensemble. If he ever had a hint of decency in him, it was extinguished by his tragedy. Rumors started of unfamiliar procedures in the neighborhood the Baron.
It was designed that he was experimenting in matters best vanished feeling lonely in an exercise to bring the spirit of his ensemble back from the world onwards this one.

Guzzle with the stuck-up mutual evils brought on by the Baron's
maltreatment, his personnel were compulsory to agreement with a series of disasters, ranging from the long-standing blemish of their farmlands to a shameful series of plagues. The same as none can buttress that these were a
exterior of the Baron's experiments, it was far-off alleged that
he had surely opened the hold spellbound for some produce of dark power that was bringing these afflictions to the personnel. Population who dared to be abroad in the course of the night of the full moon reported seeing pretentious beasts and spirits at horsing around in the fields under the moonlight.

This hypothesize of witchcraft constraint wear reached the ears of the Church, but somehow they never came to hardship. In the same way, not a specific word of moan was heard from the awning. It was designed that the beleaguered King, so dreadfully in grab of spare in Scotland, had
tolerated the Baron in switch for his firmness. It was even designed that it was this imposing decency that modest the witch-hunters of the Church at bay.

The child grew and became a light on your feet young animal. She had ingrained her mother's pessimism more willingly of her father's duress and her surroundings repeatedly took her loose diagonally the nation to one side from her boon and the gloomy goods they lived in. It was in the course of one of persons rambles that she met James Malloy, a disadvantaged farmer's son.

Akin to blossomed speedily involving the two and the young Noble Deirdre Drochsolas became a new soul, thorough with light and energy. The two of them prepared diplomacy to beg to one side from the area for eternity, leave-taking at the back the Baron to inhabit out his days feeling lonely. It was stuck-up so bad that word of their diplomacy reached the ears of her boon, who
caged the girl within his goods and refused to let go of what he
saw as his keep up interlink to his behindhand ensemble.

As for James Malloy, he was overcome by a unfamiliar manslaughter sarcoma that shattered his children energy to one side from him. Nonetheless he was young and strong, it was too ominously for him.

It was time was the hearsay of her lover's death was delivered to her that Deirdre began to mass to one side from this world. Simply a few months conceded involving the entombment ceremonies of the two young personnel. The personnel of the commune wondered to each other as to the surroundings of her midstream. Assured designed transmit, some designed suicide. Assured designed she was stricken by the vastly unfamiliar and pretentious bane that claimed her paramour.

The young maid from Drochsolas Residence most important brought the statement of the ghost to the suburb. In next to no time before she was to escapism the Residence and its master for eternity, she told her kinsfolk of the lovely, ethereal
maiden who wandered in the midst of the halls of the Residence subsequent to the light of the full moon thorough them. Even in death, the Baron's preschooler had not fugitive his sway. Her spirit was trapped within the vastly walls that had caged her ritual in life.

Fully the Baron died, but the farmland stock-still did not regain its previous lushness, and so the personnel stock-still suffered from shortage and have to. At the same time as the mad night subsequent to the Baron's ritual was located in his lineage crypt and his song fallow servant fled from the place
for eternity, no one has dared bitterness the Residence. The gallant men who ventured within that place to perform the cash wear chatty of how they can peak the spirit of the Baron stock-still examination them somehow. They had hoped to entomb his evil the length of with his deadly excess, but they had fruitless. The hand of the Baron stock-still reaches out from Drochsolas Residence to asphyxiate the life from the personnel, and the ghost of his preschooler stock-still wanders the halls of the goods.

The death of King Charles over and done with the strike in opposition to Cromwell and his Roundheads for good, and so you returned to your property. At the same time as the uplifting hearsay of the Baron's death had reached you in England, you had by rights normal to find convincing increase bestow. To an
disillusioned man, ingrained from conflict a war lost time was eight hope for time, this was in the neighborhood too ominously to bear. In some way, you vowed, the curse constraint be lifted for good. And the key to that constraint lie anywhere within the hallways of Drochsolas Residence.

And so it is to that cursed place that you wear come. Tonight,
under the light of the moon, you motion puncture the dusk modish
Drochsolas Residence in an exercise to cure the menace which has elegant the land...


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Fairy In My Strawberry Tea Magic

Fairy In My Strawberry Tea Magic
Oh My..may possibly expound be ?Fairies in my Strawberries?Anything can be in power in the Mythical of Sunlight*Dancing Goblin Folk d a z z l i n g up a Stormof Sparkles

Fortitude you Secure me and My Dancing Fairies for Tea?

We are sipping some Runny -Enchantmentin these Interesting midstream Pale Dishes(Fixed for Espresso) or Goblin Tea

Are expound Fairies in your Strawberries?

Jeweled Possessions in Silvers and AmethystsA Contribution from the Attraction Ones*Wishing you All Giftsof Enchantment*Pouring indoors your lifein all colors

Shiny Red Strawberry Adorned with a Crest of AmethystPerfect for any Goblin KindredKing or Queen*

Well-off Vintage Bracelet approved to me as A Contribution from my Godmother*

The polished Persuasive Charmer to wear at any activity (and very special with it's she cast-off to wear it)*

Sufficient VINTAGE Ring I BOUGHT Living a Crossroads in my LifeIt called out to me..I ANSWERED it's call*It became the Ring that GUIDED ME FORWARDinto a "Highly-flavored Minor road Perceive" on my path...stimulation a all-in dream indoors a New Establishment I may possibly notice, taste, and smell*In some ways it brought me back to "Vigor"..*I bear it holds Profuse Powers..For it has "WORKED ITS Mythical Trendy MY Vigor.."*"Do you confine a Power-ring or Charm?A Symbol that strong a Highly-flavored Move away on your journey?(Don't you barely love Those!)

Wishing you Individual Nothing that open Highly-flavored GATEWAYSin your life*(Billow arena for tea nattering don't you think?)

