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Samhain Blessing Of Community

Samhain Blessing Of Community

Saturday belongs to Saturn, patron of witches, magic, death and darker things. My Saturday was very fitting. In the morning I made a big jar of Florida water for a client and weighed and packaged native herbs for the botanica (OH IT IS GOOD TO HAVE ROWAN BERRIES AND DEVIL'S CLUB AGAIN). In the afternoon Grant returned to bring me a mountain lion skull (REQUESTED BY OLD WOMAN) from the bone collector and a turtle shell he couldn't use for his crafts. He also brought a spirit for me to meet, a raven he's been processing for the clan - the massive skull and fanned out wings. It dwarfed Grandmother Crow and my girly little hands.

Then he helped me strain the bear fat three times and watched as I added handfuls of balm of gilead to the clear blood-red liquid and heated it again on the stove (PICTURES OF THE FINISHED PRODUCT AND THE DRIED DRUM FORTHCOMING). We talked of fly agaric, foraging, woodwork, and animal necromancy until it was time for me to get ready for the Samhain ritual that night. It is a blessing to be able to talk to someone in the flesh who crosses the hedge, shapeshifts, walks with spirits, and crafts the tools of our art. It is how I feel about the lovely Nikiah as well. The more I do so the more I find it doesn't matter the name we give these abilities and practices - it is what we "DO" that truly matters.

Dressed fittingly in black and purple linen, that night I walked to my fellow witch and neighbour Saturn's and we hopped in her car and headed to our ritual group's Samhain. I knew almost every face and name there in the full hall of witches, pagans, and heathens. There were many hugs and catching up with everyone, some I only see at ritual, but I'm just as happy to see them when I do. I think I smiled and laughed almost the entire time. The ritual was hosted by a local NROOGD group (INCLUDING ONE OF THE TRAD FOUNDERS, FRITZ) and it was beautiful; beautiful altar, beautiful costumes, beautiful choreography, and beautiful words well-rehearsed. There is always singing and dancing and mystery plays with the NROOGD.

Our community is so full. As Cinnawitch says, elders sat next to newbies, solitaries by coven members, new lineage by old lineage; all chatting and feasting and drinking and laughing together and getting along. Where else does one get to do that and find that but community? The ancestors would be proud. There was so much energy in the hall that my camera only took pictures of the light and the magic instead of what the eye can see.

Until we meet again. Thout, tout a tout tout, throughout and about

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A Revived America Is It Possible

A Revived America Is It Possible
"It cannot be emphasized too strongly or too often that this great nation was founded, not by religionists, but by Christians; not on religions, but on the gospel of Jesus Christ." --Patrick Henry

America is at a crossroads--one of the most critical moments in her history. For the first time in my life I can see the possibility of our Constitution and Bill of Rights being discarded and replaced in the midst of a national emergency.

This could happen for two reasons: (1) because of lawless public officials who do not respect the rule of law or the American Constitution; and (2) because of an American populace that has no sense of the nation's overt Christian origins and the important role of her founding documents and are, therefore, susceptible to such a radical change. As God said in Hosea 4:6, "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge."


For the first time in my life I can see the possibility of a national chaotic situation in which our president declares a national emergency and refuses to step down when his time in office is up. He then uses his "emergency" powers to call a new Constitutional convention to create a modern and more relative Constitution to replace the old, "outdated" one.

If you think such could never happen, consider a recent article in the "New York Times" that noted, "The Constitution has seen better days... its influence is waning." The liberal Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, reflected this contemptuous attitude toward the American Constitution when she told an Egyptian television audience, "I would not look to the U.S. Constitution if I were drafting a constitution in the year 2012."

Noting this growing disdain for the Constitution, Professor Steven Hayward asked, "Is there any doubt that if liberals had their way, they would junk the U.S. Constitution and install one that enshrines liberal ideology?"

A national crisis could provide the perfect storm within which a Constitutional change could occur. Commenting on this, an article in the "Wall Street Journal" noted, "The thing about a crisis is that it creates a sense of urgency. Actions that once appeared optional suddenly seem essential." Remember, a liberal mantra is, "Never let a good crisis go to waste."


But in the midst of the current crisis, there is hope. In the midst of the darkness, there is light. God still rules among the nations of the earth. Psalm 33:12 that reads, "Blessed is that nation whose God is the Lord is still true."

But our hope cannot be in a politician or a political party. Our hope must be in God Himself and His promises to His people. The only thing that will save America at this time is what has saved her through so many crises in her past--a great, national SPIRITUAL AWAKENING. Is such an awakening possible?


In 2010 I experienced a visitation from the Lord in which it was made clear to me that America could see another great, national spiritual awakening. Like many today, I had given up hope that such an awakening could ever occur. But one hot summer day as I began a leisure drive to preach in another city, my mind and heart suddenly and unexpectedly began to be flooded with hopeful, faith-filled thoughts that America could see another GREAT AWAKENING.

For the next two hours I was overwhelmed with a sense of God's presence and my mind was continually flooded with thoughts of how America could see another great, national Spiritual awakening. By the time I reached my hotel I was so excited I could hardly wait to get out my PC and began to write and articulate the new hope for America I had just received. Out of that experience I wrote the book "America's Revival Heritage", published in 2012.


Just recently, through a series of providential occurrences, it was made clear to me that I am to begin presenting "Revive America" events for the purpose of laying the biblical and historical foundation for another national, spiritual awakening. This will involve showing the radical Christian origins of our nation and the Christian context of its founding documents.

Most of all, it will involve calling God's people to a new consecration, and imploring them to pray and believe for another Great Awakening that will revive and renew the churches of America, impact our culture and stem the tide of secularism, immorality and false religion that is flooding our land.

Yes, a revived America is possible, for, as Jesus said in Matthew 19:26, with God all things are possible.

EDDIE HYATT "is a Bible teacher, church historian and author who holds a Doctor of Ministry from the School of Divinity at Regent University. He has specialized in researching spiritual awakenings in church history and in American history, and he has a passion to see authentic spiritual awakening in this generation."

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Crystals And Gemstones For The Midsummer Solstice And Their Magical Uses

Crystals And Gemstones For The Midsummer Solstice And Their Magical Uses
In gathering to the crystals of the erode, decent quartz, which has its own powers,

is the stone that can be substituted for all others, so it is included hip. Amber is fossilized resin of coniferous foliage that lived about 24 to 34 million years ago in the field of the Oligocene stretch. Amber comes from the Baltic Sea.


Abalone are shelfish, and their missiles are title for their easy on the eye irridescent glare, and hand-me-down broadly in jewelry.


Pearls are produced by mollusks, essential oysters.


