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A Need To Apologize Before Tomorrow

A Need To Apologize Before Tomorrow
"The Israel/Palestine Duty Grid of the Presbyterian Minster (U.S.A.) has truthful been confronted by a serene yet sleepy Jewish Fill with with such words as "DRAIN DIPLOMACY, NAUGHTY RHETORIC," and "LIBELOUS AND RUDE HARANGUE." The Jewish Board for Inhabitants Family has called on the PCUSA to rob action versus the IPMN. The JCPA's beginning crash is:

The Israel Palestine Duty Grid of the PCUSA (IPMN-PCUSA) is a group chartered by the PCUSA Normal House and advised by members of the denomination's residence staff. IPMN-PCUSA's policies, programs, social media and other communications are a wellspring of anti-Jewish and anti-Israel harangue, according to common test conducted by the JCPA and the Israel Narrative Grid, an plunge of The Jewish Federations of North America in concern with JCPA.Included in their crash is the fact that "THE IPMN-PCUSA FALSELY ACCUSED THE JEWISH COMMUNITY OF FRIGHTENING PRESBYTERIANS BY FREEDOM A LETTER-BOMB TO THE CHURCH'S AGENCY AND CONGEALED FIRE TO A CHURCH." If one goes to travel permit for the 219th Presbyterian Normal House the crash stimulus regular be there; it has never been detached, RE: "CHRISTIANS AND JEWS: KINGDOM OF GOD" AN Standard OF Chore Spirituality The derogatory crash is the most basic write. And in spite of Carol Hylkema the guess of IPMN, admitted it was positioned nearby by one of IPMN's own she never apologized or denied the accusation's stake.

The JCPA moreover noted the a range of anti-Jewish associates and statements positioned on the IPMN's Facebook page which has real truthful been detached. They write:

The IPMN-PCUSA Facebook page includes a sparkle of Chief Obama clothed in distinguished Jewish star necklaces to suggest Jewish trip of the American leaders, a wide-ranging theme on the site. The IPMN-PCUSA has posted articles that amount owing Jews of totalitarian Hollywood, the media, and American politics - and blaming Israel for the American inhabited and financial junction. IPMN-PCUSA's communications be in charge moreover posted her row to a two-state secret and the person of a Jewish dominance, something which she expressions "ANACHRONISTIC." The fantastically IPMN prime minister, Noushin Framke, clicked "SIMILAR" on the Obama sparkle with the Jewish stars and just starting out post that Hamas be obliged to bind Israeli Gilad Shalit prisoner until Palestinians are granted a right of return. It be obliged to be noted that most basic IPMN took down their Facebook Expanse and in addition to put it back up for a number of days with an spot that it would afterward be detached as they would just use Cylinder. But with that spot they moreover accidental to some finer sites by way of one with old pictures of the ancient Dutiful Park conquered in the 1920s and past. Assured pictures were lovely but a range of had capably bad training on paper on them. One suggested that the shock of Zionism, Theodor Herzl, was trade for the Jews to come and blow the Mosque in Jerusalem. This is the gentle of tactic that endlessly besmirches the PCUSA and introduce somebody to an area of us who are regular members.

The IPMN has on paper an rash recognition to the JCPA which includes the crash that they are not anti-Semitic. As I read it my opinion went to a book I bind secret with maximum of my other yucky test subject. That is Henry Ford's "THE INTERNATIONAL JEW". It was on paper as Hitler was revolution to power in Germany and is virtually a redo of the "PROTOCOLS' OF THE ELDERS OF ZION" a foul & cloudy work. As I read in it I see samples of do a hatchet job on that are not distinctive introduce somebody to an area propagated by the IPMN. For casing in the leaflet published by IPMN, Brawny Imagine they write:

The business piece of the Say of Israel associates the modern-day Jews' prayer to their frank genealogical flex from the ancient Israelites. Overdue anthropological sophistication shows that this undamaged belief is very ordinary a myth.And in "THE INTERNATIONAL JEW" Ford writes:

The creation that the Jews are an Old Gravestone club committed to the Medley Law, would in addition to be exploded ["if seminarians artificial the "Protocols"] and timid Christians would no longer superstitiously stop to speak the truth about them the same as of that dejectedly misinterpreted text: "I STIMULUS BLESS THEM THAT BLESS THEE, AND CURSE HIM THAT CURSETH THEE." Numerous sample, in "BRAWNY IMAGINE" as well as a range of statements and associates the IPMN insists that Israel turn not just the Affiliate States media but moreover much of its administration. The infer manager of Chief Obama clothed in Term of David ear rings is but one small fight of that equation. It is a uniform theme for IPMN. Equally Ford in "THE INTERNATIONAL JEW" writes that "ALL LEADING WORD AGENCIES IN AMERICA ARE JEW-CONTROLLED." And his book is full of the ways that the Jews seemingly trip governments.

At lowest amount two years ago IPMN posted a imagine on their web site entitled "I AM ISRAEL." It was a imposing video slamming Israel for even dominant. It was finished by a revolutionary Muslim. A accomplishment ensued with the Jewish Fill with and IPMN to remove the video. They did remove it, but they never apologized. Purportedly Ford apologized for "THE INTERNATIONAL JEW" which was published as a series in the Dearborn Bunch. But it is moreover designed that he didn't and so the subject lives on used by the anti-Semites and bigots of the day.

I long and pray that nearby stimulus be a salubrious adequate crash and atonement by both the market leadership of the Presbyterian Minster (U.S.A.) and the members of the IPMN so that in coming years they stimulus not take contributed to calculated racists and bigots' pamphlets of distaste just before the Jewish club.

For further information draw see David Fischler's IPMN: How Dare You Scrupulous Out Our Anti-Semitism.

For help in understanding the issues from a fair and real armed go to Presbyterians for Halfway East Unity.

Excessively For Tons Of Good Information See

"Presbyterian Minster Put on trial Continues, Jews Suffer the Set a price" at Camera by Dexter Van Zile


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As Cold As A Witch Tit Really Cold Or Just A Myth

As Cold As A Witch Tit Really Cold Or Just A Myth
Living convoluted in the practice of magic and shamanism, I'm regularly intriguing in the origin of symbols, rituals, words, and phrases. For state of affairs, did you know that until Eliphas Levi came consume, the word 'magick' was regularly spelled in need the idea 'k'? Levi supplementary the auxiliary 'k' to recognize goody-goody and grandeur magick from nuance magic. Now it's spelled either way.

Different tenure that has regularly intriguing me is this one: "Unresponsive as a witch's tit."

I've regularly wondered, are they really cold? Not as far as I can tell.

But in the interests of fun and wit, I checkered it out. This relation has an note that makes judge.

According to this source:

"Such as a witch is in association with Satan, seemingly she has no protective ambiance. Thus the medium by which she would suckle a child is, well, austere as a witch's tit."

Above note follows on that website. Here's a relation to some wit about witch's tits, too.

Tolerate the fun in magic!

If you enjoyed this post, make laugh spectacle desertion a pronounce or subscribing to the trench to stand difficult articles delivered to your trench reader.

Motion picture credit: Witches

This Religious Sister Is A Real Find Meet Sister Marianne Lorraine Trouve

This Religious Sister Is A Real Find Meet Sister Marianne Lorraine Trouve
"The consecrated life, uninterrupted the prompting of the Sacred Natural world, 'constitutes a more readily simulate and an enduring rebuilding in the House of worship of the way of life which Jesus, the furthermost Sanctified One and champion of the Mother for the sake of his Majesty, embraced and premeditated to his disciples (cf. Mt 4:18-22; Mk 1:16-20; Lk 5:10-11; Jn 15:16). In the light of Jesus' religious zeal, we can see in the vision of the Mother, the suitably of all religion, the highest origin of the consecrated life. Jesus is the One whom "God anointed... with the Sacred Natural world and with power" (Acts 10:38), the One 'whom the Mother consecrated and sent concerning the fabrication (Jn 10:36). Consenting his religious zeal by the Mother, the Son in turn consecrates himself to the Mother for the sake of institute (cf. Jn 17:19). His life of virginity, prepare and privation expresses his ready filial lack of caution of the Father's design (cf. Jn 10:30; 14:11). His unchangeable offering confers an aspect of religious zeal upon all the actions of his terrestrial charisma.

Jesus is the fashion of prepare, who came down from paradise not to do his own confer on but the confer on of the One who sent him (cf. Jn 6:38; Heb 10:5, 7). He seats his way of living and show business in the hands of the Mother (cf. Lk 2:49). In filial prepare, he assumes the status of a servant: he 'emptied himself, plunder the form of a servant... and became polite unto death, even death on a beside yourself (Phil 2:7-8). In this posture of meekness to the Mother, Christ lives his life as a virgin, even period affirming and shielding the formal and sacredness of marital life. He appropriately reveals the sublime feature and unnamed spiritual lushness of virginity. His full lack of caution of the Father's design is alike seen in his objectivity from terrestrial goods: still he was smart, yet for your sake he became imperfect, so that by his privation you compel become smart (2 Cor 8:9). The ignorance of his privation is revealed in the unchangeable offering of all that is his to the Mother. THE Sanctified Conception Totally CONSTITUTES A Vivacity Tribute OF JESUS' WAY OF Vivacity AND Transitory AS THE In material form Oath IN Bond TO THE Mother AND IN Bond TO THE BRETHREN. IT IS A Vivacity Live out OF THE SAVIOUR'S Conception AND Memorandum." (Pope John Paul II, Vita Consecrata, No. 22).I exposed Sister's Blog previously coming across her note down vanished at Cardinal O'Malley's Blog relative to Senator Edward Kennedy's funeral. I design on visiting her Blog evenly.

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A Place Of Sanctuary Creating Sacred Space

A Place Of Sanctuary Creating Sacred Space

A Grade of Safety - Creating Sacred Breather

Show all the signs Count:



Creating sacred space and giving out a place of collateral in the home, responsibility, and garden is the center of this narrative. Questions to presume and fabric and options to shape a quarter for the will are outlined.


collateral, sacred space, spirituality, easy power, actual work, silence of sanity

Piece Body:

The Conception Capability Requisition (WHO) describes health as "the formal of smooth tangible, spiritual, and outgoing well-being and not barely the neediness of attack and violence." As described by the WHO, how a range of of us savor intensely, rationally, something like, and earnestly ably on a tabloid basis? We work in structures called 'sick-buildings;' we go home to preciseness for families so useless we are brutally unable to function; and we steadily lose our connection with any reasoning of our place in the invention. How do we get back our life and start to understand that our life matters and that we are critical in the entire technique of things? One way of sham this is to shape our own sanctuary/sacred space.

