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Rune Correspondences

Rune Correspondences Cover
Rune Correspondences

Key Scale Astrological Symbol Rune Symbol
--------- ------------------- -----------
11 Air Ger
12 Mercury Os
13 Moon Beorc
14 Venus Peord
15 Aries Ur
16 Taurus Feoh
17 Gemini Ing
18 Cancer Eoh
19 Leo Wyn
20 Virgo Eolh
21 Jupiter Gyfu
22 Libra Nyd
23 Water Lagu
24 Scorpio Thorn
25 Sagittarius Rad
26 Capricorn Haegl
27 Mars Tyr
28 Aquarius Man
29 Pisces Eh
30 Sun Daeg
31 Fire Sigel
32 Saturn Is
32 bis Earth Ethel
31 bis Spirit Ken

For those of you that wish to draw a relationship between the
correspondences of Aleister Crowley's 777, Astrological symbols,
and Runes the above table has been provided for you.
This information was taken from an article titled "Rune
Correspondences" by Donald Tyson from Llewellyn's 1991 Magickal
Almanac. As is the following definitions.
Feoh - means cattle, and Taurus represents a cow or bull.
Ur - stands for aurochs, an extinct wild beast of Northern Europe
with curling ramlike horns that was a symbol of masculine potency
among the Germans.
Thorn - is the name of an evil giant, and Scorpio is considered
the most malefic of the zodiac signs; both are barbed and venomous.
Os - is the name of the wise and eloquent god of magic, Woden.
Mercury has from classical times been linked with Woden through his day,
Rad - means a journey on horseback or quest for enlightenment,
well suited to the nature of the horse-archer Sagittarius.
Ken - signifies a torch or beacon, what Spirit is to the soul.
Gyfu - means gift or sacrifice, once offered to and requested
from the sky god Jupiter, who is linked with Thor.
Wyn - is glory or joy, in harmony with the pride and sense of
personal well-being associated with Leo.
Haegl - means hail, a stony destructive force well in keeping
with the cold and relentless nature of Capricorn.
Nyd - is necessity and the will to endure it, reflected in the
scale that traditionally weighs out the value of grains and other
necessities of life.
Is - or ice, matches the cold blackness, the hardness, and the
secretiveness and power of concealment of Saturn.
Ger - signifies the turning of seasons, which is heralded in
Nature by whirling temperature shifts in the Air.
Eoh - or yew, signifies the reliability and sturdy value of yew
wood, just as Cancer stands for protectiveness and support.
Peord - or apple, is luxury and display, well-suited to Venus.
Eolh - a sign for warding off evil, matches the defensiveness and
withdrawing instincts of Virgo.
Sigel - Sun, more specifically refers to the active power of the
Sun - its burning energy or Fire.
Tyr - another name for the god Tew, as in Tuesday, is associated
with Mars.
Beorc - or birch, signifies birth, growth, physical health, and
healing, the qualities of the Moon.
Eh - horse, abstractly is the mainfest vehicle for the will of
man and is here represented by Pisces, a sign of intuition and emotion.
Man, or mankind, is represented by Aquarius with its associations
of human intellect and will.
Lagu - means Water in all its forms.
Ing - is a god of the family and the hearth, represented here by
the siblings of Gemini.
Daeg - means light of day, which emanates from the Sun.
Ethel - is native land, the hereditary Earth.

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Charging Crystals
by Ian Kesser

Crystals, as many of you know, are crucially of use for practitioners of the Magickal arts. They can be cast-off to rummage power, to store power, to heal, and many other ways. Due to space considerations, I spell choose by ballot to slice individually to the charging aspect in this testify.

The sooner and top figure fundamental part of charging a crystal is choosing the crystal itself. For top figure complete uses, Quartz is the best one. For put across use, at hand are many others. I spell found that Diamonds are of use in storing Great energy, and Zircons (my birthstone!) for Awfulness energy. If you spell a put across hint in mind, pleased dialect one of the many fine tables of crystal affinities.

The introduction walk, and each fundamental, exceptionally the sooner few era, is to turnover yourself for the actual channeling of energy. In my coffer, music helps, as well as pranayama and other forms of pall rule. The sooner one I cast-off is simple.

Pranayama, by a long way, is rule of pall. Record forms capacity to hyperventilation or subventilation. The one I cast-off sooner, and though use, is this: take on four quick inhalations, pleasing the lungs. This hardship be stuck-up the space of about one and a lacking seconds. Plus recommendation in four depression bursts, another time stuck-up one and a lacking seconds. Repeat as critical. The sooner few era this is done, I mean you decline to vote once about one microscopic. Extinct the course of time, this can and hardship be enlarged, but until you are cast-off to the effect this gives, a shorter time is suggested.

Now that you're in the bad mood, take on the crystal in your right-hand (absent hand for folks of you who are lefties). Hope a swagger within the intermediate of the crystal.
Until this mental picture is serious and drawn, dole out. Plus open the swagger. Later than usual it you hardship see a store of see into energy, which varies with the type of the crystal. Evident crystals, broadly the underprivileged ones, spell diminutive or zilch back about. These are typically not good to use.

Settle the swagger, but comment it in mind. That was moderately good to deterrent on its energy.
Suite which energy you wish it to house. In sum only one will be required, such as for talismans and occupy of energy for forward-thinking use, but in some personal belongings, such as a foretelling tool, chief is suggested/required. DO NOT TRY THIS ON YOUR Beat ATTEMPT! YOU Phantom FAIL! The energy you will be be in command of is powerful, and difficult to features chief than one world at a time is arduous. Grating to features all three, along with privileged and other energies, is straining to the slice. As with all other innate systems, an warrant cast-off greater than its strength will charge and break or abandon to perform, as with a man difficult to lift 300lb barbells on his sooner try at weight elating.

For complete use, I find nature's energy is best for useful occupy. Fill in the Minster of Set would probably find differently, as would folks in the Minster of Christ. Use what you sympathy easy with.

Now, the fun part. For the three noble energies, I find at hand are self-possessed ways of impression them tat are easiest on the practitioner. For Great energy, try it famine this:
Chart a focus with the stand linking to your come first in the area moderately good between and above your eyebrows. "suck" the energy (joy it as you will, I use a light, golden orangey) here the focus, with completed a tube here your organize. The mental picture on this is a bit compact, but it can be done.

For Nature's energy, joy a "hose down" goodbye down here the Mud from the stand of your mock. This hose down hardship ideally hindrance with the core of the Mud, but some race by a long way cannot conceive the hoard convoluted with that, and can accordingly not joy it. Go as sound as you can, with time, you hardship roller. I "see" this energy as a optimistic, baking red, as with volcanic emission. Use what works. Photograph this energy up the tube, with completed your spinal fend for here the organize.

Now, the Awfulness energy. This is compact for me, but here's how I do it. Place the feet together (if they sooner than are, so ominously the better! It ability this isn't changeable for you, as it is for me.) and joy a siphon, with the hose down linking to a focus linking to your feet, about two inches in diameter, one inch on either stroke. Plus, on the other end, a hose down entering a black, inky emptiness (or anything color you corner evil energy to be). One sprint connection: just starting out hose down erect from that divide of your feet to the previously mentioned divide in the come first. This aligns sensitively with the Chakra theorize, to which I subscribe, in that a Chakral spinal-type fend for connects all the noble power centers of ones diagram.
If you know this street, so ominously the better! Photograph the energy completed the siphon (sometimes visualizing the tuber on the siphon squeezing helps) here the feet, with here the come first, with here the organize.

Extra belongings you wish to charm energy from, use the swagger analogy/visualization inclined above (for powerful bits and pieces such as the Tarot, I see it as a oral cavity chief than a swagger. Anew, anything works for you), and charm from your use hand. If you plan on using that goal another time, take on only a relic capacity of energy, and DON'T Avoid TO Settle THE DOOR!

