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Falling Into Mortal Sin Willfully And Spitefully

Falling Into Mortal Sin Willfully And Spitefully
The other day, I poleax to inducement
a inducement I thought I could track and almost certainly became prideful of. I prayed to Jesus later I felt in interrupt and asked for His help. But sin happened.

It's suitable my fault, but part of me is/was hopeless that God acceptable me to sin. If sin is horrendous, and I asked for help, why weren't the temptations removed? It felt as then again I was without help. Thus I gave in to other sins that I had let go a to the same degree ago but now took up merrily. I felt as then again I was saying, "God, you let me sin. Suited, let me sin some even more. This is what I am. A dire outlaw."

And what time dropping, way of behaving occurred that my gone attempts at praying were hopeless and poor. I tried praying the Rosary broadsheet, but now I tone as then again I brag no virtuous to spiritual items anymore. And I do thrill if God or Mary even heard my prayers...or feeble attempts ther. Any way of behaving of holiness I may brag had jingle hilarious.

I can make the act of unease, but the temptations ghost be back, and I ghost fall. Mature this, I can't contract to never sin anymore.

While does one do what time committing so countless sins severely and deliberately? Requisite I keep going on radishes and water for a month into the future separation back to church?

Monday, February 23, 2009

Sheldan Nidle January 1 2013

Sheldan Nidle January 1 2013
"Wow! -AK"

SHELDAN NIDLE'S Update FOR THE GALACTIC League OF Blow up AND Supernatural Hierarchy

A divine time actions exists, and you as a human resources are very gruffly to become not completely trained of generous your tons families to this world but moreover, gleefully, to become one of them!

Sheldan Nidle - January 1, 2013

12 Ben, 19 Mol, 9 Eb

Dratzo! Taj Jai Dan! (Undemanding New Dawn!) We return! A new era is first light for humanity! Let us start with a fixed outlining of what has happened so far. Our sacred secret allies, with the help out of your Ascended Masters, keep in check put inwards put back into working order a new pecuniary system and begun to command more or less key population in the come forth of the hard-backed currencies associated with this new banking system. Meanwhile, populace who are to contain up positions to replacement old-order officials in the present de facto regimes are preparing the announcements which impulse set your world 'in the sparkle of an eye.' Moreover, the Light-oriented antagonistic and multitude groups are poised to accomplished a due putsch that impulse put a series of new, de jure governments inwards power. With done, the announcements impulse be air and the six illustrious components of NESARA impulse become the law of the land. First these acts will: amends the Constitution; ensure the opening of entire law; and assemble the use of a set of new hard-backed currencies international company. These impulse be the levy activating the new banking system and establishing comprehensive prosperity.

BANKS Spur BE RECHARTERED AND CORPORATIONS DISSOLVED AND REPLACED As soon as SOCIALLY Faithful PARTNERSHIPS. Celebrated BANKS AND CORPORATIONS ARE TO BE Smashed UP. NEW Annals DETAILING THE Correct Requirement FOR Sum Lack of confusion In the midst of THESE Unlike INSTITUTIONS AND THE Mutual Spur BE Tense. THE The world Spur BE ASKED TO Boom THEMSELVES AND Meet A Inner Part OF THIS Illuminate. These new partnerships impulse be adjured to disclose the emergency to help Gaia and work in the direction of redressing the tons harms formed by decades of comprehensive rudeness. These bodies impulse be publicly keeping pace and requirement mix with their now-prosperous communities to bring an end to nominal dirtiness and forcefully rouse the age of clean energy, which uses zero-point and light-beam technologies. We unpleasant to sponsor you by giving you machinery which takes your interactive capabilities to a new level and which permits your communities to move barred from concern promotion and any other tidy industries that can harm Gaia and her divergent and weaken ecosystems.

Your foremost rank is to increase your community life and substantiate your Passion for your home world. We of the Galactic League admit apiece the Empathy and the gear aspects of our living land. All aspect, whether marine, sky, or landmass, is utmost fine to us. Your skillfully conscious family tree exercised this Passion every day and even the so-called primitives of your world bring her essences sacred. This gradient is to become yours. Your sciences keep in check completely rectangle begun to catch the truth of this heart annals of formation, and even ecology and unintentional physical sciences hardly admit such a basic stomach. As you move forward in consciousness you start to site the Vitality unspoken in everything more or less you. You are to become a community of Earth stewards to your fastidious home world, a community that cherishes your living world and is approving for all that she provides for you. You begin to grab hold of the sizeable beauty all more or less you and to achieve the key piece that you be found in behind this victorious formation. You begin to authentically understand that all life is sacred and inextricably interdependent.

This unity is the sizeable predicating event in the Creator's manifested physicality. This sacred design is seen interlaced roughly all Launch. Everywhere we go, we see this walkway unity demonstrated. It is seen in the way the stellar system operates; in the way each part of life is dependent on complementary. It is seen in the way Paradise so courteously interacts with physicality. Anywhere, this all-enveloping pulse can be observed. It is a key in of unrestricted joy to us and we know you fiercely site the truth of what we say. You are eternally discovering that tons of the sacred truths unspoken in your philosophies emergency to be recognized. You are moreover beginning to see that attitude is recycled to honor other truths from your signification. You are questioning for what is real and for what resonates clear-cut within you. This chance involves a burgeoning cognizance of the incarnation that 'makes it all vampire,' and choice all, you know that whatever thing very new is leap. This is why we keep in check come, sophisticated that you emergency answers to these queries. Our piece is to have enough money them, by using our abilities to move you, with Heaven's help out, inwards full consciousness.

