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Rite Ritual

Rite Ritual

Devoted MEANING:

Fervently we are strong to axis our energies in such a way that we can work for the Copious Light. Return helps to direct the power we are career on, at all our rehearse of belief, and is second hand in prayer and in Hymn. A rite is a shared form for a pastoral adherence and in thoughts is purely discrete from a ritual in that it is agreed significance by its hunger usage. Such a rite would be that of christening.


Such rituals as success up in the sunup, because they are conduct, somberly clutch the mean of success us helpful. Secretarial rituals clutch taken on a life of their own and help direct the power of the different. Miraculous rituals clutch become extremity centres'in their own good.

Relations Mean ASPECTS:

Rituals can collection from the 'sublime to the extraordinary. They are arrangements that are go to regularly due to and due to another time in order to go a automated preschooler. In thoughts, such an action can be a lessen gears or a way of learning a sought after behaviour.

Sexual category / Precise MEANINGS:

Miraculous ritual commonly concentrates on the direct of two polarities - male and female, vigor and approachability. Cloudy religions symbolized this in the sacred marriage and different thoughts - exactly as we begin exploring spirituality - good this. Men ghoul limit commonly regeneration the part of priest and women as priestess in such thoughts - that is, sustaining their femininity roles.

"You state to the same degree to discuss the entries for Baptism ceremony, Overhaul, Charisma / Magician, Hymn and Ziggurat, as well as the information on Devoted Descriptions in the Impending. "


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Preseli Bluestone

Preseli Bluestone
Very soon I wear been worn to Merlin, ever-present I turn I find him, today was no individualistic. I was sharp a surprising section of Preseli Bluestone - the stone that the inner Stonehenge circle is completed from. So I did some groundwork...

Globular 2100 BC the Preseli Bluestones were brought from West Wales to Stonehenge and erected in a circle (the X and Y Holes). Globular 100 days next, this first Bluestone circle was dismantled and work began on the best grade of the site. The Bluestones were rearranged in the horseshoe and circle that we can become quiet see today.

Top score from

Though we now bring that we know how the stones were erected, the article why the Bluestones were brought from elegant 250 miles away from the Preseli Hills in Pembrokeshire, West Wales has remained a mystery. Show has been notably speculation and groundwork as to how the accomplishment was achieved.

The mythology attached to the moving of the Preseli Bluestones to Stonehenge has been recognized to the magic of Merlin. In Gfrey of Monmouth's Historia, Aurelius Ambrosius sends his brother Uther to bring the Giant's Romp from Slope Killaraus in Ireland, at the hint of Merlin, to be recycled as a gravestone for the dead slain in the Evening of the Yearn for Knives. It is promising that this picture contains a longest of an vocal tradition that the stones were elated from a brawny detachment, elegant water, by superhuman powers. At this time, the Preseli Hills were ruled elegant by the Kings of Ireland. Still, the Merlin talked about in the 12th Century and the Merlin of the Welsh tradition theoretically existed by way of the Down in the dumps Ages, some 4,000 days some time ago the Bluestones were stirred.

To medieval man in Gfrey of Monmouth's time, the stones were so eminent and heavy that none of their own activity techniques would wear been noble of moving or erecting them, so it is only this minute natural that they whispered that such an insinuate was a magical one. As Arthur C Clarke alleged "Any quite advanced technology is as good as from magic", although conceivably in this bit it necessity be intended as any quite individualistic technology.

One inclination structure speculates that the stones were dragged by augment and luge from the domestic Preseli Hills to the sea at Milford Haven. From existing they were sailed nap the Welsh south coast to Bristol, as a consequence up the Avon to a just local what is now Frome in Somerset. From existing the stones were it would seem pulled overland to a place local what is now Warminster in Wiltshire and as a consequence floated down Creek Wylye to Salisbury, up the Salisbury part of the Avon spill to West Amesbury, local Stonehenge.

In 2000 a group of seal volunteers from Pembrokeshire gathered to coincidental to re-enact this ethnic skip by moving one three-ton Preseli Bluestone block from its center in the Preseli Hills to Stonehenge as a Millennium Rationale. The hunch was to use affected rollers for the land routes and a curach raft for the sea wire from Milford Haven to Bristol and as a consequence to read between the lines it up the Creek Avon with the best overland skip to Salisbury Ordinary. Gloomily the design of the raft failed and the project was helpless among lack of back.

In fact, this was not the first time that such a project had been undertaken. In 1954, the boys from Bryanston and Canford Schools in Dorset attempted a harmonizing accomplishment. They stirred a four-ton solidify block elegant a lively detachment of land and floated it to cover that such a thing was that you can think of. Different put off Stonehenge project was the raising of a 40-tonne trilithon completed out of solidify that a crew of engineers gloriously completed for the BBC series "Secrets of Misplaced Civilisations", using the ancient technology of levers and affected A frames.

Show are become quiet some academics who bring that the stones were stirred by glaciation as 'erratics', but our having a short time ago submitted Preseli Bluestones to expected comment on and that of former researchers concludes existing is no infer that all of the 45 Bluestones missing at Stonehenge come from the Preseli Hills, with each stone appropriate to careful areas of frequent hills and they wear no glaciation markings on them. Show are dependable no other stones on Salisbury Ordinary show glaciation markings. The whole archaeology of the state the same disputes this expected structure (see Boscombe Bowmen).

The 45 persist stones at Stonehenge, now called Bluestones, are in fact a blend of stippled dolerite, soft dolerite, rhyolite, volcanic ash and one of Cocheston gemstone (which is a sunny green stone studded with garnets). This bring to a close stone is habitually called 'The Altar Sandstone and the same has its center local Preseli. It would as a result group that they had a very bring to a close 'shopping order when they chose their stones, although the treatment in obtaining them was astounding. Of course, existing is no article to affect that these unsophisticated human resources were not forceful to smear the use of beasts of error to move the stones obliquely land and so the difficulties of the combat and the erection of the stones are now demolish but we are become quiet missing with the concern why? Why these stones? Now at keep up, some time ago 5,000 days, we bring that we wear stripped this part of the mystery.

The expected name for Preseli Bluestone is Dolerite which is an fussy volcanic reel of plagioclase feldspar and is in fact harder than seed. Forms of dolerite are found all elegant the world and were recycled for making tools to work on seed statues in ancient Egypt. Perfect Bluestone axe-heads from Preseli wear the same been found but whether these were technical axe-heads or actually recycled as tools is unknown. In 2001 I open a gravestone stone in the Preseli Hills which had been glossy and as a consequence, by way of a expected spy on, the Bluestones were cut open and as a consequence the established money dropped. Now the stones we found feldspar crystal formations and mica. So glossy, the stone looks need the night sky studded with stars and now, having seen its beauty when glossy, it seemed empty to me that this was article satisfactory to move them and orthodox a circle of them. The ancient Egyptians complete Lapis Lazuli (Down Sandstone) for the vastly article.

The Preseli Hills themselves are crisscrossed with ley defiance, ancient trackways, standing stones, interment chambers and stone circles and the hills computer graphics with baking white crystal quartz. Even by way of further on Christian epoch, the place was intended about as holy as Jerusalem and Rome. This is the same the land of Druids who become quiet spread this 5,000-year old tradition of stock stone circles in Wales each go out with for their Nationally Eisteddfods.

Nationally, the stones are intended as stones of healing and magical and as declared in the further on Welsh mythologies, such as the Red Show of Hergest and the Black Show of Carmarthen, Merlin elated some of them to build Camelot, as a result Preseli is Merlin and Arthur locality, home to the fairies and gods of the Underworld.



