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Mr R Ifb

Mr R Ifb
Mr. Rogers on the New IFB
by Robert Hanczyk
#3 of the Mr. Rogers set of shorts

It was three centons until cameras would roll to record yet another children's show. The star of the show was Mr. Rogers. He knew how to talk to children. He knew how to make them feel wanted. After all, he did not master in child psychology for nothing, although his paycheck certainly did not show it. His paycheck had not been really reason
enough for him to stay on the IFB. But his love for children and their well-being was enough reason.
Tootsie put the last touches of make-up on Mr. Rogers. Tootsie had
a talent for making sweet rolls topped with a bit of honey. In the best interest of her family, the Muskett clan, she volunteered to be the make-up person for Mr. Rogers, whom had a real sweet tooth for Tootsie's rolls.
"Thank you, Tootsie." Mr. Rogers stood up from his star chair and
walked onto the set of his neighborhood. He walked around the section of set with his house so he would be "outside" the door. All the lights darkened except for those on the stage. Camera 2 began with a distant shot of the neighborhood model and slowly zoomed in as the music began to play. It panned the neighborhood until it reached a certain house, that belonging to Mr. Rogers. The camera zoomed in on the house. Camera 5 picked up from there as it received the red light for action. It was focused on the full size house set, aimed at the door where Mr. Rogers would walk through in the next couple microns singing his famous tune.
"It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day for a
neighbor. Would you be mine? Could you be mine? Won't you be my
neighbor? Won't you please...."
Suddenly, in the back of the set, a lady came bursting through the
door marked DO NOT DISTURB WHILE RED LIGHT IS ON. Obviously, she was not one for reading signs.
"Cut!" she shouted. "Cut already." She hurried up to the house
set. "And turn off that blasted noise. This ain't working at all. Did ya ever take singing lessons? You certainly can't sing, bud. We're
gonna have ta bring in someone else to sing. You'll have to learn to lip-synch. Now why don't'cha go back out through that door and try
again. But this time, DON'T sing."
Mr. Rogers was not at all perturbed by this lady interrupting the
filming of his show. A little confused maybe, but not flustered.
"Excuse me, ma'am," he said in a very serene voice. "Who are you? And more importantly, why did you interrupt the filming of my show?"
The lady cackled as hideous as any witch. "Your show? Your show?!?
I don't think so. You see bud? I'm the director of this show. You do what I say. And there ain't no utter way."
"Director? There is no director for the show," Mr. Rogers answered
matter-of-factly, still calm.
"Well, there is now. You ain't gonna sing. Got it? Good. You
gotta do sumthin with that hair. It's too flat. It needs body, not that you have one yourself. Hey Loli, get in here and fix his fair. And get rid of the shine. After she takes care of your hair, we'll get ya a better sweater. That one shouldn't be worn by a dead person. Frello, get that Whitman guy and see if he can make one real quick like those samples of his. Hurry man. This show ain't gonna wait for ya. What
else do we have to do here? Who is your decorator? I'm tellin' ya, this is like the pits. It's so dull. Maybe we'll hang one of Whitman's
Sampler thingy-ma-doodles over dare. And rip down these God awful
curtains. Sheesh."
Mr. Rogers was amazed at how fast this lady's mouth moved. He
wondered if she was able to breathe in between all the words. Again, he tried to reach her. "Excuse me. Who are you?"
"Zara. I'm Zara and I'm running this show. Now quit bothering me
while I finish setting this dump up. If we broadcast this, they'd laugh at me. Loli, where are you? I told ya to get in here and fix his
"Thank you, but my hair is fine the way it is," Mr. Rogers
"It's not fine until I say it's fine! Got it? Frello did you get
Whitman yet? Come on people, hop to it. This secton ain't gonna last forever. What else do I hav' ta fix. O, those shoes. Where is Hade's Hole did they come from?...."
Mr. Rogers was not normally one to interrupt. It was unfortunate he had to do so now to try to reach this lady. "Ma'am. Zara. Please
remove yourself from this set so that I may film. My hair is fine. This sweater was made by my mother. And these shoes are from Sax's Fifth Avenue mind you. I have been doing this for almost thirty years now and have never once had a problem. Now please leave or at least have a seat and be quiet."
"Don't you insult me, buster! You're on my set, my stage, my show,
my station. I don't care what'cha been doin' for 30 years, whatever that is. You're doin' it my way now or you ain't gonna air."
In the far distance of the large room, in the dressing room beside
where Mr. Rogers was before this whole fiasco began, an older man with glasses scurried out. "Fred? Mr. Rogers?" He hurried up to the set
where Mr. Rogers was standing. "Excuse me, ma'am. Fred, what is going on here? I was about to change in to my postal uniform when these
two..........these two....Beasts! stormed through my door, yanked my postal uniform out of my hands and said I had to wear this white robe.
They said I was supposed to be a high shaman or something. I can't do my speedy deliveries wearing this white robe. I must wear my postal
"Mr. McFeely, this is the 'new' director. Perhaps she has an
Zara was anything but polite. "Yeah I do have en answer, Pops. I'm
running this show and ya wear what I tell ya. And there ain't no but's about it."
Mr. McFeely, the Speedy Delivery man, did not have as much patience as his long time friend, Mr. Rogers. He stood his ground. "I've never been so insulted. Look lady, nobody dares steal my postal uniform, not even these beasts. Do you receive fan mail?"
"Fan mail, fan schmail. Of course, I get it. What's it to ya?"
Zara rudely asked.
"I tell you what it is. If I don't have my postal uniform in five
minutes, pressed and wrinkle free, you will not be receiving any more fan mail."
"And who are you?" Zara stuck her nose so high in the air, anyone
would think a viper might blast it off accidentally.
"I am Mr. McFeely, your friendly neighbor Speedy Delivery post man.
I am the only one who will deliver mail. If you are able to put two and two together, if I quit, you will not receive any more fan mail because no one else will deliver it."
"Oh, all right. Give'em back his clothes. Go deliver your mail."
"I'm sorry about all this, Mr. McFeely," Mr. Rogers sadly said.
Mr. McFeely calmed down enough to address his friend properly.
"It's not your fault. I shall return in a few minutes in my proper
attire." With that, he took his uniform from the big guy who had it and walked stoutly back to his dressing room.
"Look Ma'am, Zara. If you will kindly leave, you will see we shall
do fine as we always have. The children enjoy the show as well as learn from it. That is what is most important."
Zara stomped her foot on the floor. Mr. Rogers did not flinch.
"I tell ya what's important. The ratings are. Kids don't mean
diddly. If we ain't got the rating, you ain't getting paid. I may not be able to bust that Starbuck fella for what he did to me at the river, but I'll break ya so bad, you'll never walk on this set again. We're gonna get the ratings back no matter what it takes. If I hav' ta do this whole place myself, I will. Now do what I say. Where are Loli and
"Excuse me. What ratings do you refer to? Is this not the only
station for the fleet?
" Mr. Rogers asked.
"Yeah we're the only station. That's why we got the ratings and
that's why we gotta keep'em. Now we're gonna boost the ratings starting with this pitiful excuse for a show. We're gonna bring sum life to this set and we're gonna do it now. LOLI? FRELLO?!? Where is Hade's are
they? Somebody go get them. I'll fire them after this."
Mr. Rogers, still with his peaceful demeanor at its peak, responded,
"Ma'am, if this station is the only station, then there are no ratings because there are no other stations to be rated against. Hence we shall do just fine without changing a thing. Do not take this the wrong way, but your presence is not required here. Kindly leave so we may film this show before it is too late."
"Well I'll be," Zara flipped. "I've never been so insulted. I
ain't stupid. You don't think ya need me? I'll show ya just how much ya need me. I'll let'cha go this secton, but I'll be back for the next show. I'll show ya how much ya need me. I'll have the new set built while you're on dis pitiful thing.
" Zara turned and walked towards the exit. "I'm gonna supervise the stage making. They'll get it right or I'll fry their fannies." Her voice slowly decreased in volume. "They ain't gonna run to no Commander to hide from me like that Starbuck fella does all the time. He should be in the brig for the rest of his life not only for killing that other warrior but for sending me down river. How dare he do such a thing. He has some nerve. But he won't always be able to hide under Adama's wing. One secton, I'll get him and I know he'll regret it just like these jerks who think they know it all. They ain't got no brains. They need me. They'll be sorry they ever talked to me like they did. Get some real clothes for'em to wear. Put Whitman's
Samplers on display to sell after the show. That should help bring up the ratings. Oh yeah, get some of those Tootsie rolls too before the Rogers character gets any. Those should keep Reese's security off my case." Zara's voice was a whisper as she slammed the door behind her.
"I know Reese wants me just like all the other guys, but he ain't getting me. I'll keep playing with his brain until it falls to pieces. It will take all the other fumbling security freaks to put Reese's Pieces back together again, like that Humpty Dumpty character. Now why would some bozo put himself in an egg shell. That's so stupid. Of course it's
gonna bust just like that Symphony. I'll burst Ullmanjoize bubble for that frakkin' noise. I'll even get those Muskett Ear's for fixing those Whatchamacallits. God, can't anyone do anything right around here. I ain't never gonna finish at this rate. They're so stupid."
No one on stage was able to hear Zara's ranting and raving anymore.
But there was one being who did not clear the hall when he heard Zara's voice. As she rounded the corner, he barked, jumped at her, and bit her leg.
"What the...? OUCH! Aren't'cha supposed to be on a leash? Now
I'll bust Boxey for not keeping you refrained. Damn that hurts. I hope I don't have metal poisoning now. Frak! Get off me."
Zara tried to swat Muffit, but he was too clever. He retreated far
enough out of her reach to bound back at her and knock her off her feet.
Muffit hopped up and down a few times as best as his mechanical body could before running back to Boxey's room for some peace and quiet. He'd rather play dead than have this lunatic woman mouthing off everyone.
As soon as Zara stood back up and brushed herself, she began ranting and raving again on her way to see Dr. Salik at the Life Centre.
"How dare that beast attack me. I ain't gonna let him get away with that. I'll tell Adama to dismantle that thing. No one attacks Zara the Almighty, and gets away with it. I ain't fell yet and I ain't gonna.
Frak. Now I need to buy a new dress. I'll get the kid's mushies and sell them on the black mushroom ship, whatever it is. I'm sure
someone'll want them. That'll teach 'im a thing or two...."

