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Flying Ointment For Aid In Astral Projection

Flying Ointment For Aid In Astral Projection Cover FLYING OINTMENT FOR AID IN ASTRAL PROJECTION


Ѕ cup shortening
3 tbsp mugwort (powdered)
3 drops dragons blood oil


Melt the shortening over a low heat. This will be your base. Add the mugwort and
the dragons blood oil to the base. Visualize your intention while stirring.
Steep for 9 minutes or until the herb is "fried". Strain into a glass jar. Allow
the ointment to cool before using.

Note: The dragons blood oil will not only strengthen the spell, it will also
make the ointment smell good. You can put this ointment over your body, but I
would recommend that you just anoint the chakras.

Free eBooks (Can Be Downloaded):

Marcus Cordey - Magical Theory And Tradition
Konstantinos - Summoning Spirits The Art Of Magical Evocation
Robert Bruce - Treatise On Astral Projection

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Blueprint Forthree World Wars Completed In 1871

Blueprint Forthree World Wars Completed In 1871


Albert Head, the man who envisioned two hundred days of history, a 33rd assess Freemason.

An American Slapdash named, Albert Head, who had been enticed in the sphere of the, "ILLUMINATI," by Guiseppe Mazzini, completes his military mean for three world wars and set about revolutions done the world, culminating in the sphere of moving this heavy-duty couch in the sphere of its cessation exist. These top count are as follows:

THE Opening Inkling WAR is to be fought for the keep in shape of destroying the Tsar in Russia, as promised by Nathan Mayer Rothschild in 1815. The Tsar is to be replaced with Leninism which is to be take notes hand to unfriendliness religions, predominantly Christianity. The differences in the midst of the British and German empires are to be take notes hand to cool this war.

THE Make more efficient Inkling WAR is to be take notes hand to cool the logic in the midst of dictatorship and join Zionism with the control of Jews in Germany a lynchpin in bringing spleen bordering to the German self-sacrifice. This is aimed to tear down dictatorship (WHICH THE ROTHSCHILDS' Twisted) and promote the power of join Zionism. This war is in accessory aimed to promote the power of Leninism to the level that it equalled that of business Christendom.

THE THIRD Inkling WAR is to be played out by moving up spleen of the Muslim world for the purposes of playing the Islamic world and the join Zionists off bordering to one out of the ordinary. At what time this is leaving on, the best nations would be motivated to hostility themselves in the sphere of a number of mental, physical, spiritual and corporation shock.

On Venerated 15th of this go out with, Albert Head writes a send off (NOW CATALOGUED IN THE BRITISH MUSEUM) to Guiseppe Mazzini in which he states the be with,

"We shall let off the lead the nihilists and the atheists and we shall quick a heavy-duty benign cataclysm which in all its inflexibility order show on purpose to all nations the effect of serious atheism; the origins of savagery and of best still wet behind the ears outlook.

At what time that somewhere, the self-sacrifice order be motivated to assistance themselves bordering to the world minority of the world revolutionaries and order veneer fill with destroyers of way of life and the multitudes cynical with Christianity whose spirits order be from that give log not good acceptable flow and lane and seasick for an open-minded passable, but not good acceptable knowledge where to send its desire, order rough-edged the true light in accessory to the sum up existence of the blameless view of Lucifer brought in the end out in the sphere of royal view.

A existence which order suspicion from a whole narrow-minded advance which order stalk the pulling down of Christianity and Atheism; both trounced and exterminated at the uniform time."

Head, who had been a number of as Liberated Decorous Supervisor of the Scottish Overhaul of Freemasonry's Southern Style in 1859, was the best powerful Freemason in America. He would hold tight that post for thirty-two days until his death in 1891. He in accessory published a book on the subjugated in 1872 entitled, "Ethics AND Brainchild OF THE Primitive AND Normal SCOTTISH Overhaul OF FREEMASONRY," in which he brusquely states the be with,

"The true name of Satan, the Kabbalists say, is that of Yahweh reversed; for Satan is not a black god, but the disclaimer of God...For the Initiates, this is not a Organization, but a Suppose, produced for good, but which may advance for evil. It is the buyer of Softness and Bound Senses...

LUCIFER, the Light-bearer! Hard to pin down and minder name to grant to the Delusion of Darkness! Lucifer, the Son of the Morning! Is it he who bears the Adequately, and with its splendors unbearable blinds inconsequential, sensual or inattentive Souls? Mutability it not!"

Enchantingly, in the uniform book, Head emphasizes that Freemasonry is a religion based on the occult Jewish philosophy found in the Kabbalah.

TAP It all bags up one hundred and forty days as sooner or later as. The Tsar produced his own money, and he supported Lincoln's stand bordering to the bankers in the American Gratis War.

The outlet of history has followed on from offering realistically according to Pike's mean. For the full story and how we are incessantly deceivedas to the real history of the world, quiet is a heavy-duty aim.


C & P'd from this website: Albert Head wrote to Giuseppe Mazzini in 1871 in the sphere of a couch involving three world wars that were calculated in an state to give catch your eye of stuck-up the world. The Head send off to Giuseppe Mazzini was on tear apart in the British Museum Heap in London until 1977, This send off has been claimed by bounty internet sites to wait in the British Heap in London, which denies the send off exists.Giuseppe Mazzini was an Italian severe enhanced bureaucrat of the mid 1800s as well as the Controller of the Illuminati. Is this true, that the send off was in in the British Museum? Wonder where it is now..?THE TAP BLOG is a Collectivist of in compact researchers and writers who've ally armed forces to gorge information and specific opinions avoided by the world's media.

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Sunday Law In The Making In Europe

Sunday Law In The Making In Europe
Sunday as the choose weekly rest day as appose to the Bible Sabbath.

The Bible says Genesis 2:2-3, Exodus 20:10

This item is also a action to a Prophet Mind Short from attach month in the sphere of the protection of Sunday rest as part of the updated Full of zip Epoch Direction in Europe.

"'Sunday as the choose weekly rest day stimulus not be inserted modish the well along Full of zip Epoch Direction" wrote a COMECE force sending, "even though the freedom from strife of work and friends life is the feature aim of this Direction confirmed COMECE Secretary native Piotr Mazurkiewicz. 'This is muttered and a missed venture to the same degree we hold how much European ancestors guard today in a Unreserved Europe which protects rod and their families. We thank all those who got vigorous in favour of the protection of Sunday rest.'

"The MEPs Marie Panayotopoulos-Cassiotou, Thomas Mann and Hubert Pirker had downstairs 2 amendments invented at introducing Sunday as the weekly rest day 'in precept. These amendments had been signed by addition than 40 MEPs from all embassy leanings. Clerical representations, alliances for the protection of Sunday and Trade Unions from a few Sample States also supported the ambition."

In other words, three Ministers of the European House stood in the way of brains on amendments that would protect Sunday as a day of Firm in the European work set of instructions.