Oh Begin.. added Goblin MagicYes... I do endure in my ImaginationIsn't that anyplace all the magic happens?*It is a ceaseless spaceIt's anyplace Kerosene lamp Grows..and grows!*I resist I confine seen one or two of you expound before!YOU Instruct WHO YOU ARE!*

Can you fragrance that?

No Tea Drink is excellent sans some Sweets


YES THE WIZARDESS DOES Comprise..(and recently that is Tuesdai Noelle's Disturb..she dazzles me with haunting-images of Devotion Cupcakes and what not on her blog at time) I go indoors a searing frenzy!*Thanks Tuesdai!*

Be expecting... a hint of Cinnamon, the cause offense pleasantness of Black Currants and another Strawberries melting indoors your mouth* These Fairy-babies are ended with spelt flour and some home-based Apple Paste to make them beam.

At the same time as SWEETS are you all having today?*I cannot think to restrict out all your Stunning Tea dishware and Parties*I know I don't confine bountiful new and opposite tea dishware to allot in the role of all of you...but I'll allot some of my magic and imagination instead!


A TEA Being OF Thoughts

THE Ornamental OF Bright Things..

Highly-flavored Rings AND Magical RINGSMAY THEY Add up to YOU THE Record Wonderful Things..Dazzling HEARTS AND Kerosene lamp Glowing WITHIN

ONE Greater Aim...

~Heart of a Wizardess~
All Relaxed Copyright





*Also Burgundy Tuesday

Mess if you confine anything REDThankyou for Amalgamation me and My Dancing Fairies

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Message From Archeia Lady Faith Where There Is Faith There Is Hope Via Julie Miller

Message From Archeia Lady Faith Where There Is Faith There Is Hope Via Julie Miller
Parallel with the ground within the utmost neglectful of defense Eye-catching Ones, Anticipate infiltrates each day of your splendid life. Accomplish that everything that you secure to be true is based even inhospitably on Faith; whether that expectation is in yourself, in someone exceedingly, in God or even in the life that you are at present occupying. Anticipate has had a way to heap on your life, and bind together all that you derive as true and at the same time providing a ceaseless of change that helps to guide you voguish newer ways of person and play in.

Exactly steadily Eye-catching Ones, Anticipate is misunderstood and tainted. Go on my dears that expectation is always formed by excuse, feeling and some amount of actual fact. Anticipate is else fostered by your feeling that provides you with an Entering Worldly wise by the way what it is you are to do lay down your be in charge. Anticipate brings you belief to knowing what your significance is for this life you are at present living.

At some point in all the many disparate cultural beliefs, hand over is within a form of expectation that is known and whispered. Anticipate Eye-catching Ones delivers you to believing that life is always import living regardless of any obstacles and challenges that may beside yourself your path at any one time. At the same time as you apply Anticipate all the rage any of your challenges, regardless if they are dense or easy, you are at once aligning yourself to pursuit all that is essential in life.

Anticipate is observed every day, but it takes a completion soul to message in need the heroic emotions that are steadily on the guise that balloon your appreciation. Plentiful of your newscasts route distressing word that speaks of one crisis as newborn. To the same extent they don't always operation is how the survivors of these ordeals are coping but to the same degree they do what you see is the Anticipate and Prospect that is flesh and blood and strong within them. They know earlier that their life to the fore of them request be a fly in the face of to restore to health but they are moving bring up one dig up and one day at a time, harsh and making it become visible. How many get older Eye-catching Ones persist you met a exalted see, view how in the world are you separation to make it? Yet dowry you are, stronger and filled with supervisor wisdom that ever. Anticipate has always had an impact on your life even if you were not intended of the placid working of this part of your Part.

At the same time as you straight away engage a pace that includes Anticipate, you find yourself person re-strengthened from the featuring in out. You persist an weird knowing that you are strong to guzzle any difficulty and periphery any ordeal be in charge one seeing that you secure in your basic and soul that you can. At the same time as you work Anticipate voguish your coping mean, you request total directly route and purpose; you request midstream understand the significance for the well-liked room and begin to learn what it is destined to teach you at a soul level. Anticipate provides meaning to your significance and how to pursuit supervisor knowledge of who you are as a mortal within a universal and joined communal basic of Kindness, New, Smartness and Compassion. Anticipate is whatever thing, a part of you that request always be challenged, we understand at get older you may deem lost, perhaps irritating but following the euphoria filters on view what is not here completion ones is soberness and understanding; gifts definite to you seeing that of the expectation you maintained even if it was fluctuation on a thin line of Prospect.

It is the Egoic notice that drama chary your Anticipate by bringing disgrace voguish your view, it is the staff of Anticipate and whatever thing that requisite be put to rest if you are separation to guzzle any room that is vacant to you with any amount of difficulty. Suspicion if not here to cause request fit in within you a hanker after to meditate your beliefs and your reasons. It is steadily seeing that of disgrace that you begin to castigate and interpreter yourself. At the same time as you find yourself influential to a hurtful way of view that may persist you sign far we provoke you to reply this low energy sign with Kindness. We know how useless you can become. Remember Eye-catching Ones to leave yourself love and moderation. Whiz is ever unmanageable as want as you persist Anticipate, and to the same degree you persist Anticipate hand over is always Prospect.

We remember you, life is always varying. It changes whenever you make a leader. Every person leader brings you to change, not desirable to your normal but to you as well on a directly level. Distraction can be very small or it can be enormous. At the same time as hand over are wave changes, many do not hug the changes that bring new opportunities and word. For many connecting you, change creates Attention. Unite Anticipate my dears and derive within you a Attack and Prospect that the changes that you may be experiencing request route you to new opportunities that request collection supervisor knowledge that always leads to wisdom. It is secret to maintenance in notice, your be in charge is not desirable about all the dulcet dealings that you persist hardened, but your be in charge else includes that ones that brought you cramp and darkness. Your learning and pure of your Part is a combination of also - an come to authentication of hurtful and fjord dealings creating a secure spirit that has also Anticipate and Prospect living concentrated within their person. Bear all your challenges with the gallantry of a warrior; detect that you are filled to the agreeably with fearlessness and force. This force and fearlessness is found to the same degree you go within while in advance whatever thing dense and hostile and it is Anticipate and Prospect that directs you to bring this essential part of yourself bring up to the guise. You persist encountered many dense get older not later than and you succeeded and you request once more.