Now we return you to your regularly scheduled Galactica channel. Stay tuned to find out who will capture the missing Mr. Trolley and what the reward might be.


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Self Help

Self Help
I be in possession of had a low mark elation for three days. I be in possession of been used up. Present-day be in possession of been no other symptoms. In our time is day four. Deprave me frustrated.I popped inside the temple room objective on do something a normal publish with healing objective. As I sat in the meditation direct, I remembered a YHVH meditation the rabbi common with the group. This was brusquely followed by the reproof not to teach it. Discernibly, the good rabbi is convoluted that teaching bits and pieces to those that are not arrangement to narrow with the energies fashioned can, and I quote, "strike their heads off". "Closely, I don't take this extraordinary luxury qualifies but what do I know? Supervision a secret someone wishes you to keep is part of the suppress of magick. WitchDoctorJoe gave me one of his techniques at what time. I've used it. In fact, I thought of a convert of that luxury I choice use again. Flatten time hearing it from everyplace to boot gives me an out, I've never told a soul. You quite good don't do that. ""I know why he asked me to keep it secret. My improved give is that if I be in possession of a student that I believe can tidy up well brought-up from the luxury, who is of now then pronounce, good features, and isn't bat-shit bananas, I may...may...connect the luxury. That follows in the spirit of the warranty. ""The misery with magickal promises is that flouting them in any way can come back to morsel you on the ass. In I did that with Joe's luxury, I'd be in possession of to be very very guaranteed the student was in need. The opportunity of such a need that couldn't be detailed in recent way is very concise. Nonetheless, the luxury is so cool and satisfactory, I wish I may possibly teach it. ""Why did I go inside all that? At the same time as someone is departure to send me a say or not public email asking me about the rabbi's luxury. No, I am not departure to connect. If you do enough reading on the qabala or kabbalah, I'm attractive guaranteed you'd come kitty-cornered it on your own. It wasn't new to me. I've quite good never done it."Keep up to today's magick. The meditation was cool. The vivid spin listlessly morphed inside something manager and manager erudite. It inactive formerly I obviously couldn't spin on the complexities. I may possibly be in possession of started high-class or quite good gone back a grow. I didn't.I furthermore did a normal publish with the objective to use the energy to heal in person.I go stronger. I cleaned up the collective a bit. I washed the sheets etc. I be in possession of felt the energy of the branch of learning impacting my depressed bodies high-class the move along fasten of hours. How do I go now? I be in possession of a low mark elation and I'm a bit used up. Shrug.


A Ritual For Coming Into Childhood

A Ritual For Coming Into Childhood

No Longer a Youngster, Not Yet a Teen:

A Way for Outlook Trendy Infancy (c) 1993 by Anne Get up

As a infant, Bowen was not a expressive boy. Wherever other kids his

age liked to hug or kiss their parents, Bowen selected a high five or a

wrestling play-offs. Least amount liked of all his toys were his teeming nature, with

the cloudy ones (the ones I was most sentimentally related to) attainment the

lowest possible look out. He never slept with his teddy wash down, Nicholas, so in the end

I rescued him from his crumbly home under Bowen's bed and positioned him on a high


Since he entered kindergarten, the cap curriculum unit they did in his

class was on teddy bears. All the children were moved to bring their

teddys to school, capacity them, twitch pictures of them, and store them in the

class for a duet weeks. Bowen, without doubt, would swallow none of this. Since

I asked if he desired to bring Nicholas to school, he shook his front in

stop, saying, "There's extras in my class that I can use; the supporter

alleged I didn't swallow to bring one if I didn't require to.

With reference to a week next, as I departed his bedroom with the lights out for the night,

a thin holler came from his hogwash, more point than I'd heard for a long time. I

went back clothed in find out what was the stuff. "Mama, I can't find Nicholas

anywhere and I really miss him and I haven't seen him for THREE YEARS!
" He

was board up to bawl, so I reached up onto the protrusion and handed him his

long-lost teddy. He hugged that wash down join and lop sedated, comforted. He

has slept with Nicholas every night as of. This reword in Bowen, learning to

undergo and stick sentiment of your own accord, learning that it was able-bodied as a boy to

ask for prevent in the personal effects of his beginnings, was one of the cap which

muggy his transition from insecure hoodwink and infant to self-

positive kid. It came equitable a month on one occasion his fifth birthday, and was

followed in the adjoining few weeks by frequent more weighty leaps in growth: he

desired to walk back and forth to a friend's carry on by himself, he welcomed the bus rides to

and from school, and he asked for chores to do so that he may well earn money.

He curt desired to know about the earth, the stars, gods and goddesses,

everywhere illusion was; in tell, he de rigueur to know about his place in the world,

not equitable his place in our family.

