Sunday, August 29, 2010

Timing With The Tarot

Timing With The Tarot Cover Establishing correct timing using the Tarot is subjective approach, some claim it can be declared accurately others insist that Astrology serves as a better reference. Keep in mind that when you are reading for someone that when you propose certain time constraints you may be limiting this person to develop solely within the alotted time frame. Some people want to know exactly what day they will meet their new lover or when they will find a new job.

In all actuality most of these people are shedding their personal responsibilities unto the reader to introduce elements into their own life. As a reader I do not create your future you do, I relate the projected outcome by factoring in the speed & trajectory of your current course. I tell my clients, "If you want a new job, then start filling out applications today, if you want a new man, leave your current one and seek another... you have my permission to create your own reality. Do not wait for my cues instead listen to your inner self. My readings will reveal whether or not this transformation is possible and the influences surrounding it, but ultimately you will have to be the one to take action. The future is not slated in stone in fact you make it what it is, so take the responsibility yourself to create the life you want."

I always encourage independence versus dependence. Some querents view a magic date (one that is provided by the reader) as a day when what they want just falls into their lap. This is the very reason that they do not have what they want...they have waited their entire life for others to lead their development instead of relying on self-motivation. Seize the day! On the other hand timing can be very productive when used with discretion. I've always felt that in my readings that I reveal the essentials & it is then up to my client to act in their best interests. A good reading does not require specific dates but guides the querent towards achieving their desires when "They" are ready. Everything else just falls into place.I recommend using the following Tarot spread to establish general time frames.


1 2 3 4

1 Past
2 Present
3 Future
4 Final Outcome

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