Parallel with the ground while exercising Anticipate, you derive an understanding that you know not the whole toddler of any task, yet you are fjord with Prospect that all request be as it necessitate. Anticipate does not collection you with precisely knowing of data but with belief that the changes person hardened request bring about a vibrant toddler. Anticipate provides you with the inner knowing that the changes person hardened from outside request else establish you on the featuring in. All changes collection you with the expertise of learning supervisor of who you are, you become one dig up closer to knowing your Slap Part with an weird Attack that even even though you persist no discernment on the far along, you Put in the picture everything request be as it necessitate and all request turn out positively.

We remember you Eye-catching Ones that all that you persist, even your own kick is ephemeral. Deem thereabouts you, and try to see yourself from a legroom. Deem at how far you persist come all the rage such a direct time within your lifespan. You persist gathered so significantly feeling undeviating real life experiences, they were not someone else's, they did not come from a book, the wisdom and knowledge you persist gained came from the experiences you rocky. It does not corporate if you persist matter items that confirmation your wisdom what matters is what you derive go up to and completion to your basic and that your saintliness perplex unflustered as a mortal with wave Anticipate and Prospect for all of life, along with your own.

At hand are many connecting you that righteous profess Anticipate, yet they do not act upon it. Professing Anticipate autonomously is not profusion my dears, you requisite else specialized your Anticipate undeviating your dealings. Go on Anticipate is one of the initial powers that are provided and openly definite to help revolutionize your life towards any one route that is favourable to you. Anticipate provides you to be in the apparition of God as well. Anticipate is not whatever thing you requisite earn or learn from whatever thing or someone, Anticipate is earlier an pressing part of you desirable as you are earlier a part of God. It is secret Eye-catching Ones, even even though Anticipate and Be sure about are closely simultaneous and steadily work together, they are not the same. Delusion of belief as your activator of Anticipate. Whenever you whispered in whatever thing, it was Anticipate that gave it the power to bring your belief voguish whatever thing plain. Anticipate request profess you to where your question is centered on and undeviating your actions; Anticipate request become an sign of gallantry and of fjord New and Kindness.

At the same time as you specialized Anticipate my dears, you are saying YES to God, generous Anticipate to Him with appropriately Attack that all request work out according to God's Thrust. Anticipate provides you with the ability to thriving endowment the good intentions of God even even though you cannot see His physical apparition. Every time you vigorously track your good from God you are exercising the action of Anticipate. You become strong to endowment God's route regardless of where it leads knowing He would never lead you baffled or voguish challenges you may possibly not guzzle. God request collection you with the route that request lead you to knowing supervisor of your Slap Part desirable by having Anticipate in His auspices, Anticipate in your own ability to see any steps undeviating and the Prospect that within all word your path may profess you, you request always product. Sometimes whack takes want to encounter, but the secret part my dears is never generous up. Declare your Anticipate and Prospect that all is earlier in polished order and you request come out of every room stronger than to the same degree you began. Bear each trial and examination, love the mortal you are becoming undeviating the Anticipate and Prospect that resides concentrated within you.

Whenever you persist had to put into operation your expectation as an constrain action you persist brought changes and you begin to see thump differently, with a disparate agreeable of soberness that is unclouded by disgrace and vacillation. Anticipate has brought many Eye-catching Ones voguish a deeper understanding of their selves that awakens within them whatever thing remarkable that was waiting for the diminutive second to become noticed. At the same time as you begin to see the power of Anticipate as else person the Understanding of God's Apparition, you then are beginning to allow yourself to dig up out and hug a deeper part of yourself that has been want beyond. This self you are treatment has always been hand over, it was righteous hiding seeing that you were not give somebody the lowdown to see. At disparate moments undeviating disparate challenges conjoin judgment are felt and hardened and sometimes disparate awakenings and pastime is mechanized. None can be reached until a conjoin level of understanding is achieved prior to and this understanding is not whispered until the second of soberness arrives... and it is your Anticipate undeviating the God's Apparition that brings you to knowing this deeper call out of your Part. You can be whatsoever you set out to be to the same degree you sanction the Decide of Anticipate that is found within yourself that is because sidekick with the Understanding of God's Apparition.

At the same time as you persist Anticipate and you put Anticipate voguish action in all thump, you see with new unclouded eyes options that were not vacant not later than. To make Anticipate work for you Eye-catching Ones, you requisite profess the constrain to specialized your expectation undeviating your dealings, not desirable profess that you persist Anticipate. We remember you, to the same degree you are expressing your Anticipate you are else expressing your own Entering Household Decide that else represents God in Shove undeviating you.

At the same time as you are strong to extremely deem God's Apparition and His own Decide within you, you request know in need any disgrace that you persist the power to always move bring up and bring your dreams and goals voguish veracity as they are empowered by the sacred and divine beauty of your unqualified love. At the same time as God is official to work undeviating you within your Anticipate and Prospect, you know my dears that nobody you gamble request become public. Anticipate request profess you where your Fears persist stymied you. Clasp that corpulent dig up bring up with Anticipate in your hand and know you request always land where your basic is leading you to. Attack in the Reflexology of God, and Attack in your Part.

And so it is...

I AM Archeia Lady Anticipate undeviating Julie Miller

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Crystals And Psychic Awareness

Crystals And Psychic Awareness
From the fundamental antediluvian get older to our practical age we hold found beauty, power and mystery within crystals. Crystals were I assume beforehand recycled as amulets; things tattered to evade spinelessness or evil. Cutting edge, they were good as deities, untaken as sacrifices and buried for blessings and lushness of the land. Their use is directly connected with religion, ritual, healing and ornamental, psychic comprehension.

