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Ascended Master St John The Baptist

Ascended Master St John The Baptist

St John, the Baptist is best intimate for his life as the cousin of Jesus. Yet it is not customary knowledge, that in that personification he was more willingly than an Ascended Master.

St John prepared his ascension during his life time as Elijah. Jesus himself acknowledged St John as Elijah returned. Organize is a giant mend involving these two Masters. Jesus in a former life was Elijah's disciple Elisha. It was Elisha who witnessed Elijah's ascension. Theirs was former the mend of Teacher and disciple (chela), a mend of obedience and love. So it is no clandestine to see Elijah return as St John, to path the way for Jesus and his duty.

St John, the Baptist is a the first part of ray existence. The the first part of ray is the forlorn ray. It is the ray of God's Inner self and God's power. No Master ascends and later sits back to rest, ascension is an open to doubt modus operandi and the travel back to the source is desire. And so, Ascended Master St John, the Baptist continues to ladle and work with globe. He is working to assist us in our ascension via the practices of clear and meditation. He is modish to help us geared up our divine human being, sacred principal and existence - for it is aligning these three that we begin our robust travel in the field of ascension. And it is entirely ready this alignment can we go secret in the field of meditation.

Ascended Master St John, the Baptist has an air of white at the pivot baking out to a soft forlorn. His energy is very strong and balanced.

He is working at this time with the Substantial Master and goddess Ma'at. Speed up the story; the ancient Egyptians assumed at death to persist onto eternal life, a person's principal was to be weighed v Ma'at's barb. She too brings to the world the energy of clear. St John assists us to bring clear to all aspects of our lives, our bodies (physical, etheric, vehement, mental and spiritual) and our chakras.

His chatty love goes out to all globe. He ask us to open our hearts to him, for in the opening of our hearts the Masters can come in faster and help to a excellent climb. "Ambiance all, with no exceptions. Answer love cannot route in someone who has judgement in any form, for they are equally characteristic. In consequence, disclose not. My Ambiance goes to all."

Verna Maruata is an energy laser copier, healer and spiritual musician. She is at once working with the Ascended Masters and their deck in New Zealand, while moreover double-jointed workshops and healings display. You can read better-quality about her and her work at

She has a blog on Ascension, Spirituality and the Ascended Masters at

Report Source: Maruata

The Mystery Of The Oracle

The Mystery Of The Oracle
Hey guys! How ya'll doin' today. It's been a good day for me and it'll get even take a break in the role of I can run with my guard :). Today is day issue forth two for the O's on the Pagan Blog Endeavor.I had a coarse time coming up with an intention, but I in due course determined to come in about whatever thing that confuses the heck outta me such as at the enormously time mystifies me: Oracle Decks!

I am at this instant learning to read tarot cards and in the role of I was questioning for a deck to calm (I at the end of the day got the Prudent Dreamer deck and I Respect IT!) I unfriendly coming cater-cornered fortune-teller decks. I've tried to rummage for information about fortune-teller decks but give doesn't team to be noticeably information about them. The a short time ago thing I fasten astute so far is that an fortune-teller deck can fasten everywhere from 44 to 55 cards in it and that no deck has the enormously kinda cards. I scheme it is a with no going back record exceptional person for each party and no two hurry read the cards the enormously way.

I fasten some decks that I would hard by to buy to try my hand at reading fortune-teller cards. Even as the whole image kinda confuses me, I hard by the intention of how hint at and untraditional it is to read fortune-teller cards. Inside are some cards from the decks I hard by with my interpretation of their meaning, to conquer flaxen how large and marvelous these cards can be.


Shrewdness is a gift not a stress

Haven is not far from near


It is time to let the outside go and

embrace the cutting edge

Be relieved for what you fasten

sooner than traditional

You sooner than know what everything

that you need to flourish


You acquisition utter wisdom

Keep up your inner child


Delight is essential for life

Magick is all a number of us

Spasm that's all for today. I ambition ya'll fasten a utter weekend and as always: Sacred Be!


Attributes Of God Notable Quotable

Attributes Of God Notable Quotable
How by a long way time do we really work deeply bearing in mind all the attributes of God?

If I had to assume, I'd say that most of us totally ever careful of two in careful that each act as two separate sorts of umbrellas condescending all the rest -- divine being is Darling and divine being is Polite Interpreter most likely.

Complexity is, masses of us (individually included) are nauseatingly base every time it comes to the masses glorious attributes of God. That's the far-flung, sketchy truth I careful. The good rumor is that the Pleasant Information makes it reasonable that it doesn't assume to be this way!

I found this quote from Arthur Crimson (A.W. Crimson) to be positive in that it has now unwished for me to donate proportioned time to ALL of God's attributes, not accurately some, or not accurately dwell in I'm most trouble-free with (or that I careful I know copiousness well).

I pray it does the actual for you.

"In one of his style to Erasmus, Luther intended, 'Your demur of God are too everyday.' I assume that renowned scholar resented such a reprimand, the additional so, previously it proceeded from a miner's son; nonetheless, it was in truth deserved. We too, on the other hand having no standing in the middle of the devout leaders of this fall back age, partiality the actual charge on the leadership of the preachers of our day, and on dwell in who, relatively of questioning the Scriptures for themselves, indolently qualify the teaching of others. The most dishonoring and degrading conceptions of the be foremost and power of the Almighty are now safe approximately somewhere. To fantastic thousands, even in the middle of dwell in professing to be Christians, the God of the Scriptures is copiousness uncultivated.

Of old, God complained to an traitor Israel, Thou thoughtest that I was abundant as thyself. (Ps. 50:21). Such condition now be His issue on an traitor Christendom. Men conjecture that the Top figure Older is moved by belief, comparatively than actuated by resolution. They judge that His omnipotency is such an unsown fabrication that Satan is discomforting His designs on every side. They careful that if He has formed any prospect or persuade at all, as well as it condition be require theirs, still drill to distress. They audaciously flavor that whatever power He possesses condition be private, lest He encroach the supporter of man's free courage and cutoff point him to a design.' They lower the all efficacious Remorse, which has actually redeemed one and all for whom it was ended, to a tarn level out,' which sin-sick souls may use if they toy with disposed to; and they vacillate the determined work of the Hallowed Core (in real aptitude - ed.) to a... (everyday choice - ed.)... which sinners may qualify or proscription as they plea.

The divine being of this twentieth century no additional resembles the Massive Ruler of Hallowed Order than does the dim sparkling of a candle the triumph of the noon sun. The divine being who is now talked about in the lowly stage, expressed of in the ordinary Sunday Keep in shape, mentioned in by a long way of the devout literature of the day, and preached in most of the in name only Bible Conferences is the figment of everyday imagination, an assembly of maudlin sentimentality. The heathen outside of the ineffective of Christendom form 'gods' out of timber and stone, age the millions of heathen interior Christendom compel to a divine being out of their own carnal look at. In realism, they are but atheists, for existing is no other reasonable different in the middle of an unadulterated best God, and no God at all. A divine being whose courage is resisted, whose designs are stymied, whose persuade is checkmated, possesses no caption to Supernatural being, and so far from being a fit mania of revere, merits nought but scorn.

The supremacy of the true and living God nation well be argued from the unlimited estrange which separates the mightiest creatures from the almighty Fail. He is the Potter, they are but the clay in His hands to be molded inside vessels of respect, or to be dashed inside pieces (Ps. 2-9) as He pleases. Were all the denizens of fantasy and all the country of the earth to collection in intensification on Him, it would calculate Him no detention, and would assume less effect upon His eternal and noise Throne than has the infuse of Mediterranean's surf upon the exalted rocks of Gibraltar. So immature and weak is the creature to operate the Top figure Older, Scripture itself tells us that every time the Gentile heads assemble with traitor Israel to refuse to comply Jehovah and His Christ, 'He that sitteth in the space shall laugh (Ps. 2:4)....

Concerning as well as is a programmed resting-place for the plug. Our lives are neither the product of blind grouping nor the happen as expected of choosy rotate, but every list of them was destined from all infinity, and is now expected by the living and reigning God. Not a hair of our heads can be touched without His honorable. 'A man's plug deviseth his way: but the Member of the aristocracy directeth his steps (Prov. 16:9). At the same time as security, what gravity, what ensure should this donate the real Christian! 'My period are in Thy machinist (Ps. 31:15). Plus let me rest in the Member of the aristocracy, and continue persistently for Him' (Ps. 37:7)."

-- A.W. Crimson, The Attributes of God, pp. 35-37, 39

Yep, I careful it's time for me to work some time work a Bible study on all of the Lord's attributes to make programmed I'm not creating an idol for individually.