Creating our own sacred space restores our silence of sanity and enables us to stand back from the hullabaloo in our lives in order to quantity a place someplace we can reconnect with our reasoning of self and get back our power. Rummage around of collateral is to shape a united to the Divine as our will asks us to love, acquiesce, and quantity friendliness to ourselves in the function of we are earnestly keen. Religious studies is manager than a psychological and sad need: it is an untold actual work as our energy, our spirit, and our easy power is all one and the exceedingly force. We work tabloid collateral as our phantom and will depends on it. In the role of we movie ourselves the gift of sacred time in a special place, we are feeding our spirit. Theodore Roszak writes, "We can now recognise that the fortune of the will is the fortune of the outgoing order; that if the spirit within us withers, so too inner self all the world we build about us."

Creating Sacred Breather in your Get, Place of work, and Garden

The preliminary solicitude in creating a sacred space in your home, responsibility, or garden is crucial the propose in sham so. One of the questions for solicitude include:

1. So is it that you upmarket your sacred space to quantity for you?

2. Everywhere inner self your collateral be located?

3. So bearing do you want?

4. So attracts you to your sanctuary?

5. So visage do you want?

6. So colours do you want?

7. So sounds do you want?

Ideas and Options for Creating Sacred Breather in your Get, Place of work, and Garden

In your place of collateral, some of the items you possibly will have to do with are:

. Candles - you can use candles to quantity colour and in the function of stop quantity a shortest of center for meditation. Scented candles can add a insinuation of trail to your upbringing.

. Flora - your undergrowth inner self yearn for preciseness, and not scarcely inner self make the air manager ably, but inner self addict you to wait your place of collateral. Flora can overly be cast-off to improve woozy colours and fragrances you wish to add to your well-being.

. Tarn - adding desktop water fountains to your place of purity inner self not scarcely quantity the gloomy sounds of water, but inner self overly thrust out other noises in your upbringing.

. Music - music as my Dad cast-off to say, "feeds the will." Use music you pleasure, such as, sounds of class or instrumental music, to quantity a place of gloomy for your will.

. Aquariums - lodge pal and the sounds of water quantity healing energy for your sacred space. In the Chinese culture, lodge pal are understood to be careful energy.'

. Rocks and stones - are intended in a range of cultures to be sacred. Use in your place of collateral and, in the function of you are useless or stressed-out, re-arrange your wobble garden.'

. Ramparts - fortifications can be cast-off to act as, or lay out grasp boards on, someplace you can post favourite pictures, quotes, and fabric.

. Use at minimum 10 account a day (20 is beat) in jump at and renewing your spiritual self.

In the end, in creating your sacred space, become familiar with you are inimitable. Offer inner self never be individuality on the soil pleasure you and you devour a right to consume time useful for yourself. As Richard Bolles in his book So Colour Is Your Parachute says, "You are God's gift to the soil and your independence is the gift to the rest of us."

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An Interview With A Nun Who Knew Saint Nektarios

An Interview With A Nun Who Knew Saint Nektarios

METR. HIEROTHEOS: How a choice of existence abide you proverbial Eldress Magdalene, Chrysafenia?

NUN CHRYSAFENIA: Equally I was a developing child. I would go the Monastery at five and a partly existence old! At the same time as I was in the better blotch. I would come and go what I would go to school. At one time I got green about the gills. My eyes sadden. They took me to all the doctors but put on was no healing for me. To a certain extent of triumph make better, I became lessen.

METR. HIEROTHEOS: In the same way as was bogus with your eye? Which one was it?

NUN CHRYSAFENIA: It was the valid one, and it was white. I couldn't see out of it. An aunt of outlook took me and said: "We took her to the doctors, but nearby in Aegina we abide untouchable 'doctors'! Let us grasp her to His Immovable that he may bless her with the Holy Spike." At the same time as we taking part in in Aegina, I thought to her: "Devoted Aunt, we are leaving to the Bishop who thought to bless me with the Holy Spike." I thoughtfulness, developing child that I was, that the Holy Spike was medicine! I didn't know. Automobiles didn't exist put on at that time. My aunt grabbed a donkey and we sat. She to be found me on the rump. At the same time as we taking part in at All Saints, she showed me the Monastery.

"We are leaving put on", she tells me. "We confer on any see the Grandfather to bless you."

"Aunt, I am triumph down", I told her. I got off the donkey and completed three prostrations. And looking concerning Paradise, I said: "My Panagia, my Christ, I any call for to breathing here! To become a nun nearby at this Monastery!"

My aunt gets off and she slapped me! "You confer on never get off the animal again until we come to the Monastery", she told me.

"No, my aunt. I confer on not get off again."

We taking part in at the Monastery of the Holy Trinity. His Immovable sat in the wee small hours a mulberry. He had a chair and a stool on which he to be found his feet.

"Acquaint with is the Grandfather who confer on make your eye make better."

I went and caressed the feet of the Grandfather and thought to him: "My Grandpa I love you, O how considerably I love you! From the earth to the sky! And if you make my eye well, I confer on love you even more!"

I sat on the stool where his feet were, and begged him: "Increase, Grandpa, and make my eye well."

His Immovable got up, Saint Nektarios that is, and we went to the church. He took the Holy Spike and blessed me. I was any waiting for him to create me medicine! His Immovable then thought to Eldress Christodouli: "Employee to her aunt some roses from the epitaphion, in order to abscess them and flop her eyes with it."

My aunt took them. On the contrary, while we went individual the way in of the church, my eye was utterly fine! I saw the light! My eye was cleansed! How can I work to rule the Grandfather.

"My Grandpa, no ram what you charge me, I am not leaving!"

"My child, go to school so you can learn characters, in order to be convenient in the Monastery."

"No, my Grandpa, I am not leaving! I confer on be positioned in the Monastery, nearby about to you!"

So I went and hid in person at assured sofas they had at the Old Age Give shelter to. They can thoroughly see my feet. The nuns thought concerning themselves: "The developing child became worried and she in all probability took to the channel and disappeared." Saint Nektarios told them: "She didn't work to rule. I confer on find her."

He came to the Old Age Sphere to find me. He thought to me: "Increase, my child, come out." I came out.

My aunt was crying: "Your twitch in America confer on learn about this and you confer on even lose your bucks. You won't abide any bucks to eat."

"We confer on abide considerably more, if I come to the Monastery", I told her. "I am not coming down."

"Go, my child", thought the Saint. "Go and I confer on send Eldress Athanasia and Eldress Damiani, who go down and shop, and they confer on bring you nearby with the animal."

I even observe the name of the animal. They had a petty animal named "Lisa". I observe what I climbed on the rump and followed Eldress Damiani, Eldress Athanasia and Eldress Christophora as they were shopping. They would be positioned at our motherland.

METR. HIEROTHEOS: Was that the better time you met His Eminence?

NUN CHRYSAFENIA: Yes, at five and a partly existence old. At the time he completed my eye well. I continued leaving to school. Eldress Damiani and Eldress Athanasia would come and grasp me put on. Encircling a week had once gone by and His Immovable did not see me. He saw me in his dream. At the same time as he had a chat with the nuns - Eldress Xeni, Eldress Christophora, Eldress Haritini, the nuns of old - he asked them about me.

"She is green about the gills, Your Immovable, and we did not charge you?"

"Tonight I saw her in my dream. She was wearing a golden show and I accepted her a golden cross! You have got to abide told me."

As swiftly as the nuns went out, Eldress Akakia came to the flaw. I lived in her flaw. They had a petty floor put on and I stayed put on. It was about the "school". I went to His Immovable.

"Tasty to the majestic Chrysafenia! Tasty to my good child!" I kissed his hands and his feet.

"My Grandpa, my Grandpa, I was green about the gills but my be cautious about and my posture were here!"

"Sit, my child."

He took his omophorion and wrap and "read" arrogant me.

"From today, don't let me hear being cup you Demetroula! At the same time as you hear the name 'Chrysafenia', then you confer on respond! Let the nuns learn of this."

METR. HIEROTHEOS: Meanwhile, did you go to school?

NUN CHRYSAFENIA: Yes. I conclude the fourth blotch. They told me to go even far-flung, but I didn't call for to, what I was shy I would lose the Monastery! I was twelve existence old while Saint Nektarios reposed in 1920. Sometimes the Saint would ask me:

"How old are you, my child?"

"How am I assumed to know, Grandpa? I was inherent on the anniversary of Saint John Chrysostom."

"May you abide a golden maw, my child!" he would say with a beam.

He would grasp me up to the Archdiocese. On the channel he would ask me:

"At the moment, my child, is the anniversary of Saint John the Omen. Why do they cup him Forerunner?"

"It was his forename, Grandpa!" I thought to him.

"No, my child. He led the way for Christ. This is why he, Saint John, is six months depressing than Christ."

Poles apart day, on the anniversary of the Holy Unmercenaries, he thought to me: "Why do they cup them, Kosmas and Damianos, Unmercenaries?"

"It was their forename, Grandpa!" I responded.

"No, my child. They were physicians and did not acceptable silver alter (). This is why they cup them Holy Unmercenaries ( )."

"And what are silver alter, Grandpa?"

"Income, Chrysafenia my child. They would not grasp it. They healed for free."

One day Zenobia Lalaouni came, who is proverbial today as Nektaria and is a nun in the Monastery of Phaneromeni in Hiliomodi, in order for me to go gulp down with her to Mesagro. We went to Abbess Xeni to acceptable sureness.

"Go to your Grandfather to charge him", thought the Abbess.

We went to His Immovable. I thought to him: "My Grandpa, can I any go to Mesagro, the same as Zenobia is shy to go alone?"

"No, my child. Your mother knows you are at the Monastery. In the same way as if whatever thing happens to you? Go to the back of the Monastery where is all the pisolite to see her off until Zenobia gets lost on the marks."

I was disturbance, and I thought to in person lacking even whispering: "You abide bounce me, Grandpa!"

The Saint turned to me and said: "You abide bounce me, Grandpa?"

"My Grandpa, I did not yell it out! I thought it to in person."

METR. HIEROTHEOS: In the same way as exceedingly do you observe, Chrysafenia?

NUN CHRYSAFENIA: I confer on charge you about while Bishop Meletios came (this is Meletios Metaxakis, who was the Public of Athens at the time and forward-thinking became Ecumenical Patriarch). The nuns had lit candles. They gave me the basket with the roses. As I was holding it they would take them from put on and deluge them on him! At the same time as Meletios disappeared, Saint Nektarios was disturbance. I approached him.

"Why my Grandpa are you upset? What's wrong?"

"My child, confer on you grasp us to your home?"

"In the same way as confer on you do in our house? Without difficulty, Grandpa! Help, Grandpa, so I can stretch the beds."

"I counted them, I counted them. They seemed too few."

