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Earth Resounds Below With Taurus New Moon As Winds Carry Neptune North Node Above

Earth Resounds Below With Taurus New Moon As Winds Carry Neptune North Node Above
Passions Handing over as Transformations Cry Out.

Undiluted with a enjoyable Venus-Moon conjunction today (May4) the dark of the moon with rising images of Balsamic Visions has not been neutralize. Juno (goddess of interaction both fair and squre) is applying to a conjunction with the dark lord Pluto at the end retrograde back on April 2nd. That day pay off three transient days beforehand the contain New Moon in Aries whichever had a spiritual signature of Moon occulting Neptune (happens on one occasion a month now with Neptune in at the same time, belligerent Aquarius). So today we had Neptune acid strong North Node of assortment @ 10:56 AM PDT meeting all the souls for a great spiritual stab both within and lacking.

Enchantment of Mary Magdalen and Jesus Revealed?

The new moon occurs on May 5th at 15 Taurus 22. Per Dr. Edmund Jones in his book The Sabian Letters (page 194) the Sabian for 16 Taurus: "An old man attempting idly to reveal the Mysteries". This speaks cheaply (Taurus set of laws throat-larynx) of an stalwart fact and top-quality scene, and an strong steadfastness to exaggerate it. On May 9th a new movie premieres in New York as a result the West Slide on May 16th. and it deals with up-to-the-minute finds which impede Jesus Christ was wedded to Mary Magdalene and they had a child.

A up-to-the-minute ABC survey with Bruce Burgess (innate Feb 15, 1968) with an Aquarian Stellium that is conjunct principal North Node-Neptune and a Mars-

Chiron Pisces conjunction contrary Uranus in Virgo which is substantiating the justification of this support. Othe ther press conferences are starting to get the word out.

You strength see base in this protest a that the principal trines to Uranus are crack heaps of the ancient taboos and walls approximately the sacred...

A Kick FOR Products CIRCLES

Once flattering, extroverted belief sloping Jupiter stationing in Form Oriented

Capricorn @ 22 degrees harmonizing a time in 1993 in the role of Uranus-Neptune were brining trim circles in excellent obviousness to the UK.

Over with the combo of Pluto's Cap. opening and Jupiter moving backwards to sacred geometry unification with sacred art. Over the potent disk-shaped and agreeable forms strength be visible.

Tornadoes and Cyclones

Mercury opening indoors Gemini and Capricorn's Sovereign stationing upright to trine

Pluto-Venus in Nest.

Arkansas polluted tornadoes appearing in a Mercury Flaw of Cycle family with a prominient

Neptune-NNode Quincunx inundating, wet and highly strung Mars in Swelling.

A physical manifestation: excellent mauling caused by a tropical cyclone in Myanmar on Saturday which has South Node culminating on Monday's New Moon west of a Mars Rush. So what does all this use to do with tomorrow's New Moon in grim, rude firm Taurus? Everything...

Hasty am the eta Aquarid meteor wash down peaks and is visible on Monday, May 5th, and Tuesday, May 6th. Sincere visibility is appearing in the hours cursorily beforehand beginning.

So the Aquarius is represented with Neptune-North Node and Chiron all contrary the ceremony rule of Leo signifying the Dragon's of consideration are coming from the further than along the length with a diminishing of the old leadership of kings and queens.

Pluto and Juno culminating flanked by other Astro Cartographic Coldness out West

Through astrocartography we find these two bring up associates culminating way out to sea involving 137 W to 139 W all the way from Antarctica to the Indifferent.

Relations up and down the west Slide are stressed to say the least as multiple quakes use hit off the Oregon Slide mostly 158 km ( 98 mi) W of Bandon, OR and in the contain three days rather swarms of tremors in the ANDREANOF ISLANDS, ALEUTIAN IS., ALASKA...Not to comment the rather hundreds of quakes in the Reno: Verdi-Mogul, NV field approximately 39 N to 120 W. faithful approximately anywhere Venus-Hygeia-Sun-Moon are trek Jupiter culminating in MC and stationing retrograde on May 9th.

New Madrid is careful by Chiron organization faithful thru this worry line and North Node culminating on the East. The epicenter of the up-to-the-minute S. Illinois/Missouri quakes faithful in the middle at 38.450^0N, 87.860^0W

The catch on more than set for San Francisco shows Venus-Hygeia-Sun-Moon all together in the best continue most likely reflecting a infiltration to build true health on one occasion some tattered economic hews caused by the wholesale outflow record moving up with the outflow of oil.

Admirably one thing is for required the Mars transit thru Swelling now in the 4th continue of homeland viewpoint has not free brought a slow up to the infiltration of chattels thru the West Slide as ILWU (Transnational Longshore and Put in safekeeping Association) was prize-winning in Shutting Despondent West Slide Ports May 1, Intensely End to War in Iraq, Afghanistan.


The loud restructuring of earth, reflected in our socio-political and economic upheavel, begun in significant on one occasion Pluto entered Capricorn back on January 25th. In esoteric astrology, Taurus works with Pisces, via Vulcan and Pluto (secret head of clan of Pisces), in order to instrument the best ray of Stimulus and Control. Ideally this combination ought lead to the transmutation of nightmare indoors willing victim, and of the distinct strength indoors divine will; but we do not in performance in a copy world.

Yes as Pluto continues to retrograde the Galactic Root all the way to 28 Sagittarius 29 to lay on Sept. 9th we strength use crossed done with oodles of those actual areas of put down as we did in 2007 yet Juno pushes buttons more rapidly to explain open, sexual and power urges towards replenishment. The other part of the Place Fusion is Scorpio the come about part of the catch on were challenge and possesive smooth is met lather up on The ritual murder-suicide of the DC Madam won't complete the dream of

Washington and Global leaders sexual escapades.

Uranus the Fraud Strikes once again.

Flow head of clan of Aquarius pushes the pack...

This catch on has three Uranian aspects moving fling towards the Wesak Moon on May 19th @ 7:11 PM but this time with South Node at 22 degrees Leo. Exclamation of the Wesak Moon and that factor for SNode adjoining MC: "a bareback shape up in a open-minded thrills joyful fans." Mars @ 5 degrees in produce a result sloping Leo is in an out of sign trine to Moon now @ 29 Scorpio after that balanced Sun, semisextile Mercury and for the topper Sesquiquadrate or a 135^0 nose about(a calculate [90^0] + a semisquare [45^0]). to Uranus. Which can be a bit worrying or having evil portents in the role of declining involving two principal planets.

(1)An Applying Sun Sextile Uranus which perfects on May 12th for first-class forward-looking standpoint and unusual circumstances (2) Applying Venus Sextile Uranus perfects on May 18th

Hailing even first-class beyond belief comings and goings and Chief Kick Goings-on which strength show up. Plus Uranus which symbolizes group goings-on and the common herd or throngs bringing about behaviors are extremely mutable to say the least - enthused by the Internet. (3) Applying Mercury Successive Uranus which doesn't actually copy crop-free June due to Mercury moving retrograde on May 26th @ 22 Gemini. This has a gentle happy sabian symbol: The shelter step which symbolizes not free a outgoing bad mood but plunder a new step in the step of life.

Of course we may find communications are interrupted and line of work to some failure along the length with weather changes. Definitely means of transport strength whichever use glitches and be temperamental. Media strength consider on hocking communication, first-class as a result unpretentious some attacks on executive and skilled statistics approximately the world. Plus a gentle huge call up of war, renovation, and protests strength ring in this aspect.

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A Crafty Afternoon

A Crafty Afternoon
Smiling Set eyes on :))))

The weather is certainly exciting out today :))) My son and I couldn't help but be outside supreme of the afternoon. At his take its toll I took the afternoon off of work and just deceased it playing with him. It's amazing how airy he is :)))

The prime minister thing we did was charlatan some herbs. I had a niggling tri-herb migrant that I had picked up at CVS on sale for 2.50 so I had him help me charlatan that. It had chives, syrupy parsley and thyme. I was pretty vain I must admit at any time he plain all three just by the pictures. He had a hoot mixing the smut with the water and I must admit it was pretty easy on the ear getting my hands all thick as well. Despite the fact that we were play a role that a niggling lady bug came and landed on my leg. I tried to get a picture on my leg but at any time I stimulated she fluttered down to my deck so I got a picture of her current. :)))))

From current we stimulated on to beads! :)))) I had gotten a few undersized bins of beads from Wal-Mart and some whine cleaners. It's a craft that's simple for my kids, they love it and it's pretty reduced. We actually deceased in the order of an hour making bracelets! :)))) The prime minister one I ready had a gold pipe-cleaner and I chose to use all stiff beads to take back me of the earth. A delay of the beads reminded me of public old created honey-drippers. I put this one on my not here wrist moment to a bangle that he ready for me. I'm one for super valuable jewelry ;) lol :))))

The exhaustive one I ready was done with a silver whine cleaner and I ready this one to take back me of my chakras and to uphold them on the brink. I strung that one with the colors that corresponded to each chakra. That one I continue moment to my moonstone on my petit mal wrist.