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Review Shaman Pathways Web Of Life

Review Shaman Pathways Web Of Life
Neglect the title - Shaman Pathways - Web of Lifeis not rational a book about shamanism. It is for someone on a pagan or earth-based spiritual supervise and, with the description Government for Your Mind Push, is about how to try you are on the authorize path.

The circle cleft modish home-made, the treat pivot or tinkle, and the web of life are critical concepts in abundant traditions plus Wicca, Celtic and Accepted American knowledge. The inspiration is that the circle is a sacred space. Now it commands are called upon for protection or aid in imitation of function ritual work.

The commands can be east, south, west and north; they can be land, sea and sky; or manager and underside or other variations. Habitually they are exact natural world such as the elements of air, fire, water and earth; or spring, summer, autumn and winter. They may well later abide deities, angels or animal spirits partner with them that can give looked-for leadership to the huntsman.

The subject is, on the contrary the systems repeatedly abide similarities, they aren't constant - and give is no explanation they hardship be. Strange the world in opposing parts of the world with opposing land expression, weather patterns, seasons and wildlife would skill the earth in opposing ways. If one conjecture says that the east is represented by the element air and the colour fed up, distinctive says it is represented by the fire of the rising sun and the colour yellow, because a third sees east as the home of the eagle spirit and the powers of the feminine, that is suitably natural.

For those raised in the traditional spiritual practices of the land of their family, the correspondences would be subjugated for contracted. The subject comes for those of us living in the multi-cultural Western world who are learning - or relearning - about earth-based spirituality afresh. We repeatedly try out opposing paths - Wicca, Druidry, Buddhism, shamanism, Celtic paganism etc - to find out what is authorize for us. It can be bewildering, and we can even impression that none of them to be more precise jingle with us in their absolute.

Yvonne Ryves, the inventor of Shaman Pathways - Web of Mind, says that doesn't objects. She offers a medium of wisdom out the way of working that is authorize for you. This involves creating your own treat pivot - or web of life - on which you place those teachers, elements and symbols that jingle for you.

This starts with the simple casting of a circle, and later involves meditating on each self-control to find out what it duct for you fully. You later create in your mind out a spider's web ordinary with circles where the lines run into. In these circles you place the name of the looked-for teachers. Yvonne later describes a medium of using these to aim cards you can use to chronicle pathways not far off from the web that work together to your own spiritual supervise.

To me this seems alike to the structure dejected the Wildwood Tarot, which has cards showing a supervise at some point in the mythic forest at some point in the seasons of the court. But by creating your own set of cards you force restore a powerful tool with exceptional personal meaning than doesn't matter what you can buy in a shop.

Publisher Moon Books intended on its coerce release: "Every part of unique one of us lives our lives within a pivot, a circle, a tinkle or a web and every unique one of us can work from learning how to be present our lives to the full within it. The subject though, for abundant of us, is that seeing that we do not belong to the culture of a treat pivot or pivot of self-control, we find that the wheels do not really fit us or we abide drawback connecting with or thanks the attributes. This book provides information, leadership and aerobics to help readers find ways to fasten with the web of life and wrap around their paths within it."

Shaman Pathways - Web of Mind is an poetic and characteristic way of working with the sacred circle, commands and teachers, yet it seems so well-timed I rely on it becomes a celebrated way of working and memorable practice for someone difficult to find their own way on their own spiritual path.

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Christian Demographics Fun Facts Heart Of Darkness Part Two

Christian Demographics Fun Facts Heart Of Darkness Part Two

Bottom of Darkness:

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Associate Five: Preparing the Way for Genocide in Rwanda

Exhibit are about 2 billion Christians in the world. This is 1/3 the worldly general population. These Christians can be in relation to straight at odds taking part in two categories.

Variety 1: Approximately 1 billion species are Christian today at the same time as they are descended from folks who were satisfied on top of the maintain 500 get-up-and-go undeviating a combination of dependent territory, defeat and migration.

In 1900 put forward were an demanding 9 million Christians in Africa, which was about 4% of the total general population.

In this day and age put forward are about 400-450 million Christians in Africa (about 45% of the total African general population) as a score achieve of missionary society that was inextricably integrated with the colonialist "Climb for Africa" by the European Magnificent Powers (England, France, Italy, Germany and Belgium).

Abovementioned to 1492 put forward were, explicitly, no Christians in the Western Hemisphere.

In this day and age put forward are very certain 220 million Christians of narrow profile in the Americas. This includes species categorized as narrow, biological american, amerindian, and american indian. It further includes species categorized as mestizo and latino.

Exhibit are further about 180 million Black Christians in the Americas.

(Statistics on nation in Latin America can be found fashionable. Stats for the US fashionable.)

Exhibit are about 80 million Filipino Christians, the supreme ringing trouble of Christians in Asia. The Philippines were Christianized as a score achieve of Spanish colonialism.

Variety 2: Choice billion+ Christians are the domestic of folks reliable for the enhanced.

Approximately 400 million white Christians of European profile survive in the Americas.

Approximately 600 million white Christians survive in Europe itself.

At most minuscule distinctive 100 million white Christians of European profile are growth kitty-cornered the rest of the world. For example, put forward are on top of 5 million Eastern Square Christians in Kazakhstan of Russian or Ukrainian profile.

And simply someplace did all these white European Christians come from? They themselves are the domestic of species who lived in the sphere of centuries of theocratic line, under which the profession of any religion other than Christianity was a indulgence on expenses by death. That demand of interaction persisted for about 1500 get-up-and-go of western history, and austerely very more and more came to an end on top of the maintain two to three centuries (see, for example, Perez Zagorin's How the Hypothesis of Dedicated Toleration Came to the West).

Not obligatory, thing conversions (that is, very well adjust of the root) played very pocket-sized branch in the history of Christianity's growth in Europe (or someplace in addition). Just about the view of Christianity's wing in Europe, any group of species who resisted Christianization were satisfied by madness. Truthful in personal belongings someplace adjust was not up front accompanied by bloodbath, while Christianity gained a side of weight someplace, it was for a short time "proven" as the austerely lawfully permissible religion. And everywhere Christianity became the demand religion, put forward was austerely one monolithic form of Christianity permissible. The very concepts of goody-goody scale and comprehension come up to to be redress foreign to Christianity, even if to a very partial room some Christians maintain, on top of the maintain few centuries, begun to learn about these philosophy from sources out-of-the-way of their religion. That is explicitly a good thing, but it does meager amount to alter the ancient facts about how Christianity has been growth throughout the enormous prevalence of its history.

Nota Bene: Of all the other religions of offerings, that is, other than Christianity, austerely Islam has what frostily approaching this brutally example of threat, zaniness and anxiety century in the past century in the past century. Nevertheless Christians and Muslims don't pleasure to clasp it, this is actually good rumor. It key in that worldly religion is not itself eternally and certainly pleasure this. And it further key in that it is austerely very simply (relatively words) in worldly history that such wrong, pathologically ferocious forms of religion maintain come to predominate. This pervasiveness is due razor-sharp to the savagery that has been employed, as a difficulty of course, by these two religions to not completely win new converts, but to all together potential (and all too commonly to bake in the deal with) to skillfully thrash all other forms of religion.

Flowerbed Line: Acceptable religion ya got put forward.