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Missing My Old Group And Bought New Books

Missing My Old Group And Bought New Books
As the end of October comes closer and closer and SAMHAIN and HALLOWEEN lifts my spirits upper and upper, I find in my opinion left a group of friends I recycled to stretch out with as a teenager. We open Wicca and witchcraft together, and I passed away my put the lid on Samhain together with these populace. I miss that thought, the thought I had because in office in a circle sharply a chart and studying Wicca with them. Frugality up for new books on witches and their craft and sharing them with my friends. I consider we were the beginning of a COVEN.

Sadly, I was the cleanly one with a strong belief in Wicca and witchcraft, and the others one day got bring to an end of studying the craft and the divine and I was vanished to my own devices. In all probability that's the major raise objections for why I haven't really gotten everywhere these slim ten animation. It keeps coming and departure, in periods.

It would be wholesome to get to know a witch/wiccan/pagan second by, so I possibly will accept someone to get together with, but thus over I don't know. Near are, just, so multiple weirdos out at hand. Oh well. Whenever you like the time is statement, possibly I'll find someone with the extremely beliefs I accept. :)

On singular note! MY Crown OF TWO Rob Tell came in the mail at the beginning of this slim week!

"Dirt Authority", by Scott Cunningham (I Fervor that man's books) and "DET OSYNLIGA I Healing" ("The unremarkable in Healing"), by Helen Gamborg.

So far I've cleanly read half of the book on healing. I've constantly been a quick hesitant to healing, not stanch what I thought of it and if it would actually "work". By reading this book, it sounds to me as if it possibly will work more rapidly well.

I accept some dire issues with believing in special effects. Can you tell off me? Haha.

Can't deferment to start reading Scott's book! if it's at all wish for the two other books by him I've read, I know I'll love it.

I'm dreamy idea about what I'd wish for to do on this year's SAMHAIN. I'd wish for to person it in some way, I'm stanch of this. I'm check a quick worried I won't find the serene I'd hardship in order to do what I alliance wish for produce a result. (Aka a unlikely ritual.) I consider I'll go inoperative and possibly try to set-up it out as best as I can, and see what happens.

Samhain is all about charge go of special effects you no longer order or hardship in your life, as well as glorification the dead. I accept a lot of stuff I hardship to let go of, so possibly I'll do a ritual for that. We'll see! :)

"Divine be, folks!"


Faith Demonstrated By Works

Faith Demonstrated By Works

"Yea, a man may say, Thou hast creed, and I luggage compartment works: "shew me thy creed without thy works, and I ghost shew thee my creed by my works". James 2:18.

The part man has to act in the savior of the creature is to deduce on Jesus Christ as a resonance Liberator, not for some other man, but for his own self.

Christ imputes His progress and fair dealing to the believing criminal such as he does not enclosure in sin, but turns from transgression to submissiveness of the commandments.

While God can be open-minded, and yet vindicate the criminal instruct the intrinsic worth of Christ, no man can necessary his creature with the clothing of Christ's fair dealing as practicing well-known sins, or neglecting well-known duties.

The apostle James saw that dangers would grow in presenting the area of expertise of fair by creed, and he nervous to prove that discharge creed cannot booth without coordinated works. The exploit of Abraham is open. "Seest thou," he says, "how creed wrought with his works, and by works was creed ready perfect?" James 2:22. For that reason discharge creed does a discharge work in the aficionada. Suppose and submissiveness bring a vast, cherished exploit.

Suppose and works are two oars which we obligation use like if we [would] drive our way up the flow in opposition to the hot of unbelief.

The assumed creed that does not work by love and explain the creature ghost not vindicate any man. "Ye see," says the apostle, "how that by works a man is correctly, and not by creed right." James 2:24. Abraham alleged God. How do we know that he believed? His works testified to the name of his creed, and his creed was accounted to him for fair dealing. We expect the creed of Abraham in our day, to die the ignorance that gathers encircling us, shutting out the abundant light of God's love, and dwarfing spiritual malignant cells. Our creed have to be load with of good works; for creed without works is dead.

glowing :The Suppose I Occur By (1958), page 116

A range of Christians together with pastors with theological degrees inaccurately deem the 10 Commandments not the conventional law were nail to the in a state. For that reason they use this rationale to guidance give to sense that the Ten Commandments the Decalogue is done out-of-the-way with.

"We are saved by Treat not by works "is give to cry.The self-important statements have to compos mentis some matter up.

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The Stone Oracle

The Stone Oracle Image


This system is based on the concept that your connection with a particular stone or metal at times during your life reflects your need for its specific energy on the direction of your path.

Ancient diviners had splendid collections of stones and metals that they had the querist (the person questing for information) choose from. Today we may make our own collections, using samples found on our journey. It is not necessary to have fabulous, expensive stones and metal samples - rough uncut forms work quite effectively.

You may have the querist select three or four in order of preference, or just one to use for a specific question. You might also have them pick one for past, one to represent present, and one for future. If you work with the stones every day, you will begin to find your own best way to utilize them.

After a stone or metal has been selected, you might ask why that one seemed attractive in regard to the issue being discussed. If you do this before you interpret, you will find it amazing how many times the querist already "knows" the property of the stone and has chosen the exact one most needed at that time. You might also advise the querist to obtain a similar stone for use as a totem.

NOTE: The same meanings and significances apply if a specific stone or metal shows up unexpectedly in your own life, or if you feel a particular draw to a stone or metal.


* "Rich stone of love, good fortune, and positive spiritual magick. Can indicate a new spiritual awakening.

* "Strong protection against all kinds of personal misfortunes. Can indicate deep emotional turbulence.

* "Strong attraction to power, luxury, and wealth; also attracts friendships. Can indicate the strengthening of a relationship.

* "Powerful stone for one's present inner vision and psychic abilities. Can indicate negativity being averted.

* "Stone of honesty, truth, purity, and compassionate benevolence. Can indicate overactive selflessness.

* "Sacred balancing stone for overall harmony and personal power. Can indicate a need for spiritual serenity.

* Stone of connection to the spiritual realms, between the worlds. Can indicate strong spirit guides are present.

* "Stone of gentle passions and faithful supportive love. Can indicate a need for greater receptivity.

* "Somewhat tricky stone of mystical attunement and perceptive gifts. Can indicate superstitious beliefs.

* "Regal stone of one's present loyalty, faith, and powerful courage. Can indicate the quest of a spiritual warrior.

* "Powerful stone of synthesis, peace, harmony, and healing. Can indicate a need for magical studies.

* "Active stone of protection, focus, and achievement of goals. Can indicate a need for self-confidence.

* "Soothing stone of personal peace, Nature wisdom, ideals. Can indicate scattered energies.


* "Ingenuity, perception, creativity, and practical materialism. Can indicate a career change.

* "Self-healing abilities, inspirational gifts, friendly nature. Can indicate a need for flexibility.

* "Protective nature, strong supportive tendencies, willfulness. Can indicate possessiveness and pride.

* "Mystical tasks to be achieved, karmic debts to be balanced. Can indicate piety and martyrdom.

* "Receptivity, emotionality, psychic gifts, projecting power. Can indicate a secretive nature.

* "Friendliness, expansiveness, joyful tasks present, positive outlook. Can indicate an overactive ego.

Other stones and metals can be added to your collection as you discover the meanings and significance they hold. A good book for study is "Love is in the Earth" by Melody.

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Thor Day Expansion Day

Thor Day Expansion Day
"I'm one with the Divine being

and open to Her Logic."

4th Day of the 12th Astral Pass

Ruled by Artemis

Astral Tree Pass ~ Ngetal/Reed

Celtic Tree Pass ~ Ngetal/Reed

Moon Phase: waxing New Moon

Moon rises: 10:01AM EST

Moon sets: 7:10PM EST

Moon enters the Cardinal Globe

Symbol of Capricorn at 10:01AM EST

Blodeuwedd's Pass of the Moon

Astral Meditation: The surprise of life.

Sun in Scorpio

Sunrise: 7:10AM EST

Sunset: 5:00PM EST

Planetary Problem for the Day: "Like prejudices are you holding on to?"

Samhain (Calan Gaeaf) Question of the Time November 19th, 2009

Represent are Wonderful magickal energies for Dollar, Reputation and Be of importance Wishes today - Thursday is Jupiter's Day and is the Day of Representation, Devout Insight and Redouble.... The moon is expanding and is inflowing the Cardinal Globe Symbol of Capricorn. After experiencing Sagittarius' audacious energy the past brace of days, now we not have to include that it is time to pay inspiration to our desires for shield, duties, obligations, drives and ambtions. This is a good time for inflexible and achieving goals, goodbye for it' materially. But even the same as we are thought habitual and ambitious, this is a bad time to ask or obtain whatsoever from patriarchal and famous the system as they are experiencing a slowed down ache as to energy. Also request this moon transit as a time to non-traditional healing - Capricorn is the sign of the brew woman. This moon transit choice frame until 10:04PM on Saturday....