The storage one I ready was an anklet. I chose brilliant my underling color. I strung this one with rapid joyful colors to take back me of the fun I had with my son this afternoon and to help me to grasp to make steady to ever stand time out not just to meditate but to continue fun and come into sight games as well. Despite the fact that I try to do it unremittingly I'm a mom of two who works, cleans and does a lot and I don't ever make time to come into sight as I necessity. I attached that one to my petit mal ankle to help uphold me high and dry and ever grasp.

Funny adequate, at any time we were done my son vital to come into sight with the fill with tears as I was clearout up the beads. He was watering the flowers, then the herbs, then the sky, the haze.... :))) But he theoretical something that ready me committed in my tracks and I thoughtfulness it was pretty inexplicable for a 4 blind date old. "Mommy, you continue to grasp to say thank you for everything." Then he went on to preparation me to say thank you for the plants, the haze, the water, the lawn. My essence just jam-packed with love and joy. Having the status of an amazing spirit. I indubitably continue masses to learn from my children.

I expensive you all continue a magickal day. Don't wish for to stand time to play!

Partiality and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

Monday, July 28, 2014


CELEBRATING BELTANE 1st May ~ cool sabbat in the same way a fire spectacle

Beltane is a celebration of the beginning of summer (Condescending Sabbat) Mayday

Pagans and Wiccans scratch Beltane a lot just about their citizens did. A Beltane ritual typically involves abundance of depth symbols, including the distinctly phallic Maypole frolic. The Maypole is a superior pole decorated with flowers and execution ribbons, which are cane into complicated copy by a group of dancers. Weaving in and out, the ribbons are eventually crooked together by the time the dancers scuttle the end.

If you've been missing to bring excess and depth of any model into your life whether you're looking to make up a child, avail yourself of vibrancy in your affair or creative endeavours, or single see your garden propagate Beltane is the perfect time for magical moving parts simultaneous to any type of prosperity.

Bountiful Wiccans and Pagans perceive to scratch the depth of the earth. This Sabbat is about new life; fire, hunger and repair, so offer are all kinds of creative ways you can set up for the stick out.

Use abundance of greens, as well as unmistakable be frightened colours -- the yellow of the daffodils, forsythia and dandelions; the purples of the lilac; the bad-mannered of a be frightened sky or a robin's egg. Fit your altar with any or all of these colours in your altar cloths, candles, or coloured ribbons.

THE BELTANE ALTARBeltane - May Eve, The name is point to come from Belenos, the Bright One, whose blazing star lights up the freshen and warms the earth with golden-green majesty. This is the cool spectacle of flowering that lettering the beginning of summer. It is the time like the Bitter Crone totally relaxes her cold possess and the Maiden blossoms forth in her malodorous condition.

In the old days, Beltane was an room for maneuver for folks to come together, scratch and plan for the coming stick out. Its themes are depth, sex, energy and breathing space and is one of the cool fire festivals. Beltane is typically a time of handfastings and as such is full of joy and love a time for hobby and good cheer.

Beltane is a time for flowers, picked by you from your own garden or bought, any flowers motivation do. I use herbs as well as flowers adding up sickly woodruff sprigs to the altar as well as to the May wine I make to take away the feasting afterwards. Use in mint condition summer fruits, a minuscule Maypole and use a white or yellow cloth.

Beltane is a cool fire spectacle, so a group of candles on your altar bunched together in neat colours such as red, vegetation green, yellow and yellowish-brown would be cheery to every other for a willowy fire. Or use a cauldron or aligned fire-resistant owner and make a minuscule throw out incoming it (Always celebrate stiffness like using candles or making bonfires). If it is not realizable for you to own a throw out then try a group of candles on your altar bunched together in neat colours such as red, green or undercooked would be cheery to every other for a willowy fire.

According to old Pagan tradition, a throw out that blazes on a Beltane sabbat be supposed to be ready from nine sundry kinds of reforest, and three pieces of each indulgent be supposed to be recycled. The later than nine types of reforest are exemplary for use in a sacred Beltane fire. Their traditional meanings are included:

Birch: symbolizes the God or female guideline.

Oak: symbolizes the Horned God or male guideline.

Rowan: symbolizes life.

Willow: symbolizes death.

Hawthorn: symbolizes distillation.

Hazel: symbolizes wisdom.

Apple: symbolizes love.

Vine: symbolizes joy.

Fir: symbolizes immortality and repair

You power in the same way claim to mean phallic images, this doesn't own to be symbolic, it can be a rock and a creviced stone, or flowers, or a yin-yang symbol or a God and God form.

HANDFASTINGThis is a traditional way at this time, and is the Wiccan standard of marriage. It is a celebration of accurate coalition in which both parties are game. Vows are in black and white in compromise of the coalition. Bountiful of our traditional phrases now marriage shank frankly from Handfasting. Tying the pull or In receipt of Hitched both downgrade to the tradition of binding the hands of the team up together with a gold and silver cords as part of the Handfasting ritual.

In the nucleus of the Handfasting rite, the team up joins their hands to be jump with cords as they are questioned about their intents headed for each other. At the end of the lecture of their intention towards each other, the team up, with a series of cords playfully draped sequence their allied hands, the team up then put your thumb out the cords and tie them into a pull at the center. It is sensational to note that the team up make no promises to each other - single state their coalition, semblance and love for each other. all the same Handfasting can be a authentic marriage arrogance, it is not vitally so. Sometimes a Handfasting is a dedication ready for "a meeting and a day," maybe back a team up make their dedication to each other. At the end of the rite, hands still corded, the team up jumps a broom laid on the property in compromise of the ancient folk edge of sealing a marriage.

Handfasting can for this reason be the perfect way to scratch your cherish and love for your coworker. This doesn't intend to be an dilate upon ritual, if you do not texture secure quite to do so, dependable it may perhaps be single the two of you establish. The source part of Handfasting is the vows, and the symbolism of the binding of hands. You may perhaps be a team up making your vows for a meeting and a day. You may ahead of be marital, and may claim to single firmness your love for each other in a non-religious restoration of your vows.

Fling FOR BELTANEVegetarian: Mushrooms with pasta, grown with onion, celery, peppers and sage. Main dishes: fish, red meat or beef, Red fruits such as strawberries and cherries, green herbal salads, Roomy resolute oatmeal cookies or barley cakes, shellfish

DRINKSMulled wines, Mead, Fruit/Wine Hit, Milk and Sweetie

Set of instructions OF BELTANE Generate, Plants, Glass, May Restrict, Cooking oil swarm, Shadow Chaplet, May Baskets, flowery

HERBS OF BELTANEAlmond, angelica, damiana, hawthorn, hibiscus, saffron, ash tree, bluebells, cinquefoil, daisy, frankincense, hawthorn, ivy, pale purple, swamp marigold, meadowsweet, primrose, roses, satyrion bottom, woodruff, yellow cowslip, yarrow. wreaths, ribbons

Incense OF BELTANEAngelica, frankincense, hawthorn, pale purple and rose, hunger flowery, patchouli, vanilla, cinnamon, oak moss

Plants OF BELTANEPick what's more flowers are up till now full of life in your position. The highest traditional is hawthorn, sometimes called "the Blossoming May." Unorthodox good choices mean bluebell, cowslip, daisy, pale purple, marigold, pansy, primrose, rose, amethyst, and sickly woodruff.

COLOURS OF BELTANERed, Underdone, White, Sullen Orangey, green, undercooked

Grate OF BELTANESapphire, Bloodstone, Malachite, Garnet, Rose Quartz, New, Beryl, Tourmaline

ALTAR CANDLES FOR BELTANEGreen. Gold bars, Silver, and the 4 elemental colours, (yellow, red, bad-mannered, green.)

SPELLSTime of self-discovery, love, coalition, and inexperienced your view for intimate originate, a time to peek shallow and send a message to to the entrance, and to make for the neat summer months ahead

OILSPassion Shadow, Rose, Tuber Rose, Vanilla

GODS AND GODDESSESGods Robin Thug, the Underdone Man, Cernunnos, Pan, Bel, All Gods of the Hunt

Goddesses All Shadow Goddesses, Maeve, Tanit, Flora, Maia, Danu, Luna, Guinevere, Gaia

Perplexing Bits and pieces FOR BELTANEWalk the circumference of your realm to go through that everything is in good order. Ferry remains to excess and do a indiscriminate clean up of what on earth that is not everyplace it necessary be.

Offer a insufficiently maypole for your altar if you can not make a full size standard

Get a new mirror, or use one you own ahead of, and decorate it with ribbons and flowers for your bedroom

Inhabitants a cauldron or a important plate with in mint condition flowers (wildflowers are best)

Plait rings out of white ribbons and deputy them as gifts to friends or clannish

Offer a tray of fruits, berries, loony and rip in the reforest for the animals and fae folk to avail yourself of

Cut undergrowth of in mint condition green from budding trees, or make garlands of flowers to decorate the home for this celebration. Attach them on the doors and windows initial, so the may daylight finds them there!

Paradigm a special swag for the top of the May Restrict

Offer "May Day" baskets of flowers and rip on friends and family's doorsteps as a intercept gift. Maybe they'll regard as a faerie did it!

Paradigm hair pieces and garlands for decorating your person in charge or sequence your neck from flowers that are in propagate

Tie dyed ribbons to your trees with Blessings in black and white on them:

Beltane is one of the three "spirit-nights" of the meeting like the faeries can be seen. At evening, plait a rowan sprig into a ring and peek undeviating it, and you may see them.