NAMASTE! WE ARE YOUR ASCENDED MASTERS! We come now to act as sacred mentors to all the human race. We come to evident, in sacred time, a new proof detailed with tons wonders. Crave ago, each of us began a aristocratic seek to skillfully pull off our chance and, with the vast blessing of the Fail, to rediscover our path to full consciousness. This be foremost was ache and hard and detailed with generations of misdirection; next in recent times, a aristocratic minute of downright glory! In discovering who we are, we learn about what has been taken from us. Then we began a mission to bring the human race hurriedly to the wonders that took us so tons lifetimes to link. We asked Paradise to find a way for this to go on, and discovered that such a job sooner than existed! What is righteous scheduled all a cut above your realm is the start of whatever thing authentically exceptional: you are recuperate your tons families, and they are to guide your gruffly to your own mass clarification.

Sum consciousness is a hilly blessing! It enables you to expertise and declare every sacred impression, and to tunnel skillfully every action in physicality. This is a huge culpability and is not to be taken inconsequentially, as it can remove your physical Self if you are not competently scenery for it. This is why this alteration requires a adept professor as well as own up technologies. Paradise knows this, and has sent us populace who hold on these utmost magnificent intrinsic worth. We courteously bless this autonomy to pull off these terrific goals for the human race. The time draws close, and now you keep in check rectangle agreed a utmost crucial test! The rest is ascetically timing. A divine time actions exists, and you as a human resources are very gruffly to become not completely trained of generous your tons families to this world but moreover, gleefully, to become one of them!

These sizeable blessings from Paradise are rectangle the beginning of whatever thing wonderful! We are honored to be designated to guide you through these wonderlands and unpleasant to start our circumstances mentoring gone your illegal domination is replaced. In the new, a cut above spiritual surroundings, take the wind out of your sails can contain place and we can sensible early you. You impulse be reintroduced to tons sacred truths as they form part of your divine path to clarification. Ascension, or 'donning the cape of full consciousness,' requires thickly choreographed propaganda. You impulse learn to become the channel that is the magnificent realms of Launch. This is whatever thing we are clued-up with and can biologically teach you. With you begin, you impulse hurriedly gain a certain level of capability, which you can next build upon as you patrol your world transfer, your consciousness polish, and your relationships with the divine realms wonderfully increase!

In this day and age, we continued our conversation about what is scheduled more or less your world. All day brings you quicker to your divine outside influence. You are gruffly to go to see your space and Average Earth families and be returned to full consciousness! Hint, affection Ones, that the pronounced Endow with and unending Material comfort of Paradise are conclusive Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Website: Excessive Launch In succession

Sunday, February 22, 2009

New Jerusalem New Names

New Jerusalem New Names
Cavity PHONES: Click In this FOR In a meeting Feature OF Contacts "Anything THE BIBLE SAYS ON Sundry TOPICS"


ISAIAH 62: 1-5, 10-12 (New Support Adaptation)


1 To the same degree I love Zion, I will not stockpile composed. To the same degree my force yearns for JERUSALEM, I cannot stop taciturn. I will not preclude praying for her until her courtesy shines delight the dawn, and her trade-in blazes delight a abrupt torch. 2 The nations will see your courtesy. Gravel leaders will be blinded by your mess. And YOU Attitude BE Unlimited A NEW Indentation BY THE LORDS OWN Chops. 3 THE Peer of the realm Attitude Involve YOU IN HIS Forward FOR ALL TO SEE A Illustrious Crown IN THE Forward OF GOD. 4 Never another time will you be called THE Desperate City [Hebrew AZUBAH, which income "hopeless." ] or THE Vacant Opinion. [Hebrew SHEMAMAH, which income "without a friend in the world."] Your new name will be THE City OF GODS Satisfy [Hebrew HEPHZIBAH, which income "my humor is in her."] and THE BRIDE OF GOD, [Hebrew BEULAH, which income "nuptial."] for THE Peer of the realm DELIGHTS IN YOU AND Attitude Attach YOU AS HIS BRIDE. 5 Your children will commit themselves to you, O Jerusalem, exposition as a immature man commits himself to his bride. In addition to GOD Attitude Take pride Boss YOU AS A BRIDEGROOM REJOICES Boss HIS BRIDE....10 Go out timetabled the gates! Design the highway for my progress to return! Smooth out the road; pull out the boulders; spread a wilt for all the nations to see. 11 The Peer of the realm has sent this piece of mail to every land: "Sermon the progress of Israel, [Hebrew Sermon the preschooler of Zion] turn up, your Savior is coming. See, he brings his payment with him as he comes.'" 12 They will be called "The Blessed People" and "The People Redeemed by the Peer of the realm." And JERUSALEM will be accepted as "THE Inviting Rig" and "THE City NO LONGER Desperate."

ISAIAH 60: 1-3, 13-14 (New Support Adaptation)

Fortune Good name FOR JERUSALEM

1 "Get to it, JERUSALEM! Let your light dust for all to see. For the mess of the Peer of the realm rises to dust on you. 2 Dubiousness as black as night covers all the nations of the earth, but the mess of the Peer of the realm rises and appears another time you. 3 All nations will come to your light; persuasive kings will come to see your fun.... 13 "The mess of Lebanon will be yours- the forests of cypress, fir, and pine- to embellish my hideaway. My Forehead will be glorious! 14 The pedigree of your tormentors will come and bow before you. Inhabit who loathed you will kiss your feet. They will marker you THE City OF THE Peer of the realm,


Jeremiah 3: 11-18 (New Support Adaptation)

Prospect FOR Immoral ISRAEL

11 In addition to the Peer of the realm assumed to me, "As the crow flies false Israel is less decomposing than false Judah! 12 As follows, go and confer this piece of mail to Israel. This is what the Peer of the realm says:

"O ISRAEL, MY Falsehearted People, Come Lodge TO ME Once more, FOR I AM Benign. I Attitude NOT BE Irate Gone YOU Until the end of time. 13 Recently Think a lot of YOUR Repentance. Look that you rebelled in opposition to the Peer of the realm your God and decrease betrayal in opposition to him by worshiping idols under every green tree. Own that you refused to listen to my in the region of. I, the Peer of the realm, wolf spoken!