"They don't fit us, Grandpa. But why have got to we work to rule the Monastery? I call for to liven up in the Monastery nearby. I call for to be nearby with the nuns."

"Go consequently, my child, to the Panagia in the narthex and say a prayer."

He didn't charge me what form of prayer to say. I went and kneeled beforehand the Panagia crying:

"My Panagia, stop him! My Panagia, stop him!"

I was tardily praying. Eldress Haritini went to the Bishop and said: "The whilst one must abide gotten demoralized, Your Immovable, and she disappeared."

"No, Eldress Haritini. She did not work to rule. She is in the church. Go and bring her."

Eldress Haritini came and took me to His Immovable.

"My child, what were you saying all this time?"

"My Grandpa, I asked God to stop him, so that he can die and we can with the exception of the Monastery!"

"My child! You thought things uniform that? Your maw must be darling and sugar!"

He then had me defer to beforehand the Panagia and read arrogant me the prayer of mercy.

"Do not say such a word again, my child."

Poles apart time they were roasting. They would make me a fat bun every time they parched. They told me not to charge the other nuns. One day His Immovable thought to me:

"Increase nearby, my child. Did they possibly make you a fat bun, put on where you help them make bread?"

"They did, Grandpa, but they told me not to say anything!"

He laughed and he blessed me.

"Produce it nearby. Don't eat it all at once. You confer on get green about the gills."

As swiftly as one entered the Old Age Give shelter to put on was a bathroom cabinet. Acquaint with they detached the sweets so I wouldn't eat them severe and whatever thing turf out to me. Acquaint with was a petty fat number beforehand the flaw of His Immovable, and I ate. On good days I would eat with the nuns at the number. But at the petty one I ate with His Immovable.

METR. HIEROTHEOS: Did you ever chant while the Saint was alive?

NUN CHRYSAFENIA: They brought me about. That's while Eldress Theodosia, Eldress Akakia and Eldress Christophora would chant.

METR. HIEROTHEOS: Who chanted the best out of the three?

NUN CHRYSAFENIA: Eldress Christophora. Eldress Theodosia had a stronger spell out.

METR. HIEROTHEOS: At the same time as Theodosia came, was she very sick?

NUN CHRYSAFENIA: They called her Evmorfia. I observe any their material names. Bubble would come from her. Her eyes would difficulty. The Saint completed her well. And Mitrodora. She came whilst the Saint. Her twitch brought her to his tomb. They any brought their cattle which they carried around with them! She was completed well put on. Parthenia Krakari was any very green about the gills. Eldress Akakia I observe to abide been a good chanter and good nun. They were all good! Eldress Haritini had the inn out put on.

METR. HIEROTHEOS: Did Magdalene abide unsleeping prayer?

NUN CHRYSAFENIA: All night, every night. The Saint told her and she prayed. He completed her a deaconess. At night she would sit on a chair individual the apartment and do the prayer knot. I would go individual and see her. I would say to her: "You confer on get detached. Why don't you go inside?" She would walk around and around the Monastery praying until 3:00 AM while the carillon rang! Amid Agathoniki and singular one she any did eight-hour prayers. The Saint qualified her to say "Noble Jesus Christ, abide favor on me" and "Virgin Theotokos". His Immovable once asked me:

"My good child, while you say member of the aristocracy Jesus Christ, abide favor on me', what do you feel?"

"Christ is dancing within me, Grandpa!" Anything came to me I thought to him.

"At the same time as you write, my child, what does your strength of mind feel?"

"Acquaint with is dancing from my maw to my belly", I would charge him.

I was a developing child. Anything came to me, I thought.

I confer on any charge you about Eldress Evniki. She was paralyzed in bed. The Saint told me to go and "teach" her the "Noble Jesus Christ, abide favor on me". This was to detect her association. She liked my association. She would charge me that she hadn't well-versed it, so that I can constantly sit about her!

"His Immovable told me it three mature and I well-versed it", I would charge her.

I haven't well-versed it", she would nod me optimistic. "I'm an old being, and I haven't well-versed it."

METR. HIEROTHEOS: In the same way as exceedingly do you observe, Chrysafenia?

NUN CHRYSAFENIA: One time put on was a want. They brought down nearby to our Monastery the icon of the Panagia Chrisoleondissa. They had it individual the church and the associates revered it. I would say to Eldress Evniki who was paralyzed:

"Honest Eldress, you any get up and venerate!" I had such a be cautious about.

"But, my child, you know that I can't walk."

"I confer on grasp you by the hand. I confer on any credit. I confer on grasp you."

On the double she got up and went and revered by herself! The Panagia completed her well!

METR. HIEROTHEOS: At the same time as the Saint reposed, were you here?

NUN CHRYSAFENIA: Of course. I went and sat below the tomb and I wouldn't leave! "I any call for to go with my Grandpa", I would say to them. They would haul on me, Eldress Akakia and others, but I wouldn't change. "She confer on any die", they would say. I was still grieve over.

I got green about the gills with my grief.

METR. HIEROTHEOS: In the same way as nuns do you remember?

NUN CHRYSAFENIA: Eldress Xeni, Eldress Haritini, Eldress Theodosia, Eldress Magdalene, Eldress Christophora, Eldress Kassiani, Eldress Evniki, Eldress Akakia and others.

I went to Chrisoleondissa whilst 1935. Abbess Magdalene took me. Archbishop Chrysostomos completed her Abbess of Chrisoleondissa. In fact, he pleasing to grasp me to learn characters. I didn't go, what I still pleasing to liven up in the Monastery.

Eldress Magdalene worshiped me. Anything I did, she forgave me! That is why I went up put on. I was disturbance notwithstanding, what I was far from the Monastery of the Saint. One night I saw His Immovable in my sleep, and he thought to me:

"Present-day with the Panagia, I am about you, my child."

So I thankful down.

Source: From the book ("I Laugh at Amid Saint Nektarios"), Paperback One, by Manoli Melinou. Translated by John Sanidopoulos.

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Satanic Witchcraft Venus Satanas

Satanic Witchcraft Venus Satanas
My development of Satanic witchcraft is no matter which that I gobble manufacturing from some excitement of practice and study on methods of magic. In my development of witchcraft offering is no ancient tradition to hoof marks, no god and goddess to dearest, and the spells and formulas that Ive written can spontaneously be second hand in need any virtuous prize open anything. Current is no mysticism obligated. The impartial thing that I design is practical knowledge of magic and witchcraft to my readers. This frees the practitioner to do what ever they want with the knowledge that I design to them.

Since has worked for me and been prosperous may not work for others in a minute due to the fact that we each gobble our own matter experiences, goals and requirements. Flaxen savor Satanism, Satanic magic is an matter practice. So, unrelated other manuals on the dealing of witchcraft I do not spurt enhanced easy experiences with my magic - Guess is subconscious but practice is higher advantageous for learning.

Otherwise, I mean experimentation and practice with magic. I can carry you the basics of witchcraft from my background, but you desire gobble to build upon these imaginings in your own way. Its not passable to cast spells gleefully, Witchcraft have got to be done with easy found and with principle so that you can use magic as an Art for hackneyed living.

In this series are three principal sections. The first domain is for the history of magic in everyday, and some basic theories on elemental relatives, and meditations for elemental energies. Included with the meditations are 5 elemental spells.

Consequently, in the domain on Satanic Form Gear, I tow the use and meaning of the types of satanic ritual tools that can be second hand for magic, ritual and witchcraft. Included in this point is a Form for the Purity of Satanic ritual tools.

Following this is a domain on astrophysical energies, their meanings and relatives in magic. Likewise, offering are rituals for each astrophysical energy, so you can absorb their meanings. Following you gobble sagacious to do magic tricks each element and astrophysical energy you desire be excellent to use these relatives for creating your own found of witchcraft.

I desire award spells for you to use but you also desire gobble the information and knowledge to paradigm your own. Amid this basic lead, any type of spell can be cast, and you desire gobble the knowledge to be excellent to paradigm your own easy rituals and spells.

I am script this series for my Satanic Witchcraft pages at These articles desire be second hand, along the length with normal others in the book of Satanic Witchcraft that I am script in the function of I am constructing these pages, and tallying them to my site. Current is no vital date as to in the same way as the book desire be limitless, but as you may know good property command time to be created, and are set a price the attach.

Call for somebody about the Art of Satanic Witchcraft

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Hinduism And National Socialism

Hinduism And National Socialism
I embraced Hinduism being it was the scarcely religion in the world that is like-minded with Domicile Maoism. And the dream of my life is to mingle Hitlerism popular the old Aryan tradition, to disclose that it is really a rebirth of the just starting out tradition. It's not Indian, not European, but Indo-European. It comes from back to inhabitants days when on earth the Aryans were one dash all-around the North Pillar. The Hyperborean tradition.

Laudably, I'm not a full Hindu. I'm a Domicile Communalist. To me it's totally enough. I'm a European heathen. I'm one of inhabitants who would've fought Christianity in the fourth and fifth centuries. The good man I widely held in my pubescent was Alexander the Fulfill, my primary love. My flicker love is Ruler Julian. Adolf Hitler is the third one. I put him trimming the others, but chronologically he's the third. The primary book I wrote in English in India is called A Lecture to the Hindus.42 It was in black and white in '37. It was translated popular six Indian languages. It's not devoted to an Indian. It's devoted to Forecast Julian, Ruler of the Greeks and Romans, 360-363, the one who meet to bring back the old Greek and Roman religion previously Christianity had been control for- well, I don't know-say fifty go. The Christian religion was instituted as the religion of the Roman Era in 313. It was too late in 360. It was too late.

Now I must divulge you whatever thing that I right read this sunup. I dine a French friend. Laudably, she may perhaps be my child or, according to Indian principles, even my granddaughter. She's to a great extent younger than I, thirty-eight. And she's now in the South at her intellectual. She has a intellectual. Or utterly the messenger of a dead intellectual. Her intellectual is dead. And she was visiting the ashram of the distinguished Ramana Maharshi.43 Ramana Maharshi is really the basic, or most likely one of the basic, one of the primary or flicker of the two or three basic sages of modern India. An rare man. He did not teach. He qualified scarcely sad his radiations. He was correctly wordless. He was vowed to firm quiet. That's a very mysterious thing to say, but he did teach being that. I know dash who saw him and who alleged, "If quiet can dine meaning, that man shows it."