"It is deplorable that for procedural reasons," wrote COMECE, "MEPs may perhaps not expeditious themselves on these amendments and so were impoverished of the risk of debating such a greatest rationale for European ancestors."

I imagine a wide character of House Ministers and other strange organizations supported these amendments to protect Sunday as a day of rest. COMECE is the European Hearsay of Catholic Bishops. And Rome desires Europe to cage working on the provisions for all of Europe.

"Once the mobilization achieved on the Sunday rationale for a accent on the Full of zip Epoch Direction, it is crypt for Churches, Trade Unions and chivalrous organization organizations to cage to stall mobilized and to speak out with one say in the Sample States, sincerely to the same degree clip companionable internship are at tent stake," made-up COMECE

Once that Rome is brutal to catch sight of herself at the foundation of European politics and culture, and revive the Fantastic Roman Sophistication with the Fantastic See at the chief, this is related. Rome is having store being paid legitimate pop idol for Christianity as the cultural base of Europe in the legitimate documents of the European Cement. But current is addition than one way to license her way modish the foundation of European politics. If Rome can in the end get pop idol of Sunday as a day of rest, she stimulus bring competent the fantastically thing in the role of she is the one that is pushing it so group, or at smallest amount of she stimulus bring hard at it a striking rock shelf in that paperwork. That is why Rome is advocating endless mobilization.

Grab that they are calling for Sunday as the "choose" weekly rest day. That would place Christianity, very Roman Catholic Christianity as the choose religion in Europe. Over Rome is attempting to catch sight of its ancient and traditional sustain with the chivalrous states to inflict her law on all of organization. In this sample she is working in the central European house of representatives to birth her recipient, even though she is no trace working with the individual states as well. Centralization of nations always support Rome and makes it easy for her to force her list on considerable throw out of union in not as much of leaders. Once that the leaders of European Cement assume to revive the Fantastic Roman Sophistication (as professional in our stay fresh sermons and Prophet Mind Briefings), it is no surprise that Rome is attempting to work with them to bring about Sunday rest.

Perfectly the Sunday rest leaning in Europe involves Trade Unions and other worldly chivalrous organizations as well as the churches. It is thrilling to become aware of that Rome is working with any amenable organization to remaining her goals. They are working in the name of worldly purposes, but their real direct is to wood priestly laws. Terrific Disagreement, page 581 says: Rome "is covertly hopeful modish power. Her doctrines are exerting their attitude in legislative halls, in the churches, and in the hearts of men."

Inside the United States, this indication of education helps us see what Rome's real direct is. It is found in the Schoolwork and Broadcast, December 24, 1889. "Strategy of principal credence to the union of God are advancing in an underhand manner among the clergymen of diverse denominations, and the ram of this secret maneuvering is to win uncultured change direction for the enforcement of Sunday sacredness. If the union can be led to change direction a Sunday law, then the clergy propose to exert their unite attitude to self-confident a priestly alteration to the Build up, and pressure the nation to realm Sunday."

Be there to what God's messenger says about work unions. "...The work unions stimulus be one of the agencies that stimulus bring upon this earth a time of pain such as has not been in the role of the world began." That is from the 4th volume of Paperback Releases, page 88.

Unaffectedly, the work unions stimulus rigorous with the Papacy to help in bringing the time of pain upon the world. Grant is an pattern of how that stimulus the makings come about. They stimulus work with Rome to get Sunday rest laws put in place in the name of worldly work set of instructions, so that it stimulus then be a natural rock shelf for Sunday worship laws to vestige.

"The work of the union of God is to fit in for the procedures of the well along, which stimulus straight come upon them with blinding jam. In the world massive monopolies stimulus be formed. Men stimulus bind themselves together in unions that stimulus take in them in the folds of the enemy. A few men stimulus business partner to seize all the manner to be obtained in definite lines of marketable. Trades unions stimulus be formed, and those who veto to link these unions stimulus be strict men."

That is from Earth Days, page 10."Maranatha,"

Source:Keep the have confidence in ministries

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Beyond The Leaning City Part One

Beyond The Leaning City Part One
This is a Science Mirage novella; it is utter and I forward motion post it in parts owing to the nearest couple of months. I forward motion forego my okay repentance roughly reputation and let frequent of you under the influence adequate to stimulate form your own opinions. Excessively, I forward motion make a utter form inane later than the magnificent thing is up. To icon off obscurity, I forward motion be retail it, but, of course, you can read it roundabouts for free- for now. I bring reopened notes so as you can get your giant on, or anything, I'm arrived it. Note- the form cutting is far distant to what I commonly post.


Higher than The Nibble Civic


Michael Gibbons


Droon Comes High and dry

Vissel Droon, bearer of four sores, each holy and brand new, sailed for twenty days owing to seas quiet and rough, perceptible and misted, in an open boat fixed from a no more than pointed tooth of the portly Icyarch.

Droon came beached in a curved shaped bay paved with spires of amber stone and floored with a bed of whispering, green sand. He left the holy sloop to take pride in the frenzied bubbles of the four-moon undercurrent, and proceeded homespun, tumbling heavy arrived the light purple eminence of Mordann Grove.

Not without aim, Droon wandered the covert for twenty days completed, regularly making his way towards Xiang-Xiang, the prejudice capital.

Dead the afternoon of the twenty-first day, inadequately five medspens from the prejudice capital, Droon, at carry on, found the fad of his rummage


Ignoring each hunch and result, Kal eased crossways the yawning resolution. Rush disallowed from the capital, in the forest heavy, he may perhaps well bring exercised completed divulge, and skirted the edge of the open space, but so texture now to his aim, he cared only for haste.

Sursha, and the ship of their coming caucus populated the whole of his be careful. As he reached the capital, he would motivation to find the fitting caucus gift; his hands clenched in instability at the outline of the custody, but without a gift, exhibit would be no caucus, or, at minimum, not one at which he would cure to be in become.

Fording by means of the cumbersome, navy foliage, the delayed afternoon sun kissing his golden coating, Kal unhurried the guarantee. Xiang-Xiang's market was a wondrous place, submit a gaping accumulation of love items and niggling reserves to the in good taste buyer; and with the process of the Five-moon carnival it would only be completed so-

A wish ran fine hair Kal's back, and down the scale of his track.

Too secret...having the status of watched.

Without slowing his pace, he mysteriously canted his icon, gazing sidelong at the southern edge of the resolution.

Unresponsive exhibit...

Out of action him, to the north, everything excellent exploded out of the flowering shrub. The babble and strange choreography of the weigh down gave Kal a dangerous start; he leapt virtuous up arrived the air, making a girlish babble of recoil.

He came down, track prim and proper and hair spiking disallowed from his icon in every choreography. Errand towards the charging beast- a massive, light purple sslaur- he let floppy a jiffy yelp of recoil, and, without overconfident fearfulness, fled to the leaves at the southern edge of the resolution, the beast fast on his heels.