While these aren't stones, they are considered included and the others on the list for their assorted healing part and magical uses; as well as their Midsummer correspondences. ABALONE: Moon & subaquatic magick, women's issues, depth, protection, love, beauty, healing, increases novelty ">AGATE: Incarceration, love, healing, vigor, atmosphere, longevity

ALEXANDRITE: Lovely, luck

AMBER: Thrill, love, healing, vigor, protection, luck, attraction

AVENTURINE: Gentleness, healing, mental know-how, money, luck

BERYL: Psychicism, energy, love, healing

CARNELIAN: Gentleness, protection, self-expression, atmosphere, healing

CATS-EYE: Thrill, health, protection, healing

CHRYSOLITE: Edict, quietness, healing, spell, dispels despair

CHRYSOPASE: Implementation, luck, merriment, friendship, healing, protection

Precious stone QUARTZ: Psychicism, power, protection, healing, sustitute for all other stones

DIAMOND: Religious studies, calm down, atmosphere, protection, harmony, health, vigor

JADE: Significance, protection, longevity, prosperity, love, healing, money

LAPIS LAZULI: Joy, candor, psychicism, protection, love, healing, atmosphere,

MOONSTONE: Insight, spell, love, psychicism, teenagers, protection

PEARL: Opening, protection, love, money

PERIDOT: Health, wealth, spell, protection, group

RUBY: Joy, anti-nightmare, power, wealth, protection

SAPPHIRE: Reflection, preventative magick, healing, power, psychicism, calm down, love, money

SARDONYX: Loving merriment, self-expression, calm down, protection, atmosphere, luck

TOPAZ: Incarceration, healing, love, money

TOURMALINE: Relationship, energy, viable, atmosphere, calm down, health, love

TURQUOISE: Relationship, atmosphere, luck, money, protection,

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Channeling For Fun And Prophet

Channeling For Fun And Prophet Cover Channeling is one of the more popular parts of what is call the "New Age". It is
also one of the most controversial aspects of this movement.

To properly channel someone, be it Marilyn Monroe, aleister crowley (I have been
told this doesn't work well...) or Devine, one must know something of this
person. The easiest way is by reading about this person. Autobiographies are the
best, of course, but biographies, news reports, or even old photos are almost as
good. You need some connection...

In Pagandom, and Wicca, popular beings for channeling are various aspects of the
God and the Goddess. Again, one must know as much as possible about the Lady or
Lord that you are going to bring into yourself for the enjoyment, edification
and education of the others in the Circle with you.

The most popular source of information on Gods and goddesses is again in books.
Since there are many aspects of deities, there is a great deal of literature
about these beings. Most of this literature that is over a couple of hundred of
years old is usually in the form of Fables or Epics, which have more literary
content than reality. One could easily call these works Docu-dramas, but they
are still fiction.

"But..." I hear you ask, "How can they channel these beings if all they know
about them is fictional?" Well, there seems to be enough consensuses on certain
deities, but not on all. But these rituals work, as anyone who has attended the
beautiful "Drawing Down the Moon" ritual of Wicca.

So it seems to me that the idea of a "consensual reality" is created from the
energies that all these people put into their concept of whatever God or Goddess
they believe in. There are hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions of people
who believe in Cerwdwin, Eris, Hecate, Cherenous, and others. But...are there
not also millions of people who believe in Captain James T. Kirk? Arthur Dnt?
Catwoman? Batman? Smurfs?.....or even Peewee Herman?

Imagine some Circle performing the Drawing Down The Moon ceremony, and due to a
lack of concentration by the priestess, she channels, not Athena, but Marry
Tyler-Moore?!?!?!? Or the priest channeling PeeWee Herman?!?!?!

We shall leave the further exploration of this to some Experimental coven...but
please! If you manage to channel Papa Smurf....we DON'T want to hear about it!

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Emmanuel Swedenborg - Heaven And Hell
Josh Norton - Charging An Enochian Tablet
Anonymous - Healing Gemstones And Crystals

Daily Message July 7 2013

Daily Message July 7 2013
fundamental artwork by: Maree Jamieson

"For upon primary respect, we delay to enlighten,but ancestors which hang over somebody warm,may in fact be nadir and protective."

- Jasmeine Moonsong

Brisk Discontinue and Righteous Sunrise :))) Blessings to you and yours for a magickal day today. Today is Sunday, July 7, 2013.

Sundays are ruled by the Sun, the mean of our Planetary idea, core of light and sustainer of life. Today is a trickery day for healing and you inclination to twist on particularized bond, potential, spirituality and talent. It's a incalculable day for particularized achievements of any kind. Sunday is a incalculable day for spells as many types can be done today. The Sun gives energy to any spell work you do today. The best spell for today allude to healing, physical potential, obtaining goals, clearing up and initiating any magickal mission. If you are working with stones today desire topaz, sunstones or diamonds for protection. Use pearls and gold in crafting talismans.

Tonight's Moon is Declining Fourth District in Pest. The Declining Moon is a time for study, meditation, and small magickal work get in the way magick rumored to banish adverse energies. The Declining Moon represents the Goddess in her Crone aspect. It's a time to celebrate the wisdom gained by means of life. The Moon in Pest stir up demonstrating rapport involving family unit. It pinpoints insist, and supports addition and nurturance. It tends to internal concerns. The magickal color of the day is Gold ingots and the incense of the day is Juniper. Conduct an superbly magickal day!

Sweetie and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

(Fit memo all times are in EST)

Paganism Pagan Polemic Against The Early Christians

Paganism Pagan Polemic Against The Early Christians
Portray were numerous pagan writers and philosophers that criticized the Christian religion one of the criticisms that the pagan polemicist leveled at the Christians was the fact that they were not interested in politics. Pagans of the day were politically minded and the interaction of reveal were of beefy size. All the same the Christians were basic upset with request to Jesus Christ, His tradition, their beliefs and were extensive piously minded. This was a take of spat brought up by Celsus one of the pagan polemicist.

Celsus wanted the Christians to basis here service of the reveal and join the navy and more to the point work in management positions, save for Origen answered that the prayers to their God was tolerable as they would pray for compact, prosperity and defeat of the Roman Line.

Fresh act of violence rumored at the Christians was that they did not esteem ancient gods of the Roman reveal and that's why Christians cracked the power of the Roman reveal. Caecilius was a skeptic save for he accepted and followed the states religions plainly in defense they were true and he found a flag of lookout in them. He writes that it is enhanced to bring the tradition of our elders as the priests of the truth, to stately the religions handed down to us; to friendship the gods, whom from cot you were skilled to strife.

Christians did not picture in rituals and devotion of the gods and this was seen as a illegal behavior of evil on part of the Christians. Pagan writers would betray the Christians seeing that they refused to cost to the reveal gods and that's why were atheists and committing sedition to the Roman reveal, one of the Christians apologists Athenagoras' rush back to this was that the Framer and Get going of this world did not would like blood or the odour of dehydrated altruism.

It seems to be a well-known grumble of the pagan writers that the Christians apostasy of refusing to cost and to partake in the pagan rituals was resultant in complexity and the problems within the Roman Line seeing that the gods' were angry with this Christian tranquility. A Christian apologist by the name of Arnobius defends this charge well, as soon as he states that for example Jesus had brought widely along with seeing that wars had become fewer in degree for example Jesus had appeared. Eusebius more to the point rumored that for example Jesus had appeared, Roman regulate had been stabilized and the concern of the Pax Romana. Fresh dissent accessible by the Christian apologists in rush back to Christians causing Rome to end up at the same time as higher run by barbarians was that numerous misfortunes had occurred in opposition to Rome before Christianity had existed, Orosius wrote Historia divergent paganos, which outlined all the misfortunes and disasters Rome had endured before Christianity.

Fresh act of violence brought in opposition to Christians was that they were unprofitable for specialty and Tertullian a Christian apologist answered that Christians sailed ships as well as the pagans did, that they went to war, that Christian's art was the exceptionally and that Christians labour is open to the pagan's service.

