Sunday, August 27, 2006

Golden Tarot Deck

Golden Tarot Deck Cover

Book: Golden Tarot Deck by Kat Black

This deck is so very beautiful, the box is sturdy, the booklet is a nice size and I really like the interpretations, fresh and yet very intuitive. The card stock is firm, but soon becomes easy to handle, the gold gilt edges are truly luxurious. I must say that I was pretty surprised at how reasonable the price is on this deck. I cannot imagine how this was possible, as this deck and book set seem to be of such high quality. U.S. Games System has really outdone themselves in the production of this lovely deck.

The most unsual aspect of Golden Tarot is that deck creator Kat Black has digitally collaged images from various lesser-known paintings from a period she calls International Gothic. This period of time, 1200-1500 A.D., evolved into the Reniassance. She deliberately avoided using art by well-known artists such as da Vinci and Michelangelo, and most of the paintings used for the deck are hanging in European churches. (A sight that most of us will never see!)

The collaged images are so seamless, that I didn't know I was looking at a digitally collaged deck until I read the 200 page bound booklet included in the package. I even showed my artist husband, and he had no idea, either! The images on the cards are truly breathtaking. I feel like I'm looking at a masterpiece with each and every one. I'm sure that Ms. Black intends this deck to actually be read not just admired as an art deck, but they're so gorgeous I'm reluctant to read with them! (So don't expect Information on how they read...I'm too busy drooling over the images!)

The cards themselves are smooth and silky-feeling and strong enough to hold up to use, without being overly stiff. The gilt edges give the deck a rich look. And I LOVE the packaging US Games has come up with for this set and hope they use this design in the future! The box is sturdy and attractive and easy to use without mangling the cards getting them in and out. And the book, while small compared to a "real" book, is MUCH larger and more comprehensive than the typical LWB that accompanies most decks.

The artwork on the cards is really gorgeous, I for one did not immediately realize that it is collaged, as each cards imagery is so well integrated. Now a confession, I buy new decks all the time ever searching for that perfect deck which I can actually figure out how to read with. Always there are a few cards which turn me off and send me back to my trusty Rider Waite. This deck is the deck I have been looking for - finally a deck that incorporates the best of RW interpretive imagery, and actually improves on it! If you are comfortable with RW - you will actually find this deck even easier to read with! I never have had such an easy time coming up with interesting insights and more in depth perceptions. Excellent Deck - Highly Reccomended!

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