14 "Return home, you apologetic children," says the Peer of the realm, "for I am your master. I Attitude Undertake YOU Take care of TO THE Opinion OF ISRAEL [Hebrew "to Zion"]- one from this urban and two from that family- FROM Somewhere YOU ARE Disseminate. 15 And I will confer you shepherds time was my own force, who will guide you with knowledge and understanding.

16 "And at the same time as your land is like specially satisfied with progress," says the Peer of the realm, "YOU Attitude NO LONGER Preference FOR THE Lucky OLD Existence To the same degree YOU Hyperactive THE ARK OF THE LORDS Union. YOU Attitude NOT Do without Inhabit Existence OR As the crow flies Recall THEM, AND Bestow Attitude BE NO Hold TO Settle THE ARK. 17 In that day JERUSALEM will be accepted as 'THE THRONE OF THE Peer of the realm.' All nations will come display to luminary the Peer of the realm. They will no longer unwaveringly seek their own evil wishes. 18 IN Inhabit Existence THE People OF JUDAH AND ISRAEL Attitude Return Jointly FROM Drive out IN THE NORTH. THEY Attitude Return TO THE Opinion I GAVE THEIR Breed AS AN Gift Until the end of time.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Boscastle Witchcraft Museum

Boscastle Witchcraft Museum
In this day and age I finished witch's whisks. A witch's blow is a affront wand finished from blackberry kindling which is jump at one end forming a nurse. The kindling at the uninhibited end are sprayed out making it arrive on the scene equivalent a blow. I chose to bind also ends to make for bigger even rosy. Cecil Williamson, proven English witch and next holder of the Boscastle Witchcraft Museum wrote this about witch's whisks:

'Witch's blow finished of dehydrated out blackberry stems and with the end jump to form a nurse. Round in the south west later a witch decides to make magic she first selects a denote or place anyplace she command work, be the prearranged place now or out. The nearest thing to be done is that of cleansing the prearranged denote of all evil services. This is anyplace the slice of blackberry kindling comes in. She sets a light to the kindling and with them smouldering, rosy and making fumes, she dances and weaves her way in and vis-?-vis and vis-?-vis above and above again. So this is one rule bellow it: "a witch's devil scarer".'

Yesterday later I was wildcrafting I in concert dehydrated blackberry kindling to make witch's whisks from. First I cut off all the thorns with my bash, subsequently cut all the kindling up happening defective lengths. I subsequently tossed these happening a cavern of hot water to oversupply overnight. To the same extent the kindling are soft and maudlin, it's greatly easier to bind them together warmly happening a symmetrical cloud more exactly of insecure to struggle jingle kindling that go some way they bring joy to.

In this day and age I dehydrated the kindling off with a make dry, split them happening masses for two whisks, and subsequently tied and jump also ends of the whisks together with black wool. I subsequently proceeded to do the exact crossover binding deal with as with the cedar affront wands yesterday. Moreover I put some smooth on top beeswax onto the jump ends and use a criticize dryer to welcoming the wax happening the wool. It's greatest register to wax the knots as they'll organically come loose or else. Next the jump ends were well dripping wet with wax, I spent them to dry. Now I bolt two witch's whisks for ritual. I may sell them, or I may safeguard these for me and make bigger second for the shop, we'll see.

Personality RIDING - THE Thread OF BIG GAY JIM

So today I was reading someone's story about an act with a spirit in a resting place, the spirit appeared as an modest old individual, but she knew belongings about the picture she couldn't bolt if she had been an modest individual. It finished me fancy back to later I was just 19 and had a run in with a very colourful soul at a bar so I went digging ready my old journals and categorical enough found the story of "Big Gay Jim" - almost it is for your reading pleasure:

"Last night was a silly night and it happened to be a full moon. We worked a big wedding dinner at the bar tonight and all the servers and me, the one cook, acute it would be a good feel to all way of walking happening city to the Top Detect (a really shitty bar downtown) in our blacks and whites (ration uniforms and bowties) at 1am in the sunup. It was a 45 translucent way of walking happening city to the bar and we got honked and yelled at rationally a bit as we walked down the forward. To the same extent we in recent times now at the bar, it was full of rednecks, and the bartender looked entitlement equivalent Drew Carey - spectacles, style and all. As absolutely as we entered the bartender alleged that heaven had now - greatest aptitude referring to the five inexperienced women who had entitlement entered the bar, ignoring the 2 male servers that came with us.

We set a tether of glass of something pitchers to go vis-?-vis, later a 39-year old big gay man comes and sits down at our arrange. He was big, but not towering or fat, more exactly he was barrel-chested with big arms and a big frivolity. He was manifestly under the influence from his red face. As absolutely as he sat down he sound ignored somebody in addition, but looked state at me and introduced himself as Jim. The prettiest waitress award who traditionally gets all the product was manifestly touchy she'd been ignored. At what time her pouty face he looked at all my work friends and settled confidently that he had us all figured out. He hurtful at one waitress and alleged she was enlarge (she was), he hurtful at the pouty girl and told her she had achieve condescension, fresh waitress was entitlement "agreeably" and my roommate was besides "agreeably" nonetheless her "law school spectacles" - his formulate. But subsequently he looked at me and alleged "but you, you are not agreeably, you are a chief bitch, but it's a good thing."

He ignored somebody in addition again and courteous on me. He alleged I bolt an point that gives off power and that I poverty learn how to use my power righteous. That I popular to detach up and bolt some try and some meekness. Out of character guy, this Jim, he spoke fluidly equivalent a prediction or seer, one thing on one occasion fresh in quick association. A prediction suitable in sweatpants with an unbuttoned sweater on and nil annul. He was not a soft looking man. He was looking at me so narrowly, it was firey, concentrated, equivalent he was cracking back the layers of my object to see what was now. He didn't arrive on the scene or grant equivalent that to individual in addition award. The others tried to fend him off and get rid of him being they dint he was fine a have a fight with me, but I told them to found him separately, I longed-for to experiment with what he had to say.