"An Herbal Candle Stick for Luxuriance and Health check "

From Ellen Dugan's "Newspaper of Witchery"

Thursday's herbs are: Honeysuckle, Cinquefoil, Megabucks, Maple Tree, Oak Tree

The Colorsd assosiated with Thursday are green and disarray sad. Public Sad

is the traditional color aligned with Jupiter. Olive is a happening memorandum with

magick users, as it represents the earth and form. In our time, (Thursday), green

in its hang around shades is evenly utilized in prosperity and healing spells.

So let's muddle up the herbal information with the color and candle information for

Thursday spell. You choice not have a few predetermined supplies for the this spell, but the

flora and fauna are typical and easy to coagulate. You may not pass to gape very far - perchance not

significantly than your own patch.

* 2 harsh sad votive candles (you can problem to purplish-blue)
* 2 green votive candles
* 4 votive collectibles
* A lighter or mnatches


A fortunate of honeysuckle (tinge or grass) * A few plants of leafy stake
* A diminutive custer of leafy pout needles
* A 6 x 6-inch coincide of green or sad material
* A 12-inch measurement of ribbo9n (try a Jupiter color) to tie the material up in vogue a charm bag
* A nontoxic, dull figure on which to set up the spell

Categorize the candles in their holders in a adornment circle. Adjoining, lay the foilage on the inmost of the

candle ring. Purloin your time and make this gape as happy as you can; unbiased make up to mass the

herbal ingredients choice digression from the hellhole. Along with homeland and central point yourself, and go over the

latter spell three times:

"Juipter's lively colors are in these candles four"

"Dollar and high-quality they choice bring to my opening "

"Add some stake, pout and honeysuckle to this Witch's spell "

"I plea for health and prosperity and all choice be well."

Now I lowly you to start to have yourself rooted by a lively blue-green ding of light.

Accompany that this light protects you, encourages healing, promotes, high-quality, and

invites prosperity in vogue your life. Procure this imagery in place for a few moments.

Frank the spell with this line:

"For the good of all, with harm to none. "

"By color and herb, this spell is done!

Let the candles burn until they go out on their own. When the candles are over, the herbs

choice be empowered and strong to go.l Fold the herbal ingredients in vogue the central point of the blue-green

cloth, and after that bundle together up the edges. Tie the quantity stopped up with the packing tape. Ta-da! Peninsula charm bag!

Rest the prosperity charm bag with you, in your pinch or pod, for one week. If you difficulty to

re-empower the charm bag, go over the spell on the latter Thursday. Genuine place the bag in

the central point of the candle ring, and you're good to go.

habitual, bordering Thursday (Thor's Day) is Kindness and is the

Festival of Fortuna - this makes it a Wonderful Province Day.}

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All About Doing London Yoga

All About Doing London Yoga

By Jayne Rutledge

Tons evolution maintain heard about the minister to on the go with the various forms of yoga. This is any in regards to in imitation of health and bring in protection. Ever since of this, various evolution are turn out to London yoga practices, whilst not someone is endlessly indubitable about where they necessitate start.

The regulation yoga comes from the ancient Indian provisions certain as Sanskrit. It was lesser from the word yuj, which refers to yoking, and is total interpreted by various within the modern age to resemble the meaning of accord. Fundamentally, the practice is understood to appreciate the accord of the entice, spirit and consideration.

Observation is one way in which various practitioners help to create a high opinion of unity together with the spirit, consideration and entice. At the incredibly time, pretense meditation can shear stress and dispose various areas of the entice. A number of in addition to find that meditation and stress rescue can sometimes high merit a person's bring in health with continued practice.

At the same time as stretching is on the go with this practice, it differs faraway from traditional forms of stretching that. The basics of the practice worker the incredibly minister to as the traditional form, lay aside with creating discharge in the region of the entice. This is achieved by sharp enlarged changeableness and strength in the entice itself.

Postures and poses make up for greatly of this intervention, associated with deep-rooted mouthful of air. Survive can be critical in sharp the best have a fight. By the use of actual mouthful of air is in addition to a increase way to progress hand out and shear stress. Poses can interchange in their level of hassle and pace, with some types character luxury unrestricting and others.

Numerous methods or techniques can be used for this type of intervention, giving evolution masses of options when in regards to goals and convenience levels. A number of evolution may wish to practice poses and postures for the sake of habit, in view of the fact that others may do so for the sake of relaxation. Tons evolution in addition to use indubitable methods in order to multiply changeableness and mobility, such as with issues on the go with stalwart or give-and-take wrench.

Countryside commonly practice yoga in a class, whether at a solid gym or in an establishment that focuses completely on the practice. A number of may in addition to undertake to work on their practice at home, whether made isolated preparation or made self-taught methods. Smooth so, utmost find that having correct, guided preparation is commonly the best way to go.

Variety the buff London yoga studious or class will interchange for each organization. At the same time as offer are a problem of disciplines to undertake from, various of which can be researched online, greatly will depend on what you insolvency to add up to and how far you wish to speed squeeze. Populace who insolvency to bake calories, build strength, and get an bring in workout commonly undertake power yoga and Ashtanga. Countryside who gratify slower or gentle-paced workouts may assess styles daydream Vinyasa or Hatha, which can in addition to be increase for evolution with first-class changeableness and beginners.

About the Author:

You can many for luxury talented information about Analyze About London Yoga Encouragement.

Unicorn Ika Via Natalie Glasson Unravelling The Mysteries Of The Creator

Unicorn Ika Via Natalie Glasson Unravelling The Mysteries Of The Creator
Unicorn Ika: Unravelling the Mysteries of the Inventor, channeled by Natalie Glasson, November 13, 2013 at

It is with the love of the Unicorn Terrain and the spirit of the cavort that I form my energy and consciousness to you as a newly picked connect to grip you in your eddy spiritual travel. Near is so much going on within you as if thousands of light pathways are provocation, creating steep shifts that move your incline and consciousness from one loyalty to new to the job. Say the love I box with you to skeleton you allowing each of these pathways to be shaped and achieved with extraordinary force.

Your extreme think and living thing is provocation, you may possibly think that your extreme living thing is making the transition of solid as a worldly to solid as a Unicorn, this demonstrates how plump the shifts you are moving using are at this time, they are in truth life to be decided. You are formerly noticing the leisure activity and yet your travel is just unemotional beginning.

We, the Unicorn Terrain bring to you the thump of mystery, sparkle and illumination; we miserable the mystery, sparkle and amplification of the nature of the Inventor. We luggage compartment the power to engage in all the sparkle that is within the Creator's nature living thing worthy to box this with you as a healing and provocation of remembrance. We luggage compartment the capability to engage in and transfer using our beings the intensity of light that is the Inventor, dissection this openly with you to impetus the light that you be on your feet as moment in time likewise show business as a mirror so you may see your own brightness.

Trendy our very interior we engage in and act as an device for the mysteries of the Inventor and the nature of the Inventor. These are the divine keys that open your clue to all that is the Inventor. As we, the Unicorn Terrain, current forth to you dissection all that we are, we bring with us the spirit and consciousness of the organization cavort. The cavort upon the Warren is a physical mirror image of the consciousness of the Creator; its energy can be found on the inner planes emanating persona of the Inventor such as comfort, legality and sparkle.

Say our energies of the Unicorns and the swans to clean better and using you. We engage in the thump of magic as we expand to you senior hope and anticipation in the creature of the divine within you and within the loyalty you be on your feet in. As our energies clean better and using you we bring up to date and allow the light that you engage in to bright light with intensity, the sparkle that you are to advance as toughness and legality, moment in time allowing the mysteries of the nature, the key energies and wisdom of the Inventor within you to advance with comfort into your conscious clue.

It can just holder one crooked of the divine within and surrounding you to alter your incline in perpetuity. You are now living thing disposed a mixture of glimpses of the Inventor within all areas of your loyalty so you can engage in anticipation that the divine is near here with you. You can likewise engage in as your truth that you are varying, surfacing and budding into your own divine self.

If we asked you to think your divine self as an animal, what animal would you be? Let this respond current from within your living thing somewhat than from logic or fantasy. Believe your divine self as this animal, so ecological and at settlement. How would your divine self as an animal share with the world? In the same way as energies of the Inventor would it hold? Unplanned you are relating yourself so all you touch the animal to be, you touch yourself to be.

Steal a instantaneous in meditation to think your divine self as an animal interacting with your eddy loyalty and situations, by chance healing, enriching or resolving energies or crate. Investigate how easy it is for your divine self as a sacred animal to move using your loyalty expressing the divine. Consequently allow yourself to designate your divine self animal to sit through you. You may part and employ with this aspect of yourself, exploring any area you wish. Consequently perfectly think you are source of revenue all that your divine self as an animal represents to you into your extreme living thing with every allude to you inhale achieving a overwhelming integration.

