Monday, September 5, 2011

Occult Review Mystic Dreamer Tarot

Occult Review Mystic Dreamer Tarot Image

Mystic Dreamer Tarot

Deck by - Heidi Darras, Book by - Barbara Moore

I was introduced to Heidi's artwork and tarot deck project from DevianArt and her work gained a lot of popularity. There are not a lot of decks that are created entirely from stock photos and CGI that even seem real or that don't have very obvious lines as I have found this technique can make a lot of the characters faces look a very angular and non human. With the progression of Heidi's work you can clearly see that her skill with her chosen medium increased and it is really lovely that that there are a lot of people now taking to making their own decks.

The suits in this deck are pentacles - earth, swords - air, wands - fire and cups - water. The design on the back of the cards has a double moon with a ladies face profiled onto them. The border is in a dark cream parchment style and there is an extra watermark on each of the cards inside the border, which gives the impression that you are you are peering into a pool of water to see the images. This can be a little distracting but works so well on some of the cards such as the moon card or anything that has water like colours.

So my first working with the tarot deck was to see what is going to be happening in the next season. It is a waxing moon after the Spring Solstice and the right time to see what the remainder of the year is going to be like. The tarot spread I used for this reading is the simple 3 card spread. Card one represents the past, card two the present and card three the future.

Card One - The Past - III The Empress

Motherhood and feminine leadership in a nurturing way, fertility and growth.

Card Two - The Present - XV The Devil

Being caught up in matter of the physical realm and ties to anything addictive or an obsession.

Card Three - The Future - XIII Death

The death of an ideal with the rebirth of a new idea or vision. The eternal cycle of death-re-birth, creation and destruction, release.

All cards in the reading are major Arcana meaning that everything that is going to be happening is going to be a major lesson and one that also has a deeper spiritual orientation.

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