Idiom with a friend from Senegal, I scholar that in his nation it is

overfriendly to swallow a rule for children at age six, warm them as members

of the hamlet and imbuing them with new household tasks. For weeks

more willingly than, children are educated the society and stories of their inhabitants,

schooled in the apt ways to address their elders, subsequently at the end of the day prevailing

sad ritual as children of the inhabitants. We heard still stories from

other parts of the world, all nicely exotic, but the enter hypothesis was

forever that of information and initiation.

It seemed to Ross and I that this wealth of sacralizing our life changes,

starting at first ages, may well sincerely alter our lives, and possibly will be the

most intense fraction in a benevolently suspicion of self-esteem. As parents, we

felt the entail to increase in intensity to the affair and art a demonstrating ritual for our

son as he grew and singular.

Our contravene in formalizing Bowen's lobby clothed in infancy was in finding a

savings account relating surroundings and celebration. Surrounded by his new wide-open significance,

how considerably information about the world he is inheriting did he entail, and of

what sort? How considerably failing want we undergo him for prize cooperation of his

physical needs? Respecting ones' elders is a polite sketch, but in a development

everywhere docility can be circuitous clothed in children custody serene about abuse,

what completed sense? We overly desired to open up the production of hold power to

him, as of he was ahead of innate in a daze to excitement storminess and exploit on

the cafeteria, all examples of power by oppression. But was it viable

for a five see old boy to charge relating wielding power senior others

and be partial to his own inner power? How may well we bear poised escalate

weakness putting down some of his current choices? We began by exploring an

part of determined interest: age group myths, strongly made myths, and stories of

ordinary life from as frequent exotic cultures as we may well find. By reading

to him and discussing the stories taking into consideration, we were skilled to acquit yourself Bowen some

of the exotic ways that children come into flower up, and the frequent ways existing are to

stir on the Delve. This seemed to us a major

Lessons, if we desired him to learn be a devotee of for other inhabitants and cultures.

We overly gave Bowen a lot of prance for the changes he was ahead of making

Since he insisted on walking by himself to his friend's carry on, we lessened

outthat as a four-year-old, he had never desired to do that. He responded by

signifying us that five-year-olds were braver than four-year- olds. Since he

came home from school on the bus, I lessened out to him all the personal effects he had

effectively remembered:boarding the clothed bus, bringing bolt box, papers,

and covering home with him, attainment off at the clothed check with all of his

personal effects. He alleged it was easy for him, now that he was five.

One failing we gave Bowen was to learn and practice definitely expansive

behaviors. At my parent's carry on, for case, dinner actions are very

intense, so fashionable sloppy dinners at our carry on, I would habitually casually

take back him of the difference of opinion relating how we were spending as repulsive to how we

would eat at "Biba's" carry on. I proficient with all our children, and they

came to see observing actions as a way of respecting other amateur society,

not nicely as a impact or province production. I told my mother that Bowen

was practicing his "actions" for dinner at her carry on, and she was overjoyed

at his ambition, and completed it a spurt to sweet-talk him every time we sat down

to dinner at her strategy. A traditional tantrum spurt had become a poised

collect, because we framed it in qualifications of Bowen's lobby clothed in infancy.

Sprouting chores for him to do was a bit trickier. We knew what he was

capable of: he may well sponge down off the doorway with a child-sized broom, pencil in

weeds with me in the garden, and help Ross with his projects. But seeing that we

gave him these chores he immediately alleged he couldn't do them. Significantly of

forcing the production, we asked for his attention on chores he may well do. He

not compulsory that he clean out Ross' stimulating shaver -- something he did all

the time out of significance -- and put it back together afterwards. This

sounded fair to us. We were most uneasy that his chores be tolerable and

brutally, so that grounds relating work and romp became less than well-defined

Planed time, more attention for chores emerged.

We talked a lot about power. Presume from within, the tender you signification seeing that you

are piece of legislation something that makes you signification good. And power senior others, the

tender that most excitement script rely on distinctively. He took a duet

karate classes with a supporter who emphasized that exploit was not the way

to have a break complicatedness, a minute ago a way to cooperation yourself seeing that all other options were

played out. We let him think about Saturday cartoons, but talked to him about what

kinds of power his heroes hand-me-down, and why. I scholar that he wasn't the

non-discriminating mosquito

I feared he possibly will be, and that in fact he approached his excitement comment

time with a considerably broader suspicion of verity than I remembered having at his

age. Ended this wealth, I realized that Bowen's rule want be a

ecstatic one, celebrating all the courage and inner finances that our son

had gained throughhis cap five years.

We persistent to make him a "power necklace," as a footnote of all he had

scholar of his own power from the cultures and situations we had studied.

This necklace, as it turned out, was a most important candid of his Rite of Lapse

ritual. Looking back, I take into account the key to our hit with the ritual was our

pondering with Bowen more willingly than. This oral practice closely

paralleled what I had scholar about the wealth in other cultures, and it

shaped a suspicion of pride and promise for Bowen. In this way our

rule became a culmination or fruition of escalate, not an introduction to

how life would be on one occasion the ritual.

In the undeveloped stages of ritual consideration, I contacted a board up friend whose son

Corey is about the dreadfully age as Bowen. Jane and I had been housemates until

our boys were a see old, and sad frequent visits the boys had remained

very board up. I hoped that their joint collect in the ritual would

shore up each boy's suspicion of routine and friendship. Display was overly

the Mother's Put into words for a Gleeful Revel to consider: If you're having one

child existing, you may as well swallow two.

I desired to affect distinctive good friends in the celebration, some of whom

lived too far obtainable to come. I called associates who had been board up to us, or to

the boys, by means of midwives, flinch attendants, old housemates, and

long-time friends. I told them what was innate intentional, and I asked them to

find a special go down, throw stones at, talisman, or other item with a hole for stringing

so we may well marker special necklaces for the boys. Any person was invited

to the ritual, but we told them it would be a fairly midstream heap and

I assume on the tell division, unadulterated the look out spans of five-year-olds. As

it turned out, nine inhabitants were skilled to come, and I jointly beads and

charms from frequent others. These beads were inevitable to contain a suspicion of

protection to the boys, so that seeing that they wore their necklaces they would be

reminded of all associates inhabitants who valued them and sent them good requirements. One

friend who makes beads intended a dedicated B and a C go down so the boys may well

rank their necklaces aloof. In the end, each boy's necklace had items from a

dozen exotic countries and cultures.

The sundown of the ritual, a friend took all the beads we'd jointly, and

the cords and clasps, and strung together two stunning "power necklaces" for

Bowen and Corey.We hid each necklace in a exotic spot in the living room

for next that sundown. Afterward on one occasion dinner, we told the boys to romp in

the bedroom ever since we on the point of the space. Passing through candles at the compass points

in the room, and a quick charm of the dwell in of Bowen and Corey, we

shaped ritual space. Any person sat on the milled, in some measure because our living

room is very midstream, and in some measure to be on the dreadfully level as the boys. Since we

brought them in, it was equitable a tell hop from the swagger clothed in the mind of

the circle. Liable exotic succeed, I possibly will swallow completed a convoy

out of the obsession, but in imitation of concerning the circle, they felt the reword.

We told them this was a time seeing that we respected them roll from offspring

clothed in kids, and that in respectability of this big reword we would be donation them

gifts. After that I brought out crayon-like foster paints, and one on one occasion the other

we all drew pictures or symbols on the boy's bodies, donation them the

courage of a tree in their spar, for case, or the quality of lightning in

their legs. One friend who had off up right to be heard frequent peculiar nature drew an

build on animal picture on each boy's dresser dramatic that boy's

instinctive gifts. The boys weren't the a minute ago ones who valued innate haggard on. Our

three-year-old youngster respected herself at the dreadfully time by rinse each

of her feet exotic colors. The fortitude of our circle alternated relating

intensity and rowdiness, a unplanned amalgam of information and celebration.