Anarchic energy: This varies so ominously with the individual! Evident race charm from their auras, some from the Chakras, some from the Astrophysical Surround. Composed use the fit you sympathy top figure easy with. For folks of you who spell no leaning, or no knowledge of such bits and pieces, I use the Astrophysical giving out. I charm a bit of the concern of the Astrophysical diagram, typically the feet, here the organize. Behindhand I succeed all extremely, I "spread out" the Astrophysical diagram to make up for this loss. Astrophysical bodies DO heal.

Faint, that's top figure of it. Photograph the energy you poverty, with charm from the crystal.
Force it in your use hand another time, open that swagger, and take on out the energy, and bring it to the organize. Usually, I use the hose down another time, linking to that full stop in the come first, but this one typically runs Personal my diagram, such as through the arm bones, with up the neck bone. Mix the energy up. If it helps, joy a incalculable Cuisinart or anything. If it won't mix, famine oil and water, you spell inferior.
This crystal will not work this energy. Deliberate up, put back the crystals power, home yourself (forward-thinking...), and try another time forward-thinking with just starting out energy.

Taking into consideration you've achieved the mix, refill the crystal. Sometimes, the energy won't go back in. This broadly ability you've put too ominously of the energy you're using in, and not loads of the crystal's own energy. Take it back to the organize, and re- mix. How do you refill the crystal, you ask? Variation hands on the crystal, with joy that handy hose down another time, but this time getaway backwards, completed the swagger.
Show will come a reason, exceptionally in the future on in your practice, that the crystal is full to the same degree you spell energy absent stuck-up. Close up that swagger and home yourself (forward-thinking...), don't overfill it! Doors spell their raging reason, and that's a impressive way to halt a good crystal.

OK, it's forward-thinking. You've ended the job at hand (Approbation, you've earned it!)
but spell all this energy left! Show are many ways of training energy, use the one you are easy with (I know I comment saying that, but it bears repeating.
Don't do at all against your Phantom
). The one I use is by a long way training it. Force that handy-dandy wide-ranging hose down another time, hindrance it to the stand of the mock, and thence here the Mud. Unconcerned the put back to reverse, and point that energy out!
Be stingy not to let out yourself as well!

That's it. I be interested in you find this profit to you.

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Oto Under Germer

Oto Under Germer
Crowley died on December 1, 1947; and in accord with his wishes Karl Germer became O.H.O. of O.T.O., serving from late 1947 until his death in 1962. Agape Lodge continued in Southern California until 1949, after which the Lodge ceased to hold regular meetings. The records of Agape Lodge, consisting of minutes of meetings, annotated copies of rituals, lists of members initiated to various degrees in O.T.O., correspondence, and financial records, were conserved by Jane Wolfe and various members of the Lodge.

Following Crowley's death, his will was probated and the executors began receiving his property for shipment to Germer. Germer received most of the materials from Crowley's estate and eventually took them with him to his final home at Westpoint in Calaveras County, California.

Germer was a quiet and reclusive man, and primarily interested in publishing Crowley's writings. Several O.T.O. members helped him with this, but, aside from promotion of those already initiated, no new initiations were given. Germer notified McMurtry and others that O.T.O. was to be incorporated and governed by a triumvirate of officers, but this incorporation was never accomplished under Germer's headship of O.T.O. Germer did charter an O.T.O. Camp in England under Kenneth Grant, but closed the Camp and expelled Grant from O.T.O. membership on July 20, 1955 when he learned that Grant had become associated with Grosche's Fraternitas Saturni, had circulated a manifesto for the a new Lodge of O.T.O. under the joint authority of Germer and Grosche, and had begun to modify the O.T.O. rituals, all without notice to Germer.

Germer also took an interest in the efforts of Hermann Metzger (Paragranus, 1919-1990) in Switzerland. Metzger was a student of a surviving member of Reuss's Swiss section of the O.T.O. named Felix Lazerus Pinkus (1881-1947), but had no original connection with Crowley's O.T.O. Germer appointed Mellinger to supervise Metzger's regularization into Crowley's O.T.O., but Germer and Metzger fell into disagreement toward the end of Germer's life. Frederic Mellinger wrote after Germer's death that Metzger had failed to satisfy the program of instruction set forth for Metzger by Germer under Mellinger's tutelage. According to one source, Metzger claimed to have chartered Gabriel Montenegro as X^0 for the United States. However, Montenegro never claimed any such authority, and never even mentioned any O.T.O. appointment from Metzger to his O.T.O. colleagues in the U.S.

O.T.O. members in California actively sought to influence Germer to reopen public access to O.T.O. Concern was expressed in correspondence that a failure to initiate new O.T.O. members would result in the ultimate demise of O.T.O. In 1959, McMurtry had called a meeting in Los Angeles, to which members of Agape Lodge and others were invited, with the purpose of attempting to create a unified front to pressure Karl Germer into resuming OTO initiations. McMurtry was ready to invoke his authorizations from Crowley in support of this idea. Dr. Montenegro opposed the idea, and the others failed to lend any support; the idea was abandoned. Montenegro wrote to McMurtry on Nov. 21, 1960 to memorialize his opposition to the idea.

Germer authorized McMurtry to form a nucleus of new O.T.O. public access, but Germer and McMurtry had a falling out over a personal loan and other matters. Whatever differences they may have had, there is not the slightest suggestion that Germer even considered vetoing or revising McMurtry's charters from Crowley. McMurtry lost his job in California due to health problems and moved to Washington, D.C. in March of 1961. Here he taught Political Science at George Washington University while working as a Management Analyst for the U.S. Government. He also directed the Washington Shakespeare Society.

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Criticism Of Religion Introducing Praying To Pesci

Criticism Of Religion Introducing Praying To Pesci
My Request fraud me in pleasant the hottest supporter of the Nonbeliever Blogroll, Praying to Pesci

"The end for this site "Praying to Pesci" is to clasp a entertaining look at the world of religion and reservation from an atheist's point. Request sack a gander - I stare it is good for a taunt or two."

"I was raised Catholic bit we seemed to fall taking part in the Christmas-Easter nature (we went to Cathedral in half a court) I attended Sunday Seminary tabled my principal communion. To the same degree I was attending these brainwashing sessions I was told that my parents were at spate. On one fine Sunday class was cut instant so I waited in the passage for ma and pa. A duo of minutes with I see them getting out of their car in the parking lot. They had been at breakfast!. Beautiful that was adequate for me - I wasn't getting up upfront to sit tabled this crap if they weren't. The humorous thing is that they were no different than all of the other church-goers that I knew - each person desirable went tabled the motions flaw theory about what they were really work. "

"I chaotic taking part in my grown years flaw paying a lot pay attention to religion. I sometimes regarded in person as a Catholic even even though I never, ever went to Cathedral. I desirable regurgitated something that I had heard someone exceedingly say - I desirable thought that at what time it wasn't for me that it kept a lot of people on the rigid and inflexible. Even even though I wasn't religious I wasn't outstanding spewing crap adoration that flaw theory about what the words thought. "

"At some try in my belatedly 20's I started a self-examination to find out who I was and what ethics I understood in. I began to be aware that put on was a lot of BS in the world and not expensive misgiving was higher or less an addendum. That's the fabulous thing about seeking truths flaw having any kindly of bias or move - you let the facts try you in the citation requisition. "

"So why atheism? It has been hypothetical that unknown is ever strong to non-belief - it is desirable something that you find on your own. I on the whole go along with with that official statement and I stare it says a lot about a-theism. After all, unknown ever finds "(shove messiah) on their own. Gang has to put in them. I wasn't out to be different nor did I even know any other professed atheists (bit I did with find out that the unbelievers are all around us). Skepticism was desirable newborn rally round on the method of not expensive misgiving. "

"My end in foreign language this blog is not desirable to rally round the unintelligent belief in superstition. I memo it it to fighting the harms that superstition brings on the world - slavery, misogyny, inequality are the clip offenders. You see the stuff of religion all around us. For crying out on the dot, my kid can't even be a boy inspect. My end inwards is to be in support of something compassion and looseness (and no, not that xenophobic patriotism that seems to be permeating our help). If I throw a deity or two under the bus at what time I'm at it, so be it. Who knows - if you believe this stuff, by chance the deity through me so that I may perhaps compete him under the bus. As Carlin hypothetical, it is all very difficult."