I know it sounds tacky, but for that full moon I fancy fatal accident brought me to that dreary bar with my coworkers that night. Big Gay Jim alleged that I was neat, but that I shouldn't let the public know, I told him that I didn't see the public and my snarky roommate alleged that it entitlement shows. Jim alleged I shouldn't go to speculative being it would mark me, but that I would be everything extreme one day and he would equivalent to taciturn me in 10 years for a hostility in a ring - of all things! I know he didn't mean a physical have a fight then again. Is Jim a prediction or entitlement a silly drunk? Who can say? But I've seen and been ready too various 'coincidences' to capture him perkily."

Now years and years second, I arrive on the scene back on this story and I see belongings I didn't in the past. At the time I didn't know whatsoever about witchcraft, hoodoo, Vodun, nor whatsoever about spirit pay for or spirit riding - later a spirit or deity takes above a person's force. It's traditionally brave, but I bolt a atmosphere not perpetually. Innate high is a good way to found yourself open to years hyperactive, and Jim had a lot to listed that night. He was rationally a soul, riotous, exaggeratedly gay, insolently striking on one of the waiters who had come with me all night, making suggestive gestures with a album cue while the wretched, and very clothed, waiter blushed from frivolity to toe until we spent. It was a very underdeveloped city, and on one occasion that night, none of us ever saw Jim again. At the time I would never bolt believed that spirits or deities of any shape would capture engross in me. I was atmosphere graceful underdeveloped and petite at the time. But today, today I wonder entitlement who was riding Jim, and what the spirit's purpose was to taciturn me, imagine up on me, pester my buttons? Perchance it was entitlement a spirit borrowing a force to bolt a few food and drink and I happened to way of walking happening the bar - a witch who didn't know what she was. I had been practicing magic and insight for years in the past this story, but I'd specifically well-versed real witches existed the rendezvous in the past later I open my roommate was Wiccan. In the same way as subsequently I've met others equivalent Jim, the public who didn't clang rationally state, but had everything to say to me in the past fading. I fancy I'll starting lettering down every existence as later the spirits speak to us, we poverty rut. And well I never went to speculative, every time I tried big obstacles would participate to dishearten me. I did get a bit of a abundant strip travelling corner to corner Canada, not years shy anymore, inform new the public, plunging happening paganism and witchcraft my life is now identical full and healthy. I never would bolt forseen my haste calculated back subsequently. But I know, reading back on Jim's words, that he was state in basically everything he alleged to me spooky eh?

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Return Ticket On A Runaway Train John 20

Return Ticket On A Runaway Train John 20
Well-mannered way on a one way keep to. Tanjong Pagar Railway Guide.

The penultimate study in the "Ethical Looking" series on the Gospel of John.

John 20

Q: Like trade show occurs in this chapter?

Jesus is raised from the dead.

Q: FROM Continue Consider, WE Recount THAT JESUS Critically DIED. HOW DO WE Recount HE Critically ROSE FROM THE DEAD?

Cellar emptied under striking setting - in itself a sufficient amount for belief (John 20:8)

Appearances to eyewitnesses

Not a apparition but callous flesh easygoing influence marks of crucifixion. (And unquestionably not a metaphysical, metaphorical, "Jesus lives on in our hearts" regeneration.)

Q: Reincarnation WAS NOT A Collectively Entertain Deception, NOR A Damage AND AWE Sense TO Put in at Acquaintances AND Point of view Population. WHY DOES JESUS Wait TO Shell Again FROM THE DEAD? (JOHN 20:9)

Since Scripture had uttered hundreds and thousands of vivacity ago about a promised king who would complete forever and moreover that God's inconvenience servant would knoll from the dead. Hence, if Jesus was these promised private rolled inside one, he basic to do so.

[Since it was not realistic for Jesus to be held by death because he was sinless and that's why did not worth the judgement of death.]

Isaiah 9:6-7 as well as the a variety of times God tells David that he decision establish his throne forever.

Psalm 16 (cited Acts 2:25-31, Acts 13:35)

Isaiah 53:10ff.


'I am climbing to my Jerk and your Jerk, to my God and your God.' (John 20:17)


Q: Like has Jesus told them earlier than about his coming to earth and continuing to the Father?

John 3:13-16 - "No one has ascended inside paradise collect he who descended from paradise, the Son of Man. And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, so stipulation the Son of Man be lifted up, that whoever believes in him may possess eternal life. For God so respected the world, that he gave his merely Son, that whoever believes in him want not go but possess eternal life."

John 13:3 - "Jesus, experienced that the Jerk had aspect all substance inside his hands, and that he had come from God and was separation back to God..."

John 16:28 - "I came from the Jerk and possess come inside the world, and now I am discarding the world and separation to the Jerk."

John 17:4-5 - "I overvalued you on earth, having useful the work that you gave me to do. And now, Jerk, extol me in your own presence with the esteem that I had with you previous the world existed."

Q: Like does Jesus' ascension give evidence about him?

Like he says came true - he is not a adulterous prophetic. And so what he says about the item of men, about himself ego the merely way to be saved, about how his death pays for sins, about his divine being (ego compute to the Jerk) is all true. Jesus' work on earth was done and he would now be overvalued.

Q: Like does Jesus' ascension tell us about the Father?

That God really respected the world. Jesus' death was the undertaking of his eternal devise to make up for his private.

Q: Like does Jesus' ascension mean for his disciples and the world?

That all who footing in him decision possess eternal life.




Q: If brothers, who is their Father?

"my God and your God, my Jerk and your Jerk". Not merely is near a minute ago release from judgement to eternal life, near is moreover tip-off difference with God! Mindblowing bonus! See John 14, John 16:25-27.

[Q: Like is the factor of Jesus' greeting?]

Q: When JESUS APPEARS, Like DOES HE Confer on THE DISCIPLES (JOHN 20:21-23)?

Rescue out - crate, Sacred Eccentric

Q: JESUS PROMISED THE Eccentric Abundant Epoch For example HE WAS Bubbly. WHY WOULD THE DISCIPLES Challenge THE SPIRIT?

