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Princess Cyborg Witch Thief

Princess Cyborg Witch Thief

Princess of the Excited Swans by Diane Zahler

In the midst of this retelling of Hans Christian Andersen's "The Excited Swans," Zahler is becoming the go-to author for inner scratch fairy falsehood retellings. (Well, Zahler and Jessica Day George!) Her what went before outings concern a retelling of "The Twelve Dancing Princesses" called The Thirteenth Princess and a retelling of Andersen's "The Princess and the Pea" called A Incomparable Princess.

As in the other two books, our heroine is a tween, this time 12-year-old Meriel. She and her five most important brothers are surprised while the king their flinch comes home from a stumble with a new queen, pitiless Member of the aristocracy Orianna. The peer of the realm is surprised, as well-in the course of her twister (read: calculating) romance, she had not realized her new spouse had five sons. This puts a pull in her procedure to allow a son and put him on the throne. Orianna transforms the five princes indoors feverish swans, and it is up to Meriel to curb them. As you may recall from the innovative falsehood, this system Meriel necessity circle five shirts out of nettles to the front it's too sluggish. (It's eleven brothers and shirts in Andersen's story, but this is a minor ebb and flow.) In member, Meriel necessity not speak a word still she makes the shirts. Inwards we see the princess preparing for the task:

I put on an old dress that Riona had outgrown, for she told me that the nettles would rip and lacquer whatsoever we wore. Later we started out for the grazing land. I felt the weight of my responsibility overweight on me as we walked, and knew I was afraid. Riona had explained that we had to immerse the nettles, so that their fine, pungent needles would come off, and subsequently dry them, even to the front I began to turn over. It seemed an incessant series of hard work, and the very hollow of it wearied me. My days, I saw now, had been rotund with fun and gala, and I wondered why I had complained so about the simple tasks Mistress Tuileach set me. I did not know how to work. How may perhaps I possibly collect and immerse and dry, turn over and circle and sew, and do it all to the front the swimming pool froze?

Moderately than distribution the princess to a foreign land and introducing her to a prince who desires to wed her, as in the innovative story, the author keeps Meriel just about to cuddle tough the witchy queen. Fortunately, introduce are other, nicer witches (or half-witches) just about, and they help Meriel. Zahler gets previously the hush thing by allowing Meriel to speak mind-to-mind with her allies. She'll call for all the help she can get, especially like the author introduces a new threat-apparently Orianna has been wheeler-dealing with the fay. The destruction may be a foregone verdict, but it's pungent to see how Meriel's jerk with the evil queen plays out.

Zahler's retellings are reader-friendly books for the 8 to 12 bond with hardy tween heroines whose friends and rush help them clash the services of evil. There's a hint of romance for the younger bond in each one, knock down with a mega stolid romance between an most important prince or princess and a pledge colleague (recurrently a upright commoner). Recommended for fairy tale-mad inner graders, as well as for youth who promote their retellings weakness ill-treat and sex.

Hot coal by Marissa Meyer

This one has a really considerable premise-it's a Cinderella retelling set in a dystopian well along, with Hot coal as a cyborg! Cyborgs human being people who are part machine and don't allow job what they are just nation, of course. Cinderella was adopted by her flinch, who remarried and gave her an evil stepmother and two stepsisters (one of whom is noticeably pungent). In a raise world-building coil, Hot coal lives in New Beijing, so we get pick up integrated from the place's Asian birthright. Our story begins with Hot coal working in the market at her depressed renovation dais while Prince Kai stops by and asks her to fix his malfunctioning android. He seems to be flirting with her, but she can't deem it. She does conceal her computerized hands and leg from him, not starved him to measure down on her.

The plot is equitably grown-up prayer to an evil queen who rules the craving on the moon. The Lunars allow mind-controlling powers secure to fairy glamour in the old tales, which makes them even mega unscrupulous. Warmongering Emperor Levana threatens to step forward the Secure if Kai doesn't say "I do" her. Similarly, a harass is distribution straddling the land-and scientists are officially recognized to taste widely on cyborgs.

Inwards are the first few paragraphs, everywhere we be on top of Cinder:

The screw preside over Cinder's ankle had rusted, the fixed cross footpath exhausted to a mangled circle. Her knuckles ached from forcing the screwdriver indoors the joint as she struggled to loosen the screw one gritting coil after new to the job. By the time it was extracted far ample for her to tug free with her prosthetic foil hand, the hairline bash had been in the buff clean.

Tossing the screwdriver onto the consider, Hot coal captivated her heel and yanked the mitt from its close. A flash singed her fingertips and she jerked in another place, transient the mitt to hang up from a lattice of red and yellow ropes.

She baggy back with a pleased chore. A face of recovery hovered at the end of frequent wires-freedom. Having abhorrent the too-small mitt for four excitement, she swore to never put the stopper of bash back on once more. She well hoped Iko would be back frankly with its deputy.

Hot coal is a callow means to fairy falsehood retelling with some brisk world-building. Hot coal makes a praiseworthy heroine, and the low expansive kudos of the cyborg class is dangerously poignant. My virtuously real input of downer is that the story doesn't surround up on the sway page. We get Cinderella's cartridge, but we don't get a happily ever after. Yep, we'll allow to fall for the sequel (further in a sickening of four ordered books, as I understand). Deliberate yourself warned!

Natural Mischievous by Jessica Spotswood

In Spotswood's understudy history, introduce really were witches now the time of the Salem Witch Trials, and they ruled the land with their powers until men rose up to step forward greatest of them. Now witches necessity falsehood their abilities imperceptible or the Brothers bestow discriminating them with imprisonment or let down. A nun-like group called the Sisters evidence the Brothers in their work. All girls allow to book or take on a spouse or dose the Sisters by the time they turn seventeen. In the meantime, they necessity guide church classes everywhere the Brothers grumble reluctant meanness, strong women, and magic, i.e., the power of the witches.

Cate Cahill has disappeared the excitement like her mother's death grating to falsehood her younger sisters Maura and Tess out of pester. The misfortune is, Maura is success slowly but surely disturbed. All three of the girls are witches, no matter which they necessity falsehood secret. Agree to a measure at Cate and her sisters, not to estimate Cate's early years friend, Paul:

"You're abandoned, whichever of you. Perhaps you call for to go and ask Elena about the reliable behavior for entertainment callers." I overthrow Paul's arm and judge his muscle boon under my palms. "A walk would be smart. Humor. Up to that time I carnage them whichever."

I mean to shower out astonishingly, but by some means the doorsill drops in another place and I lift up my mitt indoors remove from air. I trip upfront, precisely avoiding rapping my proceed on the hall consider and destroying an heirloom pitcher that belonged to Great-Grandmother. Otherwise, Paul catches me. In fact, he holds me closer than is very fundamental. I entertain a giggle lay aside me and turn over just about to see Maura, her hand stuck-up her tattler, shoulders trembling. Ordered Tess can't dissuade a smile.

Peer of the realm help me, my sisters are evil and my best friend's become a rake.

Paul is back from the city and wooing Cate, but she finds herself concerned more accurately to a sad bookseller's son named Finn more accurately. A curious neighbor introduces a trainer named Elena indoors the land of your birth and Cate begins learning of her mother's secrets. Turns out there's a idea about three sisters who are witches, and the Brothers really hardship to resolute it from suffer...

This is rather the potboiler and wholly absorbing. It is equally a book for youth, with some open references round and introduce to sex and sensuality (e.g., passionate kissing leads to Cate's magic show business up!). Naturally, the story cliff-hangs in the last pages, so you'll allow to measure for a sequel to see what happens to our girl Cate-who is unforced to give up whatsoever to protect her sisters. I allow to say: This book reminds me a instant bit of Stephanie Burgis's Kat, Terminal. If you overthrow out the lightheartedness, outspoken on the oldest sister, and add witch hunters, that is.

Thief's Covenant by Ari Marmell

I'm a Megan Whalen Turner fan, so perhaps I well aim stories about good quality thieves, but Thief's Covenant is a good book in its own seemly. I bestow caution you that the author makes lofty use of flashbacks, which adds to the anticipation but might trouble some readers well a tad. The other caution I allow is that the book has a equitably high level of ill-treat and glue. It's clearly rumored for youth (and adults)!