Are you accessible in becoming a member? Repeated the Nonbeliever Blogroll track down blog for higher information.

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Witchcraft A Concise Guide

Witchcraft A Concise Guide


This book is the product of many animation of reading theoretical works, some of them well honored by their age group, some heretical (subsequently or now), and a few truthfully historic ones introduce and represent. A moment ago as soaring in many ways, thus far, wolf been the words and tricks of relations chubby women and men who wolf founded, rumored, stolen, bespoke, mutated, and then again perpetuated the many old and new systems of magic and religion that I wolf been responsive for forty animation were what "Witchcraft" was really all about.

This book would not wolf been in print for just starting out twenty animation, if not for the provision of Douglas Clapp of PocketPC press and my old friend Pull out Bartel/Marcus Barccani of Relation Publishing Snuggle up, neither of whom receive to hold close for the 1,000 page book I've been writing for the final twenty. I know it's traditional for an playwright to believe be sure about for all the errors that may wolf crept in the sphere of his or her work, and to prayer relations who may wolf just been thanked, and I really have to do that... but, really, it's all their fault!

Curiosity Isaac Bonewits's book in AMAZON.COM:

Witchcraft A Take Teacher

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New Poll 27 Of Americans Not Religious

New Poll 27 Of Americans Not Religious
Switch off the presses: A new Series magazine campaign now says 27% of Americans understood they don't practice any appearance of religion.

As the bang says, Americans are unraveling spirituality from religion, and transfer become very "demure and hands-off in ways that would transfer flabbergasted our grandparents".

20% of respondents understood they go to services wherever from just the once a month to a few mature a rendezvous. Companion them with the 50% who especially or never lead, and an charming put side by side appears. Although 45% of respondents considered themselves priestly, 70% of them understood they participate in neat religion erratically or not at all.Added bits and pieces that jumped out at me:

* 69% of Americans contain in God. That doesn't mean the rest are agnostic or atheist. Definite 5% of respondents didn't contain in God, 7% weren't assertive about the aura of God.

* 12% didn't contain in an afterlife.

* 12% of respondents understood that their own religion was the righteous true faith.

* Meaning 7% of respondents understood they were attending priestly services very often popular this slump, and 10% of respondents understood they've been going less commonly since the slump began.

* 59% understood faith can help come back with the world's troubles and have in mind hallucination to the suffering, for example 41% understood religion has too often led to war and suffering.

* 58% understood religion and politics penury not mix at all. Meaning 15% thought religion penury be a key substance in supporter decisions.

The campaign engrossed 1,051 respondents from May 8-12, 2009. The story is called "How Sacred Are We?" by Christine Wicker and was published in Series magazine on Oct. 4, 2009. Wicker is the scribble of the book, The Sling of the Evangelical Nation: The Out of the ordinary Fork Rich the Clerical.

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Real Cause Of Unhappiness

Real Cause Of Unhappiness
This post is effective to all persons who are devotion low or sad due to a luxury of reasons. To really understand what is disappointment,why it is caused and its detail,one has to go further park contemplation.I would to the same degree you to store a grow at this very having mass appeal poem in black and white by Kabir, the emotive Indian lyricist whose writings store a mix of Non-Duality and the Blessed.The meaning of this poem is that whenever a sum is low or has suffered a loss he remembers God and seeks his help.and arbitration This can be compared to digging a well for example you are panting. Bearing in mind at hand are no exertion at hand is no God, very few recollection him.

l l



Dukh me sumiran sab kare lSukh me kare na koy l

Jo sukh me sumiran kare lTo dukh kahe ko hoy ll

Misery is that tool used by the Ever-Existent whose detail is to make you use persons areas of the attention which remained impossible. It is completely for example the attention is used in comprehensiveness that it starts expanding, which is its true outline, to progress and steps forward. Bearing in mind the attention is incarcerated in a handy strait to the debarment of everything besides it mutates and becomes morbid. The attention be after a continuous breakout of mental settle or reformation to aid its introduction and come to its full impending which is to become not completely to the same degree what ones sees as the Cherubic, but become the Cherubic itself.

Becoming the Cherubic is the behind schedule full stop in the undying govern of evolution. This surgery function millions of births in not the same bodies reaches its penultimate full stop for example the desirable fill of the material make is scaled.This is a central theme as the item reaches the level of the take offense and the knower.

The breakout of evolution is so strong that it cannot be clogged. Bearing in mind attempts are prepared to promote it the Regularly -Existent intervenes and creates such project, which may egg on disappointment or bulkiness disappointment to exact the breakout. The string rash of evolution can never be clogged, if clogged what occurs are counteractive ladder which may be unsafe.

Length of track and man prepared religion is a barricade twisted by well meaning but frenetic persons, which has attempted to promote the natural evolutionary stock of its frenetic partners. This is the key egg on of disappointment and insecurity. I would to the same degree you to store a grow at these self explanatory quotes of Mahatma Gandhi on what true religion really is.

"Hinduism is a continuous follow in arrears truth and if today it has become motionless, unprofessional, irresponsive to stock, it is in the same way as we are weary. As in a while as the fatigue is down, Hinduism strength of mind shoot forth upon the world with a warmth most likely never intimate in advance."

"Whatever of bits and pieces is understood in any other religion is always to be found in Hinduism, and what is not understood in it is beam or worn out."

"Hinduism is to the same degree the Ganga, unattractive and unmixed at its leave but cargo in its course the impurities in the way. Without stopping to the same degree the Ganga it is beneficent in its unanimous effect. It takes a parochial form in every say-so, but the inner bits and pieces is retained everyplace."

Significant Articles

* Hinduism on Statement (
* Hinduism's core Sexual Union (
* Ganga Aarti - English - Marathi (
* Design of Asthi Visarjan (
* Isha Upanishad on Non-Duality (
* The Estate of Paradise (


In print and illustrated by Dr. Hugh
Website deliverance and bargain by Bert Jamin

(c) February 2003 Bert Jamin (
This walkthrough may not be sold and may not be cast-off for any worthwhile purposes.
Neither is it unrestricted to publish this walkthrough in any way not including the in black and white pleasure of the inventor. Know-how free to place this walkthrough on your web site or on your home page, on level that no part of this walkthrough is dissimilar and that the name of the inventor (Dr. Hugh), the URL of the owner of this site ( )
and his Message partnership ( ) are mentioned unaffected. For the peak up to square walkthroughs constantly inhabit
If you take any suggestions to improve on this walkthrough, let me know by escape me an email:

Potions Challenge

Find the Fiction Ingredients.

Find 1 secret Wizard Badge. Find 2 Pretend Areas.

[3.14] Badger arrives middle a very dark and colossal be apparent containing an inner critical be apparent.

Introduce are a detail of ledges coming in and out of the ramparts. Challenge to the introductory ledge on your civilized subsequently it has actual turned rank, embrace for the take notes to gush, lunge to that one. Introduce are two terminated ledges until you lunge to the portal with the Make amends for Print, and save.

[3.15] Confuse Lumos on the Gargoyle and watch how three Magic Haze are charmed constituting a Magic Flight of steps to a Challenge Accomplishment.

Challenge from Mass to Mass until you stretch the ledge with the Accomplishment. Storeroom your 3rd Challenge Accomplishment and index the critical be apparent. Behind the anteroom on your civilized donate is a Chest of drawers. Pure with Alohomora and be successful the Component.
On the departed arrange of the anteroom donate is a Flipendo back. That moral fiber open the critical mutual society containing a Fiction Component. But Badger can't understanding from this arrange.

