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The Zodiac Forms

The Zodiac Forms Cover THE ZODIAC FORMS


The division of the zodiac by its crucial points results in the definition of
the four basic types of cosmic substance, substance being the primary necessity
for manifestation. As Rudhyar states in THE ASTROLOGY OF PERSONALITY,(1) "Energy
is not very different from substance. It is substance activated and released…as
modern physics has shown most definitely. Thus we can expect the principle of
"energy differentiation" to be similar to that of "substance differentiation"
Both are based on the principle of polar dualism, of action and reaction…The
energy-zodiac will thus be eight-fold, while the substance-zodiac if four-fold."
This division by eight is simply the bisection of the areas defined by the four
crucial points, giving us four additional factors, the mid-points between the
equinoxes and the solstices. These points refer to the area of maximum dynamic
intensity within the span or quadrant of the zodiac defined by two angles.

These points of maximum intensity are the four portals through which cosmic
energy flows, the "Four Gates of Avataric Descent." They represent the creative
powers of the universe, which are often symbolized by the Bull, the Lion, the
Eagle, and the Angel, which are said to guard the four corners of the universe.
In basic Astrological terms they are: 15 degrees Taurus, 15 degrees Leo, 15
degrees Scorpio and 15 degrees Aquarius.


The substance and energy that have been released by the zodiac must be
controlled and given 'form' in order to be manifest. All 'forms of energy' are
bound by the Pythagorean axiom "Everything is the universe is divisible by
three". All forms of energy involve an action, a reaction, and the interaction
between action and reaction. Thus it is only logical for the 'form zodiac' to be
based on the threefold division of the zodiac. This threefold division gives
rise to the 'modes' or 'qualities of Relationship between energy and form'. Each
sign carries the meaning of one mode.

The cardinal mode is the form of energy expressed at the equinoxes and
solstices. It refers to the principle of change and momentum. It represents
active and intense life experiences. This mode 'generates power'.

The fixed mode concentrates and focalizes energy, thus symbolizing the principle
of definition and structure. It projects the cardinal experience, giving to it
depth and meaning. The fifteenth degree of the fixed signs is the point of
maximum intensity, where power if found in its most 'concentrated form'.

The mutable mode 'distributes' the energy that has been concentrated and
released by the fixed mode. It symbolizes the principle of flexibility and
adaptation. This mode combines and integrates the cardinal and fixed modes
within itself. It distributes the power generated by the cardinal signs and
concentrated by the fixed signs.


We now return to examine the function of the four points or portals through
which power is released.
The nature of the power released through these portals depends upon the nature
of the energy used. The fixed signs, through which power is concentrated and
released, follow the cardinal signs, where power is generated. There are two
types of cardinal signs: those which generate equinoctial power (Aries and
Libra) and those which generate solstitial power (Cancer and Capricorn).
The points of release may then be divided into two basic categories: those
dealing with equinoctial power and those dealing with solstitial power.

15 Degrees Tuarus and 15 Degrees Scorpio
The fifteenth degrees of the signs of Taurus and Scorpio deal with equinoctial
power. Equinoctial power is generated by the intense dynamism of the equinctial
signs (Aries and Libra), signs of the maximum speed of solar declination. The
fixed signs that follow the equinoctial cardinal signs must arrest the dynamic
activity generated by them, limiting it and brining it into focus, in terms of
focus, in terms of purpose (Taurus) and identification (Scorpio).

15 Degrees Leo and 15 Degrees Aquarius
The fifteenth degrees of Leo and Aquarius deal with the solstitial power, which
must produce some kind of manifested activity, either personal (Leo) or
collective (Aquarius). The release of this type of power will be manifested as a
strong outburst of energy toward the focalization of the personality (Leo) or in
the form of a society (Aquarius).

The four points of release may also be examined in relation to the hemisphere of
the Zodiac in which they are found. The fifteenth degrees of Taurus and Leo are
part of the day hemisphere. They are involved in the release of "individualizing
power". The fifteenth degrees of Scorpio and Aquarius are involved in the
release of collectivizing power (night hemisphere), of the expansion of the
individual into the collective or universal realms.


15 Degrees Taurus (the Bull) represents the power released toward the formation
of an individual being.

15 Degrees Leo (the Lion) symbolizes the power released by the individual being.

15 Degrees Scorpio (the Eagle) represents the power released toward the
formation of the universal being.

15 Degrees Aquarius (the Angel) symbolizes the power released by universal


At spring equinox:
Fire power is generated by Aries
Then concentrated through earth – Taurus
And distributed by air – Gemini

At summer solstice:
Water power is generated by Cancer
Then concentrated through fire – Leo
And distributed by earth – Virgo

At autumnal equinox:
Air power is generated by Libra
Then concentrated through water – Scorpio
And distributed by fire – Sagittarius

At winter solstice:
Earth power is generated by Capricorn
Then concentrated through air – Aquarius
And distributed by water

From "A Handbook for the Humanistic Astrologer", by Michael R. Meyer, Anchor
Press/Doubleday pages 50-53.

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