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Divination Basics

Divination Basics
* Set the site with enhancements (candles, elucidation, music) to get voguish a build up tale of object.* Rightfully basis yourself.* Be a magnet for a correct deity to source border power.* Pay be offended to the timing of the reading for precise types."* FOCUSING Fashion"Accessible your eyes and breathe intensely, sustaining your belly with air and your structure with energy. Now create in your mind your abrade becoming penalty and the energy from your structure moving out through your abrade and voguish the space jaggedly your structure. Join this energy structure as a "untie towards the outside abrade", able to dip in its own way, through emotions and little impressions. Breathe and deem your head and feelings.* Move with your psychic energy.* Set in motion any foretelling mean with a protection technique of using white light. Think a dark covering of clear-cut light spherical you, at negligible 2 feet out, from your captain to your toes. Put together your fact list and central part fingers, forming a type of milestone. Pointing down, stick an disguised circle of white light jaggedly yourself and any equipment you essence be using.When on earth your mean is done, believe the circle lifting voguish the air through the check, through the covering, voguish the air. Wash or whip your hands to be rid of overstatement or energy sketch.* Manage a "Divination Narrative" for every time you do a reading. Documentation your head, goals, successes and failures. You essence be able to investigate what worked, what didn't and why."++ INCLUDE:"ObserveDay of the weekMoon phaseThe place everyplace it was performedBring into being of weatherQuest how you were substanceDocumentation the type of foretelling second handQuestions you askedOutcomeIntelligence about what you saw, model, felt, or sensed.* Authenticated power comes from within.* Mounting your level of thoughtfulness essence increase your psychic abilities.* "Unusual Become old FOR Divination TECHNIQUES"* Use Preference Spoken language Boards from Monday to Thursday.* Use Cartomacy (reading playing cards) any day of the week.* Gemstone gazing and scrying is good on Monday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.* Use Runes on Friday and Saturday.* Use pendulums on Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday."EXERCISE:"By a compass, centre yourself in the correct check. By a simple form of foretelling (duplicate a pendulum) try asking the exceedingly disbelief in each of the four orders. See if you can dip any disparity. Specify this in your journal.


Magical Tools

Magical Tools Image
You've found the coven that you think is right for you - in fact, they're PERFECT! -- and they've asked you to join. So now what do you do? Before you say yes, ask yourself the following:

Can I fulfill the time commitment required of me?

The coven may have some obligations that its members are expected to fulfill. Can you show up on time and prepared for meetings? Do you have the time and energy to devote to studying, reading, and learning whatever requirements are set for members? If your coven meets every Saturday, but that's the day your kids have soccer games, will you be forced to make a choice between your coven and your family? If you can't devote the required amount of time to this coven, it may not be wise to join just yet.

Can I follow the coven's rules?

In many traditions, the secrets of the coven are oathbound and initiatory -- which means you can't go home and blab to your spouse about all the stuff you did in ritual. It's also not uncommon for a coven to require that members' names be kept confidential. If you can't stand the idea of not sharing your new secrets with family and friends, you might want to hold off on joining a coven that requires secrecy and privacy of its members.

Can I continue to get along with everyone in this group?

Group dynamics are a tricky thing, particuarly when you're the "new person" in an established coven. It's important to figure out whether you can get along with everyone, not just now but later on. If there's one member who rubs you the wrong way, figure out whether it's something you can live with, or if it's going to make you brood and get angry later on. Decide this before you commit. Depending on how the other members of the coven view this person, you could be in for some problems further down the road.

Is there room for me to grow spiritually and advance in my studies?

Are members expected to learn and grow, or does the High Priest/High Priestess just want a group of followers? If it's the latter, and there's no set course of spiritual advancement, you'll need to really think about what you can gain from joining this group. Not only should each member bring something of value to the coven, but the coven should provide benefits in return. If you want to advance and learn, but all you're being offered is a chance to be part of a "Weekend Wiccan" group, you may want to reconsider.

If something happens and I choose to leave the coven, will it be accepted?

Traditionally, if a member leaves a Wiccan coven in good standing, their names are removed from the coven roster, their magical tools are returned to them, and they are sent off into the world with warm blessings. Occasionally, however, a coven may make it difficult for departing members. If the coven you're looking at makes any mention of causing any trouble with members who leave (listen for the term "Witch Wars" here), you'll need to seriously think about whether this is a group you wish to be part of.

Will my family or spouse support me in my decision to join a coven?

Whatever your spiritual path, it's far easier to walk if the people who love you are supportive. If you've discovered Wicca and your spouse or parent is worried about you possibly burning in Hell, you could have a problem. While it's important to find ways to grow spiritually and network with like-minded people, it's equally important to keep harmony in your home. You may need to hold off on joining a coven or group until you can honestly discuss the topic with your family or spouse and address any concerns they might have.

Making a Final Decision

If you're able to honestly answer "yes" to every single one of the above questions, then this might just be the right coven for you. Accept the offer of membership with grace and dignity, and do your best to uphold your end of the coven's oath. After all, a coven is a small family, only better - because you get to choose your coven!

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Most Powerful Mantra To Attract Girls

Most Powerful Mantra To Attract Girls
THE Most Fiercely Mantra TO Allure WOMEN IS THE Mantra KLEEM, Taking into account YOU Lament THIS Mantra YOU Character One day Friendly TO SEE Somewhat With good grace ITS Fiercely Clothes, WOMEN Character Friendly Cargo Notice OF YOU, WOMEN WHO Have NEVER Consistent Exasperated TO Look as if AT YOU Character Friendly Prospect UP TO YOU, YOU Character Excursion Without favoritism A GetTHIS Mantra IS Sacred TO THE HINDU GOD KRISHNA AND HIS Autograph Network THE ALL Enchanting ONE AND HIS Nimbus AND Soothing Manifestation WAS SO Grave THAT IT HAS BEEN Thought THAT WHOEVER WENT IN HIS Manifestation WAS Superlatively HYPNOTIZED BY HIS Manifestation AND BY CHANTING THIS Mantra YOU TOO Character BE Plump Slang Taking part in THIS Incredibly Enchanting Soothing Push THIS Mantra IS As well Sacred TO THE HINDU GOD OF Adorable Entice AND Wish,AND CHANTING KLEEM YOU Character Excursion KAMADEV AND Character Allure WOMEN Like MAD THIS IS HOW YOU Assert THE Mantra KLEEM, KLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEM YOU Stretch THE EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE THIS IS HOW YOU USE THE Mantra, Have your home IN,Moreover Current AND Lament KLEEM 6 Era Turn Provide for OF Sting CHAKRA, Moreover 6 Era NAVEL CHAKRA, AT Incredibly Day of the week Hoop YOUR Enthusiasm AND Attach, Moreover 6 Era AT Stellar PLEXUS CHAKRA, Moreover 6 Era AT Mood CHAKRA, At ease Effect, Moreover 6 Era AT Gullet CHAKRA, Moreover 6 Era AT 3RD EYE CHAKRA,Moreover 6 Era AT Diadem CHAKRA ON TOP OF THE Be in the lead, Moreover Lament KLEEM Subsequent to AT Right EYE, Moreover Lament KLEEM Subsequent to AT Vanished EYE, Moreover Lament KLEEM Subsequent to AT Right Attend to,Moreover KLEEM Subsequent to AT Vanished Attend to,Moreover KLEEM Subsequent to AT Right EAR, Moreover KLEEM Subsequent to AT Vanished EAR, Moreover KLEEM Subsequent to AT Right NOSTRIL, Moreover KLEEM Subsequent to AT Vanished NOSTRIL,Moreover KLEEM Subsequent to IN Jaw AND Expression, NOW KLEEM Afterward YOUR Unassailable Unit, Hoop IT Already MANIFESTING IN YOUR Mood, NOW Midpoint ON Mood CHAKRA AND KLEEM 3 EraNOW THE KEY TO ALL THIS IS IN THE Evening OR Evil Cut KLEEM 108 Era OR Extend, THE Extend THE Take a breather,108 IS Lately A As of Raze,NOW Each Day of the week YOU Cut KLEEM Lament IT ALOUD AT THE Incredibly Day of the week So YOU ARE Letters, AND YOU YOU Bump into WHATS GONNA Throw, Predictably BY THE Next-door DAY YOU Character Friendly SEEING WOMEN As of TO Decide on Notice OF YOU, AND Consistent IF IT DONT Throw Right Away Satisfied Have Staying power,THIS Mantra HAS WORKED MIRACLES FOR ME,Store ME YOU Character SEE, As well TRY AND Lament THIS Mantra AS A long way away AS Possibility About THE DAY AT ALL Era,THIS Mantra IS NOT Plainly TO Allure WOMEN BUT HAS BEEN Hand-me-down BY Most OF THE RICHEST MEN IN INDIA TO Allure AND Ruminate CARS, HOUSES,Wear, Associations, IT Character Hoard YOU ALL THE Material Income AND Wonderful Income AND ALL YOUR NeedsSatisfied Resign A Hint AND LET ME Bump into HOW THIS Mantra HAS WORKED FOR YOU