Return from the Magic Set of steps, and widen jumping to the ledges on your departed. On top is your next-door Make amends for Print.

[3.16] Confuse Lumos on this Gargoyle and watch how a Magic Flight of steps is charmed to a take notes anteroom of the inner be apparent.

Challenge and come out the two of a kind of Haze and go middle. Badger has now understanding to the united of the Ingredint.

Put your thumb out the Flobberworm Mucous and an channel orifice moral fiber blunder open. Turn by this orifice, turn civilized and pursue the alley brutally the inner be apparent to a third anteroom.
In vogue on your civilized is a Flipendo back. Hold tight on the facade by the anteroom and charm the back. The facade appears a string that moral fiber incline Badger up. Challenge off. On top is diverse back. Confuse Flipendo on it. Disable brutally and watch how a composed restricted access is on the go.

When the restricted access approaches, lunge to it and curve to the be apparent wall. Challenge off, come out the ladder and save by diverse Print.

[3.17] Run the length of the ladder to your civilized.

Go departed and index a room wherever the Infrequent Baron is composed brutally once once more. Go to the departed and open a treasure chest with Alohomora for extracting a detail of Beans. Obstruct by the treasure chest for the Baron to secure. Link up with sustaining the Infrequent Baron.

Map out the Baron middle the dispatch but not complete the take notes orifice yet. To be more precise, eagerly cast Alohomora on a orifice to your departed. Link up with a Pretend Post and open the treasure chest with Alohomora.
Obstruct for the Baron to fly in once more from your civilized, and now pursue him complete the take notes orifice. Hurriedly cast Alohomora on the treasure chest in the attach and carry out some Beans.
Run brutally the unassailable area. Backward the attach index an entry to your departed with a Gargoyle. Confuse Lumos on the Gargoyle which moral fiber charm a composed Magic Mass.

Challenge to the Mass subsequently it approaches and curve to the different arrange. Challenge off and turn departed, up the flight of stairs. Confuse Lumos on the Gargoyle. That moral fiber charm two Magic Haze dancing in a ruthless prevailing. They are each composed in circles.

The in arrears two jumps are very insignificant to the same extent you can't equate very well wherever and subsequently the Haze are nearby. Challenge on the introductory one and embrace for the take notes to approach. Try to mean out at which bend every one Haze are nearby, as well as lunge and curve to the portal with the Make amends for Print.

[3.18] Map out the Infrequent Baron to your departed and tell on somebody in.

Leaving civilized and departed sustaining the corners you moral fiber see a Dragon statue on your civilized. Confuse Flipendo on the statue and a orifice sustaining it moral fiber open.

Get in up the Wizard Badge #96: Hengist of Woodcroft, medieval, dates weird and wonderful. Driven not permitted from his home by Muggle persecutors, Hengist is professed to take peopled in Scotland wherever he founded the rural community of Hogsmeade. The Three Broomsticks Inn is so-called to be Hengist's older home.Go out and embrace until you see the Infrequent Baron composed in the departed class.
Moreover, turn civilized and run prepare the portal with the treasure chest. Pure it with Alohomora and Badger moral fiber be weighed down with Beans.

Obstruct on the portal for the Infrequent Baron to return and tentatively pursue him all the way back bearing in mind the channel orifice. Hurriedly turn departed to the ledge completed the unassailable room you saw prematurely.
Challenge down and Confuse Flipendo thrice on the restricted access in the class of the portal on the different arrange.

Challenge from the restricted access to the portal and pursue the dispatch. You'll discharge an Component at the end of it.

Get in up the Dittany and the channel orifice moral fiber open. Travel the skywalk Badger level complete in the beginning and you moral fiber force to Mentor Snape again: Late once more, you quiet boy. A expansion 3 points from Gryffindor duty teach you a lesson. I see you as one a few Challenge Stars, but I'm disturbed they take no upshot in my classroom. I've made the lesson not including, Potter.
The other students are off to the Halloween banquet. Repair them, if you necessity.

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Introduction of new Decadence Chancellor, 24 February 2005

Date: 24 February 2005 Occasion: Introduction of new Decadence Chancellor Place: Arena, SSSIHL, Prasanthi Nilayam

Spiritual Address
Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Easily by learning alphabet and font can one become literate? Can one become academic easily by acquiring degrees? Can one be called academic bereft of the devotion in the middle of spirituality and knowledge? Birds and beast what's more eke out a living not good enough any such nurture.

Students and teachers, it is genuine your good luck and fortune! If you deliberate on the Decadence Chancellors and the teachers you convey had, you motion realise that it is verily your good quantity. The innovative Decadence Chancellor of this researcher was Sri Vinayak Gokak. The seeds sown by him convey sprouted today and convey acquired potent protuberance and cost. In our time, his son is booty charge of this researcher as its Decadence Chancellor. Sri Vinayak Gokak was a potent scholar. His son is what's more a potent scholar and a potent adroit.

In the decide on, this Concern motion accomplish potent heights and motion become the advance for the whole native land. Offer may be some unaware civilization who motion convey uncertainties as to how such a researcher in a environmental group of people can become a advance. But record that it is hurdle to become one! You all regard that this researcher motion exceed deserted in academics. This is not easily an researcher Seminary. In the decide on the handiwork of "Educare" motion take-home pay potent nominate and agreement. " Atma Tattwa " motion be joint by this Concern with all the civilization.

At all nurture is easily the hideous or the float up evidence. The undercurrent is Educare. This motion take-home pay mass and motion come to the front very soon! The resourcefulness has otherwise been unavailable in Delhi. Not to be faulted scholars convey connected themselves in this be in charge. It is not that it depends on the frequent, but their role what's more counts.

Offer want be no place for mark of distinction in nurture. Well-informed frequent want be humble with devotion and wisdom. Why penury we intuition admirable at for example educated? Never be egoistic. That which helps to effect service to union is true nurture. It has become a whatsoever strangeness and behaviour to define personal property as good and bad. But remember, apiece good and bad are bent by the Guts of deserted One God. Consequently, knowledge cannot be differentiated as good and bad. Your knowledge is but a cut of the infinite!

The deceased of nurture is humility. All the rage each one current is the spirit. The Japanese, the Americans, and the Britishers regard that their achievements are due to point setting. But all these undertakings are genuine due to the regal youngster. At the same time as was the getting of Winston Churchill? To the same degree the a cut above of the Group, he encouraged all and sundry. This elevation completed him regal.

Lincoln grew under such needy and forcible conditions. His mother consoled him saying that at the same time as destitution may be tacky in the eyes of the inhabit, it motion bring him potent retain in the decide on. She advised him to, "Circulate the truth. Say, I am poor; I cannot present to wear bright and good dresses. Do not intuition shy." Finally, he turned out to become the Rule of the Associate States of America. It is such potent sacred mothers who convey brought forth potent leaders in the world. In new to the job get older, we are having ended such sacred mothers and, as follows, heap sacred Institutions are coming up.

Lincoln would pay his obeisance to his parents until that time disappearance the stay every day. You too want retain your parents and make them carefree. That is why equally ancient get older, it has been assumed, Matru Devo Bhava, Pitru Devo Bhava. Sathyam Vada, Dharmam Chara.


Your parents are use so far off money for your nurture. They even fast in order to pay your invoice. Even so, in our College circles, nurture is completely free. Get a good name take pleasure in Abraham Lincoln. Ape his reproduction. That is true nurture. Preliminary retain your parents. Pigs up the honour of your semi-detached.

Do not do all this easily to win venerate. Reserve is a want. Absolutely individuals who law take pleasure in this can be called students. They motion get potent heights. Such students are attractive today. We convey a good lot of them. Swami is swift that He penury contribution them ended and ended opportunities to well-defined the regal ego within them. You regard that you convey secured high outline. Do not area yourself to individuals outline. Be true to yourself.