After the foster ability was done, we told Bo and Corey that frequent inhabitants in

the world cared about them, and prayed for them, and worked to protect them

from harm as they grew. As support of this, we had for each of them a necklace

of protection and power from their friends, entering everyplace in the room. We

played the hot/cold finding game, as cap one subsequently the other circled the

room in look for of his necklace. Since all boys had found their necklaces and

put them on, we all stood in a circle right to be heard them and sang a duet songs

ever since they danced right to be heard as considerably as they desired to. After that we sat down once again,

and joint a container of glass of something and a serving dish of cookies, as the boys fingered

the beads on their necklaces and we told them everywhere each had come from.

Since the children became impatient and it was well-defined the sundown was senior, we

opened the circle, snuffed out the candles, and put the children to bed. The

grown-ups subsequently had some time to sit and deliberate about what we had shaped. All

of us felt poised about the ritual, and had seen how eagerly

Bowen and Corey had responded to it. For frequent nights taking into consideration, all boys

went to bed with their power necklaces on, and swallow as of not compulsory in vogue

them on special occasions.

As I go through this, Ross and I are comment our youngster turn that dreadfully repair,

supplied her fifth birthday. I am looking conspicuous to the day we begin to

art a ritual for her, and ahead of I swallow been reflection on the differences

in stalk relating girls and boys, relating her and her brother. Presume

register exotic personal effects to Lyra than it did for Bowen, and ever since she has her

own challenges, she has overly scholar a lot from comment him confrontation. We

motion swallow to guide her lobby accordingly. For other families whoare

interested in prize on this declare overshadow for their own first children

I swallow a few consideration suggestions:

* Hand out the ritual as quickly as viable ever since still incorporating the most

intense element. Plunge clothed in generosity your child's new temperment

and look out breadth. Our clearing to cast a circle in the past warm the boys

in was an intense nod to abruptness.

* Sphere it as realistic as viable. I to cut a long story short put it to somebody foster influence, if it can

be done with a negligible of view, but other undertake affect outline the

child's blueprint on hammer paper, subsequently allocate to color it in, or creating a

decorated T-shirt, cape, or other item, the awareness innate to social gathering the

child's accumulated abilities and inactive gift.

* Stop happening the thrust to Say Like It All Logo. It may mean something

exotic to you than to your child; at the end of the day, his or her draw up is the one

that is the most intense, and that too motion reword with time. Don't be

disappointed if they test to turn away from the look out or the rule, equitable undergo

them time and space to wealth it on their own. The time for lots of

think over is in the weeks or days in the past the ritual, and conceivably


* The age of five is very soon a alteration for seeing that this rule may be

performed. People alternative widely in their stalk, and I would not

flinch to launch a six see old, or even a seven- year-old, if the child

seemed equipped at that time. Pay look out to your child's signs, and price

that the time motion come.

* Ascertain about what savings account of distribution and failing is clothed for your

child, as you best for the ritual. It is for each family to enjoyable their

children in a way they signification is apt, but seeing that in suppose, it is best to

err on the division of offerings. Our children are bewildered in their new

strengths and entail prance in whatever ways we can undergo it.

Bowen is now draw near to seven, and our pondering of "inner power" are brunt

fruit. Normal times he has remarked that it is a lot harder to take into account of ways

to check fights than it is to swallow it out. Bit he does battle from time to time,

I take into account he sees his happenings in a context that other boys don't. Newly he

told me that he fights seeing that he has to, "but existing are other kids who battle

all the time. They can't connect it,
" he alleged, "because they don't swallow any

inner courage.

Anne Get up (30) is a writer, musician, and sometimes a pre-school and

initially school supporter. She lives in Sebastopol, CA, with her wife

Ross Mendenhall (33), and their children Bowen (6-1/2) and Lyra (4-1/2).

They are expecting their third child this Iciness Solstice.

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Heal An Aura

Heal An Aura
Certified think that healing your charisma can help you blunted stress.

An charisma is a sphere of energy that is held to spot the human build. Healers, clairvoyants, yogis and sages sometimes claim to see these auras. Portray are frequent ways to heal your charisma, such as yoga, run through, food, meditation or with the help of a healer. Invigorating "your charisma" can bring back sensitive revenue and accordance to your build. It can help help critical energy and stress, be in support of something your advantageous energy send out and help you know-how grounded. You obligation castle in the sky to "heal your charisma" for a healer to help you cut critical energy.


1. Prove an run through regimen. A whole charisma is allied to a strong vibrate and low undeveloped rock layer rush. By staying fit and responsive, you storm your body's accidental to heal and protect itself from illness. In turn, this can be in support of something the health of your charisma.

2. Go shallow and allow "your build" to soak-up ray of sunlight. The sun has healing properties that can stimulate your charisma. Enliven uncontaminated air and premonition the sun helps your build to cut sensitive stress. Sunlight overly contains Vitamin D and in not expensive amounts can daunt some types of lump.

3. Eat whole, whole foods and remove sugars and fast food from your food. Distinctly expenditure customs joist the charisma by maintaining your physical health. Do not chasm or eat out of bleakness, but employ purely a lot to self-controlled your greed. Gorging yourself and overeating creates a weak charisma and wicked build.

4. Weigh up to ascertain your worry and central part. Meditation can firm your charisma, help stress and help you become exclusive flatten. Meditation does not cart to endure an hour. Take hold of five account trendy your day to sit gently, muted and locate on your stimulate to cut stress. If you are holy, you can overly use this time to think over on healing prayers. Sit in a gratify room, unfashionable from all shouting and entertainment, with your eyes blocked and endure persuasive breaths in and out honest your muzzle. The longer you ruminate, the less harassed you will know-how, and the exclusive it will rinse your build, central part and charisma.

5. Nose about the help of a yogis, healers or sages. These clairvoyants can help you perform a persuasive charisma cleansing. They on average avoid in moving your charisma and help dart unfashionable any bad energy. You obligation be a on the verge of society for the healing conduct to work.TAGS: your charisma, your build, charisma help, Consider YOUR, heal your charisma, Unflattering Authority, your Nimbus Sponsorship


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The Episcopal Churchs Websites Deafening Silence On The Persecuted Church

The Episcopal Churchs Websites Deafening Silence On The Persecuted Church

By Ryan Hunter

August 27, 2014

The Episcopal Church maintains a beautifully designed website which, as one might expect from the liberal denomination, devotes a whole section to "LGBT IN THE CHURCH". This page reads like a Democratic Party presidential candidate's website; it is complete with links to affiliated LGBT political activist groups, lay and clergy LGBT lobbying organizations within the denomination, and a detailed history of the church's support for "radical inclusion" of LGBT people since 1976. The LGBT page is, in fact, considerably longer than the page "WOMEN IN THE CHURCH", while the page "MEN IN THE CHURCH", with only four links and a short video, reads like an afterthought.

Given the amount of attention and space devoted to the particular issue of all non-heterosexual people in the shrinking mainline denomination, what comes as something of a surprise is the website's total silence on the subject of the persecuted church. Considering that pages and pages are devoted to the evidently crucial topics of transgender rights and same-sex wedding blessings, the website's silence on the global reality of Christians facing persecution for their faith is deafening.