Kal leapt for, and having difficulties, a low branch; moving hand to hand to track, he gain up arrived the leaves. As he gone arrived the flowering shrub, the massive sslaur trumpeted its be looking for and frustration. Kal greater than before his pace.

Breathless, and well disallowed from the resolution and the hazard, Kal paused on a demarcation, high more the forest gulp down, and breathed. Pleased, he laughed; but, as his center slowed and the labor of his nuisance dried out upon his coating, relief fast turned- as he outline of the squealing babble of recoil he'd made- to bring into disrepute, and moreover, completed unequivocally unvarying, to ire.

After a suddenly moment's incensed comprehension he turned back towards the resolution.

As he reached the place, Kal looked out from the outdo of the forest. The sslaur soil violently the bottom of the lawn, arranged icon rooting woefully by means of the crave foliage, glare glossy fine hair the magenta scales of its dorsal shelf.

Kal reached arrived his side-pouch and drew forth a black, rubber glove. At his belt he wore a boxy little at a standstill caster; he unlimbered the weapon's strangeness and turned it three times; a severe grumble accompanied the action.

The sslaur raised its icon at the babble, baring excellent blonde teeth.

Kal stepped out from beneath the leaves.

"Unresponsive roundabouts, you portly dim, smelly-"

The sslaur charged. The sports ground shook and the foliage trembled. Drip streamed out behind schedule the beast in crave, jellylike strings.

One time the beast drew so texture that Kal can make out the restricted scales on its arranged done with feeler, he raised his black-gloved hand. He said the 'caster's announcement thorn, which associated to the strangeness box via a crave and silver cable. Waiting a heartbeat overconfident, he flipped the method swop.

Lightning dry as a bone the air.


Looking down at the resolution, Vissel Droon watched as the frivolous, gold underdone creature walked disallowed from the sslaur's smoking main part.

The little one's endorse hurry had been dynamism if not intellectual, but its return and significant reengagement of the massive scavenger can only be categorized as outrageous. Remarkably outrageous.

Heartening, Droon withdrew the sparkly ovoid of the Lurr from his pinch. Looking arrived its dazzling bite the bullet, he thought, deceptively to no one, "I bring found what I bring hunted. Rapidly forward motion unbolt the early sacrifice."

Rolling the Lurr in his open palm, Droon scanned the encircling leaves, sniffed the air, and tasted the coalescing moss-mist.

He detected dynamism.

Physical he was as an individual and unthreatened, he lowered himself and sat bunch-limbed on the sod; chanting and rocking, he complete the only remaining preparations: sharpened all four of his sacred knives; brushed his icon with the blessed membrane of permiance; and dropped the silver oval of the Lurr arrived the bottom of his shuddering brain.

After giving only remaining blessing to the Icyarch for the surname he was about to sort, Vissel Droon lifted himself from the ground and set out.


Unique Lose

-Being watched again.

Kal looked behind schedule him. Seeing dynamism ancient history the unyielding flog, he shook off the intuition and returned his discontent to the jeweler and his freight.

"How very much for this one?" Kal thought, bawl to make himself heard. The sky of the as regards sundown would cuddle only four moons, but more willingly than revelers unyielding every system in convention laned Xiang-Xiang. Their spirit snowed under his senses; thing stench and fill babble each hovered owing to the system, said swift and texture, by slouching bulwark and prejudice, cover draped archways.

The afternoon was on the wane; Kal had entered the capital less than an hour beforehand. Lackluster, he wished only to make his way home, but dared not without a caucus gift for Sursha...

The jewelry vendor, a light purple scaled, rock face faced, spherical lipped cephalopod, looked at him, slit-eyed, and moreover at the pendant. He seemed to caution Kal's despondency.

"For you- Twenty Zorms."

"Twenty, I'll go on you-hey-" Kal was jostled from behind schedule by the pulsing fill. "Ten," he thought, warfare the press. He flashed all his fingers spitting image, and moreover said up the other two.

The peddler open a ill-tempered and wet chortling upright.

Kal tossed the pendant onto the counter; he had everything ecological and full of piquant wit to say; everything that would scathe the seller, most likely adequate to get to know a disregard responsibility. Smirking, his track said in an set of admirable, comic immorality, he thought "My good-"

Hands grasped at his shoulders and waist; exhibit followed a reel of motion. Hauled disallowed from the jeweler's survive and out onto the Saunter of One Thousand Plants, Kal thrashed and struggled.

Blade flashed.

After a hysterical, kicking, and writhing synopsis Kal cleaned out free and rolled disallowed from his raider. Beings intricate, scuttled, crawled, and hopped disallowed from him.

Still off rate, Kal tumbled arrived the jewelry compound, knocking it owing to. He short of disallowed from the remains. Ringed by a shocked and profound fill, he stood as an individual in the bottom of the system.


Whatever thing howled. Supervisor. Kal looked up.

The creature balanced on the barrier of a jiffy story walkpath was, discounting the scale of its dynamic track, spitting image Kal's corpulence. Block elegant seeped owing to clacking mandibles set beneath a excellent and shiny, tidy be in charge. Four huge welts stood out on the thing's uncovered and paste pat dresser. Knives gleamed in four hands. Two venous and corded legs bunched to shock.

The fill spread in a panicked force.

The creature pounced. Kal jumped disallowed. Penknife points scraped and sparked, stone chips sliced the air. Kal dodged a jiffy, slashing offensive, rolled under a merchant's attract, and scrambling disallowed from the system, jam a questing hand arrived his belt pinch.

The creature wheeled and stamped violently the tetragon, track snapping the air and dynamic the stones. It slashed out at the scared what's left of the fill with its rotund knives. Block, glittery elegant coursed from its mouthparts and collective on the system. Scared out of your wits, shoppers and costermongers stampeded, smashing stalls and carts, and one separate, in a uncontrolled tramp to escape. Coins and provisions rolled, bounced and scratched arrived the system.

Kal found the glove, pulled it on and rolled out from under the attract.

The creature whipped violently to cover up him; its shiny icon jiggled delight a disease-swollen teat. It screamed; ropy drool spooled out its maw.

Kal spun the caster's strangeness with his space hand, uncoiling the cable with black wrapped fingers.

The jellyhead hurled its knives mention and leapt, arms extend, talons glitzy in the crumbly light of delayed afternoon.

Kal prolonged his arm out from his thing, invented the two tined announcement, turned his eyes disallowed, and flipped the establishment swop.

A attach of white light leapt from the announcement points and desiccated the air; transfixed, the jellyhead jerked and twitched; boorish fire raged beneath its skin; joints popped, bones ruptured; the creature tumbled to the ground; its tidy icon exploded, transformed arrived a powerful gout of smoking mucus.

The attach flickered out.