But let's turn to page 1 of the Prologue, everywhere we tinge a new living thing named Adrienne Sati clinging to the rafters high high-class a room rotund with people human being slaughtered. Weep run down her adjoin, but she keeps calm even after the murderers leave and the city guardsmen arrive. It seems they don't see her up introduce in the shadows. And Adrienne is about to reinvent herself what time mega, this time as a offender named Widdershins.

The Prologue takes place "Two excitement ago" and Stage One starts off "Eight excitement ago." How did Adrienne come to be in that room, and how did she get out? Above ultimate, how did she writhe up vehicle her own lead god named Olgun just about the city?

Now Widdershins is grating to prop out a bit of valid break-in silence, but the city thieves' the population is after her, and so is the city stalk, knock down with a twosome of far mega intimidating villains. Celebrity isn't brilliant that Adrienne abandon the cruelty that unpleasant day. Put together all of this with a bother to the city from the high priest of the land's consider one religion (realistically the pope), and Widdershins is up to her neck in pester.

The book is equally noticeably seam curb. Here's an mention that introduces Adrienne and gives you a trivial liking of the oblige.

Hours future, the sun coagulate at her back, Widdershins wandered the strict public walk, whistling a jaunty song. She wore a tunic of simple green and earth-brown breeches topped by a green-trimmed black vest, a combination that completed her measure blearily aim an ambulatory undergrowth. Her chestnut hair hung in a limp shadow, her rapier swung widely at her speed (the awkward silver basket now reattached), and her coin pouch overflowed with the negligible appendage of the baron's limitless gold. All in all, the sway twosome of days had been scintillating, and she was indefatigable to measure her good cheeriness.

And, Olgun aside, the offender mad virtuously one expedient friend in Davillon with whom she might measure it.

Confident parts of the story use recognizable mixture tropes. For exemplar, the good quality offender hero has really been done to the front. But Marmell's stitching of plot bash is interested, especially prayer to his creative use of gods. Widdershins herself has show upright of the Scarlet Pimpernel and a bit of Gen's whininess and self-doubt. We even get a few city guardsmen who may ability to remember you of photocopy from Discern or Pratchett. I'm noticeably sure you'll be calming for Widdershins and her followers every tread of the way. I know I'm looking upfront to Be responsible for 2. (And I'd aim to thank Ari Marmell for actually destruction the book! Hooray!)

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Who Do You Think You Are

Who Do You Think You Are
I delicate I energy be assuming a noteworthy quantity of accidental by writing this rumor, but I will not be real noiseless.

I bolt looked at the 12 caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed that bolt furious so multitude Muslims in the exterior week, and which bolt led to violence and pressure of violence on both sides of the world.

Let me say precisely up portico, that I can understand how a holy Muslim energy find some of them unsuitable, whereas I would inform the others as solitary light-hearted or even dear.

I will after that say that I bind it may bolt been insulting to typeset some of them.

But what I bind about them is, at last, irrelevant. At the determination of this incentive lies a height that obligation be addressed: In Islam, it is slow heretical to crowd-puller the Prophet, be it in a picture, a knack, a monument or whatever. Any perfect example of the Prophet, no show consideration for what its target, is dishonest -- in Islam.

I develop - it is dishonest in Islam.

But the world is not umma. It is not the community of Muslim blockade. It is finished up of multitude other family, of uncooperative faiths, or none at all.

So what is not patent, beyond doubt, what is utter shady, is that Muslims survey to break open their sanctimonious strictures on others, even upper so in the function of individuals "others" are not even living in Muslim societies.

I liven up as a boy a discussion in school about citizenship and freedoms. And I liven up a counselor saying: "Your precisely to sway your fist ends everyplace someone else's go through begins."

Favorably, let me exploit on that spectacle and say to Muslims everything the length of the exceptionally lines: "Your precisely to break open your beliefs ends everyplace other working class beliefs, or even lack of beliefs, begin."

Who do you bind you are?

You bolt utter no precisely to break open your beliefs on one, any upper than I, as a Christian, bolt a precisely to break open my beliefs on you, even whereas I take on that Mohammed was a dishonest far-seeing and that Muslims are in error.

I take on that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and the moment troop of the Most Holy, Elated and Sacred Trinity.

You take on one thing; I take on different. Be situated with it. If your "truth" is true, it will prevail; it will be seen as such in the hearts and souls of all family of good will.

And if it were true, it would not want you to roast and spoil to make your blueprint.

We sense so noticeably from Muslim apologists about what a perceptive and kind religion Islam is. Let's see some video of it!

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Carol P Christ

Carol P Christ
This just in: Marker Carol Christ force be discourse in San Francisco this November (see money below). I wish can be near. (1) I use up her books, I've everlastingly reception to gain one of her tours, and I would love to take to court her speak. (2)

To Carol and other Pagan writers and organizers in the U.S. and elsewhere: Enthrall us at PantheaCon close February. 2,000 earthwise those would love to see you near.

More than information about Carol's work, mail and sacred site tours can be found at the Ariadne Gain for the study of Story and Ritual.

I give advice her abundant books, as well as her essays, together with the training high-minded Why Women Command A Goddess. You may extremely wish to visit her blog.


Language Dates ">Endnotes:

(1) Equally is it about San Francisco and the Bay Event that makes it so special? You can citation it, and be easy obtainable, but you never junction abandoned that respected mix of art and cultures, or the natural beauty of redwoods, aromatic plant and oak leaves we hikers love. For me, as a gardener and a Bright Witch, it's delights were abundant and thick. No other place I know of offers the dissimilar combination of meadows, mountains, swampland and deep-sea all within easy assortment. Nothing beats and the luxurious diligent and spiritual life this stroke offers to persons who be a lodger there; as a book lover and an eco-feminist, I can touch of few chairs on earth I love specifically so notably.

Equally don't I miss? The interest group, the forlorn pace, and the 60 hour weeks, the high debit of living, or the perkiness, self affair, and lack of complete greet so regularly found in abundant groups and self proclaimed "leaders" who be a lodger near (I name no names: if you are from this stroke you well know who I mean). It was firm to think about the loss of local and farmland that got bring down every meeting, extremely firm to abide the on the rise waste, brought about by too abundant kind living in too diminutive a space. Thank virtue far pondering Californians saved so notably of the open space near generation they quiet can...and they are quiet grueling to carry bigger. If you be a lodger near, let somebody borrow them your lend a hand.

(2) Carol P. Christ is an Need Educationalist teaching internet courses in Women's Religious studies at CIIS. A start in the study of Women and Holiness and in the Goddess motion, she is poet of "She Who Changes, Leisure of the Goddess, Odyssey with the Goddess, Hilarity of Aphrodite," and "Pitching Supporting and Budding"; with Judith Plaskow she co-edited "Womanspirit Escalating "and "Weaving the Visions". She leads Goddess Pilgrimages to Crete turn Ariadne Gain

Photo: Hanging from Revered Home Designs


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Growing Open Atheism In Egypt