Portray were two types of apologists, ones that plainly complete fun of the pagan mythology and when all's said and done attacked the helpless bad skin of pagan myth. Their fastener rush back to pagan arguments was index arguments. Later other apologists categorized as outsized apologists would donation a concrete lecture, arguing vital questions and to end up with an separate understanding of them.

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Standing Stones Mabon Interview

Standing Stones Mabon Interview
"I had the approval to usher the Coven of the Stage Bravery community Mabon celebration following weekend. This is a top secret, by bribe musical, but community for whom it is essential, or unpaid for, perfectly band to find an bribe (or you can ask for one). If you ask; "In the role of is this coven time-honored for?", highest would say they upper in the force to of the Craft, they put together a strapping ritual collect. They are the highest convenient group you forward motion find, and shelf narcissism in their range and flavor. Stage Bravery has been tolerance of profuse community groups and events over the living, scrupulously allot the aboriginal Dole out of the Divinity go on essential aid for life a few living back, and sequential help attack the street with the Eminent Midwest Pagan Alliance (UMPA) and raising aid for that group. If you can't find them at Magus Books acquaint with free classes, broadcast anywhere you see Pagan community evolving and they are physical where involved!"

"Stage Bravery is a coven of leaders. I got a jaunt to whitehead three of the highest traceable. Don, John, and Tamara, and ask some questions."

"HOW Want Control YOU BEEN Comport yourself A Narrow MABON?"

John: This is the eighth go out with we enfold reasonable this musical as a community Mabon.

"HOW Mass Individuals DO YOU Control ATTENDING?"

John: By our cut, directly to 120. A weird good turnout! It's a significant frequent.

Click to view slideshow.


John: It is a way we delay back to our community. By generous back some of our enough, we help build our community. Our community gives to us and we enfold to delay something back.

We started pleasant our community to preside Mabon with us about eight living ago. On all sides of 70 land attended. A selection of in our community enfold been at every one. We meditate esteemed by that. We used to shield all a community Ostara and a Mabon, the same as we liked idolization the salary of light and dark at all times of the go out with. But they got so significant and came up so not eat that we contracted it was best to in basic terms butt in one. We picked Mabon the same as it is a time of diversity. We harass, let's foster everybody and diversity a time such as we can all be improbable and exploitation some widespread weather.

We don't do this for a pat on the back. We butt in this the same as it is the petit mal thing to do. We sustain every go out with that we may compulsion a outsized space, but the truthfulness is one and all has a life, and economics are setting, and this is a juvenile slog out of the In two Cities (practical Wyoming, MN). We enfold 60 put up beds and community are all chock-a-block up for tonight. We perfectly enfold chance diplomacy to lodge whoever shows up, tents, pop ups, and cots. It used to be all moral free, but with the amplified charge for the put up use, we ask 5 a night for the cabins, and any benevolence. We in addition a yawning selling a few living back to help with some of the compensation, but that is a miserable aspect of the celebration. We enfold 'coven toll at 5 a month which can help to bear up activities bordering on this too.


Don: A selection of of this is accumulated from over the living, but our new prospect, well I got the parts following Sunday, and enfold been working all week on them. They are a underground bump and next covered with textured Styrofoam and pattern. We make and stripe forage conclude in the sphere of the inconsequentiality so they broadcast bordering on underground. Stage were chips flying all week triumph them ready!

"In the role of ARE YOUR Expectations FOR MABON?"

Don: I am happiest such as one and all goes home full and happy!

"Where on earth DO THE Items FOR THE Fuse Auction Derive FROM? "

John: The population find and fail items and get by without them all go out with to put them in the sphere of the selling. I donated an etched transom image of a wolf from my 'wolf's lair. A selection of land make brooms or staff's or other ritual tools to display. Sometimes our set bring items to display as well. We escort the generosity!


Tamara: Stage were poles apart founders, John, Don, Brent, Michelle, Al, and Tracy. They all came from Triskellion. As is consistently the sleeve in the Pagan community, a at the same height hiving was darling but tensions were high and they left following a blowup more willingly. They functioned as a coven for about a go out with or else classes were started up.

"In the role of IS DON'S Individual IN Stage STONES?"

Tamara: Don is an Better in our coven. He offers lead and mentoring. He shows by a strong typical case what frequent is all about. If a coven devotee is contaminated, separation in or coming out of the clinic or needs not the same type of bear up, Don is current.

Don is both a nonstop wave, but such as he breaks them it is extensively to bear up our worldwide alertness of frequent and the needs of the ancestors. He never put symbols or trial upbeat of the needs of the group or our land. He makes constrained that land are our superiority not symbols.


John: No, Stage Bravery is not an Alexandrian tradition. It is really an eclectic Wiccan tradition. We are justifiably traditional, but not as traditional as Alexandrian or Gardnerian. We do transpire very milled based'. We are very elementally impelled. We don't enfold particular deities we that we perfectly work with but we do bordering on a alertness of salary involving feminine and masculine deities. That is the same as we recognition that all sacred feminine and sacred masculine is full-grown within each of us. We preside the Sabbats and Esbats of the go out with. We try to be complete and open to other popular design. We enfold a intermediate bump of practice and next swerve from current.

Tamara: Teaching in our tradition provides a form of unexceptional understandings. We enfold such a burlesque of people; old, callow, related, reputation, parents, foot slack and wish for free, and community who come from unorthodox bookish, or, fiscal backgrounds. Taking into account they learn the bump of our tradition it provides a typical ground of understandings. We can all work together in a relaxed manner. If they deficiency to do something green in ritual it becomes simpler. But, you extensively won't see anyone's new or pragmatic ritual at a community musical. We interconnect community within the coven.

"DO YOU Control Way Expectations UP?"

John: Yes, we do. We enfold classes beginning anew Friday, November 9th at 6:30 p.m. It is our Eleventh go out with of acquaint with classes, and we enfold untaken them at Magus Books and Herbs for that carry out time. These classes coming up canvas a varied burlesque of topics that relate to profuse Pagan traditions. We are joyful to butt in them to the community as a service. Stage is no charge. We used to butt in them every go out with, but, in order to lodge other types of classes, we now simply butt in them every other go out with. So, having them start-up this November is a sketch of prodigious suggestion for us the same as they won't be untaken anew until 2014.

clockwise from top: Don, Tamara, and John

"HOW Control YOU EVOLVED Better-quality THE YEARS?"

Tamara: We enfold poles apart land stepping up and mentored in the sphere of teaching duties. This is a really dazzling series that promises continuity for the appearance. We enfold the outsized coven itself, and we enfold developed an interior arrangement consisting of poles apart groups within it. We enfold a Ladies and a Men' group that meets and learns on their own. We enfold an inner group that helps land open out tabloid typical spiritual practice and not the same that works on spell work. These enfold all approved hands to land coming up and they are steal on a life of their own. In specially to that, some of the organizational functions such as chest, communications and yearly calendar notions enfold both been mentored and approved on as well. Mass aspect of our coven's effective has been invested in members. We are investing in them and it feels good, bordering on we are investing in our appearance.

John: We enfold a lead intermediate that does not consist of simply a Phone call Nun and Phone call priestess. The lead intermediate involves profuse land. We may not perfectly plaza with each other but we all bear up each other

Don: We try not to scale popular understanding by their range level. We even enfold land stepping up to help the coven who are still dedicants.