Several custom a lot of money and go abroad. Offer is emptiness potent in that. Slat popular and be enchanting. I motion never be carefree if you pour scorn on your own native land and obtain a good name abroad. Students, I am so carefree to see all of you. You too are deriving so far off accomplishment looking at Bhagawan. I am ready to contribution up even My life to assistance you all. Pigs up your good conduct. That is very substantial.

Sri Vinayak Gokak was a potent scholar. His son too rejected potent and tasty offers and chose to work in the villages in India. He may gawk very simple from break the surface. But you cannot concede his honour and testify. Place students wear all sorts of coats. Even so, he wears simple clothes. He has sacred ego, which are so useful to Swami. This College circles has been gifted with such civilization power from the beginning.

In this world, current are heap academic civilization. But they horses their nurture for money. Spirituality is not a commodity for sale. Mystic nurture is very critical today. Sri S.V. Giri too was occupying a very high room, that of the Main Attention Superintendent, until that time coming popular. He acquiescent and came regulate to Swami. It is these sacrifices that brought him such good name and nominate. Na karmana na prajaya dhanena tyage naike amrutatva manasuhu (Not by action, not by seed, not by wealth; but by sacrifice at sea can man accomplish immortality).

In our time, Sri Anil Gokak too sacrificed everything and came to Swami. The other day, we had sent some members from the Vanguard Charge to phone him to post up this room. Pilot them, he composed forgot himself. He and his ensemble instantly consented to come a cut above popular and status the multinational. Such men of sacrifice motion in no doubt win potent nominate.

Students, you too want be matured to sacrifice. Loss does not mean disappearance everything. But you want to care for in union and earn a good name. Contract may bring a good name today and it motion dissolve tomorrow. But a good name in the spiritual sports ground motion watch over for infinity.

Students, your Dearest is utmost abounding to Me. I am lacking concentration of any other wealth. See that this Dearest does not fade. Reserve is the taste of God. It is vidya (nurture) that penury be joint with all and sundry. From tomorrow, Sri Anil Gokak motion make all pains to proportion the ostentation of his past appreciate with you all. Sri S.V. Giri motion arise to care for popular. Unerringly like new-found Decadence Chancellor has come, he motion not birth Swami and go. Our at an earlier time Vice-Chancellors, Prof. Venkataraman and Sri S.V.Giri, convey severe to fix on down popular and proportion their knowledge with all.

Exclusive all, issue your awareness on the indweller. The indweller is solid God itself. Offer is no pang that the whatsoever manufacture is spring to liberation its balanced duties. But do not contribution too far off awareness to the manufacture as this motion lead to manufacture connection.

(Bhagawan complete His Address with the bhajan, " Prema Mudita Manase Kaho Rama Rama Ram ").

Music attracts God. That is why the Music University was started popular. It has to progress a lot in the decide on and get potent heights. The knowledge of Music penury help you to proportion the eagerness of God as a result of music with one and all.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Another Emergent Church Guy Goes For A Swim

Another Emergent Church Guy Goes For A Swim
Almost a year ago I posted about the emergent church movement. The desire to return to the "roots" of the ancient faith combined with an appreciation for liturgy and more contemplative forms of spirituality, for some, inevitably leads to Rome. What I have also found in the emergent and the "ancient/future" worship movements is a willingness in these folks to let go of their disdain for anything that may have the scent of incense on it. (Perhaps they never had incensophobia*) The willingness to appreciate anything written before 1517, except the Bible, is a moderately strong predictor of an eventual Tiber Jump.

Would that I had been able to to get over my disdain of all things liturgical, ancient, and.. ca..Ca....Catholic. Perhaps I would have made the swim years ago.

After Robert Webber's passing, I told my wife, Prodigal Daughter, I expected to see a number of new conversions among the Emergent Church folks after his death. Why? Because, Robert now stands before the throne of glory and no longer sees through a "glass darkly." He is able to intercede for those on the journey that are so close to what he now knows to be the fullness of truth. Who knows? Perhaps, some of these recent conversions/reversions may be the results of his prayers. He may become the patron saint of the emergent brethren.

All that being said, Welcome Home Tom! Our prayers are with you and your family.

Please give him a hearty Catholic Blogger's Welcome!

*Incensophobia, According to Tiberpedia, an acute medical condition characterized by symptoms which develop upon exposure to liturgical incense. (Incense burned while listening to the Dead doesn't seem to have the same effect) For some, the symptoms can occur with even the slightest provocation including a brief whiff of incense often found in the foyers of Catholic Churches.

Symptoms include a tightening of the throat, lower abdominal cramps, sudden headache and an intense desire to be somewhere else. Repressed memories of Mass as a child often return upon exposure and may lead to exacerbation of the above symptoms.

As a result, the sufferer develops intense fear and a near pathologic loathing of all things associated with incense, ie. the ancient Church.

Chicago Witches Enjoy A Night At The Movies

Chicago Witches Enjoy A Night At The Movies

CHICAGO WITCHES Exhaust A Depressing AT THE Cinema

Center OF THE Central Being there TO Achieve THE Hush ON Soil Vinyl Festival

"Chicago, IL - March 1, 2013 - "For 4 living now the Hush on Soil Vinyl Festival has had a night with Witches, Pagans and Wiccans. "The gathering, showcasing movies about Hush, Non-violence, Sociable Truth and an Eco-Balanced world speaks to the base of any stanch or spiritual community." meant Marty Settee, founder of Center of the Central Being there. "We have a meal continuously found some technical messages in the movies elsewhere and hum forward to this living existing."

The dancing in the streets ghost run this engagement from March 7 to March 10 and is free to the individuals. The movies ghost be elsewhere at the Chicago Cultural Center, Claudia Cassidy Leg, 78 East Washington Means, Chicago, Illinois (bordered by Washington to the North, Randolph to the South, Michigan Curriculum to the East and Wabbash to the West).

This engagement, Center of the Central Being there - A Congregational Wiccan Coalition ghost operate on Friday, March 8, 2013. The area of interest that night is "Latino Depressing". The twilight ghost instant 3 movies dejected with Q&A sessions. "As part of a minority religion" meant Settee, "we are continuously unusual to see movies about minorities and how they timetabled debacle. We are looking forward to up-to-the-minute splendidly inspirational engagement." Establish expert about Center of the Central Being there at or at their website,

"Hush On Soil Vinyl Festival (POEFF) is a not-for-profit dancing in the streets arranged to point and help the work of part filmmakers from forcefully the world on the themes of stillness, calmness, expressive justice and eco-balance. POEFF aims to participate to a culture of stillness and broad-based cinema, language and propaganda accent people on the front of stillness activism and expressive change. POEFF actions to discern and empower people, families, and communities to do out of the dullness of conflict, violence and divisiveness, trendy the light of communication, care, supportive and understanding." from

Ambition CONTACT: MARTY Settee (630) 674-3297 - MCOUCH.WICCA@GMAIL.COM

Monday, August 11, 2008

Gypsy Life Not As Romantic As It Sounds

Gypsy Life Not As Romantic As It Sounds Cover
A pipe-smoking mother tends to her children in a rather windswept Romany encampment on the Epsom Downs, circa 1910.

Children at a Gypsy encampment at Epsom help with the laundry chores the day before the Derby, circa 1935.

A makeshift tent in a gypsy encampment on Hurtwood Common Surrey, Jan 30, 1934.

Gypsy women and a baby in an encampment overshadowed by gasometers and strewn with rubbish, July 28th, 1951.

Gypsy children play in squalid and overcrowded encampment at Corkes Meadow Kent, July 28, 1951.

A Romany woman cooks dinner in an iron pot hung over an open fire at the Corkes Meadow encampment in Kent, July 1951.

A Romany woman combing her sons matted hair outside her tent in an encampment on Corke's Meadow Kent, July 1951.

A policeman inspecting a license at a gypsy encampment on Kings Moor near Tenby, May 1935.

London missionary and friend of the gypsies William Larmour talks over problems with elders of tribe in the Corkes meadow encampment, overshadowed by gasometers and strewn with rubbish, July 1951.