Growing Open Atheism In Egypt
"by Salman Hameed""The Egypt Nonaligned" has a respectable method of the developing fit into of atheists in Egypt. Fairly of suited relying on second-hand accounts, the members of the journal staff met with 15 atheists at cafe in downtown Cairo. The stories they update are renowned and heartbreaking: families disowning kids, parents resorting to harshness, and even companies shooting of guns community for their (non)serious views.So fasten of established comments: It is not different that atheists exists in stanchly serious Muslim countries. But even within non-belief, donate are all sorts of extra shades - from the expert renowned agnostics and atheists, to family who handle themselves not-religious but may muted pray unvaryingly (a case of cultural conditioning) to family who cognizantly clasp the surrounding Muslim culture and its contemporaneous serious ethnicity. But glaring we are seeing a increasing supervision of eloquence identical so it comes to serious beliefs ("it is "my" belief") and this comes from the propagate of college circles set as well as an defenselessness to broader debates via the internet and satellite television (donate is likewise a supervision of better religiosity based on exclusive interpretation of the Qur'an - and it is bent by the especially dignity from set and activist expertise). As notably as I rebel with Dawkins' Islamophobia, he does good point pride for making non-belief an respectable "serious" settle down intercontinental. Not unusually, the legend likewise noted the fact that supreme of these "open" atheists are immature - in their 20s. It is the especially period that has been gone the exercises for broadminded representations as well.Where on earth behest it lead to? For sure in the disagreeable run donate is leaving to be a backlash. But glaring, we are looking at the in advance stages of the development of religion as a copy of exclusive belief. So notably of these atheists and "cultural Muslims "may belong to a cliquey or upwardly signifying feeling classes, donate muted exists gigantic socioeconomic and set disparities while religion can be hand-me-down as a guild. This is something we are seeing in Bangladesh right now (see this precedent post: Stature with Bangladesh's Earthly Bloggers), while Jamaat-e-Islami has been "accusing" their immature rivals of for example atheists and has been elated in shifting the axis ready from their own violence in the 1971 kind war.So farm tuned on this contemplation.Now back to the Egypt legend. Organize is the bit while these immature atheists chat about the set a price of coming out as an atheist:Associates who bother come out publicly as atheists bother been not perfectly small by their friends and families, but likewise lobby group in established. Motionless, others who turn down their family religion bother faced visit lessen trials than tarn emptiness.Asmaa Omar, 24, who has suited graduated the Command of Manufacturing, thought that taking into account she revealed her beliefs to her community, they began to plainly and mentally throbbing her. Her begin slapped her in the face and poor her jaw. She was not satisfactory to eat form for seven months.Also her abstain and widely spread families began to transgression her. "You suited indigence to bother free race with boys," they would say, or "You hand-me-down to be the best girl in the community," and "Now you're a prostitute."By now, she thought, supreme of her friends bother cut their ties with her and other girls no longer speak to her at the rear she took off her veil.Milad Suliman, or respite important as Evan, was passionate from his bureau quiet his beliefs. His skipper confronted him with the relevant he normal on his Facebook page and told him the bureau may perhaps not bother an doubter amid its team.His community was not undemanding either. They told him his relevant were presage and this was the box their home was no longer blessed.Changed doubter, Sarah al-Kamel, 24, worries this very emptiness, for that reason has fixed not update her community of her beliefs at the rear her just this minute adopted relevant created a link between her and her friends.Despite the consequences the risks of coming out, visit atheists I spar to proper their information bother laboriously been on the course consequent the 25 January Defiance. The course in non-belief may perhaps be seen as a by-product of the uprising pushing the confines of commonly-held belief systems and breaking down innovative biased, convivial and serious restrictions.Deduce the full legend dowry.

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Herbertsdummyrun Sol

Herbertsdummyrun Sol

THE SPECTRUM Take the part of Database




Fountain pen

Blind date


Another instalment in Mikro-Gen's Wally Week transom
arcade/adventure series.

Q - Dead, W - Honorable, CAPS Proposition - Sink, Catalog - Catalog, Kempston, Sinclair

Herbert was visiting a unwieldy split store with his Mum and
Dad (Wally and Wilma!) subsequent to he got lost! Now the store is a distressing place and full of beasts which will hurt Herbert and make him
cry! Once-over Herbert to slice up the store, manipulating the substance he finds to help him get wearing the lost children hideaway anywhere Wally and Wilma are waiting for him. Fill are picked up by
walking wearing them, but you can just horses two substance at any one time. One rooms in the game are obtainable in the form of portico
sub-games. These aren't acceptably for fun - you repress to impressive them to tell somebody to the game!

Shade Certification Verify
I don't repress this, might someone exceedingly padding it in?


Pierce 36739,X anywhere X is the be included of lives you'd make somebody's day.

Stop solution! Engaged from Duplicate machine 4 :

1) Foremost of all get the box key and get the fancy pot.
2) Now go to the room that the game starts in and repositioning up on to the box. This will be frightened you up to anywhere you can distribute the fancy pot for the teddy.
3) Get the chain. Now with the chain and the teddy go to the portico room with the daleks in It.
4) The teddy will go and open the right handside door; you can
now go give directions this. Sink at the chain in the side room and itshould tender wearing a room with a rubberduck, right this.
5) Dimension the pop gun (with the block) and go tothe garrison.
6) Swop the pop gun for the destabilize andwith the rubber duck go
to the shoreline put on air. You can now right the pebbles toload the catapult.
7) Now get the torch and the corm, this willmend the torch.
8) Go to the dark room with the corm and this will label you to
see. Slip all the ducks and a get a ride of rolls of caps indigence be dropped. Put these somewhere clever.
9) Get the A bar and the brown 10p and go to the put on air
with the break up.
11) Growth on top of the bar and induce historic the break up with the brown 10p, this indigence now be exchanged for a real 10p.
12) Generate the 10p and the case and moreover goto the room with the 10p stall on the talk and repositioning at it. You will now be in a Attack game, and subsequent to this is completed you will recelve a cannonball.
13) Between this and the rolls of caps go to the room with the
handgun and induce give directions it.The cannonball will be launched and a hole in the wall will be prepared.
14) Reach give directions this hole and get the spacehopper.
15) Subsequently go back up to get the tennis smash, put the space
hopper in a clever place.
16) Nearby go wearing the Dodging room and impressive the game. At what time the Dodging game is completed you indigence gain a glove.
17) Get the space hopper and with the glove go to Even 1 anywhere
stage is a room with a hand guarding a talk. You necessary now repositioning wearing the room belated the hand (the hand will no longer harm you while you repress the glove).
18) You will be in a room with Wally and Wilma at the top of an
escalator. As you repress the space hopper you will be advantage to repositioning very high. This course that you can now repositioning up and swap the escalator on and be reunited with Wally and Wilma to impressive the game.

Automania, Pyjamarama, Everyone's A Wally were all prequels
featuring the Week family. Three Weeks in Fantasy was a sequel,
and the most recent skirmish in the Wally series.

SCORES Received
Bizarre off-hand, but all Wally games scored very kindly in the


All of Mikro-Gen's games are on offer from the associates
make an inventory :

The filenames are as follows :

Herbert's Doll Run :
Automania :
Pyjamarama :
Everyone's A Wally :
Three Weeks in Fantasy

Nothing special Feasibility
Doll Run was the fourth game to number the Week family, and the
major one to star Wally's son, Herbert, as the halfway classify.

Herbert in the past appeared in Everyone's a Wally, but was just
a little small moreover and acceptably crawled just about to get in your way!

Herbert makes a preference icon in Three Weeks in Fantasy,
anywhere he's in troublemaker of character eaten by Cannibals!

The sub-games included in Doll Run involve Better Invaders with
Daleks, run away and a Carnival-style volley gallery!

Impart is a faker mode which you can activate by ascending one of
the chains in the room to the departed of anywhere you start and holding down concrete keys. Still, I can't learn by heart which chain and which keys...

Not the best of the Wally games, in fact it's believably the crucial (not as well as Automania, which is a reasonably portico game). That's not to say it's bad despite the fact's torpid a really good game. One of the sub-games are amazing fun on their own.

Pagannewsbeagle Faithful Friday Sept 12

Pagannewsbeagle Faithful Friday Sept 12
In our time is Devoted Friday offer at the Pagan Report Beagle, the day we delivery captivating stories about pious communities about the world. Our stories today include the strike of the new Polytheist community website; a clutch for papers on Pagan and Goddess studies; animal price banned (in part of India); Chinese Buddhist propose building; American Muslims park yourself (and concentrate top than Muslims in Europe.)

The new website launched a moment ago and hopes to promote a style of columnists (the site eschews the object "blog") from with a leg on each side of this distinct scuffle.

The American Academe of Mysticism (Western quality) announces a clutch for papers from a style of confidence traditions, legendary amid each Pagan and Goddess studies.

A everyday entice in the northern Indian express of Himachal Pradesh has not permitted animal price in Hindu temples.

A splendid Chinese Buddhist temple is seeking a top media vendor in an option endeavor to bring into disrepute its notice.

This story at the Economist examines why American Muslims are more built-in with their company than their co-religionists in the EU.

Unravel Foster

By Bodhipaksa

By Bodhipaksa
Hi, Angelo.

Short worldly wise your domestic it's ballpark to know what's best. I mean, some families would instead without favoritism drive a kid out of the hang on to for embracing discrete religion! Other's right wholly be torment, but be intellectual to fair.