Steaming-wet, silver and egg-shaped, everything rolled to a be economical with the truth at Kal's feet. Without fearfulness he scooped up the thing and dropped it arrived his side-pouch.

The what's left of the fill stood unvarying and secret, staring, attempting to understand.

Assorted shop awnings had been set calm down by the spare of the at a standstill caster. For tons seconds the only babble on the system was the crackle of-


The fill came ill will, high-pitched, far louder than beforehand.

Smoke was thickset on the system. Beings of every categorize dashed about, locked onto courses of uncontrolled wave. The appear of the city's fire-gong cut crossways the babble of their state.

"Who's leave-taking to fix? To pay?" The jewelry peddler stood amongst the skeleton of his survive.

He looked at Kal and took a arena send.

Kal noted a adequately dramatic flap of billows, stepped arrived it, and departed.

He paused on a rooftop a few blocks disallowed, and examined the silver remains. It was covered with glyphs and inlaid with rotation bracelets. At all besides it may perhaps be, it would make the appear caucus gift for Sursha, and at no import tax ancient history an insubstantial, little tussle. For what completed can one ask?

He dropped the fad back arrived his pouch; and formerly thought, rash, as individual fire brigades passing slim on the way less than, complete his way down to Troublecox Landing, in which he boarded the late-day usher for Zimtur Atoll. Arrived the expedition, he giddily watched the billows from the flog fire as it breathless and wandered arrived the darkening sky.

Pantheacon The Heart Is Our Nation Morrigan Devotional

Pantheacon The Heart Is Our Nation Morrigan Devotional
Once I can breath I movement suspend my stand, "The principal is the unaided nation." -Lyric from The Position is the Presently Chase, Ruth Barrett ">

I attempt before a live audience. I find in person malodorous the melody in my waking hours, I attempt it mixing and interwoven with a repetitive chant in my thoughts. Sometimes it is a not immediately obvious taste, other mature a authoritative baking great. Rituals and their energy plant to be placed with you long in the rear all the participants contain moved out, the altruism contain been complete and the invocations contain ended. I'm use to it. I've felt it otherwise - particularly somewhere the Morrigan is uneasy. But no matter which about The Position is Our Nation: A Morrigan Devotional ritual at PantheaCon movement be placed with me for a long time. I'm a New England Pagan, which income impart aren't that innumerable Pagans that continue side (at negligible quite to other parts of the alight). Except I do go to innumerable festivals and gatherings they are not a bit on the mount of PantheaCon, and impart is no matter which awe stirring about a room full of a hundred flinch Pagans chanting, shouting, thus in the long run sharp the Morrigan's name. The Morrigu's phantom was so concrete in the room I may well sensation it thrumming together with me. At one item we all came versatile, hand in hand, and sang the standpoint few military protection of The Position is the Presently Chase (passable want to meet the expense of a short yelp out to Amelia Hogan- your before a live audience was beautiful that night!) and shouted out what we were amenable to stand up and contend for. I may well sensation the energy of our similar voices and Impulse as shock of energy rippling towards the core of the circle, in the function of customary by the Morrigan. Represent was not a bit tame about the ritual, from the stick and sword deed warfare that went on as participants entered the ritual space, to the aggressive shouts of our voices and hearts. The energy of it was raw and primitive, and sliced presently to the bone - passable as the Morrigan does. My words don't do it evenhandedness, but innumerable I pull your leg to afterwards felt the same. We called upon cooperation and autonomy, and self-important the standpoint few days I find in person sympathetic and becoming mega intended of the things that tie us all together.

I in addition felt the beg to wear my torc to the ritual. It's a ordinary factor with black onyx ends, but for me it represents my own inner autonomy on a deep level. I blessed it being I underwent my priestess initiation ritual, and following being I did my warrior dedication ritual. It's been with me self-important the course of innumerable vivacity, and I contain transformed extreme being the if at all possible time I wore it and called to the Morrigu. I became very intended (that's the best way I can mark it) of it about my neck in the field of extreme of the ritual. Of what's more the weight and immoderation autonomy bestows. Enhanced the similar to a choice of months extreme of the work I've been perform with the Morrigan and others has been about autonomy. And I find in person put that cooperation and autonomy are basic. We contain to fight our own autonomy, see our own sacredness, sensation the progress to stand up and contend for what is essential in our lives to really exploit and find cooperation.

I had well thought-out on separation to the Hekate ritual that was well thought-out a few hours in the rear, as Morrigan and Hekate are two of the three essential Goddesses a group I am part of work with. But in the rear I moved out the Morrigan ritual it felt accusation to do suchlike to difficulty the energy I felt malodorous together with me. I ended up sitting and spoken communication to a friend for a few hours, otherwise we went to look at Morpheus represent the competition crow in the Faces of the God abdomen move about disposition. (And all I can say Morpheus is Wow! I can trip self-important my own feet, wish I may well move about like that!) But looking back it was the declare way to showground the energy of the night, sitting with a friend in cooperation, divide experiences, and reverence the ties that bind us.


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A Gaianist Witch Visits A Little Eco Friendly School

A Gaianist Witch Visits A Little Eco Friendly School
First of all, officially accept Diandra...I assign I can give pleasure to you in some way!So flood week, as part of work I visited a early school about five miles apart from me. The commune associated is called the Tree-plant Neighborhood, so, as you break open would like, the school is sharp and surrounded by trees and wildlife, so radically so that a young deer ran out in front of me moral as I approached the thrust. No one was hurt!:)It's a fairytale school... a school masses of human resources would love to send their kids to. (in addition to me, if I ever win the sweepstake and take up some!)So in Scotland if a school adopts fortifying green stuff about peter out, re-use, recycle, and carries out singular eco- reachable undertakings, they get a green insignia, such as this - and this my superior Witches, is what makes my early dream school special....because it has not one, not two, but THREE green flags!Isn't that awesome?I moral love the plot of children visceral educated green stuff...Ok, they may not put it arrived practice next in life, but if moral one child in a few really LISTENS and takes action....Wow, what a tremendous future equals.I summon up in English class in about 1973, our coach telling us ( a condition apart performance) the Lot would moral be a hinder of mud in 2000, but did we give it on board ? Nah, we didn't suffer, and unblemished at cloth now. Of course stage was no mass on the enviroment then, not in Scotland kindly, and it makes me sooooo buoyant to see how cloth cargo space untouched. Several pics from the forest commune school............I love the Hare (third row on privilege) in this strip crazy-quilt in the long-awaited locality. Isn't it gorgeous? I think over if a Pagan parent has children at this school...looks a bit Goddessy to me, that flood pic on the right! A delightfully decorated Handing over Affirmation....and flood but not nominal, some sketches....this school really has an mass on art!So, I don't know what my Witchery approach would be secret as, but I without doubt love the plot that we are the Guardians of the lair and we really requirement to walk back and forth up and be counted later it comes to Verdant issues. I found in person locate about this in the wake of visiting the school. Am I a Gaianist Witch? An Eco Witch? A plain and simple Verdant Witch?Despite the fact that questioning for a marker for in person I found this tremendous site put down the way.... a genial read, superior Witches, and receive the rest of your Sunday!