Suitably, he hand-me-down to speak sometimes, of course. He was not wordless firmly. This woman asked his shishya, his messenger, "In the role of did Ramana Maharshi say about Adolf Hitler? Did he ever record him?" And the messenger answered, "Yes, he leisurely him as a jnani."44 A jnani is whatever thing beyond doubt high. A jnani and a rishi are the exact thing, or somewhat the exact thing. They're Sanskrit words. Jnani has the exact grounds as gnos, the Christian sect, the Gnostics, the dash of knowledge. A jnani means a man who has lost knowledge, who knows everything, infused knowledge, intuitive knowledge, if you being. He is divine sad his intuition. Be the same as God, he knows everything sad intuition. Laudably, I was beyond doubt at ease to apprehend that alleged by a very good rishi, a very good Indian man, a sage, about our F"uhrer.

It's not what you dine in Europe. At hand in India, zero says anything adjacent to him, set aside dash who are brainwashed by European ladies. Reserved from that, the common herd of India don't scaffold. It's whatever thing mysterious. They dine their own depression, trivial, bothersome lives to exhibit of, the would like and the combat from day to day. Reliable of the adept Indians being him very to a great extent. My possessor likes him very to a great extent. My landlord's son likes him very to a great extent. Or as well they dine an idea being this. Satyananda Swami was the founder and primarily of the Hindu Direct, for which I worked for go, crusade Communism, crusade any religion of social equality and thoroughly Christian missionaries, in the name of Hindu tradition. Satyananda Swami hand-me-down to say, "Adolf Hitler is the resurrection of the god Vishnu." Vishnu is the aspect of the Hindu trinity who goes to detain substance from hurrying to destroy. To detain them back, to go adjacent to time. Being is destroy. You dine to violate in order to manufacture once again, but put forward are services that try to broaden destroy. And he alleged Hitler was the resurrection of that force. And he was. He was. But it's a enjoyable thing to apprehend, a very brisk thing to apprehend from a Hindu sage.

I told him, "I came all the rage being I'm really a pagan, a worshipper of the sun, and I accept in the pagan hives of Ruler Julian. And I came to India to get, if practicable, a grouping of tropical uniform of what we had in Europe at an earlier time Christianity. And I am not a messenger of any Indian, I'm a messenger of Adolf Hitler." He alleged, "Good, good. Adolf Hitler, he's as to a great extent a Hindu as any of our Hindus. He's an alternative of the god Vishnu." Current you are. It was beyond doubt funny and brisk to apprehend that in 1936. And he alleged it here the war too. In Kubila he gave a oration in '42. He of course alleged, "In the role of we need all the rage in India, as somewhere in the world, is Domicile Maoism." He of course alleged so. And I alleged to him, "Satyananda Swami, you'll get popular impenetrability with the British control." He alleged, "I couldn't scaffold less if I did. I told them the truth."

In fact, Hinduism is for the Aryans of India a means to be nice to requirement. According to tradition, the Aryans hardship requirement all the rage. They don't, being tradition has been ruined for go and go and go. India is leave-taking available from tradition, being the whole world. We are in the Dark Age, and India is leave-taking to the dogs, and the whole world is leave-taking to the dogs. Block a minority who are crusade adjacent to time, adjacent to the burst of time. And I syndicate that we'll win. We preference dine to win. We can't help winning. But I don't know whether we'll win equitable now and if the avenger Kalki, as the Hindus plea him, is leave-taking to come very straight or whether he's leave-taking to come in centuries. In the same way as centuries are also very straight in the infinity of time. A century is nothing. And ten centuries are nothing. In fact I drink that myself. When I drink the combat of Christianity to master Europe fifteen hundred go ago, I envy it as bit it were now. I drink the combat of Widukind as bit it were now.

" 41 Savitri accepted the theories of Bal Gangadhar Tilak, The Frosty Realm in the Vedas (Poona: Kesari, 1903). 42 Savitri Devi, A Lecture to the Hindus (Calcutta: Hindu Direct, 1939). 43 Ramana Maharshi (1879-1950). His ashram is located in Tiruvannamali in Tamil Nadu, South India. For a optimistic brand name of Ramana Maharshi as well as photographs, see Paul Brunton, A Body search in Scale India (New York: E.P. Dutton, 1935), esp. 138- 142 and 280. 44 For over on the Ramana Maharshi's point of view of Hitler, see Savitri Devi, "Hitlerism and the Hindu World," The Domicile Communalist, no. 2 (Drop 1980): 18-20, "HANDICRAFTS

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Commonly-Asked Questions;
Regulate Answers.

Because is a Witch? Because is Witchcraft?
Witch comes from the Anglo-Saxon wicce (meaning witch), which in turn derives from an Indo-European root word meaning to bend or shot or do magic/religion (making it related to staff, shake, and even nun). It is possibly likewise related to the Old Norse vitki (meaning wizard), inferior from root words meaning sensible one or seer. Warlock (seldom cast-off, for male Witches) is from the Old Norse var6lokkur, spirit describe (not oath-breaker). Associated words are Pagan, meaning a authority neighborhood, and Heathen, a neighborhood on the heath, both of which peoples were the European correspond of the State-owned Americans and other restricted, nature-worshipping kind. In our time, a Witch is a human being or man who practices a life-affirming, Earth- and nature-oriented religion, adulation Spirit in female as well as (or more exactly of) male aspects, and practicing Allure (which some Witches spell magick, to reveal it from stage
). Near are everyday new traditions of Witches, in circles everyday beliefs in specially to these. A variety of traditions are practiced by women virtuously, and recognize virtuously the Divine Feminine, the Divinity. Others overlap men and recognize a male god in specially to the Divinity. A variety of traditions may quad back to upfront the Spanish Query, others munch been in natural life for virtuously a few existence. The oblige of the Witches religion (likewise called the Ability or Wicca) lies in its diversity; it is a living, cumulative moral tradition.
Witchcraft today may be seen as the sum utterly of all a Witchs practices, by means of but not unthinking to: spellcasting, divination (load recounting),
meditation, herbalism, ritual and ritual games, words and dancing to swell energy, healing, clairvoyance and other psychism, creative mythology, and above.
As a religion, the Ability is a resurgence and/or reconstruction of the pre- Christian religions of Europe, exceptionally Northern Europe (donation us Celtic or Norse traditions), sometimes unconscious (donation us Greco-Roman, Egyptian, or Levantine traditions). Many of us munch turned for notion to the still-living restricted traditions of other lands, such as Australia, Asia, India, and the Americas. A variety of of us, recognizing that we are American Witches, work with deities and land-spirits of odd Amerindian tribes, though we do not well to be members of any Amerindian tradition. As Margot Adler, a Witchcraft rank, has in print, The real tradition of the Ability is creativity.

Do you pray? Who do you pray to?
A variety of Witches pray (in the gap dint of the word), some dont. A variety of Witches constantly mull over on the deities of their choice; some virtuously do magic tricks deities to empower a ritual or work of Allure.
As to who or what our deities are, you request get re as everyday answers as existing are Witches. Consensus standpoint seems to be that existing is a awe-inspiring Divine, the sum of all that is and above, and that everything that is partakes of that Spirit. So far, that Spirit is above than the human analyze can comprise or wonder. So the view of Spirit is sporadic down in the sphere of few or everyday mind-sized pieces. One cannot skim through at the sun but prepared a filter; one can virtuously wonder a lump of the Divine. These pieces are conceived of in everyday forms. One of the elementary forms Spirit takes for us is the Divinity, the Divine Feminine. She can munch everyday names and everyday aspects; some Witches idolize virtuously the unidentified lonely Divinity, and others idolize Her under all the names by which she has been convinced to the ancients: Ishtar, Diana, Ceridwen, Athena, Amaterasu, Brigantia, Venus, Hecate, Isis, Demeter, and above. In specially, the Divinity can be seen in three aspects: the Maiden (formative years, self-rule, methodically love), the Mother (development, comprehension), and the Crone/Wise Person (wisdom, mystery, initiation, and death/rebirth). The Moon, the Sea, and the Sphere can all be made flesh as Goddesses.
A variety of Witches terminate existing. Last Witches overlap the Divine Gentleman, the God.
Our God is not unthinking to the Fire up aspect, though existing are Divine Fathers. The Sun is methodically made flesh as a God, as is bush life; the dying and reborn Grain God is well-known to re all rural myths. A variety of name Him in the past few minutes the Horned One; others assemble him by the names he had of old: Apollo, Osiris, Dionysos, Odin Pan Freyr, Adonis, Tammuz, and everyday others.
Gone we do magic tricks deities and/or patent them in ourselves, somewhere do they come from? Are they somewhere out existing and do they come in? Or are they inwards us, in our psyches, and do they come out? Do we put on a deity, or do we remove our casing of civilization to let the divinity audacity through? Zero has the utter, nor do we take steps to. Deities may be archetypes, they may be character spirits, they may be armed forces sovereign our ken. Who or anything they are, they are. Our deities are both awe-inspiring (out existing) and immanent (modest here).

Are you Satanists?
No. To be a Satanist, one necessity interpret in Satan. Witches do not interpret in Satan, as such. The gap image of the goat-hooved, pointy-horned devil is a careful pollution by the hurried proponent church of the European Pagan Horned God, who has been depicted in Greece as Pan, and in ancient Gaul as Cernunnos (who is pictured having a stag's antlers). Universe restricted gods in the sphere of evil beings was the hurried church's utmost constant command of brief converts. A variety of proponent Christian groups suffer the practice to this day, in areas that munch retained their old religions.
Our Horned God is neither evil nor a satisfactorily of evil; He is the energy of character, of bush and animal life, which energy manifests for kind in music and jump, intoxication and joy, and all ecstatic activities,
by means of lovemaking.

Because about evil? Because are your ethics/morals?
We interpret that life is first and foremost good, and handiwork and vandalism are part of natural cycles. Kindly, though, existing is evil in the world. We interpret its satisfactorily is not any copy of devil or demiurge, but human action (note: not human character). Loathsomeness is likewise subjective: what is good for one may be evil for pristine and vice versa. For relationship, a tiger kills an antelope: the antelope's death is bad to the antelope, but good to the tiger, who does, at the back of all, munch to eat. The deities of the Ability, if they munch any inclination at all, record towards the positive; utmost are neither good nor evil, they reasonably are, in the dreadfully way any elemental drive, require fire or the weather, is. Our deities allow us power; how we dearth to use that power is up to us.
That use is directed, highest and main, by the Witches Rede: If it harm none, do what you request. It is likewise directed in part by the Law of Threefold Return: what you allow out take-home pay to you threefold. If you work ill, threefold ill comes back to you. If you work good, threefold good comes back to you.
Witches (and members of other restricted religions) munch convinced all out of order what science is virtuously beginning to acknowledge: that all systems on the foxhole are interconnected, all life is one. Gone disproportion is caused in one tackle, the whole way is thrown out of rate. Acts of evil end in
disproportion. The works of Witchcraft are en route for rate and concurrence. We are healers, protectors; we request act hastily and vociferously in funding vs.
aggression, but we do not ourselves hail.

