Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Paulina Tarot

Paulina Tarot Cover

Book: Paulina Tarot by Paulina Cassidy

The Paulina Tarot certainly isn't for everyone (which deck is?). It's colours and tone is soft and gentle. More muted and dreamy. There are many vibrant and striking hues though throughout the deck. But on the whole it has a misty and dream-like energy to them. Those that prefer strong colours and distinct lines or bold images won't be taken with this deck. But there are a few friends who prefer the things I mentioned above but on seeing my deck have been captivated and infatuated and wanted their own copies right off!

This deck is full of stunning detail with black outlines and dreamy water coloured pallet. Even though the art is done this way it is not at all washed out and it is full of vibrant colour. The back features two birds on a cream background, which is classic and feminine.

It showcases many little creatures of the night, quiet gothic looking people and central figures, fae, fairy tale characters and pretty much anything else from a gifted imagination. This deck has a gothic like theme, which will definitely find an audience with young adults, as it is still quiet romantic and not too dark. It has some splashes of Tim Burton and Dr Susses hidden within her artwork, but it does not take away from her creation at all.

The artist and author of the booklet actually set out to create a Tarot Deck allowing the Symbolism to draw her in, this incredibly detailed piece of work took her over a year and a half to complete.

There is a completely different feel to a deck that has been created this way, unlike some decks that are just thrown together from artwork done by well known fantasy artists, those decks feel messy and are terrible to read with.

Just something about this Tarot's aura and exquisite energy. It really draws you in.

The cards measure the average size of most USG decks.....2 3/4" x 4 3/4". The backs are lovely and serene. I wish I had a scanner or camera, but alas none of those to show the backs. They are reversible with 2 soaring birds, flowers, plants. Muted and soft colouring. They happily "fit" the images and style of the cards themselves. We all know way to many decks where the backs of the cards leave you with WTF were they thinking?!

The LWB (little white book) is pretty well-done as far as LWB's are. She describes the cards lyrically and shares her ideas about some of the symbolism on each card. Per usual though the Majors get a little longer treatment. The interpertations are fairly standard With Some interesting twists. No interesting spreads, just the yawn inducing Celtic Cross. Wish more different and interesting spreads would find their way into LWBs. I won't hold my breath though!

If you love and enjoy all things faerie, magical, fantasy, victorian and otherworldy.....you will really enjoy this deck, you will NOT be disappointed!

Buy Paulina Cassidy's book: Paulina Tarot

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