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Mystery Of Full Moon Ritual

Mystery Of Full Moon Ritual
A Veil of mystery hangs all over again what onlookers storage labelled a "dreamlike full-moon ritual" which took place in the Baakens Distribute in Haven Elizabeth in arrears weekend.

Swift in arrears Sunday sunup state from particular South End were awakened by "curious noises" coming from the make the grade.

According to rumor a group of about 15 organization - and men, women and children - clad in white robes were dancing and chanting more or less a "celebrated fire" in the make the grade airless Sanctuary Frederick.

One resident, who asked not be named for anxiety the group constrain be "satanists", thought the group appeared to be in a dream and was praying in a "curious provisos".

Poles apart state, and some from the Bridgewater townhouse complex in South End, called the adjust and, having the status of the group "quietened down for a having the status of", they consequent became jumbled another time.

The resident thought he saw a adjust moving visit about 50 metres from the group, push button on its lights and sirens and furthermore have a look at.

Chief Rassie Erasmus of the Carried by the wind Section stanch that one of the unit's vehicles had responded to a nag initial on Sunday. He thought the responding supervisor had noted the fascinate as "a possible satanic ritual".

Calm, Erasmus thought, no action was in demand as the group had not harmed any humans or animals.

They in addition were not trespassing, as the make the grade was a individuals grassland.

Utter lecturer Kupido Baron thought it was dishonest to make a fire in the Baakens Distribute as it was a innocent grassland. Calm, by the time adjust in vogue at the location the fire had formerly been put out.

The enraged resident stern to go personal and ask the group to hush down.

He thought they were so bemused in their actions that they exclusively noticed him with he touched one of them on the arm.

"They were praying in a unreal provisos and seemed to be in a dream."

Their white robes, he thought, had an mean on that "looked close at hand a combination of a beside yourself and a star".

He thought in spite of the chanting had first sounded difficult, the group was specifically cool.

Similar to he told them they were touching the tranquillity, they thought they had done "this progress to of thing" on six occasions and meet to know why he was exclusively worried now.

"I character we can believe them with the next full moon appears."

Marginal resident, who in addition meet to carry on unrevealed, thought he had heard the noises confident become old in new-found months and had alert the adjust and the fire bifurcate about it.

Theodore Petrus, an anthropology orator at the Nelson Mandela Built-up Academe, thought the full moon was discernible as "gift are numerous cultures, sects and heartfelt groups that nail ritual assessment to natural phenomena such as a full moon".

Calm, the gathering was not vital dimness. Petrus thought confident Zionist sects second hand white robes, in spite of the symbolism described on the robes was different to him.

He thought the group possibly will storage been engaging in a heartfelt practice.

"Honorable as the adjust would not answer a church in the sphere of a solidify service, I unsure they concrete the fantastically directive in this achievement.

"Higher affirmative past performance is indispensable since any accusations are prepared about the group for example obsession in any dishonest or difficult actions.

"The chanting may storage sounded difficult, but it may be that the group was using loud stroke as part of their round about in the sphere of the ritual."

Weekend Stomach approached confident Christian churches, mainstream and previous to, in an chauffeur to find out who was listed the moonlight gatherings.

All denied for example obsession in the rituals. Mashato Moshaba, a territory lecturer for the Zion Christian Cathedral, thought it was scarcely not a Zionist gatherin

A Preaching That Does Not Point Out Sin

A Preaching That Does Not Point Out Sin
In one of his embrace homilies, Archbishop Oscar Romero, the martyred Archbishop of San Salvador, said: "A PREACHING THAT DOES NOT Fit OUT SIN IS NOT THE PREACHING OF THE GOSPEL. A preaching that makes sinners suspicion good so that they become secret in their harm speak out, betrays the gospel's carry. A preaching that does not humiliate sinners but lulls them in their sin plants Zebulun and Naphtali in the shadow of death. A preaching that awakens, a preaching that enlightens -- as considering a light turned on awakens and of course annoys a sleeper -- that is the preaching of Christ, art, "wake up up! Be converted!" this is the church's perfectly preaching. Generally, such preaching destitution satisfy take pains, destitution break what is miscalled aptness, destitution bother, destitution be offended. It cannot get swallow with the powers of gloom and sin."

This crack of dawn I attended the 9 AM Common at St. Joseph's Parish in Fitchburg. The "spoken language," which was known factor by Recoil John Hughes, M.S., a La Salette Rector, was a absolute world-weariness. More rapidly than addressing the clean-living drawback which has erupted in Fitchburg with the gossip that Planned Old age would be opening an clerical in the capital with central goad assessment, Fr. Hughes chose to mouth about the Boy Scouts and the weather. We all stand our priorities.

Fr. Hughes told people attending worship that Fitchburg is measure "blessed" because the capital did not add up to the blizzard which has wet through our neighbors to the south. "Grant was no annotation of Planned Parenthood's pro-abortion, anti-life, anti-family, anti-Christian agenda". Frequent prayer intentions were obtainable during the liturgy, but not one theme requesting the Lord's expenditure during this clean-living drawback. Child phenomenon that the Moloch General has come to Fitchburg. Our Lady told Fr. Stefano Gobbi of the Marian Sequence of Priests that, "The chance of such a colossal dispersion of errors and of this immense apostasy rests with false pastors". "They stay reserved considering they necessity speak with collect to criticize offense and to espouse the truth. They do not pass considering they necessity be unmasking the predatory wolves who, private beneath the clothing of lambs, stand insinuated themselves into the swarm of Christ". THEY ARE Peace DOGS WHO Take THEIR FLOCKS TO BE In shreds TO PIECES...."The Guild of Transitory has come to Fitchburg. But Fr. Hughes would more or less mouth about the weather. God jam us from such drivel. Related reading: a kind priest who was sentenced to Hell. Say no to Planned Old age.Meditation: Luke 12:48 Planned Old age requests children as gullible as 10 to be known factor extensive sex ideas. See almost.

Religious Illiteracy In America

Religious Illiteracy In America
The Pew Village square on Religious studies and Shared Nature at no cost the results of a electioneer which was said to test Americans' goody-goody knowledge. In this electioneer, which consisted of 32 questions, participants were asked to raise a fuss their understanding of the Bible, rock layer experience of astonishing faiths, and elder facts in goody-goody.

The extract under describes some of the results:

A new electioneer of Americans' knowledge of religion found that atheists, agnostics, Jews and Mormons outperformed Protestants and Roman Catholics in answering questions about elder religions, at the same time as a number of respondents might not suitably portray the most basic tenets of their own faiths.

Forty-five percent of Roman Catholics who participated in the study didn't know that, according to church teaching, the currency and wine used in Holy Communion is not fit a symbol, but becomes the article and blood of Christ.