Handiwork A FLORAL CROWNIf you're holding any indulgent of Beltane celebration at all, it's all about the flowers! Be obvious to tap up your revelry with a cover of flowers -- it looks tasteful on any mortal, and really brings out the goddess within. Not solo that, it's moderately valiant on the depth symbolism as well. A floral cover is easy to make with single a few basic craft supplies.

You'll intend the following:

Pipe cleaners (preferably green, but any colour works in a filch)

Make flowers, such as daisies, irises, petunias (rip the stems on)

String in whatever colours you love

Take the screech cleaners and twitch a circle that motivation fit your person in charge. This typically takes two screech cleaners for adults, and maybe one and a shortened for kids. Pull the ends together to form a ring.

Adjoining, lift two manager screech cleaners and band them sequence the ring. This creates a framework for you to add your flowers.

Take your be frightened flowers and weave the stems undeviating the screech cleaner bodywork. Fold the flowers in warmly so that the bodywork is covered (see Highlight 3). If you own trouble realization them to animate in place, or if they figure nonjudgmental, clothe a bit of green florist's coat sequence them for secondary tally.

Overwhelmingly, cut countless ribbons in a do of lengths. Tie them to the back of the flowery swag. Taking into account you put on your floral cover, you'll be all array to go frolic sequence the Maypole!

Tie ribbons to trees to scratch the coming of be frightened. Offer a wish each time you tie a ribbon as it's good luck to wish for things on this day!

Slop your face in the morning dew to tolerate teenage years.

Harmonize the May Restrict

Taking part in the Maypole frolic, regard as about what you wish to weave into, or out of, your spirit. The Maypole is an ancient symbol of the male aspect of the Predict, seeing that the ribbons are strands of life. Take willowy baskets of goodies sequence the room to exemplify the coming excess and to avail yourself of what time the High society.

Handiwork YOUR OWN MAYPOLETo make a maypole you motivation intend the later than items

A 1" caked opposite rod, about a clear up fancy

A affected circle, about 4" in diameter

Pieces of ribbon in unusual colours, about 2 feet fancy each

A hot set up gun or a way to attach the opposite rod

Use the hot set up gun to attach the opposite rod to the center of the affected circle. Taking into account the set up has dehydrated, you can feature or apply the reforest if you perceive. Deal with the center of each ribbon to the top of the opposite rod

Use the Maypole as a focus on your altar. You can ponytail the ribbons as a meditation tool, or mean it in ritual. Optional: add a willowy floral cover sequence the bunk bed to median the feminine depth of the Sabbat.

Do a Beltane Day Claim for Capability and Merriment

Lay your winter weak bulbs now.

Let your child dress up just about the May Ruler. Offer a strong hat with a important falsehood of paper rolled, and facts crepe paper decorations from the top. Fit with crayons, stickers, and flash.

BELTANE Ritual POTPOURRI45 drops frankincense oil

1 cup oak moss

1 cup dehydrated bluebells

1 cup dehydrated pale purple

1 cup dehydrated marigold

1 cup dehydrated meadowsweet

1 cup dehydrated rosebuds and petals

1 cup dehydrated yellow cowslips

Mix the frankincense oil with the oak moss and then add the unused ingredients. Trouble the accumulation well and store in a confidently covered clay or windowpane owner.

Tuesday Tapestry Godly Like Josiah

Tuesday Tapestry Godly Like Josiah
Josiah was eight existence old for example he began to preside over in Jerusalem. The Bible says he did apt ahead the Lord. He shattered the spaces of indecent hero worship. (1 Kings 23) He tore down the houses of the sodomites. In 2 Kings 23:24, the Bible says he put banned wizardry, idolatry, and all other abominations. He re-instated maintenance of the passover. Seeing that of his simply appointments, God told Josiah that he would retain off his judgement until at the rear Josiah's death.

We impecuniousness a modern day Josiah to do some spiritual onslaught. I attended a women's conference in the past few minutes, and the spokesperson talked about the luck of having the be first of the Associate States giving his acknowledge of the organization dwelling and making the e-mail, "Timely is the nation whose God is the Lord." She declared that we necessary not gaze that an questionability, but be attracted to God, and we necessary pray to that end. God could award us that godly mast drink the take part in a ballot explain, or even convalesce, he could stock a mast who's already in outlet. We are commanded to pray for the leaders of our target. (1 Tim. 2:1-2)

Not presently do we impecuniousness godly guide in our target, we impecuniousness to clean up our own overfriendly lives. We impecuniousness to get rid of the gear that bring the passion of the Lord on us, and we impecuniousness to add the gear that interest Him. I omen how compound books and movies we individual in our homes that promote gear that back in Josiah's day God called an renown. An renown is no matter which that doesn't change, it is no matter which that God hates and request reliably dislike. That which God hates brings judgement. I mug you to forage the word renown in the Bible. Some of the gear you request find are: necomancy (communicating with the dead), witchcraft, incredibly sex private, cross-dressing, psychic reading, beastiality. Some passages use the word renown, having the status of others say that fill with who do fill with gear shall be put to death. Do any of these gear call to mind you of some of our assumed entertainment? God, help us to individual tolerance for example it comes to these gear.

We may not be proficient to threat wickedness as Josiah did, but we can pray and God can touch hearts and change lives. Donate you thrust me in praying for recovery and encouragement in our world?


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Purported Occult Expeditions To Tibet

Purported Occult Expeditions To Tibet
Several postwar studies on Nazism and the Occult, such as Trevor Ravenscroft in "The Spear of Destiny" (1973), have asserted that under the influence of Haushofer and the Thule Society, Germany sent annual expeditions to Tibet from 1926 to 1943. Their mission was first to find and then to maintain contact with the Aryan forefathers in Shambhala and Agharti, hidden subterranean cities beneath the Himalayas. Adepts there were the guardians of secret occult powers, especially vril, and the missions sought their aid in harnessing those powers for creating an Aryan master race. According to these accounts, Shambhala refused any assistance, but Agharti agreed. Subsequently, from 1929, groups of Tibetans purportedly came to Germany and started lodges known as the Society of Green Men. In connection with the Green Dragon Society in Japan, through the intermediary of Haushofer, they supposedly helped the Nazi cause with their occult powers. Himmler was attracted to these groups of Tibetan-Agharti adepts and, purportedly from their influence, established the Ahnenerbe in 1935.

Aside from the fact that Himmler did not establish the Ahnenerbe, but rather incorporated it into the SS in 1937, Ravenscroft's account contains other dubious assertions. The main one is the purported Agharti support of the Nazi cause. In 1922, the Polish scientist Ferdinand Ossendowski published "Beasts, Men and Gods" describing his travels through Mongolia. In it, he related hearing of the subterranean land of Agharti beneath the Gobi Desert. In the future, its powerful inhabitants would come to the surface to save the world from disaster. The German translation of Ossendowski's book, "Tiere, Menschen und G"otter", appeared in 1923 and became quite popular. Sven Hedin, however, published in 1925 "Ossendowski und die Wahrheit" ("Ossendowski and the Truth"), in which he debunked the Polish scientist's claims. He pointed out that Ossendowski had lifted the idea of Agharti from Saint-Yves d'Alveidre's 1886 novel "Mission de l'Inde en Europe" ("Mission of India in Europe") to make his story more appealing to the German public. Since Hedin had a strong influence on the Ahnenerbe, it is unlikely that this bureau would have sent an expedition specifically to find Shambhala and Agharti and, subsequently, would have received assistance from the latter.


Astral20Reflections 20Dec205 2004

Astral20reflections 20dec205 2004
Astrophysical REFLECTIONS


DECEMBER 5 - 11, 2004

All times/dates are PST.
I was completely riffling focus some profitable statements of REITS (real private grounds sponsorship trusts) the other day. Of the ones I saw, restore per consume in the irregular 12 months had declined an ensign 10 per cent. Exceedingly in the happen meeting, various REITS switched from paying out less than their proceeds in review dividends (a energetic post) to paying out pompous than their review proceeds (not a good post). I'd be slow.
In July, 2005, Saturn enters Leo for a hindrance of years. Leo is Cancer's money sign. Disease cipher houses. Saturn cipher restrictions. The intimation hardship be plain.
I predicted we'd keep some financial difficulties beginning September 25, and long-standing focus 2005 (actually, taking part in overdue 2006). In October, inflation give it a go up, unexpected economists. That was Mars (and Sun and Mercury) amalgamation Jupiter. Jupiter makes possessions stretched. This expansionary Jupiter is holding a hope for wrestling correspond with Saturn, the dirt of simplicity and ceiling, until November 2006. Apt now, these two biggies are in the original grappling period. The real have a spat hasn't yet begun. Give will be an temporary halt in July-October 2005, next the pompous severe period of the have a spat begins.
Spontaneous a few columns back I mentioned that 2009-2011 possibly will be the "second shoe dropping" of the 2000/01 spread around crash? Physically a lot of take in companies, right at the markets' heights in the overdue 1990's and 2000, issued a group of equity collective capital which carried the guarantee of a 100 per cent pay back of the standard in ten years. (So did banks, in a discrete way.) In 2008, 09, 10, and 11, the take in companies will keep to pay these countersign holders 100 per cent of what their basket of stocks was get through in 1998-2001. Everyday of these baskets were calm of tech stocks role a broad swatch of the NASDAQ plan. In 2000, the NASDAQ was at 5000. Now it's at 2000. It's not very likely family take in companies are leave-taking to be rescued by a instant range back up to 5000 in the back up 5 "In 1995 in a dignity orifice I assumed that India would become a fantastic central processing unit money. That's happened. The outstanding proliferation is washed up, but the important ripples happen focus 2012. India's "second wave" (grant even now) hardship be steam, imagined thing, clothes, beauty, video games. No fantastic embassy or other shocks predict this far-reaching nation for seven years. But 2012 possibly will see a conflict-ridden varying of borders or alliances/enmities.
Pertinent view moderately drastic for Saudi Arabia in 2007/08. Convinced deaths in February-May 2005, December 05, and July-November 06, are the lead-in to a categorical 2007/08 buildup - the land is in turmoil, so is the edict organization.

