Monday, November 30, 2009

Samhain Blessing Of Community

Samhain Blessing Of Community

Saturday belongs to Saturn, patron of witches, magic, death and darker things. My Saturday was very fitting. In the morning I made a big jar of Florida water for a client and weighed and packaged native herbs for the botanica (OH IT IS GOOD TO HAVE ROWAN BERRIES AND DEVIL'S CLUB AGAIN). In the afternoon Grant returned to bring me a mountain lion skull (REQUESTED BY OLD WOMAN) from the bone collector and a turtle shell he couldn't use for his crafts. He also brought a spirit for me to meet, a raven he's been processing for the clan - the massive skull and fanned out wings. It dwarfed Grandmother Crow and my girly little hands.

Then he helped me strain the bear fat three times and watched as I added handfuls of balm of gilead to the clear blood-red liquid and heated it again on the stove (PICTURES OF THE FINISHED PRODUCT AND THE DRIED DRUM FORTHCOMING). We talked of fly agaric, foraging, woodwork, and animal necromancy until it was time for me to get ready for the Samhain ritual that night. It is a blessing to be able to talk to someone in the flesh who crosses the hedge, shapeshifts, walks with spirits, and crafts the tools of our art. It is how I feel about the lovely Nikiah as well. The more I do so the more I find it doesn't matter the name we give these abilities and practices - it is what we "DO" that truly matters.

Dressed fittingly in black and purple linen, that night I walked to my fellow witch and neighbour Saturn's and we hopped in her car and headed to our ritual group's Samhain. I knew almost every face and name there in the full hall of witches, pagans, and heathens. There were many hugs and catching up with everyone, some I only see at ritual, but I'm just as happy to see them when I do. I think I smiled and laughed almost the entire time. The ritual was hosted by a local NROOGD group (INCLUDING ONE OF THE TRAD FOUNDERS, FRITZ) and it was beautiful; beautiful altar, beautiful costumes, beautiful choreography, and beautiful words well-rehearsed. There is always singing and dancing and mystery plays with the NROOGD.

Our community is so full. As Cinnawitch says, elders sat next to newbies, solitaries by coven members, new lineage by old lineage; all chatting and feasting and drinking and laughing together and getting along. Where else does one get to do that and find that but community? The ancestors would be proud. There was so much energy in the hall that my camera only took pictures of the light and the magic instead of what the eye can see.

Until we meet again. Thout, tout a tout tout, throughout and about

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