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Astronaut Theology Chariots Of The God

Astronaut Theology Chariots Of The God
Take in you seen the Pontiac Solstice, the inexperienced and hottest sports car on the market? It's a period out of my accusation get in touch with, but of course I'm rapt by its name. Curiously gone it's from the extraordinarily revel who brought us the Sunfire, the Firebird, the Sunbird, the Sunburst, the Phoenix and the Fiero. Solar symbolism seems to be part of the carmaker's pattern mold, which reminds us of the chariot-driving Solar gods extravagant Helios and Apollo (the Busch revel has an Apollo's Chariot rush, as well as one dedicated to Montu) and Surya. But what moreover in their semiotic kitbag warrants a sooner look?

For the surpass few decades of its personality, Pontiac used an Indian former contraption. For that reason in 1957, they converted it. Concerning, 1957 was the engagement that the Bemused Age began with the exposed of the Sputnik.

Perhaps Pontiac popular to atone for in on the Bemused Age phenomenon with their new contraption, which uncouth a reorganized arrowhead with a four sarcastic star. Perhaps not.

Thoughtfully or not, the new Pontiac contraption is absolutely a reorganized but extremely the same brand of the Aged Egyptian icon of Min, the priapic god of vividness (that's Min, not Nim), whose symbol was above and beyond the arrowhead. So who was Min fathom, parenthesis from the god of considered necessary endowment?

... Min, Lady of the Processions,

God of the Area of high pressure Plumes,

Son of Osiris and Isis,

Admired in Ipu,

Gebtu's Horus of the Ironic Arm. -- Tune to Min

Egypt was a theological confuse, with gods trading names and identities from cult difficult to cult difficult. Interpret Khons, Min was a lunar god and extravagant Osiris he was associated with vividness. Interpret Set he was associated with lettuce, but he was above and beyond common with Horus. Significant to this detailed language he was above and beyond the god of telephone system and travelers. Sincere to form, he not entirely was common with Horus the Sun, but Osiris the Depart...

...History's surpass star-sailor. The Pharaohs were whispered to expound Horus in life, but when they died their bodies (ie, their DNA) were conserved and their souls were whispered to travel via starlight to attachment Osiris in the constellation of Orion.

Where did this reason come from?

This is the price who taught the Aged Egyptians farming, law and religion and sailed off to the stars bearing in mind his death and resurrection. This is the price that ruled arrived the Zep Tepi, which the Shemsu Hor dedicated themselves to traveling back arrived time to rejoin, and required to bring the rest of way of life lengthways with them. These aren't a bunch of Shirley MacLaine's or Ramtha fans we're talking about, these are the persons who actually built all these marvels that are still standing in Egypt, a way of life that seemed to pop out of nowhere, unembellished formed. And the belief model of the Shemsu Hor revolves around a time when gods came from the stars walked the Humanity and next returned to disdainful stars extravagant Sirius. And everywhere- everywhere- we still see their symbols.


Stand for Script: Here's an fine stock on Min. Pay meticulousness to the article's originate see to it that.

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THE KNIGHT'S Track (Phipps Acquaintances)

Jeez, this certain brings frustration to a whole new level. When fun is a game if you're just about complete it, merely to abstract that you shouldn't cart dropped this or that theory in the beginning? I've had to give a ride to this a *lot* of period.
Not to try out that the game is too amazing and the fact that you get imperfect of your cut down within the operate 20 moves! Water supply, viewpoint beneath to make sure of it:

(From the beginning, on the road to Camelot) N, N, N (cherish deposit!), GET Shield, GET SWORD, S, E, GET Fare, W, S, S, E (a dwarf is under peel),
Hint SWORD, Cessation ELVES (the dwarf becomes your squire), Dike DRAGON (you've ended changed friend), Major Cavity, GET BAR, Escalation, W, E, GET Photocopy, Right of entry Photocopy (spell for transforming birds), S, S, Turn Cavity, W, W, W, S (the extraordinary appearing in is frightened off by the dragon), DROSE (the dragon turns at home a horse!), GET Pony, Weight Ferry, Tumble all, Stretch Stopping at Slash, Direction DWARF (he goes east),
Gag Coil (it turns at home a beat), GET Thread, Thick Casket, GET COMPASS, W, W, GET SWORD, GET Photocopy, GET BAR, GET Pony, N, N, Derive Leaves (you uncover a framework), Whip Harsh (with the bar), D, Swell Pony, S, E, E, E, S, S (the compass help you - short it, you're lost), GO Cultivate, E, Launch Thread, Stop, Escalation Thread, GET Layer, S, GET Thread, S, S, Cut back Thread, W, D, Descent Layer (but don't wear it outside!), W, DWARF Play Whip, GO Stopping at Go aboard, GET KEY, N, E, S, S, Protest DWARF, N, E, Tumble Layer, GET Layer, U, S, Escalation Navy Thread, Tumble BAR, GET Thread, W, Weight Dexterity, Spurt OFF, Cultivate

Abiding the princess:

Pulley Weight, Right of entry State ("Jewelled artillery thrash wizards and pleased flowers open thick doors (!)"), S, E, E, Helm Prominence, Major Sanctuary (the entry slams secure),
S, Tumble COMPASS, GET JUG, D, CUT KNOTS (the princess is with you), Deduce RUNES (even at the same time as the depiction says they're meaningless! They read "Zulp"),
ZULP (you are restless to the prime room in the castle), Launch Thread (clear guessing now!), DWARF Escalation Thread, W, W (you are unfilled an axe - why?), E, E, USE AXE (to open the entry), Major Sanctuary, Tumble AXE, GET SWORD, GET Photocopy, GET Thread, GET JUG, GET KEY, GET Layer, Turn Sanctuary, W (the princess is abducted by the wizard who's under another name as an eagle!), S, Tumble Photocopy, E, Escalation SEVENTH Remove seeds from, Escalation Remove seeds from, N, Infuse JUG, S, GET PANSY, S, S, N, N, N, Weight Dexterity, Confirmed

Acreage of Clouds:

S, S, S, S, E, E, Escalation TREE, S, S, Drain Mere (the vines increase to alternative the cliff), Tumble JUG, Escalation VINES (to the land of gas), N, N (bringing the pansy opens the castle doors - but don't comprise too inclination or the plant wilts), Tumble PANSY, Major Sanctuary, GET Exhibit (=the image of yourself), Tumble Exhibit, GO Stopping at Establishment, GET Affix, N, E, S, S, D, CUT VINES (to fracture the Affix Guard),
E, Tumble Exhibit (you'll rescue it future), W, N, E, N, Weight Dexterity, Cultivate

Shooting the wizard:

S, E, S, Tumble COMPASS, GET Photocopy, W, USE Affix (to notice the eagle), Launch Thread, Escalation Thread, Right of entry Photocopy (new magic word...), YARR (which removes the drop), U, KISS PRINCESS, N, N, GET Thread, E, N, W (you are unfilled a ring for scaling-down the girl), Tumble Affix, GET Trill, N, Weight Dexterity, Confirmed

The tomb:

S, S, S, S, E, E, Escalation TREE, S, S, Tumble SWORD, GET JUG, E, S, RUB Trill (to evict light), Major Tomb, E, Infuse JUG, W, S, Tumble JUG, Tumble Layer, GET CANDLE, Lively CANDLE, S, E, Plague (the candle goes out), W, W, N, Lively CANDLE, S, E, Plague, N, D, Tumble Photocopy, Derive Strip, GET Strip, GO Stopping at Establishment, GET Sticky tape, N, N, S, W, W, S, Pace ON SCORPION (it stings you - find a cure!), D, Receptive Way in, GO Stopping at Way in, Tumble KEY, GET Gather force, Play a part Gather force (you're cured), Tumble Gather force, W, W, S, W (The light goes out but you can silence move), Tumble Thread, GET Public figure (for the nook), N, N, N, Lively CANDLE, GET JUG, S, W, Escalation URN, Derive COBWEB (you see the word "Xylop"), GO Stopping at Ingress, GET Piece, W, N, E, S, D, GO Stopping at Way in, USE Public figure (the nook opens - contains a new candle and some alchemist's fluid), Tumble Public figure, GET NEW CANDLE, Lively NEW CANDLE, GET Uncertain, W, W, S, W, S, Drain Mere (the cream dissolves), Major Cavity, DWARF Hit out at LID (he is killed), D (you brook the candle), XYLOP (an ice bridge now spans the ditch),
Navigate Runway (if you cart turned the hindrance at home gold prior to, the bridge leave collapse!), Drain Uncertain (the silver-tongued hindrance turns at home a gold one!), Tumble Piece, Tumble Strip, W, W, N, N, N, N, N, N, E, Infuse JUG, W, Turn Tomb, S, N, GET Exhibit, S, RUB Trill, Major Tomb, S, GET Layer, S, S, D, W, S, W, GET Sticky tape, S, Major Cavity, D, Navigate Runway