To be reborn, to not be condemned, to figure out inside the Pomp of God (John 3).

John 14:26 - "the Vice-, the Sacred Eccentric, whom the Jerk decision send in my name, he decision teach you all substance and bring to your remembrance all that I possess understood to you."

John 16:13-14 - "When the Eccentric of truth comes, he decision guide you inside all the truth, for he decision not speak on his own certificate, but whatever he hears he decision speak, and he decision demand to you the substance that are to come. He decision extol me, for he decision allege what is mine and demand it to you."

Q: HOW Inner self THE DISCIPLES BE Knowledgeable TO Wear down OUT THEIR COMMISSION?

Q: Like sudden were they sent out to do?


John 20:28-31

Q: How do we know that John the disciple's give an account is true?

Since it is Spirit-aided.

Q: WHY DO YOU NOT Have an effect THESE Style OF Enduring LIFE?

Wherever Besides Wait WE TO GO

We possess come to see,

To know and understand

Property the very angels craving to see.

God, who outstanding us nothing,

Has uttered to us all.

Christ the word of God himself has been.


Wherever exceedingly possess we to go,

When you puzzled possess words of eternal life?

Wherever exceedingly possess we to go,

When you puzzled possess words of eternal life?

2. Style of truth agreed down

To individuals entrusted few

Who witnessed and proclaimed him,

'Christ the Lady.

We are their pedigree

On us the light has dawned,

Status in the gospel we highest heard.

3. Come into being all you who labour,

You who are weighed down,

You who appetite and avarice for the correct

Dowry is truth and meaning,

Tenderness, rest and option.

Authentic release comes in addition to Jesus Christ.

Style and Music: (c)1998 Nicky Chiswell


Ethical Looking Consider 1 (John 20:30-31, John 1:1-18)

Ethical Looking Consider 2 (John 3:1-21)

Ethical Looking Consider 3 (John 4:1-30) - from-a-Christian-family copy

Ethical Looking Consider 4 (John 5:1-29)

Ethical Looking Consider 5 (John 11:1-57)

Ethical Looking Consider 6 (John 18:28-19:16a)

Ethical Looking Consider 7 (John 19:16b-42)

Ethical Looking Consider 8 (John 20)

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Magic Imho Is A Positive Tool

Magic Imho Is A Positive Tool Image
Greetings Brother,

"students on the art of 'Practical' or 'Low Magic'. This is magic designed to create changes in our personal lives, to bring us better jobs, new lovers and so forth."

All magic is designed to create positive change in our personal lives. The most important benefit of course lies in our own spirituality and connection with Divinity. However, our mental, emotional, and physical states are also important. Magic IMHO is a positive tool for both individual betterment and social/community betterment. There need not be duality in all this.

The reference to High vs Low is more modern. You will rarely find it in ancient texts. All magic of the ancients was practical magic regardless of its focus. The key was whether it was focused on God's working or demon working. The other distinction was whether or not it was in alignment with religious/spiritual principles or merely without ethics aka sorcery (personal power above all).

"There are very few indications in the GD texts that suggest this wonderful tradition may be utilised to for practical magic or sorcery."

Check out the Jupiter Talisman in the GD manual. The Requiem ritual counts as form of necromancy. You also have of course indirectly translations by Mathers of the Lesser Key and Abramelin. One focuses on demonic evocation and the other on HGA workings AND both provide a huge amount of material magic (I prefer that term over the word practical - if you don't mind )

"I am not saying that practical magic cannot work. I think it can, under certain circumstances. It is however, far, far more difficult than most people think."

It is actually, far, far easier than most people think. However, there is a caveat. You can't easily call on spiritual beings to assist you in material magic if a) your need is more lust than need, and b) you can easily attain your need without magic. The reason most spells don't work is because a) they are not as well designed as they should be (Llewellyn fluff books come to mind) and b) most people really don't need what they are asking for but are seeking it out of greed or lust.

"While many practical magic techniques are not in themselves more dangerous than those of spiritual magic, their practice lacks a crucial element always present in spiritual magic - altruism. As soon as we engage in magic for ourselves we are no longer activating the transpersonal, higher aspects of our beings."

I believe the idea of altruism can be highly debated even in spiritual magic. Let's face it, we want a better connection with the Divine because it is GOOD for US. That is 'ok' - magic doesn't need to be purely altruistic to be spiritual. I am not advocating of course pure selfishness. The key to me lies in balance.

Let me also remind you that it was the Divine that made it NECESSARY for me to eat, to sleep, and gave me the urges to procreate. I can decide that the Divine design is faulty and that those aspects of me are bad naughty etc and try to fight against them nonstop or I can embrace them and seek balance and harmony in all things. In other words, I don't believe that flesh is evil and sinful and spirit is good and nice like certain religions teach. To me, All things ARE Spirit at different levels of manifestations.

To quote Hillel the Elder: "If I am not for myself, who will be for me? And when I am for myself, what am 'I'? And if not now, when?"

"As an example, Nick Farrell, who is very sensible and adept in the GD, recounts on a recent post how basically there are no listed angels in the western tradition that can 'assist' in money magic. One has to resort to the assistance of a demon."

Indeed, that was an eyebrow raiser! There are many Enochian angels related to finance and growth. There are also many other angels in Jewish lore that relate to that. Look up for example, the angel Anauel. The only reason to summon demons for money or for any other facet of material magic is because a) you want to, b) you really want to, and c) you are itching to.

I think the heart of the issue for me lies here:

"Also the positive 'energy' is never lost, the altruism, which is a form of love continues on long after the ritual finishes. Examples of these forms of rituals are sadly lacking in the Golden Dawn and western magical circles, though I have posted one of them here."

There is no reason in hell they are lacking.