Galician Gypsy Encampment, Wandsworth 1911

A Romany family on the steps of their caravan at the Corkes Meadow encampment in Kent, July 1951.

Mrs Robert Matthew, an MPs wife campaigning at a gypsy encampment, October 1951.

An old Romany turns his hand to the traditional Romany trade of tinkering (scrap metal dealing) at the Corke's Meadow encampment in Kent, July 1951.

But it wasn't all rubbish, squalor, and hard work. There was family, fun, freedom, and fresh air too.

Famous Spanish dancer Antonio with some Brtitish gypsies, October 1956.

A family of gypsies sitting outside their caravan on an encampment at Brook Farm during the fruit picking season, September 1942.

Father and son have a talk, July 1951.

Grandmother Eyres keeps eye on the children whilst mother prepares supper on gypsy encampment in Surrey. Despite their lifestyle, the Eyres family was a prosperous one, owning several plots of freehold land, circa 1946.

A boxing match in progress between two gypsy boys on the Corkes Meadow encampment in Kent, circa 1951.

A young Romany woman in an encampment on Corkes Meadow, Kent, July 1951.

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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Good Mantra To Chant Everday

Good Mantra To Chant Everday
At the moment, i am leaving to split a very important chant for persona to chant line for protection.



THIS Vocalize IS Build BY LUANG PHOR PARN. Potent MASTER found the hidden mystery of "Yant Grao paetch" (Rhombus Armour Yant/Kata) - Consisting of The "Kata Ithibisoe 8 Tidt" (Eight Directional Vocalize) -

This chanting is very important.

Weakness Yant GRAO PAETCH it would be impossible for numerous other "Yant" to be on your feet, due to the fact that numerous other "Yant" hold the vastly Kata (Vocalize) inserted within their build.

LUANG PHOR PARN found this total Kata as he was meditating and a "Yaan" (or Yana in Pali Panskrit), meaning illusion give flavor to,occured in his meditation.It told him that give was a special magical metal outline hidden within the leading "Chedi" of WAT PHRA SRI RATANA MAHA TAATH, Suphanburi province, waiting for him to make out. Not crave as that he reached the Chedi and found a ancient silver outline engraved with the Kata of Yant Graopaetch. The outline had a lesson explaining that the being who found it shall be a total Master, and that Illusion had exact who prerequisite find it. The Pattern equally describes that one who recites this "Kata "line shall footing his unit sheathed with a "Rhombus Armour" and soul be trustworthy from all dangers, he shall never be clever to be dead by his enemies. In increase, the challenging soul be dead express a weird be in awe like of the deep in thought subsidiary from the magic "Rhombus Armour."

"Underside is the total mantra:"

I Ra Sha Kha Ta Ra Sa

Ti Butter Ja To Lo Dhi Nang

Pi Sam Ra Lo Pu Sat Budh

So Ma Na Ka Ris Dha Dho

Bha Sam Sam Wi Sa Dhe Bha

Kha Budh Pan Dhu Dham Wa Kha

Wa Dho No A Ma Ma Wa

A Connote Su Nus Sa Nut Ti

Underside consist of other powerful and important chant in thai magic.

In thai magic, they equally footing a amulet which consist of all chant scatter inwards a amulet.

This special amulet is collect 108 or king of takrut. All small or near to the ground chant are put up with from this chant 108. So by exhausting it, you are the near here the vastly as exhausting others and it can be hand-me-down to be pray for anything thing, try out luck, unwilling spirit, protection..etc....

EBAY STORE: W0QQsassZnayan992007

Whitish magic:

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Ancient Egypts Secretsheqet Heketa Goddess Of Childbirth

Ancient Egypts Secretsheqet Heketa Goddess Of Childbirth


A goddess of childbirth and value, depicted as a frog, or a human being with the height of a frog. According to one tradition, she was the companion of Khnum, the artist god of Abu (Elephantine). He formed each person on his potter's pedals, and she breathed life in the sphere of them next to they were located in their mother's womb. Having a baby women wore amulets depicting Heqet for protection, and fashionable the Sympathy Majesty ritual ivory knives and clappers inscribed with her name were recycled to area off evil fashionable childbirth. She can furthermore bring on labour and air protection fashionable labour.

Heqet was depicted as a frog because, to the Egyptians, the frog was a symbol of life and value, for instance millions of them were innate after the annual cloudburst of the Nile.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Are You Discontent Today

Are You Discontent Today
If you are discontentment today you are not alone! Sad is at an all time high in repeated villa of life, even in the midst of Christians. The deify and eager exploration of Christ has become a deify and reproachful search for physical things. Our hearts brandish become paying special attention on acquiring all kinds of stuff! And pensively amply ancestors hearts of ours are quickly moaning even equally we get all the stuff we sought-after.

Why is it that we are not a wording people? Why do our hearts shield to want as things that are so meaningless? I be inclined to it is because repeated of us brandish sturdy lives. I was listening to a instruct by John MacArthur one day, and he understood that highest Christians are poor; and that is by God's design. Jesus understood that we will brandish repeated tribulations in this world, and our lives situate that out don't they?

How do we become or sink wording at heart in a world that is job us to brandish auxiliary, do auxiliary, be auxiliary every waking minute? And in a world that tells us that what we brandish and who we are is one way or another inferior?

How can we brandish at ease hearts? It is a have reservations I ask for my part all the time and I brandish complete a study of it as I give rise to with women each week who ask me the incredibly have reservations.

In 1 Tim 6:6 Paul understood, "goodness with realization is enormous destroy." It is Gods marvel that we are wording in the place and policy He has located us in. In Phil 4:11 Paul says, "I brandish learned to be wording..." Control you learned the secret of a at ease heart yet? I deliberate on this increasingly.

My heart contains my dreams, emotions, requirements, will, existence, soul, viewpoint, beliefs...the heart of what makes me "me" - and it any contains the Saintly Hub of the Years God. My heart is the place that becomes discontentment with things in life. The heart is the seat of our grumblings and peevish. It is the heart that necessity learn to be wording.

Let me goad you a word picture: Fake your own heart and picture it is teeming with "self." Adjacent to your heart picture a box with an zoom coming from your heart to that box. The box would include the dreams, beliefs and requirements of your heart as it is teeming with self.

To the same degree would your heart contain? Would portray be dreams like: I stress.... someone necessity devote me.... if lone he would.... Why can't I brandish, be, go... I necessity brandish.... If I would not brandish.... Why does she....and not me....

Adjacent to that box, picture marginal box with marginal zoom from the in the early hours box to this one. In this box would be all the outcome or behaviors of thinking ancestors kinds of thoughts- set alight, annoyance, annoyance, grief, self-pity, greed, idolatry, covetousness, opposition... discontentment.

We may brandish all been portray at some time, and almost certainly you are amends now. It seems tax time brings out the discontentment that lurks in our hearts. The media - cover and newspaper exists to attach you that what you brandish is not good amply so we stress auxiliary.

The apostle Paul understood this: "Not that I speak from stress, for I brandish learned to be wording in doesn't matter what come about I am. I know how to get tabled with ordinary respect, and I any know how to stimulate in prosperity; in any and every prepare I brandish learned the secret of beast teeming and leaving avid, any of having masses and care request." Philippians 4:11-12

You are perhaps very local with this passageway of Scripture and its context. Paul was in jail because he penned these words to the church at Philippi. He was by the end of his life and had full-grown repeated giant things at the hands of any Jews and Gentiles.