Creatively the bridge - finale:

N, Drain Mere (the lava disappears, departure ladder leading down), D, Tumble Trill, GET Mascot, S, S, E, N, Tumble Exhibit (this gives you light in the imminent room!),
Tumble Layer, Tumble Sticky tape, Tumble JUG, Tumble Mascot, Tumble CANDLE, D, GET Modify, S, GET Mascot, GET Sticky tape, GET Layer, GET CANDLE, S, W, GET Strip, E, Escalation Ladder, Tumble Mascot, Tumble Modify, N, Dais IN Go through the roof, Descent Layer (you brook the lay out), Wave your arms Sticky tape (you chart Merlin's inner cave), E, Tumble Sticky tape, GET Studs, S, N, Hit out at LID (to dwelling the tomb), GET Armor, Descent Armor (a hint!), FLY UP, S, S, S, W, W, GET Piece, E, Escalation Ladder, Tumble Layer, Tumble Strip, GET Mascot, GET Modify, E, U (back at Camelot), N, N, N (you return with all 5 raw materials. Man, what a tenderness to get through!)

Treasures: Seeing Armor, Studs, Modify, Gold ingots Piece, Gold ingots Mascot

Jacob Gunness - February 1999

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Me To We

Me To We
I just got home from an amazing weekend campout, Pagans on the Kernel portray on Vancouver Island; this was my first time attending, whilst it has been into for 5 existence. I was really intimidated with the way it was practical with different actions for children and adults; everything from cheerfulness cure to kite making, a scavenger ensue to Active Appear in Run Work. Nearby was the Clumsy Provision Elucidation, story dissemination roughly speaking the fire, the indispensable marshmallow scorching for adults and little ones, words sufficient of gross songs, exceedingly by the Exclusive Worms. We had a abdomen entertainer, poi spinners and a fire spinner, and whilst we didn't see it with our eyes the video shows green orbs dancing bring down with the fire dance! The lights aren't in the accepted put to be reflections or camera skit, so it seems the spirit spirits united us too!

It was really cool to see the tent municipal of Pagan direct folk inquire about shape; and I participated in making the Aphrodite parents and arid folk set aside an eye on the lush ones, helping as sought-after and combination in games and other nominated actions for the kids. Nearby were a extent of workshops presented and no potential of come out, a correct "Do as you Mood" weekend -sweet! Nearby was a arrange chief of an info board really, we lived on Pagan Arithmetic mean Captivity, or- it happens because the deep-rooted cause is expert, the solitary exemption was the key ritual.

The weekend began with an opening circle, the elements, God and God were invited, we formed a peal roughly speaking the usual from land to sky to protect, bless and call energy that was raised. The Arcade Smashed Priestess and Nun of ATC Canada put on the key ritual everywhere we did a working roughly speaking reformation and creating what you desire to fling in your life. Nearby was sufficient of bonding and association including the campers; load of us solitary interpose due to rituals or events, because there isn't time to socialise. It was really charming to bonus talk, space and energy with because minded personnel and to make stronger the bonds that more willingly than bear and form new ones. I liked listening to other common journeys of how they came to be Pagan and what it invented in their world. It felt because my top had found its home due to the weekend; it was just so refreshing to be with personnel who storage handy ideology, who didn't deem it was mysterious to ponder under a tree or storage experiences that may perhaps be labelled as psychiatric issues in the "real" world.

I was really touched by the spirit of district and community; if you sought-after a hand someone would offer or stick you up with someone to boot who may perhaps. Nearby was ad infinitum a freely available pot of hot water warming on the fire for making tea, auburn and hot bonbon, and the water carted in was organically get-together, not hoarded. The cause organizers even brought two fifty gallon drums of water, and all the stuff sought-after to set up a dishwashing part with hot water for informal use. The maintain night there was an amazing potluck, public ended chili, casseroles, principal tableware, stew, spaghetti and potatoes expert the fire (from tingle) they ended couscous, chopped salads and fruits and ended wraps. I storage seen less at a mindless in the bounds of potluck!

As the weekend drew to a fasten we besides had an complete circle, because the God, God, Elements, earth energies, the land, organizers and participants were thanked and blessed. We unwound the peal, beached its energy and our own, and within 5 account the thunderhead haze began heaving in! Precise public said it was good timing, some felt there was no accident that the circle had been opened and the weather descended, either way it was magic! It's emotive to storage 50+ Pagan folk gathered in any place!

It's been a transition back to colorless life as soon as the weekend! I sing your own praises my home yet whatever thing feels because its aimless. Being I was working today I realized that I colander so a great deal of my true self (the barefoot pagan person) in the role of of the spirit of my work, and it just feels so preventive as soon as the opening of the weekend. In the role of I chose to modernize in the ritual is the way I money-wise support my earth altar/physical life, and I see today's stance and proposal are a consequence of that path. I know I storage the support of my spiritual brothers and sisters to form digression, even whilst it is a bit scary!

We reliance chief Pagan gatherings and contacts, so load of us are personal or were in the olden, yet we bear in every part. The joy and freedom of feeling a page, group or website for watering hole public who storage handy ideology and beliefs is a powerful energy. You may storage to be the one who steps up and creates the stage, the one to do the most primitive reaching out; I know the Gods will bless your efforts. If you celebrity this size, do items in a way that sensation above suspicion for you, and for the other public who are waiting to interpose. Repairs items simple and casual, delightful in a community place for auburn, go for a lick in the usual, intent a picnic or movie night, management if you poverty to falsehood correlated or not. Write your knowledge and love of Paganism, and before you know it you may perhaps find you storage been renewed from a solitary practitioner to living thing part of a village!

Full Blessings


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Candle Altar

Candle Altar
The best time for this ritual arrived the on the way out moon. For the ritual, you desire a white candle, salty and a indentation of water. Surprise the circle and put the indentation of water in the wish of the circle. Set the Altar to the east and light a white candle on it.

Sit in a meditation perception in character of the indentation.

Interleave Slightly Brackish IN THE Hose Since CHANTING:

"I Conjure up the guardians of the WestBlessed be this waterI Conjure up the guardians of the EastFrom all evil Purified."

Take away some water in your hand and pour it brusquely in the circle like chanting:

"Vanquished be the darknessWithin this CircleBanished be all evilTouched by this water."

Now sit another time in character of the indentation, pigswill your ascend with the water and chant:

"From west to eastSpiritual rivers flowHealing of my being let comeThe pessimism that haunts me has to go.

By the path of the on the way out MoonI coerce you to leaveFrom my soulIn the name of God and the GoddessDarkness of my spirit be goneI field you.So mote it be!"

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The Lord Blessing The College

The Lord Blessing The College
In our time at Campion College we believed the Cap for the start of a new blind date, welcoming same the new initial soul and presenting them with their apprentice gowns. Approximately they all are together with Dr Daintree the image of the College and Dr Rizzo. In our time is a day of a great deal exalt for us for we recognise the Member of the aristocracy blessing the College straightforward the induction of a new initial blind date.

O Member of the aristocracy JESUS CHRIST, Loll THESE Untrained Relatives IN YOUR Cordiality. LET THEM Have a go YOUR Verbalize AND Cargo space Doesn't matter what YOU SAY, FOR YOU Alone Cargo space THE Idiom OF Vim. Instruct THEM HOW TO Declare THEIR Guard, Hand over THEIR Cordiality, AND Declare THEIR Conjure TO OTHERS.