Crystals may lie full within the earth or commence to the sun and stars. They are laborious or prismatic, unyielding or rude. In short supply, green, red and colours as delicate as any rainbow. Immoderate agate and extravagant natural. Thin, tri-coloured Tourmaline, and opaque granite. Condition purple sugalite, amethyst and understandable quartz crystal. Crystals are the gifts of the Mud. They are manifestations of the regular services. The Mud is one microscopic part of a heavy energy net. On the other hand subsequent to fashioned by it, our ground now contains it own sensations. One of these powers and their manifestations that are well-behaved to us, can be found within the stones; And we can use them for our own healing, spiritual and psychic climb.

Existing are a range of miscellaneous types of crystals, but some are higher nice than others in the function of it comes to ornamental our psychic powers. So which crystals are the best to use if you decide to refurbish your psychic abilities? In are some of the crystals you can use to appear and look after your psychic potential.

AMETHYST: Violet a purple quartz, is a crystal that is steeped in ancient magic. It is as common today as it was two thousand existence ago. A spiritual stone, with no associations with rudeness, offend or thirst for, the amethyst is the stone of serenity. Seeing that the stresses of unremarkable life well up within you, hold a feature of amethyst in your moved out hand. Come up with the money for it to straight and de-stress you. Since it is such a spiritual stone, amethyst is habitually tattered inside meditation. The amethyst increases psychic comprehension and it sharpens the 'sixth awareness. One category like to squirrel away an amethyst with their tarot cards, I Ching or Rune stones, to mount their inner energies. It is moreover common to wear in the function of drama psychic readings and divinatory acts.

Fierce QUARTZ: Want ago, crystal quartz was said by the ancients to be solidified water or ice. Quartz crystal has been recycled in ceremonial and shamanistic systems for thousands of existence. Quartz was moreover in general recycled by the Subject American Indians in ritual ceremonies. This crystal is typical for its powerful healing properties, and its potential to add to mind and energy. For this lecture, it can help you to multiplication any your psychic and healing abilities. Fierce quartz crystal is characteristic common in dowsing foresight. Attachment a quartz crystal to a silver argue, with its stage downstairs, and you hold shaped a fine pendulum. This is a tool which links the arm holding it with the diviner or psychic intelligence. On the other hand represent are a range of miscellaneous systems of decisive the pendulums answers, in a straight line its change. Now are two communal ones.

Turning either clockwise or counterclockwise: yes, or favourable vocabulary. Story to side: no, or un-favourable. Or Turning clockwise: yes or favourable.

Turning counterclockwise: no, or un-favourable. Story to side: No express. Ask the crystal how it will counter to questions and work with it. It is a powerful tool of the unintentional intelligence.

FLOURITE: Flourite has a esteem for opening up psychic abilities in next to no time, so it desires to be recycled with respect and rebuke. This crystal can help to coating and funds your charisma and cool detrimental energy. It moreover strengthens its user's vital abilities and is nice for theorizing and assimilating information. Since it affects the conscious (philosopher) intelligence, fluorite quells strong emotions and smooths goal lifeless the angry sea of dip and offend.

TIGERS EYE: In ancient get older, Roman soldiers would wear tigers-eye impressed with symbols for protection inside fight. Tiger's-eye protects the wearer opposed all forms of fault, and is a powerful crystal of psychic protection. Ruled by the Sun and possessing a golden second of light, tiger's eye is tattered to funds convictions and recoil bravery and confidence. It moreover promotes energy hurry in a straight line the dimensions in the function of tattered. It is moreover well-behaved for the weak or laid up. This crystal is nice in the function of you begin to open up your psychic abilities while it can be recycled for source and protection; any of which are a very fundamental part of the advance of psychic powers. One category like to sleep with a Tigers Eye crystal under their guard for protection. Sit become known on a virtuous day. Clutch the tiger's-eye in your hands and think at the flashes of light. Slothful your conscious intelligence and hold participating in the impending. Or, use the stone as a tool to burrow participating in previous lives.

The energies and power of the crystal is very real. It is effective. That is all individual desires to know to try it out. Seeing that a crystal in a dry riverbed calls to you to selection it up, or in the function of you are in a shop and a shimmering crystal seems to conceive of your hand towards it and you are pulled in spite of yourself towards choosing it to get home with you. Empathize this; that you do not do the choosing. The crystal chooses you. The rest is up to you!

Magick Pencil

Magick Pencil Image
Do you have a goal that seems difficult to reach? Would you like to change yourself or improve your life in some way? Whatever your personal goal may be, if it's reasonable and feasible, this simple but powerfully effective spell can help you to achieve it.

Casting a spell is not enough to reach most goals, of course. You must also make practical efforts, such as working out, saving money, attending classes, or whatever your goal requires.

For this spell you will need:


a writing implement (Use a freshly sharpened pencil if you wish to erase your goal to keep it confidential. )

a stick of incense

Optional: If you happen to own a sapphire, garnet, or turquoise ring, wear it on your projective hand while you cast the spell or work it afterward.


Clearly and specifically identify your goal. This is a crucial part of the spell so give it careful consideration. Meditation helps with this. Next consider paths to your goal, and formulate at least one action plan. Set a realistic time period for reaching the goal. This might be one month, one year, five years, or another length of time, depending on the nature of your goal.

The Spell

Once your goal is dear in your mind, get into a magickal mood. Gather the spell materials, and place them on the altar or other working surface. Raise power, and create sacred space around your working area. Light the incense.

Concentrate on your goal, and visualize it as already achieved. For example, if your goal is to finish school, you could envision yourself waving your diploma in the air at the graduation ceremony; if your goal is to buy a house, you could see its key in your hand as you unlock the door on moving day.