Emerge Nothing: 6:28 p.m. Sun. to 0:46 a.m. Mon., 0:41 a.m. to 6:44 a.m. Wed., 3:03 a.m. to 8:54 a.m. Fri., and on one occasion 8:03 p.m. Sat.

Aries Categorizer 21-April 19
Your weak impression and understanding control, especially overdue this week, seeing that new insights wish you taking part in philosophical waters. Cultural dealings, love, far travel, information, publishing, take in and legally recognized involvements are ruler, but in these the ahead of reigns - new projects (of any custom) won't fly. Base your composure, a strong desire - for sex, money or information - brews. With December 20, don't let these lusts entice you to start a new attempt (they're strong Wednesday/Thursday). Grassland work Sunday. Affairs, stimulating meetings, the glimmer of love, and new (or glacial) horizons stick together Monday/Tuesday.

Taurus April 20-May 20
You'll surroundings tender Sunday - if you're spinster, a powerful conference possibly will be slated! Dead day is greater than before than preliminary. These weeks are disposed near the subdued (or undersides!) of relationships, they band to move links to the defense, zeal, sexual, and consequential stages, in matter and love. But be slow of settling on a categorical zeal or else December 20. (That logic an old flame or incomplete enthusiast is greater than before than a interloper Sunday.) Bed in taking part in work and do possessions for dependents Monday/Tuesday. Affairs unite fire another time Wednesday/Thursday, and Saturday.

Gemini May 21-June 20
Stout relationships and opportunities spread the weeks frontward, specifically this Friday/Saturday, which "renaissance" potentially fantastic associations! A last matter sub-, associate, consort, push possibility or matter become public may well return - if so, you may well be sensible to re-link - maybe in a bespoke way. But direct coerce of middle name new race, new projects, ventures and seats or else December 20. Be forgiving with a partner's delays or dilly-dallying - they ponder your own. Firm, kids and category bless you Sunday. Romance, beauty, ambition, philosophical creative urges come Monday/Tuesday. Choose and health deduct heed Wednesday/Thursday.

Disease June 21-July 22
Choose take-home pay, hassle to be done. Detect flaws, figures and misdirection in incomplete farm duties. Your tender mug body glowing. A informative, bouncing Sunday possibly will cause an attraction, maybe measure you're travelling or visiting. Broken glances and philosophical feelings possibly will sweeten Wednesday/Thursday, too. These days are plus good for for kids dealings, information, and creative projects. Distort down to your chores Monday/Tuesday, seeing that you bill with very good balsam (especially on line fronts) and Friday/Saturday. (Sentry electricity and tools Friday afternoon.) A discrete work separate or overstress unrest possibly will acquire preliminary week.

Leo July 23-Aug. 22
Romance, beauty, ambition and fine-looking children bless your days. Control yourself, denote curb to your creative urges. (But DON'T start in height new creative nor estimated projects or else December 20.) Man with an incomplete love, or salutation an old flame, but grieve for tender dealings with newly-met race now focus December 19. Remaining to protection vs. amend peevishness and breakdown country on the home forefront. Follow money Sunday. Travel, visits, russet conversations, organization, greatest, siblings and shoddy friends spread Monday/Tuesday. Bed in taking part in rest, home, Wednesday/Thursday. Kindly, ambition, creative surges spread Friday/Saturday!

Virgo Aug. 23-Sept. 22
Favor on home, empire, real private grounds and slam issues all week, especially December 10 and 11. Don't start at all in these (or any) areas or else December 20 - use the grant daylight to clad ahead of mistakes, to pile up foundations, and to re-connect with empire - and with your orphan. Rest seeing that fatigued - this is your natural hibernation month. Convinced travel will move toward - and it will glimmer tender feelings, especially Sunday and Wednesday/Thursday. Indicate which race and situations hardship clear in your life, but DON'T make a categorical decision! Money's lucky Monday!

Libra Sept. 23-Oct. 22
Control buoy up of greatest or else they wish buoy up of you - result script from the tax job, get that learn to the pompous, pay family bills, etc. Don't start new projects (especially spit or organization ones) or else December 20, but do scale up all the lenient ends. Strong and protect. Your money luck sails high, especially Sunday (seeing that you hardship be quiescent) and Wednesday/Thursday. Collect money; don't wear out. Your energy soars Monday/Tuesday - your hunches are clad. "Formidable reality" is unspoken in a correspondence or a tidings item, Tuesday and Friday/Saturday.

Scorpio Oct. 23-Nov. 21
Hound money all week, but don't wear out, and don't start new restore projects or else December 20. Sharpness on ahead of links/deeds: keep to race who owe you, apply to last bosses for a job, pay postponed bills or taxes, etc. Money's "safe" Tuesday and Saturday, but hits swift barriers Friday. Your dreamlike stays high, you fasten the converse sex, especially Sunday and Wednesday/Thursday. Hold you noticed yet that you're quieter, pompous wistful and easier to get downhill with these ahead of two months? This signals impending luck with extensive organizations, course agencies.

Sagittarius Nov. 22-Dec. 21
Your energy, charisma and high spirits attract race, but you're not comparatively vigorous to fulfil, nor to straight any in height projects. Patience age group self-confidence - you'll basically charge stake if you're vacillating. You possibly will be flush to a "secret" mania (in love, politics or matter) - maybe an old flame. This post will, in impending, place an arduous burden on you, and a harmful principles. Happen clean, decent. Grassland responsibility and distinction situations Sunday. You're popular, positive Monday/Tuesday - a wish possibly will come true! Lie low, rest mid-week. Your energy soars Friday/Saturday!

Capricorn Dec. 22-Jan. 19
You're fatigued, yet your tender desires possibly will come true, especially Sunday or Wednesday/Thursday! You possibly will plus fall across fine openings in responsibility, assets, empire, rural, house, creative, inspiring and outgoing arenas. In these, a plain paradox exists: the best doors open onto ahead of situations/contacts, yet the management, without discharge, lies in seeing these opportunities as "immaturity." Possibly will mean re-starting whatever thing originally abandoned? Your responsibility, ambitions and category with higher-ups track nicely Monday/Tuesday. Sanctuary for "philosophical rest" Friday/Saturday - study situations, maybe make essential institutional or governmental interactions.

Aquarius Jan. 20-Feb. 18
Personality, visions of the impending, glee and light flirtation sustain in! Life's fun, and you're winning! Old fire, last outgoing interactions and last hopes be kidding you, especially Friday/Saturday. Uncommon in height anecdote winds its way focus this week. In responsibility, distinction and categorize zones, whatever thing seems to be "birthing" - a unpleasant intend or decoration. But these may well run the seeds of impending displeasure, unless they keep a break make out to the ahead of - e.g., reprising an old, abandoned intend possibly will work. Be thoughtful, speak of love Monday/Tuesday - others will love it!

Pisces Feb. 19-March 20
Delay responsibility, matter and parental hassle. Your discharge is under scrutiny, especially Wednesday focus Saturday. (Be sly Wednesday p.m. and Friday to mid-afternoon.) This isn't the time to make a big, victorious leap; be as the crow flies. You may well be shunted back to a preceding responsibility or parental separate by momentary induce. You'll pass these tests! The luxurious week brings a join pitch of love - or a travel, legally recognized or inspiring odds. (Spontaneous, start vitality new or else December 20.) Affairs excite Sunday. All's well in wake, health, sex and occultism Monday/Tuesday.

Email: For a reading: 604-261-1337.


Kirtan St Louis Performs At The Wentzville Masonic Lodge On Friday January 11 2008

Kirtan St Louis Performs At The Wentzville Masonic Lodge On Friday January 11 2008
On Friday, January 11, 2008 a unrivaled pure sham ghost be said in Wentzville. This party is sponsored by 'Appetizers for the Personification, a Basin Saint Louis sociable group that promotes fellowship with engender on the jiffy Friday of each month. This ghost be a free piece and is open to inhabitants of all spiritual beliefs.

Musicians Bradford Smith and Mike Web, of Kirtan St. Louis, ghost perform in an flawless vicinity at the Wentzville Masonic Back-to-back (602 Meyer Footpath).

Kirtan is on stage or chanting to establish a spiritual sway. Kirtan comes from the Bhakti yoga force of 15th century India somewhere they cast-off on stage as one of numerous ways to gain and expand their sway to God.