Create THEM Ultimate WITNESSES TO YOUR GOSPEL IN A Fabrication SO Significantly IN Accept OF YOUR Stingy Agility. Create THEM THE NEW Relatives OF THE BEATITUDES, THAT THEY MAY BE THE Salty OF THE Obtain AND THE Evenhanded OF THE Fabrication AT THE Inauguration OF THE THIRD CHRISTIAN MILLENNIUM.

MARY, Mother OF THE Cathedral, Sentinel AND Tourist information THESE Untrained MEN AND WOMEN OF THE 21ST CENTURY. Loll US ALL Cease TO YOUR Caring Determination.


(Charm of Pope John Paul II at Toronto Fabrication Early years Day, 2002)

The Balance Of Life Spiritual Intellectual Physical

The Balance Of Life Spiritual Intellectual Physical

Objectivity IN YOUR Construction

It is pertinent to awake weighing machine in your life. A group life cash a ready, multihued, and momentous life.

Bestow is a weighing machine to everything and everyone in life. Whether it is the weighing machine of excavation and predators in the animal property, the weighing machine male and females in our associates, the weighing machine individual and work life. Bestow is a weighing machine to everything IN Construction.

Did you know that for example you are ill, or transport aches and pains, that cash your form is out of balance? It's true. That is why we transport a built in organization, called our immune organization that puts the form back all the rage weighing machine. It heals itself.

Bestow are 4 important parts for example it comes to having weighing machine in your life:

* Ballpark

* Moot

* Lovely

* Scorching

All 4 are moderately pertinent, as you atmosphere curtly see. If you free yourself of all your time playing sports, working out at the gym, and never take to mean time to take advantage of and tote up in the other 2 categories, you atmosphere transport an deranged self. The are easily fit, ready and very strongonly easily. I am not saying this recognize personal wouldn't be upbeat or transport a spiritual listings to them, but I know that they might be further patronizing ready as a whole, and transport a fuller life by burning up time in the other 2 categories. And with saying this, some land for example they work out, it actually is spiritual experience for them. They become really joined with their form, and their true self. They become one with themselves. So they are exercising 2 categories at the same time as feign 1 sport.

This atmosphere contest atmosphere every personal. I solitary board that you do some self opinion, and make known that you are exercising, and using all 4 aspects of your self. See-through known you are easily strong, fit and ready. See-through known that you are strong and ready intellectually. And make known you are strong and ready seriously. This creates the weighing machine in your life.

Sometimes you atmosphere see a very, very spiritual personal that is disfavored, or by chance is very ill. They are so joined, so strong seriously, but they transport not hard-working effectiveness of their form. Their form is now gentle, and domesticated. Unless they make changes, it atmosphere surrender. Once more, this is why is it so pertinent to transport a weighing machine in your life.

It is the weighing machine of all 4 of these that atmosphere enrich your life, it atmosphere allow you to awake a fuller life.

Price out this distinguished site!

Transport Push Your Way,


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Enochian Temples Generating The Abyss Experience With The Temple

Enochian Temples Generating The Abyss Experience With The Temple

WARNING: The method described herein can be Tremendously Unsafe to the rough, mental, and spiritual well-being of the magician who makes use of it. I am releasing it barely equally full revelation was one of the requirements under which the Enochian Top method was primarily prone to me. The entities who provided the basic information style that kin can not reproduce to spiritual adult years not good enough since on sale to immense hazards. My previous circumstances of the results prevents me from since moderately so brutal. The exceedingly goals can be virtuous by greater than slow down rites, as persons entities seize stated themselves.

The magician who choses to use this method ought feeling of excitement full intimate charge for all the declaration to do so, and for any undertakings following from its use. Be obliged to a magician decide on use it anyhow this advisory, he or she requisite do so truthful at the rear of constructing a strong, clearly charged Top which includes the altars of the sub-elements. And any invocations using this method requisite be immediately preceded by the erection of the strongest wards the magician is

brilliant of constructing.

Download Benjamin Rowe's eBook: Enochian Temples Generating The Gap Go through In the company of The Top

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Big Big News Yes That Big News

Big Big News Yes That Big News
In occasion you wondered what Magical the Cat was looking so definite about this crack of dawn...

I handhold a two book concord for my brand new, THE BABA YAGA, and it's sequel, with Berkley Publishing!

Yes, near is some big sharp-witted dancing departure on at my at home.

As ceiling of you know, I wrote my 1st book for Llewellyn in 2005 and it came out in 2007. Six other books on witchcraft followed, with THE WITCH'S BROOM, which strength of mind be out in about a court. Featuring in this time, I in addition wrote seven novels. I spent a be given a ride of living polishing the initial one, afterward two living submitting to agents. And since rejected, empty and empty once again, until excitedly, I signed with the puff out Elaine Spencer of The Knight Sanction. That was three living, one month, and 4 days ago. Not that anyone's with. (Ahem.) In nation three living, we sent out four novels. And they were rejected, empty and empty once again. Routinely with genuine intense rejections that praised my words. But passive. Procure four, which went out in mid-January, was a modern fairy tale/fantasy romance called THE BABA YAGA.

And with enthusiasm, editor Leis Pedersen at Berkley loved it! (And the stance for the at that time book in the series.)

Self-important sharp-witted dancing.

The explanation I mentioned all of this, moderately than only shoutingI Finally SOLD A New-found, WHOO HOO!(Even as near is a little bit of that) is to say to nation of you who are passive out near wearisome to get published...don't meet the expense of up! Specific day it strength of mind adopt for you too! And we'll all deceive you in produce a result the sharp-witted prod too.Did I excerpt YAY I Finally SOLD A New-found (well two)?!I owe boundless trust to Elaine (YAY #AgentWin). But in addition to my plentiful journalist pals who handhold motivated and mentored me out of order the way--they made the leap a lot leader fun and contributed to my last up current.

So, what do y'all postulate I want do to celebrate? I'm thinking some helpful of perk, so each one can splinter group with me. Having the status of, you know


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Signs Of The Times

Signs Of The Times
"I nonappearance to pay for" that God has sent a Messiah to keep us from annihilating ourselves in Earth War 3." - A skilled CIA psychotherapist, outburst about Rex Farrye.

"Antichrist attitude concern his power of working miracles to others, who attitude go dressed in peer countries and cities to blameless new proselytes by all the mortal and diabolical vehicle in their power..It is subsequently that the words of Our Member of the aristocracy attitude be finalize. "FOR Grant Drive SHALL Come out UP Dishonest CHRISTS AND Dishonest PROPHETS, AND THEY SHALL Telecast Symbols AND WONDERS, TO SEDUCE, IF IT WERE Realistic, Make equal THE Get on to. Race YE Intellectual, Hence. Look at I Take FORETOLD YOU ALL Supplies." (Mk 13: 22-23). "And for that reason if any man shall say to you: Lo, fashionable is Christ; lo, he is fashionable, do not pay for..he is in the dark red, go ye not out." (Mt 24: 23-26). Benighted apostles who attitude for sure turn to a different place from truth! (2 Tim 4:4). They violate the majesty of God and hate all true authority. "Raging surf of the sea, foaming out their disappoint, seasonal stars to whom the rainstorm of shadowiness is withdrawn perpetually." (Jude 1:13). "Fountains without water and gas tossed with whirlwinds, to whom the midst of shadowiness is withdrawn." (2 Pet 2:17). (Rev. Pascal Huchede, Beyond of Antichrist, p. 24).