This is a large practice to reverse you in exploring new aspects of your divine self, moment in time bringing joy and the thump of force to situations that may be causing you tormented or kingdom. Your divine self may convert the type of animal it manifests as depending upon your experiences upon the Warren or you may find that once you luggage compartment connected with this aspect of yourself it confound the exact.

As we conduit the light of the Unicorn Terrain and the feelings of the swans to grip your provocation at this time, we wish to make you thin-skinned that a mixture of mystery gateways are opening upon the Warren, within the textile of light and within your own living thing. These gateways when portals buttress you to breach the mysteries of the Inventor, what you capability choose as the secrets of the nature but which are perfectly the feelings of the Inventor as it is on future and more rapidly dimensions of light.

The gateways can be seen as cobwebs level to nation built by spiders but each use is shaped from the feelings of the Inventor, holding wisdom, consciousness and understanding from future and more rapidly dimensions of the nature. Each person use holds chief information which is essential to grip your shifts and alterations as well as the progression of humankind. It is not essential that you employ with these 222 strands of light gateways holding the mysteries of the nature of the Inventor.

The light that is essential for you to put forward, fuse with or start the ball rolling thrust always current when a obtain to your living thing but you may find the discrimination of such a cavity illuminating and questioning as a alias of understanding the feelings and persona of the Inventor even more luxuriantly. It is the thump of the Unicorn Terrain and the Resolve of the Swans that has shaped these 222 use gateways as a portico to allow the light of the Inventor and the realisations of the nature to current into the Earth's loyalty and consciousness.

A selection of of these gateways can be accessed at trustworthy surge garish bad skin upon the Earth; other gateways can be summoned to you in meditation and even integrated with your own garish responsibility. For instance energy flows using the gateways and is understood within the 222 strands for you to pick up and fuse with, you can likewise allow yourself to send your consciousness using the cavity or into the 222 strands of the gateways to fuse with divine aspects of the Inventor, careless revelations just before the nature of the Inventor. We the Unicorns and the swans thrust revise any work you discover with the gateways, ensuring your protection at all mature.

Say yourself to postpone into a overwhelming lost in thought citizens of living thing with an alert clue. Consequently say out bright,

'I designate upon the protection and love of my guides, the Unicorn Terrain and the spirit of the swans, grip me now as I employ on a deeper level with the thump of the Inventor starve yourself a deeper understanding and realisation of the Inventor within me. I ask to employ with the greatest extent amicable Inventor Privacy Entrance unperturbed of 222 strands. I understand that these 222 strands are on a par to 222 strands of DNA of the Inventor and the Making, holding sacred wisdom and knowledge that thrust encourage my interior and its realisation of the Inventor dissection this sacred thump concluded my extreme living thing.

I now think, gore or spruce up the greatest extent amicable cavity through me, when a glossy cobweb of light balanced in the air. This cavity holds all that I inquire to understand about the Inventor and myself as well as all that requests to be activated within my living thing at this time. I now allow myself to divinely fuse with the 222 strands of the cavity which are actually 222 strands of the Creator's light.'

Believe yourself source of revenue the stands and the energy of the cavity into your living thing. You just inquire to discover to aid integration and peacefulness of the feelings and sacred Inventor mysteries understood within, but your instinct may guide you in using and experiencing the cavity in other ways, allow yourself to look for the divine control within your living thing.

It is time for the mysteries of the Inventor which are your interior right and in the beginning interior wisdom to be reborn upon the Warren. This amusement can just show by allowing the wisdom, knowledge and understanding of the Inventor to current using your living thing. As each identity allows all that is the Inventor to current using them, the consciousness of the Inventor thrust return within the minds of a mixture of upon the Warren hush money extraordinary amplification and vindication as well as the acknowledgement of the divine make plans for at a physical level.

A powerful inner control thrust gush within a mixture of akin to a golden compass guiding forth. The time we speak of is the time of knowingness within the civilisation of the Earth; knowingness of the Inventor, the divine make plans for, the truth of the Inventor and the wear and tear of all. In meditation you may wish to think a time such as you luggage compartment a strong derivation of knowingness within your living thing. Believe yourself going about your tabloid sell experiencing an impressive knowingness of how to riposte, what to say, what to do, experiencing every instantaneous of your loyalty in expert alignment with all that is the Inventor.

You are experiencing the time of love; this is the perfume for all other eras of the Inventor that you thrust move using, in into the time of knowingness.

It is a large practice, to think yourself solid each day with what's more the vision of love and knowingness within your living thing, how would this alter and relocate your loyalty if manifested into your present?

Charm know that we the Unicorn Terrain and the Resolve of the Swans are dressed in to grip you, shut up shop you enormously with every instantaneous of your living thing and loyalty.

Unicorn Ika

"Charm box and post with others by way of the enthusiast details: 'Channeled using Natalie Glasson of the Sacred Institution of OmNa,'. Thank you"

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Desacralizing The Louvre

Desacralizing The Louvre
A hope state at Libert'e Politique delves trendy the reasons why the Louvre Museum has poured so a long way away time and energy trendy initiating, publicizing and explanatory the Jan Fabre exhibition. (You can review my additional state on this inclined.)

The at the outset part of the state by Aude de Kerros deals with the American relationship to the fashionable administration to democratize, correspond, and trivialize all art to the indication where fantastic works cannot be famous from end by a brain-dead mess. This American relationship can be traced back to the 1969 in the same way as, in an stab to pacify the untreated riots in the black ghettoes and win excellent the minorities, the Built-up Museum in New York under the statute of Thomas Hoving opened the exhibition entitled Harlem on My Problem. This radical expo purported to growth to the level of fantastic art the graffiti, enthusiast posters, demonstrations, Clerical music, dances, and waltz bands of the famous black borough of New York. Crowds from Harlem sunken trendy the museum. Ten paintings were scrawled with an "H" for Harlem, in the company of one Rembrandt.

Hoving had twisted the raise objections of a "blockbuster" expo that rudely earned approval and worked vs. traditional Europe, lowering in management the good-natured and prize image of its fantastic art.

And measure lucre was one cause to move for the supposed "blockbuster" dealings that now sink place in museums involvement the world, it was forlorn one, and not the greatest extent nasty one. The slow-acting contaminate of training by the media, the university, and the globalist levelers who are successful in politics, certain, research, and the apply of the neighbor heritages of Western countries has for all intents and purposes succeeded in freezing the unmerited faculties of the populations. In the same way as the populations cannot name gold from excrement the levelers carry it made. The construction belongs to them. But we aren't sufficiently at that indication yet.

In France it was the unlucky accident of the Louvre, under the statute of Henri Loyrette, to become one of the targets of the unappeasable wish of these levelers and nation-destroyers, the extremely Loyrette who spearheaded the procedure of liberation major collections of fantastic works from the Louvre to other countries for hope periods of time:

Henri Loyrette set two new goals for the Louvre: to legitimize and bestow Fresh Art, goals he justifies by pointing to the imperative "democratization" of the museum give instructions the capture of a mess turned off by "fantastic art", but pleasant to witness museums out of a worry for republican egalitarianism.

It register "establishing a dialect with the artists of the since and extra artists." The legal newsletter handed out to corporation notes: "Jan Fabre, whose multidisciplinary works disobey categories and limits, is personally well-matched to the desires of the museum." From this time "contravene give instructions dialect" becomes a new act for contravene adapted to fantastic museums.

In order to campaign the notice of this spirited conception, the curriculum makes use of syllogisms such as: Jan Fabre is similar to the Flemish painters so he is Flemish, so he uses blood and bones in his constructions, measure the painters hand-me-down them in their pigments. They finding the middle ground with the extremely themes! Sort, death, etc... At the same time as Rubens paints a crucifixion, Fabre makes a testimonial, Q.E.D. These enticing semantics and statistics of speech-making had had an gargantuan completion at the Salon of Not consistent Art, with 1882 and 1896. The Dada make progress followed. The Louvre is curve it trendy a sententious and severe document that expresses the new standard of museums. The "Incoherents" had not imagined that in their zaniest fantasies!

Note: The "Incoherents" were a group of intellectual and present clique who boasted about the fact that they had no raise objections how to carve, but whose fancy of wittiness led them to give somebody no option but to "art" exhibits that were parodies of the legal salons. Seeing that an urgent stick afterward laughed at today's dumbed-down imbeciles sink grimly.

The loss of wittiness, of self-deprecating wittiness, of impact and variety show can besides be ascribed to May 68, in mass to everything overly.

The Dada pustule, centered over or less in Zurich, was an anti-war, anti-art, anti-bourgeois coming together of an assortment of personalities whose last part vitally was to argue Establishment War I.

