Friday, August 27, 2010

The Suit Of Swords Tarot Card Meanings

The Suit Of Swords Tarot Card Meanings Cover

Meaning: Clarity of mind, great determination. Conquest. Victory without doubt.

Reversed: Tyranny, embarrassment, hindrance, obstacle, self-destruction.
2 OF SWORDS - Peace

Meaning: Balanced force. Concord. Solving differences of opinion. Sacrifice and trouble give birth to strength. Pleasure after pain.

Reversed: Indecision. Disloyalty, falsehood, false friends, lies.
3 OF SWORDS - Sorrow

Meaning: Unhappiness, disruption, separation, absence, tears, melancholy.

Reversed: Loss, alienation, distraction.
4 OF SWORDS - Truce

Meaning: Settlement but no real peace yet, compromise. Repose, retreat. Recovery from sickness. Change for the better.

Reversed: Guarded advancement, desire to recover what is lost.
5 OF SWORDS - Defeat

Meaning: Weakness, slander, failure, loss, dishonor, malice, degradation.

Reversed: Change of loss or defeat.
6 OF SWORDS - Science

Meaning: Objective, logical and rational thinking. Clear communication. Trip or journey. Success after anxiety.

Reversed: Intellectual pride. Unwanted proposal. No immediate solution to present difficulties.
7 OF SWORDS - Futility

Meaning: Striving against opposition too powerful, overwhelming forces. Unstable effort. Attempt.

Reversed: Arguments, slander, intrigue. Uncertain counsel or advice.
8 OF SWORDS - Interference

Meaning: Lack of persistence. Unforeseen bad luck. Wasting energy in details while neglecting major issues. Restlessness and doubt block clear thinking.

Reversed: Accident, opposition, fatality.
9 OF SWORDS - Cruelty

Meaning: Powerlessness, despair, hopelessness, pain, suffering, misery, anxiety over a loved one.

Reversed: Breakthrough from powerlessness. Reasonable fear, suspicion, doubt.
10 OF SWORDS - Ruin

Meaning: (Undesirable) ending, disruption, pain, misfortune, ruin, catastrophe, mental anguish, desolation.

Reversed: Temporary gain, momentary advantage, passing success.

Meaning: Aggressive and impatient pursuing one's ideas. Sharp and cunning arguing. Solving a conflict with clear logic.

Reversed: Endless, sharp discussions. Illogical fights with words. Having things one's way.

Meaning: Original mind, innovative thinking. Rush into the unknown without fear. Bravery.

Reversed: A fanatic with great ability to convince. Conceited fool. Impulsive mistakes.

Meaning: Quick-witted and keen person. Intensely perceptive. A subtle person, confident and just. Independent and individualist person, who is no longer playing roles.

Reversed: Narrow-mindedness. Deceitful, vengeful, malicious, artificial. A treacherous enemy.

Meaning: An active and determined person. Commanding personality. A professional. Highly analytical person. Cleverness. Purposeful action.

Reversed: A person who may pursue a matter to ruin. Indecision, aimlessness. Cruelty, sadism, perversity.

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