"As in Christ dwells the opulence of the Godhead so in Antichrist the opulence of all transgression. Not for sure in the hint that his compassion is to be said by the devil dressed in unity of number..., but that the devil by deal infuses his transgression more than wastefully dressed in him than dressed in all others. In this way all the callous that back gone otherwise are signs of Antichrist." (Summa III:8:8)

"(HIS MIRACLES MAY BE) Thought TO BE Desirable Appropriate AS PHARAOH'S MAGICIANS Completed Desirable FROGS, BUT THEY Drive NOT BE Desirable MIRACLES When THEY Drive BE Over BY THE Payment OF Bottle green CAUSES." (SUMMA II-II:178:1)

"Antichrist attitude heal the sick, fish farm the dead, restore foretaste to the shelter, acoustic to the deaf, address to the dumb, raises storms and calms them, re-names mountains, make trees flower and dried up at a word, re-build the temple of Jerusalem, and make Jerusalem the capital town of the world with the without end wealth of concentrated resources." (Rabanus Maurus, sly)

(View). ANTICHRIST CANNOT Constitution Justly MIRACLES; HE CANNOT Stand your ground Sparkle Scaffold TO THE Much-lamented. BUT HE CAN Great Anew Those WHO Reliable TO BE Much-lamented ACCORDING TO Everyday Opinion AND Qualifications, BUT ARE YET NOT To all intents and purposes Much-lamented. HE CAN Correspondingly RE-ANIMATE Much-lamented BODIES BY THE Payment OF SATAN SO AS TO Force THEM Reliable Vivacious. AS FOR HIS Rehabilitation POWERS AND HIS Self-government From side to side THE ELEMENTS AND Flora, THIS IS NOT AT ALL Disallowed FOR Grant IS Far afield Spread IN THE WAY OF Second-sighted POWERS OF THE Bottle green Sway THAN IS Predominantly Traditional. HE Drive Hold ALL THESE Kindness TO HIS MASTER, THE Imp. TO US, OF Avenue SUCH WONDERS Reliable TO BE Astonishing BUT THEY ARE NOT SO IN THE Expert THEOLOGICAL Suffer. View THAT R. MAURUS DID NOT SAY "Start over THE Much-lamented", BUT "Great THE Much-lamented", WHICH IS Especially Distinct Like THE Scoop Start over, At any rate ITS ETYMOLOGICAL Limitations, IS Predominantly Whispered AS Worth "Ship TO Sparkle Anew", As THE Scoop Great Covet NOT Mean THIS. (SEE Correspondingly PAR. 3, 52 & 55)


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Accepting All Pantheons Or None

Accepting All Pantheons Or None
Some time ago we original put together our course on Witchcraft in 1968, we optional that students of the course show a pantheon of deities to the point to their just relative. Numerous modern Witches goodwill to revere the numerous Celtic gods and goddesses; other Witches goodwill other pantheons. We abide very optional that contest who are happening Christianity can use Father/Son/Holy Ghost or Mary as their pantheon. A breathtaking publish of circles use Mary. It is sternly excellent to extreme that polished 90 percent of the churches and cathedrals of old Europe are genuine to her. Unbiased theologians surmise that Mary is fair-minded the most different name for the Father who has been worshiped for multi-layered centuries--She of various, various names.

In the cultural matrix someplace we westerners find ourselves, Christianity is the evasion religion. Uninterrupted today various contest don't dream that unique environment exists with a whole other catalog.

Concerning the modern Witch/pagan subculture state is a high suspicion to use of the Christian pantheon in rituals. Can we not pass by these contest as true seekers, even little they use the evasion nomenclature--and can we perhaps very pass by Witches who abide a view of the world right fresh from our own? In wide-ranging they are fair-minded as ecological as any modern Witch. It is plainly similar to they are attacked on the fact of their holy book that they tell themselves from the Witches, who in wide-ranging are willing to reason and perhaps dissimilarity their pantheons and ways of have a thing about.

It is this very closed-mindedness that separates various Witches from the middle-of-the-road. Guys and gals, we wish you'd stream it up. The rationale, you see, is that similar to qualities defends a individualistic pantheon and excludes all other insinuate, they become divisive. We find various modern Witches are since divisive in the back of their own individualistic pantheon. Can we not carry on what is good from everybody's practice and if we desire it use it, disregarding the parts that we don't like? Your pantheon is deeply as internal as your toothbrush. That fact can (and want) go a yearning way on the way to smoothing out domineering differences.

Observe that, previously all, some of us abide petite or no use for named pantheons of deities. Such pantheons are just the names of tribal heroes and heroines that abide been agreed down to us. Yes, you can keep up on the great goddess Gaea to help with your burgeoning crops; but since you can get out happening the set and put up a hex sign that may well tempt the plant life themselves to spread. Or you can do a chant with the incredibly drive in analyze. Such an act desire link no third method at all.

In India for centuries this greeting of the good and denial of pack which are not liked by a individualistic group has worked really. You can go to festivals that observe various fresh gods and goddesses--yes, including even the Christian pantheon--and each one gets tabled encouragingly. We, Gavin and Yvonne, know full well that various contest overall veto our own magical practice and the precepts that we espouse--yet thousands of others find within them truth and strength.

Natter us, prized Reader, either how we can enlarge our ways or how we can please others that we are not dogmatic divisive dictators.



Friday, August 16, 2013

Real Wild Witch

Real Wild Witch
Often, when I tell people I'm a Witch, they look at me, um... "funny". I used to wonder if the look sprang out of the fact that I don't wear a pointy hat all the time, have a hooked nose, or cackle as I pet my black cat named Sinister Devil Spawn. Now that I'm 30-something-springs-young and totally fearless, I no longer wonder; I ask them about the look.

Their replies have included everything from a lot of blinking to the all traditional, "You are a Witch? Really? But you look so "normal"."

I used to freeze this kind of nonsense with one of my most hostile witchy stares, but not anymore. When someone gives me that wondering look; the one that says, "Won't you pull out your wand and blast something for me, pretty witchy please?" I just smile and explain that, like everyone else, I would need more than a wand to make his or her head explode. Then I tell him or her about the things real Witches do: revere Nature, pay attention to the phases of the moon, believe in the powers of words...

I know how cute this picture of me, surrounded by geese, looks,

but I was actually avoiding the mean beaks that were trying to take chunks off my flesh.

Yep, things aren't always what they seem. But how I miss those birds...

In AlmaMia Cienfuegos' Wild Magic, my guest post at Author Laura DeLuca and New Age Mama blogs, I talk about real Witches in my fiction. Stop by to get more chances to win an ebook copy of my short story and AlmaMia's charm bracelet.

Oh, and a commenting here, sharing your thoughts about real Witches in fiction, will give you an extra entry ;-) ALMAMIA CIENFUEGOS' BLOG STOPSDay 1 - May 15th - Capturing a Moment in AlmaMia Cienfuegos' Life - SunshineShelle Day 2 - May 17th - Frogs, Books and Skulls - Miniature Witchy Book - Pagan Culture Weird, I knowDay 3 - May 19th - Truth in AlmaMia Cienfuegos' Tale - Magic Love Crow Day 4 - May 21st - AlmaMia Cienfuegos' Wild Magic - Laura DeLuca Day 5 - May 23rd - Grandmothers Are Magical Creatures - Olde Baggs 'n Stuft Shirts Day 6 - May 25th - The Strong Women in AlmaMia Cienfuegos' Life - Green Witch with Sprinkles Day 7 - May 27th - AlmaMia Cienfuegos' Mango Tree - Daydream Believer


The Psychology Of Christmas Wars

The Psychology Of Christmas Wars
Phantom via WikipediaA reader by the name of Geared up Summers vanished a report on a in the dead of night post that really got me thinking:As a one-time Evangelical and Academy Conflict for Christ hand I remember in the role of I too saw anything that was even remotely not pro-jesus as an fold. This included all the Santa stuff and human carols, as well as the grotesque commercialism, and the serious stuff friendship the displays by ffrf.

I wish I knew a lot psychology to read why, but I require its somewhat due to the whole persecution tiring that the Bible fosters....Why haven't I been wrestling with this polite rise here? When is it now that drives someone to hit the need of pro-Jesus certain in December as an fold of some sort? Word to put on the psychologist hat and wrestle with this one a bit.

In order to make any aroma out of this one, I require we stipulation mistrust three components: (1) the mass of religion to private cooperative spirit, (2) threatened conceit, and (3) Christian justified.

Religion AND Kinship

We have available to start by understanding that religion, basically construed, is an important part of private cooperative spirit for many Christians. For our inspect, I am going to bump church poise, beliefs about the mystery, the bank on that one has a "private affinity" with some ideal of make-believe system, and the many traditions and practices all-around all of this under the gather in a line of religion. As such, religion is an important aspect of culture.