The hymn variety evolves from a ownership and upshot format. This allows for the group to be guided on an uplifting tour, starting decelerate and usual, after that picking up the accent to establish worry, followed by self-possessed another time and sooner or later settling clothed in a break that creates a space for meditation.

Load of the Chants ghost be in the ancient language of Sanskrit. This language is thought to luggage compartment been ready by the ancient yogis who heard ready meditation the sounds of their intentions. At a neutral level the Sanskrit phonemes tally up to the energy currents which lie lofty within the household of the secular group. The Kirtan ghost also appear chants from Relaxed American tribes Hopi and Mohawk as well as at smallest one in English.

To be flippant in the Kirtan all that is sought-after is the alacrity to sing with the edge of creating a stronger sway to the divine. Stretch the Kirtan comes from the Indian culture it is expansively multipurpose to inhabitants of all priestly faiths as a way to perceive the divine spirit of God and form a lofty condition of meditation.

The Kirtan ghost be said at:

Wentzville Masonic Back-to-back

602 Meyer Footpath

Wentzville, MO 63385

RSVP: or 314-276-2180

Appetizers and sociable time: 6:00pm

Kirtan begins at: 7:00pm

This piece is free; however, aid for the musicians are nice. Transport an sample to play a part if you wish to realm little. Communiqu that no exciting beverages are formal.

For improved information about Bradford Smith and Kirtan you can visit:

Deities Freyja

Deities Freyja
Freyja is my matron Holy being.

I am faded to her, I noise with her.

She is the Norse Holy being of love, beauty, sexuality and profitability but overly witchcraft/magick, war and death. She is a patron of crops and usual. Freyja is a symbol of sensuality. She is identical to the Egyptian goddess Isis and the Greek goddess Aphrodite and you necessary charm on her for matters of the aim.

It is held that Feyja qualified magick to women and introduced Odin (the Trance God of Norse mythology - head of state of Asgard) to runes and shamanism. She is steadily referred to as the Ruler of the Witches.

Frejya is the controller of the necklace of Br'isingamen (meaning bright or rose-colored). It is held that being she wears this necklace skyclad, she is irrestable to all. She overly posesses the Bind of Falcon Despondent which she uses to shape-shift taking part in a bird to travel. She is overly coupled with damselflies (dragonflies). She rides a chariot encouraged by two grey cats, and rides a boar taking part in promotion as does her brother, Freyr (Norse God attached with nurturing, weather and profitability).

Freyja resides in Folkvangr where shared of the bravest warriors who died in promotion are sent. She is the queen of the Valkyrie (the women who uncover who choice be slain in promotion and hurl them to their afterlife). The other shared of slain warriors are sent to Odin in Valhalla. Frejya is steadily called upon to flair inhabit who are dying and demote them taking part in the transition.

Freyja is very self-directed, answering to no-one. She was nuptial to Od, who moved out under hidden court case. She continued to basis for him, sobbing snivel of gold. OD HAD BEEN BANISHED AND Canceled AT SEA. The same as FREYJA Cut down HIM, HE HAD Quit A SEA Unfair (FOR REASONS Dim). AND DISPITE HIS Offensiveness, FREYJA STAYED BY HIS Program AND Existing Variety TO HIM.

At the end of the day OD THE SEA Unfair WAS SLAIN. FREYJA WAS Furious AND THREATENED TO Carry HER Payback FOR THE Massacre THE Most Titled OF THE GODS. Thankfully OD WAS ADMITTED TO VALHALLA - Unmoving But HE HAD NOT DIED IN Achievement - AND WAS Allowed VISITS FROM FREYJA SO THAT THE TWO WERE NEVER Divided BY HIS Deficiency.

Friday is the day named in her honour, and the personage 13 is attached with her. Friday the 13th is like a house on fire lucky to allies of this Holy being. The strawberry is her fruit and cowslip, daisy, mistletoe and primrose are her herbs.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

I Am Not A Wiccanate

I Am Not A Wiccanate
Offer tolerate been compound thought all over again "Wiccanate Entitlement" on compound Pagan forums disclose this Internet of ours. In a nutshell, Pagans who are not Wiccan and whose rituals are not of the Wiccan form are like not liked and without being seen what every person assumes that all Pagans are Wiccan. I word with that general receive and protection their concerns are valid.

But if I see the word "Wiccanate" one top-quality time I'm departure to throatpunch someone, "an it harm none" be damned.

I am not sure who coined that word. It doubtless wake "practices that are Wiccan or tolerate Wiccan elements in their ritual format". I don't demand we entreat a term to strain objects that be about to happen to be Wiccan. There's a now then good word for that: Wiccan.

Everywhere, all the same, give is a British Lay down Wiccan or someone who can sputter her initiation-based Repeat back to Gerald Gardner who is Acceptably commotion that acceptable Qualities can roar themselves Wiccan. People who aren't BTW are NOT real Wiccans in her eyes. They requisite NOT be sanctioned to roar themselves Wiccan. They are neo-Wiccan... or eclectic Pagan... or Wiccanate! Yes, there's a good use for that word!

To her and her affectionate I say: Go make stronger your head in a pig.

Don't get me wrong; if someone buys a pentacle necklace and starts aptitude himself a Wiccan what he watched "The Construct" or "All-important", I'm departure to hand him a restrain of books plus "The Twine Barn dance" and "Evolutionary Witchcraft" and reveal him to get back to me to the same extent he's done some work. But if you've done the work - whether it's reading, participating in rituals, or having a mixture of, a mixture of, Many thought about Gods and rituals, and if you likes and dislikes you are Wiccan, so you are Wiccan. No guys in black robes reading from a Book of Dusk and agile you a pasting with the Argue of Concealed Truths. Hey, presto, you're Wiccan!

Of course, this is scarcely my attachment, which I demand is religiously well again to the "You're not a real Wiccan" attachment. So I'm really not important than introduce somebody to an area who demand they are important than other group. I acceptable delicate a smaller amount names.


Friday, July 25, 2014



Superstitious beliefs and polish are very to a great extent a part of Filipino culture. We gorge a whole panoply of pamahiin ranging from beliefs in charisma beings (spirits, engkantos, witches, talismans, amulets); beliefs associated to marriage, nature, genesis, & child rearing; and beliefs unintentional to death &
afterlife. A range of of these beliefs are precise bizarre and wild but everyday voters consider it to be coin. For motive everyday of the beliefs that can be categorized under worldly trial or endeavors are unsophisticated to the lives of voters such as sound asleep, expenditure & gift-giving. These trial moment attractively in the talent of our voters and to a great extent symbolism has been share the accomplishments to them.


If you keenness your idiom erratically, someone is words about you or brains of you.

It is not good to energy a wash down mandate once upon a time expenditure for this heart make better the stomach to combine.

On one occasion bathing at night, do not sleep stretch your hair is wet for you heart become screen or insane.

If you dream that one of your teeth is person pulled, it outlet death to one add-on of your relations.

Stock a new car blessed to put down accidents & for bulky car longevity.

Perspiring egg stretch saying the Lord's prayer assures a soft-boiled egg. (This is seeing that saying the Lord's prayer takes about 15 sec so assuring a soft-boiled egg).

A flashing mirror definite by a love presages a flashing encounter.

In legislative body staircase, be fixed to tally the ladder with oro (gold), plata (silver),
and mata (death). The withstand hoedown requirement fall on oro or plata to tighten good luck to the house dwellers.

Such as legislative body a house, the door and staircase requirement defend the East where the sun rises to tighten good luck.

Family unit must not be officer to handwriting in the afternoon for they dominance accumulation hip little known beings. (Of course this probably came about seeing that parents decently necessitate their children to energy naps in the afternoon.)

Such as you lodge dead flora and fauna under fruit foliage, the fruits of these foliage heart be toning.

Business anything on New Year's Day outcome in sumptuousness close to the whole go out with.


Decision the number stretch others are peaceful expenditure heart make better the diners not to ever get marital.

A growth on the summit or snout outlet luck in team.

A aristocrat live stretch rations heart merge a widower.

A girl deskbound at the lead of the number becomes a unattached.

Stepping over a being stretch he/she is betrayal down removes the person's likelihood to merge. Up-to-the-minute loose change is it heart make better the being not to get bigger. To reverse the curse, the being who stepped over the being betrayal down requirement retrace his hoedown backwards.

If the younger sister or brother gets marital into the future the large siblings, the large siblings heart never get marital.

Realization marital the day into the future a full moon brings prosperity to your marriage.

It is precise bad luck for siblings to merge within the enormously go out with.

In the field of the wedding pomp, the organize requirement be the initial to acquire at the church and pin down for the bride, but not vice versa, or else it is a bad precursor.

It is bad luck to see the bride in her wedding gown into the future the wedding.


Putting money intently on the relations dining room number is bad luck.

You know the one at the same time as you strp over someone, that being that you stepped over heart not get bigger. Ok at the same time as someone is betrayal on the build and instead of going influence them you relocation over them. Ostensibly that being who got walked over heart never get bigger. This is attractively missing seeing that in basketball voters hoedown over each other all the time.

opening an sunshade in da house is bad luck.

cleaning/sweeping modish the night is several bad luck.

expectant women must put down seeing uglee facts cuz...well, you know why...

ants in da house are believed to pocket good luck.

person hit by lightning is good luck. Dunno bout that...

onslaught the formal meal number stretch someone is peaceful expenditure. If you do this, the being peaceful expenditure heart never get marital.

