Saturday, November 28, 2009

Crystals And Gemstones For The Midsummer Solstice And Their Magical Uses

Crystals And Gemstones For The Midsummer Solstice And Their Magical Uses
In gathering to the crystals of the erode, decent quartz, which has its own powers,

is the stone that can be substituted for all others, so it is included hip. Amber is fossilized resin of coniferous foliage that lived about 24 to 34 million years ago in the field of the Oligocene stretch. Amber comes from the Baltic Sea.


Abalone are shelfish, and their missiles are title for their easy on the eye irridescent glare, and hand-me-down broadly in jewelry.


Pearls are produced by mollusks, essential oysters.


While these aren't stones, they are considered included and the others on the list for their assorted healing part and magical uses; as well as their Midsummer correspondences. ABALONE: Moon & subaquatic magick, women's issues, depth, protection, love, beauty, healing, increases novelty ">AGATE: Incarceration, love, healing, vigor, atmosphere, longevity

ALEXANDRITE: Lovely, luck

AMBER: Thrill, love, healing, vigor, protection, luck, attraction

AVENTURINE: Gentleness, healing, mental know-how, money, luck

BERYL: Psychicism, energy, love, healing

CARNELIAN: Gentleness, protection, self-expression, atmosphere, healing

CATS-EYE: Thrill, health, protection, healing

CHRYSOLITE: Edict, quietness, healing, spell, dispels despair

CHRYSOPASE: Implementation, luck, merriment, friendship, healing, protection

Precious stone QUARTZ: Psychicism, power, protection, healing, sustitute for all other stones

DIAMOND: Religious studies, calm down, atmosphere, protection, harmony, health, vigor

JADE: Significance, protection, longevity, prosperity, love, healing, money

LAPIS LAZULI: Joy, candor, psychicism, protection, love, healing, atmosphere,

MOONSTONE: Insight, spell, love, psychicism, teenagers, protection

PEARL: Opening, protection, love, money

PERIDOT: Health, wealth, spell, protection, group

RUBY: Joy, anti-nightmare, power, wealth, protection

SAPPHIRE: Reflection, preventative magick, healing, power, psychicism, calm down, love, money

SARDONYX: Loving merriment, self-expression, calm down, protection, atmosphere, luck

TOPAZ: Incarceration, healing, love, money

TOURMALINE: Relationship, energy, viable, atmosphere, calm down, health, love

TURQUOISE: Relationship, atmosphere, luck, money, protection,