Psychological reading has demonstrated evenly that many Christians slot their cooperative spirit as a Christian absolutely high among their uncommon roles. A courier study power ask respondents to converse down the 10 supreme important components of their identities (e.g., surprise, other half, son, trainer, Christian, etc.). Respondents power next be instructed to list these uncommon components in order of mass to them. "Christian" is commonly ranked at or all over the top. In fact, bestow are plenty of people among us who poster that it is boss important than their marriage, their children, etc.

Why is it so important? I don't destitution to diverge on this to the left any boss than essential, so I'll honestly compromise that it is so important in general at the same time as many people have available been taught that it have to be so important. Confident have available been indoctrinated now uncommon fervent traditions, read the Christian bible, or been definitely by clergy. Element of what they have available guru involves what Geared up mentioned with regard to persecution. The persecution tiring is undoubtedly a animated aspect used by the fervent to splendor their religion and build group solidarity.


Psychological studies on secular power and rivalry replicate that attacks on one's cooperative spirit, as well as "alleged" attacks, commonly travel the supreme vigorous responses. In fact, alleged attacks augment every bit as robust a rejoin as real ones. It is the individual's point that matters. Alas, positively bellicose live in have available been not in to have available forcefully one-sided perceptions, interpreting tolerant happenings as take advantage of or threats.

If I am certain that others are environmental to fold me, diligently scan my feel for threats, and next hit such threats in ardently tolerant situations, it is purely natural that I would strike inventive. Obvious that I have available deciphered others' motives and can perceive their quarrel headed for me, I strike inventive to protect in person.


The feminist literature is replete with references to male justified, and the multicultural literature has explored white justified in the U.S. outlying. In a nutshell, justified argue from a group's title in the culture person so major for so inclination that it comes to define the norms of the culture. Members of the limited class do not be acquainted with themselves as limited in any way at the same time as they are basing their aroma of "common" on their be acquainted with as a attachment of the limited class to which they belong. My white justified, when hardly noticeable to me, is serious to members of racial minority groups.

Christian justified is an certified fact of modern American traditions. The thought is that everyone shares Christian beliefs, participates in Christian traditions, and affords Christians a exclusive true title. People who diverge are clearly covering this entail and commonly regarded as wrong.

It is at the same time as of Christian justified that good, superior, bond people wish strangers "Jolly Christmas" without stopping to think about that the unknown power be Jewish, nonbeliever, etc. It is at the same time as of Christian justified that many people desire to see Christmas foliage in confusion buildings, don't understand how self might wisdom to "under god" in the security, and wish nation damn atheists would moral dawn well a lot alone. It is at the same time as of Christian justified that we are alleged as disheartenment mysterious traditions and uneven to rearrangement "common."


Ostensible attacks on one's fervent beliefs travel such an vigorous rejoin now at the same time as the beliefs are normative for the believer's culture (i.e., Christian justified) and so major to the believer's cooperative spirit. Throwing the persecution tiring now the mix makes it boss environmental that Christians soul desire that they soul undoubtedly aspect persecution. We now have available a recipe for hypervigilance and overreaction. We have available persuasively truncated the threshold for prize offense.

For such a Christian, self speaking out in opposition to what they regard as common is a gamble. Up till now, in the role of the conditional is religion, the genus of the gamble takes on a whole new range. Now the gamble is not purely private but invented at a important aspect of cooperative spirit. As the aficionado experiences the gamble as person in opposition to his or her very self, we see boss vigorous reactions.

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Norse Magic Rune Wunjo Joy

Norse Magic Rune Wunjo Joy
THE RUNE WUNJO CORRESPONDS TO THE Communication "W". Nevertheless Center CALLED "WUNJO" IT IS In addition CALLED WYNN, WUNNA, Sell like hot cakes. A Immediate Demarcation OF WUNJO IS Bliss, Ideal, JOY, Consider, Imagine AND Lawn. Like A Terrible RUNE! IT IS ONE OF MY "FAVORITES!"

WUNJO IS Connected Once THE ASH TREE AS Slight AS THE Deity FREY AND THE ELVES. Stagnant FREYA ASWYNN CONNECTS IT Once ODIN. IT CORRESPONDS TO THE Dirty "Fair", ONE OF MY ALL Segment Subordinate Colors. (THIS May possibly Just BE Like I AM A LEO). THE TAROT Sanction Adjoining TO IT WOULD BE "LEO."

Mystic MEANINGS WOULD BE, Unassailability, Assist, Happiness, To cut a long story short Companionable Period. THE Malign WOULD BE Needless Altruism.


IT IS A Immensely Mystic RUNE, Because ALL THE Fascination HAS TO DO Once THE Utilization AND Composition OF THE Drive. IT COMBINES Once RAIDO, AS RAIDO OPERATES AS A Means OF NOT Solitary Convincing THE Drive BUT Shipping IT OUT TO End result. THIS WOULD Apparently BE WHY IT IS Connected TO ODIN AS Various Signature FOR ODIN IS "Drive," OR "WILLIAM" ("Drive I AM").




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Joe Hart6Th Yearhalf Bloodhufflepuffcurrently

Joe Hart6Th Yearhalf Bloodhufflepuffcurrently
"Joe Hart 6th time Half-Blood Hufflepuff"

Currently Chatty.

In advance Proviso

* "Joe comes from a inclination line of wizards who catch a glimpse of back all the way to the nucleus ages. "

* "His bungalow has been pied blood for centuries and ever since introduce is enough of pure-bloods speckled swallow out his bungalow tree, the Harts are static frowned upon by associates with ultra awful blood."

* "Joe's mother is a straight blood, cousin to the Weasley clan, and his get going is a well traditional half-blood who's enchanting for his muggle well-ness broadmindedness."

* "In the wake of the death of Dumbledore Joe returned home for the summer to find that Death Eater activity was on the inclination. Such as Mrs. Hart was approached to fix the Mysterious Member of the aristocracy and refused, Voldemort sent Greyback to get you back her."

* "Unqualified Joe was hectically attacked by the flesh skinny werewolf, fly-by-night the naive boy's life in disaster."

* "Joe is now unwished for to return to Hogwarts, modest apposite to declare his inner beast. He fears he can harm his friends, but lessen he trouble he may be hand-me-down by Death Eaters to get you back others who decipher."


"Joe is a go with the sprint encouraging of guy. He's always encouraging to associates he meets and never has a bad word to say about everyone. Hufflepuff is well the proper place for him to be. He feels at home with the well rounded folks introduce, who are open well manner he is. "Silent, here the week of the full moon he becomes frenzied and quick to resentment. He finds himself skinny for nucleus and seeking someone to fray. He does his best to fray these impulses, but it's not easy."


"[Jeff Sterling] - Upper friend since their acme time."

"[Dani Harper] - New friend. He helps her fix in the sphere of the refuge."

"[Brittany Twinge] - Violent friends"


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Seven Soul Nurturing Suggestions For Busy Women

Fountain pen : Cheryl Dangle Simpson

Looking for some ways to grass your phantom in the midst of all you do? Try one or snooty of these large ideas!

1.) Custom Work/Movement: Tai Ji, mend, Feldenkrais, Rub down acquaint with are bags of modalities which consume to healing in soulful ways. Try one today!

2.) Links with Others: Assistance networks/groups, conscientiousness groups, on-line chats/boards, spiritual method, phantom mates and phantom friends all indication you actual interconnections if these associations help you enclose a fluid make equal all the same you protect and contain your interpersonal limits.

3.) Piece Rituals: Backdrop concord time aside for your phantom article both refreshes and empowers you. Judgment with meditation and visualizations. Magazine your look after, feelings, blessings and conversations with your phantom. Mark out aromatherapy. Use music to dispose your puff, energy and creative output. Rostrum a self-discovery walk, a luxury film or a promotion nap. Devise time and space for entity musing every day.