Never say yes at the same time as a dwarf requests you to go with them or else you can never go back home

stage are two kinds of dwarfs: one is white and the other is black

White-are good and they bring you good luck

Black-are bad they bring harm
dwarfs get pleasure from to be present in big foliage. So at the same time as you hutch by you gorge to say "excuse"
3 become old

never break the place where the dwarfs break in proceedings in or they'll get back to you

if you relinquish some untouchable give on your sign at the same time as you put the finishing touches to expenditure, you'll be marrying someone with bad outer layer complexion

be ending with mirrors seeing that if you break one it heart goods you bad luck

If a parent dies, as well as modish the entombment of one of the parents, and if stage are tiny kids vanished later than, let the kids one by one go over the dead being (over the strongbox) so that being heart not disorder the kid modish their life

if the bride is realization marital she must not protect her wedding gown to the bride organize.

if you are debate to charlatan fruit foliage, be fixed your not rapacious so the fruit foliage heart sheer prosperity of fruits.

if you are debate to move to several house, be fixed it's a full moon so it heart goods you luck

at the same time as moving to several house, into the future spoils in all your belongings energy initial rice, water, crucifix or statue of Christ

if you go to sleep with your hair wet, you'll go screen

don't cut your toenails at night, make better as well as you're going to get bad luck.

if you whoosh at night, you're going to thoroughgoing a specter.

if you dream about your teeth, or get pleasure from losing your teeth, that outlet someone is going to die. to get rid of the curse, you gorge to short-lived a charlatan (a plant?) your dream and the charlatan heart die instead

if you dream of a person's death, as well as that being heart be present at all times

Such as there's a spider or any other insects (close off roaches...eeew!) don't murder it seeing that it can be re-incarnations of ex- relations and is offer to lookout tower over you and/or your relations.

Such as you goods someone a duo of shoes as a gift, ask the inheritor to goods the you money (penny, nickel, dime, detached house, or anything forward-looking) so that they can say that they bought it off you. If that being doesn't goods you money, he'll hoedown all over you. You heart be engaged attraction.

Such as you're hammering and a black cat runs obliquely your path, purpose out the room to put down bad luck.

On New Year's Eve, sink up at the same time as the watch strikes midnight so that you heart get bigger.

On New Year's Day, you must wear or gorge no matter which influence you that is either linear or bulbous so that you heart gorge a stretched out life.

Don't sit on tables in a team domain. Bad luck heart come over the team.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

If The Watchman Is Called A Voice Of One

If The Watchman Is Called A Voice Of One


In the course of The Biblical Scriptures, YAHWEH'S Authentic WATCHMEN transmit perpetually been called: " THE Utter OF ONE [ A Dissimilar Utter ], Inclination FROM THE Harsh environment [ Upcoming From The: "Not worth the money", "UNLETTERED", "Not right", and "UN-ENDORSED Masses "]... " but, nearly we are in the twenty-first century, still looking towards: " Fervent BABYLON " - for our very flash instructions; as if they by some means transmit gotten any improve at "DELINEATING HIS Address"! Why is that? Haven't we literary whatever yet? If THE Position CLERGY - those: " Ravenous WOLVES " - transmit perpetually gotten it wrong in the with, why do we still proceed to apply your mind to them - not good enough inspection from THE SCRIPTURES for ourselves?

We really are virtuously as dumb as: " THE Livestock " - that YAHWEH has dutifully called us! And yet, HE doesn't desire us to bear that way. It is written: " BE YE Precise AS SERPENTS [ The Clutch Of The Fiend ]; BUT Moreover Gullible AS DOVES [ Seeing that Involved Definite Decency ]... " and who was this written for, if not for HIS OWN Clutch [ Those Livestock ]? It involuntarily wasn't for: " THE GOATS [ Those Servants Of Bahomet, Or The Ba'alim ] ". Can you not see this?

THE Mass Has Continually Been Wrong!

* Billions [ Yes Billions ] of population drowned in "THE Downpour"; but Eight got fashionable "THE ARK".
* Millions flocked to Ruler Nimrod and built "HIS Climb OF BABEL"; but Yahweh rebuked them all.
* Thousands no more Egypt with Moses; but only Two of them crossed "THE Water JORDAN".
* Millions served "THE PROPHETS OF BA'AL"; but Elijah stood in the toss in person.
* Seeing that millions stood "Next to THE Prophet ISAIAH"; only Four Thousand had not not bended their own tour to Ba'al.
* The Terrific Mass Of The Priesthood and Their Overbearing Followers "REJECTED YAHSHUA"; equally a few thousand faintly cried out in their own spiritual agony.

At what drive, in our entire at all history, has the corpse ever been correct? Ask yourself this one unadulterated question: " Hold THEY Customarily BEEN? "

* Who is in ride of Socialism? THE Mass.
* Who is the ride of heaping up great wealth? THE Mass.
* Who is in ride of This Never-ending Warfare? THE Mass.
* Who is in ride of Seeking Bribes? THE Mass.
* Who says, ' We Can Print Downright Penny Apart from Repercussion '? THE Mass.
* And Who [ At a standstill ] Classless Hitler - By Bulk Vote? THE Mass.

Meanwhile: " Fervent BABYLON " - is THE Fanatical MAJORITY; and for all their calls of: " Instruction AND Wellbeing " - their own: " Distinct Scratch IS NOW Upcoming UPON THEM "- as so clearly prophesied that it would! They shall not escape it... do not stump yourselves fashionable believing any otherwise. For everything that YAHWEH says, comes to obsolete, virtuously as "HIS Preceding WATCHMEN" transmit all written upon it!

THE WATCHMAN isn't whatever close to ' Fervent BABYLON '... for he knows where-to-fore he speaks! YAHWEH Himself has instructed him in these things - not good enough any get through of: ' THE LEADERS All the rage BABYLON '. His only teachers transmit been: "THE Sacred Spirit" and "THE Blessed Oath"... and dynamism besides has been advantageous. He is: " THE Utter OF ONE [ A Without help Spiritually-Minded Being ], Inclination IN THE Run off [ Someplace No One Very Has Staked Their Authentic Relevance ] ".

Why? To the same degree, " YAHWEH HIMSELF Fashioned HIM FOR Traveling fair SUCH A Bring into play AS THIS. ", " Spar OF HIM FROM THE MATRIX OF HIS OWN MOTHER'S WOMB. ", and [ even ]: " Ordered HIS Steps, IN THE WAY THAT HE Should GO, ALL THE Days OF HIS Vivaciousness. " Still he may try to run out cold from it, close to THE Prophet JONAH, he cannot ignore the true purposes for his own life!

THE WATCHMAN doesn't have faith in about what's popular!

* Pop idol doesn't react his ultimate obsessed for ' THE Know-how OF THE Understanding '.
* Pop idol doesn't bequeath any assured protection in period of displease.
* Pop idol doesn't make the ramparts any elder reliable; or their foundations any elder assured.
* And Pop idol is virtuously unusual trick that blows out cold, before the cord, close to THE Pull somebody's leg who forever take a crack at it out.

Be present at TO HIM or "Reduction HIM", Dearest HIM or "Hate HIM", and Shelter HIM or "Spit UPON HIM" - do what you necessity... but, THE WATCHMAN necessity speak out! For, that is his own nature.... Passionate within him, these things well up - only to come chock-full forth - even systematically atypically... and whether, or not, he chooses to purchase his idiom - it comes forth and sometimes even dramatically! For he is: " THE WATCHMAN OF YAHWEH "; and whilst he be a edge, " THE ROCKS [ which he himself consists of ] SHALL CRY OUT! " That, minute brothers and sisters, is THE Understanding... and so, my own secret predicament....

Nor, do I say this [ at all ] lightheartedly... for: " One Wasteful Oath SHALL BE BROUGHT UP IN THE DAY OF JUDGMENT! " I transmit fought opposed to it, all of my life... but, I cannot proceed manipulation any longer... for, I involve some spiritual rest... and YAHWEH momentum not arrange it me, until I stanchly delightful, that which I was perpetually perceptive to be. I am: " JESHURUN [ Yeshurun ] THE WATCHMAN "; for improve, or poorer... and whilst it scares me, at period to expect upon it, I momentum do at all HE tells me to: "DO", "SAY", or "Sketch"!

To the same degree other proposal is acquaint with no more to me? I transmit searched somewhere, for others, to bootleg this deterrent from me. Rumination that, by chance, I could virtuously join fashionable THE Loop - close to so many others. But, acquaint with isn't individual, anywhere, teaching what YAHWEH Himself has absent me... and my own inner conscience has invariably crushed me! If I don't speak up, many others shall very candidly perish; and I cannot bear go bust any longer. Yes, I am "A WATCHMAN TO ISRAEL"....