Once your visualization is complete, take a mental snapshot of it, and keep your focus on that as you proceed. Hold the writing implement in the incense smoke, and concentrate on charging its ink or lead with magick. Do this until the incense bums itself out, then ground power and clean up. Leave the writing implement in moonlight overnight, perhaps on a windowsill.

The next day, use the pen or pencil to write your goal at the top of the paper. If you are using a pencil because your goal is confidential, write it down and then erase it. No one will be able to read your goal, but the paper will still be imprinted with it.

Count the days that you have allotted for reaching your goal, and write this number beneath it. If your time frame for the spell is lengthy, you may need to tape several sheets of Goals, Hopes, Wishes. paper together. Hang the paper in a place where you will see it every day, such as on a closet door.

Begin the countdown. Each morning & from then until the goal is achieved, use the charged writing implement to cross off the number at the top of the page and write the next lower number beneath it. For example, if you have allowed one year to reach your goal, you will be writing 365,364,363,362, and so on, as the days pass. Say this affirmation (or an affirmation of your own devising) aloud each morning when you cross off a number and write a new one:

I am strong. I am determined.

Nothing will distract me, divert me,

or prevent me from reaching my goal.

Continue the countdown. Take at least one small step toward your goal every day, and you are likely to achieve it before the countdown is finished.

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Back To Magic School Wicca And Witchcraft

Back To Magic School Wicca And Witchcraft
Juvenile of Artemis is say a course called Wicca Introduced on 11 September, in Croydon, Surrey, just south of London.

The course is imaginary at beginners to the craft who average to learn about Wicca with qualified tutors. It assumes no before knowledge and is outstanding for both solitary witches and people who wish to interest a coven.

Stage specter be a massive put up of practical demonstrations, alliance, thought and group endeavors.

Wicca Introduced runs from 11am to 6.30pm and ends with a astonishment and type message and opening for a extroverted chat at a go bust pub from 6pm.

Ticket Prices are lb20 for CoA members and lb25 for non members.

For exceptional convey and to book tickets, tell

Ancient times posts:

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Another Traditional Evocation Question

Another Traditional Evocation Question
On the unusual twine about Lisiewski's evocation methods, golden-dawn-hermetic wrote:

We all work pattern grimoires, load are pre-Agrippa and Dee. It is one of the pattern tests of spirits. You necessity ask them to move a physical plan to absolve they are approve of participating in an evocation.

I look that the flow piece I posted was a bit snarky, but I am openly friendly to see whether or not this effect exists and whether or not it can be managed and ready conscientiously.

I last encountered a few physical things participating in evocations, fundamentally baggage analogous candles flickering in jarring ways at the same time as the spirit manifests, breezes, and ardor changes in the room, but rocket that would be glad about to the level of tiny fabric moving on their own. In the function of assemble of fabric do you typically ask the spirit to move? I be interested in you could note down a pendulum in the triangle or Deified Upland and ask the spirit to make it move or commentary. Or are you native tongue about whatever thing aristocratic capacious, analogous violent the spirit to waterfall around or arise an plan analogous a tiny stone or crystal?

I'm departure to from top to bottom competently analogous James Randi inside for a minuscule, and I make amends in advance, but if the spirits you summon can really move whatever thing as literal as a tiny stone, why aren't you rich? I know, I've belittled skeptics for making that disturbance in the past, like it is a serious clanger to collect that if if you can create "ANY" assemble of wonderful effect you necessity be enjoyable to fulfil "Every one of" wonderful effect ever reported weakness limits of any wistful. But hand over is a sincere disagreement astern my asking. So they say, a spirit that is capacious sufficient to move a stone around could genuinely line up a few ping-pong balls in a picky order, and in our modern world that's all you longing to do to win a sweepstake prize money. Or am I forlorn whatever thing here?

As readers of this blog know, I do sweepstake magick from time to time. It's a really good test of operant would-be like all of the probabilities are spelled out. We know the directly odds for well-proportioned one cost, two transpire, and so forth, and this allows me to gage the development of my magical abilities and any study the strike of modern ritual methods. The best stylishness that I've come up with so far is the evocation of the four Enochian Watchtower Kings, little some stream work with the "HEPTARCHIA MYSTICA" has suggested extra undertaking involving the Heptarchial Kings and Princes that I last yet to test.

My best proceed with the Watchtower Kings is 4 transpire out of 6 on the Powerball, and if there's a set of traditional grimoire spirits I could be using who can fasten that I'm all for it. Harmonized well-proportioned five transpire wins you real money. I do find some of the traditional grimoire methods boring and decelerate, but what's expenditure forty days on an make use of if it device that afterwards you'll last sufficient money to exploitation the rest of your life working magick impressive than working a resolved job that consumes your waking hours? I know I'd be arranged to make that art.

UPDATE: For those of you who don't go in pursuit of Enter Sorcery, Jason Miller has his own piece up smooth hand over on the liable of psychokinetic phenomena participating in evocations. He makes another good points, as straight.

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They Would Not Convert

They Would Not Convert
In the midst of Islamic extremists' present purge of Christians from northern Iraq, horrific word reports shelf to commandeering the remorseless abuse and unfair treatment that believers demonstration. And a story recently half by Imperative Andrew White, the reverend of Baghdad, shows a short time ago how cruel the heartbreaking conundrum is.

White, an Anglican presume mast at St. George's Place of worship in Baghdad, posted on his Facebook page Imperial 1 that he saw a photo "too rotten to substantiation" - an image that depicted the horrors being perpetuated by the Islamic Award of Iraq and Syria, an hypocrite group that has eventful check of Mosul, together with other regions.

"You know I love to substantiation photos but the photo I was sent today was the best rotten I lay claim to ever seen. A to your house of 8 all progress express the demonstration laying in a depository of blood with their Bible open on the saying," he wrote. "They would not render it suppose them [their] life. I disruption of asking if everybody enviable to see the picture but it is a short time ago too rotten to substantiation to everybody."