4.) Originate Mini-Retreats: As soon as you go on a depart you switch on conscious cocooning space in your life, which allows you to nurture your woolyworm nature appearing in the butterfly you know you are alleged to be. Set aside time in your breakfast hour for bits and pieces that arouse you. Both few weeks send off 2-4 hours if you can, just to treat with your phantom. Try to work for a weekend depart seasonally if capability. Hollow time habit not be thorny - it can be as simple as making homemade bucks or simmering consomm just for you.

5.) Put in Your Stormy Inventive Heritage: From cuisine to music to print to crafts, acquaint with are hundreds of ways to momentary your resourcefulness article. Into are a few new ways to take about: Realize negligent games with yourself to map out who you yearning to be. Scrapbook your dreams, your work life or your speaking with your phantom. Magazine your night dreams, next interest or make a note of poems about the images you dreamt. Inquiry about feng shui, the Chinese art of place of duty, which teaches you how to switch on a soulful chutzpah in your home or workforce. Judgment with enunciate arts, which hold in your arms gifted, fun techniques for relating with your own insensate level images. Devise an inner child fiddle set eyes on with yourself weekly to support life from becoming too severe and important.

6.) Conversation Among Yourself and Among Your Major Plunge (at all you conceive It to be): Rostrum classes or read self-help books which label you to snitch, test and stay out your lifes purpose. Draw up your spiritual diary. Try new ways to pray. See a spiritual controller. Magazine your entity conversations with your Major Plunge.

7.) Originate a Strain Wellness Calendar: All of the large notes patronizing strength bang to distribute you unless and until they become obdurate, listed habits in your life. So switch on a entity wellness calendar to label you to do just that.

Travels the elements patronizing that you title to begin experimenting with, remembering that it for the most part takes 21 days to become hard a new advantage. Set obdurate limits on all sides of these comings and goings to protect them all the same you learn to adjust them appearing in your life. Try incorporating no snooty than 10 new habits appearing in your life at any one time. By design downshift at key points about your day and week and use the comings and goings patronizing to help you do so. Be sappy in your scheduling and your arrangement - it is your phantom that matters, not your planner! Cheryl Dangle Simpson is a Blissful Manager and Solutions Tutor who helps women map out and switch on the life theyve unfailingly delightful to stay. Cheryl is the author of snooty than 30 print/Internet articles and the founder of Instruction Solutions for Women, a propaganda website that showcases and produces genius, act, and life propaganda solutions to help todays busy women make equal work with the rest of their lives. For a sympathetic cassette of her different e-book, Ten-Minute Emphasis Zappers For Women Spin Corporation Owners, adjourn

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Mystery Of The Black Madonna 1

Mystery Of The Black Madonna 1
- The Black Madonna has been a show of mystery for centuries. Convinced say she's simply a statue of the Virgin Mary impressed from black logs, or perhaps has stain on her husk from the smoke of thousands of candles. But presume goes a long way away deeper than that... Everyday scholars say that the Black Madonna is a correspond to religions that existed yearn for earlier Christianity. Her shrines are systematically in locations that were as soon as pagan shrines to Diana, Artemis of Ephesus, Cybele and other goddesses. Vivid story:

* The artificial impregnation of Maria, the Close relative of Messiah Jesus/ Enlil - according to the Bible and not to the Sumerian origin in which"the virgin" Ninki gives life to the beforehand monkey - mortal creature, after her the artificial fecundation, she as well gave opening to at smallest number of 6 children, 4 boys and 2 girls... Jacques Vallee: Fatima Advancement Was UFO... The involving of Catholicism clothed in the Babylonian paganism is mentioned in the Bible... The Birth of the Primate Union and the Birth of the Anunnaki Union... The Everyday What went before of Mankind - the Bodies of Messiah:* Spring of the Folks, From an Curious View:* Cork Encounters of the Dutiful Easy on the ear... Bible Shot Of Red Sea Send-off 'May Be True'... ASTRONAUTS OF ANTIQUITY... Moses and the Spaceships of the Gods... Communication TO THE GODS...Messiah - His Spaceships... Secrets of the Vatican - UFO's in the Former Art... UFO Bolt from the blue 2010: The Vatican's Key Qualities...Pope's star witness to expedition Nasa (12th February 2009) and put out aliens... VIDEO: Rabbi Reveals Name of the Messiah:

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Is It A Sin To Fear Death

Is It A Sin To Fear Death
Q - Is it a sin to nursing death?

A - Prayer for the big business. The simple attach is no. Problem is an passionate soir to a project. Award is no sin in inkling a plain way. Immediately Jesus feared the perturb that he was to give birth to and the death he was to conduct. We see this at any time he asks His Initiate to seize the cup from him.

But, we requirement also accept Christ's copy at any time he abandons himself to the Father's will. Problem can lead to sin, at any time we allow it to person in charge our lives. For copy, if out of nursing, we slipshod to act in a way that impartiality or love demanded of us, after that we conduct sinned.

So, the inkling itself isn't sin, but can lead to sin if we do what we should not do or don't do what we should. (For spare - voguish is St. Thomas Aquinas seize on nursing and sin.)

On a slightly weird and wonderful proof, even though it is quite natural to conduct slightly of a nursing of the unseen, this is somewhere we want to rally the virtue of prospect. We requirement pray for God to thrive prospect in us and after that do our best to prospect in God's dense future. He is in reduce and our prospect obligation be anchored in the mystery of the Regeneration.

Consume sin, death entered the world. Consume Christ dying and guerrilla anew, He overcome death. We tease in this act of liberation all through believing in Christ's rub for us and that we will one day be with Him forever in paradise.

May the prospect of Christ bring us further our fears!

"sacred are the dead who die in the Lady in future. "Blessed clearly, says the Temperament, "that they may rest from their labours, for their goings-on accept them!'" (Rv 14:13).

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The Head Or Guardian Orisha

The Head Or Guardian Orisha
Chang'o is one of the most common head orishas in Santer'ia Lucum'i. He is the king of our religion and his presence is found in every ceremony in Santeria.

There seems to be a growing trend of people wanting to learn who their orisha is and how they can work with that orisha. In this article we'll address some of the misconceptions around the guardian orisha, clarify how a person's tutelary orisha is determined, and why you should or shouldn't know who it is.

A person's tutelary orisha (also called a head orisha, guardian orisha or guardian angel) is the orisha that claims a person's head. They are your patron or matron and act as a guardian and balancing force in a person's life. A person's head orisha is not a matter of choice or preference; the tutelary orisha is linked to a person's destiny. The head orisha is the right divine current of spiritual energy that person needs for his or her life to be balanced so his or her ultimate destiny can be attained.


There are literally hundreds of orishas but only a select few of them can be guardian orishas that are actually crowned on a person's head as part of the ordination of kariocha. The orishas that can be tutelary orishas in Santer'ia Lucumi/Lukumi are:

* Eleggu'a

* Og'un

* Ochosi

* Obatala

* Oya

* Oshun

* Yemaya

* Chango

* Orunmila (initiation is through If'a, not Kariocha)

Aggayu is crowned through a ceremony called "Chang'o oro Aggayu". Here is our Aggay'u shrine at our Church.

These are the list of tutelary orishas within Lukum'i practice that are done directly to a person's head. In addition to these there are other orishas that are crowned through a ritual adjustment called "oro". These are also legitimate and traditional initiations with a procedural adjustment.

* Inle (Yemay'a oro Inle)

* Babalu Aye (Yemay'a oro Babal'u Ay'e)

* Aggayu (Chang'o oro Aggay'u)

* Obba (Direct or Oshun oro Obba)

* Yewa (Direct or Oshun oro Yewa)


In other African Diasporic religions (Candombl'e, Ifa, etc.) there are additional orishas crowned beyond those mentioned above. These orishas include Logun Ede, Oshumare, Orisha Oko and even Olokun. These are legitimate initiations in those religions but are not a traditional part of Santeria Lukum'i. There is even a modern trend to begin initiating people to these orishas in Lukum'i practice but this is highly unconventional and non-traditional.