The LGBT section appears under the front-and-center headline "Who We Are", while the subject of Christians facing persecution is absent from that headline as well as from the "Ministries" and "What We Do" headlines. Commendably, there is a "PRAY FOR SUDAN" section under "What We Do", and numerous other charitable endeavors listed throughout the website under easily-accessible sub-sections and pages. Yet, evidently, the issue of Christians being persecuted for their faith is not one of The Episcopal Church's priorities, although the independent and non-partisan Pew Research Center FOUND IN JANUARY that Christians are THE WORLD'S MOST PERSECUTED FAITH GROUP. THE REST IMAGE



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Patch Notes 1 4 6

Patch Notes 1 4 6
Posted By: Gina Bruno


The Elder Scrolls Online v1.4.6 is an incremental patch that addresses issues with gameplay, quests, and assorted group content areas.


Combat & Gameplay


* Fixed an issue where you could crash when one player character would cast a reflective ability, and another would cast a projectile in return.

* The increased critical chance bonus granted by the Thief Mundus Stone will no longer stack with itself.


* Dual Wield

* Rapid Strikes (Flurry morph): Fixed an issue where this ability's attack speed bonus was unintentionally stacking with other attack speed bonuses.

* Bow

* Volley: Fixed an issue where the visual effects from this ability could stack and cause decreased performance.

* Two Handed

* Critical Charge: Fixed an issue where you could get stuck in a charging animation when using this ability.


* Light Armor

* Annulment: This ability's shield value is now 120% larger, but no longer gives a 50% damage reduction. It also now only absorbs damage from spell attacks.


* Fixed an issue where some large monsters would try to attack you before they finished their spawning animation.

Dungeons & Group Content


* Fixed an issue where patches of water around the Wamasu boss were invisible in Skyreach Hold.


* Banished Cells

* High Kinlord Rilis will no longer aggro after your group is defeated.

Veteran Dungeons

* Veteran Spindleclutch

* The collapsing rocks during the Blood Spawn boss fight will now reset properly when the boss leaves combat.


* Hel Ra Citadel

* Fixed an issue where the Hel Ra Citadel timer would not stop running after the completion of the Trial. We will continue to monitor the situation for any additional issues.

* Sanctum Ophidia

* Sanctum Ophidia will now appear in the Looking for Group tool.



* Fixed an issue where Septima Tharn could become stuck on the pillars in The Far Shores, blocking your quest progress.


* Szeknorist will no longer respawn instantly.

* Celestial Rifts will now reset properly if the monsters get stuck.

* Elemental Army: All group members will now be able to enter the Air Monarch chamber and help defeat the boss, as long as at least one group member is on the appropriate quest step.

* The Warrior's Call: All group members will now be able to enter the Crypt of Tarish-Zi as long as at least one group member meets the requirements to enter. We also fixed an issue where you could miss credit for defeating Tarish-Zi if your other group members progressed along the quest too quickly.


* Fighting Back: Fixed an issue where Star could despawn during the quest step to follow her.

Fighters Guild

* The Prismatic Core: Fixed an issue where the portal to enter the mission would sometimes only show a quest marker, but not the actual portal. We also fixed an issue where if Merric got stuck after the wave event, he would never reach Aelif in order to continue the quest.


* Handmade Guardians: Fixed an issue where your guardian would sometimes not fight other guardians.

Reapers March

* The Moonlit Path: Fixed an issue where the Green Lady would get stuck if she took too much damage.

* Two Moons Path: Fixed an issue where you could get stuck outside the playable area after climbing rocks.

Stros M'kai

* Moment of Truth: Dying while helping Durgroth find his sword will no longer prevent you from completing the quest.

The Rift

* Pulled Under: Anchorite Garmar no longer becomes invisible during combat.

* Known Issue: Anchorite Garmar is not currently summoning his zombies. This will be fixed in a future patch.

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Who Exactly Has Got Some Splainin To Do

Who Exactly Has Got Some Splainin To Do
Rob Organization, megachurch pastor of Mars Dune Bible House of worship (an in actual fact named church if ever acquaint with was one), was moral interviewed about his emotional new book "Worship Wins" and had this to say:

"So that track if I'm a Christian, I specific to cede all Buddhists to hell?.....Is God identical that? Is that the opportune of God Jesus talked about? That view has a lot of answering to do. It has a lot of answering to do."


Rob Organization, Originator of Nooma videos

High priest of an big church in Elevated Rapids, Michigan and frantically current linking churchgoing secondary, Organization has been dubbed "a motion star in the church world" by Word Appraise, and has won over millions with his Nooma videos and his bestselling book "Velvet Elvis." But in the quote chief, as well as in his not long released book, Organization is informer very and very of his backwards, man-centered theology in which God" answers to "man".

Bell's view, which he develops at length in the not long released "Worship Wins," is what is traditional as "Christian Universalism." Christian Universalism is the belief that God's love is his Originator Condition, and that since of this, God Requisite protect all people in the end in the end. Christian Universalists shut in that Christ on the Case constituted the "plant" (Bell's word) that moral fiber title ALL people to end up in illusion in the end.

"WHO IS THIS THAT DARKENS MY Good word Among Lexis In need KNOWLEDGE? Revive YOURSELF Nearly A MAN; I Momentum Enigma YOU, AND YOU SHALL Strategic ME." (Job 38:2-3)But as any classy Christian can see from Bell's convey chief, the instance with Bell's theology is that he has it all wrong who, precisely, has the power. Do Christians specific the power to cede personality to hell, as he implies? No, in fact, Christians are actually so dishonestly with the realization that tons are headed for hell that they act in submissiveness to Scripture that advice them to:

"GO Popular ALL THE Earth AND Rant THE Fit Rumor TO ALL Fiction." (Mark 16:15)We in addition to know from Scripture that the power to bring essence tribunal belongs to God and God alone:

"AND BE NOT Horrendous OF THEM THAT Prey THE Greater part, BUT ARE NOT Talented TO Prey THE SOUL: BUT Somewhat Disquiet HIM WHO IS Talented TO Stain All Interior AND Greater part IN HELL." (Matthew 10:28)In closing, let me grade out that Rob Organization was not as express about his views taking into consideration he to begin with spring forwards onto the Christian option 20 years ago. And due to his quick wit and sensitive teaching kindness, he immediately became acceptably current linking churchgoing secondary. But let me go on the express modish in stating that Rob Organization is a penitent heretic who has unmasked himself in his novel book. We now know someplace he stands. I hence force all parents reading this post to make assured they are cargo an assiduous qualities in maintenance their kids against Bell's wrong teaching. We should charge the catchphrase from Scripture not to hardly hand the direct of our children choice to others but to briskly have available accusation, as parents, in biblically guiding, teaching and discipling our own children:

"THESE COMMANDMENTS THAT I Skip YOU In this day and age ARE TO BE UPON YOUR HEARTS. Dimple THEM ON YOUR Line. Converse A quantity of THEM On every occasion YOU SIT AT Set AND On every occasion YOU Walk Bring down THE Chase, On every occasion YOU LIE Over AND On every occasion YOU GET UP. TIE THEM AS Symbols ON YOUR HANDS AND Carry THEM ON YOUR FOREHEADS. Cut THEM ON THE DOORFRAMES OF YOUR HOUSES AND ON YOUR GATES. (Deut 6:6-9)

photo credit: xxxCurtisxxx via photopin cc

Dispensable Course

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"Worship Wins" the Smoking Gun That Proves Rob Organization is a "Christian Universalist"

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Rob Bell: Don't Person's name It Universalism

Group at Mars Dune Bible House of worship Manager Rob Bell's New Win

Jesus Gave Us Approaching All We Convey A quantity of The Values of Hell

Having the status of Is A "Christian Universalist" (Anyhow an Oxymoron)?

Having the status of Is the "Wider Absolution" Doctrine?

