Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tarot Reader Prediction Comes True After 50 Years

Tarot Reader Prediction Comes True After 50 Years Cover "A prediction made more than 50 years ago by a tarot card reader finally came true for a Wingham pensioner on Wednesday night when his six winning numbers, worth $2 million, fell from the Lotto ball drawing machine right before his eyes. Over 50 years ago, the then 21 year-old man visited a tarot card reader, well known in the area for her accuracy, and was told that he will come into a lot of money later in life.

"The tarot card reader told me about this, and it has actually happened. Every single thing she told me that day has come true, this was the final thing left to happen," the winner said. "I have been playing Lotto since way back when it first began, and the line I won on are the original numbers I started playing with, they’ve brought me luck after all of these years."

The NSW Lotteries Players Club member watched the televised Lotto $2 million draw and afterwards checked off his numbers.

"I missed the 12, so I went to bed thinking I had five numbers, but for some reason I was positive that I had a 12, so I had to get out of bed and check them. My wife says you would have heard her screams in Sydney," the pensioner laughed. "I feel fantastic; there has been a lot of excitement in this house. I knew I had the six numbers but I didn’t know until I called the Lotteries office (yesterday) morning that I had won the whole $2 million, it’s unbelievable …"

Retroactive props to that reader, bless her heart.

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