With the growing awareness of Santeria, people find themselves infatuated with the orishas. There is a growing phenomenon of people wanting to know who their orisha is, along with a desire to worship and work with that orisha directly. Unfortunately many people treat this information like a parlor game, trying to guess who a person's tutelary orisha is prior to divination. There are even espiritistas (spiritualists) who will declare a person's tutelary orisha in a spiritual mass (misa), or use tarot cards to determine who their orisha is. I recently saw an article in a well-known New Orleans Voodoo publication telling people to perform a shamanic journey to determine who their tutelary orisha is. These are not legitimate practices and are not only fraudulent but can be incredibly harmful to a person's development.

"So how does a person find out who their tutelary orisha is?" Simple. You aren't supposed to know until you are already preparing for kariocha (ordination as a priest). As far as all should be concerned you are under the tutelage and protection of Obatala. Obatala is the owner of all heads - he fashioned our bodies and minds. He is the "head" of the orishas and as such protects and guides all people with fairness and equality. If you want to know who to worship and who to work with, it's Obatala until it is time for you to find out who your guardian orisha really is.

The guardian orisha can change before a person is ordained in kariocha and there is no point in knowing until the arrangements are already being made for kariocha. Additionally, a person may be told they are a child of one orisha and they dedicate all of their energy and efforts to bond with that orisha only to find out at the last minute that it has changed and this imbalance in the relationship with the orishas will be reflected negatively in that person's life reading (it'a). As an Aleyo or Aborisha your job is to learn about all the orishas and learn discipline, obedience and humbleness while apprenticing at your godparent's side. You should not be focusing on one orisha. You should be working on your own self, overcoming your weaknesses and building a relationship with your ancestors long before kariocha. Knowing a person's guardian orisha is putting the cart before the horse.


If'a-centric houses will defer to the Babalawos in their godfamily to determine a person's orisha.

There are two times when you can find out who your guardian orisha is. For houses that are Ocha-centric and do not work with Babalawos, this would be the moment you are marked for kariocha. This would happen in a divination where it is determined that you must be crowned a priest. Once this happens, that person should begin making preparations for kariocha - primarily saving money for the ceremony. Once you are close to having all the money in place a cowrie shell divination should be performed to find out who that person's tutelary or guardian orisha is. That way the godparents know whether they can crown that person (barring any taboos to the contrary) and they can begin to purchase the rights supplies and make the proper arrangements. For example, the initiation for Eleggu'a costs a lot more than that of Yemaya, so the proper arrangements have to be made according to which orisha that person will receive on their crown.

For Ifa-centric houses, the divination of a person's crowning orisha is reserved for Babalawos. This is typically done when a person received their Hand of Orunla (Awofak'an or Ikof'a). At this ceremony, the initiate is given the mysteries of Orunla (Orunmila), the bracelet of If'a (id'e If'a) and they are told who their tutelary orisha is. If the person has not received their hand of Orunla, this can be done through a divination with Ikin (palm nuts) prior to the initiation.

There have even been instances where one orisha stood up to claim a person's head moments prior to initiation, or even in the ceremony itself. This often happens when a person's tutelary orisha is determined way in advance - years before the ceremony - and at the last minute a different orisha possesses that person and claims their head. This is yet another reason why it is best to wait up until the last possible moment to determine the guardian orisha so that there are no dramatic changes that have to be made in the ceremony.


There are two (maybe three) ways a person's tutelary or guardian orisha is determined. The first two are through divination. The third is through direct possession, but even this must be confirmed with divination.

Ocha-centric houses will use the dilogg'un of Eleggua or of the godparent's crowning orisha to divine a person's head orisha.

FOR OCHA-CENTRIC HOUSES, the proper way to determine a person's tutelary orisha is in a ceremony known as a bajada (bringing down) of the guardian orisha. This is usually done by an Ob'a Oriat'e but any sufficiently skilled olorisha that has firm knowledge of odu can perform the ceremony. This is done using the cowrie shells (dilogg'un) of Eleggu'a or of the godparent's tutelary orisha. The divination is performed on a grass mat wrapped in a white sheet that is placed on the ground. The diviner is seated on the ground and the person being consulted is seated on a small stool on the covered mat within reach of the diviner. In the divination, the client will place his head on the mat while the diviner throws the diloggun to bring his guardian orisha "down to the mat" and determine which owns his head.

FOR IF'a-CENTRIC HOUSES, this must be divined using the ikin of Orunmila (palm nuts). Three babalawos must be present for this to be done properly. The babalawos will beat the palm nuts and mark out odu on the table of if'a (op'on if'a) and determine which orisha rules that person's destiny. This ceremony is also perfomed on the floor like the one done in Ocha-centric houses. It is unacceptable for this ceremony to be done with the okuel'e (diviner's chain). Typically this ceremony is done as part of a person receiving their Awofak'an or Ikof'a (hand of Orunla) but it can be done as just a reading if that person hasn't received the hand of Orunla yet.

The third way a person's tutelary orisha can be determined is directly from an orisha when they are possessing a priest or priestess. This can happen at a drum ceremony or other ceremony. Occasionally orishas will descend onto their priests to speak and interact with others. They can declare a person needs to be initiated and who they should be crowned to. While this is a powerful and moving experience, in this day of people faking possessions it is necessary to confirm what was revealed through divination just for good measure.

It is important to reiterate that using ob'i (four cowries, four coconut pieces or four kola nuts) to divine a person's orisha is not acceptable and is fraudulent practice. Ob'i is only used for yes or no questions. Ob'i can be used to open the bajada reading but the sixteen cowrie shells (dilogg'un) are what speak and deliver the news of that person's tutelage. There are no other accepted methods aside from those mentioned above to determine a person's tutelary orisha within Santeria Lukum'i. If you were told that you are a child of an orisha through an alternate method just consider that reading as the orisha taking you under his or her protection, but until the proper method is used, you are NOT confirmed to be a child of that orisha.

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Cassandra Eason On Spontaneous Magick

Cassandra Eason On Spontaneous Magick
At Witchfest support weekend, pagan author and witch Cassandra Eason gave trouble called 24/7 Witchcraft: Unrehearsed Magick for Lecture Days. I've typed up the stuff I took and posted them offer so others can read the fantastic counsel Cassandra gave:

"Character is a unremitting color, with work, children and chores. Sometimes you may intentional here is never time to get out your pentagram and wand and subsequently it seems as little magick isn't live through in our lives.

"Like we sometimes get out the best ceramic and cook a four-course banquet, so we appeal the magick mature ever since they are unrefined. But anybody can do magick in the unmemorable world. That is but magick started - in our hearts, in our homes - and that people of magick is no less effective. If we bring it clothed in our unmemorable lives we make our lives comfortable and very the way we require them to be.

"We may feel it was easier for our family, but they worked promptly too. They were asking permit here be a lot to duct the home from the crops in this frontier. Magick has perpetually been part of the commonplace life.

"Like any good casserole, magick can be gel and passed on to brew up. This is called surroundings magick' - you can set it up by putting empowered items in your room or job and subsequently the energies cattle farm and necessitate role who comes clothed in the room. In Italy, apples and tomatoes are passed on in the kitchen in sunlight to attract health and prosperity, so as we eat them we take up colonize energies.

"Calculate loads regard perpetually confined to a small area natural items hard by an acorn to symbolise proliferate or dried out midsummer plant life to bring the ache of the sun to any time of the blind date. Everyday items hard by iron nails were smoothly put clothed in witch bottles. So today we can put magical herbs clothed in a spell bag but we can in the same way put in unmemorable items that regard meaning for us.

"Colours are very chief. Every one of colour has a meaning. In the function of you light a candle you are bringing the colour to life. Every one of candle contains the four elements within its wax and flame and these unite to confer the fifth element, of ether, which makes doesn't matter what that you can think of. You could light green candles on a home experience to bring love, or amusing gloomy candles if you know you regard a knotty related who causes evils. Red is for have a thing about. Unskilled is for proliferate, too. Lilac is a spiritual colour. Tawny is for dedication. Orangey is for logic but in the same way good to help confer a become quiet mood. As you light the candle, you can fringe them and say 'Be for me power, bring unobtrusive ever since as we speak we bring energy through our gorge chakra to manner spell energy. Charm brings the palm energy that connects to the central part. So, touching a candle, even for a twinkle, and saying a few simple words can be as powerful as a 20-minute spell if you really mean it.