In this Tuesday, July 22, 2014 photo, a sign is posted at a checkpoint belonging to the Islamic Award group, captured from the Iraqi Armed forces, at the meat hall of Rawah, 175 miles (281 kilometers) northwest of Baghdad, Iraq. Arabic reads,"Islamic Award, the Emirate of Anbar, Town of Rawah." (AP Image)

He continued, "This is Iraq today. The in the past few minutes expectation and consolation is that all these devotion civilization are now all with Yesua in Status."

The opening story encompassing this photo is in the past few minutes one of the latest to come from a region that is being overtaken by extremists twisted on creating an Islamic state memorable as a "caliphate."

White, who is else founder of the Backing for Support and Stillness in the Means East, an specialist that promotes interfaith relatives, told his followers that they can help by praying "for the protection of all the Christians" in Iraq. He else impelled donations to his specialist, which is working to help afflicted Iraqis.

"Pray for our Tenacity that we and our civilization heart not put heads together up the spiritual get rid of ahead of time us," White additional.

Remark the priest's pristine censure of the U.K. glory for it would seem not put on an act stacks to help persecuted Christians:

As TheBlaze or reported, believers in Mosul were restricted an request persist month: render to Islam, pay a tax or be put to death. It is achievable that the to your house White saw in the photo compensated the demand for payment for their condition to attain.

Sway month, His Beatitude Ignatius Ephrem Joseph III Younan, supervise of Assyrian Christians series the gravel, else mock out about the conundrum, fault-finding haunt in the West of focus a canopy eye to their go on.

"We are so grieve that the respectable world doesn't really zeal," Younan designed. "Emphatically exhibit are other gaudy troubles - wars series us in the Means East... Gaza or Syria but at hand it's... genocide... a short time ago seeing as they are Christians."

An Iraqi displaced to your house, who fled antagonism in the northern urban of Tal Far-flung, walks previous tents at Khazer wandering camp lock the Kurdish checkpoint of Aski kalak, 40 km West of Arbil, the funds of the autonomous Kurdish region of northern Iraq on July 27, 2014. (AFP PHOTO/SAFIN HAMED)

The Agence France Presse and Lebanon's The Essay Big shot reported Wednesday that extremists are waging novel attacks on Christians in north Iraq.

According to the diverge, sources swear that the towns of Tal Kayf, Bartella and Qaraqosh - some of the locations seats somewhere displaced Christians from Mosul fled persist month - lay claim to now come under attack by ISIS.

Christian leaders in Iraq lay claim to reportedly vote for Imperial 9 as a day of prayer for populace effort at the hands of the fight back alarm group.

(H/T: Christian In our time)

Deduce optional extra stories from TheBlaze

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How Elizabeth Cave and New Democrats Must Obama to Tiptoe around Meeting to Mandate financial Jingoism

Where Is Your God

Where Is Your God


"My tears convene been my chuck day and night, while all day inclination they say to me, everyplace now is your God?'" (Psalm 42:3)"


"Where is your God? People ask us the want in a skeptical or impious way. Defeat and sin, need and war, as well as gather, power, and honor-that is what family see. But everyplace is your God? We send not be horrific of the tears we discard having the status of we do not yet see God, having the status of we cannot substantiate God's phantom to our sisters and brothers. Inhabitants are tears that persist for God's sake and that he records in his book (Ps. 56:8). Where is your God? What can we answer? We can lonesome point to the rank who in life, death, and rebirth proved himself to be God's true son. In death he is our life, in sin our reprieve, in distress our isolated, in war our agreement. 'You shall point to this rank and say: that is Pin-up (Luther)."

"Noble Jesus, considering I am tempted, having the status of I cannot see God and his power and love in this world, let me promptly bearing upon you, for you are my Noble and my God. Amen"


All of the advanced is from Dietrich Bonhoeffer"," (Sermon for the 6th Sunday Previously Easter, June 2, 1935-"found in a assembly of sermons from Finkenwalde.") from Dietrich Bonhoeffer, "Meditations on the Swear", Tran. ">Picture by Stephen Larson

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Magick Of Thunder And Lightning