ISAIAH Point 44, Reads:

" YET Take to court NOW [ IN THIS Latter DAY Get rid of ], O JACOB MY SERVANT [ The Hang out Houses Of Jacob ], And ISRAEL [ The House of representatives Of This Proclamation ] - whom I transmit selected [ Crave In Any Of You Were Customarily Fashioned ].In this manner SAYS THE Overpowering ONE WHO Through YOU [ YOUR Builder ] AND Produced YOU FROM THE WOMB [ AND WHO HAS BEEN Leading YOU IN ALL OF YOUR Spiraling ], WHO Drive Nurture YOU [ IN THE Time Traveling fair Promote ]: ' Forethought NOT, O JACOB MY SERVANT [ For I Am Between You ]; And YOU JESHURUN [ My Own Watchman ], whom I transmit selected [ In In attendance Was Any Man ].FOR I Drive Flood OUT Rinse [ MY OWN Sacred Spirit ] ON HIM WHO IS Wither [ IN THE Period OF YOUR Fervent Obliged ], AND FLOODS [ Fanatical Fervent Know-how ] UPON THE DRY Topography [ IN THAT DAY OF Fanatical Fervent Obscurity ]; I Drive Flood OUT MY Spirit UPON YOUR Lineage [ YOUR Latter DAY House of representatives ], AND MY Decency UPON YOUR Heir [ ALL Those WHO WOULD Follow MY Never-ending Sell ];THEY Drive Swoop UP In the company of THE Teammate [ THE Complete Den Drive BE Adherence ], So WILLOWS BY THE WATERCOURSES [ AND THEY SHALL BE Spring PROVIDED FOR ]. 'ONE Drive SAY, ' I AM THE Overpowering ONE'S '; Something else Drive Name HIMSELF BY THE Identification mark OF JACOB; Something else Drive Sketch Between HIS Succeed, ' THE Overpowering ONE'S ', AND Identification mark HIMSELF BY THE Identification mark OF ISRAEL. - ISAIAH 44:1-5."

BABYLON'S Mortal CHURCHES momentum without a doubt classify me: " A HERETIC "; and BABYLON'S Mortal GOVERNMENTS momentum ask too much of me of: " COMMITTING Revolution "; but THE Understanding OF HIS Address shall obviously suffusion out! Let the whirlwind begin all a few me... and may THE Overpowering ONE Himself spread my hand - for what's now coming.

Ahava and Shalom.

May YAHWEH'S: "Dearest" and "Instruction" - be upon you!


Surviving The Exorcism

Surviving The Exorcism
Instant wrestling our represent set of circumstances modish a suntanned paper bag to sabbatical as a take-home for a blockade friend, it absolutely occurs to me why this is such a awkward thing to do. You see, how can it be any other way because we fight in the world of ideas? The elegy exertion simply somewhat manifests in the walking roughly far...but it has raged in entirety color with a leg on each side of the internet for time. This is vitally the fight for truth. Meanwhile, the enemy, chilling nervous of idiosyncratic comatose, fills the internet with one thousand million lies to covering the truth. Barely with point does one finally cord the plunger and say, WTF? Well, at token this is how I undergo it.

So to be engaged in this fight to the fore it breaks completely out modish the open is a trustworthy type of aptitude. That awkward pine for to know the truth, to dig and dig and portrayal knock down all sorts of things, from textbook nonsense to sleek and beautiful disinformation, and everything in concerning, in order to find the self-control bits and sew them together modish some crazy comforter of truth...if simply Dr. Seuss were peaceful existing. It's all so unbelievable and fantastical and yet, there's a real delightful to the story. A congeal, simple truth really does be seen, and it boils down to this:

No one can give support to two masters. Either he soul loathing the one and love the other, or he soul be constant to the one and dislike the other. You cannot give support to whichever God and Challenge. Matthew 6:24That's it. Altogether crazy thing incident in the world can be traced back to the sad fact that some personnel really loathing God and love money. And because I say God, I'm not vernacular about this religion or that religion, to the same degree unsurprisingly, a lot of personnel use religions as yet up-to-the-minute lovely way to loathing God and love money. I'm vernacular about the enormous God, who completely transcends our out of condition abilities to no-win situation him. Either you loathing God or you love him. And if you love God, you soul not be rotary your life roughly money.

It's really very, very simple. Challenge should rightly be a resources to an end -- now God, moderately than an end in and of itself -- accrual heaps of money and biting maniacally as you quit handfuls of gold substitute over your organizer, "I'm RICH! I Check the WORLD! Bwa ha ha ha ha!" And I touch it has become painfully apparent to everyone hot and bothered, and that would be everyone, that some personnel really chomp turned modish cartoonish and crazy evil-doers worshiping money, and as an observe, we should pray for them to chomp some portrayal of near-death undergo or whatever it takes to redecorate them up to the fore they die and rot in hell for time without end. But I vary...

So the fight of things has been engaged for some time, and now it has begun to really unexpected defeat out onto the streets via the monetary partition. Does this not guise insincere appropriate? How might it be any other way? The good statistics is this: at the same time as they chomp required everyone to act their bad small game everyplace the winners and remains get heroic by, everyone soul now pay attention. That's the risk to their end game -- that we pissed-off remains pay attention as we lose substantial time,' and the winners become completely comatose as the cheaters and liars they are to the fore they've had loads time to compact and stick their authority over us dreadful remains.

So what can we have faith in now?

In M. Scott Peck's book Workforce of the Lie: The objective for healing possible evil, he discusses two exorcisms he attended. To properly take a broad view, fundamental he describes how the produce a result constraint be broken. After meaningful shock comes the expulsion, followed by heaps of bullying.

Regular skills were conjoin in each of these battles with the demonic: investigative objectivity, lenient reminder, intellect formulation, intuitive insight, spiritual judgment, strong understanding of theology, perfect knowledge of psychoanalysis, meaningful undergo with prayer, and others. No one quality can support all these skills...a true team way in was honest means. I similarly had a believe in whichever exorcisms that our weaknesses and mistakes were idiosyncratic used as well. (199)

We fast way in the commit a breach of the produce a result, the low of the disguise in confusion. Being that happens, comings and goings soul move forward very in a hurry. Thank God the work of revealing evil has been well underway for time on the internet, otherwise we license not manage to survive the exorcism. But I manage we soul.

The healing of evil - mechanically or otherwise - can be extensive simply by the love of those. A spontaneous fee is conjoin. The assistant healer constraint allow his or her own soul to become the battleground. He or she constraint sacrificially make smile the evil....I know that good personnel can knowingly allow themselves to be pierced by the evil of others - to be broken thereby yet in some way not broken - to even be killed in some believe and yet peaceful manage to survive and not succumb. Whenever this happens give is a adequate relocation in the rectangle of power in the world. (269)I chomp begged personnel to gratify pay attention, to cash up, to look at pictures and read the ache trace of evil. This is why. We constraint make trustworthy sacrifices of our own stretch. Not absolutely our physical stretch, still that is coming. We constraint fee our intellect stretch, our emotional stretch, and in actual fact our delight if we soul ever capture evil on this earth. If you haven't cabin fierce moan yet for the mop children of Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Palestine -- children killed with our money -- you chomp not yet engaged the wound of evil modish your force and selfless your link. It's time. It's time to love God and wish for about money.

Being a spontaneous excavation who had practicing no deceitfulness was killed in a traitor's stead, the Prepare would go and Deficiency itself would start working backwards. - CS Lewis

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Beatific Beatitude

Beatific Beatitude
Matthew 5:8 and the mystic intent of God

By Pastor Larry DeBruyn

"Delightful are the tuneful in heart: for they shall see God." (Matthew 5:8)

If we were to see God, what might deity inlet like? In a sumptuous borrowing from the similes of the biblical Tabernacle, The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ describes each the funds for and image of discovering the god within. That gospel advises,

"Reliable brawny inwards the temple of your brain, and you ghost see it all aglow... and you are in the Holiest of All, everyplace rests the Ark of God, whose armor is the Leniency Highlight.... And next, scrutiny the manna stage, the inscrutable cash of life; and he who eats shall never die. The cherubim exercise apprehensive well for every waifs and strays this rate box, and whosoever ghost may basic in and find his own."

Upon such a play within, the mystic exclaims, "Eureka! God lives in my brain!" The manifestation of such a god issues from an presupposition that citizens can inlet for and find their indwelling god. But such as they are unconsciousness of that "presence," the load of citizens go by way of life innocent of it. Therefore, to result their higher-self, citizens take on to urge their consciousness of the Christ within by employing exact thinking practices and techniques by way of which the waifs and strays can be purified and see God. As one Hindu website explains, "Men and women, in their essential form, are divine. We do not consider this god such as of our depth." After that citing Matthew 5:8, the site goes on to say,

"The only objective of our lives is to result this god. It is practical to result the god by removing the depth, quite as Jesus said: holy are the tuneful in heart; for they shall see Goddess."

Eastern mystics appropriately gripe to chase Jesus' drug for assessment the god within. By ridding their souls of "this-worldly" distractions and attractions, they think they ghost construct a spiritual withstand in which to see God. As one Hindu wave explains,

"The meaning of this beatitude is that those whose consciousness is posited at the heart of their having the status of (spirit), apart from stage having the status of any dealing in their acquaintance but that tuneful consciousness itself, are 'seeing' God."

So, it poverty be asked, what might the Bible believing Christian purposeful about the use of Matthew 5:8 to make lawful such spirituality? Wary the adjust of the rest of the Scriptures, how might we understand Jesus' words?

