Saturday, February 10, 2007

Tarot Tools And Tips

Tarot Tools And Tips Cover What does the future hold for you?

The better question is, what does the present hold? How can you improve your life as it stands now? How can you help family and friends to do the same? Below are some tools and tips that I have found help me very much.

I have been succesful doing readings for people Without them being present. I have done accurate readings for people when they live thousands of miles away. Don't let this issue concern you.

All you need is a clear mind and an open passage to the Divine.

I know when the Divine is with me and when she is supporting my reading. It's a feeling, a warmth...almost an Electric surge. If you've felt it before then you know what I mean.

Reading for someone else is not to be taken lightly. The changes that you may cause in the person may change their future.

I always ask the person if it's okay. I then go about asking the Goddess to show me only what the person needs to know.

Candles and incense are great. They help you relax and "get you in the mood". I set up three candles (color is up to you) and place them in a triangle formation. I then place my deck(s) in the center.

Then I go smoke a ciggarette. :) If you have a more healthy way of relaxing then by all means do so.

I leave the cards alone for a moment so they can be charged with the energy of the center.

I find it best to use more than one deck. Right now, I'm using the Fairy Oracle and the Animal Wise Tarot.

Using the Fairies I do a three card layout. Shuffling the cards until I feel the urge to stop, then laying three cards down, side by side. This represents the past present and future.

Keep in mind, my future card always represents the next step to take in the person's growth and not what will happen in the future.

If the person is not present, I write everything down as it comes to me. This is helpful because the Divine may guide you to greater insight than the cards themselves do.

I then move on to the Animal Wise Tarot. I ask which animal best represents the person in their current situation.

By using this method, you can coach the querrent as to how they can improve themselves by taking on the aspects of that particular card.

This can be done with any Tarot Deck, one or more.
Runes can also be incorporated into this setup.

Lastly, be sure that you and/or the querrent understands fully what the Reading meant, before putting the cards away.

Happy Reading!!! :D

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