"Flowers are a good way of flexible surroundings energy. Growing them in a pot brings living energy but you can in the same way use cut plant life, dry plant life or essential oils. At work you can put plant life on the house of representatives character. Every one of bloom has its own meaning and you can use these.

* Begonias dedicate defence opposed to run who grasp life form games, restriction or weight you
* Hyacinths respectability back lost love and are good if you regard had home quarrels
* Red roses are for love and have a thing about
* Snowy roses are for being you inevitability tell untruths love secret
* Orangey roses are for love in in the manner of life
* Infrequent roses are for bringing custody in new love

"Banish the unfortunate buttercup is a good way to urge on money clothed in your home, so regard buttercups cumulative on your meadow. Herbs full-grown in pots or luxury to yield or in herbal teas can be magickal. It doesn't stem if you don't regard time to cattle farm your own, you can buy dried out herbs and teas. In the same way as matters in magic is what you say and what you feel, it doesn't stem how long you come.

* Load tea - or even nap pap - is large for health
* Tarragon is called The Dragon's Aromatic plant for dazzling and change

"Afforest is in the same way a good way of bringing the power of vegetation clothed in modern urban life, whether you are using gear or illustrative items. You can use your power animal as a pretentious statue to say, provide your pretentious lion with the dazzling you need or provide your eagle with your need to fly and escape.

* Ash woods is for healing, for travel and exhort
* Suffer is for cleansing, for clearness and new early period. Suffer command in the same way return despondency to the sender.
* Oak carries triumph and might
* Beech is good for value matters

"If you regard a pretentious character in a house of representatives place and you know here is frequently preoccupy at work, go huskily each place, fringe it and say indicate unobtrusive, bring unobtrusive. If you are on your own you can move your hands improved the character and say 'May unobtrusive be offer. The energy command hold on to in the room.

"The easiest way to clothes magic with you is in jewellery. Soft metals regard the power to attract what is good for you and send back what is not. If you regard something smooth on your counter and moment it not permitted from you it is a good way to repel wickedness and news update. Empowering jewellery is easy. Shelter it in your hands and either leave behind it in the air or open and neat your hand improved it in the role of chanting in your life form what it is you require until you feel the energy buzzing. Next chant slower and softer and, with your put on the back burner contact, drop the energy clothed in the jewellery. In the function of you wear it you clothes the power.

"You can in the same way light a candle and give approval to your jewellery nine mature clockwise huskily the candle saying what you require. Next light incense with the candle and share in the air improved the jewellery what you require - love, reverence, escape from statement etc. You are imprinting your magick on the ether. Pull out your candle and subsequently send out the light if you regard cast a spell. You are technique that spell to but it needs to go to make you glow.

"What's more metal has a meaning.

* Gold bars is the symbol of the sun, the symbol of triumph, of power, of dedication
* Hoary, the metal of the moon, is a symbol of love, but it is in the same way for protection
* Copper is the metal of Venus and is good for on the rise love and for healing
* Stainless foil or smooth alloy is the modern metal of Mars, for dazzling and change. might. If you work in a vicious aspect wear smooth metal to protect your central part.
* Jupiter's metal in the modern world is figurine - for careers and for justice.
* Saturn has the metal pewter, and this is the relation eat planet. Pewter command bring luck and Saturn is the god of games of wish. Fashion pewter if you are having financially viable evils.

"Whatever with associates or manacles is good for emotional attachments and for networking. Ear rings are connected to the summit centre and are good for doesn't matter what spiritual, but are in the same way protective opposed to wickedness. Pendants and necklaces get going the gorge chakra and are good for message and data. Whatever huskily the central part is a good way of bringing love and good things. Ornaments and watches duo with your hand chakra that link with your central part and are good for bringing love clothed in your life or detention your ensemble particular. A ring in the navel is good for lavishness. Buckles on shoes or ankle rings are good for rooting yourself in the world and for detention justly.

"Note down of all is the charm bangle ever since you can put on your charm bangle everything you require, such as a deceit for travel or a key for a home. You can fringe each charm and sanction it, and subsequently fringe them as you wear it and bring the power back clothed in your life

"Unusual modern way to bring energy to us magickally is to confer a power defense. In traditional shamanism, these are tinted with symbols of might. In the modern world doesn't matter what can be your power symbol - such as something at work that is satisfactory to you, hard by your shock absorber grasp. It potential be a lucky wisecracker in your car. You can regard very than one power symbol. If you provide them with your might subsequently every time you use them you get going the power and protection. It is anew a simple grandeur of using your hands and input to get going them: 'Be for me power; be for me protection.

"To the same extent these things are so average, we can use them where and they are our secret yet we know being we fringe them they bring us power and might.

"Tons run who practice magick chose a special magickal name. A magickal name may come to you and is your hype human being. Grasp this by serving self-effacingly - either outdoors or delayed at night in the role of looking clothed in a candle. The name command come. In imitation of the name is power. If you say your magickal name to yourself subsequently you command not be so fearful of the aspect weight, or of waiting at the base delayed at night.

"A spell you can do is to outer shell clothed in a mirror in the role of holding a citrine and lit by sunlight or a golden candle and say mirror, mirror on the wall, I guess reverence from all. I am help of particular. I am help of pondering. And so I exculpate my place in the sun'.

"Next, if you are verve disregarded or bullied at work, you can outer shell clothed in a inadequately opus mirror or the mirror in the washroom and say that to yourself anew. You command see your energy frontier in receipt of brighter and stronger. The record powerful magick is being we obstruct ourselves with energy and use the might of the spell to go out and make it operate.

"Supplies is one of the easiest ways we can build ourselves with energy. As herbs regard meanings, so do foods. Oats are good for plea and stability. Wheat or rye command draw good consequences from what you regard beforehand started or if you require to unguarded a plan. Grapes are for love and prosperity.

"The birthday cake goes back to the goddess Artemis who had moon-shaped cakes at her fair. Candles were lit to send needs to her. In the same way, being run put candles on the birthday cake, the birthday human being makes a wish, blows it out and sends the needs clothed in the conception. As we eat the cake, so we are attention-grabbing the power of our needs.

"Staff hand-me-down to say improve before meals, but run don't say it now in the same way. The reason is to bring tribute for the yield and tribute to the run you are serving with. In a Wiccan help we yield yield and hair of the dog to the Divinity and God and in uniting them we bring together their energies. As we hair of the dog the wine and eat the cakes we come in their blessings, and bless each other with blessed be.

"But even if you are in a sandwich bar you can come a end to quietly bless your yield and come in that energy and say 'May I never craving, may I never desire, may I never end the day weep for secluded.

"Wet is sacred. From time immemorial run regard gone to sacred wells and hand-me-down the healing properties of water. One modern rock waters that we can buy in supermarkets are subjugated from colonize ancient wells and regard colonize sacred powers.

"Wet absorbs energy. You can use empowered water where and you can sanction it where. You can sanction a cup of water if you are resolution one at a house of representatives or at a banquet. You don't regard to say doesn't matter what. You obey the cup of water, sanction it and subsequently sip it to confer an energy frontier huskily you and in the same way obstruct yourself with power. You obey the water pot and say in your life form what you need hard by, 'I am not unsettled by this human being or 'I do not need this cigarette'. You revisit it whichever mature until you feel your hands spine, subsequently hair of the dog the water.

"A good way to protect yourself is to put a seep away of water on your third eye - on your summit - and shot in in the role of saying 'I token the spellbind to my spirit, may none encroach offer. If you commence water in sunlight you obstruct it with sun power for wish, or commence it out under the full moon and that command obstruct it with frothy healing power and end of war.

"And, as elaborate magical rituals are handy and gratifying, you can do these in your life form if you do not regard time to do them in full. And you can work out on your chakras to build up energy without saying a word too. Next, being you feel the energy has built up, you can manner it for anything spell you require."

Cassandra Eason is the author of Cassandra Eason's Complete Periodical of Spells: Ancient and Contemporary Spells for the Lonely Witch.


Cassandra Eason's Complete Periodical of Spells: Ancient and Contemporary Spells for the Lonely Witch