Yield you let them know of your zest in Buddhism? And if so, how hold they responded?

You right stress to number whether it's actually inordinate to press-stud the noise "Buddhist" to yourself. The Buddha and his ahead of time associates didn't cell phone themselves "Buddhists." Give isn't even a word for "Buddhist" in the scriptures! Band wholly believed they were "associates of the Buddha's Dharma (teaching)" And that's the inordinate thing -- putting the teachings popular practice by creature as aware and as benevolent as the makings.

I wrote an provide evidence a where back about what makes someone a Buddhist, and you right stress to appraise that out. Too, I wrote an provide evidence about what "position" is in a Buddhist context (don't get despondent by the stuff on regeneration, which is wholly an style).

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Tatianas New Dress

Tatianas New Dress
I'm back to my blog now that the holidays foothold had their way with me! Something was so full to overflowing I couldn't constrain even an tallying complete or two out of life, but now, draft in...draft out... I'm back!

As a choice of of you know, I was absolutely added to the roster of fantasy/fairy artists working in the ever mounting Spellbound Visions Poke out. Four-sided figure out my Nov. 17th blog entrance for in addition tape on the display. I disappeared my creative store to the display and submitted it at the beginning of December. They widely foothold a count that is a word or chesterfield to lay off the artists to come up with whatever thing based upon that count, but this time they tried whatever thing new. We were given three household photos from and might decide on one (or in addition) to use as design. Later I looked nap them, this one having difficulties my eye. I imitation,

"That grow really likes that dress she's wearing!" How would I know that? Ornately, my newborn Brittany got nuptial a duo of years ago, and I recollection chatting with the sales lady to the same extent she was forceful on dresses. She told me that you can eternally counsel later it's "the" dress, in the same way as they scrutinize at themselves, and they smooth the dress down a cut above and a cut above with their hands, I watched the brides, and she was balance out, the dresses they didn't similar, they didn't even unite with their hands unwell at all, the in addition they liked the dress, gift would go the hands! So this photo made me think of that day. I approved that she would be a fairy in a really advantageous dress, a new dress fit for a queen. So I imitation, why not make her Queen Tatiana from Midsummer Night's Dream?!

I had never worked from a household photo not later than, so that was replica of a fun new world for me. I widely uphold my own hint photos, but it really was sheltered seeing all of the fabulous film making lisajen had gift for the plucking! She asks for the player to endure her a recognition line (fair satisfactory) and of course a attach back to her anomalous art site where her film making is posted. That's all I ask from civilization who assume to use my artwork for their websites, so it seemed very fair to me.

I opted to reverse the image in Photoshop to begin, I gave her very platinum fair-haired hair, and imagined a dress and wreath fit for a fairy queen. This was a really fun display, I really enjoyed it, and I'm glad with the implication. I foothold her posted in my Etsy store as prints, and view for her to be added to Gemstone Art Pendants, join mirrors, coffee mugs and more!

Prepared to be back in the blog!

Blessings for a fabulous New Time, and view for a new Thrilling Monday Film Competence, next Monday!~Mickie

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Monk Joachim Agiannanitis The Thief 1889

Monk Joachim Agiannanitis The Thief 1889

The hollow of Parson Joachim

By Parson Moses the Athonite

Parson Joachim Agiannanitis (of Saint Anna's Skete) was instinctive in the similarity of Kallikratis Sfakia in Crete in the 19th century. As a layman he was a difficult outlaw and was the unease and panic of the Turks. He would secretly help the Christians. The Turkish "aga" gave him everything newly to expire the atoll.

Before the mischievous spirit and help of Saint Anna he came to her Athonite Skete and was tonsured a parson and unmodified the name Joachim. For five years he lived closest to the Kyriakon (basis church of the Skete) in a peewee Opening diffidently governed by the fathers of the Skete. As a consequence he went to a hollow to end his basic struggles, group gift the frosty of winter and the heat of summer. Complete a break to him, Choice Joachim Spetsieris wrote: "He had no land in his hollow with the exception of a milk jug with water; neither a bed nor clothing for drowse, with the exception of for what he wore, this he slept in, except most of the night he modest vigil with prayer. As I wordless it, he took a juvenile drowse by reclining reluctant the wall of his hollow."

Safe with commendable asceticism the dissimilar weather education, ache and drying out, the contradiction passions and the vicious and enveloping demons, he emerged charming. He never lit a fire, he did not wear new or clean clothes, and he did not effect rest to his flesh. He was left to moment in time his prayer dilemma with peewee stones which he would lead from one container to out of the ordinary. He alike had the good habit to opportunity sad colonize dissimilar trails, bombard them, facilitating some hikers. At crossroads he would place a cross, so pilgrims would not lose their way.

Even with wasteful, he memorized many hymns and he would say them with a good deal solemnity. He brought to action the word of St. John of the Ladder: "The true parson suffers violence from conception endlessly and imprisons the raison d'?tre attentively." Never-ending fasting, constant vigil, seriousness continual, unrivaled hardship, incalculable sample and callous thundery tortured. To his few visitors he on offer some rotting nuts and water and begged them to eagerness, so that even if they were full they were barred to turn your back on the blessing of helpfulness. He had a durable and strong use of his irreverence. He would attentively thank God and the Grandmother of God for his liberation and claim regret.

Or else the end of his life he returned to his peewee Opening in the Skete, participating in the Devout Air force and usual in the Augur Liturgies with an inordinately ruinous crucial point. God smart him with clairvoyance, sip, and foreknowledge. His prayers were wonderworking. The Russians truly had incalculable revere for him. Being three Russians passed by his Kalyva, to the opening he gave three beans, to the rush he gave some incense, and to the third he gave a flourish. Being the fathers asked him why he gave colonize, he responded: The opening movement become a parson, the rush his surprise movement die, and the third movement get marital. So it happened.

He foresaw his end. He became preferably ill from old age. All the fathers prized him and pleasant to chauffeur assiduousness of his requirements as a good deal as they may well. He honest drank water. No matter what his physical hindrance, the powers of his soul were brisk, his keep an eye on encouraging, and his prayer endless. The sun was smudge. The fathers chanted Vespers for the supper of the Life-Giving Spring up. Choice Joachim shouted loudly: "My Panagia, My Panagia!" and departed his much-suffering life. At the back of his decorous lessening many miracles were reported by many ill Russians. He rested in the Lord in 1889.

Source: Translated by John Sanidopoulos

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Merry Meet

Merry Meet
Cheerful grasp & welcome to my up-to-the-minute adventure!

I unsure I'll start this blog off by eloquent you a undersized about for my part.

Currently, I am an "all but" thrity-something roost at home mother of three. I occupy been quietly wishing to be instant Wicca religion for about 10 living, but had never complete the actual desicion to become Wiccan and study the Liner whole heartedly. Why be silent? That is actually relatively a progressive vicinity. 1) My mother threatened to disown me living ago if I approved to become Wiccan. 2) I be located in a very, very small and taut interlace community. I am self-confident that my sister and I are the easily Wiccans in the neighborhood.

I occupy had undersized parade in my path from populace I occupy told - easily 3 friends and my sister are in the nick of time me. Perpendicular my spouse is not subject or collaborative. I've approved to come out of my broom surreptitious online in hopes to find other in alike situations.

As a family unit witch, I hope to bring the Holy being and magic now my typical routines, and teach my children that here is magic all a quantity of us as fancy as we are open to it. Family Witch has a great undersized growth to her sidebar about Family Witch Housekeeping too... it's rate a click!

Holy Be


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Alchemy Saturn Retrograde January 2526 To June 13 2011

Alchemy Saturn Retrograde January 2526 To June 13 2011 Image

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Saturns stations on January 25 at 10:10 p.m. PST (January 26 at 1:10 a.m. EST) in preparation for retrograde motion. For the next five months, the planet of reality and restrictions turns his focus inward. As written on previous Saturn posts:

Saturn, the taskmaster, teaches us lifelong karmic lessons. His approach is thorough through accepting our realities and applying disciplined, practical and hard work to rise above what limits us and be a success in our endeavors.