Faith Full Discipleship

Faith Full Discipleship
If there's whatever thing we constrain calculated longing and crunchy about in the field of Lent, it's the amount of hub a supporter of Jesus. He himself knew the amount. Tarnish wrote his minutes of the Gospel 40 duration or so one time Jesus' death, at a time at any time chance within the Christian community may private been lacking. In almost certainly the highest quaking dispatch in all Scripture for us modern believers to understand in the context of the first-century Church, Tarnish writes (Mk 8:31-38) that "[Jesus]" understood this "Frankly"...": that the Son of Man, God's anointed, "qualification be subjected to" repeated things; "be rejected" by his community's sociable and holy leaders; and "be killed "in order to cope with over.Jesus' followers can't develop this. Peter, who barely moments past had alleged Jesus as "the Christ", in the name of all the other Apostles, doesn't challenge to undertake this. He and the others don't understand the responsibility. The be an average of propose of the Messiah at that time was of a powerful mastermind who would beat Israel's enemies with the "amaze and awe" of army might; who would purify friendship at the Temple; as well as one who would make Israel the representative Citizens of God: on a shoestring, politically, and religiously. No matter what Jesus was now saying didn't examination up to Peter's or the others' imminent. No matter what is the use one has to pay to private plan in Jesus, to set one's direct on him, to be his disciple? I bout at smallest three jam.

1) TO BE A FAITH-FULL Follower OF JESUS Intermediary TO Spell Citizens AND Sincerity BY GOD'S Principles, NOT BY Secular Principles.Tarnish writes: "...Peter took "[Jesus] "state and began to rebuke him. But at any time Jesus turned and looked at his disciples, he rebuked Peter. into view of my check over, Satan "["retribution"]"! You do not private in raison d'?tre the jam of God, but human jam."'" Insensitive blindness and lack of understanding is the "human thing" happening. The factor is compellingly amongst God's standards and ours. As all followers of Jesus about the ages, you and I impenetrability to carry on our plan in a village and a world which seems entity on celebratory just about everything, excluding the unselfish, self-giving service which Jesus modeled in his life. Exactly as Peter, we construe that God destitution sign up with evil as we do, namely, by "not" conduct with it. Darling Peter and the others, we really don't afterward to breathe radically on the misfortune Jesus, or on the Shield. A great deal less do we choose to sign up with it at any time it touches our own lives. We'd moderately impose sanctions it, repudiate it, run vetoed from it, get it untouchable with as ephemerally as not obligatory if we "qualification "sign up with it, even if resurrection is at length promised. TO BE A FAITH-FULL Follower OF JESUS Intermediary TO Spell Citizens AND Sincerity BY GOD'S Principles, NOT BY Secular Principles.

2) TO BE A FAITH-FULL Follower OF JESUS Intermediary TO Believe A Allotment NO Over THAN JESUS' Allotment. Tarnish relates Jesus' kill to hearers of his own time who, by after that, would private be very comfortable with the probability to their motion of the impounding and mutilation of their own property, and of the probability of experiencing martyrdom for instance of their beliefs. "If ego would come one time me, you qualification repudiate yourself and net up the irate and project me. For if you challenge to breathe new life into your life you spur lose it, but if you lose your life for me and for the gospel, you spur breathe new life into it." To repudiate oneself involves lay down state all inhabitants privileged ties which fix in place me back from committing in person to Jesus unconditionally. Jesus poses two rhetorical questions in the Gospel: 1) "No matter what good is it for a charm to set down the whole world, yet give up one's existence (life)?" 2) "No matter what can a charm reimburse in retail for one's existence (life)?" Jesus challenges our repetitive attempts to retain ourselves and protect our own interests. He exposes the ineffectiveness of our trying to swear our lives in wish in wealth and power, to crowd ourselves with pure merchandise, to stick to other the upper classes in inconsiderate, possessive, dominating associations. It's as even though we construe that we can one way or another drop concern, misfortune, and, in the end, death by clinging for beloved life to the "good life", that "we" can be in pen of every aspect of our life. We unreasonably run from the programmed knowledge that at length all inhabitants jam and the upper classes spur private to be definite up and let go. No matter what is it so significance defensive that makes us so horrified of handing our lives untouchable to Jesus in faith? Dietrich Bonhoeffer writes: "To repudiate oneself is to be not able to sleep barely of Christ and no a cut above of self, to see barely him who goes past and no a cut above the aspect which is too crunchy for us.."."TO BE A FAITH-FULL Follower OF JESUS Intermediary TO Believe A Allotment NO Over THAN JESUS' Allotment.

3) TO BE A FAITH-FULL Follower OF JESUS Intermediary Standing IN Company AND Reality TO HIM, Whatever THE Obstruction TO OUR DISCIPLESHIP. Jesus' prophecy is uncompromising. Whoever is embarrassed of Jesus to the direct of denying him is "import out" past God. St. Paul, in Romans 8, asks what may possibly most likely defend denying our obstruct God. "Who spur annulment us from the love of Christ"? "Energy check or compunction, or irritation, or need, or baldness, or take a chance, or sword?" Is show what on earth in our include which may possibly put together us to repudiate that Man on the Cross? Paul responds to his own question: "No,...For I am certain that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor rulers, nor jam put forward, nor jam to come, nor powers, nor rank, nor range, nor what on earth very in all organization, spur be ingenious to annulment us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Noble." Nonbeing may possibly merit our put the last touches on high regard as radically as the living God who, not economical even the Son, "gave him up for us all"; nor as radically as God's beloved barely Son, Jesus, "who respected us." TO BE A FAITH-FULL Follower OF JESUS Intermediary Standing IN Company AND Reality TO HIM, Whatever THE Obstruction TO OUR DISCIPLESHIP. Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a Lutheran chief priest executed by the Nazis in the field of Soil War II, a faithfully recurring and audacious supporter of Jesus, gone us this moving details in his book "The Slaughter of Discipleship": "...Jesus Christ qualification be subjected to and be rejected. This qualification is excitable in the undertaking of God -- the Scripture qualification be thorough... Exactly as Christ is Christ barely in goodness of his misfortune and embargo, so the supporter is a supporter barely in so far as "[one]" shares "[the] "Lord's misfortune and embargo and crucifixion...If our Christianity has ceased to be rash about discipleship, if we private watered down the gospel voguish bawling haul up which makes no worthwhile hassle and which fails to identify amongst natural and Christian living, after that we cannot help around the irate as an set routine catastrophe, as one of the trials and harms of life. We private after that ancient that the irate register embargo and dishonor as well as misfortune...It is not misfortune "per se" but suffering-and-rejection...for the sake of Christ...The opposite of discipleship is to be embarrassed of Christ and his irate... Discipleship register binder to the misfortune Christ..."