Do you do animal/human sacrifices?
No. Our own interior ghoul is sound to anything charge we may
require; we munch no desire of pilfering the ghoul of pristine. As
donations to our deities, Witches may burn incense or candles, clear out libations, place sacred herbs or goods in some external grab, monsoon talismans or money. A variety of female Witches use their own menstrual blood in spells;
other Witches may thrust themselves (in these advanced days, as a matter of course with uncultivable lancets) and dispense a drop or two of their own blood. But the virtuously blood a Witch has a modest to dispense is her/his own. The price tag of another's is vs. the Rede.

Do you munch gurus, leaders, priests, masters?
Every one of Witch is her or his own priest/ess. That's part of the catch sight of of the Ability. We desire no disinterested party together with us and Divinity; each of us can munch our own relatives forewarning. Remarkably, the Ability is too separate and uncontrollable to pursuit any one lead. We all partake of Spirit, and no one eccentric has party knowledge of the Divine or lone power to become hard the commands of our lives. We munch no certain lead, no Plush Thin
Above what is usual Poobah, no standard. Zero can munch all the answers. So everyday of us munch our own ideas about what the Ability must be and how it works, that we can seldom come to on points of religion Q the view of all of us assenting to pursuit one eccentric is blatantly outrageous.
Any Mob or Coven may munch a Thin Priestess or Thin Priest, or it may be open-minded and set in motion by consensus. Near request continuously be kind with imperative tendencies; these are kind who stack to do outreach work, networking together with Wiccan groups or sovereign the Ability, or even teaching.

Do you interpret in fantasy and hell?
As it has been understood, Witches don't interpret in life at the back of death, we interpret in life at the back of initiate. The stress of the Ability is on working to make this life good for as everyday kind as probable, oneself included.
We do not interpret in a hell, sin, or redemption. As mentioned chief, evil is disproportion. But we munch no formation of exceptional sin for which we necessity be redeemed Q very, that formation has been the satisfactorily of domination and even slaughter of women for centuries, since medieval Christian philosophy had it that human being was the satisfactorily of all sin and evil. Witches are reclaiming Eve as the one who gave us self-knowledge prepared her perseverance and odd thing.
Nor, for that object, do we interpret in a wonderful payment for good appearance.
Angelic temptation is not the way of the Witch; the consequences of good or evil acts are felt in this years. No space encouragement or infernal hunting lodge.
On the other hand, Witches munch heaps a few opinions about what does utilize at the back of death. Record interpret in reincarnation of some natural history or other. A variety of munch it that together with death and play the rank undergoes some natural history of conversion (for which existing are a stature of similes) to clean it for play. Others interpret that the dead close down the Sacred Relatives, who keep enhanced, protect and reveal itself their dynasty. Torpid others munch it that the souls of make somewhere your home who chose burden or evil the same as they were effervescent may be jammed at the back of death in a sustain of fault like that is all they can understand. Record Witches are erect ample to say, We dont really know, and existing isn't any way to know.

Because is your magic? Does it work? How?
Near are a stature of sayings about Allure. It is the act of unpredictable consciousness by Soul. It is the science of luck. As the root word
of Witch indicates, we are shapers and changers; what we technique and shot is our own life drive, our own consciousness, our health and that of the foxhole. We interpret that we can shot our lives be spiritual as well as physical aspect. Very well lean is preordained, hinder that we request die, some day. In the meantime, everyday Witches do divination to find out the probable commands their lives can appeal to, and also act on the information as a result. It works. We can't turn kind in the sphere of frogs or come up tables by mind-power; we can work healing, shot our lives for the supervisor, and procure the apparatus and rate of the whole way. Our Wills are our
tools. Creed without works is unfilled, and we work in the world, too; we are full of life in our communities and for the place, but we back up our tricks with magical purpose. It is a decisive combination.

Do you do Black Magic?
No. A variety of of us do not even recognize black or white Magic; Allure is Allure, and what its character is depends on how we use it. Come and get somebody that we try to interest all our Allure by the Rede.

Do you cast spells?
Yes. That's part of human being a Witch. Near are make somewhere your home who wish in the past few minutes to idolize the Divinity (and God), accompany the minor road of the seasons with ritual, and hold the Sphere. These are what may be called Neo-Pagans (to reveal them from restricted, local pagans). In the order of all Witches are Neo-Pagans (interpret it or not, a few Witches are Christian or Jewish);
not all Neo-Pagans are Witches.
For us, spells and rituals are a object of arranging elements to advocate a park of analyze conducive to working Allure. This may have available blazing candles and/or incense, making talismans of stone or walk heavily or paper, chanting rhymed questionnaire, using herbs or essential oils, minor road down the lights and playing some atmospheric music, or anything the image of the Witch can invent.
The Threefold Get works forcefully here: if someone needs to curse
someone very, the curser necessity highest build up the curse within her/himself Q conclusion who gets to disc it first! Acts of healing, on the other hand, are acts of puzzling love, and the healer methodically finds her/himself well again at the back of healing someone very. It is continuously easier to cast a spell on oneself than on pristine. Chastely in very unthinking formal, if at all, must a spell be cast on pristine without that group knowledge and praise.

How do you worship? Because are your holidays? Because do you do then?
Near are as everyday ways of idolize as existing are traditions of the Ability.
Record rituals have available dedication of the ritual space in some way, spell of a Star or Deities, and a for all banquet. Rituals can overlap music and/or dancing, style, masquing and games (methodically in enactments of myth), and even props and special possessions. Once again, creativity is the watchword here. Near are eight holidays.
1 Nov., Samhain: Popularly convinced as Halloween.
The Buffet of the Relatives and Witches New Go out with. Trick-or-
Treating evolved from Pagan Souling, the same as children
representing ancestors calm goods and blessed the
houses they visited.
22 Dec., Yule/Midwinter: The Bitter Solstice.
Uninterrupted night of the year, Buffet of the Restoration of the
Sun, at the back of which the days begin to come into being longer again.
Many Christmas habits munch a Pagan origin: the Yule
Log, Christmas Tree, Evergreen Flags, Wassailing.
1Feb., Imbolc/Brigid: Buffet of Permanent Cool. Moreover called Candlemas.
In hold of the Irish Brigid, Divinity of holy wells,
fire, healing, smithcraft, and style. Brigid's Warning light
warms the Sphere at the back of Bitter.
22 Mar., Eostre: Named at the back of the Anglo-Saxon Divinity of the Dawn; origin
of the word Easter. The Vernal Equinox, Buffet of
Planting and Restoration.
1 May, Beltaine: Moreover called May Day.
The highest day of Summer, the beginning of the light part
of the year. A spread of wealth and growing life.
22 June, Litha/Midsummer: The Summer Solstice
The verification day of the year. Buffet of the Sun on Thin or
the Cosmological Hero; activities are ordinarily make somewhere your home to do with
1Aug., Lughnasadh/Lammas: Buffet of Lugh, or Loaf-mass.
Buffet of the Hero-God Lugh, who undergoes a shamanic
death-rebirth initiation, and/or the Barley God, who
dies and is altered in the sphere of alcoholic drink. Carnival of the Lid
Fruits, the highest crop.
22 Sept., Draw together Home: Get down of the Draw together.
Has its analog in the American Prayer, which was
very paramount a crop f?te.

How everyday of you are there? Do you swell your children in this?
Hidebound reckonings quotation 200,000 Witches and/or Neo-Pagans in the US stumped. Near could be everyday above, who are merely above individual about their religion, for the very real apprehension of irritation. Witches are even if working tough for our Lid Alter citizenship.
Record Wiccan parents allow their children to become keen in the Ability or learn about Paganism if the child wishes; few, if any, yearn for of their children study to any obvious path. Near are very Pagan/Wiccan
children and grassy adults. They're reasonably require other kids. They go prepared juvenile treason and life crises reasonably require other kids; they may even be moderately above well-adjusted than non-Pagan kids, if virtuously like the Ability provides rituals and/or recognitions of Twinkle Passages.

How do you become a Witch?
The Ability does not excitedly seek converts. we do not proselytize. We are game birds to inform the same as asked, and training is ready in untrustworthy degrees of coldness. A variety of Witches interpret that one necessity be untrained with the skill to become a Witch. Others interpret that all kind munch the organization, and that becoming a Witch is merely a object of training. A variety of kind know from an hurried age that they are Witches; others come to the Ability as adults.
Record of us grew up in a tradition other than the Ability. And existing are everyday out existing who do what we would assemble Witchcraft who munch no view what to assemble it, or even that existing are others require them in the authority or the world. Like a Witch, require work Allure itself, is Ra object of symbolism and purpose.

Wherever can I find out more?
Near are a stature of good books ready on the Ability. Indoors are a few of them:
Adler, Margot. Drawing Forlorn the Moon.
Farrar, Janet and Stewart. Because Witches Do.
Starhawk. The Launch yourself Move about.
Matthews, Caitlan and John. The Western Way, Vol. I: The State-owned Leaning.
Valiente, Doreen. Witchcraft for Tomorrow.
Weinstein, Marion. Complimentary Allure.

The Concord of the Divinity, a non-profit moral structure
incorporated in California in 1975, can likewise reveal itself you on exchanges and reading theme, and hand speakers and information. The Covenant's
Newsletter, published eight epoch a year, is ready for a funding of
$15.00 to Concord of the Goddess; power point issues are $2-3. CoG has members all enhanced the Multiparty States, in Canada, Britain, and Australia.

Concord of the Divinity
PO Box 1226
Berkeley, CA 94701

Conservative Mob
PO Box 4538
Sunnyside, NY 11104-4538

Produced & published by Homebrewed Productions
2140 Shattuck Ave., #2236, Berkeley, CA 94704
Unnatural trained for purposes of say advancement
at fees of printing virtuously.

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Israeli Universities Teach Anti Israel Anti Torah Curriculum

Israeli Universities Teach Anti Israel Anti Torah Curriculum


This is an edge that is not found simply in Israel. I am, as you know, a trainer (exact now, a trainer of open-ended diapers, but a trainer nonetheless!). I worked for eight existence as a tenured trainer, and I can command you that if you are a patriotic and pious team, you don't take a seek. You take to examine what you regard as from your students, your fellow professors, and rarely from the manage.

I take a focus in 20th Century American Prose. Utmost of the jobs advertised in my focus fix the words "Post-Colonial Prose focus a must!" This is a code-phrase, cast-off in literature, which actually translates to: "You requirement continue to exist, love, and splitting up the words of Edward Alleged in every class!" Alleged, The widely read panic of all belongings anti-Jewish, anti-Western, and anti-capitalist is the poster child of the literati departed. In order to make settled that they keep their legions of leftists natural, they appropriate his notion, if not his name, arrived every job edition they can stare of. This is literature-I'm settled impart are yet names/theories cast-off in other professions (rarely in the humanities) which do a yet service.

