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Divinatory Esoteric And Occult Tarot Answer Well It Is All In The Question

Divinatory Esoteric And Occult Tarot Answer Well It Is All In The Question Image
Whether your querant will admit it or not, everyone comes to the Tarot with an idea of what they would like to hear. Even if it is just to confirm that everything is going to be all right and that they are on the right track.

Some people are honestly too scared to admit out loud what they want to hear and will be unwilling to give you a question to work with. Others will be ashamed of what brought them to seek your counsel in the first place.

Other people will sit down at the table, cross their arms at look at you as if to say, 'prove to me you are psychic'. (When this happens, you generally know the reading may not be the easiest you have done all day)

All of the above have happened to me while conducting Tarot readings.

I have heard the argument that readers should know what message the querrant wants to hear, that is why they have come to them.

One of the best replies to this I have ever heard is that you don't go to the Doctors office and expect them to know what is wrong with you or what treatment they can assist you with without you telling them why you are there and what symptoms you have. You get a result when you talk to the Doctor and an even better result and treatment if you are specific. This applies to your experience with the Tarot.

Assuming that you have gone to a good Tarot reader this is the general rule:

When you ask a generalised question, you are going to get a generalised answer.

When you ask a clear and accurate question, you are going to get a clear and accurate answer.

It is really all about the wording at times and it can take a little bit of communication between the reader and the querrant to get a good clear question to pose to the Tarot. The result however, is worth it.

For example if someone wants to know something as general as 'will I get a boyfriend soon?' The reading could come out very wishy washy because there is a lot that can be interoperated in that question. What would the querrant classify as soon? Do they want a boyfriend or are they looking for someone they can spend the rest of their life with?

When given a question like this to work with I would suggest to the querrant that it be reworded to give the best possible outcome. So after narrowing down what they really want, the question would be changed to; 'Will I be entering into a romantic relationship with a man I can be with in the long term within the next six months?' Okay that seams like a mouthful but you are more than likely going to be able to have the person who came seeking an answer walk away with more satisfaction using a question like that then a generalised term.

There are Tarot spreads that is designed to handle general queries and they work well for general results. These include general life spreads and 12 month forecast spreads.

Another thing that some people do not understand that there are different styles of Tarot readers and readings out there. Not all Tarot readers are psychic and there are some who will not even go anywhere near a reading that ventures into what is going to happen in the future for the querrant.

Some readers will be good enough to let you know before hand or will ask you what you are looking for to ensure that you are getting what you want before starting the reading. If you are seeking a Tarot reading you have every right to ask before hand what style of reading the reader will provide. Any good reader would be more than happy to let you know.

Happy seeking

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