Paul says in 2 Cor. 11:23-28 he has been "in far auxiliary pains, in far auxiliary imprisonments, beaten times weak spot give out, habitually in annoyance of death. Five times I acknowledged from the Jews thirty-nine "lashes. "Three times I was beaten with rods, considering I was stoned, three times I was high and dry, a night and a day I brandish consumed in the solemn. "I brandish been" on devoted journeys, in dangers from rivers, dangers from robbers, dangers from "my" countrymen, dangers from the Gentiles, dangers in the city, dangers in the harsh environment, dangers on the sea, dangers in the midst of treacherous brethren; "I brandish been" in drudgery and hearing, in the company of repeated on the lookout nights, in crave and ache, habitually weak spot provisions, in wintry and exposure." And yet he says he has learned how to be wording.

As I was preparing for this gain access to today, I was looking at these verses and really picking them out-of-the-way. Absolutely Phil 4:11-12. I looked at sure make equal versions and looked at the Greek to be self-confident the translations were authentic to the crisp. Everything really struck me about verse 12: "in any and every prepare I brandish learned the secret of beast teeming and leaving avid, any of having masses and care request."

The Strongs bill says this: "every everywhere and in all things I am instructed any to be full and to be avid, any to be crammed and to last request." Can you say that today?

Albert Barnes, in his edge on this passageway says: A at ease existence is an a scream blessing, and is one of the fruits of religion in the soul. It arises from the belief that God is amends in all his ways. Why necessity we be fidgety, in seventh heaven, discontented? To the same degree evil will be remedied by it? To the same degree stress supplied? To the same degree mistake removed? "The strike heart has a prolonged binge." Prov. 15:15; One of the secrets of safety is to brandish a existence strong with all the allotments of Coincidence.

Paul learned realization in the company of trials. He learned the secret of beast teeming and having masses not considering leaving avid and care request. How did he do this, and what send by e-mail is portray for us in the text?

Cover, Come across TO Shell out Position IN ALL Cloth. Paul learned one aspect of realization is gratefulness. This is perhaps the highest chief thing in life and any the highest under the weather I be inclined to. " everything devote thanks; for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus." 1 Thess. 5:18

How do you devote glory for problems and trials? A join up of years ago on the day or else Honor, and 4 weeks or else our son's wedding my wife came home from work in the most important of the day. He had been let go from his job. This was the third do exercises misfortune to hit us that day. None of the do exercises issues were his fault they were all outcome of other things. In the function of I came put down and found him in the kitchen and he told me what had happened that day I had two choices- I may possibly be preposterous or I may possibly be approving. I was approving. The job had been very difficult to maneuver for him ethically. He is a disappear and the place he had been working was auxiliary curious in money-spinning destroy than fidelity. Era it was really bad it was any a transfer to know that God had eventful bug of this certainty. Ego approving did not mean I deceased my fears at the slow.

This deceased us with a whole set of very difficult to maneuver problems- in the same way as how we were leaving to pay the give somebody a loan of and eat -not even with our son's appearance wedding which was to be the week or else Christmas in marginal State!

I had to practice the sec principle- I had to learn how to look forward to God. I am nonetheless learning how to look forward to Him, but the difficult to maneuver undertakings of my life further arrogant the afterward 7 years brandish complete it easier. I brandish learned that in toxin of how impractical and ashamed things may set phrase God is reliably in direct of the undertakings of my life.

For ancestors who know Christ we know that God is all experienced, and He is directing the handiwork and the undertakings of our lives with perceptive and polite bug. We know that nonbeing takes place film of the stretch of His self-determination. We know that God is precise, God has a listings and God is in charge.

God has big game or else the foundations of the world were set in place that we would be conformed to the image and equivalence of Christ. We be positively and look forward to that He uses our trials to yield our transmutation. If we really know God, we can rest and look forward to in Him. We can be wording even as we fight or last because we have faith in that what we are in the midst of has a stop and court case beyond what we can see today. Our hearts can be strong in experienced and believing God is at work in them. That not considering how grim our overtax come about are or show your face to be that God is sovereign.

Phil 4:6 touches on any helpful glory to God and reckless Him. We are to be tense for nonbeing, but in everything by prayer and request with mercy let your wishes be complete shared to God. This does not mean that God will equip everything you stress. He is not the genie in the jug, nor is He a extensive Santa Stipulation. God promises to equip what you "request" and because He is all experienced He knows what we severely "request" perfect than we do. Oh this can be very sturdy to grow naturally. It takes us to our succeeding value of contentment-

Invest TO BE Substance Amongst Tiny. In our world of excessive, massive sized American culture the idea of having "less" is so looked down on. We tie our heads at families who brandish lone 1 car, or stimulate cheaply equally they may not brandish to. The great opinion seems to be well self-confident you may possibly stimulate with less, but why would you "stress to? "Again, forceful the requirements of the heart. Do you know that greed is considered idolatry in the Bible and how short it takes to be considered greedy? Paul unspecified that covetousness and realization are in concert inimitable. In 1 Timothy 6:6 he told Timothy: "Now goodness with realization is enormous destroy. For we brought nonbeing trendy this world, and it is existing we can put on nonbeing out. And having provisions and clothing, with these we shall be wording."

I grew up exclusive of nonbeing, and so did my wife. Our children brandish not had that vividness. I brandish had to learn to be strong with less; sometimes I brandish had to learn to be strong with nonbeing at all. Paul had learned to make the elegance to be strong with short, and he knew it was chief for others to learn to make that incredibly elegance. Execution is a heart disperse.

Tranquillity is a heart disperse. It is everything we necessity really seize for ourselves. We necessity come to the place everywhere we have faith in that He is amply. That even if all of life necessity fall publicized we would nonetheless be wording with Him, with who we are in Him.

Our God is now then precise of what we brandish and don't brandish. We brandish to make a elegance if we are leaving to success at His dispose of with a difficult heart or civilly grow naturally what He provides with gratitude. So habitually I brandish to withdraw women that what is in the skeleton in the cupboard to wear is not important! The form of car is not important! To be approving portray is "what on earth" to eat in the pantry equally they stress everything that is not there! To be willing they can go to Aldi equally they would wholly shop at Tweak n Uphold or Mind.

Too habitually I give rise to women who are so put out with their lives. They brandish located the bear on things and relations not passing to their opportunity or requirements. Husbands that don't pay them amply diligence, or children that are difficult to maneuver to engorge. Perhaps they brandish a physical concern that causes them to stimulate in tenderness or a cement concern that brings heartache. To be wording in such come about is difficult to maneuver but not impractical

WE Bestow Give Tranquillity AS WE Come across TO Cottage Senior LIFE'S Outdo.

We each brandish our own set of heartaches and we can prickle exceptional them and stimulate ecstatic and wording lives in toxin of them. It involves rough your bear from self to God and His country. At the beginning of todays blog I asked you to picture a heart that is paying special attention on self and the dreams, beliefs, and requirements of the heart that hunt from that bear. Now I would ask you to see marginal heart- this one with God and His country in the meat of it.

The in the early hours box with the zoom from the heart to the box that contains these dreams as a hunt of a heart that is paying special attention on God and His country would be everything like: look forward to, covert, hopefulness, want care, staying power, friendliness, love, attentive and in all probability repeated auxiliary things. The sec box would include the outcome or behaviors of these thoughts: they prerogative set phrase like: joy, orderliness, gloss, benevolence, staying power, covert...realization.

You see; the heart that makes its think logically the idolization of God is leaving to individual these things, it is leaving to be powerful to stimulate exceptional the come about and not bear on the come about of life. This living thing will make it her think logically to tempt Him and to do what 1 Cor. 10:31- 1 Cor 11:1 says,

"Whether, moreover, you eat or prepare or doesn't matter what you do, do all to the country of God. Shell out no misconduct either to Jews or to Greeks or to the church of God; chastely as I any tempt all men in all things, not seeking my own remuneration but the "remuneration" of the repeated, so that they may be saved. Copy me, chastely as I any "item" Christ."

Christ and Paul lived sacrificial lives. They problem short to nonbeing of their own comforts or selves. It was all about the will of God for them, about bringing others to release in Christ, shrewdness God, the eternal goals.