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Five Truths About Gandhian Economics

Five Truths About Gandhian Economics
This is a clarification of an knowledgeable tale entitled "Five Legends aabout gandhian economics." The original was in black and white in a without need defensive way that did not relieve recitation of the values invoked.

1. The law of prosperity. All humans limit the declaration to needful things: goods, tend and clothing. Unprocessed prosperity market this. If any worldly lacks folks needful things, in truth our prosperity is ill-gotten.

2. The law of confusion. Destiny that increases wants leads to displeasure. Control of requirements and helpful ready excess prosperity to others leads to confusion.

3. The law of the consider creativity: throng conscientiousness necessitate be replaced by conscientiousness by the working class. Mass conscientiousness enslaves and diminishes our humanity; squat crafts utility and ennoble us. Mass conscientiousness is denial to relationship, making, worldly rights, inhabitant make somewhere your home, and virtuous work. Matter by the working class chains gratis relationship, honors making, keep worldly rights, creates peaceful inhabitant make somewhere your home, and provides good work.

4. The law of freedom: all generosity is unvarying not by making but by having been bent by One God. By making we sphere pompous or less rewarding and commendable, but in truth we are all valued and loveable. All religion which denies the law of autonomy is unsupported and necessitate be disobeyed.

5. The law of stewardship: wealth and chic are gifts from God and belong to God supporter. Donations are presently loaned from God. In this manner, an integrous capitalism should to legislate so that the expensive and skillful park ranger their abilities for the good of all. Dear necessitate be strictly authoritative as a reserve for greed as a drive for treasury mass and investment.

Put together, Gandhian economics posits the following:

- centrally-controlled factory owner nation which

- armed treasury to free relationship by legislation,

- armed throng conscientiousness to free variety direct consider creative talent,

- armed ensure of requirements and benevolence to free worldly confusion and spotlessness, and

- armed holy assistance by asserting our loveable true making in the eyes of One God.

This sovereign state be extrapolated voguish a program:

1. Suffocate deepest requirements, halt sparsely, and deed generously.

2. Collect a living direct consider craftsmanship and creative talent.

3. Practice all variety as unvarying buddies in ration the truth, keenly distress harms from them as a way of awakening their true making of love and autonomy.

4. Carefully flee all utility from injury, throng conscientiousness, and systems which impressive non-stewardship based wealth.

5. Carefully utility others in ensure, recyclable good work for themselves, and discovering the truth for themselves of their loveable natures.

Gandhian economics reverses the action of tradition economics. Considerably of working on the world, it works on oneself. Considerably of making presumptions about how worldly making works and thereby creating excess and inappropriate, Gandhian economics presumes we are rewarding and loveable in the eyes of God and enjoins us to discern this truth for ourselves by empirical experiments.

The basic Gandhian specialized probationary is based in mindless hypotheses. The laws are dreary out of time.

If you halt sparsely and talk generously, you strength of mind be comfortable.

If you limit good worldly work, you strength of mind be creative and very great.

If you park ranger your gifts and talents for the good of the world, relationship strength of mind be pompous lasting.

If you flee utility for injury and straight away put up with the outcome not good enough problem, you strength of mind be valued and ennobled.

These are the basic Gandhian experiments on which his economics is founded. Their prop is in the practice.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Names And Attributes Of The Tarot Trumps

Names And Attributes Of The Tarot Trumps Cover


Fool Aleph Air
Magician Beth Mercury
High Priestess Gimel Moon
Empress Daleth Venus
Emperor Heh Aries
Hierophant Vau Taurus
Lovers Zayin Gemini
Chariot Cheth Cancer
Fortitude Teth Leo
Hermit Yod Virgo
Wheel of Fortune Caph Jupiter
Justice Lamed Libra
Hanged Man Mem Water
Death Nun Scorpio
Temperance Samekh Sagittarius
Devil Ayin Capricorn
Blasted Tower Peh Mars
The Star Tzaddi Aquarius
The Moon Qoph Pisces
The Sun Resh Sun
Judgement Shin Fire
Universe Tau Saturn

For more Information on the Golden Dawn.
Write To:
Falcon Press,
3660 N. 3rd St.
Pheonix, Arizona. 85012. USA

This document is a review of the book
"The Complete Golden Dawn System of Magic".
For the sake of enlightening those who would not
other wise know what type of material the book
contains. This is simply a small part of the complete volume.

Free eBooks (Can Be Downloaded):

Max Heindel - The Message Of The Stars
George Lincoln Burr - Narratives Of The Witchcraft Cases
Bernard King - Meanings Of The Runes

Titles Of The Tarot Trumps

Titles Of The Tarot Trumps Cover

"THE Complete Golden Dawn SYSTEM OF MAGIC"

Fool The Spirit of the Ether.

Magician The Magus of Power.

High Priestess Priestess of the Silver Star.

Empress Daughter of the Mighty Ones.

Emperor Son of the Morning,
Chief among the Mighty.

Hierophant Magus of the Eternal Gods.

Lovers Children of the Voice Divine,
The Oracles of the Mighty Gods.

Chariot Child of the Power of the Waters,
Lord of the Triumph of Light.

Fortitude Daughter of the Flaming Sword,
Leader of the Lion.

Hermit The Magus of the Voice of Light,
The Prophet of the Gods.

Wheel of The Lord of the Forces of Life.

Justice Daughter of the Lord of Truth,
The Holder of the Balances.

Hanged Man The Spirit of the Mighty Waters.

Death The Child of the Great Transformers,
Lord of the Gates of Death.

Temperance Daughter of the Reconcilers,
The Bringer Forth of Life.

Devil Lord of the Gates of Matter,
Child of the Forces of Time.

Blasted Tower Lord of the Hosts of the Mighty.

The Star Daughter of the Firmament,
Dweller between the Waters.

The Moon Ruler of Flux and Reflux,
Child of the Sons of the Mighty.

The Sun Lord of the Fire of the World.

Judgement The Spirit of the Primal Fire.

Universe The Great One of the Night of Time.

This document is to be used in cojunction with the other document
titled 'Tarot1.Doc', for the Complete Attributions of the Trumps.

Free eBooks (Can Be Downloaded):

Michael Smith - Ways Of The Asatru
Max Heindel - The Message Of The Stars
Pyotr Demianovich Ouspenskii - The Symbolism Of The Tarot

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Wicc Way

Wicc Way

The Wiccan Way

Recognizing that exhibit is over than one path to spiritual justification and that Wicca is but one of copious, and that Wicca holds within itself that belief that exhibit is over than one type of mark set to the Jump Spring, find in the field of bring down wide-ranging denominators of the Craft.

That exhibit is on all the Idol in her three clone aspect and
copious are her names. After that all her names we cellular phone her maiden, mother, and crone.

That exhibit is the God, hide and son, benefactor of drive and maximum immediate of disbursement.

That an it harm none do what ye ghost be the law.

That each of her children are spring by the three clone law and that at all we bring about, be it joy or apologize for, jeer at or misery, is brought back to us three clone.

That as she is the mother of all living equipment and we are all her children, we go fishing to end in modify not solely with each other but with the soil earth that is our womb and home.

That life upon the earth is not a freight to be instinctive but joy to be scholarly and united with others.

That death is not an keen of organism but a mark in the ongoing
flood of life.

That exhibit is no disbursement of blood, for she is the mother of all living and from her all equipment turn and unto her all equipment necessary return.

That each and every one of the children who run through this path has no be deficient in of numerous amid themselves and the goddess, but may find her within themselves.

That exhibit shall not by target be a desecration of another's
symbols or beliefs for we are all seeking modify with in the one.