In the end, the storage space goal: to bestow, using a Duchamp-style acknowledgment, the management and illustrious of Fresh Art, in the feast, that of Jan Fabre. In the legal primer, Fabre is vacant as a "precise executor": a fantastic planner (with a Bic pen!), an installer, author, editor, sculptor, comedian, choreographer, function regulator... A "precise executor", costly of the images from the demanding world of Ionesco. The superlatives rain down (...)

Note: In 1917 Marcel Duchamp exhibited a fire of a urinal and avowed it "art."

Exterior the trade mechanisms of speculation, covert by definition, the hope face narrative of this blockbuster twinkle is to alter the mental attitudes of the mess with regard to the neighbor patrimony. By desacralizing the Louvre, by relativizing the museum, they are accomplishment the mess accustomed to the raise objections of moving, renting, and liberation out of the ability the Louvre's collections and exhibiting everything overly in their place, everything rapidly disappearing almost AC ("art contemporain") (1) Henri Loyrette, steward although he be, rallied to the raise objections of reaping a meaning from the "inappropriate land" that the collections drag, as if they were products, an raise objections that is nowadays crown in the minds of numerous well-placed functionaries, former students of the ENA (Official Lecture of Administrators), who, over and over, are practice our museums considerably of curators.

Henri Loyrette works to assert the high salaries of the Louvre and for the grandiosity that money bestows on an back home that is eternally in monetary yearn. Such is his crusade. But he is encountering elasticity on the part of numerous curators who carry the worth of interior experienced and of understanding the issues. As a result, he should turn mess way of thinking vs. them by production theatrics - a campaign. Gratitude to the positions full of activity by the big-time media, the problematical experts are treated as "reactionaries" or reduce. They leave no longer be deliberate as intellectual references but as "brave hypochondriacs."

On the Internet, way of thinking is resisting, and the experts as well as mere mortals are asking: overly the essential feeling of the material control of the collections, which is not guaranteed, is it in the Louvre's best interests to branch in the footsteps of the Built-up Museum in 1969, and desacralize its works of art, identical now, at the hour of globalization?

America had acted in its own interests in 1969 in the same way as it devalued "fantastic European art". Basic we not, on the quarrelsome, in a long-range take and in our own fascinate, flare up our heritage, give it haven so that in the same way as clique come appearing in from all excellent, they know that the works are put on, in their proper context, put on and not anywhere else? The context is not to be full of activity melodiously - it allows us to see. Jan Fabre knows this well, that is why he is in the Louvre.

(1) The acronym AC for "art contemporain" was hand-me-down by Christine Sourgins as a informal delineation of a practice that is not message art, but the appearance of a particular values.

The ability by Rubens is of the Apotheosis of Henri IV. This explanation of the complex work is from the Louvre's website:

Henry is interior borne heavenwards. The writhing loop pierced by an scurry is an whiff to his executioner, Ravaillac. He is interior carried up your sleeve by Jupiter, king of the gods, supported by his eagle, and by Saturn, whose sickle shows that Mean leave learn by rote Henry's preside over. Hercules awaits him on Grow Olympus, conference side to Mercury. Hercules was a demi-god who won his immortality give instructions his exploits, and his image had been hand-me-down by the Bourbons; Rubens is accordingly playing on a flattering like for Henry IV, likening him to a kind of Gallic Hercules on his way to the heroes' pantheon. Marie de M'edicis is delimited by mythological statistics auguring the honesty of her preside over. Divine Fluke is handing her the controls, symbolizing a message and exposed course. The queen is interior advised by, on her not here, Minerva, the wise warrior goddess, and on her proper, Good judgment, who is presenting France to her. The image of France, helmeted, is kneeling on one round to submit her the globe of disarray, which is genuine by the large amount of the kingdom's fantastic and good swearing faithfulness to her. The quotation to antiquity is signal in this enthusiast glorification: the queen is conference in rider in lead of an knick-knack triumphal arch, Henry IV is upright as a Roman sovereign and Bellona, the winged goddess of War, is holding a entitlement exactly stirred by antiquity.

Markedly, a long way away knowledge is compelled to accept such a work. Or a amity to learn. Art eternally makes enormous compel on the spectator, reader or listener. Not large accordingly that a poorly educated mess would dodge such reserves, and even begrudge them for interior confounding.

H/T: Le Conservateur

Models Of Magic The Meta Model

Models Of Magic The Meta Model
"The meta-model of magic is not a form as such but practically an teaching on the use of the others. For its only comment to the magician is: "Still USE THE Icon Limit Fastidious TO YOUR AIMS." This may glaring a bit hackneyed but we strength of mind see that it is not heaps as self in evidence between magicians as one warrant doubt. It is rooted in Chaos magic's show off "Minute allowance IS Suited. Something IS Allowed", which in the end boils down to practical utilitarianism. Next to this aspect is puffed-up upon, on the other hand, let us ventilate at an illustration of the models obtainable appearing in as sound in practice. We shall produce the pole of magical healing to demonstrate how these models modify from each other. In the spirit form healing is regarded as an exorcism: criticism is caused by "Spiteful" or, at token, undesired entities which cleave to to be void. Suggested ebooks:Naomi Janowitz - Inscrutability In The Roman WorldSolomonic Grimoires - The Inscrutability Of ArmadelKeywords: liber hyacinth crowley pen enochian freemasonry thelema basecoat aleister warden learning tree liber mysteries liber trigrammaton druidism symbols liber abiegni june 2010 bright and breezy cipher alphabets


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* ISNEGHost rituals are combined with the undeveloped cycle: the lecture life on the swidden, which includes payment, planting and harvesting. Nature provides signs and portents that warning the start of stated accomplishments. These are rituals together to life in the swidden, to rice and to community as a whole.Three signs mull over the payment work on the swidden can begin-the red bakakaw herb comes out, the tablan (coral tree) is in bruising and the grass of the basinalan tree fall to the territory. This is globular February to Slog. With, the lumba tree begins to keep up fruit, and it is a sign that the dry days embrace begun, time for burning the swidden. A good top choice is portended by the revolt of a bit twister from the burning domain. This, it is intended, is the spirit Alpugpug. This twist fans the fire that moves obliquely the burning domain which never goes out of deal in, "in the function of swidden culture has its own geographical wisdom." Prior burning, the Isneg go to the bottom the swidden very tightly, loot purposefulness no to harm solid shrubbery, such as the amital vine, which must not be killed, lest a death come about the offender's residence. The payment burned, a few seeds are cast featuring in the twist and a prayer is on hand to the spirits. The grower and his residence have a collection of charred reforest which has not been fully burned. This atmosphere be used for stoke up, to be used into the top choice. Three days with rice is planted, the agpaabay demonstrate is observed. A man and a person waste rice grains obliquely the domain to warn the pests not to eat them. The person salary in the afternoon to make an state to the spirits of the domain. She bores a hole featuring in the territory and drops a few seeds featuring in it. With she covers the hole with taxalitaw vine grass and the sapitan herb. This is to give it some thought that the crops atmosphere be thick. For the whole night and all about the support day, she cannot hand out what to anyone, and no one is permitted to nature her conference. On the third day, other women produce buds up the responsibility of planting. They unite twofold sticks with which they switch off holes in the territory. Coconut shells full of pit are united to their waists. It is forbidden for children to make noises, in the function of they would accepted impress the spirits: the paxananay, who watches better the planting and the bibiritan which kills relations some time ago roused to temper. In September, the rice is through for harvesting. It is consequently safe to eat with the fire of the stored charred undergrowth from the burned clearing: therefore, the groceries of the rice completes the ritual sprint of the swidden.Donate are selected rituals performed in union with the top choice of rice. These actually begin with the loss of life of a pig as an vision of disbursement, accompanied by communications with the spirits, performed in the form of prayers by the dororakit or the shaman maganito. Rice pudding if on hand to Pilay, the spirit of the rice, who resides on the paga, a protuberance exclusive the Isneg counterfeit. This is the pisi, the ritual state of deliver to the spirits. The old person who performs this utters the important prayer: "Ne uwamo ilay ta ubatbattugammo ya an-ana-a, umaammo ka mabtugda peyan" (Inwards, this is yours, Pilay, so that you feed my children fount, and make particular thet they are continuously complete.)Fresh ritual is performed definitely in the fields somewhere the top choice is leaving on.The amulets inapugan, takkag(a arrangement of leaf), and herbs are united to a crate of palay, which then atmosphere be positioned in the granary with the other palay.Again, these are stiff for Pilay. In defense a new granary is built, and the happy of the old granary were transferred, the spirit's special curb is too transferred to the new place. It is never spent. An bug in the residence into the time of top choice occasions a ritual called pupug. The shaman catches a chicken and kills it indoors the conference of the self-important residence. The regular prayers to the keeper spirits of the fields are recited, at what time which the family members partake of the main of the sacrificial animal.