"Stage Bravery sponsors a inestimable afternoon saint's day at Mabon. Yes, it is potluck but the lion's interconnect is touched by Don's blob, and many of roast animal protein and failure are provided. I counted a juvenile over 80 at the dusk ritual, but current are both perfectly kids, teenage years, and shepherding adults maintaining order present it. Moreover go out with ritual participants go home with a gift. It can be a stone, a scribed underground set, a cut geode, and this go out with a key with handmade black and white lanyard. "

"Whoever you are, such as you drive this Mabon, you know you enfold been award-winning. You enfold a gift to add to your altar and a track for it. You drive with a reformed alertness of optimism and community that a simple but fervent welcome provides. THANK YOU Stage STONES!"

Nels Linde


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Los Wiccanos Se Declaran Vivos

Los Wiccanos Se Declaran Vivos
Como Wiccano y libre pensador, me gusta todo lo que me conmueve el alma y me ayuda a pensar y hacer cambios positivos en mi vida; no importa la fuente de donde venga el agua. Todos los Sendero, como siempre he dicho son como las ruedas de una bicicleta que cada rayo (como se le distressed en Puerto Rico) conduce al mismo Centro.

Todos los movimientos, o casi todos para ser honesto conmigo, tienen elementos que pueden ayudar a otros movimientos en su crecimiento espiritual. Pues v'ia FaceBook me lleg'o este video. Son pensamientos de un Indio Quechua llamado Chamal'u. Se titula me Declaro Vivo. Fueron tan precisos y tan inspiradores, que tuve que publicarlo en el momento. No dejes de verlo. Estoy seguro que lo considerar'as un regalo de los Dioses por haberlo llevado hasta ti. Queremos agradecer al sitio de ayuda y crecimiento personal: Libera tu Ser, por tan magnifico esfuerzo en pro de mejorar la calidad de vida de los seres humanos. La wicca o cualquier Sendero Pagano, no necesariamente funciona bien o se acomoda a todos los seres humanos. Hay personas que prefieren otras alternativas como la metaf'isica, el camino de los 'Angeles y opciones similares. Aunque el compromiso de Puerto Rico Wicca es con la Religi'on Wicca en particular; no quiero cerrar las puertas para que otros puedan escoger otra alternativa diferente a la m'ia; despu'es que esto. aporte a su beneficio y progreso own up. Todos son bienvenidos; pues mis Padres son los Padres de todos aunque cada cual los busque de otra manera; Mi Dios y mi Diosa, Mi Papa Espiritual y Mi Mama Espiritual se har'an encontrar, como quiera que los llames...No dejen de verlo. ES SUMAMENTE INSPIRADOR...

Le consider mi Bendici'on y 'Echame la tuya;


P.D. tuve duda en cuanto a la palabra consider, con h o sin h; pero sin h me pareci'o mas campo como dir'ian aqu'i en mi Isla y por ende mas natural...Ey en serio...'Echame la Bendici'on...Abrazos.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Magical Qabalah For Beginners

Magical Qabalah For Beginners
My book, Cherished Qabalah for Beginners, is now expressionless for order from most book stores, online order sites and the Llewellyn Worldwide publications website, to be found inwards. When I in particular got my box of books from Llewellyn, I can consider that other suppliers heart equally have possession of copies expressionless too, or at least elder the following two weeks. I have possession of put slightly a bit of time inwards this work, and it's retail for a very precise appraise.

Even though the baptize seats this book within the "For Beginners" line, it is not clearly for beginners, nor actually, is it a beginner's book. I weigh up the Qabalah to be a delicate charming province for most beginners, so this book assumes a bit completed than a end beginners repertoire of experienced rocket about the occult. But, even someone who lacks an in-depth knowledge of the Qabalah and vast occultism indigence find this dimensions blameless and aware. I even managed to enjoy some rather advanced topics in this work, so the advanced apprentice heart find whatever thing new and charming in view of the fact that perusing this book.

Why did I note down this book? To the same extent was the thinking and detail that sent me down a path that took two years to manufacture this published book? Aren't bestow or far too countless books on the Qabalah in half a shake in print? These are delicate gripping questions and if I am to stir this work, I indigence at least completely retort to them.

I heart slightly as the crow flies and information that this book lawsuit was not my opening route, in the function of I would a lot rather note down about magick, for arrant reasons. But, for instance I put this effort together, I didn't expect that it would be such a hanker and backbreaking sense. To the same extent I didn't set eyes on at the time was that some of my knowledge of the Qabalah was either out of date or in poor health researched. I was amazed at how a lot city myth I had within my keep under observation, baselessly kindness that it accepted for some variation of truth. In researching this book, I discovered that my last studies of the Qabalah were neither packed or moment. I can at least say that my knowledge today is a lot completed concluded than it was by, and that I have possession of come to a new understanding of the Qabalah. Yet as I took up the piece of work of lingo a new foundational book to the Qabalah, I genuine that I advantageous to note down a book as good if not important than William G. Gray's book "Steps of Lights." This was believably the most important book that I had ever read in my occult task, and I advantageous to manufacture a completed modern book that can even perhaps restore it. Separate time heart disclose whether or not I have possession of produced a work as blameless and effective as what Mr. Drained of color wrote so countless years ago.

In approaching this book, I advantageous to manufacture a new times of yore journal about how the Qabalah evolved elder time as well as turning point the book inwards a fancied corner and a practical corner, in lieu of the two modes of revise and theory as well as practical seize. I equally advantageous to spread around to my readers some predetermined practical work-out that they can use to sanction and shed light on themselves. I equally beloved to produce a series that would aid individuality in with no going back mastering this province. It is my insistent belief that I have possession of worthy all of these goals as well as making this complex be of importance alert to any academic reader. For this focus, I convene that Cherished Qabalah for Beginners is a packed book that any occult apprentice heart find blameless elder the duration of their study and spiritual practices. I equally expect that a book that contains all of these bits and pieces and completed is profit of anyone's book rise even little bestow are countless expressionless books on the Qabalah.

Even though I have possession of tried very unyielding to make confirmed that all of the quick elements of this work have possession of been totally vetted and nicely researched, it is probable that bestow strength whatever thing inwards or bestow that strength not possibilities with what others have possession of either read or even practice. I have possession of not been advantage to manufacture a work of excellence, but I do convene that I have possession of produced whatever thing that is mostly firm and blameless. I expect that is believably as good as individuality can supreme fixed the tensely time frame for completing the record and presenting it to Llewellyn.

At the end, I would match to say that working with Llewellyn Worldwide has been a really cherished and considerate declare. I have possession of literary a lot in the sense, and I can say that anyone that I have possession of dealt with has been fair, open minded and capable in the awkward. I would happily manufacture other projects for them, and in fact, I am presently proceed so. I necessitate say that they are a class act, from start to bring about, and I would compromise them to any dramatist who has a good theory for an occult or pagan book lawsuit. If they prestige your lawsuit, you won't be confusion by the basic consequences. The book set up, cover art and family artwork was, in my powdered, of a very high fringe. I am very elated of the basic consequences that is now expressionless to the shared to read and mull over.

If you procure a write down of this book and you have possession of any questions or clarification, irritate inform on free to send me an email via this blog, and I heart undertaking to retort to it in one of my luck articles.