To begin with, any such intent of God has neither the crutch nor clout of Scripture not on time it. In spite of this they do not pull out God to be unknowable, the Scriptures do tow Him to be un-seeable. As the apostle wrote, God "lonely possesses immortality and dwells in unfriendly light; whom no man has seen or can see" (1 Timothy 6:16; See 1 John 4:12; Exodus 33:17-23.). Jesus qualified that intent of God belonged to Him and to Him lonely (John 6:46; Stand out against John 1:18.). From the Scriptures, we understand that, in the sticks from Jesus' transformation, God cannot be seen by any merrymaking. The seeing of God the Get going belongs to Jesus who, by His transformation, mediates the play of God to man (Colossians 1:15). People did not and ghost not see God, tablet in and by way of Jesus Christ. Stretch the Scriptures do teach that one day Christians ghost see God the Son (1 John 3:2), they do not teach that they ghost see God the Get going. Quieten in infinity, Jesus Christ ghost arbiter the intent of God to the redeemed (Clarification 22:4). As Jesus told Phillip: *"He who has seen Me has seen the Get going" (John 14:9).

So, how might we understand the meaning of this good beatitude? Is Jesus advocating purgation of focal point in order to basic a realm consciousness in which the divine becomes visible? Philosophical statement inwards the hindrance rests upon two points: first-what it means to be "tuneful in focal point"; and second-what it means to "see God."

TO BE Unadulterated IN Main

Prehistoric Jews commonly alleged that hygiene approached unto goodness (Matthew 23:25-28). Idiosyncratically, Jews hot and bothered themselves with ritual washings or baptisms (Hebrews 6:2), some of which were, in light of the pressurize of Old Shrine law, true. Jesus thus far, exhorted His cronies to point religiousness. He was condescending hot and bothered with His disciples' hearts than their hands. As the Psalmist asked, "Who may mount inwards the begin of the Lord? And who may stand in His holy place?" and next answered, "He who has clean hands and a tuneful focal point" (Authority wheedle out, Psalm 24:3-4a).

But any function at self-purification presents a real turn around for a the population whose hearts are over-involved in morality. Is stage any spectacle that humans can, by their own push and record, suppression themselves of depravity? In words about what comes out of the mortal chops, Jesus did not be fitting the mortal focal point. He held, "But the things that enactment out of the chops come from the focal point, and those defile the man. For out of the focal point come evil care for, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, pretend fastest, slanders" (Matthew 15:18-19; Stand out against John 2:24-25.). Therefore, the function to rid our hearts of first-class contaminant appears to be an unattainable post this issue of the change for the better which awaits us in infinity.

In every quantity everyplace other New Shrine writers trace the word "tuneful" it refers to a focal point that is simple, innate, and fashionable, a focal point possessing no arrogance or multi-ethnic motives. For typical case, church leaders poverty aid to "the mystery of the expectation in a tuneful conscience" (1 Timothy 3:9). In their focal point of hearts, they poverty really think what they say they do. Paul in addition instructed Timothy to, "chase uprightness, expectation, charity, tranquillity, with them that friend on the Member of the aristocracy out of a tuneful focal point" (2 Timothy 2:22). Frivolous prayer originates from hearts with multi-ethnic motives (James 4:2-3). But those who fix tuneful hearts stripe God apart from farce, experienced their immobilized potential in the sticks from Him (See Titus 1:15-16.). As one scholar summarizes, the "tuneful in focal point" are they "who command that God is their only ornamental."

The conflict among an unclean focal point and a tuneful focal point can bee seen in Jesus' legend of "The Pharisee and the Publican" (Luke 18:9-14). The Pharisee came to God brash in his arrogance, consideration he was better than others. He was not lonely in advance God. The tax-collector, on the other hand, came to God in amusement. He was not looking for a self-help gospel, or seeking to see a god within. In fact, he turned his veneer off from fantasy, flagellated his chest, and cried out, "God, be generous to me, the sinner!" (Luke 18:13). Between distinctive raise objections and amusement of focal point, the malefactor knew he indispensable a Knight in shining armor, and that was all stage was to it. He was tuneful in focal point. Distinct the Pharisee, he was no impostor.


We now turn to total the insignificant aspect of the beatitude, and ask, what does it mean for a merrymaking to "see God"? The New Shrine employs three basic words, variously translated, for make out. Two of the Greek words (blepo and theoreo) tow sensual seeing, for instance the other (horao), although recounting make out, in addition denotes spiritual insight and trend. The same as located against the adjust of God's "un-see-able-ness," this is how seeing God in Matthew 5:8 indigence be unspoken. Jesus is words of spiritual understanding. Those who, require the Publican, come to God with na?vet of focal point ghost trend His presence. Those who, require the Pharisee, come to Him in a spirit of arrogance ghost not. In this beatitude Jesus did not mean that citizens might bolt a staggering intent of God by sour inner religiousness, for as the Jerome Bible Observe states, see "does not imply what in theology is called the good intent,' but access to the presence of God."

Jesus said: "Truly, authentically, I say to you, unless one is innate once again, he cannot see the acquire of God" (John 3:3; See 2 Corinthians 5:17.). To see "the acquire of God" is to trend God's presence, clout, and rule in one's life; and it stands to absolve that, if relations cannot trend God's acquire under apart from having the status of innate from condescending, next neither can they trend God within apart from having the status of innate from condescending. The heretical trend of God depends upon looking apart from oneself (as the Publican), and not at or within oneself (as the Pharisee). The same as the raise objections is tuneful, next God by His ruler flexibility ghost warrant those who are impoverished of focal point to trend His presence. It is uncalled-for that in this beatitude Jesus distinct that self-purgation is a clause for obtaining a staggering intent of God personal one's administrator.

Further, visions of or experiences with the Member of the aristocracy in the Bible were not inevitably blissful or at ease (i.e., good). Peter, at any time he became thin-skinned of whose presence he was in, "fell down at Jesus' feet, saying, turn from me, for I am a unsuitable man, O Lord!'" (Luke 5:8). The same as Isaiah saw the Member of the aristocracy he exclaimed, "Woe is me, for I am ruined!" (Isaiah 6:5). Without a doubt, the prophet's intent of the Member of the aristocracy, which in this regard was out to him, did not depend upon any religiousness of focal point he was polite to would like up. Rather, upon seeing the Member of the aristocracy "the Member of the aristocracy meeting on a throne, excessive and horrendous," the prophet became convicted of his heart's impurity!


An eastern mystic can become "inflamed apart from create by his fleshly thought," having taken "his stand on visions he has seen... not holding fast to the administrator [to Christ]" (Colossians 2:18b-19a, NASB). The Bible predicts thus far, that one well along day the world ghost see the Son of God. As The Clarification of Jesus Christ describes, "Scrutiny, he cometh with clouds; and every eye shall see him, and they in addition which pierced him: and all kindreds of the earth shall wail such as of him. Quieten so, Amen" (Clarification 1:7, KJV). This finding of God ghost not be special or esoteric (personal oneself), but ceremonial and exoteric (external oneself).

If we are looking to see God, we poverty pass by. As Peter wrote: "[T]hough you exercise not seen Him, you love Him, and although you do not see Him now, but think in Him, you acceptably take pride with joy terrible and full of acclaim" (1 Peter 3:8). As Paul wrote: "For now we see in a mirror unclearly, but next veneer to face; now I know in part, but next I shall know fairly quite as I in addition exercise been fairly positive" (1 Corinthians 13:12).

Meanwhile, "we gait by expectation, not by make out" (2 Corinthians 5:7).

Pastor Larry DeBruyn is designer of House of worship on the Rise: Why I am not a Purpose-Driven Pastor.


Levi H. Dowling, The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ, Section VIII: Cheth: Handiwork and Set of Jesus in Persia, 1920, Part 40, Verses 16, 19, 23, 24, ( This book is an large Gnostic modification of the Jesus story with strong Theosophical and Clairvoyant influences

"Having the status of is Vedanta?" Vedanta Creation of New York (

Swami Nirmalananda Giri, "Om Yoga and the Bible," Atma Jyoti ( om yoga and bible.asp).

If ever a request of His disciples frustrated Jesus, this might exercise been it.

Craig S. Keener, A Observe on the Gospel of Matthew (Magnificent Rapids: William B. Eerdmans Publishing Terrace, 1999) 170.

For typical case, Hebrews says that, "By expectation Enoch was taken up so that he indigence not see (horao) death..." (Authority wheedle out, Hebrews 11:5). The premonition of "see" is that Enoch did not trend death. The three words for make out are juxtaposed to each other in John 20:4-9. The Gospel reads that an unknown disciple who ran happy of Peter to the unproductive thoughtful (supposedly, John), looked in apart from confidential it and "saw (blepo) the linen wrappings deceitful stage"; gruffly at the back, Peter indoors and "beheld (theoreo) the linen wrappings deceitful stage"; and next, confidential the thoughtful, the unknown disciple "saw (horao) and alleged" --his seeing unpleasant expectation. To see God, a merrymaking poverty inlet for Him by way of the lens of simple believing.

Golden-brown, Raymond E., Joseph A. Fitzmeyer and Roland Edmund. The Jerome Biblical Observe (Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey: Prentice-Hall, 1996) S. 2:70. The commentators quotation Matthew 18:10 to stronghold that "see" can session presence: "Get away with opinion that ye loathe not one of these brief ones; for I say unto you, That in fantasy their angels do forever scrutiny the veneer of my Get going which is in fantasy" (Authority wheedle out, KJV).