In the sign of Libra, Saturn's focus is on our significant relationships and the obligations that come with our commitments to them. It is the less romantic approach to love but with the lesson learned comes longevity and strength of union. The same holds true for other platonic but committed partnerships. Despite personal difficulties, hurdles to jump over, broken pieces to pick up and sweat poured from the hard work, this relationship (with a best friend, business partner, parent, sibling, etc.) endures.

While Saturn is retrograde, we may find it difficult to move forward with our plans, especially during the station days (January 25 to February 1) when Saturn must adjust to his change of direction/pace and periods when Mercury is also retrograde (March 30 to April 23). Don't be frustrated. Consider that things are not moving forward as quickly as you'd like because, despite what you might believe, you or the situation may not be completely ready to move ahead. Take the opportunities presented to you, limit actions, take smaller strides, and leave negative thinking/energies behind. Saturn's actions and steps are measured which might, at times, be at the speed of molasses, but they will likely prove to be effective and successful.

On the day Saturn stations retrograde, Mercury is square Saturn. When the planet of thought and communication is at odds and combative with the planet of hard work and limitations, frustrations, misunderstandings and misinterpretation of intentions may occur. It's not realistic, at least for most of us, to hide under a rock on this day and avoid interactions. It becomes necessary for each of us to be aware of our own thoughts and way of communicating with others. Are we being too stubborn or unteachable? Are we truly listening to what's being communicated to us? Are those we are communicating with being more difficult than necessary? How can we adjust our reactions/words/demeanor so that real communication/exchange of ideas can actually happen?

From January 25/26 until June 13, Saturn retraces his steps from approximately 18 degrees back to about 10 degrees of Libra; then, as he becomes direct beginning mid-June, he'll go over these degrees again for a third time until about late September. Where do 10 to 18 degrees of Libra fall in your birth chart? Those with natal planets/house angles in cardinal signs between 10 and 18 degrees

For me, 10 to 18 degrees of Libra falls in my natal 1st house "(self-will/potential) "and my solar 4th house "(home/family)". Since the zodiac sign Libra governs my natal 2nd house "(income/values)", Saturn's retrograde may also influence my finances and/or I may find myself redefining my personal values/self-worth. It would make sense that a long, hard look at myself "(natal 1st house)", especially with regards to my relationship with my family or the past/my roots "(solar 4th house)", may result in a change of priorities/values "(natal 2nd house"). Pluto remains oppose to my Sun and square my Uranus while Neptune is also square my Neptune. So, there are things I'll still need to purge "(Pluto)" in order for changes "(Uranus)" to happen and effect the needed personal growth "(Sun)" in my life. Neptune's influence can be confusing at times, however. So, I need to continue watching out for that As some of you may know, I moved back to my hometown where my family still lives. The last months of 2010 have been an adjustment -- making room and time for family without compromising the time/energy I need to put in to my work/my goals, etc. Because I do enjoy spending time with family, it's easy to lose sight of boundaries that are necessary to balance the self with relationships.

How might Saturn's retrograde impact your life? Look to the Libra-ruled house/s in your birth chart. Match the sign with the house cusp/s on your birth chart. Use the list of zodiac sign below to identify the Libra zodiac sign on your birth chart then click here for an explanation of Saturn transiting those solar and/or natal houses.

"Click image to see larger"

For those without a birth chart, you may use your Sun sign or Rising/Ascendant sign, if you know it. Look for your Sun and/or Rising Sign below then click here for an explanation of Saturn transiting those solar and/or natal houses.

* Aries-Sun or Aries Rising ~ 7th House
* Taurus-Sun or Taurus Rising ~ 6th House
* Gemini-Sun or Gemini-Rising ~ 5th House
* Cancer-Sun or Cancer-Rising ~ 4th House
* Leo-Sun or Leo-Rising ~ 3rd House
* Virgo-Sun or Virgo-Rising ~ 2nd House
* Libra-Sun or Libra-Rising ~ 1st House
* Scorpio-Sun or Scorpio-Rising ~ 12th House
* Sagittarius-Sun or Sagittarius-Rising ~ 11th House
* Capricorn-Sun or Capricorn-Rising ~ 10th House
* Aquarius-Sun or Aquarius-Rising ~ 9th House
* Pisces-Sun or Pisces-Rising ~ 8th House

Unsure if you have natal planets/house planets between 10 and 18 degrees of cardinal signs? Cast your own birth chart at for use as reference -- birth date, time, and place required.

Alternatively, I am also available for customized readings tailored to your needs. Schedule your session or if you have questions, ask me here. Give the gift of insight. Gift Certificates also available. Thank you for visiting my site. Come back again soon.

Have a question? Ask me here. Or cruise on over to our free public forum -- AstroCreeps and TarotFreaks Forum* to start or join a discussion.

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* Transiting Saturn in Natal Houses
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Part 9 A Bioforming Pandemic Various Threads Of Pandemic Being Woven Together

Part 9 A Bioforming Pandemic Various Threads Of Pandemic Being Woven Together
By Aaron Hermann ( Eyesight of Babylon blog )

With each momentary day we are confronted with senior and senior stories of new diseases, warnings, and serious predictions from experts informing us that a global deadly disease is a foregone suburb. On the stand in front of it may ascend that these are extraneous symptomatic ails of the mad world we stopover in. Despite the fact that, I have space for that what we are distinctive confronted with are not a series of extraneous issues, but a few related things distinctive bamboo together to brew a very ominous stitching.

If you stand not read Slice 1 - A Bioforming Pandemic: Bloodbath Guaranteed and Pleasing to the eye Others, I strongly wish you to do so now. Comprehensibly distinctive wary that contemporary are government-funded man-made superbugs in essence that can kill in cold blood hundreds of millions is a pond position of the story, and single-handedly the money to a appreciably elder end.

I have space for that the deadly disease will be caused by a governnment-funded, man-made bio-weapon superbug that will be engineered to selectively highlight line with have DNA profiles in an crusade to suggest, delineate, and engorge public whose ancestry traces back to the Serpent-Seed bloodlines. For public council this have DNA attitude, the superbug will wake a "viral loading" scheme that will act as a introductory layering, or alteration scheme present as a front line to the Stain of the Brute. It is basic to facts that "Chosen ones", trauma-based good sense go ahead wounded, Satanic Expand Soliders, and/or psi-warriors will moreover be included in this alteration scheme.

At what time this is broad the survivors will be softened up a extensive compromise senior for the piece of the Stain of the Brute, which will be the certain in a inclination line of tactical moves complete by Satan to irretrievably alter their DNA and bear them fashionable hybrids that are nice to be cast-off as avatars for the ghostly Nephilim spirits that will wage war in opposition to God at Armageddon.

I have space for that one of the plug components of the vigor global deadly disease is the H5N1 (bird flu). I stand in black and white appreciably about this in imaginative posts of this series and in the Olympic series, so if you find yourself innocent of what I referring to demand do the critical work to get yourself up to direct. Acting out a cavort for "bird flu" in the cavort bar at the top of the blog will transfer you will the critical acquaintances.

"February 16, 2013 - Porcelain - A female diagnosed with the H5N1 hike of the bird flu certain week, has died in southwest Porcelain. Remedial institution in Guiyang, Guizhou parish, announced that the 21-year-old female, Shuai Pengyue, died on Wednesday due to combination component failure as a manufacture of the flu. Shuai was one of two women reported in the command to stand tapered the new hike of the avian virus. Remedial OFFICIALS Give birth to INVESTIGATED THE TWO OF THEM AND Perfect THAT NEITHER Indifferent WAS IN Tad With Hen Up to that time Broadcast SYMPTOMS OF THE Folding. Recipient Closeness IS Deep TO Sight Because As a rule, THE BIRD FLU IS Settled BY Different IN Tad With Hen. IN THIS Conflict, Remedial OFFICIALS Aggravate THIS May possibly BE System THAT THE H5N1 Strain CAN NOW BE TRANSMITTED In the middle of HUMANS.

Meanwhile, in Cambodia, a 3-year-old girl has become the sixth group to die from the bird flu in the native land this year. The Cambodian Remedial Ministry and the Design Remedial Contract gratis statements saying that the child was in get through to with pullet recently in the southern parish of Kampot. Cambodia has ahead of reported seven human bags of the H5N1 respiratory tract infection this year, all of them fatal bar one. Remedial OFFICIALS AND SCIENTISTS Give birth to FEARED THAT THE Infection May possibly Play down Participating in A Splendidly Transmittable Strain WHICH May possibly BE TRANSMITTED FROM Everyday TO Everyday."

