Sunday, August 22, 2010

Tarot As A Guide For Emotional Understanding

Tarot As A Guide For Emotional Understanding Cover I began using the tarot back in September of 1984. I remember being fascinated by the tarot, when it was part of a movie theme and a psychic was doing a reading for a client. At that point, fascination was all there was...until, one day, while talking to a friend...we got onto the subject of things unseen...and then, pandora's box was opened. That story, in that moment, became my inspiration for learning the tarot. Little did I know, that my journey was about to begin. I spent a year learning the meanings and the layouts and in the meantime, between taking psychic development classes and doing readings for people here and there...I found my abilities of intuition and insight, developing and strengthening.

The cards were alive with color and life and meaning...well, least for me. It was a good time...I loved doing readings...I loved learning about other people, and being able to share something magical. And...then it changed. It seemed that the more that I used my newfound abilities and insights, I found I was activating a soul energy. The more I used my abilities, the more things began changing around me. It is only now, through my travels and many experiences, that I have discovered that it was all for a reason...healing and clearing the emotional timelines. I admit, when the experiences first began happening, I was completely unnerved. Could not find my way out of a paperbag...emotionally, logically, or with any sense of known intelligence. However, even during times of exteme emotional shifts, I still had a strong sense of intuition and knowing.

It was during the extreme emotional shifts, I found myself looking toward the tarot for a better insight, a better understanding, for what was happening on the inner levels, called emotions. It was a gut instinct, a hunch to use the tarot for understanding. At my point of awakening, there wasn't a whole lot of information, suggesting how to do this...and yet, it is amazing, what happens when intuition, becomes a guiding light, in your life. It seemed, at this point, the more I learned, the more intense my emotional experiences and awakenings became. It would be a few years, before I finally found some confirmation of what I was doing with the tarot. I gave up and surrendered using the tarot for psychic potentials and possiblities and began using the tarot, as a way to bring clarity, insight, healing and understanding, as to what was happening to relationships with my family and friends. It was a cutting edge approach...and yet again, I was being guided by my soul's wisdom.

The tarot is an amazing tool for deeper understanding. It teaches how to let go of the perceived patterns that we are taught, and consider, for a moment, the possibility that there is something more, to be learned through emotional pushes, which in reality are opportunities for growth. I found that working with Alliester Crowleys' thoth, was most helpful, as he spent lots of time, in the shadow part of human existence. As I developed a better understanding for using the tarot for healing, I found myself looking for other tarot teachings to assist in this very guided journey, I was waking up to. It was soon discovered, that if you knew how to see...depending on how far you wanted to dig for understanding and how comfortable you were to dig beyond the fear...there were many levels of cards to choose from. Using the tarot as a part of guided insight and wisdom, for a better understanding, is like diving into the deepest part of the ocean. In order not to drown in the fear of feeling, consciously feeling the shifting emotions, you must take a deep breath for your ego, your human self...allow the ego to float in the breath of awareness and dive.

So, the next time you are having an emotional experience, that is making no logical sense to you, ask the question for understanding, check the ego into the breath and take a chance and learn what is happening, on the inner realms of your emotions. For our emotions, once healed, are the very key to activating the key, to our soul's guiding light.

As always, it is by taking a step together, that we can do this, one breath, one step at a time.

Humanity is waking up and it is our time, to bring our Peace of Heaven back to Earth. For this to work, we must be present to do this.

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