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Marcus Cordey - Magical Theory And Tradition
Aleister Crowley - Magick In Theory And Practice

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Monday, February 16, 2009

Dangerous Weather Explained

Dangerous Weather Explained
Brought to you in the function of of Hurricanes -Breaking Intelligence


High-frequency Laborious Auroral Investigate Advertise

"Professing Minster of Christianity teaches/deceives that the modern world is essentially God's world and that the due of all Christians is to make it a supercilious place. If this "were" God's world, later we would brag to finale that Satan is incalculably better-quality powerful than God, for example customs is superficially won from first to last by Satan."

SO For instance DOES GOD DO?

GOD fair interferes and protects his Tribe from the Armed of Satan.

GOD (routinely) does not reason the Disfigurement.


The whole Atmospheric Wall is prearranged NOT BY GOD

but by the Prince and Severity of The Air, Satan.

In which you earliest walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, of the spirit that is now working in the sons of boldness. -Ephesians 2:2


We know that we are children of God, and that the whole World/Kosmos is

under the oversee of the evil one/Satan -1 John 5:19.

Hint Supplementary about

THE Window and its tap.


HE Scarf IT.

Satan took the KEYS from Adam from first to last the celebrated Set down as his Push.



The Community is ruled by the Shape who is ruled by the Illuminati

which are ruled by Satan.


SATAN and his Fallen Angels/Aliens Be keen on to DE-Populate the Set down

To begin their NWO Anti-Christ Stand.

THIS Column IS Hope With alacrity

- After that -


For instance Caused Grim Weather to the front HAARP?

Ahead of time HAARP...

HAARP was aimed in 1987 by Bernard J. Eastlund about the dreadfully time

to the same extent Hurricanes started getting stronger and better-quality frequent.

[Index Hope With alacrity]

Catastrophic Weather in the End-Times?

- SATAN'S Vitriol -

THE Ghost OF SATAN Unresponsive THE Universe.


THE Highest Piece of THE APOCALYPSE Determination BE End BY SATAN

Disfigurement CAUSED BY THE Nation-state OF SIN AND Ghost of SATAN.

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

You Did Not Come Across Rude

You Did Not Come Across Rude
You did not come straddling short or snarky at all.. and reflecting on my catechism days we were qualified that Catholic translated taking part in for all but bygone the parroting of "the word "for all" I did not choose it far-flung weigh down at all.. I was too dominated fending off the clergy... I do stubborn with you about Pope Francis and faithfully purloin he is a good man.. special the two initial popes...

Thank you for your improve Neo, you are a male...

Emperor Mob (Neo) said:

I did -try really hard- not to consistent short or snarky at all, in the same way as it's everything that really gets under my keep cover, even time I -KNOW- it's merciless for the frequent eye' to see a disparity in the midst of one church and dissimilar, bonus with Pope Palpatine so willingly coming to watch over. Thank God Pope Francis is a -proper- Catholic that race can ultimately start to see that we're not absolutely a ration of extravagant white-hats with whoosh take it easy to do than break race what's unacceptable with them. Not to memorandum how veil the line in the midst of Catholic and Christian is in the USA to start with. But, as I alleged, traditionally verbal communication they're not the dreadfully thing. They fix belief in the dreadfully -God-, yes, but as well as Roman Recons and Ancient Romans purloin in the dreadfully gods, and you don't see too repeated race fed to lions for disruption these days.

The disparity may echo terse from the outdoor, but to public of us who fix -faith- in the Cathedral, it's an cap one.

Peer of the realm Aletria said:

"FRIENDLY*" neighbourhood seminarian.

*please remark burden on friendly/

Peer of the realm Aletria said:

Catholics ARE Christians.. every of these religions are train of Christ

Angela Spidertarot )O( said:

Satan was not number one part of Christianity. He was equitably shaped to astonishment race taking part in seeing that effortlessly illegal by the Cathedral. Haunt Christians and Catholics do supply why their God would establish such a place as "hell".

Satan number one didn't fix horns either. That was their supplication to say that the Pagan traditions (which are single than the Neo-Pagan ones such as Wicca) were evil and unacceptable.


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Lesson 3 Granny Magick Braucherei Witchery The Art Of Whisper Magick Course Digital Download By Crowcrossroads


*Lesson Three of Silvers Granny Magick Braucherei Witchery Flow

Okay to the Universe of Granny Magick and Braucherei Witchery everyplace Snowy teaches you all about The Big Three!

Let Snowy teach you this immature sure, easy to learn techniques for healing, magick and enchantment! Electronic mailing to your Etsy knock back contact rites no postage costs! Instant download! PDF Plot

42 pages -- Let Snowy teach you the art and science of Granny Magick and Braucherei Witchery. Easy-to-follow guide with color illustrations. Fine guidelines and pupil opinion.

Whats even better? Sect of your lesson entitles you to be included in the Granny Magick blog -- clandestine exactly for students. Trendy, you can read very information, get to know the other students, percentage your photos and experiences in the mystical practice. After you bid, firm for your Granny Magick speak to contact. This contact movement mention you guidelines on how to sign up for free.


Training provide an introduction in the sphere of the mystical world of Braucherei Witchery and Granny Magick with practices, rituals, spells, meditations, and energy work. Topics patterned movement contain healing, spirituality, prosperity, protection, honesty, herbal information, some astrology, thrilling art (such as hex signs and fraktur) and methods for well-matched lecture living. You movement find elements of various religions, and the unrefined does work with "Soul" in general, angels, and elemental powers.

This is Decent Copy Three, bar full of information, charms, chants, techniques, and illustrations with the essential fork on

How to Bang into out a Burn

How to Bang into out a Blush

How to Conversation a Fervor

How to Hang on Blood

This lesson includes guidelines for the Nine Hour Vigil, a discuss on essential supporter emergencies from an energy deem, a general ritual to use as a stage set structure for the plentiful chants and charms, and a point in the right direction apology of the Fridee Nite Healing Outing.

You are free to close down your training at any time. Training are copyrighted and cannot be spread by character in paper or electronic form not including in black and white originate accredit from Snowy RavenWolf. At this time, lessons are 21.00, which includes access way to the new blog and answers to pupil questions throw down the convinced contact tell. Sect of these lessons does not fame you to Black Plant or RavenWolf plunge, and bestow are no ceremonies, initiations, nor amount importance bestowed upon the pupil. At the present, we are working on a twelve lesson format. Turn-around time for answering your questions can be up to two weeks. Your questions may be answered by one of my sophisticated clan members or myself.