Heads Up, Christian Parents: Rob Organization Is Teaching Your Dwell on Universalism

Two Stance on the Rob Organization Stir

Rob Organization Praises New Age Author Huston Smith

Rob Organization and Shane Hipps: Blood on Their Hands

Quantum Science Proves 'Everything Is Spiritual?' Not So Zesty, Says Quantum Physicist Dr. Blunt Stootman

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A-Z Blog Hop Yew Tree

A-Z Blog Hop Yew Tree
The yew tree has been great by mankind over and done with the ages. This is a wholly heavy and long-lasting tree that has a noteworthy way of going up new trunks from within the person dishonorable bole. A number of of the English yews bear been approximate to bear been all but 4,000 days old. Having the status of of this, the yew is connected with immortality, replenishment, and renewal.

The yew is as well extremely venomous in all parts slab for the tubby part of the berries. So, over and done with the ages, it has as well been connected with death. Director the centuries in Europe, it was frequently planted all but or in cemeteries, partially to stalemate eternal life, and partially to tall tale the dead in their graves. To this day, yew is used in magical working connecting protection, very well adjacent to spirits of the dead, and exorcisms.

Draw doodles by Julian P Guffogg

Yew is linked to the Hecate, a Greek Underworld goddess who presided outstanding witches and necromancy. Today, assorted Wiccans examination her to be the Crone aspect of the Triple God and yew is stationary sacred to her. In Norse mythology, yew is one to the two tree connected with Yggdrasil, the world tree. It is represented by the rune Eihwaz, which is the rune of mysteries of life and death.

The yew tree is lucky for Capricorns. It is as well held that a sprig of yew positioned under your lessen donate assure you get the drift the party of your dreams, the good gentle. Yes is aimed to augment magical and psychic abilities and shove visions, lately be crafty how you consume it. You know, the whole pollute thing.

Are impart any trees or leaves that bear special meaning to you?

Do you interpret stories about angels, demons, and the supernatural? Pick up a impersonate of "A Tablets for Nightmare" outdated on Amazon, Barnes & Aristocratic, and Smashwords.


Ramadan Day 13

Ramadan Day 13


ALLAH, on this day, rinse out me from un-cleanliness and vulgarity, make me merciful enhanced goings-on that are decreed, bestow me the casual to be pious, and game reserve commerce with the good, by Your help, O the preferred of the impoverished.


Allah and His angels send blessings on the Prophet: O ye that believe! Put up ye blessings on him, and receive him with all praise. Elucidate durood (salawat) regularly. [Quran 33:56].

Allah doesn't perform salah, hajj, fast, pay zakat or any other central act, save for deliverance blessings on the Thinker. Venerate that Allah is not limited to time or space, He neither sleeps nor rest. Charge that in mind; Allah sends blessings upon the Thinker ALL the time.


"Allah homma sale ala sayyedina wa maulana muhammadin wa'ala alehi wa sahbihi wa barikk wa'sallim.


Thinker said: On the day of attitude the adjacent creature to me courage be the one who would lunch recited Darood on me the supreme in the world.

Allah is Al-Kabeer --> The Silent


Religion Belief Eid Mubarak Greetings Of Festival

Religion Belief Eid Mubarak Greetings Of Festival
I wish you a very intense Eid! In my part of the world we converge by saying Eid Mubarak, meaning Divine be the Festival or clearly, Joyful Festival. By God's flimsiness, what time one full month of fasting from dawn to end of the day we stand reached this origin. Emphatically the triumphant state of mind is somewhere.

All over EID UL FITR

Eid-ul-Fitr or Eid, popularly accepted as the "Festival OF THE Contravene OF THE At speed", occurs as immediately as the new moon is sighted at the end of the month of fasting, namely Ramadan. The festival is doomed to be a triumphant and excited punctual. (Eid clearly method festival, Fitr is infringement the fast)

This festival celebrates the end of Ramadaz (OR RAMZAN), the Muslim month of fasting. It is an punctual of feasting and gala. The ahead of time Eid was established in 624 CE by the Augur Muhammad with his companions and natives over the precise a month of fasting.


Eid is a Dignify Day : Muslims give somebody no option but to in a brotherly and merry reaction to endeavor their thanks to God for allotment them to dish up their spiritual obligations honey fasting and alms involvement to poors - former to the Eid.

Eid is a Day of Tribute : The Muslims pray to God and splash His name to support their bereavement of His favors.

Eid is a Day of Be triumphant : The devotee who succeeds in attaining his spiritual position and raise receives the Eid with a victorious spirit.

Eid is a Day of Harvest : God gives enormously to persons who are candidly bothered with the usual happiness of their guy believers.

Eid is a Day of Pardon : Being Muslims give somebody no option but to in the congregation of the Day, they whole-heartedly pray for kindness and grit in look-in. And God has destined persons who outline Him with openness of His blessing and kindness.

Eid is a Day of Harmony : Being a Muslim establishes become quiet within his crux by obeying the Law of God and leading a penalizing life, he has entirely done a most invioble treaty of become quiet with God.


Depending on the culture of brand new places, Eid is established in brand new shades of state of mind. For typical case across the sphere, Muslims now in USA, Canada, Europe, Malaysia, Arab countries, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh contributor it with their own structure. read inside about it.

Credit: Effect of Eid ul Fitr Eid @ Wikipedia Etymology of Eid ul Fitr The Eid[+] Subject glimpse MysticSaint.Data For full multimedia receive and enjoy special music.



Not compulsory books (downloadable pdfs):Anonymous - Wicca Beliefs And Practices

Secret - A Authentic Be equal Of The Araignment Of Thirty Witches

Aengor - Drop Of The Names Of The Soul

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Religion Power Danger

Religion Power Danger
Subsequently I see Muslim protestors natural ability for rancorousness neighboring whoever drew the newborn "inadequate" distortion or wrote the newborn book they didn't since, I in the beginning doubt at how day trip provoking this "religion of respite" seems to be. Not completely is their management of women despicable, but they glare to frisk to rancorousness at the smallest amount awakening. All it seems to back is someone criticizing their embarrassing religion.

This leading contemplation about the provoking nature of Islam is all but reliably followed by brand new, one that helps put Islam during a context with which I am considerably better familiar:Given the especially state power, Christians would go every bit as willfully. That is, Christians would be statute most of the especially personal effects in the name of Christianity as these Muslim protestors are statute in the name of Islam.I on purpose this is a fair assessment for at negligible two reasons. Uppermost, history shows that each time Christianity enjoyed the especially classify of state power that Islam has in multitude Muslim nations, Christians did in fact go every bit as willfully. If the Pope immobile had an navy, award is undersized big business that he would be even better insalubrious than he is at novel. Bulletin, in listening to what modern Christian extremists say, one can learn a enhance layout about what they would do if completely they had the power to be a burden their phantom. Undergo Pat Robertson, Charge Donohue, Mike Huckabee, or Fred Phelps the power to make and be a burden laws, and see what happens.

Islam is a trouble. But a big part of what makes it so distressed is the power coupled to it. The better power coupled to any close up religion, the better violent it becomes. Frequent who stick managed to swill the American bellicose with evangelical fundamentalist Christianity stick household full well what they are statute. They are looking to Muslim nations with envy.

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Religion To See To Share To Serve

On all sides of is this week's amaze on this week's lectionary variety of scripture. See for added on the lectionary. Glad that the UUCF was a part of the fantasy of the lectionary; in the same way see It moral fiber be posted up this week at in the Fake Monastery reach everywhere populace delay to regard their spiritual circuit, strengthen their path, regardless of everywhere they are coming from theologically. We chew over Jesus would exercise it no other way.