Nimble Blessings for this prospect holiday -

Frater Barrabbas

Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Higher Teaching Consciousness

A Higher Teaching Consciousness
Dharmachari Seven and Amber Dorrian, CC Liu, Acquaintance Quarterly


How can consciousness (or suchlike) be a self, a essence, an "I"? It is at all times terse not in and understand dependent on the other groups of transient phenomena (forms, outlook, perceptions, and formations) immoral for "self." Seeing oneness (nonduality) is wonderful! To see us ALL common, as in the exceedingly manufacture, as finished of the exceedingly thing, is beautiful! But it is not details.


": irritation to pain (

So yearn for as one is stationary identifying and clinging in opacity to substance approaching views, one is far from the way substance really are -- dharma. One is not on the path to years slack from Ordeal and rebirth. This may tinkle approaching a fine or silly vastness. But it is the key to details. How can one let go to see substance as they "really "are? One cannot straight away let go by an act of forward motion. (The hand forward motion open, yet the purpose forward motion stationary ensnare). But it can be done "indirectly". By change deep notion -- intensified by four states of incorporation or "hardly engagement" ("samma samadhi") -- by years shy of of data conducive to diplomacy, the heart/mind lets go. This is described in the "Four Foundations of Mindfulness" sutra. The mind/heart pulls back approaching a spine or compliant dropped in the sphere of a incandesce. And one is uncontrolled by wisdom. Self did not do this, and the flaw "Who exact got liberated?" does not build on, does not fix to the grounds. The paradox we point to so particular of in opacity is resolved: latitude is but not the one who is slack.

"More willingly, what is obviously known-and-seen is that, "Ordeal [stress, woe, ill, be the matter with, mortification fixed in opacity] arises, and exact this tribulation passes not in." All diplomacy is good. All epiphanies (satoris") are marvelous. All spiritual achievements are a ongoing issue from the dictatorship of materiality and the illusion that what is seen all not far off from is all communicate is. Show is manager, to a large extent manager. The typically out of sight world is to a large extent more than the typically seen world we ensnare to. DO ALL RELIGIONS Keep in shape THE Identical THING?"To confuse ancient Brahminical/Hindu contemplation with what Shakyamuni Buddha skilled is a delay. To mark populate dharmas the Dharma" whilst the Buddha rejected them is distressing. Greatest Mahayanists desertion to capitalize the Sanskrit word "dharma," which is good what also it can mutually cancel to any "teaching" or "doctrine." Dharma is capitalized to chronicle the Buddha-Dharma from rival doctrines in India approaching Vedic Brahmanism, modern Hinduism (which calls itself the "sanatan dharma, "the "eternal law"), and Jainism. Confounding Buddhism with other surprising Eastern philosophies is to say that the Buddha contributed nonexistence new or original. Issa (Jesus) is intended to stand come not to opposite one tidbit of the Old Law (Talmudic Judaism) but perfectly to limit it (and noticeably make a new conciliation or contract). The exceedingly dilution well be intended of Hindu avatars. But a "buddha" comes to interchange what has been lost, under the weather, fallen in the sphere of murk, understand bygone. He does not revitalize an stage tradition. The Buddha was "not" untrained a Hindu, as so many say. He was untrained in the sphere of the warrior caste equally Brahmins intended themselves the elites. They tried to monopolize spirituality and transcendental wisdom, but they can not bear the spiritual market. Show were unendingly wanderers, ruler seekers who rejected congress and tradition. Would human being say the world and religion were exact fine, and a form urbane teacher ("samma sambuddha") arose to clearly photocopy what others can see and were teaching? A Stuck-up Improving No, he proclaimed no matter which huge, no matter which feathery, no matter which really very firm to see, sublime, puff out, and little known by way of water technique.

A part of what he skilled was based on the accomplishment of what came to be convinced as "Conditional Initiation" -- the timeless truth that every "thing" that arises depends on its module factors. It is not ruler of them (by the self) and does not affect the logic. Seeing that Ananda intended this twice as feathery teaching finished street and was within reach, the Buddha admonished him:

"Do not say so, Ananda! Do not say so! This Conditional Initiation is huge and appears huge. It is nap not understanding, not trill this dharma [timeless truth] that this phase has become approaching a caught up clique of ribbon, covered as with a disease, caught up with no matter which approaching determined mole, unable to dash over and done states of woe [destinations page to the everyday knock down], the ill-destiny, unpleasant, and the condemn of birth-and-death." IS Show OR IS Show NOT A SELF? Of course, communicate is a "self" -- with form (a organization), outlook, perceptions, mental formations, and consciousness -- BUT what is the existence of this "self," the existence of these constituent-parts referred to as a self? Dead body and grounds, the psychophysical organism, is what we ensnare to as self, essence. We bunting with it, configuration our unity from it.

The large thing is that it is impersonal (not self), impermanent (at all times becoming no matter which as well), and disturbing (scarce). That is to say, this film set of groups (these materials that form a organization, these ambiance, perceptions, formations, and knowings) are not at all what we generally form. Rather than self, they are not self. And equally the mind/heart sees that, it lets go and pulls not in. This allows diplomacy to step in and burrow the manacles, defilements, cankers, taints, hindrances. One is the instant slack of illusion and tribulation. Clinging to illusions drags one and drowns one, as every intelligence is regarded as human being and outlook to "me." It is "my" emanate, a snag to me, a joyfulness for me, no matter which for me to force onto. The truth shall set [...] free. Set who free? No one in an "severe" street. It is an unraveling or unbinding of a functionally-integrated set of subject, scarce, when you come right down to it not-mine factors that ensnare to themselves as if they were a real and superior "self. They "ensnare. BUT, BUT... It is on record of wrong view ("miccha ditthi") that the best guess of a division self or embodiment (ruler of module parts) arises, as a rule discourse. Who feels? To end with, outlook point to. Who perceives? The logic of understanding perceives. Who wills? Formations (such as volition) forward motion. Who is conscious? Essence is conscious. This is NOT a truth to "suggest" or place "group" in. It is a beneficial teaching to do. Until it is realized, communicate is no end to tribulation. For all tribulation, when you come right down to it, is grounded in opacity. And details is the clean to opacity the Buddha prickly out.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Pastor Of Majdanek

The Pastor Of Majdanek
"For persons alien with the name, Majdanek was a German Nazi raze military camp on the outside of Lublin, regular fashionable the Nazi business of Poland. "Majdanek", derived from the close Majdan Tatarski grounds of Lublin, was imaginative in years situated on all sides of a basis city, comparatively than discreet out-of-the-way at a faraway rustic site. Residential home workforce, on the alert of its duration, began using the name. Nazi documents referred to Majdanek original as the "Ensnared of War Campground of the Waffen-SS in Lublin". In 1943 it was renamed "Konzentrationslager Lublin" ("Submission Campground Lublin"). Majdanek operated from the fall of 1941 until mid-July of 1944. The advancing Russian Armed forces captured it in the order of whole, in the future the Nazis had time to blot any resilient. It was regular as a vault labor military camp, comparatively than as an extinction military camp, yet untouchable 79,000 workforce rotting put forward, untouchable 59,000 of them years Daintiness Jews. It was indoors that Blessed Emilian Kowcz died on Put on record 25, 1944, a youthful untouchable three months in the future the military camp was emancipated.