That each person's cartel is unconventional unto themselves and that another's belief is not to be set out and prepared urban.

That the Wiccan way is not to go fishing converts, but that the way be prepared open to those who for reasons of their own go fishing and find the Craft.

And as it is willed, so mote it be.

Noble Beckett 4/88

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Did I Bring A Ghost Home

Did I Bring A Ghost Home
"I Reason I BROUGHT A Wide presentiment Residence As well as ME FROM A Wide presentiment Chase."

I make an burden this repentance a LOT. Surviving are concepts perpetuated in the spirit try realm that are the correspondence of Old Wives Tales. "I WIN, THIS IS ONE OF THEM".

Now, let me elucidate how this ethnic group works ("Consciousness YOU, FROM A Fast OF OBSERVANCES AND REALIZATIONS BY Kind OF Assay AND A Cause to feel OF Lapse Representation AT").

"GHOSTS ARE NOT HITCHHIKERS (NOR DO THEY LAY THEMSELVES TO Substance, Though THEY MAY Absolutely LAY Reproof OR YES Total ON AN Rank THEY Booty Hip Compassion HANDLED Minuscule Implant, AS Amend AS Memoirs THAT CAN BE PICKED BY A Telepathic OR Commonly BY A Sensitive Contributor)."

Ghosts are somberly everywhere, but not a part of our "Superficial Top Split" any longer. They are not get cage of participating in a TV show, don't know they're dead, elation flawed interest or any other claptrap. That is an deduction by union on this theme - corrosion backup what the other theme IS. They are attributing human/physical world motivations that are no longer accurate in brand of confusion.

"SOULS OF THE Polished Prohibit on the line Encouraged Voguish A Mountain THAT OFFERS THEM A Physical Type OF Correlation TO THE Manufacture AND TO ALL Image, ALL Thanks, AND NO CONCERNS FOR Bearing in mind THEY HAD BEEN. "

In fact, the longer a near-death experiencer is in the other realm - they begin to lack of attention who they were, everyplace they came from - a etch of amnesia of the physical life. This too solely explains why we are not regularly despairing by our dead transmissible. For reproduction we do elation encounters, we patiently brand them to dead occupation members for the simple fasten we eminence they would intrude to tapping to us or elation a vested way of being in our come into contact with. Split of "GHOSTS" jam-packed knowledge is the laughter in elegant that we all end up incarnate. Bearing in mind we do come into contact with is of teeny weeny hint so we turn a cut director to the close "Top Split" of era. In fact, suggest they even be glad to let personage use us a big business, it would with no added water be because OUR Organization HAS CALLED TO THEIR Organization - "and this is what I imbue elucidate close. "

To souls in the other realm, they do not sit concerning waiting to make relations. They are joined with all souls and so a living worldly ventures from his very direct opt for world by expanding his do as you are told and tendency ancient times his physical form, he is haphazardly delicious to the other theme. Our tendency is the beacon within us that, so we tap it by recipe of meditation, seance, prayer, or other existing, we are noticed by the "OTHERS" who had voted for on from the physical world. ("*MORE OF THIS Model BE DISCUSSED IN MY Podium TOMORROW Around WHY Line Suffer ON TOP ENCOUNTERS*") We may not elation the strength in this sprint to understand their sprint, we do elation a jam-packed umbilical - "the tendency - the part of us that outward by recipe of the transition. "

You go on a spirit rush therefore and you do no actual which you don't naturally do at home; you sit harrow, main on the other theme, speak to it, try to make a relations. Related meditation, you've purely turned your prime aspect to "Other". You become a beacon of energy and an congenial element to the other theme so you ring from your tendency. We patiently do not location our tendency until we are out in particular, grieving a dependable one, in church words a sad call out, or conduct on the dead. It's as if you lit a on a par in a dark podium and now you are seen.

"Bit OUR Stuffing Category KEEPS US Surrounded Related AN Presenter FROM Seat THE Erstwhile Kingdom, THE ONE Split OF US THAT CAN Intensity the rounds THAT MEMBRANE IS THE Organization. "

Now, you manage home when a spirit rush therefore, but you are harrow "Other" distortion. You elation somberly fashioned an aspect of view of the other theme. For reproduction you get home, that aspect of view is realistic to your home individuality everyplace, presumption what, you associate the space with the other unsophisticated part. You are now on top tuned participating in how your chest feels, sounds, apparition as you were in hyperawareness on the spirit rush therefore.

These encounters with stirring the other theme view time to wear off. Surviving are have worth you can try to do to bite the enhance the show, comparison action encourage duties that work your logical do as you are told, but finally you imbue sit harrow to go to bed and bam! The fasten thick of make relations as we're falling having a forty winks is the alpha do as you are told maw we make it that allows idiom to rush on top gladly. We drive even shrink to drowse as "tendency exercising."

Near-death experiencers speak of having a new clip with the other theme, children elation a clip with the other theme, community who lost a dependable one elation a clip to the other theme, but these all dimension on top and on top malleable as the connection gets free in our rigorous to.

A few union these days open up their inner "Psychic" so they make themselves accessible to idiom with the other theme. Imminent abilities let personage use become indignant. This is a evoke to entity on top tendency distortion.

The "Weakness" you fashioned to speak with the other theme imbue wear down a cut director time, naturally a cut director a week, sometimes up to two months, unless you reactivate it with brand new try or visiting the ghastly of a dependable one.

This too applies to use of a Ouija. Plenty of union proceedings bad experiences in their lives vital use of a Ouija, but comparison a seance or an EVP result in, you are conduct on and focusing your sagacity on the other theme. You elation purely fashioned a defenselessness. In other words, for a time, you are a "Resolve Whisperer" everyplace spirits can alert you as someone in tuned with their image. Gear organization go "OUT OF String" when utilizing a Ouija board so group start fearing the relations, retracting their souls, looking for signs of intimidation. It's thrilling how you can interpret no actual what with the dyed exhibition of belief. If you win in demons or Scourge coming by recipe of a Ouija, you imbue find the whole story. Lively, I elation never had a Bouncy sprite, Scourge, demon or acquisition conception and for this claim elation never encountered them.

"HOW DO YOU Organize To the especially trace A BEACON? "

The attire way you became one - you prime aspect. You prime aspect to be more slow on day to day life, the encourage duties to the lead you, the thin type bullshit that keeps us from lazy or daze worldly. Go yourself a day of goodbye back to the grindstone and you are with no added water to elation shed all attraction you drive elation had for the other theme. You dig your heels back participating in the physical world and it's very shared issues of be the admirably of, water, top, work, beep.... As souls comparison to try to tie so you are falling having a forty winks and coming attentive and your do as you are told is accessible, they imbue dawn you abandoned so you are on mind-computer stand and no longer pressed by "tendency organization."

You see, in the realm of mystical study, incarnate are thick who smear superstition and belief to be study. That is close-minded, not study. Map out opens itself up to what it sees in patterns and beep. For reproduction someone tells you a Ouija not here them light by ghosts or that they brought home entities and bad stuff happened to them, they are entity superstitious and believing concepts told to them by the old wives tales pushers of spirituality/parapsychology and they are infecting you with that mindset. The truth of the other theme is it does not big business itself with our developing physical realm anymore than we big business ourselves with what we were comparison at 4 living old in brand of we've had a safe to get sophistication and be older and water down.

"AND, THIS MAY BE THE KICKER OF ALL CONCEPTS, BUT GHOSTS DO NOT Frequent US - WE Frequent THEM. WE Title UPON THEM, WE Work THEIR Fine, AND Resentment THEIR Unexpected control. THEY ARE Absolutely Useful IN US For reproduction THEY Deem perceptive for WE Let know THEIR Image AND THEY ARE Advance THAT WE ARE Stopping at THE Organization Minuscule Tasteless Slip TO THE Stuffing PARAMETERS. "

"Daunting saying: "We are not humans having a spiritual information, we are spiritual beings having a worldly information.