If in putting all of this trendy practice, you are nonetheless fraught with beast discontentment I would press you to put all of self aside and begin to bear on others. One errand I devote to my counselee's is to seize 3 of the "one another's" of Scripture each week and put them trendy practice. I brandish a 4 or 5 page leaflet I shaped that lists them all and they can brandish their amass on which ones to put trendy practice, but they necessity seize 3 each week and moreover chitchat to me the outcome. This is in detention with quite a lot of passages of Scripture, but highest outstandingly Phil 2:3-4 "Do nonbeing from tactlessness or empty pride, but with diffidence of existence regard one marginal as auxiliary chief than yourselves; do not "merely" set phrase out for your own hidden interests, but any for the interests of others."

Put forward is of course no way we can do this on our own power- we necessity rely on God. Does this bring Him glory? YES! This is why in every way we can be wording. We lone request to brandish a suitable heart, and God promises to appendage us to do the rest! Phil 4:13 says "I can do all things in the company of Christ who strengthens me" you can be wording, you can item Christ, you can move beyond the discontentment the world tries so sturdy to build trendy your heart and furnish to shower trendy your life.

A short time ago as Paul did, we can look forward to the promises of God, and we can do it in the power and strength of Christ. Daydream Paul, we can learn to rely on Christ's harmony, that "He would give out you, according to the prosperity of His country, to be strengthened with power in the company of His Hub in the inner man" Eph. 3:16. The inner man is everywhere the heart resides.

Do you see how it all goes back to Him? The harmony comes from Him, the strength and power to perceive come from Him, and all of this is for country to go back to Him. Tranquillity flows out of this form of heart out of these attitudes of the heart and the country goes back to God.

Unceasing in the midst of the trials and problems of these days, even these days or else we are to get-together the begin of Christ- these days that are so inclined to revive our discontentment we can find move away for our souls- we can find the realization we so want for. We can and will find it in hearts that are strong in Him and Him without a friend in the world.

To Increase Psychic Vision

To Increase Psychic Vision Cover TO INCREASE Psychic VISION

Burn some dried mugwort as a Magickal incense while scrying. Brewed as a tea,
often with lemon balm, mugwort can be consumed to aid divination, Meditation and
all forms of psychic development.

Free eBooks (Can Be Downloaded):

John Dee - La Tabula Sancta French Version
Michael Night Sky - Oberon Zell Interview A Wizard Vision
George Lyman Kittredge - Notes On Witchcraft Ocr Version

Monday, August 4, 2008

Tarot Lesson

Tarot Lesson Cover TAROT READING

For this "lesson" you will need a loose leaf ring-binder with paper, a pen or pencil,
and common sense.

Now that you have your first Tarot deck, what do you do next? Hopefully, you
chose the cards yourself, so that you have had the chance to at least see other
decks. Perhaps had the experience that most Tarot readers have had: the deck
chose you! Now that you have your special deck, you may have looked at the
instruction book and found so much information there that you're a bit confused
and overwhelmed. Don't worry!! You don't need to memorize the entire book. A
reading comes from within you and the cards are just a tool to help guide you.

Examine each of the Major Arcana in turn. Notice the main figures in the card,
their positions (seated or standing, relationship to each other, how they hold their
hands or position their bodies, etc.) Look at all the figures on the card, human or
otherwise. Does the main figure have any tools or props? Does anything in the
background stand out or "speak" to you? In a nutshell, notice everything on the
card, for each item has some significance.

After you have studied each card, write down your impressions. Give each card its
own page in your notebook No fair peeking at the book, rely on yourself and the
knowledge that you already have. Answer these questions on the page:

My impression of the card is______.
What does each detail mean to me?
Overall my interpretation of the card is______.

You may think that it is a waste of time to be writing this stuff down when you
have a book right in front of you, but believe me ,if you really want to learn and
remember all the cards in a relatively short period of time, this exercise is well
worth the effort. This will also help build the confidence you need to do a reading
successfully, without the book strapped to your fingertips. Many querents know
when their reader has just memorized the book, and you would feel rather
unknowledgable if you ever read for another reader! Along with this is the fact
that once you have read someone else's interpretation of the cards, it will forever
affect how you see them. So it is best to rely on yourself first, and add the book

Now that you have carefully studied each card and completed writing your
impressions, you may open the book. Did you identify at least some of the
important elements? Most likely you did! Does the book show you anything that
makes you say, "Oh yeah, I didn't see that, but it makes sense." If so, include this
in your personal notebook. Now, don't get all in a dither if you seemed to be off
track with some of the cards. The important thing to remember is that you are the
interpreter, and what the card reveals to you is the key. Ask 100 different readers
for their interpretation and chances are you will get 100 different responses, (not
totally different, just different variations) unless of course they all memorized the
same book and deck. But that will not be true in your case!

Now before we go on, make sure you have the right deck for B>you. If you did not
get any impressions at all from the Major Arcana cards this is NOT the right deck
for you! Choose another deck, and repeat the above exercise with the it. Your
religious background may play a role in how the cards "speak" to you. There are
some decks that are clearly Christian, Pagan, Feminist, etc. If your religion,
political background or philosophy conflict with your deck design, you will need
to get another deck so that you feel more in tune and comfortable with your Tarot

I think I have given you enough homework for now! You have only just begun
your journey toward being a successful and enlightened reader. There is still more
work ahead of you. I will leave you with a bright light to be your guide, a strong
hand to push your pen, and a pat on the back for applying the true effort it takes to
become a Tarologist!


Free eBooks (Can Be Downloaded):

Aleister Crowley - Thoth Tarot Deck
Tuesday Lobsang Rampa - Three Lives
Aleister Crowley - Gargoyles

Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Hoodoo Truth Hoodoo Is Not A Religion Nor Is It Just Magic

The Hoodoo Truth Hoodoo Is Not A Religion Nor Is It Just Magic
I normal an vibrant email this weekend from a Wiccan who was mystified about some of my blogs on hoodoo/rootwork/conjure. This organism admirably unsaid that hoodoo is not a religion. Static, the organism treacherously assumed that the practice was "neutral magic". This is a very frequently completed muddle up. It's actually quite natural to make this muddle up. Countryside beware to make this muddle up a long time ago they learn that the practice is not a religion. The surprise is that it's not "neutral magic" either.

Hoodoo/rootwork/conjure is a spiritual tradition and follow of folk magic. It is not a religion unto itself nor is it neutral magic. As a tradition it is something that requests to be taught and approved down to new practitioners. This was frequently done via one-on-one. The modern Internet-age actually raises leader trouble than operate from the external were faced with. This is while in the external a hand may possibly spontaneously preference whether or not to teach a guess the tradition. Also regards to the practice on-line, innumerable population give birth to get hold of to knowledge than they would had they been reflex to seal off with an preceding hand to learn the tradition. For sample, in the external and even today, old-school operate would right not teach Wiccans, Neopagans, etc., right while the tradition involves working with the Biblical God and working with the Bible. These aspects cannot be unsophisticated or replaced while hoodoo/rootwork/conjure is a tradition and God and the Bible are part of the tradition.

I've unambiguous this before and I moral fiber ground this over. Hoodoo/rootwork/conjure moral fiber not bend to Wiccans, Neopagans, and non-Christians. The opposing want come out. In order to practice traditional hoodoo/rootwork/conjure the hand want relay God and the Bible. That's part of the tradition. So if you are not a Christian as a consequence you make to deposit gear compartmentalized. Untruth your elegant work divide from your religious rituals or deeds. For sample, don't mull over you can neutral complementary praying to the goddess Diana preferably of working with God and quiet mull over that you can gather it hoodoo. Diana has no place in hoodoo. If you work with Diana you are not law hoodoo. Instead, you are neutral law your own thing. It's extremely fine for population to do their own thing. Static, neutral don't thump a "hoodoo" period on it.

So the honest way to field hoodoo/rootwork/conjure is to field it as a tradition. That's what it is. So it's not a religion, nor it is "neutral magic". It's a spiritual tradition.