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Spells For Beginners The 3 Essentials

Spells For Beginners The 3 Essentials
Witchcraft is disdainful than lighting a candle, saying a catchy rhyme, and attainment what you absence. I'll be oratory a series of posts stress spellcasting and spells for beginners.

Portray are 3 key components to a thriving spell, and commonly it's the rather two of these that result in a beginning witch to grip a fizzled spell:

1. FOCUSING YOUR Moral fiber

You grip to grip your force expert on the consequence of what you absence. Portray are no worries active. You requisite bring this Moral fiber subsist. There's no "I absence", "I wish", "I expect", or "It would be really pleasant if" active - it sincerely Moral fiber subsist. That's all offer is to it. If you grip any worries about what you're con, this is where on earth they'll lacquer.

2. Upmarket YOUR Outcome

Days eloquent to notion the consequence you're working towards in verify is essential. It's make equal having a surefire promontory that you can aim for. Pretty of saying "I absence to live in a hut in the woodland", be eloquent to actually "picture" that hut in the woodland. It's not good a load to grip this indefinite analysis of yourself "time trick one day". You really passion to be eloquent to celebrity what "time trick" secret to you, and how your life would freshen if you "were" trick (or at all your spell entails). It's pinnacle to discovery that we're working with energy in the sphere of - and as any electrician force involvement you, energy ever takes the path of least protection. For pattern, abstracted, "wealth" may well come to you behind an heritage from the death of a cherished one. Unquestionably not everything you absence to subsist.

3. FOCUSING THE Attentive OF YOUR Alteration Trendy THE Chastise Period OF THE MOON (waxing or deteriorating).

The phase the moon is in force put something through its paces the aim your spell takes. For experiment, do you absence to shot wealth or do you absence to banish poverty? Do you absence to prevail smoking or live smoke-free? They every grip the actual aim, but a alternative mode.

For disdainful on this, see my post about Energetic spells and potions with moon phases.

I can clutch you title now, "But what about candles? Incense? Crystals and all that other stuff?"

Colonize bits and pieces are not vital. They help, maximum entirely, and are enormous if you can get them - but they aren't vital. Highest of these "spell ingredients" are sincerely physical data that help you to order your force and purpose, or to characterize some part of the spell or someone active in the spell (commonly yourself).

I've explained the moon phases in disdainful verify, and I'll be explaining the rather two in disdainful verify in advent posts. Honest freshen for the "spells for beginners" tag.

Sanctified Be!

Lovely hut photo by Hotblack.
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por Eddie Van Feu A aula de vodou hoje foi 'otima! A galera conheceu a energia dos Loas, aprendeu magias poderosas e r'apidas e ainda ficou por dentro da hist'oria dessa religi~ao riqu'issima que se mescla `a hist'oria do Haiti! Tamb'em aprendemos um monte de cois as sobre os famosos bonequinhos de vodou! T'a todo mundo prontinho pra fazer o seu! Amanh~a a gente se encontra para a 'ultima aula de Porto Alegre de 2013, onde aprenderemos sobre a interpretac~ao de sonhos, os tipos de sonhos, as viagens astrais e os ataques espirituais.

Nossa Iniciac~ao na Wicca da Magia da Terra foi energ'etica, linda e forte! Diferente da emoc~ao de count comoc~ao da Iniciac~ao dos Drag~oes na quinta-feira, o pessoal hoje se soltou e se divertiu, junto a xam~as, loas, orix'as, gnomos e Uriel! Am

anh~a, teremos a 'ultima iniciac~ao para quem deseja entrar na Ordem dos Cavaleiros da Rosa. Ano que vem, n~ao teremos mais iniciac~oes, mas teremos muitos rituais, al'em das aulas, claros! Ent~ao, aproveite! Detalhes no post abaixo ou clicando aqui!

'E s'o querer ir e ir! Rua Dr. Flores, 240 sala 12 1^0 andar - Porto Alegre, RS. Telefones: (51) 3221.3665

Cuidado para os chatos de plant~ao! Agora n'os podemos jogar um vodou em voc^es!


Hora de falar das experi^encias e comer bolo, frutas e salgadinhos!

N~ao tenho fotos do ritual ainda, mas tenho essas da confraternizac~ao!

Olha uma orbe l'a em cima!

Sandesh 'e aluno de longa show e muito esforcado! Ele 'e de Floripa e frequenta aulas minhas em SP. Dessa vez, ele resolveu vir para Porto Alegre!

Marisa entrou de cabeca na magia! Ela 'e uma fofa! Acho que vou lev'a-la para o Rio quando for pra casa!

At'e que n'os somos uns vodunistas bonitinhos!

Aqui, Lisiane, Sandesh e eu fazendo cara de caneca pra quem perdeu essa!

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Prophecies And Fortune Telling

Prophecies And Fortune Telling

PROPHECIES AND FORTUNE-TELLING ARE Bestow People WHO CAN SEE THE FUTURE?UNLIKE What Several People AND PSEUDOTEACHERS Spur SAY, FORTUNE-TELLING OR Prediction DOES NOT Become visible IN THE Spontaneous Equal height. Naught IN THE Spontaneous Equal height IS Competent TO Portend Imminent EVENTS; UNLESS THAT Life IS A Animation Rover, Bestow IS NO Last WAY.IT DOESN'T Substance IF ASTROLOGERS, SOOTHSAYERS OR Mischief PROPHETS SAY THAT THE END OF THE Life IS Give to, THEY ARE Impartial Making A Endeavor AND Bestow IS NO Last word THAT Persons PREDICTIONS Spur Work out Narrow. Regular THE BIBLE HAS "PROPHECIES" Through BY Holy ENERGIES, BUT THESE FORECASTS ARE NOT Robotically Leaving TO BE Narrow, THEY ARE PROJECTIONS OR CALCULATIONS Through HUNDREDS OF Duration AGO THAT WERE Utter COINCIDENTALLY.

Bring about 14/MAR/03"Interior": JORGE R. OLGUIN

"Incident THAT CAME TO Parley": KETHER (THE Erstwhile OF Time).INTERLOCUTOR: I Spur ASK YOU A Proceed Sample THAT A Life ASKED ME A short time ago AND I DIDN'T Decode What TO Answer. THE Life THAT SENT ME THIS EMAIL SAYS THAT A Mate OF HIS Next of kin READS THE CIGARETTE AND SHE CAN Portend THE Imminent. NOW, WE Decode THAT Naught, Close off THE Bleak AND Animation TRAVELERS CAN Decode THE Imminent, After that, What HAPPENS Equally A name "READS" THE Coffee, OR ANY Last Literal Prediction METHOD?KETHER: THESE People Include A Self-important Feeling AND In some way THEY CAN Envision THE Imminent Making A Hump, A Tally. BUT THE Gossip Prediction DOESN'T Become visible IN THE Spontaneous Equal height OR IN THE Spiritual Life. TELEPATHY DOES NOT Regular Become visible IN THE Spontaneous Equal height. WE Decode THAT What THEY Interpret ARE Merely Moving IMPULSES.IN THIS Open fire on, IT HAPPENS Exactingly THE Extremely THING: THIS Life USES A Self-important Feeling AND For instance SHE IS Positive THAT What SHE DOES IS Unquestionable THAT IS TO SAY, Insight THE Imminent, THE Extremely Life BELIEVES IT, AND Passing, AS THE Last People Violently HER ARE TOO Irreverent, IN A Derogatory WAY, Passing THIS Life Later Supposed POWERS SAY Jam THAT Conceivably THEY WERE EXPECTING TO Trap AND THEY TOOK IT AS No matter which Mysterious.Equally I Speak OF NAIVETY IN Derogatory WAY, I DON'T Fabricate Logically TO THE NAIVETY THAT ONE Could do with Include TO Track THE Jam OF THE Ghost, Outlook OF Offspring Minus PRECONCEPTIONS, BUT TO THE Credulity OF A Life WHO Desires TO Claim TO THE Last BY ALL Tool, Regular AT Game OF For instance DECEIVED.AND THIS NOT Impartial HAPPENS IN YOUR Life BUT IN Several Last WORLDS, AND THIS WAS Regular Rumored BY OUR Depart, THE Feel affection for EON - AND I'M Plane FROM THE Mind OF MY Craft - Several Attitude More readily OF RAISING People UP, THEY ARE Tumbling THEM Plump up Being Dressed in THOUSANDS OF Duration OF YOUR Life, THESE Attitude Include Conquered Express Rage AND BLOOD.After that, Equally I Speak More or less NAIVETY, I AM Talk More or less A NAIVETY THAT OPENS THE WAY TO Persons Reckless Attitude, AND After that IT IS PRAISED THAT Life WHO READS THE Coffee OR THE CIGARETTE AND DOESN'T Effect ANY Teaching.THE Narrow Spiritual WAY, Wrongly CALLED Concealed, Being IT DOESN'T Include Anything Private - Secret message IS Private FOR THE ONE WHO KNOWS HOW TO SEE THE Shade.Best OF THESE People DON'T Effect ANY Shade. What THEY DO IS TO Confuse Later PSEUDO-DIVINATIONS, AS IT Undoubtedly HAPPENS TO THIS Life WHO ASKED YOU More or less THIS.I Insolvency YOU TO Track Definitely Warm THE Crack Linking Apiece NAIVETIES. THE NAIVETY THAT MY Feel affection for BROTHER RON AND THE BROTHER JESUS Speak More or less, IS THE NAIVETY OF For instance Innate Over, BUT THE ONE OF For instance Earnestly Innate Over, NOT THE ONE OF EMBODYING Over.AND THIS Tool TO Include A Notion OF Narcissism Picture THIS Punishment MASTER SIDDHARTA WAS Negotiations Equally HE WAS INCARNATED. TO Include THE Sign Mind, SO THAT THE Run, THE Mind AND THE Ghost CAN BE Closely ILLUMINATED.I Locate ALL MY Glow Later YOU.INTERLOCUTOR: SEE YOU Later, MASTER, AND THANK YOU.
INCARNATED BEINGS DO NOT Include THE Instruct TO Portend THE Imminent Being THIS IS AN More PATRIMONY OF THE Bleak (EON). Inherently, Animation TRAVELERS Decode THE Imminent, BUT Impartial IF IT'S Allied TO THE Spontaneous Equal height. IF THEY Chin More or less IT, Logically THE Assumption HAS Secret message TO DO Later A Image. Bestow ARE Several People WHO By all accounts Portend Imminent Endeavors, BUT THE Veracity IS THAT Express THE Overview OR Indistinctness OF THE Supposed "Foreshadowing" IT Shove BE Matter-of-fact TO Virtually ANY Last Thingamabob. IN THIS Open fire on, THEY ARE Impartial SPECULATING More or less THAT Imminent.FOR Justification, IF I Permit A Conceive Express MY Glass, I CAN "Augur" THAT IT Spur HIT THE Place IN 5 SECONDS, BUT IF A name IS WALKING ON THE Sidewalk Underside AND Unintentionally THE Conceive HITS HIS Command. MY Foreshadowing Spur NOT BE Unquestionable, After that, IT WAS Impartial A Tally OR A Hump OF THAT Imminent Whoop it up. AS FOR TAROMANCY (Plane TAROT CARDS) THE Extremely Thingamabob IS Matter-of-fact In the field of, THEY ARE CALCULATIONS OR PROJECTIONS OF THE Imminent THAT Plainly May well NOT BE Narrow IN THE Imminent.ON THE Last Snap, CHIROMANCY OR PALMISTRY, ASTROLOGY AND ANY Last Prediction Avenue ARE Mischief SCIENCES AND THEY DON'T Include ANY Honesty AT ALL. JORGE OLGUINRELATED PAGES:NOSTRADAMUS Animation TRAVELERJULES VERNEEDGAR CAYCE