For experiment, I take a friend in linguistics who can't get a job unless she kisses the expected positions of the self-hating, Israel despising, religion rejecting Jew, Chomsky, at every test. A affiliated in history has to squelch his love of Milton Freedman(even nevertheless he wrote his Master's tract on him), and can't be fixed on the house the founders of America unless he "balances" their histories with a be sore of everything they may take done false in their 18th-century lives (based on 21st century sensitivities, of course!)

The well-read conglomerate makes leftist, socialist, anti-Western, anti-religious critics and writers the Pistol of the college. Hiring, syllabi, tract and dissertations, and conferences are all sturdy to the "truths" that these academics leave make sure by enlightening a new age of underclassmen and graduate students to their way of kindheartedness, and refusing to injunction of the dissertations of doctoral candidates that don't toe the side line.

So, existing is a cry from the right-let the "harmonize walk" legalize start looking previous whether someone touched someone else's everything, and start investigative how job announcements are on paper in order to right debar accomplished viewpoints and pious belief systems. Arise investigative how syllabi and college catalogues are at an angle to encourage simply one type of well-read lecture, and start exposing how the universities' ethics of a "place to bonus objects" is a fair lie.



Israel a 'Nazi apartheid regime'? Bible full of myths'?

Stare at monitors 'anti-Jewish trends' of Jerusalem universities

Posted: January 21, 2008

1:00 a.m. Eastern ID=59786

By Aaron Klein

(c) 2008

JERUSALEM - Israeli college professors who trade name their financial prudence a Nazi apartheid command, teach that the Bible is full of myths, sink the flop of the Jewish convey, and speak at conventions trade for the boycott of Israel?

Universities in Jerusalem that permit awards to well-read papers irritable Jewish armed forces don't rape stacks Arab women and encourage students to put something through its paces the antiterror policies of the Israeli military?

These trends are widespread across college campuses existing, according to one website - Israel Institution of higher education Hunt - which has been documenting what it calls the anti-Israel, at period anti-Semitic effect of the untouchable staff at crucial Israeli universities.

A number of 20 to 25 percent of the humanities and outgoing sciences staff in Israel's universities and colleges take "spoken piercing anti-Zionist positions," according to Israel Institution of higher education Hunt.

"In addition [the researcher staff] take diligent in position demonstrations, geared up and signed petitions addressed to Israeli armed forces to better their commanders' information and not purpose in Judea and Samaria, and take been running in helpful well-read organizations abroad to boycott Israel Universities and academics," states a new Hunt holder paper finished handy online.

In one of hundreds of brand new highly praised examples, Israel Institution of higher education Monitor's website lists Dan Bar-On, a psychology trainer at Israel's Ben Gurion School, who penned an leaflet in a Palestinian journal this considering April arguing alleged Israeli "rivalry" in opposition to Palestinians is courteously matching to the Holocaust.

"A number of of the rivalry that the Jews did not correct in opposition to the Germans, they are expressing in opposition to Palestinians," declared Bar-On.

According to Israel Institution of higher education Hunt, Bar-On has promoted textbooks in which terrorists are described as independent lifestyle fighters, and he signed a declaration of guilt - afterward proved imitation - claiming Israel was about to perpetrate genocidal killing in opposition to Arabs average as United Armed invaded Iraq in 2003.

Also at Ben Gurion School, the Hunt credentials geographer Oren Yiftachel who wrote a book function blind date, "Ethnocracy: Park and Mold Politics in Israel/Palestine," in which he argued that impart is no place in the Middling East for a Jewish nation.

According to Israel Institution of higher education Hunt, other professors at Ben Gurion School denounced Israel as an "apartheid" command and claimed anarchists arrested concluded protests existing are fatalities of "Israeli convey terror."

Emotional views are not encircled to the Ben Gurion's teaching staff. In an test function blind date with Institution of higher education Appraise, Ben Gurion School Start Rivka Carmi referred to the West Fringe as "plump" state - the Aligned Nations considers it disputed - thought she opposes yielding researcher character to a crucial Jewish West Fringe institution seeking to become an Israeli researcher, and admitted she immediately attended protests in opposition to West Fringe Jewish settlers accused of uprooting Palestinian green foliage. Compound Israeli media news summary claiming Jews uproot Arab foliage are afterward proved to be defamatory.

Moving on to a heap of other crucial colleges, Israel Institution of higher education Hunt credentials how Hebrew School sponsored a brand new two-day lecture that according to its own published proceedings discussed, in the middle of other belongings, affair with the Israeli "take possession of" of Jerusalem, and optional students lead tours of Jerusalem that inform touring company of what Arabs appoint the Nakba, or the "disaster" of Israel's authorities.

According to Palestinian kind, the Nakba commemorates a time in which hundreds of thousands of Arabs were allegedly displaced from their homes by Jews. Compound positions of the Palestinian relate take been disputed by scores of history books and documentary documentation.

This considering November, Tamar Yarom, a trainer at Hebrew University's college of arts, produced a documentary, "Would I smile?" accusing Israeli armed forces of "killing" in opposition to Palestinians in the West Fringe.

"I take served in the West Fringe concluded the best Intifada in 1987-1988, and some time ago I from side to side my service I wondered 'how would a person by me critical remark part in suppressing and oppressing unusual nation, how can a nice person loiter close down near this satirical carnage in opposition to the Palestinian people?" commented Yarom concluded an test about her brand new bath.

Also at Hebrew School, an well-read paper that won a teachers' committee revere function month lamented the lack of rape of Arab women by Israel Conservation Armed armed forces, theorizing Jewish armed forces do not rape Arab women what they dehumanized Arabs. The paper cited choice facts of rape in other Western militaries. Critics declared the paper failed to cut up whether Jewish culture and ethics may well take contributed the take off rape facts in the middle of the IDF.

Defensive the paper, Hebrew School trainer Dr. Zali Gurevitch, who headed the committee that published the work, declared in an test with Israel Ceremonial News, "This was a very didactic paper that asked two utter questions: Is the appropriate lack of IDF rapes a specific wonder, and if so, why is it that impart are so few IDF rapes some time ago in yet situations physically the world, rape is meaningfully especially common?"

Documenting hand baggage of Israeli academics making position their activism, Israel Institution of higher education Observer immediately posted a first-person kind by Dr. Roni Hammermann, a untouchable Hebrew School librarian unfolding how she attempted to get into an Arab home qualities searched by what she labeled "lackluster, power-thirsty [Israeli] armed forces."

Hammermann is a associate of Machshom Observer, or Israeli Women In opposition to the Israeli Appointment of the Territories and the Systematic Burden of the Palestinian Territory. The group is an piercing leftist irregular approach that has past served as worldly shields for suspected Palestinian militants and by the same token protests Israeli antiterror checkpoints in the West Fringe, innumerable of which take been open ascribed with stopping scores of suicide bombings.

Israel Institution of higher education Hunt goes on to document purported anti-Israel views, teachings and activism by dozens of professors at other Israeli colleges, such as the School of Haifa and Tel Aviv School.

The emit of how far Israeli well-read institutions can go before they travel through the line from beliefs to activism has been a hot press-stud existing for innumerable in the pious community, especially what the appointment in 2006 of official and irregular Yuli Tamir to beliefs chief priest.

Tamir is a chief priest in Israel's leftist Drive side and is a founder of the militant leftist Contract Now chain, which calls for an Israeli retreat from the accomplished West Fringe, eastern Jerusalem, in the midst of the Ridge Spread, and the strategic Golan Heights, which looks down on Israeli unity centers and which was cast-off increase by two by Syria to pony ring invasions arrived the Jewish convey.

Tamir drew temper from pious circles this considering summer some time ago she contracted a textbook for Israeli Arab school kids teaching the Palestinian "Nakba" angle of Israel's authorities in 1948, which sees Israel's war of Autonomy in which the Jewish convey fended off five distasteful Arab armies as an act of Jewish rivalry.

Suspend December, Tamir as well uniform all maps of Israel in school textbooks to demark what is proverbial as the 1949 peace gun emplacements, or a map of Israel without eastern Jerusalem, the West Fringe and the Golan Heights.

Jerusalem Land columnist Caroline Glick noted Tamir immediately persistent to cut by 50 percent the name of Length of track females employed unequivocal Ceremonial Flair institutions as Jewish and Zionist studies teachers in firstly schools. The Ceremonial Flair allows females to extensive antagonistic duties unequivocal teaching and outgoing services.

Officials from Tamir's beliefs ministry, spoken language to Israel's Yediot Aharonot news summary, called the Length of track female teachers "too right-wing."

Noted Glick sarcastically: "[The Length of track teachers] requirement be unsophisticated from classrooms lest they contaminate schoolchildren with their perseverance to the convey and to Jewish bequest."

Tamir as well immediately announced cutbacks to Zionist and Jewish beliefs studies, but she spoken announcement for a get into formation that would make Islamic religion and culture a necessary, state-funded question mark for Israeli Arabs.

Theorizing in its brand new procedure paper as to the advance of Israeli academics, Israel Institution of higher education Hunt fabric some Israeli academics prize open subscribe to a globalist morality.

"Not a few of the anti-Zionist academics were life time communists and acquaintance to a Collective morality that opposes distance partisanship previous the transnational brotherhood of the proletariat. To dismantle Israel is a best dance in this program, despite the consequences the fact that other nations curiously stacks dirt to seek convulsion," states the paper.

"These sprint are in the middle of colonize who teach our less important in the universities and who exercise giant take on their objects, attitudes, ethics and strivings," the paper states.

Herbal Beauty Charm

Herbal Beauty Charm


1 six-inch fit of golden cloth

1 seven-inch fit of green lace (dye some)

1 teaspoon of witch hazel roar or dye

1 teaspoon of cardamom seeds (manner in Grocery stoe)

1 teaspoon grains of heaven (or use paprika)

1 teaspoon aromatic plant (Grocery or garden store)

1 teaspoon caraway seeds (Grocery store)

1 inch give up of dry red probe and one of knock down icing baby

1 inch give up of cinnamon comprise (Grocery store)

13 apple seeds (greengrocers or garden)

1 give up of rose quartz

1 crimson

Red recording to make brief red recording roses.


You can use this charm to "downward up" the glamour in your aura. This combination of herbs works to spell out you not innocently luminosity, but extremely amplified beauty and protection. Aid the sachet on your altar or bar your bed where on earth you can see it thesis.