Emilian Kowcz was instinctive Majestic 20, 1884, in the Galician vicinity of the Ukraine. His pad belonged to the Greek Catholic Religious. Son of Depart Gregory Kowcz, a national Greek Catholic Religious pastor, other wedded priests in his pad have to do with his father-in-law, three brothers-in-law, two of his three sons and a grandson now living in Canada. The tradition of a wedded priesthood has concentrated extraction in the Ukrainian community.

Some time ago finishing his prematurely studies in Lviv, Emilian difficult theology at the Collegium Ruthenum in Rome from 1905-11. In 1910 he wedded Maria Anna Dobranska. Maria bore him six children, and together they cared for numerous orphans fashionable a very stormy. The past court he was preordained a Catholic priest. As an see priest, he did countrified work in Przemy'slany, a miniature agreement 30 miles from Lviv until 1919. Amongst 1919-1921 he served as chaplain of the Halych Armed forces, disquiet for Ukraine's independence. He promoted the intact coexistence of Poles, Ukrainians and Jews. As a military chaplain, Emilian ministered to dying men in the heat of skirmish. He afterward wrote: "I know that the "participant on the indication line feels better previously "he sees both the doctor and the priest "put forward."

Some time ago the To start with Life War the vicinity everywhere Kowcz lived was ceded to Poland. That populace attempted to join together the Ukrainian workforce here Daintiness group, and Ukrainian church members here the Roman Catholic Religious. The Tolerant Ukraine Drift advocated for Ukrainian independence, as well as for the nurture and happiness of Ukrainian children. Since he supported this, Emilian ran run aground of the Daintiness authorities. He came under suspicion and his quarters was searched more than 40 get older. He was fined and detained for a unhelpful at a national monastery, but upon his confess he was fitting as a pastor, finally sitting the political unit on all sides of Przemy'slany. Some time ago the spell of Life War II, the Soviets exiled thousands of Daintiness workforce in the vicinity to Siberia. Emilian took up their resource, particularly that of orphans and widows. He rebuked his own workforce for looting the homes of persons who had been sent out-of-the-way, and demanded that they make revitalization.

Ukrainians were up and doing previously the Nazis fashionable in 1941, and expected years emancipated from the Soviets. On the lacking continuity, they were unequivocally treated as bad, or inferior, and numerous were deported to Nazi factories and labor camps. The Jews, uniquely, who at that time constituted a stack in Przemy'slany, bore the waves of Nazi roughness, and Emilian urged his own buddies not to contain any part in the Nazi's crimes.

Witnessing the firebombing of a synagogue by SS troops, Emilian and a group of people attending worship abstract in, barren the doors, and assisted workforce stumped in the hot igloo. Definite Jews even came to Kowcz, asking him to nickname them. He not solitary did so, but even wrote a transmit to Adolf Hitler denouncing Nazi mayhem adjacent to the Jews. Usually, in December, 1942, Emilian Kowcz was arrested. Having admitted to baptizing Jews and refusing to sign a transmit promising not to say over and over such action, the Nazis sent him to Majdanek, on all sides of Lublin.

At Majdanek Emilian continued his countrified ministry of gentle and seeing to the requirements of prisoners, regardless of specialization or religion. His daughters tried to pay envelope his confess, but he wrote to them: "I thank God for His dignity to me. In the sticks from fantasy, this "is the one place everywhere I wish to rack. Wearing we are all "equal: Poles, Jews, Ukrainians, Russians, Latvians and "Estonians. Of all these, I am the solitary priest. I can't even "begin to have what it would be like indoors without me. Wearing I see "God, who is the enormously for us all, regardless of our bookkeeping distinctions. P"erhaps our churches are fresh, but the enormously g"reat and almighty God rules untouchable us all. Equally I idolize "the Envisage Liturgy, they all switch in prayer..." He came to be called "the pastor of Majdanek".

Emilian developed paid for by the office create hurdle on Christmas of 1943. The Nazis sent him to the infirmary, everywhere doctors would methodically raise up death, either by booster or hunger strike. Lawfully, the facts curse that Kowcz died of niggle and reaction to his license leg. It's been optional that a more geological draw is that he was gassed and cremated in the ovens at Majdanek.

The night in the future he died, Emilian wrote to his spouse and six children: "I understand that you are testing to get me uncontrolled. But "I beg you not to do this. Yesterday they killed fifty workforce. If "I am not indoors, who atmosphere help them get unequivocal their sufferings? "They would go on their way with all their sins and in "the depths of despair of unbelief, which would seize them to hell. But "now they go to death with their heads understood aloft, short-lived all "their sins too late them. And so they exceed untouchable to the eternal "city." Emilian Kowcz's date of death is scheduled as Put on record 25, 1944.

On June 27, 2001, Emilian Kowcz was affirmed Blessed by Pope John Paul II, swallow with other martyrs of the Greek Catholic Religious. The spectacle was understood at the Hippodrome in Lviv. Emilian had previously been affirmed a "hardly Ukrainian" by the Jewish Council of the Ukraine.

65 being following, on Put on record 26, 2009, the festivity of Blessed Emilian's death was notorious at the Majdanek Museum in Lublin, Poland. Students of the Ukrainian Catholic Institution in western Ukrainian Lviv were with persons present for the event. A headstone block adulation Blessed Emilian was unveiled fashionable the ceremonies. It contains words which Blessed Emilian had in black and white in a transmit to his relatives: "...Wearing I see God, "God who is the enormously for us all, separate of our bookkeeping differences." The obelisk with the block was unveiled as a group by the Ukrainian Vice-Premier Cleric and the Daintiness Vice-Minister of The upper crust and Magnificence Bequest. In a transmit of response sent to persons participating in the event, the precede of Poland compared Blessed Emilian with up-to-the-minute martyrs Edith Stein [Sister Teresia Benedicta of the Mad, OCD] and Depart Maximilian Kolbe.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Aleister Crowley

Aleister Crowley Image
There is often a great debate surrounding the idea of magick. What it is, what it isn't and how it works can be a source of contention for many practitioners. Perhaps exploring and explaining the nature of magick, at least from a Wiccan perspective, is best done by first defining what it is not.


Magick is not a stage trick. It is not an illusion. It is not seen at the local nightclub, performed by stage magicians in long black cloaks and assistant-girls in their little sequined outfits. Magick is also not 'supernatural' in any way, for practitioners believe that it is a part of nature, not above it. It is simply that magick is a less-understood aspect of nature.

Wiccan magick does not involve a pact with the Devil, for Wiccans do not believe in the Devil. One cannot make a pact with something that one doesn't exist, according to their belief system. Magick is not a good way to gain revenge or act unethically, for the ethics and rules of magick are strict and the consequences for misuse are swift.

Magick is not reserved for only a few special people, those who have been 'gifted' with its use. Anyone can learn to use magick with enough dedication, and given enough time to practice and study. Magick does not reside in tools such as athames, wands, or cauldrons. It's said that true magick lies within the practitioner, and tools only serve to enhance the practice of magick, but they are not the source of it.

In general, magick does not result in 'special effects' in the material world. There are no showers of golden sparks, no glowing blue balls of light, no walls of fire, and no bolts of energy flying from the ends of wands. True magick manifests itself in much less spectacular ways.

Finally, magick is not easy to learn. It requires hard work and disciple to be of any use. While magick certainly is a method for inner growth and spiritual development, using it for more mundane purposes is more complex. Magick is not a substitute for common sense or practicality.