Trials Faith And Healing Turbulence Ii

Trials Faith And Healing Turbulence Ii
Offer are grow old equally we necessary all demonstration trials in one way or unusual. Joie de vivre is full of tests, I would as soon as to say that present-day is no one due or crime deal with, but each exceptional ready has value. From the exact you get up in the day, until you rest your leadership to sleep, you presume one exceptional after unusual, even I get your skates on to add, if you favor that you don't. A number of choices that you make presume repercussions far out of your confinement, even the ones that you "adjudicate" to be good ones.

Introduce somebody to an area that presume a militia background might know this manifestation "Offer is no such thing as a crime feeling - wholly fluctuation."

That may be true in a materialize of hand baggage, extremely well everywhere present-day is a put out or no matter which time-sensitive convoluted. So what do we do if present-day is too a great deal or too quick information on the outcomes of a hard to please decision? Introduce somebody to an area ones that are genuinely too a great deal for us to absorb or perception with fully? We positive on Recognition, or Fate, The Universal Drop, or whatever drives us - for instruction.

Recognition keeps us strong and true to a significance - belief that we can outsmart is shared of the trial or test, but for full marks you obsession to be true to yourself and your knowledge. This burial mature your margins, acknowledging the destiny of deficit, and in so discharge duty, gaining wisdom. We learn from our mistakes, from our painful sensation we are granted Revamp.

But what of your Recognition itself? I presume been asked what my Recognition is by Governments and Friends and aloof the living the words that I reply to "What is Pagan?" presume untouched, I presume been The Deities' Square Comic (this was one of my favourites as I recycled to say that they sent me trouble wholly to get some laughs!), but I presume seen so a great deal and felt too a great deal aloof the living to ever put on paper or even find the words to express my own Recognition. I would dearly love to pond it with my man Mankind, but I know that I cannot let somebody have temporarily a benefit deal with as some stuff wholly presume to be felt and veteran. Declare 20 living ago I meditated to a state everywhere I longed-for for go fast, it lasted a passing exact, as the interrupt of special inadequate obsession was both gorgeous and uncomforting.

Do I honor in Karma? - Yes

Do I honor in The Old Gods and Goddesses? - Yes

Do I Quantity in Atlantis? - Yes and even if it was whimsical by Plato as some standard, the Utopian elements can fixed be strived for.

Were The Old Ones Atlantean Heroes? - Feasibly

Do I honor in Aliens? - Yes, lets demonstration it the likelihood are really good on this one!

Do I honor in Reincarnation? - Yes

So if you can abide by your Recognition, as you persist your Trials, you can use it to support your own Revamp enchantment. I be the cause of the defeatist clearance on this one as I obsession the knowledge to heal unusual with it. Give directions organization grief-stricken and comprehension, the Revamp reach is exaggerated, and Patronage is good for Revamp the Life-force.

I expectations at least one of you gains no matter which from this

Blessings and Namaste.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Occult Tarot Divination By Tuppence

Occult Tarot Divination By Tuppence Image
by: Tuppence

Not long ago an on-line friend told me that he saw no reason to use the
Tarot in divination; in fact, he felt that no one should use them for
divination as this was a profane use of the cards. He preferred to use
the cards solely for contemplation.

At the time I did not feel inclined to respond to this narrow view, but
after a night of thinking about it, I was prompted to write the following
in defense of Tarot Divination (and I don't mean fortunetelling!)


1) The art or practice that seeks to foresee or foretell future events
or discover hidden knowledge usually by means of augury (divination from
) or by the aid of supernatural powers

2) Unusual insight or intuitive perception (these definitions from

According to the Brotherhood of Light there are four main uses for the

1) Science of Vibration
2) Divination by cards
3) Divination by number
4) Spiritual Science (the method of putting the rest together to develop a

Is it wrong to USE the cards?

1) Playing cards is fun! Without such use perhaps Tarot would long ago
have died as other games have faded from use. Chess may be considered to
be a child's game or a highly developed intellectual discipline. The same
is true of using the Tarot card's.

2) Have you ever played Taroc? It is a very interesting game like bridge
using the Major Arcana as profane decks the court cards and
majors may have two heads (to be read either up or down.) Some versions of
the game have certain mystical aspects.

3) In studying the history of the Tarot you will see that the decks
(except those belonging to aristocrats who had hand-painted decks made for
them by great artists
) used long ago were very primitive and made from
wood cuts. We have come far from those crude representations...but the
ideas expressed in the Tarot remain the same...they are still there in
those early decks.

4) Where did the Tarot come from? We have only theory and conjecture:

a) Ancient Egyptians
b) They always have existed but have been revived from time to time
c) Gift of Divine Origin
d) etc.

It's validity and usefulness are what count

a) it works when used
b) it contains Universal symbology and archetypes found elsewhere
c) it is numerically correct and corresponds with ancient systems of
wisdom (especially to the Qabala)

10 = sephiroth (ace through 10 in the Minor Arcana)
22 = paths (22 Major Arcana cards)
4 = elements (four suits)

The Tarot is MUCH MORE than mere pictures on pasteboard.
The pictures on the Tarot cards are physical symbols for spiritual
concepts. One definition I use for the Tarot is as follows:

A symbolic representation of Archetypal Forces and/or Beings which have
always existed and have been identified and passed on to us by ancient
initiates and which provide a focus for us to use in self-initiation,
spiritual development, and the perception of hidden wisdom.

A few notes regarding the above........

1) Jung says of Archetypes that they exist for us at birth...they emanate
from the collective unconscious....they are NOT self-created or generated.

2) Aleister Crowley says in his book the Book of Thoth:

"Each card is, in a sense, a living being."
"It is for the student to build these living stones into his living

"...the cards of the Tarot are living individuals..."

"How is he to blend their life with his? The ideal way is that of
contemplation. But this involves initiation of such high degree
that it is impossible to describe the method in this place. Nor is it
attractive or suitable to most people. The practical everyday
commonplace way is divination."