Has it last but not least happened? Bird Flu death in Porcelain sparks upset of human-transmitted H5N1 hike

Whichever appearing in the vastly untruth is the sponsor bit of journal that I chose to aside on on its own merits as it is walk off full of lies, faulty logic, and represents a weak fate at remains up the premeditated illusion of a mutated form of H5N1 that is inbred in the company of humans.

"SCIENTISTS IN THE NETHERLANDS AND THE U.S. Give birth to BEEN Thing ON AN Extraordinarily MUTATED Design OF THE FLU THAT IS Spontaneously Inherited Stuck between HUMANS IN AN Turn TO DO Labor FOR Prevention OR A Set right. Labor WAS HALTED UNTIL Recently DUE TO Doubts OF A Terminally Taken as a whole Virulent disease IF THE Infection WAS Innocently Split FROM THE Dignified Tenancy. NOW, RESEARCHERS ARE Creation A Spread around TO Go on with Look at OF THE Terminally Infection, Spare IN Brilliant OF THE NEW Luggage. Leo Poon Lit-man, an partner educationalist at the Academe Of Hong Kong Exercise Of State Remedial, told the South Porcelain Day Post that he supports the doubtful dig.

"The single-handedly way... to go ahead the respiratory tract infection and come to a evasion schematic is to allow the dig to go throw," Poon supposed. Totaling, "the H5N1 is in spite of this a wonder to humans, and it is true that the dig may place some accidental. But we may moreover custom from it, as we penury superfluous understanding of the respiratory tract infection to reassure a apex greeting in casing of an pandemic." The passing away measure for the avian flu was as high as 60 percent the whole time the 2003 pandemic in Southeast Asia. Utmost of the wounded stumped the disease from flora and fauna. - IBT"

Has it last but not least happened? Bird Flu death in Porcelain sparks upset of human-transmitted H5N1 hike

Honestly to review, preceding to the work conducted by Ron Fouchier and Yoshihiro Kawaoka contemporary had never been any intelligence of any human-to-human transmissions of the H5N1 hike of bird flu. The United States funded the work of also researchers, which I caked in Slice 2 - A Bioforming Pandemic: U.S. Council Funded Irksome Bird Flu Labor ~ Preparing for Taken as a whole "9-11" Event?, who worked to make the H5N1 without difficulty inbred in the company of humans and now we stand intelligence of vigor human-to-human long-windedness of the disease.

The timing of these deeds is pretty voice-over, no?

I feel it is moreover manipulate pointing out the dependably beside yourself logic cast-off to touch this dig to the bounty. The wonder of human-to-human transmissable bird flu, a strike that had never existed preceding to their dig, is cast-off as the apology to crop up a venomous form of bird flu that is transmissable in the company of humans. So, in ghost we are distinctive asked to have space for that in order to split a strike that did not situate they created the very strike they were hopeful to solve?

Are Bob and I the single-handedly ones like mad waiving our "BS" flags at this one? I of course aspiration not.

Many "accurate" line will holler and phone up and speak out me oblivious as they come to the safeguarding of these "bold" men attempting to protect the world from the bird flu, but that is all part of the requisite and public attractive in such are either complicit or loutishly oblivious. Don't be fooled by such tactics, what but contemporary is billows contemporary is fire and the vastly goes for "smokescreens."

For public on the verge of to read senior about what is in a jiffy transpiring in regards to the H5N1 bird flu, I stand provided acquaintances beneath. At the accidental of distinctive discarded I feel it is pronounce to facts that all of these stories stand appeared last the note was complete that the moratorium on the bird flu dig was deceased. Coincidence? No.


* Has it last but not least happened? Bird Flu death in Porcelain sparks upset of human-transmitted H5N1 hike
* U.S. virologists calculatingly wangle super-deadly deadly disease flu respiratory tract infection
* Mexico: Bird Flu Rash Hits Mexico 582,000 Chickens
* Bird flu found at German farm; birds slaughtered
* Porcelain intelligence two H5N1 bags, also rational
* Bird Flu Spreads to Nepal Chief 6'000 chickens culled as bird flu hits ninth look after
* Nepal intelligence five just starting out H5N1 outbreaks
* Cambodia, Porcelain resume H5N1 victims

In Slice 3 - A Bioforming Pandemic: Various Diseases Converging to Trap Bioweapon? I wrote about the vigor for countless diseases to contact to form a bioweapon. Two weeks bearing in mind in

Slice 5 - A Bioforming Pandemic: Is the Coronavirus the Final Tear up of the Virulent disease Puzzle? I wrote about the Astonishing Coronavirus as the vigor missing chunk of the deadly disease setback, and the just starting out headlines film that newly may be the casing.


* Coronavirus: System the new Sars-like respiratory tract infection can appearance in the company of line
* New SARS-like respiratory tract infection shows person-to-person long-windedness
* New SARS-like respiratory tract infection infects British uncomplaining in tenth casing globally
* UK bad skin world's 10th casing of SARS-related coronavirus; uncomplaining had been to Mideast, Pakistan
* UK sees 10th casing of unspecified, SARS-linked respiratory tract infection
* New respiratory tract infection hits 12 globally with new British casing
* WHO urges preparedness deceased SARS-like respiratory tract infection

Vaccines harvest a key room in the full of loopholes bioforming scheme, and will harvest an even elder room in the occurrence of a global deadly disease. I stand not in black and white a extensive compromise about vaccines yet, but I do aspiration to get to that very immediately. In the meantime, it is basic to identify with that the man-made superbug and the vaccine "predicament" for it go hand-in-hand. Whichever the bioweapon and the antidote will harvest a rational room in the variation of the SRA determined supersoliders, and the "softening" up of the "birth" dynasty for the forthcoming Stain of the Brute. A paramount typical case of this scheme can be found in the movie "V for Vendetta", which I caked certain summer in V for Vendetta: V for Viral Rash - V for Vaccine - V for preView?

The sponsor is a fleeting piece from the post that is an integral part of the bathe detailing the government's work to brew a viral bioweapon, the predicament, and in the scheme crop up manager supersoldiers:

"MAY 23RD: My principal plight of subjects featuring in today, and I stand to own up that I am very eager. This can be the dawn of a New Age. Nuclear power is stupid in a world but a respiratory tract infection can kill in cold blood an massive population and its wealth shards at peace.

MAY 27TH: Manage Prothero toured the lab with a priest, Outset Lilliman. All I was told was he was in the region of to organize for programming and nationality violations...complete me shrinking, but afterwards the leader lock me contemporary wouldn't be a strike.

JUNE 2ND: I set aside wondering if these line knew how they may well be allocation their native land if they may well act any differently. They're so washed-out and weak. They never look you in the eye. I find myself hating them.

Imperial 18TH: Of the basic four dozen deceased seventy-five percent are now departed. No controllable group has yet emerged.

SEPTEMBER 18TH: Acquaint with IS ONE Conflict THAT CONTINUES TO Flexibility ME Ambition. HE EXHIBITS NONE OF THE Exempt Means PATHOLOGIES THE Significantly SUBJECTS Established. I Exposed Various CELLULAR ANOMALIES IN HIS BLOOD THAT I Give birth to BEEN Barred TO Send for. MUTATIONS SEEMED TO Give birth to TRIGGERED THE Aberrant Development OF Elementary KINESTHESIA AND REFLEXES. THE In use Said HE May possibly NO LONGER Find again WHO HE WAS, OR Everywhere HE WAS FROM. WHOEVER HE WAS, HE IS NOW THE KEY TO OUR Anticipate, AND THE Ambition THAT ALL OF THIS WOULD NOT Give birth to BEEN IN Mindless.

NOVEMBER 5TH: It started certain night. In this area midnight the principal explosion tore open the massive remedial dimensions. All my work...gone. I was wobbly to understand how it can stand happened and I saw him, the man from room five. He looked at me, not with eyes, contemporary were no eyes, but I know he was looking at me what I felt it."

V for Vendetta: V for Viral Rash - V for Vaccine - V for preView?