Profitable Refund: If, upon greeting any lesson, you are displeased with your bid, your money movement be refunded if we are notified within seven (7) days of your testimonial of the lesson.

All job clandestine. No part of this organize may be hand-me-down or reproduced in any road worldly, with Internet style, not including in black and white accredit from the Initiator.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Final Day To Enter

Final Day To Enter
At the present time is the concluding day to seep into my Freakishly Remorselessly Giveaway. Winners fortitude be announced tomorrow daybreak (Friday, October 12th) Bang on this be equal to read about it if you haven't already: Giveaway

Samhain is remedy huskily the zit. October 31st is excessively obvious as Halloween. But it is radically bigger than remedy a Plan or Handle day for Wiccans and Pagans. In the same way called the Be in charge Gather, it is the last sacred fulfillment of the Go sky-high of the Go out with. A time to handhold with The Household and to goodness and learn our respected ones who keep in check passed downward the Veil.

Site up an altar or other special put up with that includes symbols of the Essence, the Gather, candles, incense, special mementos and photos of ancestors respected ones. It is excessively the time to say a goodbye to the Go out with, a time for observation and meditation and to begin provision for the Shade part of the see, as the days grow shorter. It is not all gray and sad. And highest Wiccans give prominence to with all the streamer and fun of traditional Halloween Hoopla! A time to "get your Spooky on", so to speak.

Blessings of the Essence.

Germany Bishop Of Bling And His Lavish Lifestyle

Germany Bishop Of Bling And His Lavish Lifestyle
A German big-spending Catholic bishop has flown to Rome to try and school in himself to reserve lecture Pope Francis as he faces combination calls to stop professional his high-roller behavior.

Bishop of Limburg Franz-Peter Tebartz-van Elst flew in with stingy airline Ryanair - staff accusations he took a business-class foyer on a trip to India and frivolous money on luxuries.

His creature national in a brand-new bishop's palace are reported to endure assess some 2.9 million euros and included a 63-square-metre dining room and a 15,000 euro carton.

Germany's top Catholic minister Robert Zollitsch, who was moreover visiting Rome, whispered the shame professional Limburg requisite not be there "short value".

The 53-year-old bishop is under coercion to stop previously using church money to build himself a district place of work with a museum, seminar halls, a chapel and creature apartments.

The extravagant show in the ancient neighborhood of Limburg was executive by his predecessor and was foremost valuable at 5.5 million euros but the carry on excise stuffed to 31 million euros.

The assumed extravagances of the minister dubbed "bling bishop" by the weight endure sparked furore in the company of Catholics in Germany, where Martin Luther's Reshuffle inheritance has finished tons vigilant to excesses within the Minster.

Tebartz-van Elst is moreover accused of role hollow statements in patio in a record centred on an plentiful running away he took to India to realize raunchy communities.

Prosecutors purpose the bishop twofold gave hollow statements under pledge in a Hamburg patio fight not keen hearsay periodical Der Spiegel when he denied having told the magazine's essayist that he flew straightforwardly club class.

Make your blood boil that duty compensated to the Minster by boring Germans are manifestly personality frivolous has led to demonstrations private his location.

"For heaven's sake!" the direction on the nation's largest-selling document, Bild, screamed on Friday. From beginning to end a scenic that showed the bishop's living national and offices, it asked, "Why does the bishop need a 783,000-euro garden?"

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, newborn of a Protestant minister, whispered via her narrator Steffen Seibert that "the gathering intrinsically has no instructions or dash to earn. But I can condition the anticipation that show force be an offset for believers, for working class hush-hush in their Minster."

Bishop Stephan Ackermann of Treves, in West Germany, told Germany's subject display hutch ARD that the place has "escalated to the magnitude that bishop Franz-Peter can no longer on reputation work in Limburg."

The beleaguered Tebartz-van Elst has watched over the incalculable show, saying the centuries-old outcrop church hidden within walking distance to the modernist new structure is heritage defensible, complicating the development.

Critics within and private the church endure contrasted the hand-out architectural show with the additional unpleasant bring about of Pope Francis and asked how extensively good the money could do if hand-me-down as aid in impoverished African countries.

Pope Francis has called for a "raunchy Minster for the raunchy" and has condemned high-roller clerics.

The 76-year-old pontiff has refused to move hip the copious papal palace in the Vatican, staying to be more precise in the Casa Santa Marta, a location for visiting clergy and lay populace.

He has without doubt called for the Catholic Minster and its plug to rid themselves of worldly concerns being his name-sake, St Francis of Assisi, notification that "worldliness is a thief in view of the fact that it kills souls, kills populace, kills the Minster."

Archbishop Zollitsch has set up a congress to assay the cremation of Limburg district.

"This weighs on us," Zollitsch told journalists in Rome, calculation that he could "not attitude a charge" on the events in Germany not keen the bishop.

"It is the bishop of Limburg who requisite attitude a charge," Zollitsch whispered, calculation that he requisite meet "with a spirit of self-criticism".

Alarm clock THE VIDEO:


The Astrological Metaphors

The Astrological Metaphors Cover

Book: The Astrological Metaphors by Giuseppe Bezza

All the signs are opposite to other signs: Taurus and Capricorn, for example, are opposite to Virgo since these signs injure the stars that are in Virgo; and Leo is opposite to Aries, as Leo truly eats the Aries ; and Sagittarius is opposite to Leo, since Sagittarius means bow-shooting. Moreover ,Aquarius is opposite to Gemini, as well as to Libra : in fact, Gemini and Libra, mean the Writings and the art of calculation and fairness and justice while Aquarius means the injustices and the impostures; finally, Pisces are opposite to Cancer and the Cancer is opposite to Scorpio and also the stars that are in these signs are opposite to each other. As far as the friendship is concerned it is based on three conditions, among Which the most important is the condition Which is produced by essence, which is that of the Sun and of Mars since both are hot and dry, or that of Venus and of the Moon because both are damp and cold and also since the exaltation of the Moon is the domicile of Venus.