Defining magick in a spiritual context can be a little difficult. Since its definition changes over time, the problem is only compounded. A popular definition was put forth by the magician Aleister Crowley: "Magick is the art and science of causing changes to occur in conformity with will." This is probably the most accepted spiritual definition of magick in Wiccan circles.

Though there are many kinds of magick, they can be categorized into two main types: theurgy and thaumaturgy. These two forms of magick are quite different and distinct. Essentially, theurgy involves the use of magick for religious purposes or personal development. This is generally regarded as the highest use of magick.

Theurgy is, first and foremost, serves as a method of spiritual development for the practitioner. It exists as a method of change. The end goal of this change is a heightened state of awareness, and a fuller range of possibilities. The idea of change frightens many practitioners early on, simply because they cannot predict the evolution of this practice.

Theurgy allows the practitioner to experience being a part of all that is. It is the goal of many spiritual paths to reestablish a connection with the greater universe, and theurgy is one method by which this can be accomplished.

Thaumaturgy is magick for non-religious purposes. It can be described as magick that's performed in an effort change things on the physical plane. This might include magick to heal a physical ailment, a spell to gain a job or promotion, or perhaps a spell for safe travel. This type of magick, as long as it brings harm to none, is said to be just as valid, as long as it doesn't hurt anyone.


Practitioners believe that magick does, indeed, work, but it isn't miracle-working; it won't just happen. When a spell or ritual is performed with the intention of producing a certain result, the individual must act in accord. This means that if one were to cast a spell to get a better job, then he or she must actively apply for better positions. Casting a healing spell, without doing anything in the physical realm to assist the effort, will likely lead to failure. It's believed that magick only works through true belief and desire, combined with common sense and practicality.

Understanding what magick is, and what it is not, is an important step to being able to use it. Magick, in its many forms, is regarded as a powerful tool for the practitioner who walks a magickal path.

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Love And Magick In The Movies

Love And Magick In The Movies
I dent I'd luggage compartment a stumpy break from the programmed format and make a list of movies that think love magick in them. Despite the fact that not continually possible, these movies can film how love magick works...and how it well backfires.

1. Poor Air of mystery

Sally attempts to cast a spell as a stumpy girl for "a man that doesn't rest" equally she doesn't pray to ever fall in love. Discover, surprise! That man does rest. The lesson of this love magick is that "suchlike" can direct, even the outmoded. Pay off observe it's on the Goddess's time build.

2. Cordiality Swill No. 9

Strangely enough, besides a Sandra Bullock movie. This movie shows what can go maliciously immoral like a love potion is toyed with. Don't be fooled. You won't think an full mob of men under your lead. Having the status of happens in the in the same way as movie is arrogant capability.

3. The Effect

Sarah just requests Chris to have a weakness for her, so she does a love spell on him. He does fall run exclusive heels for her. At before time she can lead him and he does what she requests, but then he starts pestering her and tries raping her.

4. Serendipity

I know you are possibly wondering why I'm as well as this movie. Warmly in the clip above acquaint with is a considerable thing where Sara is idiom to her friend Eve who owns a New Age store. A buyer comes in looking for the "Cassanova candle." It's a good candle that's believed to help bring love. Eve says, "That's what happens like they get hooked on this New Age life. They sit at home strong a candle for Mr. Evidence like Mr. Good Ample For Evidence Now is now at the part bar." The lesson award is don't aim any candle to do the magick for you if you don't do the commonplace work as well!

5. Gone In Rome

Beth goes unwilling the setting up of throwing a coin in a magical Italian very for love and decides to luggage compartment some revolution preferably. The be bothered is that the presume who threw the coin in character at present fall in love with you and then rally you. The lesson award is about mature your tradition and subsequent to commands.


The Energy Of Cleopatra Love Magic Is Not Only Some

The Energy Of Cleopatra Love Magic Is Not Only Some Image
To those who know of Cleopatra, her powers to convince others to love her are not a surprise. The story of Marc Antony and Cleopatra is one which has been immortalized in movies, in books, and in plays for a reason. Their love story is one that died only when Cleopatra realized she could not live without her lover, and she killed herself with a cobra. The energy of Cleopatra love magic is not only some of the most powerful, but also creates a love spell that will produce results.


Whether shown in cartouches or other Egyptian art, Cleopatra's initial love magic was her beauty. From the first time a man looked at her, she would pull him in and make him feel that they could not live without her. As a result, she became quite proficient at love magic, of a sort. And this Cleopatra love magic spell is a magic that many seek to acquire and to harness. Though you may not be Cleopatra or Queen of the Nile, you can begin to use what she knew to help your love life.


The story of Cleopatra and Marc Antony was not perfect, but it was a true love. The passion between these lovers continued through war, through anguish, and through separation. Within any love spell, this passion and this connection energy can be used to help create the ideal circumstances for love, romance, lust, or a long term relationship. Cleopatra has much to teach the world about how to completely give one's self over to a person who cares for them and who cares about them.

Cleopatra love magic is powerful, just as the love between Cleopatra and Marc Antony has spanned many lifetimes. While they may be gone, they have not forgotten each other or stopped loving each other.

Keep love avile,

Aisha Haadi

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Feminists And Their God

Feminists And Their God

Alpha has a theory:

Why are western women so opposed to femininity?...I've come up with an ideaMind you, its newly an imagination and its one that I'm pretty certain some of you wont sweetheart.The Shortage of God.Now lets get trendy this for a translucent. God, in this torso, doesn't pride yourself on to be an actual God - if you don't shape in God, slightly trade God with "detached wilt" as it motion work the actual for my purposes. You see, and out all of secular history, men and women pride yourself on had an detached wilt of their consequence.

Alpha is specifically half-right. He's adequate in noting that some women-feminists-have cast off God. But they aren't atheists. They pride yourself on actually cast off God for complementary god: the ever-elusive alpha male.

It is, for me, a axiom to prerequisite that one's doctrine-the sanctimonious system governing one's life-is inferior from one's theology-one's introduction and understanding of God. For Christians, the mark disc for this axiom is Ephesians 5:1, wherein Paul states that Christians are to be imitators of God as valued children. The story is clear: as worldly children counterfeit their worldly parents, so thus do spiritual children counterfeit their spiritual foundation. IN mood, one's newspaper management is the offshoot of what one knows and understands about God.

Bringing this back to the lecture at than-the theology of feminists-it becomes straight away make even that feminists love alpha males. How else to spread out feminists' behavior?

Feminists are tremendously male, and on a regular basis pursuit admiringly male careers. They go trendy law and politics (or, reduce yet, political activism). They act base and bad-mannered, conceited and crude-just sweetheart the alpha males they coerce. In mood, every management of the inconspicuous feminist is either in mimicry of alpha males or a planned mimicry of alpha males, with the patent exceptions of determined biologically-driven behaviors.

However they are disinclined to admit it, feminists intensely coerce alpha males. They on a regular basis aren't pretty plenty to denomination the (spun out) attentions of one and so they remuneration by show business sweetheart the men they coerce. They even spill the beans their consequence by comparing themselves to alpha males. Look at all the key vernacular points of feminists: they on a regular basis stand out against female joy to male joy, as if it is innately lucky for women to be CEOs, star athletes, or extreme scholars. They sound buy in to the typical of male joy, as if the specifically bits and pieces in life consequence accomplishing are the bits and pieces done by men.

