Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Eternal Loop Of The Tarot

The Eternal Loop Of The Tarot Cover The eternal loop of the Tarot ~ connects to the eternal cycle and patterns of life. There are 78 cards to a Tarot deck, other decks may have more or less. Each card represents the eternal loop, cycles and patterns of the changes taking place in our own lives.

When our journey first begins with the Tarot, and we are just learning about each card and their meanings, at first, we will perceive only the surface of the meaning of each card.

Each card, shares its own story and each story connects us, to a level of understanding in our logical, intellectual and emotional bodies. The energy of the Tarot, teaches us, our human side, our logical mind, how to consider the possibility of a new approach, a new perception.

With consistent practice and use of the Tarot, something uniquely interesting begins to take place. We begin to enter into the deeper inner realms of our being, where our intuition resides. It is at this point, that we discover something different. It is at this point, that we learn that there is more to life, than the eye can see.

The Tarot then becomes the bridge between our logical minds and our intuition; souls knowing. Now with this new understanding and discovery, we begin to notice the positive and the negative aspects of each card. In terms of the "negatives" that we may perceive from our logical and intellectual minds, if we trust our intuition and allow it to guide us, we will soon discover that the actual "negatives" of the cards, whether in reversed position, or just the nature of the card, we will soon see that it is not an actual negative, however, an opportunity, to dig a little bit deeper, for soul guided insight.

The negative, that has always been viewed as a negative, just taught you, that negatives, with understanding and insight, transform into evolved understanding. As the eternal loop of the Tarot has its own story to tell, so does each individual, have their story to tell.

I began studying and reading professionally 25 years ago. In the beginning, I saw only the meanings of the surface of each card. Being empathic, with high intuition and building my clientele practice, with consistent use of the Tarot, I would soon discover that the surface was just the beginning. That there was a connection to the evolution of consciousness, when working with the Tarot, there would be an evolution of consciousness in my own awareness.

As always, when learning anything of a metaphysical nature, we step into new awarenesses with deep respect, for the transitions that will take place in our own life. We always have a choice about what we learn and how we learn it, for the eternal loop of the Tarot, will bring you to deeper insights and awarenesses, for the eternal loop for the cycles and patterns within your own life.

The eternal loop of the Tarot, is a journey, to experience, moment to moment and breath to breath.

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