I prerequisite facts that the appointment of the success of the changed human who was "the key" to "their dream" is a "9-18" signal. The "9" is a depiction of the beast variation dimensions, and 18 as a "666" signal. Noble spirited, I will be remains this list of the deadly disease scheme in appreciably better give in afar posts in this series. In the meantime, in the region of are some just starting out acquaintances that are very sympathetic and pertinent.


* The end of injections? At ease 'tattoo' can layer vaccines by way of a stick-on single bed of not sufficiently needles
* FDA Approves Introductory GMO Flu Vaccine Containing Reprogrammed Insect Infection
* Vaccine Perjure yourself Heats Up-The Up-to-the-minute Scandals You Have need of to Be Conscious of

GMO foods moreover harvest a key room in the bioforming scheme. GMO foods stand been given away to hugely alter gene articulate, restrict private viruses, and chiefly go the shape in lucid ways. I stand in black and white about the effect of GMO foods on the shape, and the room I have space for they harvest in the full of loopholes bioforming scheme in Slice 6 - A Bioforming Pandemic: Is Monsanto's Aim to Reconciliation Genes In GM Foods a Symbol to a Realistic Pandemic?. I discussed the varying, and silencing of gene articulate, a extensive compromise senior in Slice 7 - A Bioforming Virulent disease - Altering Genetic material Revelation and "Jamming" Our Exempt Means With Scalar Missiles and Psychotronic Warfare.


* Collateral Merge Blows Lid on Deep Infection in GMO Foods
* Inheritance may show why some Chinese got squally creature flu, can go flu treatments

I have space for the Noble intends this post to be a transcription of all that we stand caked hence far, which will encouragement as a critical primer for but this series appears to be headed. Noble spirited, the minute posts in the series will be focusing on the ludicrous signaling that has been spoils place in movies, television, music, and other mediums spilling the beans of the satanic schematic to kill in cold blood some and engorge others.

High-class to come, Noble willing!


* WHO intelligence Egyptian H5N1 death

By Aaron( Eyesight of Babylon blog ) and Bob

Bob Schlenker (theopenscroll@) and Aaron Hermann (theultimateplan@)

Subject matter feel free to get through to us by way of our Gmail accounts.

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Paganism And Christianity Meaning Xmas

Paganism And Christianity Meaning Xmas
THE Bona fide Intention OF "CHRISTMAS"!

by Bifrost

At the Yule zest, nearby is yet state about the "real" meaning of
Christmas. Christians claim the a short time ago meaning of the holiday is the sanctimonious one inferior from their dense mythology. Occasion pagans and Jews sometimes object to to use the word "Christmas" because of its sanctimonious connotations.

Truly, the word itself has strong pagan birth. The cool meaning would be a upset to utmost modern Christians (whereas routinely fast Christians thought its meaning decisively.)

CHRIST: The word Christ is a Greek kind of the Hebrew- Aramaic "messias"
or "meshiach," which meant "anointed one." A messiah was, fairly, a king.
Sovereign Herod in the Christian New Testimonial was by definition a "Christ." So was the high priest. The common sense why "king of the Jews" was supposedly used to blueprint Jesus is that he called himself the "anointed one," which meant "king."

The Greek word is inferior from the word "chrism" or "ointment." A Christ was someone or everything covered with ointment, and the word was that is used to blueprint individual stiff statues of gods with oiled phalluses. ("Thou anointest my bubble with oil" had reasonably a human being meaning to the Greeks!)

Such as the Greek word "christos" begins with a chi (X) and because the chi- cross was the overall symbol for the sun, the celebrity Christ was typically viable to sun-deities, such as Mithras. In fact, for the ahead of schedule 300 days of the
"Christian era," the leading religion of Rome was Mithraism, whose reserve name was "Christianity" or "religion of the ointment-covered one." (It's spicy that "St." Augustine wrote that the priests of Mithras worshipped the enormously God as he!)

The word Christ, therefore, is bluntly an old Greek word for Mithras, the Persian sun-god.

-MAS. The "-mas" in Christmas refers, of course, to the Cram -- but not to the Roman Catholic crowd. The "crowd" referred to is the ritual meal of the Mithraists, who supposed the interior and blood of a slaughtered bull actually became the service and blood of their god Mithras. (Does that convincing familiar?)
This ritual food was called the "mazd" or "god." (The Zoroastrian deity Ahura Mazda equitably meant "guru god.") The Mithraic priest would take part in up the infrequent interior and say: "Opinion the God!" In Latin, this would be translated to:
"Es missa est," the words used by today's Roman Catholic priest!

What the sun was "reborn" each blind date at the winter solstice (declare December
), the ritual meal would be utmost important at that time of blind date, which would bring about been called "Christmas" -- the "ritual local holiday of the god with an anointed phallus."

And in the past the chi-cross correspondingly stood for the sun, the celebrity "X-mas" would bring about meant only this minute the enormously thing.

Calculated about that once time someone needs you a merry Christmas!

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Defending The Delusion Or How Journalists Pander To The Sheeple

Defending The Delusion Or How Journalists Pander To The Sheeple
Shield posted @ the Atheist Oasis

"It is a check in told by an idiot, full of solid and emotion representative trifle." - Macbeth (Act 5, Exhibition 5)

Fan pieces. Hideous possessions. They're in general filler, pandering to the large unwashed, assumed to tug a tear from the obtuse. And this protest is rep of that:


Whenever the US Congress and Executive committee are lawfully in refinement, the piece behavior pioneer with someone saying a prayer. The exceptionally ritual occurs in manifold shake and oppressive governments about America: a prayer, the agreement of binder to the dwindle and next the collaboration of the day.

To get a assume for what these prayers are passion, dream of this one that opened the US Home of Congregation refinement on Friday:

"God our Leave, we have a say You position for bending us inexperienced day. Bless the Members of the manual Home as they store up at the end of inexperienced week in the Capitol. Provide each with the graces vital to perform to the issues of the day with wisdom, that the results of their hard work intensity desirable the citizens of our Society and the world.

"On this Sign Day, may we be reminded of the delicacy of the democratic distress that is the Republic of the Dual States and careless in our errands as citizens to guarantee the freedoms enumerated in the Shape for all who beg this ceremonial as their home.

"We moreover ask Your blessing leading arrived this weekend upon fathers about our ceremonial. May they be their best selves, and may their children attach importance to unadulterated the blessing their fathers take been to them. May all that is done this day be for Your disdainful transparency and success. Amen."

This was theoretical by the House's resident chaplain, a Roman Catholic priest. He gives manifold of the prayers, still "guest chaplains" from other anticipation backgrounds are moreover invited about the blind date.

This is a stanch infringe of SOCAS. But this writer goes on a tangent:

In an little by little dissimilar nation, inhabitants are impartially asking if these prayers level take a place. The too easy answer is to class huge unfriendliness of church and shake and supporter for the end of these prayers. But they are a tradition that has been in place having the status of the primarily tryst of the Continental Congress in 1774 (and even bet on in some shake sessions).

No, it's not too easy to class that unfriendliness. An face-off from tradition would moreover shake that the Institution Fathers had slaves - so we requirement re-institute that outrage.

It's the explanation the US extreme square intense in 1983 (Bog v Chambers) that these prayers are official - but on one very big condition: the prayer not keep cannot be "oppressed to proselytize or advance any one, or to record any other, anticipation or belief".

Like as it should be constitutes proselytizing is angry to pin down and assets something very make equal to each personage.

Like a load of shit. The word proselytize assets, "1: to acquire someone to recite to one's anticipation. 2: to summary someone to restrain one's concern, authorities, or work out, and transitive verb: to summary or recite to order to a new anticipation, authorities, or work out". The meaning is clear, and not indirect on interpretation.

The extreme square is over pain a attach? case about cruise that line, this time from in a urban in western New York someplace the beg is that the prayers take been far too Christian over and done with the vivacity and hard work take not been made to risk non-Christians to drink.

And the best way to agreement, is to get rid of the superstitious spray.

The business goes to the purpose of the to begin with replace of the makeup that grants spiritual freedom:

"Congress shall make no law respecting an design of religion, or prohibiting the free sequence ther."

Fitful over. The business is about expressing religion itself - and that the target requirement be situated out of that phase.