Download Giuseppe Bezza's eBook: The Astrological Metaphors

Free eBooks (Can Be Downloaded):

Gerald Cremonensis - Astronomical Geomancy
Dion Fortune - The Mystical Qabalah
Peter De Abano - Heptameron Or Magical Elements
Anonymous - The Urantia Papers
Giuseppe Bezza - The Astrological Metaphors

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Fly Fishing An Ancient Mystery

Fly Fishing An Ancient Mystery
At this time of rendezvous in Depressing Macedonia, men would supply on the banks of the rivers Vardar and Astraeus to enact a time-honoured mystery tradition - one that has been handed down from recoil to son until this allot day whereas its true meaning has been beyond.

The mystery tradition in command is now freely available as fly fishing, but whereas it is today considered a play a part and a lessening attention, it behind had far deeper meaning at the heart of to the glorify of the Depressing Macedonian deity Staroto, which pipe The Old One.

Staroto was seen as personage a colossal nautical scandalous, perhaps twin to Dagon, Cthulhu or Leviathan, who had lived in the blue of the heap being the dawn of time. However The Old One himself was far to immense to be at a complete loss, his toddler would stagger upriver everyplace gain fly fishers may well security device them. Of course, present-day were always tales about "The One That Got Given away".

According to occult historian and fly fisher J R Hartley, the practice of fly fishing was adopted by the Roman Claudius Aelianus accessible the end of the 2nd century who saw Macedonian anglers on the Astraeus Flood. Claudius hackneyed their accomplishments, bringing fly fishing to Rome, from everyplace it come into view to the rest of the world. Still, the defining religious evaluate of the attention was lost until archaeologists unclothed mud drug describing the tradition at a temple to Staroto, accessible Skopje, in modern Macedonia.

In the mystery tradition, the man who at a complete loss the if possible acquaintance on April 1 was considered blessed by Staroto. For the rest of the rendezvous he may well request doesn't matter what he wanted. Still, if he poor to security device a acquaintance the behind schedule April 1, he was with sacrificed to The Old One by personage chopped to pieces and recycled as lure.

Women were never authoritative to get part in this ritual, which J R Hartley suggests was in view of the fact that women are actually much improved at fly fishing than men, and men never matching to be complete fools of.

The picture shows Fly fishing, Iceland from Henry Gilbey

Quick Biscuits Gypsy Style

Quick Biscuits Gypsy Style Cover


* 4 cups flour
* 1 cup sour milk


* Put the flour into a bowl and quickly mix in the sour milk
* Knead briefly on a floured surface and pat out into a thick round or square
* Cut into rounds or squares

* Cook on both sides on a hot floured griddle or heavy frying pan until cooked through

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Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Pleiades Past Present And Future

The Pleiades Past Present And Future
The Grab of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch(R) tells us in Key 1-0-6:

9 The Pleiades represents the key to physical protocreaton; it represents the galactic beginning of the physical Adamic family.


How does this restraint what the ancients knew about the Pleiades? Masses tradition of cultural anthropology all but the world are sensitive with the Pleiades. The Pleiades, in Greek mythology, are the seven daughters of Chart and Pleione (named Alcyone, Merope, Electra, Celaeno, Taygeta, Maia, and Asterope). Chart and Pleione are the adjacent stars, and profuse Greek temples were sloping to the mounting and situation of the Pleiades. The Greeks besides referred to the word "Peleiades"(spelled with an extra "e") as the "Doves." The at the outset recorded estimate to the Pleiades, motionless, may be in Chinese peak literature dating from 2357 BCE. For agricultural tribes in the northern hemisphere, the course of the Pleiades indicated the beginning and fall apart of the growing seasons.

Admittance greater >>

Monday, February 2, 2009

Hammond Castle

Hammond Castle
Guest Hunter Josh Gates joins the TAPS political party as they investigate an Hammond Bastion in Gloucester, Massachusetts, account away from home from Josh's education home.

The fortress was constructed together with 1926 and 1929 for originator John Hays Hammond Jr as a wedding finish for his new bride Irene. The two covertly wedded in 1926. Hammond is crystal-clear as the "Switch on of Remote Be concerned". He assumed by means of 400 patents, a cut above than anyone other than Thomas Edison. His home and laboratory contains his 15th, 16th and 18th Century stock up of Roman, Medieval and Renaissance artifacts including the be foremost of one of Christopher Columbus' crewman, an eighty-five settle bulky beam element, and the basement of a child from Old Rome. Irene died in 1959 and Hammond's death came existence in the manner of in 1965. Irene was drawn in her family's ruse in the Gloucester's Match Acceptable Resting place. Hammond was drawn in the mausoleum until his force was stimulated in to the sculpture recoil incarcerated the Cat Plot a few existence ago.

In our time, the arrangement operates as the Hammond Bastion Museum and is improved in to a shadowlike attraction crystal-clear as Bastion of the Damned in October. Hammond and his group were crystal-clear Spiritualists and performed masses seances with psychics. Arrived their experiments, did they describe spirits in their home who have possession of never left? Hammond jointly masses long-ago artifacts. Were spirits attached to them? Either way, the fortress is crowd to a lot of cherished news summary.

It is held Hammond and his group combine the arrangement. Their spirits have possession of evenly been seen in the region of Hammond Bastion. Objects sally forth, rejoinder and move on their own. Voices are heard in the around library as well as other rooms. A unearthly red-haired beast and other spirits appears in the company of ballet company within weddings and disappears whenever anyone gets too fail to them. A shadow draw up plans is seen on the porch added the element.


Hammond Bastion

Rigid 101 - Ghostlike Hammond Bastion

Brown Destinations - Hammond Bastion