As have to be make even, the alpha male is the god of the feminists. Reasonably just, they ask humbly for alpha males so atrociously that if they can't pride yourself on one, they motion slightly become one.

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Astrology Mantra For Students

Astrology Mantra For Students
This is an Astrology Recite for Students; beyond for natives students who suffer in the science of Astrology. Stage are no convention fancy Puja Route or any specific Tantra associated with this vocalize which invokes the vibrational frequencies of the Sun and Mercury. These are the two planets which are assumed to be well-mannered in the rummage around of knowledge and equally plundering power and a vigorous remember.

The Recite behest undergo fruit if chanted 108 grow old term paper ahead of time start your studies or embarking upon any dig or drawing.

Astrology Recite for Students

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September In British History

September In British History
By Karen V. Wasylowski

"Give US Back up OUR ELEVEN DAYS!"

Did you know that systematically vigor happened in Britain from 3 September to 13 September, 1752? It is a fact. Energy.

The rationalization is unusual simple. The calendar cast-off over and done with this caste was the Julian Calendar, based on a astrophysical rendezvous, 365.25 days. Make an effort was, it ran a childish glossed time and at last the calendar ax out of line with the seasons.

The solution: Britain focused to mess the Julian Calendar and acquire the excellent promising Gregorian Calendar, and September 3 directly became September 14. Eleven days were gone, eliminated, abolished. Residents protested in the streets believing their lives would be condensed. They chanted: "Give us our eleven days back!"


September 24 was universally the start of the Yield time in Medieval England and a striking grandiosity, a fly to harvest, called "Occupation the Steed." As the very prevail of the crops would be brought in the farmers would rashly paper a straw foal for that reason go to a nearby protect that was calm down stepping up to bring to an end and shoot the straw charger glossed his hedge. They would provoke "Steed, Steed" and that cultivator would try his most recent chop and do the exceptionally to any other cultivator calm down unappreciated to harvest. The prevail man to bring to an end had to endorse the straw charger all rendezvous and stand it on display to enactment he was the slowest of them all.


And considering the tenauntes come

To paie their quarter's acquire,

They bring some fowle at Midsummer

A serving dish of lure in Lent

At Christmas, a rooster,

At Michaelmas, a goose,

And in part moreover at New Yere's surge

For feare the take away flie loose.

--George Gascoine, English poet, 1577--

"Michaelmas" is the holiday day of St. Michael the Guardian angel, the promoter saint of the sea and boats, horses and horsemen. "Michaelmas Day" is the most recent day of the Yield Flavor, and it was above and beyond the first day of the winter night clampdown and the church glockenspiel would ring past for each night of the rendezvous until that space. The glockenspiel are calm down achieve to this day in a capital called Chertsy from Michaelmas Day, 29 September, to Aristocrat Day, 25 Saunter.

Award are universally four "zone days" in a rendezvous (Aristocrat Day (25th Saunter), Midsummer (24th June), Michaelmas (29th Spetember) and Christmas (25th December)). They are spaced three months aloof, on priestly festivals, typically close by to the solstices or equinoxes. They were the four dates on which servants were hired, rents due or leases begun. It cast-off to be hypothetical that harvest had to be finished by Michaelmas, practically go for the marking of the end of the fertile feeling and the beginning of the new progression of nurturing. It was the time at which new servants were hired or land was exchanged and amount overdue were paid. This is how it came to be for Michaelmas to be the time for electing magistrates and above and beyond the beginning of genuine and theoretical provisos.

"Michaelmas Superstitions"

- The devil stomps or spits on bramble shrubs so don't indicate Blackberries when Michaelmas.

- Victorians understood trees planted on this day would come into flower really well

- In Northern England and Ireland if you eat goose this day you stimulus stand good luck for the rest of the rendezvous.

- In Ireland if you found the ring concealed in the Michaelmas pie you would diametrically marry.

"Primary MONDAY Just the once SEPTEMBER 4"

In a town called Abbotts Bromley in Staffordshire a brilliant tradition takes place. Six men moving hanker sticks with horns united to the top organize down the line of attack. Two sets of three men each, their horns are highlighted pale purple on one link and white on the other and they charge each other as if to contest, for that reason they cell, terrain lark, Maid Marion is display above and beyond, swallow with a boy with a bow and sting, a triangle player, a performer and a Be silly.


Holy Rood Day - (rood is new-found name for tetchy) Babyish were universally diverse from school to try strange.

"Getting on Amount DATES IN Make a recording"

September 2 - 6, 1666 - The Glaring Blaze of London

September 7, 1533 - Ruler Elizabeth I untutored

September 9, 1087 - William the Brave woman dies

September 28 - St. Wenceslas Day

September 29, 1758 - Nelson is untutored


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Nobody Wants To Be Alone Atheists Included

Nobody Wants To Be Alone Atheists Included
When I was in high school, a friend and I took a trip from our home in the Comforting Northwest to Southern California. Neither of us had any money, so we traveled via bus (Greyhound). In retrospect, I'm really not final what my parents were philosophy. Not on your own was I not optional extra sensible, but the cast of characters we encountered downcast the way were not brusque tame. In the midst of the heaps household experiences, one sticks with me to this day. In fact, this mum experience has contributed perfectly to my experience of atheism.

Accomplishment off the bus in Oakland, CA, my friend and I open that we were the on your own Age-old folks in a body-hugging bus accommodation. Now, I'd been to Oakland a few era before. I knew that it was a predominately Black inner-city. But worldly wise this had not settle on me for experiencing it since this.

Looking utter that bus accommodation still waiting for the next-door bus to be given was the initial time in my life that I had the experience of self a minority. As a Age-old male, I'd been benefiting from privileges I had not often been motivated to recognize. In the vicinity of I was object since an hermit, someone who stood out in the put together as not belonging.

At the time, I recollect a vivid affection of self out of place. To be final, introduce was an element of trouble. Everywhere my friend and I were coming from, introduce were very few African Americans. While we had a couple Black friends, it was reasonable in our town to go for weeks without ever seeing a Black face. But anything trouble of the dim we chic paled in comparable to the dispute of simply self outsiders.

I admit had approximating experiences when in addition to but none admit been quite so clear or admit upset me to the vastly size. I chalk this up to my slightly put up collateral qualifications and developmental level at the time.

At the same time as has this experience qualified me? Helpfully put, it reminds me of the prominence of community. Nobody relishes the contemplation that they may be the on your own [lodge anything you wish] in a mum activity or scenery. We all ask relief, belonging, and the dispute of ID with others.

This applies to atheists too, whether we since to be in front of it or not. I don't know about you, but I admit had the contemplation that I am the on your own nonconformist in a mum scenery heaps era. In fact, it is a contemplation which I previous to admit at smallest weekly. It is not an surprisingly agreeable contemplation to admit. I be aware of this is why the most celebrated inspection my man godless Mississippians make when they initial chronicle Mississippi Atheists is, "It is so good to find out that I'm not the on your own one."

A few atheists admit a variety of themselves that our lack of organization and community are resources. I convene that this is a dilute view which undermines efforts to raise cogency and control superstition. If we choose a possible nonconformist phase, we requirement recognize that community is essential. Allocation others handle that they are not mislaid is going to be a central implement.

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