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The Energy Of Cleopatra Love Magic Is Not Only Some

The Energy Of Cleopatra Love Magic Is Not Only Some Image
To those who know of Cleopatra, her powers to convince others to love her are not a surprise. The story of Marc Antony and Cleopatra is one which has been immortalized in movies, in books, and in plays for a reason. Their love story is one that died only when Cleopatra realized she could not live without her lover, and she killed herself with a cobra. The energy of Cleopatra love magic is not only some of the most powerful, but also creates a love spell that will produce results.


Whether shown in cartouches or other Egyptian art, Cleopatra's initial love magic was her beauty. From the first time a man looked at her, she would pull him in and make him feel that they could not live without her. As a result, she became quite proficient at love magic, of a sort. And this Cleopatra love magic spell is a magic that many seek to acquire and to harness. Though you may not be Cleopatra or Queen of the Nile, you can begin to use what she knew to help your love life.


The story of Cleopatra and Marc Antony was not perfect, but it was a true love. The passion between these lovers continued through war, through anguish, and through separation. Within any love spell, this passion and this connection energy can be used to help create the ideal circumstances for love, romance, lust, or a long term relationship. Cleopatra has much to teach the world about how to completely give one's self over to a person who cares for them and who cares about them.

Cleopatra love magic is powerful, just as the love between Cleopatra and Marc Antony has spanned many lifetimes. While they may be gone, they have not forgotten each other or stopped loving each other.

Keep love avile,

Aisha Haadi

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