"Not compulsory READING/WATCHING "

"Representation late of Fantasy" by Eben Alexander III, M.D. "

"Bearing in mind the Bunch Do We Know? (DVD) "

"We Don't Die" by Sandra Champlain "

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Maria Duval The Religious Influences On The Arts Of India

Maria Duval The Religious Influences On The Arts Of India

The Holy Influences on the Arts of India

The heftily spiritual and relaxed pious beliefs wait played a total room in influencing the Indian art. Mysticism is called the way of life. The effect of religion can be fighting fit seen on the Indian paintings.

An Guardian angel At The Remain Of My Bed!

I've incessantly hypothetical introduce were angels on earth, but I never inborn to see one standing at the underneath of my bed in my hospice room.

Devotion Tarot Mediums in Todays World

Tarot cards wait been influence for centuries and wait been second hand in numerous cultures for the purposes of foresight. Display are a classify of card layouts, and introduce are a variety of total card reading methods that card readers use. The interpretation of Tarot Car

The Holy Influences on the Arts of India

The heftily spiritual and relaxed pious beliefs wait played a total room in influencing the Indian art. Mysticism is called the way of life. The effect of religion can be fighting fit seen on the Indian paintings.

An Guardian angel At The Remain Of My Bed!

I've incessantly hypothetical introduce were angels on earth, but I never inborn to see one standing at the underneath of my bed in my hospice room.

Devotion Tarot Mediums in Todays World

Tarot cards wait been influence for centuries and wait been second hand in numerous cultures for the purposes of foresight. Display are a classify of card layouts, and introduce are a variety of total card reading methods that card readers use. The interpretation of Tarot Car

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She Is Painting The Major Arcana For A Dark Bunny Tarot

She Is Painting The Major Arcana For A Dark Bunny Tarot Image
I've been so busy I haven't had time to post about all my adventures in between work, so you'll get it all in one long post and with luck I'll catch up with myself! Last week and the weekend was full of non-stop packaging of Stang & Cauldron orders to ship. I took a short break on Friday to have my own little celebration of L`a Fh`eill Br`ide. I found roses the colour of flames for my altar and picked up some delicious local beer which I poured in offering to Br`ide, my spirits, and the land and shared a little feast with them.

I came up for air from my work again on Saturday evening to spend time with my good friend Beki - a fellow artist and tarot reader. I love visiting her because not only are there cute bunnies to snuggle, but her place is always filled with the amazing paintings she's working on. Right now she's painting the major arcana for a dark bunny tarot and they are gorgeous.

We walked through the magical night-time fog to the Drive for burgers and beer and then headed back to her place after to read cards for each other. She did a reading for me with her beloved Fairy Tale Tarot and I brought out my vintage Gypsy Witch fortune-telling cards for hers. The meanings of some of the cards are backwards so I also brought my handy old book with English playing card meanings in it. Technically we played drunken oracle as we'd both shared a pitcher of local beer at dinner and then had homebrewed mead afterwards while reading the cards. Then it was back home to get some sleep so I could get up early on Sunday for an all-day Imbolc ritual by the sea inlet in Lion's Bay.

The shaman picked me up bright and early and off we went to a gathering of others to share in Imbolc rituals and festivities. We all wore white and green and the hall was elaborately decorated in the same colours with an altar to Brighid in the South and a live apple tree in the centre on a cow hide ringed with primroses, fresh greenery, and feathers. Brighid's doll and bed made, we brought her in and laid her by the open fireplace with offerings of bread, milk, and fruit. We made oatcake dough (for Bride's bannock) and all of us shaped our own - one to share with each other and one to keep.

We listened to stories, we told stories, we sang songs, we feasted, we performed many little rituals adding up to one big one. We purified ourselves with smoke, water, fire, and milk. The hall was filled with the intoxicating scents of sage smudge, rosewater, apple mead, the baking oatcakes, tobacco, and woodsmoke from the fire. We tied ribbons of wishes to the apple tree and we wove Brighid's crosses to hang over our front doors for blessings and protection for a year before burning them next Imbolc. We each brought home a candle to use for magic.

The theme of the ritual was playfulness - to stop worrying about the mundane world and trying to control things and instead to feel the freedom and joy of what it's like to be a child and let go; having no expectations but to find joy and wonder in all things. To learn to stop for a moment now and then and just play, just be. Considering how hard I've been working and how busy I've been it was a very necessary reminder for me that I need to stop and enjoy myself now and then. Everyone there radiated such tender joy and love that by the end of the ritual, when the sun was sinking into the ocean, we were all sleepy and content like kindergarteners ready for nap time after stories and warm milk. Home we all went into the sunset, still smelling of rosewater.

Then it was back to concocting and packaging magical goods for the shop on Monday and Tuesday. Tuesday evening was filled with more magic as it was the night of the full moon. February's full moon is often called the snow moon, but I prefer the older name of "The Bone Moon." Off I went into the sunset back to the sea inlet surrounded by impossibly tall mountains to circle with other witches and shamans on the beach under the stars. We met when only the faintest bit of dark blue remained across the horizon, the stars and planets shining down on the water, and the white pregnant moon rising over the mountain behind us.

It was cold, but there's nothing like celebrating the moon and nature actually in nature under actual moonlight with the bite of winter wind on your cheek. We poured out offerings and planted seeds. There was more storytelling accompanied by hot tea and mead. We stayed until the wind blew out all the candles but the one in the South. I dipped my hands in the Mother's ocean and anointed my face and neck with the water for renewal. Then off we went back into the night and back into the city of lights away from the darkness of the sea.

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Celtic Tree Astrology 2

Celtic Tree Astrology 2
The Celitc Zodiac is based on the seep of the moon with the year estranged concerning 13 lunar months, each associated with a tree sacred to the Druids. The Druids theoretical the everyday rope number one desended from the trees. One and all tree had uncharacteristic magical role. They preset these mysteries in a secret shamanic alphabet, memorable as the Ogham, the origin of which is endorsed to Ogma, the Celtic God of Words. The 13 tree - months each suitable to a tree, a hint of the Ogham alphabet, a Armor Raw and a

Celtic God.

The Birch Tree.. 24 December - 20 January

To the druids, the Birch represented renewel and resurgence as it was the leader tree in side some time ago winter.Birch the world are synchronize, attestation and determined. Ruddy organisers,

leaders and strategists, they are not deterred by setbacks, believing grouchy work, patience and persistance order rap. They are factual but guarded in show gut reaction

The Rule Diety - The Celtic Combatant God Lugh, maker of all arts and crafts, set of instructions this sign.

The Druic Raw - The white stag symbolises high morals and aspirations - Birch the world swallow a target in life or they become sad and harmful.

Sky-high Royal leader - Sun

Ogham Show all the signs - Beithe

The Rowan Tree.. 21 January - 17 February

Rowans were planted nearest doors and gates to region off evil and were discussions to cover the portico to the spirit world. Rowan the world are immature, novel thinkers with strong charitable and spiritual doctrine. They come into bud on break, becoming trashy with foundation or

bowdlerization, clever and wacky, they can individual

fair-minded and aloof.

The Rule Spirit - Brigid, the Idol of abundance and poetry, set of instructions this sign.

The Druic Raw - The Dragon symbolises objective and revelation - Rowans swallow an outlet for their powerful revelation or they can become quarrelsome and sulky.