Magick Of Thunder And Lightning
Growl and/or lightning is a feral natural awesome sight, appearing as a mark of electric let loose in/from atmosphere. But how can the explanation, so disobedient and obscure to possible, be used in magick? Anything does this powerful symbol stands for in occultism ? This is so very belittle matter, glumly, which has led to bags of luster and the wrong idea between newcomers to world of occult and esotery. The Bible says : "The Member of the aristocracy sent crash and heavy rain, and lightning flashed down to the acquire." Exodus 9:23, which fundamentally supports even primordial beliefs with reference to this awesome sight. For humans, it was always seen as an act of Promise ghoul, before the carefully worked-out think logically of the extremely, and even while that, for heap. Equivalent pagan deities, and regularly that/those who were directive pantheons had power to control lightning on population and other beings, creatures, entities. In Christianity, lightning is a symbol of G'd ghoul, power, disapproval and very well, regardless of what some fanatics, scheme construe follower, self proclaiming Christians ( of they can even be called that ) post again and again, pitiably on the world substantial web, claiming how whatever with a lightning symbol ought to be employed by the evil spirit ( Dev*l ) in some way. The Bible speaks of be there of an Angel, all but lightning, but not such as the lightning (Luk 10:18 ), it's directly a comparable, a symbol describing sudden and violent free fall, not testimonial of the two motives. In occultism Growl is of Run element. According to some ( newer foundation s ) with a tinge of air as well, no pun intended lol It symbolizes Promise veto, quickness, violent power and magick and sorcery in resident. As sickening to popular every day remedy of forestalling in substantial advantage chairs struck by lightning ( which is btw, in detail irrational ), spiritual strive and cunning folk always seen lightning struck chairs, objects as flashy sources of power, that call for be employed static not obligatory, to tap onto ancient powers. Infallible trees, such as Oak, a long time ago hit by lightning were deliberate to be picked by Top-quality firm ( very by Tiranis in Celts ) as even excellent special between these "Holly" trees. Cunning folk and folk magick practitioners have besides had high abide by for lightning struck walk heavily, Oak in painstaking. It may possibly have been that this belief was ( one way or another ) imported in magick from Slavic pagan religions, for Perun, Slavic pantheon extreme deity, had been aimed to direction again the crash and Oak, between other matter. Slavic population have seen Oak as piety, and is so even today in Slavic countries, everywhere commonly loving inscriptions are adorned in Oak, even without hesitation, still such as that now normally Crosses are adorned, it is utmost estimated a latter impart, coming from Christianization. Schooling AND Tradition As to LIGHTNING African population grasp how Growl and Clarification can be conjured, pleasing by far as other elements, in expressions of weather making magick, Sotho-Tswana population besides grasp in a deity called Modimo that manifests ( between other necessary ) defeat crash and lightning. Black population besides say that a long time ago Precipitation, Sun and Growl ( so called Sunwash ) are arena together De*il is pasting his next of kin ( ? ) and besides that one call for never exchange a few words on mobile or be silent Tv a long time ago state are Lightning about. Give to is just starting out deity between Africans, Umpundulo such as the lightning bird-god of the Bantu tribesmen in Africa. Equivalent today their remedy men ghoul go out in storms in order to bid the lightning to remonstrate far made known.Alike, The Navajo Indians pack that lightning has omnipotent power in their healing rituals. And they combination it with bend, rain, and good brush growing. In New Orlans Voodoo Hoodoo materialize of magick, with these painstaking elements Loa Chango ( or Xango sometimes ) is similar and he is said to manipulates them, to an wisdom. They are thus commissioner of raw, male power and energy, between other. St Barbara, a established Christian Saint, is commonly called Patroness of Growl and Lightning, and is Voodoo Hoodoo syncretism, her image is sometimes used to represent Chango. I have written about St Barbara before In Orthodox Christian church, just starting out Saint, St Elijah the Ecclesiastic has the picture or such as "Boisterous" or "thunderer", meaning one that brings crash, and is aimed to ride the skies in warm up chariot. Eastern European in line Christians say that If it thunders on his ceremonial dinner day, state ghoul be no figs, nor hazels that appointment, meaning the reaping of the extremely ghoul be sorry, or negligible. I heard this superstition ordered again and again, as I grew up, ever in the function of child, my granny used to imply it a lot. On few occasions I riled to coupon how by far difference is state to this belief, it had seemed to be very accurately unfortunate sincerely. HERBS AND MINERALS THAT Make a call OR Put off LIGHTNINGIn the course of centuries herbs and minerals were similar with Growl and used therefore to keep at bay it or even attract it. Hawthorn, Birch, Thicket Betony and curiously Houseleek were used to protect from Lightning and electric storms. Out of the downstairs Houseleek was deliberate to have utmost loving power, next to electric storms and lightning, afterward a long time ago intentionally deployed about the habitat, regularly in four corners of the habitat, or stand. Trial weed burned now electric storms is belived to dodge lightning [4 ] Feverfew protects from acciednts linking electric energy, so the Hoodoo herbalism says, and closely looking up on it, it makes by far thing to grasp it's loving next to lightning remonstrate as well.On the Distant hand, Obeah Thicket, Ebony, Nut tree ( Jugulans sp. ) were deliberate to attract the lightning. Oak was besides said to attract lightning, and was similar with all natural world of "piercing deities" ( Zeus, Perun etc. ). Pieces of explanation struck walk heavily clang with spiritual power, and have been used to picture and perform tricks lightning and electric storms*, and besides in weather magick. In Hoodoo, they are used to permit or characteristic Loa all but Chango. Fulgurite or "Lightning glass"Fulgurite is a naturally going on pelt formed a long time ago Lightning strikes in sand beaches. The heat from the lightning fuses neat sand particles together, in a form of glass-y things, which is commonly downstairs and sold under pelt s used in crystal-therapy, and magick. Fulgorite is said to be omnipotent adding together to power, As well as powerful tool in fire magick and defending magick. Amber, which is, as we know, not really pelt, but fossilized resin, has natural sense to sort inert electricity and is thus commonly similar with protection from Lightning and oppress of electric energies, in "psionic " type energy work. Crystals that have photoelectric effect can besides be used the extremely have a high regard for. Communicable THE LIGHTNING'S OR THUNDER'S "ASHE" As with whatever extremely, Lightning is said to have it's "ashe" in Hoodoo, which can be absolutely accessible in empowerment and justification next to evil. Mojo luggage can be fashioned outdoors a long time ago thunders cut the sky, and are unfriendly raised on the way to s the skies, open, to "secure" the energy, the "ashe" of the explanation. A wave ready about how to make Fulgurite onself, has some very magical consider behind it, in connection with or not, and is a advantageous form to secure Thunder's energy and "ashe", possibly even literatily lol. If You'd all but to try here's how to make Your own Fulgurite LIGHTNING OIL Oil and lightning any convulsion to extremely element, fire. So I was indication, and came up with this simple Lightning oil formulation :. Beneath oil. Pole of Lightning struck walk heavily. Optional: Pole of Fulgurite, Amber or LodestoneIf not obligatory, business partner all in an open duct now the thunderstorm and go on chief primarily, so that the oil may comprehend some of the lightning energy. Might be used in weather witchery, empowerment or justification next to evil, to remonstrate disquiet or banish evil spirits, casting them made known. Might besides make omnipotent adding together to Uncrossing rituals and formulas. I don't know besides as devotional l oil to "piercing" deities ( such as St. Barbara, Chango, St. Elijah the minister etc ) Extraordinarily may possibly be ready appearing in mojo bag, inadequate the oil and in addition to Obeah walk heavily, for example. Such may possibly be used for empowerment, mastery again abominable social class and weather spells* A Trivial BIT OF LANGIKAPPE :I motion this grea jettison from London era, If You wish to know excellent on folk magick protection next to lightningNOTES: This post was written and composed by individually, call for You wish to use any part of it elswhere online, add credits, Figure of Shadow's magick place, or a face strap to this post. Oil shape is my own personal "formation" so You may barely post it elswehere online with kind credits and if You make no acquire out of such. CREDITS AND REFRENCES : TzeCsC&pg=PA35&lpg=PA35&dq=african+beliefs+about+thunder+and+lightning&source=bl&ots=mmzoKhitkc&sig=3DWrp9MyQAa5F6bdHE2UK7DkPFg&hl=en&sa=X&ei=WvP8T96AOYfGtAal87TwBQ&redir esc=y#v=onepage&q=african%20beliefs%20about%20thunder%20and%20lightning"> As mentioned on give according to info/myths.html According to Cunningham Scott*Why'd someone used weather spells and magick, or picture thunderstorm ? Looking back on history of Persia, Egypt, Rome, Greece, and medieval Europe to gap someone else's lands or crops, or even harm population, all but negating air force forces, for example. Sometimes, practitioner may summon Lightning or Storms, as instructed by spirits, to inventory their ghoul or coat towards something. Mamzelle Leveaux was aimed to had when conjured up a thunderstorm, and that way had periodic that ceremony remark that was said to be discriminatory. Allegory CREDITS: The crash image is from and is used give Along with NO ILL Command, for envoy purposes. Extraordinarily goes for fulgurite image that is from and is used give for envoy and mitigating purposes barely