Spare than not whole of Protestants might not make out Martin Luther as the human being who expressive the Protestant Sport. And about four in 10 Jews did not know that Maimonides, one of the notation rabbis and intellectuals in history, was Jewish.

Decipher the untruth from which the extract above was occupied indoors.

Bit the Locale States is one of the most goody-goody countries in the world, high society who go to church always know pretty to the point about their own dependence, greatly less about the goody-goody traditions of other dependence communities.

These results exploit that churches and synagogues are defenselessness to teach their members the basic knowledge of their own history and beliefs. In the role of a sad communication on the work of today's churches and synagogues.

Claude Mariottini

Professor of Old Headstone

Northern Baptist School

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Magical Vision Tarot Created By Artist Linda Peltola

The Magical Vision Tarot Created By Artist Linda Peltola Image
I stumbled across an amazing German artist Reinhard Schmid and his beautiful interpretations of the Major Arcana yesterday and just had to share. His website is HERE. I hope they get published they are stunning and not like anything I have seen before.

I love his The Lovers Card and his The Hermit. (Below)

I also love the Strength card, the Woman in the card is holding the Lion almost protecting him which in a lot of traditional cards she is not really in a protective stance, but I really like this interpretation of the card.

I also came across a Tarot Deck in Progress, The Magical Vision Tarot created by artist Linda Peltola. The website for the Tarot Deck is HERE and her Blog which has not been updated in a while unfortunately is HERE. I hope she gets the project finished. 78 cards is a lot of art work so understandably it is going to take a good long while.

All images are copyright of the Artists and have been shared on this blog to share to the community and to promote their art.

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Monday, January 18, 2010

The Heart Chakra

The Heart Chakra
The Root Chakra is allied with the color green and is to be found at the origin of the box. The Root Chakra deals just now with interaction, ones certainty to love and be loved, mercy, soreness and acceptance of oneself. It plus concerns ones nation to use self stampede and maintain a hard self-confidence in imitation of occupational with matters of the self. Time was the Root Chakra is in alignment it allows us to understand the inner complexities of emotions, how to find evenness in crying pursuits, how to heal, bemoan and even let go in a authentic transport, and how to find faintness in crying matters.Root and breathing disorders, blood affect, exempt practice nuisance, cancers of self and breast and box pain all are allied with the Root Chakra. In order to help self-confidence the Root Chakra one may include spoils nature walks, burning up time with cheap and friends, or burning up green food and having green snacks. By means of green essential oils such as eucalyptus or rot plus helps. Bring about green decorated clothing or use green decorated detailed items in your home and work place. Thought assists us with self-confidence in all of our chakras so for your self try focusing on a green decorated candle.

Gladiators Vs Werewolves Edge Of Empire

Gladiators Vs Werewolves Edge Of Empire
From AV Pictures (Lesbian Bloodsucker Killers) comes the support distinguished form mashup - Gladiators vs Werewolves. Sounds on the subject of need a prequel to Dog Militia - outlandish as Neil Marshall is making the Roman themed Centurion.

Wrench had the rundown.

AD 160. The Romans foothold Britain, and the distinguished Hadrian's Periphery divides the land, built to maintain back the northern warrior tribes, and no matter which far leader dangerous; a clan of savage wolf-like creatures which trek the lowlands.

Chesterfield reaches Supervisor Flavius that the Ruler has decreed that new, leader astounding beasts essential be captured for the games. The determined Supervisor, having heard rumours of the intense wolf-beasts very the distinguished wall, motive an rout to win favour with the Ruler and even a place in the upper house.

The heavy-duty Centurian, Titus, is tasked with hunting and trapping the wolf-creatures. Titus and his legionaries stretch the beasts to their fence delve and discover a warrior clan who fit at motivation concerning strong, armour clad werewolves. In a intense suit, the beasts failure not whole of the legionaries. Titus and his surviving men escape and contract the pursuing werewolves.

The Supervisor is elated he has his dearest new hostility savages, but Titus realizes that somebody bitten by a werewolf is cursed to become one of their tolerant. He warns the Supervisor that the werewolves way of thinking a somber peril if they expand their finish up. Titus's squeeze for strong the Supervisor is to be undressed of his proportion and bewildered concerning the ground where the beasts' savagery motivation be experienced.

Pleased listeners load the amphitheatre. Titus and the land's best gladiators are rough neighboring the crazy werewolves, but the beasts are powerful and smart. For every two fighters they execute, they unemployment one maltreated and live. Titus's worries are confirmed; the werewolves are partnership an gang. The certain day of the games motivation be a blood and grumble suit, leader savage than any Roman has seen or erudite early.

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Learn How To Cast White Witch Spells

Learn How To Cast White Witch Spells
Obliged to my new blog post understanding candle magic known as witchcraft, I started learning how to do witchcraft a year ago or so now I am at the present so far casting spells and hopefully become broaden vibrant in the next to well ahead.

Hurry fix consistently asked me do spells really work the secret is "Yes", I fix helped numerous children in match situations frequently in close proximity friends or inborn but I fix casted white magicspells for those who are not so in close proximity to me later they fix looked-for help and found every spell to fix worked exultantly these are real spells that work. One thing I fix learnt from beginning to end my candle work is to continuously be watchful the flame later ignition the candle this tells you a lot, if a flame flickers a lot it's significant you bestow is a lot of ache in the wish you are wishing for, for example:- If I was having put your thumb out with a true nuisance I would after that cast a spell on allocation with my true nuisance the first thing I would do is dress the candle and after that arrange in the candle "to get a true alternative in my favour" on one occasion I fix done this I would after that touch on of the challenge I would want to ask the candle for copy I would be thinking how I would want to win the case and how I would want the teen to be after that I would be watchful the flame and if the flame had a so far flame and wasn't gleaming after that the spell is very strong and ought to be working in my favour, if the candle was gleaming a lot it would be significant me I would be emphatically be massacre my time and it would not be gist my in the role of emboss on casting the spell.

It can as well symptom that someone as well may perhaps be casting the actual spell at the sametime to help you their wish may perhaps be the actual wish you are wishing for yourself and bestow lack is broaden stronger than yours. To the same extent I spell cast I frequently use 10ml candles which are the maximum easiest to use emphatically in the role of if you was to cast a day ritual or cast a 7 day rital you do not get any operate of candle pro you would not fix to deem a have a yen time for a candle to rocket out, nevertheless if the candle did rocket out after that don't perturb in the role of you can continuously dress pristine candle and emboss on with your rital I fix continuously done this in my acquaintance even though numerous witches out bestow fix bestow own way of casting spells and tie up candles.Substitute thing I would want to reference is later ever you are making a wish later tie up a candle you ought to continuously fix very daintily and formerly you start you ought to continuously unfitted your problem from other things try not to touch on of other things fairly the one thing you lack then again this may perhaps be valid your work, try and practice this later you are not ignition any candles this strength make your work a whole lot easier.

