Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pagannewsbeagle Faithful Friday Sept 12

Pagannewsbeagle Faithful Friday Sept 12
In our time is Devoted Friday offer at the Pagan Report Beagle, the day we delivery captivating stories about pious communities about the world. Our stories today include the strike of the new Polytheist community website; a clutch for papers on Pagan and Goddess studies; animal price banned (in part of India); Chinese Buddhist propose building; American Muslims park yourself (and concentrate top than Muslims in Europe.)

The new website launched a moment ago and hopes to promote a style of columnists (the site eschews the object "blog") from with a leg on each side of this distinct scuffle.

The American Academe of Mysticism (Western quality) announces a clutch for papers from a style of confidence traditions, legendary amid each Pagan and Goddess studies.

A everyday entice in the northern Indian express of Himachal Pradesh has not permitted animal price in Hindu temples.

A splendid Chinese Buddhist temple is seeking a top media vendor in an option endeavor to bring into disrepute its notice.

This story at the Economist examines why American Muslims are more built-in with their company than their co-religionists in the EU.

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