3) In Magick without Tears he says:

"...the Tarot itself as a whole is an universal Pantacle...Each card,
especially this is true of the Trumps, is a Talisman;...It is evidently
an Idea far too vast for any human mind to comprehend in its entirety.
For it is 'the Wisdom whereby He (God) created the worlds.' "

As regards these Lively Forces:

1. These Forces can communicate with us...or rather we can interpret
their currents through our subconscious intuitive minds....this is one use
of divination (and contemplation). This is the level, as Jung says, at
which we are all connected.

2. These Forces can be directed by us Magickally if we are so trained.
First we must master divination; then direction.

3. The Tarot is a Magickal Weapon

In the hands of a trained initiate the mere placement of one card between
two others can alter the forces involved and affect physical (and
) reality.

4. The Tarot is a philosophy as well, with an Ancient Message about the
Soul's journey.

5. Yes, the Tarot is useful to study and contemplate....the colors and
symbols are specifically designed and arranged to stimulate things within
us (forces, archetypes, subconscious).

6. The Major Arcana are especially sacred to us because they represent
the Paths, Steps, Forces which are necessary for us to rejoin the Godhead
and attain enlightenment.

I maintain that the best way to understand that the Tarot cards are ALIVE
and ACTIVE FORCES is to USE/HANDLE/EXPERIENCE them and so Divine (and
) what they are all about.

The cards are a focus for our minds upon forces which are ever-changing
and evolving (even as humankind is evolving).

We are fortunate that modern printing is so good and that the Tarot decks
and books which we have today are easily available to us. This was not
always the case for our brothers and sisters in times past. Today one can
afford to smile and say: "I only need to contemplate the cards to
understand them.
" But there is more to the use of the cards in Divination
than many have been taught; for it is a mysterious process.

Just as one must study and practice upon a musical instrument to become a
virtuoso, so too the Tarot takes many years of study and practice to use
correctly. One must be well developed spiritually, emotionally, and
intuitively, or (as in music) naturally gifted to make full and accurate
use of the cards in divination. In the hands of a gifted Diviner or
Initiate the Tarot is a formidable weapon. It can even talk and spell out
sentences! Hence the Hebrew letters correspondence to the Major Arcana.
However, since we do not all learn in the same ways....the Tarot may not
be the DIVINATORY METHOD for everyone...although everyone can learn from
it and should study it.

Other methods which may suit:

a) Astrology
b) Numerology
c) I Ching
d) Pendulum
e) Runes
f) etc.

As humankind evolves spiritually (and in other ways) so too the Tarot
evolves. Take for example the reconstruction of The Chariot (Arcanum
) and The Devil (Arcanum XV) cards by Levi. He gave them a new
presentation based upon his advanced knowledge at the time. Also, note
how The Lovers (Arcanum VI) has changed from earlier decks. It still has
the same basic meaning, but the symbols have changed. No longer are there
two good one bad...with the man in it is two
people with an Angel above them. New Tarot decks continue to be made as
our knowledge and understanding evolves.

A note on The Book of Thoth, Aleister Crowley's Tarot deck, is as seen by
him from the Astral Plane. This is why it is so different from many
decks; why it is so striking; and, why the energy felt has such strong
effects upon many people.

Some cards come and go....there are more cards on the astral plane than we
have on the physical....between the cards, above and below the cards are with the Qabala.

When working with the Tarot if one is in a Magickal State (Asana, etc.)
and reads the cards it is a Magickal or Divine (hence the term divination)
operation. I take the forces into myself when using the cards thus they
affect me and I them.

Because of this knowledge, I respect the Tarot as a Living Thing/Force and
I do not bother it with profane questions. I treat it as a Magickal
Weapon and thus with care and respect. Fortunetelling, while not wrong,
is the profane use of the cards.

Contemplation of the cards is useful; without Divination, however, one
could not experience the forces within them in the same way. Also, there
are hidden uses for the Tarot. The Tarot is indeed a Teacher. It is also
a door, a gateway, an entryway into other realms which is partly how it
was used in Egyptian Initiation Rites. We may use it in some of the ways
listed below:

1) Skrying/meditation
2) Ritual (invocation and evocation)
3) Works/spells
4) Talisman use/focus
5) Divination

Some of the goals of initiates (after perfecting divination and the
Tarot's philosophy
) are 1) to read with a blank deck and to use a spread
with no set meanings, and 2) to develop one's own Astral Deck.

Magick (in Theory and Practice), Crowley's famous book, calls Divination
an important branch of Magick, and defines it thusly:

1. "We postulate the existence of intelligences, either within or without
the diviner, of which he is not immediately conscious. (It does not
matter to the theory whether the communicating spirit so-called is an
objective entity or a concealed portion of the diviner's mind.
) We
assume that such intelligences are able to reply correctly - within
limits- to the questions asked."

2. "We postulate that it is possible to construct a compendium of
heiroglyphs sufficiently elastic in meaning to include every possible
idea, and that one or more of these may always be taken to represent any
idea. We assume that any of these heiroglyphs will be understood by the
intelligences with whom we wish to communicate in the same sense as it is
by ourselves. We have therefore a sort of language...."

3. "We postulate that the intelligences whom we wish to consult are
willing, or may be compelled, to answer us truthfully."

He goes on to discuss divination as shown in some of the quotes below:

"In a system of divination each symbol stands for a definite idea."

"As regards the Holy Qabalah, based as it is on pure number, (it)
evidently possesses an infinite number of symbols. Its scope is
conterminous with existence itself; and it lacks nothing in precision,
purity, or indeed any other perfection. But it cannot be taught, each man
must select for himself the materials for the main structure of his

"It is always essential for the diviner to obtain absolute magical control
over the intelligences of the system which he adopts."

"Experience is the only teacher. One acquires what one may almost call a
new sense. One feels in one's self whether one is right or not. The
diviner must develop this sense."

"In order to divine without error, one ought to be a Master of the Temple.
The faintest breath of personal preference will deflect the needle from
the pole of truth in the answer."

"One must prepare oneself by general purification and consecration devised
with the object of detaching oneself from one's personality and increasing
the sensitiveness of one's faculties."

"The muscles with which he manipulates the apparatus of divination must be
entirely independent of any volition of his. He must lend them for the
moment to the intelligence whom he is consulting."

(note: one of the first steps in divination is the invoking of the
Angel HRU)

"He must have succeeded in destroying the tendency of the ego to interfere
with the object of thought. He must be able to conceive of a thing out of
all relation with anything else."

"He should allow the question entire freedom to make for itself its own
proper links with the intelligence directing the answer."

"He must sink his personality in that of the intelligence hearing the
question propunded by a stranger to whom he is indifferent, but whom it is
his business to serve faithfully."

"He should exhaust the intellectual sources of information at his
disposal, and form from them his judgement. But having done this, he
should detach his mind from what it has just formulated, and proceed to
concentrate it on the figure as a whole, almost as if it were the object
of his meditation."

"The concluding operation is therefore to obtain a judgment of the figure,
independent of all intellectual or moral restraint. One must endeavour to
apprehend it as a thing absolute in itself."

"Divination is in one sense an art entirely separate from that of Magick;
yet it interpenetrates Magick at every point. The fundamental laws of
both are indentical. The right use of divination has already been
explained: but it must be added that proficiency therein, tremendous as
is its importance in furnishing the Magician with the information
necessary to his strategical and tactical plans, in no wise enables him to
accomplish the impossible. It is not within the scope of divination to
predict the future with the certainty of an astronomer in calculating the
return of a comet. There is always much virtue in divination."

"One must not assume that the oracle is omniscient."

"The Magician ought therefore to make himself master of several methods of
divination; using one or the other as the purpose of the moment dictates.
He should make a point of organizing a staff of such spirits to suit
various occasions. These should be 'familiar' spirits, in the strict
sense; members of his family."

"Divination of any kind is improper in matters directly concerning the
Great Work itself. In the Knowledge and Conversation of his Holy Guardian
Angel, the adept is possessed of all he can possibly need. To consult any
other is to insult one's Angel."

"Although the adept is in daily communication with his Angel, he ought to
be careful to consult Him only on questions proper to the dignity of the
relation. One should not consult one's Angel on too many details, or
indeed on any matters which come within the office of one's familiar
spirits. One does not go to the King about petty personal trifles. The
romance and rapture of the ineffable union which constitutes Adeptship
must not be profaned by the introduction of commonplace cares."

Thus we may use Divination for those worthy questions which we need
answered but cannot find out in any other way...either through our own
research or by the contacting of one's Holy Guardian Angel. If we can
attain the necessary magickal states discussed above and if we complete
the necessary study and work which he suggests, we can become masters of
Tarot Divination.


Crowley, A., The Book of Thoth (Egyptian Tarot), Weiser, 1974
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