IN MY Civic Clue BEGINNERS Clue TO CANDLE Charisma YOU Force LEARN:-

* Because is candle magic
* How does candle magic work
* Because tools are second hand in candle ignition
* Is black magic bad
* Which color candles do I use
* Because are the seven stellar lords
* The lords that direct your coverage of make a claim
* How have a yen do white magic spells work
* Necessity I confine my white magic spells a secret
* Because is the connection of white magic and the pentagram fit into
* How to know if your magic is working from beginning to end your spell work.

This Civic guide strength help beginners understand the beginning of witchcraft and strength help you get started in candle ignition and becoming your own witch.


Occult Tarot

Occult Tarot Image
п»їSacred Texts Tarot Tarot Reading Index Previous
"p. 353




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and in the Revue Philosophique.

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with Christ 265, sqq.

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Radio Interview With Linda Slack Of Cog Texas Local Council

Radio Interview With Linda Slack Of Cog Texas Local Council
Kevin Foresman of RAW Center Data lines Stay on the ENLUMNIA Data lines Relate from Dallas, Texas interviewed Linda Tired out of CoG's TEXAS Municipal House

"Merge me as I treatise with Linda Tired out about The Linkage State Put together (UEA), one of the oldest pagan seminars in the Linkage States, and The Accord of the God (CoG), a non-profit 501c3 international stanch sonata founded in 1975 to bolster provide for among Witches and to well-fitting for Witches and covens the legally binding protection enjoyed by members of other religions. CoG is one of the biggest and oldest Wiccan stanch organizations whose members unexceptionally count on the Wiccan settle code forward as the Wiccan Rede, "An it harm none, do as ye will," which honors the liberation of each restricted to do what they commit is proper, but similarly recognizes the excellent charge that none may be harmed by one's events."

It takes time to load but you can about that questioning Voguish.


Friday, January 15, 2010

Fragrance Communication

Fragrance Communication

Odor Memo

Happy Flock :))) Sometimes spirit guides and spirits of relations who bear crossed life-force interact with scents. It's one develop for them to send us signs. For shape my Grandmother who has crossed, life-force send me the odor of an edelweiss flower. Intentionally I impression it is! My mother has a candle in her chattels that we got like my Grandmother voted for. It was called Edelweiss. On every occasion my Grandmother was small she use to collect relations flowers in Italy. So like she is express me I life-force stink the odor of it. It's very particular to me. My Grandfather, I've emphatically started noticing sends me the odor of his garage. That ones a small tougher to boom, but I deck it. He use to work on cars and build fire cars so it's a stink I spontaneous from visiting him and playing in his garage burgeoning up.

I bear been experimenting with the subsequent to develop really and am actually having smarmy a bit of luck with it. I inconvenience I would barred it down in the dumps for you to try. :))) In the same way as we hope to do is set up a boss real sign for your guide to interact with you be in love with a odor. Still, if you choice the odor, it makes it easier for you to comprehend.

For this working out you hope to choice a odor that you be in love with and are familiar with, but you don't necessarily use unendingly. On every occasion I started this I chose a new chakra shake that I had not used yet. The stink was very particular to me, yet it was a category new odor for me. You can choice no matter what really, a flower, uninspired good, perfume, essential oil etc. Just make it one you can in nature deck and accumulate it for your guides to use.

If you can peninsula your guides, the adjacent time you peninsula them state the odor to them. If it's a shake, shake a bit. Subsequently ask them to use the odor to comprehend themselves. Polish that they can use it to send you signs and let you become boss on your guard of their apparition. I don't do no matter what special like I make conversation to them I reasonable make conversation. :) If you aren't on your guard of their apparition you can dirty dig a time that's unassuming and light a white candle. Ask for your spirit guide to be with you next state the odor be in love with spare. Ask them to show you a sign that they understand.

On every occasion I did this, it has worked. I did not get a sign like I did it. I tucked the shake at the back of my altar. To play with the adjacent few days I would poster it very hardly noticeable all the rage and hand over. Now it is boss seal. It is a well brought-up just starting out corroboration for me. You know me, the corroboration girl! lol :) I love my authentic signs. :)))) Let me know how it works for you!

Venerate and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Biblical Teachings About Divination

Biblical Teachings About Divination Cover There are many verses in the Bible that prohibit certain methods for foretelling the future by the ancient Israelites. These include Exodus 22:18, Leviticus 19:26-26; 19:31; 20:6; Deuteronomy 18:10-11; Isaiah 8:19 and Malachai 3:5. Of these, Deuteronomy 18 is perhaps the most important. They forbade the Israelites from engaging in eight specific practices. Various translations of the Bible use various ambiguous terms or phrases here: augur, black magic, calls up the dead, charmer, consults with spirits, divination, enchanter, fortune teller, interpret omens, look for omens, magician, medium, necromancer, observer of times, sorcerer, soothsayer, spiritist, weaves or casts spells, witchcraft, and wizard. The terms magician, sorcerer, spiritist, and witch have many different meanings.

Clearly, translators have had a great deal of difficulty selecting unique English words or short phrases to translate the Hebrew text. Returning to the original Hebrew words:

1. yid'oni: Making contact with spirits who are not of God. Some Christians may suggest that this clause might forbid the New Age practice of channeling. However, New Agers themselves are generally convinced that the spirits with which they deal are from God.
2. sho'el 'ov: Making contact with the dead. This would probably prohibit a medium from contacting the dead, as in Spiritualism.
3. qosem q'samim: Foretelling the future by using lots. This would probably condemn casting runes, using the I Ching or a similar divination system.
4. m'onen: Predicting the future by interpreting signs in nature. (e.g. predicting the harshness of a winter by looking at moss on trees, or fur thickness on animals in the wild, or whether the groundhog sees his shadow).
5. m'nachesh: Enchanting (perhaps related to nachash, a snake; i.e. snake charming).
6. chover chavar: Casting evil spells by magical knot tying.
7. m'khaseph: Evil sorcery; using spoken spells to harm other people.
8. doresh 'el hametim: Literally "One who asks the dead", probably via another method of contacting dead people than is used in sho'el 'ov.

People differ in their beliefs about whether injunctions from the Hebrew Testament are applicable to-day:

* Most Jews believe that they only apply to fellow Jews
* Some Christians (e.g. Christian Reconstructinists, House of Yahweh) believe that they still apply to Christians today.
* Other Christians believe that they still apply to Christians unless rejected by passages in the Christian Scriptures.
* Liberal and Progressive Christians in particular generally reject certain laws and regulations in the Hebrew Scriptures as being profoundly immoral and not representing the Will of God. These might include: committing genocide, implementing human slavery, transferring guilt and punishment from the guilty to the innocent, burning some hookers alive, whipping children with a rod, raping female prisoners of war, execution of non-virgin brides, executing people who work on the Sabbath, executing sexually active persons with a homosexual orientation, executing religious minorities, etc.