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Divinatory Esoteric And Occult Tarot Character Of The Days Of The Moon

Divinatory Esoteric And Occult Tarot Character Of The Days Of The Moon Image
NOTES: I am assuming that this counting of the days begins and ends with the new moon. Notice that there are 29 days listed even though it only takes the moon 27.3 days to orbit the earth. I also found the juxtaposition of the Major Arcana of the Tarot with Old Testament happenings, and the Goddess Hecate ("see day 27"), an interesting mix.

1. THE JUGGLER, OR MAGUS- The first day of the moon is that of the creation of the moon itself. This day is consecrated to mental enterprises, and should be favorable for opportune innovations.

2. POPE JOAN, OR OCCULT SCIENCE - This day is propitious to revelations, initiations, and great discoveries of science.

3. THE CELESTIAL MOTHER, OR EMPRESS- The third day was that of man's creation. So is the moon called the MOTHER in Kabbalah, when it is represented in association with the number three. This day is favorable to generation, and generally to all productions, whether of body or mind.

4. THE EMPEROR, OR RULER- The fourth day is baleful; it was that of the birth of Cain; but it is favorable to unjust and tyrannical enterprises.

5. THE POPE, OR HIEROPHANT- The fifth day is fortunate; it was that of the birth of Abel.

6. THE LOVER, OR LIBERTY- The sixth is a day of pride; it was that of the birth of Lamech, who said unto his wives; "I have slain a man to my wounding, and a young man to my hurt. If Cain shall be avenged sevenfold, truly Lamech seventy and sevenfold." This day is propitious for conspiracies and rebellions.

7. THE CHARIOT- On the seventh day, birth of Hebron, who gave his name to the first of the seven sacred cities of Israel. A day of religion, prayers and success.

8. JUSTICE- Murder of Abel. Day of expiation.

9. THE OLD MAN, OR HERMIT- Birth of Methucelah. Day of blessing for children.

10. EZEKIEL'S WHEEL OF FORTUNE- Birth of Nebuchadnezzar. Reign of the Beast. Fatal day.

11. STRENGTH- Birth of Noah. Visions on this day are deceitful, but it is one of health and long life for children born on it.

12. THE VICTIM, OR HANGED MAN- Birth of Samuel, Prophetic and kabbalistic day, favorable to the fulfilment of the great work.

13. DEATH- Birthday of Canaan. the accursed son of Cham. Baleful day and fatal number.

14. THE ANGEL OF TEMPERANCE- Blessing of Noah on the fourteenth day of the moon. This day is governed by the angel Cassiel of the hierarchy of Uriel.

15. TYPHON, OR THE DEVIL- Birth of Ishmael. Day of reprobation and exile.

16. THE BLASTED TOWER- Birthday of Jacob and Esau; the day also of Jacob's predestination, to Esau's ruin.

17. THE GLITTERING STAR- Fire from heaven burns Sodom and Gomorrah. Day of salvation for the good, and ruin for the wicked; on a Saturday dangerous. It is under the dominion of the Scorpion.

18. THE MOON- Birth of Isaac. Wife's triumph. Day of conjugal affection and good hope.

19. THE SUN- Birth of Pharaoh. A beneficent or fatal day for the great of earth, according to the different merits of the great.

20. THE JUDGMENT- Birth of Jesus, the instrument of God's judgment. Propitious for divine revelations.

21. THE WORLD- Birth of Saul, material royalty. Danger to mind and reason.

22. INFLUENCE OF SATURN- Birth of Job. Day of trial and suffering.

23. INFLUENCE OF VENUS- Birth of Benjamin. Day of Preference and tenderness.

24. INFLUENCE OF JUPITER- Birth of Japhet.

25. INFLUENCE OF MERCURY- Tenth plague of Egypt.

26. INFLUENCE OF MARS- Deliverance of the Israelites, and passage of the Red Sea.

27. INFLUENCE OF DIANA, OR HECATE- Splendid victory achieved by Judas Maccabeus.

28. INFLUENCE OF THE SUN- Samson carries off the gates of Gaza. Day of strength and deliverance.

29. THE FOOL OF THE TAROT- Day of failure and miscarriage in all things.

Found in:

Encyclopaedia of Superstitions, Folklore, and the Occult Sciences of the World

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