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Awareness Techniques

Awareness Techniques Cover 07/26/89 09:50:45


a. Make person comfortable
b. Rub Legs and feet
c. Rub (manipulate) forehead


a. Close Eyes
b. Make Yourself a few inches taller (feet) "tell me as soon as you have done
c. "go back to normal size"
d. foot taller (feet) tell me as soon...etc
e. "go back to normal size
f. repeat d&e
g. few inches taller (head) "tell me as soon...etc
h. go back to normal size
i. foot taller, tell me etc.
j. go back to normal size, tell me.
k. Repeat i & j 2 times (3 times total)
l. Now this time I want you to extend yourself through the head, (pause)face,
(pause),body,(pause),arms,(pause),legs,(pause), and feet. In other words blow
yourself up just like a balloon.
m. go back to normal size


a. Now I want you to blow yourself up like a ballon but much bigger this time.
Tell me when you have done this.
b. Go quickly and stand in front of the building in which you live tell me as
soon as you have done this.
c. Have him briefly describe the door, doorknob, windows, walkway, trees,
shrubs, marks of any kind.
d. Go quickly and stand on the roof of the building and look down into the road
(yard) in front, tell me as soon as you are there.
e. "Briefly describe what you see"
f. "Go 500 ft. into the air and look down. (tell me when you have done this.
g. "Describe what you see"
h. "Is it day or night?" Why do you think it is so?"
i. "I want you to change is to (day/night) tell me as soon as you have done
j. Repeat i 3 times ending with it a bright sunny day.
k. "who is making it day and night?"
l. "Now are you still high in the air?"
m. "Please keep it bright and come back to earth in another lifetime that you
have lived Many Years ago. Come down quickly, as you go back in time;
bringing your feet down quickly and firmly but gently, and stand on the
ground tell me as soon as you have done this.
n. (watch for Rapid Eye Movement)

* * Controller * *

Now go to the question sheet.
Remember to advance or go back in some order and to keep the subject talking! If
at any time you must discontinue running say

"Do you see any reason to continue at this time?"

Let the subject decide when to stop.
Insist that the subject answer your Questions and does only what you tell him.

Move ahead by skipping first a day then a week, then a month ,a year, then on to
another lifetime.

After several lifetimes controller should have subject die and go through death.

* It is important to keep the subject talking!

1. Look down at your feet. Tell me what you are wearing on them. Describe them.

2. What do you have on your legs? Describe?

3. What else are you wearing.

4. Are you wearing jewelry? describe

5. Are you wearing anything on your waist? Describe

6. Are you male or female?

7. How old are you now?

8. What is your name?

9. What color is your skin?

10. Look around you and tell me what you see.

11. Do you have anything in your hands? Describe

12. Go stand before your (house) dwelling. Describe it to me.

13. Go quickly to the top of the roof and describe what you see.

14. Go 500 ft up and describe what you see.

15. Go back to standing before your home quickly, tell me when you are there.
Enter your home and tell me what you see.

16. What is this place called, your homeland?

17. What year is it?

18. What season is it?

19. What happens next?

* The CONTROLLER should also ask questions about what the subject is doing, how
things are made, what places look like and give orders leading the subject to do
things or go places which may be of interest.


Now I want you to die (remind subject he/she is safe)

1. How did you die? What caused your death?

2. What happens next?

3. Describe what is around you.

4. Are there others around you? What do they look like.

5. How do you feel? Why?

6. Looking back what was your general impression of this past incarnation?

7. Were there any significant lessons learned in this lifetime?

* * Do this for several lifetimes. ask him to go back and find his present
parents from the first time he saw them until after he was born. ask questions,
keep em talking.

1. Describe them to me

2. Did you choose them?

3. Why?

4. enter into the womb. Tell me when you are there

5. How do you feel

6. What do you hear

7. What happens next?

8. What do you expect to learn from this lifetime? From these parents

9. Age 3 months in the womb

10. Ask questions 5-7 again

11. Age 3 months more.

12. Ask questions 5-7 again

13. Today you will be born - Describe what your birth from your point of view.

14. (after birth) what is happening?

15. How do you feel?

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