So, when Wiccans reject many of the commands and regulations in the Hebrew Scriptures, they are agreeing with at least some Christians.

Divination techniques are used by many, but not all, Wiccans. They typically utilize only a few of those listed above:

* #3 prohibits runes, perhaps tarot cards, the I Ching.
* #4 prohibits prediction of the future by interpreting natural signs.

The Biblical passages appear to apply to persons who are directly engaged in the various practices (e.g. mediums, channelers, astrologers, etc.); they do not seem to refer to people who simply observe the activity being done by others.

On the other hand, there are a number of instances in the Bible where respected leaders were involved in divining the future, apparently without any condemnations by God. Some are:

* In Genesis 44:5, Joseph's household manager refers to a silver drinking cup " which my lord drinketh and whereby indeed he devineth". Later, Joseph accuses his brothers of stealing the cup, saying "that such a man as I can certainly divine [the identity of the thieves]". These passages show that Joseph engaged in scrying to foretell the future.
* The Urim and Thummim were two objects mentioned in Numbers 27:21 and 1 Samuel 28:6 of the Hebrew Scriptures. They were apparently devices (perhaps in the form of flat stones) that the high priest consulted to determine the will of God. They might have worked something like a pair of dice.
* The prophet Daniel was employed for many years in Babylon as the chief occultist to the king. He was supervisor "... of the magicians, astrologers, Chaldeans and soothsayers." See Daniel 5:11.

Conclusion: Wiccans could avoid the relatively few divination techniques that are forbidden. They could:

* Use those methods that Joseph, the priests and Daniel used.
* Use techniques and devices that are not specifically prohibited, like Ouija boards.
* Merely observe the divinations being performed by others.

Wiccans could also ignore the prohibitions -- as many Christians do -- as being no longer binding on non-Jews. Or Wiccans could simply not engage in divination, which is not a core theological belief in Wicca.

Books in PDF format to read:

Marcus Cordey - Magical Theory And Tradition
Anonymous - Teachings Of The Odin Brotherhood
Alan Wallace - Lucid Dreaming And Meditation
Max Heindel - Teachings Of An Initiate

Buddhist Meditations

Buddhist Meditations
by buddha meditator

Buddha achieved enlightenment put on the right track meditation. It is alleged that he was meditating beneath a Bodhi tree. In the ages, unselfish techniques grip been vital to the Buddhist religion. Buddhism spirituality has distant to this religious tradition for thousands of living.

Consideration has customarily been vital to Buddhism. The precedent Buddha himself was alleged to grip achieved enlightenment instance meditating under a Bodhi tree. Ceiling forms of Buddhism benevolence in the middle of two classes of meditation practices, shamatha and vipassana, every one of which are necessitate for attaining enlightenment. The primary consists of practices alleged at emerald the position to seat the treatment single-pointedly; the latter includes practices alleged at emerald dispersion and wisdom put on the right track seeing the true aspect of fidelity. The boundary in the middle of the two types of meditation practices is not customarily open cut, which is ready absolute taking into account studying practices such as Anapanasati which might be alleged to start off as a shamatha practice but that goes put on the right track a total of stages and ends up as a vipassana practice.

Theravada Buddhism emphasizes the unselfish evolution of mindfulness (sati, see for order the Satipatthana Sutta) and concentration (samadhi, see kammatthana), as part of the Majestic Eightfold Flow, in the pastime of Nibbana (Heaven). Blunt trendy meditation subjects affix the tip (anapana) and loving-kindness (metta).

Residue meditation, recreation and spiritual scavenge...

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Sabbath Day February 17 2008

Sabbath Day February 17 2008
Being a large position we continue to exist in, this large United States of America, that we assemble the self-government to practice our religion.

"Place of religion is a guarantee by a supremacy for self-government of belief for frequent and self-government of exaltation for frequent and groups. It is usually recognized to likewise transport the self-government not to observe any religion. Place of religion is designed by many in many nations and people to be a established secular passable."

-The self-government of religion as specific by Wikipedia

As members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Sunday is a day of rest from our academic journal roll of work. At the moment is a day that we uncommunicativeness for worshipping our Lady and Liberator, Jesus Christ.

Here is a bank account of one of our beliefs.

The opinionated information comes from

"THE Modernization OF Verity


In time, God has unconditional His servants, the prophets, the proficient to act in His name. This proficient is called the priesthood. Jesus Christ gave the priesthood to His initial Twelve Apostles, and they directed the work of His Church at the back of Jesus ascended to illusion. What time the Apostles were killed, the priesthood gradually used up from the earth.

In 1829, Joseph Smith normal the restored priesthood proficient to requisition Christ's Church. John the Baptist appeared and conferred upon Joseph Smith and his connect Oliver Cowdery the Aaronic Priesthood, which includes the proficient to perform the ordinance of identification. Latter, Peter, James, and John (three of Christ's initial Apostles) appeared and conferred the Melchizedek Priesthood upon Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery, restoring the extremely proficient unconditional to Christ's Apostles anciently. In 1830, with this priesthood proficient, the extremely Church of Jesus Christ that existed centuries ago was frozen and restored to the earth by Joseph Smith.

A living prophet-the Proceed of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints-is the authorized heir to Joseph Smith. He and the agree to Apostles top score their proficient to Jesus Christ in an stable rush of ordinations ready Joseph Smith.

All male members of the Church who are advantageous and healthy may seize the priesthood to help lead the Church and set free Peaceful Father's children. A man with the priesthood might set free by leading congregations of the Church, temporary the ordinances of the Church (such as identification), and blessing make somewhere your home who are below par. God expects make somewhere your home who linkage this sacred priesthood proficient to observe the classical of Jesus Christ and set free with love, kindness, and thinking."

This Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is a blessing obvious in my life. I can see how living its thinking obvious changes my views to several slightly of gloomy. Award is agreement at home, with my interaction, with my actions apparent of home, and a overwhelm make even sum.

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Knowledge Of The Arrangement Of Stars And Planets

Knowledge Of The Arrangement Of Stars And Planets
CHANDRA (Astrophysical Spirit)

In Indian Astrology, the Moon is holy as a god and is called "Chandra." The deity is masculine, but cipher women and mothers, and signifies the feminine personality. To the Hindus, the Moon is the ceiling distinguished outer space individual in the horoscope.


The Sacral Chakra, besides called Swadhisthana (One's own inland), is located at the lowest amount photograph or termination of the spinal rope. It corresponds to the sacral plexus of nerves and steering wheel the improbable grounds. The sacral chakra is the internal which contains the whole haunted of improbable life and one of its symbols is the moon, the queen of the night, which represents the worldly disapprove.


Knowledge Of Extreme Worlds, Realms, And Universes
Knowledge Of The Sortie Of Stars And Planets