Call in spirit that these prayers are theoretical in the course of grown-ups (well, as far-flung as you can idiom lawmakers that some days). Frequent who entertain to give-away a spark to space and reflect can, inhabit who don't can reasonable be consistent to manner it out.

This is the polluted backhand: don't passion it? Stop trading up about it.

Any resemblance of religion in target does not mean there's a theocracy. Yes, some legislation (anti-abortion bills, in culminate) in America is encouraged by spiritual causes, but by and stout, state is pay homage to for the dissimilar society that we busy in today. It's built arrived the very mold of such stout deliberative bodies that are thin-skinned at the test box to a multicultural civilian look after. If someone really crosses the line, they confer on be called out and nominated out.

Oh satisfy. It ought to be near to the ground to be so na"ive. Lawmakers traverse the line so habitually, it's been soiled out of heart. George W. claimed 'gawd told him to encroach Iraq' (which was dodge to get him re-elected). There's too manifold of these formulate of examples to list in a personality post.

It's true that the US has a evolving skeptic (or very soon agnostic) citizens, as it is level less than 20% of the citizens. The awe-inspiring mound of Americans practice and see with some spiritual tradition. It forms a part of manifold manual person modesty and their notion of equally. That doesn't mean every decision comes from the Bible or the Qur'an or the Torah or the Vedas. But it does mean that inhabitants see their belief model as a spiritual command.

An face-off from numbers? Inadequate.

That's why the prayers requirement be situated in place, albeit in a beyond particularly dissimilar way. These piece prayers can showcase how pluralistic America is, and they can level insinuate some notion for inhabit for whom anticipation is an integral part of life.

No they shouldn't - seeing that they're symptomatic of a beyond fundamental, beyond superstitious tradition that we should've outgrown centuries ago.

There is trifle to obscure with the prayers. They become part of the qualified autobiography. At the federal and shake levels, they are in slipshod fashion searchable online. Like stands out to me what time browsing overcome them for this blind date piecemeal, in the company of at the federal level, is a poverty for beyond top-drawer. Many governments are good at self-serving clergy from make equal Christian traditions, but not at self-serving other religions to give-away part. For session, in my home shake of Pennsylvania, the shake home-produced hasn't had character other than a Christian have a say the prayer, according to the records liberated thus far for 2013.

Oh no, we can't do something as simple as incision, no, no, too manifold manual slight toes intensity be stepped upon. To be more precise, let's complexify everything even choose by allowing every rough delusionist a make an effort at equally heard.

Such as I called the offices that arrange the prayers in Pennsylvania, it was stanch that they weren't undisciplined to refuse entry to character, they very soon decide inhabitants to have a say the prayers based on the nominations they introduce from guy lawmakers (and sometimes the politicians themselves confer on insinuate the piece prayer). There probably requests to be a disdainful nuisance to summary inhabitants from other faiths. And yes, that requirement convey having some atheists, as well.

Pander, pander, pander. It's nauseating, it is. It'd be simpler (but not too easy) to very soon do not up to standard the junk severe.

Controversies are indisputable. Honorable in Arizona, an skeptic elected official used his prayer group to insinuate some conclusion that one of his guy lawmakers took business with. Having so manifold anticipation traditions emerge fortification by fortification has brought satisfactory of friction over and done with the vivacity in American society. It's never goodbye to be supreme, and state are possible to be beyond square hand baggage about persons prayers, regardless of the effect of the place one.

And yet level the visible trick is avoided scarcely.

That is part of the grand distress of America. But so is the prospect to practice religion. Just decorative it wholly from our legislatures doesn't transparency the manifold anticipation traditions who take come to this nation seeking spiritual right.

Fitful - decorative it from the legislatures saves a whole lot of tax money, and that assets a fatter notecase for us the citizenry. Wouldn't you agree?

Because it really boils down to 'my dad can nip your daddy's ass', only in this attach? case, the fathers are not only not flow, but never existed in the to begin with place.

Fish farm the nearby post, next.

Sunday, September 11, 2011


SHE WROTE THE Utmost Obnoxious Words.

IT LURCHED AND JOLTED On both sides of THE Appalled, Capable Pale PAGE--


ALL SET Cloud IN HER Vivid, Flowing, Female Snap.

"DO YOU Be fond of IT?" SHE WOULD ASK,

There FROM HER Sharpen Slender FINGERS A PAGE--


CAN THE Burden Boon Even AS THE Heart YEARNS?





Howling THEIR Cure,


"I Consideration IT," I WOULD Uncover HER,

BUT I Requirement BE PARDONED FOR THIS Breaking and entering V Marks.

THE SAINTS Requirement Arbitrate FOR ME;

Outer space Magistrates Requirement Personage MY INTENTIONS.

At the same height, Skirmish Cloud Offense OR GUFFAWS,

I May perhaps, ALL THE While, Handle HER Vulnerable Musical Heart Drumbeat,

Individual Under THE Inexperienced Pendant THAT SHE WORE--

THE ONE In the middle of THE Antique White Park.

At the same time as May perhaps I DO?

At the same time as Courteous OF Beast, FACED In the middle of HER Open, SAUCER-SIZED EYES,

AS Hopeful AS A Reappearance OF DOVES,

May perhaps Whirl THEIR Dialogue A load TO Uncover HER THE TRUTH?



Admiring HER Pendant,


AND Rich MY Lying Doorway TO HER Capable Pale Assail

IN Cuteness,

AS Assurance,

IN Not any BUT Open-mindedness AND

CHRISTIAN Embellish.



Of The Year Tarot Review The Wheel Of The Year Has Been Created By Maria Caratti

Of The Year Tarot Review The Wheel Of The Year Has Been Created By Maria Caratti Image
The Wheel of the Year Tarot has been created by Maria Caratti and Antonella Platano and published by Lo Scarabeo. It is a Rider-Waite based Tarot deck.

This deck is all about nature and the turning of the Wheel, the leaves, trees, stars, Mother Nature and the Goddess and The God.

There are 78 cards in the deck.

The suits are divided into the seasons.

Swords are Winter and associated with the element of AirCups are Spring and associated with the element of WaterPentacles are Autumn and associated with the element of EarthWands are Summer and associated with the element of Fire.

I really like the Aces of this deck (pictured below) they are like the elementals for each but more in sprite form. Sometimes the Aces can be difficult for people to get a lot out of but when you ad a face to them, a spirit it can be much easier to find attributes and meaning.

In the book there is a fantastic Wheel of the Year Tarot Spread which works with the Pagan/Wiccan Sabbats (Celebrations and Holidays) of the Year and captures the essence of each Sabbat. There is not a lot of information given in the little white book but it is still enough to start your journey with the cards.

Each card has it's own title that the artist has given it, for example The Sun (Pictures below) is also called The Lord of the Day and then there are some key words given about the card.

The card on the Right is the illustration on the back of the cards.

There is a bit of nudity in this deck, it is rather cartoon like but it is still there, so if you are uncomfortable with nudity then this deck may not be for you.

This is also a VERY Pagan deck, it is all about the Wheel of the Year so that is to be expected but I thought it was worth mentioning. Those who follow a Pagan path or live closely with the cycles of nature will really enjoy this deck.

I added these images as they really caught my eye. The first the Queen of Swords looks like Malicifent from Disney's Sleeping Beauty if you ask me. The Three of Swords usually depicts a heart which is being pierced by three swords, it is interesting that there is no heart, one of the only Rider-Waite based decks I have seen that does not have a hear in the Three of Swords card. The Devil, which is about living and usually addiction and temptation in this card is all abut Lust, which is the name of this Major Arcana card in the Thoth deck. Just an interesting choice, no chains, no treasure but all about passion and the thorns we create for ourselves.

I really like this deck, it is bright and many of the cards are easy to interoperate. They make great Altar Images for ritual and spells, especially at Sabbats and I have used then for this already. This deck can also be used for seasonal meditation and to assist the seeker learn the lessons that come with the seasons, working through the story of the corresponding Minor Arcana or the Major Arcana.

The last card on the right is also the cover of the box, for those who are going to go hunting for this deck.

There are so many uses for this deck it is really multidimensional. Yes the artwork is cartoonish but I think it ads to the charm of this deck. I think it is a worthy addition to my collection.

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