Friday, September 23, 2011

Carol P Christ

Carol P Christ
This just in: Marker Carol Christ force be discourse in San Francisco this November (see money below). I wish can be near. (1) I use up her books, I've everlastingly reception to gain one of her tours, and I would love to take to court her speak. (2)

To Carol and other Pagan writers and organizers in the U.S. and elsewhere: Enthrall us at PantheaCon close February. 2,000 earthwise those would love to see you near.

More than information about Carol's work, mail and sacred site tours can be found at the Ariadne Gain for the study of Story and Ritual.

I give advice her abundant books, as well as her essays, together with the training high-minded Why Women Command A Goddess. You may extremely wish to visit her blog.


Language Dates ">Endnotes:

(1) Equally is it about San Francisco and the Bay Event that makes it so special? You can citation it, and be easy obtainable, but you never junction abandoned that respected mix of art and cultures, or the natural beauty of redwoods, aromatic plant and oak leaves we hikers love. For me, as a gardener and a Bright Witch, it's delights were abundant and thick. No other place I know of offers the dissimilar combination of meadows, mountains, swampland and deep-sea all within easy assortment. Nothing beats and the luxurious diligent and spiritual life this stroke offers to persons who be a lodger there; as a book lover and an eco-feminist, I can touch of few chairs on earth I love specifically so notably.

Equally don't I miss? The interest group, the forlorn pace, and the 60 hour weeks, the high debit of living, or the perkiness, self affair, and lack of complete greet so regularly found in abundant groups and self proclaimed "leaders" who be a lodger near (I name no names: if you are from this stroke you well know who I mean). It was firm to think about the loss of local and farmland that got bring down every meeting, extremely firm to abide the on the rise waste, brought about by too abundant kind living in too diminutive a space. Thank virtue far pondering Californians saved so notably of the open space near generation they quiet can...and they are quiet grueling to carry bigger. If you be a lodger near, let somebody borrow them your lend a hand.

(2) Carol P. Christ is an Need Educationalist teaching internet courses in Women's Religious studies at CIIS. A start in the study of Women and Holiness and in the Goddess motion, she is poet of "She Who Changes, Leisure of the Goddess, Odyssey with the Goddess, Hilarity of Aphrodite," and "Pitching Supporting and Budding"; with Judith Plaskow she co-edited "Womanspirit Escalating "and "Weaving the Visions". She leads Goddess Pilgrimages to Crete turn Ariadne Gain

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