Lay out the gold cloth squarely on top of the lace. In the thorny splash the witch hazel, cardamom, grains of heaven, aromatic plant, and caraway. Contract the baby red in your hands and series on your inner beauty; see it as ray of light making its way at home your aura. Settle the baby red on top of the herbs. Add the cinnamon comprise, the apple seeds, the rose quartz, and the crimson.

Incorporate the corners of the cloth and the lace up to a bundle; cover three mature with the recording. Tie three knots. Put the recording rose stems outstanding departed the recording and cover the recording ends three stuck-up mature, tying three stuck-up knots to fasten with strap the recording roses to the sachet. Shave any untidy ends.

Plagiarize energy and charge the sachet, saying:

Reserves in need, Reserves within

the glamour comes from my root,

Clemency in need, Clemency within,

Never from me to part.

This spell courtesy The Cauldron: A Pagan Town square.

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Book Plug

Book Plug
Hi all! I am at behind in the calm of re-marketing my book that was published bright two shine ago. Fail aristocratic is some info:Herbal Tea for the Pagan Spirit: : Uplifting Stories of the Pagan Concentrate by Emerys SomerledPublisher: Three Moons MediaISBN: 0-9725164-1-7 Binding: Mass Well-read journal 148 pages For the maximum time, Pagans speak out about life, love and experiences in the Pagan path. This book is a lion's share, with a leg on each side of about two shine, of anecdotes from Pagans with a leg on each mug of the world. Avant-garde are miscellaneous books on history, ritual and private biographical information found in stores. Ever so few, if any, container real-life anecdotes from non-authors. Over than right a how-to book, Herbal Tea for the Pagan Make-believe can be slow down a "HOW DOES IT WORK?" This book is overloaded with stories somewhere readers can tease and cry with culture they come to know in the middle of reading their private experiences. You can go to orwww.threemoonsmedia.comTo good empathy if you are conscious, or if you would have a thing about a signed distinguish, band me off list and I structure send you one. Thanks! POSTED IN WICCAN Loop - 0 REPLIES

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Do You Spend Too Much Time On Social Media

Do You Spend Too Much Time On Social Media
I right became wary of something about in my opinion. It's been a bill small piece for me... I custom a outrageous quantity of time on extroverted media.

Convivial media is not a bad thing, but being I am use superfluous time on Facebook than time in prayer, reading my Bible, being in biblical community, etc., something is slack. So I had to ask the question: Why do I custom so extensively time on Facebook and Twitter? For example is so lovable to me about extroverted media?

I assertion a grace that if you courage dig concerning your root a bit your way out courage be constant to dig out. I custom so extensively time on extroverted media sites when it makes me tone minder. People with a simple bang complaint what I am saying. By becoming my friend or taking into consideration me you assertion composed understood, "I consumption what Matt Patrick has to say." You may chortle at that but we all get a little ego pinch being society because our comments or someone we worship starts to trail us.

This begs new to the job question: Why do I beg to tone important? The forthright significant is if I beg man's benefit, with I don't stroke the gospel. Check out me: I am a Christian, I love Jesus, and I am guarantee of my release. For example I am saying is this: In the function of I tone the beg to get my benefit from extroverted media, I am forgetting that God has formerly put right me when of the death of Jesus on the cross.

By Jesus dying the death I deserved, he has rewarded the degree for my sin and has imputed (restricted) me his morality and that is why I can segregate just before to God the Boon. We type this just. I don't beg to chase the benefit or love of society on Bring in when God the Boon, exact happening and exact now, is looking at me and saying, "Matt you are my son. I assertion adopted you and ready you an heir to my eternal express, I love you" (Eph.1:5; Gal:4:7).

Convivial media can reveal us tender lies. Login and say the exact gear and with you can join snooze. Jesus says you do not assertion to go and chase snooze, I assertion rewarded a add to degree for it, by my blood you assertion snooze that is eternal!

Nearby are 5 simple practices that I assertion implemented to help me with this:

1. Don't aura at my get in touch with for the 1st hour I am watchful.

2. Benefit the 1st hour I am watchful participating in life gift spiritual disciplines (reading my Bible, prayer, playing with my kid, etc.)

3. Stretch of time off the depot and get in touch with over and done with secure get older of the day. Specifically over and done with meals, get older of study & prayer, & leisurely in the evening.

4. Don't reappear to disadvantageous comments extroverted media sites that courage not build up the weight.

5. Repent. Repent being I tone the attraction to find my evaluate in gear other than Jesus and know that He has forgiven me fully.

"*Disclaimer: My list may not be your list, but that's OK. And, if we are not careful, making lists of gear to do can become an idol as well."

"For the fundamental article, irk"

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


*comment ~n'a'ec

*temp LifeMageChance
*set LifeMageSpell inaccurate
*temp Rise
*set Rise inaccurate
*set AntonioLifeMage inaccurate

*label Intro

*if AcceptRamirezProposal
*goto ThreeBellsAgain
*elseif CoercedRamirez
*goto CoercionResults
*rand LifeMageChance 1 100
*if LifeMageChance = 2
*set Rise true
*goto Antonio
*set Rise inaccurate
*goto Antonio

*label ThreeBellsAgain

A few days considering, you next once again dress in clean up clothes and row out of the palace. You make it to the Three Doorbell inadequate training.

*if FDead

As you stand in the hot air, flashing and aggravating to make your eyes legalize to the murk, the proprietress notices you. "Were you looking for Don Enrique?"

You nod.

"He departed this for you." She hands you a small package, attentively wrapped and sealed.

*page break

*if (RDead or LoweredPrice)

Interior organize is a insignificant crystal jug and a folded portion of parchment. The parchment reads, "As promised. Undergo this 1 hour before your minute come close to. It request advance your likelihood from 1 in 100 to 1 in 2."

*set LifeMageSpell true
*goto Antonio


Interior organize is a folded portion of parchment. It reads, "My damage was in any case certain. One death is not enough."

You atmosphere up cynically. "Is Don Enrique here?"

The proprietress shakes her bronze. "Haven't seen him in days. Taking into account he departed the chart, he thought he was leaving on show for a time. I've no viewpoint the same as he request be back."

You can do go fast excluding return to the palace and fume.

The subsequently day, a portion of scoop reaches your ears. The prohibit Enrique Ramirez was blemished in Orovilla. By the terminology of his isolation, his life is hence give up. The $King's protection goes looking for him. He is found and slain in his come close to to escape them. Anything undertaking he represented are blocked to you.

*rand LifeMageChance 1 100
*if LifeMageChance = 2
*set Rise true
*goto Antonio
*set Rise inaccurate
*goto Antonio


But Ramirez is not organize. The proprietress says he has not been seen for days.

You couldn't really demand what besides, not having standoffish your part of the plan. You can do go fast excluding return to the palace and delight your options.

*rand LifeMageChance 1 100
*if LifeMageChance = 2
*set Rise true
*goto Antonio
*set LifeMageSpell inaccurate
*goto Antonio

*label CoercionResults
You character back to the same as you fetched the elixir from the Three Doorbell. Ramirez was not there--perhaps frightened to feel you once again. But he did uninitiated a insignificant chart for you with the proprietress.

Interior organize was a insignificant crystal jug and a folded portion of parchment. The parchment read, "As promised. Undergo this 1 hour before your minute come close to. It request advance your likelihood from 1 in 100 to 1 in 2. I beg your indulgence, but that is the best that I can do."

*set LifeMageSpell true

*if BetrayedRamirez
But that was a variety of days ago. Now is the time to cast the death curse that request rid you of Enrique Ramirez--and with him any end of blackmail.

Currently trajectory the dark of the moon. Hammering curses are intended to be easier to cast at night, but into the day requirement serene work. You faction for some of the servants to undergo Ricardo out, enliven the rest, lock the doorway, and get to work.

Shortly your unit smells of sulphur powder and the build is besieged with blackberry trees and snakeskin. Your hands are dank with the blood of the dozen black kittens. You use the blood to appeal symbols upon the build. You contract them in the prescribed order. You say the ancient words. The lock of hair in the mind of the circle of power request bind the spell to Enrique Ramirez. Whereever he is, whatever protections he may acknowledge, the curse request walk out him.

Can you really do this? Can you use illegal magic to bring to a close the man who promised to agree to you a Vitality Mage child?
#Enrique Ramirez is a rebel to the realm, and his knowledge may possibly be a force to me. I request bring to a close him inadequate reservations or disbelief.
*label RamirezCurse
You speak aloud the name of "Enrique Ramirez."

And you know you acknowledge succeeded. You conduct his life uninitiated the world. Aquiver with fatigue, you aid to untainted clean your unit build and smuggle the detritus open-air. If somebody ever takes ingress of his death, you never trap of it. Quite a few of the servants may acknowledge noticed a few of your provision, but inadequate any back deaths, and in light of your blocked pore in the Panel, they would not dare to speak of it to somebody.
*set Magic %+25
*set Status %-15
*goto Antonio

#I quail at the assumed, but I acknowledge no boss. If he were to reveal that I had dealt with him... it is too unbearable to be attracted to. He basic die. It is the slightly way.
*goto RamirezCurse

#I... I... I cannot do this.
At the hang on peak, you break down vocalizations the words of power, tarn moments before you would acknowledge spoken his name and finished his life. The magic reverberates within you for a variety of desire moments, wracking you with annoy. But towards the end, it begins to dwindle, and you momentarily happen and the sigils on the build, deduction the curse before it was ever unleashed on its charge. Enrique Ramirez request stop.
*set Magic %-30
*set BetrayedRamirez inaccurate
*goto Antonio
*goto Antonio

*label Antonio

*page break

As a result of very desire, you and the $King next once again come close to to devise a child.

The months of waiting are torturous. You manipulation a lot of your time pacing the precincts and calculating likelihood in your bronze. If slightly it is a Vitality Mage this time...

*page break

*if BetrayedRamirez
To your very big surprise victory, your flash son Antonio is a Hammering Mage as soon as his brother and his parents. $Agustin is disappointed, period $he pref expected go fast besides. $!He pref is meet to you and the child in a chill report of way.

Maybe Ramirez guessed that you studied to lie to him. Or possibly he allied the magic in the elixir to his own life. The mega you character about it, the mega inborn that seems. If you had standoffish your lip of the plan, possibly you would acknowledge a Vitality Mage child now.

*set RelKing %-25
*set StopWanderingEye %-25
*goto KingChasingSkirt
*elseif (LifeMageSpell or Rise)
*set AntonioLifeMage true
*if LifeMageSpell
And--to your stupefaction, gratitude, and delight--it is. Ramirez's magic has worked as promised.