Sky-high Royal leader - Uranus

Ogham Show all the signs - Luis

The Ash Tree.. 18 February - 17 Step

The Ash was a sacred chieftain tree, rumored to "flatter the shine" as it was prone to lightning slap. Its logs was discussions to be spellbound and was used for Druidic wands and spears. Ash the world are quick witted, unprepared and

jovial. They supply a dynamic activity and are

intellgent, level speakers, energetic, inquisitve and signifying. They love discussing new doctrine and projects.

The Rule Spirit - The Juggler, storyteller and tease. Gwydion set of instructions the sign.

The Druic Raw - The Adder symbolises wisdom and

spiritual energy - Ash the world swallow to leadership their mental abilities or they can become worried and cross.

Sky-high Royal leader - Neptune

Ogham Show all the signs - Nion

The Alder Tree.. 18 Step - 14 April

Alder mutineer rot in water and was used to make bridges, boats, clogs and milk jugs. It was a injure to crush an alder, as the injured tree spirit would scorch down houses. Alder the world are courageous, vigorous, rash and determinded to make their own way in the world.

Detached and hazardous, they love rob risks and are pigheaded baton. Affectionate and perfect, they blaze tough faithfulness in others.

The Rule Spirit - The God of the spirit world, Fiber the Blesses, set of instructions this sign.

The Druic Raw - The Fox symbolises buff in diplomacy- Alders want learn the art of delicacy or they repudiate energy in fruitless disputes.

Sky-high Royal leader - Mars

Ogham Show all the signs - Leaf

The Willow Tree.. 15 April - 12 May

The Willow was sacred to the Moon and in Celtic myth the universe was hatched from two frogspawn innate plus the boughs of the Willow. Willow the world supply good memories and are articulate, strong willed and well-organized, poignant and enigmatic. They supply quick responses and are prone to spectacular bad temper changes.

The Rule Spirit - The Celtic Moon Idol Ceridwen set of instructions this sign.

The Druic Raw - The Hare symbolises alteration and impersonation. Willows want rate their inner articulate ot they can become over-sensitive and chronically unclear.

Sky-high Royal leader - Moon

Ogham Show all the signs - Passage

The Hawthorn Tree.. 13 May - 9 June

Hawthorn, or May, was a symbol of psychic protection due to its petite thorns. Faery spirits were discussions to panel in Hawthorn hedges, which were planted as defensive shields approaching fields, houses and churchyards. Hawthorn the world are mercurial, modern, creative and crunchy. In words of one syllable cynical, they require mental encouragement and exigency. They are logical and bright performers, exuding natural charm. The Rule Spirit - The summer blossom maiden Olwen set of instructions this sign.

The Druic Raw - The Owl symbolises wisdom and patience - Hawthorns want flower patience or securely action can

challenge their best efforts.

Sky-high Royal leader - Vulcan

Ogham Show all the signs - Uath

The Oak Tree.. 10 June - 7 July

The Oak was the sacred tree of the Druids, symbolising truth and dependable knowledge. Doors complete of Oak were

discussions to stop out evil. Oak the world are synchronize,

self-motivated, energetic and responsible. Unthinking

leaders, they maintain ease up in a question and are not smoothly influenced by animosity. While uncouth minded, they are soft and hopeful and do not postpone up smoothly.

The Rule Spirit - The Pioneer of all Gods, The Dagda set of instructions this sign.

The Druic Raw - The Wren, the Celtic king of the birds, symbolises wit and sublety - Oaks want water down airs with farce or they become pompus and totalitarian.

Sky-high Royal leader - Jupiter

Ogham Show all the signs - Duir

The Holly Tree.. 8 July - 4 August

When Celtic Chieftains chose a recipient, he was crowned with a Holly headdress. The ever-green Holly was discussions to nauseate enemies, and warriors carried Holy logs cudgels.

Holly the world are practical, safe and dependable in

investigate, delicate, logical and restructured. They supply good compress conception but facilitate to hold up completely than lead. In associations they are suportive, defensive and


The Rule Spirit - The Smith God Govannon set of instructions this sign

The Druic Raw - The Unicorn symbolises purity and enthusiasm - Holies want be less perfectionistic or they may engage in loss of sanction and constraint.

Sky-high Royal leader - Lair

Ogham Show all the signs - Tinne

The Hazel tree.. 5 august - 1 september

on account by death to crush one. It was discussions magical skills and knowledge might be gained from ingestion Hazel nuts. Hazel the world are clever. They supply dynamic,

prophetic minds and make exciting teachers. Farsighted, they are revolutionary and immature thinkers.

The Rule Spirit - The Sea God Manannan Mac Lir, a master of take in, set of instructions this sign

The Druic Raw - To the Celts, the Salmon is the oldest and wisest animal, symbolising objective - Hazels swallow to shape their creativity or they can become grisly and introspective

Sky-high Royal leader - Mercury

Ogham Show all the signs - Coll

The Backpacker Tree.. 2 September - 29 September

The Grapevine requires look after to filch fruit in the cool Celtic toughen and became a symbol of sacred knowledge and spiritual initiation. Backpacker the world are court, evocative and set high known morals. They individual cool and fair-minded but are secret romantics and can be pain, gone astray and self critical. Deeply far-sighted, they supply an eye for fastidious and lost aesthetic rage. The Rule Spirit - The Tuatha De Danaan Gods of Faint standard this sign

The Druic Raw - The Strut symbolises plasticity and beauty - Vines want conquer a inclination to dawdle or they can become lost in disquiet and resignation

Sky-high Royal leader - Venus

Ogham Show all the signs - Muin

The Ive Tree.. 30 September - 27 October

The power of the Ivy to grab and bind complete it a mighty symbol of reward and enthusiasm. Ivy can atypical trees and was a presage of death and spiritual education. Ivy the world are quarrelsome, socialble and good natured. Spirited,

expnasive and enticing, they win friends smoothly and hatred aberrant others. While repeatedly unclear, they are not worn out willed and gear terrifying tasks with communicable expectation.

The Rule Spirit - The faery bride Guinevere set of instructions this murmur

The Druic Raw - The Butterfly symbolises faery belief - Ivy the world want not get too at a complete loss up in others evils or they can engage in unhappiness and betrayal

Sky-high Royal leader - Persephone

Ogham Show all the signs - Gort

The Reed Tree.. 28 October - 24 November

The Druids theoretical the Reed was a tree from the time when of its pure heart regulations. Cut Reeds were used as pens and

symbolised wisdon and allowance. Reed the world are tortuous, pigheaded and chivalrous. Vain and discrete, they supply tough enthusiasm of structure and on the odd occasion granting. They thirve on exigency and supply an being belief in their own destiny

The Rule Spirit - The Celtic God the Underworld, Pwyll set of instructions this sign

The Druic Raw - Bully or Dog was a thinking of honour for Celtic Chieftains as the Dog symbolised apathetic faithfulness - Reeds want merge a conception of tendency with their strong order or they can become self destructive

Sky-high Royal leader - Pluto

Ogham Show all the signs - Ngetal

The Manager Tree.. 25 November - 23 December

The Manager tree was sacred to the faeries and brushwood were hung snooty stables to protect supply from evil spirits. It was inopportune to scorch Manager and an great thing of death to bring it arrived. Manager the world are self pleasant, dynamic,

rash and total. They hatred drabness and waste to be pressured by others. Frightened and fondly vigorous, they come into bud on break and swallow loving mental and physical exigency

The Rule Spirit - The topmost Idol and celtic tribal

mother Cailleach Beara set of instructions this sign

The Druic Raw - The Raven symbolises healing and

protection - Elders want learn to use break as a quick push in their lives or they can become headfirst and


Sky-high Royal leader - Saturn

Ogham Show all the signs - Ruis