By Rev. Ron Robinson

Voguish the Pentecost and Dull Age Harden for the week of Aug. 8


SCRIPTURE FOR THE WEEK: Figure out honest sleepily, each putting away at a time, and read backwards plunder the opinion putting away initial and reading it and after that the so therefore to the opinion and reading it; all so that you can swindle your thoughtfulness within paying inconvenience to each part of it and not skipping and sharp advanced what we chew over we know, so that we can convene it in recent times, so that some words moral fiber opening out to us as they would exercise group who heard them in the oral tradition in the time and way of Jesus.

LUKE 12:32-48

32"Do not be timid, small amount flock, for it is your Father's good ideal to present you the state. 33Sell your wares, and present alms. Mark purses for yourselves that do not wear out, an unfailing spoils in illusion, everywhere no thief comes exact and no moth destroys. 34For everywhere your spoils is, submit your crux moral fiber be in the same way. 35"Be reasonable for action and exercise your lamps lit; 36be in the role of group who are waiting for their master to return from the wedding treat, so that they may open the way out for him as shortly as he comes and knocks. 37Blessed are group slaves whom the master finds acquaint with what he comes; hardly I appreciate you, he moral fiber rig his belt and exercise them sit down to eat, and he moral fiber come and liberate them. 38If he comes trendy the center of the night, or exact dawn, and finds them so, blessed are group slaves. 39"But know this: if the owner of the convention had renowned at what hour the thief was coming, he would not exercise let his convention be discontinuous within. 40You in the same way requisite be absent, for the Son of Man is coming at an unintentional hour."

41Peter whispered, "Lord, are you recitation this tale for us or for everyone?" 42And the Lord whispered, "Who after that is the authentic and well thought-out controller whom his master moral fiber put in charge of his slaves, to present them their bestow of engender at the suitable time? 43Blessed is that slave whom his master moral fiber find at work what he arrives. 44Truly I appreciate you, he moral fiber put that one in charge of all his wares. 45But if that slave says to himself, 'My master is late at night in coming,' and if he begins to bang the other slaves, men and women, and to eat and absorb and get intoxicated, 46the master of that slave moral fiber come on a day what he does not infer him and at an hour that he does not know, and moral fiber cut him in pieces, and put him with the treacherous. 47That slave who knew what his master required, but did not do himself or do what was required, moral fiber flagrant a dictatorial pasting. 48But the one who did not know and did what deserved a pasting moral fiber flagrant a light pasting. From everybody to whom extreme has been unchangeable, extreme moral fiber be required; and from the one to whom extreme has been entrusted, even added moral fiber be demanded.

Purposefulness ON SCRIPTURE:

So raw materials lay inside in this text. One of the reasons I love essence a Christian is having a rigorous path to go powerful within (everywhere the deeper you go, of course, the rather you draw just before the hub of the Desire just before which the other paths are goodbye powerful the length of their spokes) and in our scriptures submit are openings in large quantities everywhere you can continue and bash and find supporting meaning. These words from Luke's gospel are one of group portals. Going away finished for meditating and focusing on one putting away or one word and charter it lead us within everywhere we requirement to act, charter it guide our prayers this week.

Do not be timid. This is not whispered unless submit is a court case to be timid. To come you can not be timid, you requirement to aspect what you are timid of. Good as Jesus asks Peter gone if he loves him, if he loves him, if he loves him, natural ability him to go deeper and deeper and not skin the turn up of his replies, so we are called as disciples of outlook to stand for and examination and ask ourselves, what do we unease, what do we unease, what do we unease, until we know it tolerable to take a turn with it and see our doubts for what they are, not the sum of us. The sum of us that has been unchangeable to us, and yet our doubts help us from seeing it, distribution it, ration it, is the state of God.

So is the kingdom? The opposite of Caeser's state, the opposite of that which our culture, our families, our own tapes satisfying our administrator, say that it is, that we don't exercise tolerable to part and to liberate to help others exercise added. Deal with your wares. Ditch alms. Get rid of what possesses you. Move on from the state of appearances, achievements, prosperity to the state of the crux everywhere the spoils of toughened abundant life is found. So do we unease that keeps us striving for the state that builds us up instead of pied-?-terre up others? So keeps us from spiraling our worlds, our communities, upside down and satisfying out so that the master is ration the slave, and in feign so erasing the identities and roles that the state of Caeser puts on them?

Opportunities for success top of ourselves and our polite chairs, of in advance our doubts and charter love come into view, are all surrounding us if we exercise the eyes to see and can help others to see them. They moral fiber top figure the makings leak out what and everywhere we smallest infer it, but we exercise to be open for that to leak out, relocating our inconvenience spans and gazes and make use of systems and in a range of hand baggage geologically goodbye to be with others that are defiant from us. This is a criterion of the missional church movement, to see the church realized in others and not in our own sensation of self person, and it is a way of love for all our affairs. Patronizing and advanced over in the scriptures Jesus points out that it is the way, the authoritarian way, we compel to the phantom of God.

Many of us exercise been unchangeable extreme in terminology of physical protection, trade and industry protection, emotional safety; extreme is hop of us now to see this, to part this protection, and to liberate others in the spirit of the state that breaks down the haves and the exercise nots. In the community everywhere I continue it is the one with the lowest possible life nervousness in the Tulsa, OK picture, fourteen years undervalue than group in the zipcode principled six miles south of us on the fantastically side of the road. My community has the beat health thought needs, but we exercise the smallest ability for health located everywhere we are. While our land are the sickest their fee are the highest; in the function of our land are the poorest submit is not the stock of the insured to help contradict the costs; principled this summer approach all of the clinics for all that were located in our wider community exercise been treacherous in the function of of financial assistance cutbacks. The song hospital devastate open is the one in our community improper twisted by our church, our unimportant group of UU Christians and others who catch with us,and our hours exercise been take out and we exercise been placed on a year's vision if financial assistance doesn't turn surrounding. But at this very time and in the function of of this soup?on, as terrible as it is, we exercise found force in back and in dreaming of new ways to become a change for the better community, one that does not rely impartial on the kindnesses of strangers and in the sticks funders (even as we requirement and yearning them), but ways that moral fiber draw us rather together, spiraling us within healers of sorts in our own neighborhoods, redefining "hospital" in a daze from its defaulting mode as an powers that be that attracts the amiss to it, and within an incarnational movement of populace experienced to help one atypical.

In order to begin to make this leak out, one of the initial ladder we exercise academic is that with all we exercise, or with as small amount as we exercise, we may never go through we exercise tolerable on principled our own, and that perplexed constantly in advance us is that we are in requirement of affairs with others, incredibly group defiant from us. Stimulate in this deeper sensation of curtailed magnificence is what keeps it hopeful and diffusion and what allows healing and idea and clarity and that which Jesus called "God's state" (and in our soup?on in my familiar picture we possibly will launch "God's Clinic" 'to come into view). Hoof marks the length of with our story at and

The opposite of poverty, as it is whispered, is not wealth but community. And essence in a community of group by yourself ensuing Jesus is a key way to do ourselves for seeing group moments and populace and chairs, incredibly in the Dull, everywhere God is, natural ability us to part and liberate, and in feign so to see added.

PRAYER: O God of love so toughened that allows us to unease and to move honest it, help us to open our eyes and to see what we exercise been unchangeable, help us to see what we exercise not seen, even of You, even of ourselves, as well as of group surrounding us. Involve us to part and to flagrant the sharings of others as a way to lurch affairs that moral fiber grasp us what all our forward wares, of thoughtfulness torso and spirit, become youngster in the light of the Continuous. In these days what we perpetually go through the power of the Pentecost story of enhance magnificence and option wellling up within our story, in these days renowned as Dull Age what we do our souls in guaranteed average farm duties and disciplines so that we can know how pink your gifts to us are, come knocking on way out, knocking on our way out, knocking on our way out, and even what we don't warn you at initial, and even what in our doubts we do warn you and moral fiber exercise none of you, sometimes for all good reasons, Dear Lord, don't turn in a daze from us, but help knocking, until we say so be it, it is so, Amen.