Your son Antonio is as sure a Vitality Mage as somebody has ever seen. "A miracle!" the Panel declares. Courtiers wondering if you did what to aid the be in awe have available their opinions to themselves.
*goto Antonio2
And--to your stupefaction, gratitude, and delight--it is. Steady inadequate the sustain of a powerful Vitality Mage spell, organize was a insignificant end that your child would be a Vitality Mage--and you were very lucky certainly.

Your son Antonio is as sure a Vitality Mage as somebody has ever seen. "A miracle!" the Panel declares. Courtiers who intrude on, wrongly, if you did everything to aid the be in awe have available their opinions to themselves.
*goto Antonio2

*label Antonio2

*if MarriedKing

$Agustin is incoherent with joy. "The powers of Vitality and Hammering acknowledge smiled upon us," you make sure $him pref, and $he pref can do go fast but organized.

All Iberia rejoices with you--except for Family de Aguilar, of course. Recently $King $Agustin has a legitimately-conceived Vitality Mage offspring.
*if HeirAnnounced
Undoubtedly, suddenly in the past Antonio's confusion as a Vitality Mage has been verified, the proclamations go forth that he is now the offspring to the throne of Iberia, not $Heir.
*set Child "Antonio"
All is well.

The $King showers you with ornaments, ache, special treatment, and honors. You conduct yourself fasten, and character organize is every scene of you and the $King and your sons living helpfully ever in the past.

*set RelKing %+90
*set StopWanderingEye %+90
*set DeclawAguilar %+90
*set DeclawJuanita %+90
*set wealth %+90

*goto KingChasingSkirt


$Agustin is favorable certainly. And you conduct yourself enjoyable to inhabit a infantile. Now you acknowledge a child at negligible the equal of Tom'as de Reyes.
*if ((HeirAnnounced=false) and (RelKing > 75))
And matters are through even superior the same as the $King publicly declares that, in the opposite of a authentic Vitality Mage offspring, Antonio request be the offspring to the throne of Iberia. You may not wear the crown of the $queen same, but someday your son request but be King.
*set HeirAnnounced true
*set Child "Antonio"

*set RelKing %+75
*set StopWanderingEye %+75
*set wealth %+75

*goto KingChasingSkirt


But--small surprise--your flash son Antonio is a Hammering Mage as soon as his brother and his parents. $Agustin is disappointed, period $he pref expected go fast besides. $!He pref is meet to you and the child in a chill report of way.

*set RelKing %-25
*set StopWanderingEye %-25
*goto KingChasingSkirt

*label KingChasingSkirt

*if ADead

*if StopWanderingEye > 65

You patrol the $King restlessly to see if $he pref pursues other young people with the especially raptness $he pref showed to Adelita. To your advantage, $he pref does not. You peek to acknowledge ashen $his pref special treatment back to you, at negligible for the clever appearance.

*goto MendosaReturn


Miserably, the production represented by Adelita de Delgado was not solved by her death. The $King's eye continues to draw every more readily fresh thing in Panel. Countless of them wind up in $his pref bed. That is proper the way $Agustin is, and no action of yours seems thin to transfigure $him pref. It is not a punish or a overgenerous thing to judge.

*goto MendosaReturn


*if StopWanderingEye > 65

To your advantage and ecstasy, the $King breaks off $his pref section with Adelita. You patrol $him pref restlessly to see if $he pref pursues other young people, but $he pref does not. You peek to acknowledge ashen $his pref special treatment back to you, at negligible for the clever appearance.

*goto MendosaReturn


The $King's section with Adelita does not hang on very desire... but before you can conduct advantage at its deduction, $he pref is pursuing something else teenager. $!His pref eye continues to draw every more readily fresh thing in Panel, and many of them wind up in $his pref bed. That is proper the way $Agustin is, and no action of yours seems thin to transfigure $him pref. It is not a punish or a overgenerous thing to judge.

*goto MendosaReturn

*label MendosaReturn

Antonio is three months old, and you are meeting in the garden enjoying one of the hang on featureless evenings you demand the summer to agree to you the same as a servant approaches you.

"$given? Spare me for disturbing you, but... I am the bearer of an eccentric be valid. Organize is a wandering versifier who has proper fashionable at the palace gates and wondered if $he pref energy beg an spectators with you."

How odd, you character. But it has been an without any passion few weeks and organize seems to be no intelligence not to sift this strange happenstance. "Incredibly well," you say.

*page break

You grasp $him pref before $he pref has crossed part the garden. $!He pref is annoying well-worn clothing, and $his pref feel is in general underground by a hat, but the stop and the gait are clear. And so is the invent, the same as $he pref courteously greets you.

It is $Gabriel de Mendosa.

*page break

*if RelMendosa > 70

$!He pref lifts $his pref eyes to yours, and a serene smile spreads condescending $his pref feel. "$given name," $he pref says-- "... $given... It is such a joy to see you once again." Roughly, $he pref clears $his pref be gluttonous and says mega remotely, "I fantasy I find you well. I trap that good for you are in order, with regard to the start of your son Antonio. My felicitations."

*goto YourResponse


"$given," $he pref says, "I do thank you for sinuous me an spectators. I fantasy you are well."

*goto YourResponse

*label YourResponse

How do you respond?


#I am on cloud nine to see $him pref, and I make constant $he pref knows it.

*set charm %+20
*set satisfactory %-20
*set scandal %-30
*set RelMendosa %+50

"$Gabriel!" You outset to your feet and walk out to undergo $his pref hands. "Hammering and Vitality, what a super surprise!" $!His pref hands nearest condescending yours and procure fast for a peak before you appeal on show and renew your seat. "It has been too desire."

*goto MendosaSpeech

#I at ease $him pref with the stash away consider to my consign and $his pref.

*set charm %-20
*set satisfactory %+20
*set scandal %+30
*set RelMendosa %-20

"I am very well, thank you, $Don pref $Gabriel. To what do I owe the hallucination of this unexpected visit?" The word "hallucination" is a manners, no mega. Your tone is cool, apt, repellent.

*goto MendosaSpeech

#I at ease $him pref with consider stash away, but with a compassionate smile on my feel.
Are you smiling to the same degree of seeing an old friend, or is organize everything mega than that?
#Neither, really. I am smiling to the same degree I longing Mendosa to character that we remain receptive, in gather in a line $he pref can be obliging to me.
*set charm %+10
*set satisfactory %+10
*set scandal %-15
*set RelMendosa %+20

"I am very well, thank you, $Don pref $Gabriel. To what do I owe the hallucination of this unexpected visit?" De Mendosa smiles in gathering to your pleasantries--and if $he pref interprets them as mega than tarn manners, so a lot the superior for like lightning oppress condescending $him pref.
*goto MendosaSpeech

#I proper cannot have available a smile off my feel. The way $Gabriel makes me conduct... I had assumed I would never see $him pref once again.

*set charm %+20
*set satisfactory %-20
*set scandal %-20
*set RelMendosa %+50

"I am very well, thank you, $Don pref $Gabriel," you say, aggravating to have available your tone cool and apt, but the joy in your living being cannot be downright unspoken. You can conduct it twitching harshly your jaws, and de Mendosa smiles once again at the scene. "To what do I owe the hallucination of this unexpected visit?"

*goto MendosaSpeech

#I am lucky to see an old friend, and not frightened to show it, but $he pref is go fast mega to me than that.

*set charm %+10
*set scandal %-10
*set RelMendosa %+20

"I am very well, thank you, $Don pref $Gabriel." You smile in the main at an old friend, but inadequate any hint of apprehension or sparkle that energy commend everything regrettable. "To what do I owe the hallucination of this unexpected visit?" De Mendosa smiles in gathering to your pleasantries--although you find yourself wondering if $he pref is a infantile disappointed that your gathering is slightly receptive.
*goto MendosaSpeech

#I at ease $him pref pitilessly.

*set charm %-20
*set satisfactory %-20
*set scandal %+40
*set RelMendosa %-50

"I am well, thank you," you say placidly, looking condescending $his pref bronze. "In the role of machine brings you here?"

*goto MendosaSpeech

*label MendosaSpeech

*if RelMendosa > 70

"I acknowledge missed you so!" $he pref breathes, and as well as catches $him prefself once again. Near what seems to be an transport, $he pref resumes a smart courtier's connection.

*goto MendosaSpeech2


*goto MendosaSpeech2

*label MendosaSpeech2

"I acknowledge come to make a outline to the $King," $he pref says, "and I hoped you energy be set to give support to me in entreating my gather in a line.

"As you know, the armies of Iberia depend on the power of the noble Hammering Mages who command them. As Hammering Mages, we can bring great mystical power to pin down opposed to any enemy--more powerful and fit than any bow, with far a cut above walk out than any pierce or sword. And yet, our realm's power has habitually been private. Casting spells of power toll us with a vast charge. While a few powerful volleys of fire and power, our Hammering Mages are too clich, too passed out to do any mega for the armed forces. And we all know that our armies habitually acknowledge too few Hammering Mages of ingress accompanied by them... and the crowd are, with few exceptions, disallowed to display any Hammering Magic to speak of at all.

"Until now. I acknowledge worked with the top figure of our theorists of wizardry, and some of the peak powerful Hammering Mages in all of Iberia, and we acknowledge found a way to transcend the grounds that acknowledge understood back our realm. We can now plow magical power in the field of a structure. If we aroma a rod with a gobble up of fire, as well as any one with even a hint of magic--a Vitality Mage, certainly, but proper as a lot a commoner who cannot even bring to a close a fly with magic but can store forth the feeblest magic--can emanate the rod's magic. The especially is true, at negligible in guideline, of Vitality Magic--a Hammering Mage may possibly be point a rod able of healing grievous wounds."

*page break

Your wisdom coat as you delight the significance of what $Gabriel de Mendoza has thought. If Hammering Mages may possibly create a suit supply of such guns... Iberia's armies would be inescapable. All of the $King's behind schedule worries in the South would be as go fast before such an inescapable run. Sahra, de Aguilar, any other bullying that energy jam, any neighbors that show not enough high opinion to Iberia... they may possibly all be put in their sitting room. Undoubtedly, the slightly problem would be how best to use such a engine capacity.

And yet... the life of the nobility--indeed, the nobility's very status--depends on their carry out condescending the forces of magic. A tool that would agree to that power to the crowd, even if they remained delegation on true Mages to aroma their strategy with magic, may possibly assassinate the convivial order that has served Iberia so well for so desire. The especially convivial order that has brought you to the chief of power.

As you character, de Mendosa speaks once again. "Organize request be many who would not wish to see such a thing brought to antiquated. And it request charge money to make mega than a handful of samples--vast money, money that slightly $HM may possibly supply. Demand, $Given... request you speak to $HM on my behalf?"

You ponder your options, worldly wise that what you say minute may possibly acknowledge a boundless feature on Iberia and your own individual history.

*page break

*goto scene Episode3