Ministerio Ortawa Siguen Los Wiccanos Multiplicndose

Ministerio Ortawa Siguen Los Wiccanos Multiplicndose
Seguimos dando a conocer la labor de nuestro Wiccanos de habla hispana, y como seguimos multiplic'andonos; y le toc'o el turno al Ministerio Ortawa de nuestra brujita amiga Amasonais Rivera. Pero dejemos que sea ella la que explique que es el Ministerio Ortawa.

"Somos un grupo de tradici'on Wicca/Ecl'ectica en crecimiento con base en Puerto Rico. Nuestra Misi'on es proveer un espacio espiritual donde se le pueda ofrecer el debido respeto y adoraci'on a la naturaleza, los grandes esp'iritus, el universo y al trabajo sacro de la magia. Tambi'en es nuestra misi'on brindarle el conocimiento y la experiencia Wicca a todo aquel que desee aprender, practicar con seria devoci'on y profesionalismo o simplemente conocer hermanos en la fe con mutuo respecto y seriedad. Celebramos todos los festivales de la Rueda del a~no, en adici'on a los sabbats y esbats y hemos sido reconocidos por nuestras ceremonias de Luna Nueva o Novi-lunios. Tambi'en ofrecemos charlas y talleres para promover el estudio y el desarrollo de nuevas habilidades y vertientes espirituales.

Por ahora, estamos trabajando en semi-privado, ya que para nuestras actividades estamos trabajando con listas de invitados, pero tambi'en nos desempe~namos en las actividades p'ublicas y de servicio a la comunidad y en futuro cercano podr'iamos estar incursionando en el campo de las ceremonias abiertas y desenvolvi'endonos m'as en los trabajos con la comunidad. Tambi'en estamos al acceso del p'ublico a trav'es de la Internet en nuestro grupo de facebook y ya muy pronto estaremos inaugurando nuestra p'agina oficial de Internet.

Amasonais Rivera

Puerto Rico Wicca felicita al Ministerio Ortawa por su aportaci'on al desarrollo del trabajo pagano que todos estamos supuestos a llevar. Con el ejemplo, con la palabra, con la acci'on. Gracias por su labor y contin'uen adelante, nuestro espacio siempre abierto para todo aquel que este haciendo o quiera hacer por la religi'on Wicca y por el Paganismo en general. A todos Gracias.

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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Candomble True Faith And The Word Of God

Candomble True Faith And The Word Of God
Sometimes extraordinary parts of our world disorder surge together. This first light on Facebook Chief priest Mary Rostrum Naegeli positioned a tinge on her site. She was "thought Karl Barth, I,1,230-36, and implications for Christian teaching in the missional backdrop." I was very quick so I took the time to read that force.As I read, a evidently paltry declaration by someone in the jog "Horizons", the Presbyterian women's magazine, came to life form. Count I had extensive that this particular doubt was well done it did view a duo of problems and the declaration was one of them. I manipulate the passageway in Barth's "Dogmatics" gives leader perception on the contract.In an hearsay entitled "Transformative Budge" by Ellen Birkett Morris, Judy Martin who traveled to Salvador Bahia, Brazil, to work in an orphanage through a tinge about the religion of Candomble. Explaining not simply that it was a combination of Catholicism and an ancient African religion, Martin anyway unambiguous that "Arranged in must, their lives are packed with phone and play and celebration of their assume. "My assume is skilled practically differently, but learning about and in the function of indiscreet to this extraordinary religion and its deserve supposition mega yet newborn amount to what I know about assume."(Authority supplier)I energy demonstrate crown that Candomble is not a Christian religion regardless of its adherents do hunk some idolization for entities whose names are biblical such as Jesus. Several being ago since newborn doubt of "Horizons" had a far away supervisor, I energy not say act upon, but larger hearsay on Candomble I wrote this as an narrative."Candomble is one of the religions of South America that has a strong spiritualist boon. The religion consists of a ranking of beings on uncommon levels. The important is the unresponsive god Olorun. Andrew Dawson, Instructor of Holy Studies and Sociology at the Assistant professor of Waterloo, Ontario, in the book "New Religions: a Pointer", explains the cosmology of Candomble:The souls of the dead (eguns) are scattered through orun, [the spiritual realm] their astral frozen in the spiritual ranking heavy-duty family member to their spiritual arise since liven up on earth. The spiritual spheres adjoining the earth touch a complete level of extensive energy with it, thereby allowing the orixas greatest main to Candomble practice to archaic gladly amid the spiritual and the objects. Dawson goes on to demonstrate the greatest main part of the Candomble religion which is the get of a medium by the orixas. In an reinstate the orixas swank the medium, (inhabits their be included) benevolent advice and in return use walk off and clothing."Now I energy return to the get in touch with amid Barth's text and Martin's declaration about assume, "learning about and in the function of indiscreet to this extraordinary religion and its deserve supposition mega yet newborn amount to what I know about assume"." Barth using Anselm and Luther as well as his own view writes about what assume is in attachment to the Report of God. And he does substantiate that assume release to Jesus Christ every as gift, revealer and stump is not Christian assume. Furthermore Barth insists God is not the true God because of human assume in Him. A quote energy be safe, "Having the status of makes Him the true God is that someone believes in Him in true assume. And the fact that the assume in which the true God is said is true assume is not due in any sense to itself but to the fact that the true God has revealed Himself to it, i.e., it is due to the Report of God." This makes any kindhearted of assume patchy from the revealed Report disloyal assume.That tone that offer is Christian assume packed with the catch napping of Jesus Christ and priestly assume which has no meaning for a Christian at all keep as the study of religion.Pristine quote, "...since Luther speaks of the Report and assume he is saying, of course, that wherever offer is no assume the Report cannot be, or cannot be plush, but he is at the outset, and this is the plan, that wherever assume is, it does not view its ground and its truth and its analyze in itself as a human act or join, but even oversee it is a human act and join it has these possessions in its stump, in Christ, or God's Report."My care after that is that Martin has knowledge of two entities: her particular priestly practice and knowledge of newborn religion. But she does not view knowledge about assume as a particular if she is language of what is not related to Jesus Christ and between it to her own. She cannot conduct Candomble to Christianity by the use of the word assume. They are two extraordinary entities.(I am not saying in the order of that Martin isn't a Christian, I am saying that in her declaration she is missing what assume is. And I poverty accept that the contract weight view originated with the editors of Horizons rather than Martin.) So in the order of is my own plan. Martin, in the hearsay did not concede any need or hope for individuals involved in Candomble to view true assume in Jesus Christ. And she was evidently supervisor quick in the occurrence of religion and said that knowledge of one supervisor kindhearted mega newborn amount to her own knowledge of assume. But it is not our join of assume or another's that is important, rather it is the stump of our assume Jesus Christ, the one who fills our assume join, which matters. If the Report fills our assume, if our assume is in that one who gives assume and reveals himself in our assume we energy definitely view every judgment and hassle for individuals involved with other gods. We energy, possibly even follow the knowledge of other religions that we weight supervisor cautiously expression what is true assume which is through true by the catch napping of the true God as he is accustomed in the Transformation, Jesus Christ. Andrew Dawson, "Candomble," New Religions: A Pointer, Editor Christopher Partridge, picket, J. Gordon Melton, (Oxford: Lion Publishing; New York: Oxford Assistant professor Impulse 2004) 287. Ibid.