Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Complete Book Of Tarot Reversals

The Complete Book Of Tarot Reversals Cover

Book: The Complete Book Of Tarot Reversals by Mary Greer

Mary Greer pioneered the psychological, experiential methods of reading tarot that have now become the norm. Her earlier books, especially Tarot for Your Self, are full of exercises to help beginning readers develop a personal relationship with their cards. I thus expected Tarot Reversals to follow this same pattern...a sort of workbook for getting comfortable interpreting reversed cards.

How do you read reversed tarot cards, the ones that appear upside down in a spread? In The Complete Book of Tarot Reversals, author Mary K. Greer addresses this commonly ignored or misunderstood situation. The most common wisdom about reversed cards is that they indicate resistance or problem areas. In fact, some readers simply abort a reading if too many cards show up as reversals, assuming that the person is too unreceptive, depressed, or dishonest to work with the reading. "Receiving too many reversals can make you feel like you have been dealt a 'losing hand,'" writes Greer, "but hopefully, this book will help turn that around." In fact, Greer claims that reversals offer a portal to the more mystical and esoteric influences in our lives. They "provide an opportunity to reach below logic and lead us into the realm of potentials and underlying causes where everything is connected and Magic happens." Greer (Tarot for Your Self), a seasoned reader and tarot teacher, suggests 12 possible reasons for a reversal. For instance, it could indicate a blocked or resistant situation or it could be due to the questioner getting ready to break through the condition pictured. Greer then offers Interpretations of all 78 tarot cards (both reversed and upright), while giving more lengthy coverage to the fascinating twist of reversals.

Although there are some very valuable exercises in this book, nearly 70% of it is devoted to card-by-card interpretation, typically a page or so describing the upright meanings of the card, then a somewhat lengthier description of the reversed meanings. These descriptions are an incredible resource for any tarot reader, especially if you use reversals in your readings. There is nothing even remotely comparable anywhere else. (Other tarot books explain the meaning of the upright card, but limit reversed meanings to a few keywords.) Besides the welcome in-depth look at reversed meanings, these card interpretations are just plain good, reflecting Greer's decades of experience as a tarot reader and teacher. A welcome inclusion is shamanic/magical meanings for each card, and healing/disease implications as well. This section of the book holds its own against any of the card-by-card interpretation guides on the market today. Although this book is part of Llewellyn's series on "advanced topics in tarot", a complete beginner could learn how to interpret cards very well by using this book.

The remainder of the book consists of general advice on using and interpreting reversals. Greer goes far beyond "reversals as opposites", describing twelve different senses a reversed card can have. The book includes a lengthy listing of words that can be used to modify the upright meanings of the cards. This is very useful, especially if your own deck is a little too far removed from conventional meanings to make use of the card-by-card descriptions.

There are a number of excursions into various tarot topics, such as elemental dignities, and some really interesting spreads. I could hardly read a page in this book without coming on something new I wanted to try out.

Although this book is not intended to be a substitute for a basic tarot book, it could probably be used as such without much difficulty. And as a resource for working with reversed cards, it is unique and indispensible.

Buy Mary Greer's book: The Complete Book Of Tarot Reversals

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Sunday, December 3, 2006

Divination For You

Divination For You Cover This seems like a fairly good time of year to be talking about divination. What
is it, why do we do it, and what's in it for us? Lots of people think it's a
way of avoiding responsibility - if the future is preordained, we might as well
go back to bed.

Of course, that's not it at all. Divination is the use of any one of several
methods to obtain Information which is not directly accessible to the conscious
mind of the person asking the question. Whether you use cards, crystals, a
pendulum, ink, lead, dice, the flight of birds or anything else, what you are
really doing is opening your end of a channel to higher wisdom. I consider the
"actual" source of that wisdom irrelevant and immaterial; it could be one's own
subconscious, the collective unconscious, the Gods' will, telepathic insight, or
a big computer buried in the Balkans. It's still additional information which
is not as tainted by ego and intellect's limitations as most.

So what do we do with it? The same things we do with any other information; add
it to what we already know and develop a synthesis that can help us do our
decision-making. The easiest way to analyze the process is with a concrete
(well, maybe jello) example:

A young man has been between Relationships for some time. He wants very much to
link up with the great love of his life, but is not aware of anyone on the
horizon. He is putting himself in a position to meet new people, presenting
himself as attractively as he can, and generally taking care of business, but no
results. He has to decide whether to take a work-related course at night or
not. It will take a lot of time and there are not likely to be any women
attending. His progressed horoscope is neutral. He gets his cards read. They


1. Nothing at all about love, but a lot about skilled craftsmanship and
satisfaction through work. He decides to relax and wait for a better time,
takes the course, and is rewarded with a modest promotion which enhances his
satisfaction with his job.

2. A lot about increasing social activities, leading to the start of a new
romance, leading to great happiness and satisfaction after some difficulties are
resolved. He does not take the course, and meets a really nice interesting lady
at a party given by a friend (which he couldn't have attended had he taken the

3. That he is overlooking sources of emotional gratification in his current
situation. Given the information, he starts looking around and discovers that
one of his quieter friends is a really thoughtful and insightful person who
helps him learn to know himself better, and that a young cousin needs a mentor
and this Relationship gives him a lot of pleasure and fulfillment. He begins
to feel much more ready for a good
relationship, and much less impatient to have one start.

These examples illustrate the point made above; divination provides you with
choices, and you take the consequences, no matter what the oracles say. Treat
them with respect, not adoration or blind compliance, and may they always show
you the truth.

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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Symbolism Of The Tarot

The Symbolism Of The Tarot Cover

Book: The Symbolism Of The Tarot by Pyotr Demianovich Ouspenskii

Born in 1878, Pyotr Demianovich Ouspenskii in Moscow, Russia, Ouspensky was to become one of the most influential philosophers of his day. Somewhere along the way, he developed an interest in the Tarot, as have many philosophers down through the centuries, and wrote this book of Tarot Meditations. As are all of the books in this series, The Symbolism of the Tarot has become an old classic and is often quoted in books on Tarot and the occult (hidden) down to the present day. I have faithfully copied this book in its original content.

You will see many words spelled in turn of the 20th century English spellings, and a few out-and-out misspellings. In the interest of giving you the book in its original content, I’ve made no attempt to edit it in any way. This is the way it was written and this is the way I’m giving it to you.


“No study of occult philosophy is possible without an acquaintance with symbolism, for if the words occultism and symbolism are correctly used, they mean almost one and the same thing. Symbolism cannot be learned as one learns to build bridges or speak a foreign language, and for the interpretation of symbols a special cast of mind is necessary; in addition to knowledge, special faculties, the power of creative thought and a developed imagination are required. One who understands the use of symbolism in the arts, knows, in a general way, what is meant by occult symbolism. But even then a special training of the mind is necessary, in order to comprehend the "language of the Initiates", and to express in this language the intuitions as they arise.” P. D. Ouspensky

The entire basis of Tarot is in its symbols and how they interact with the mind. This book is how they interacted with the mind of P. D. Ouspensky! It will make an invaluable addition to your Tarot-study collection !

Download Pyotr Demianovich Ouspenskii's eBook: The Symbolism Of The Tarot

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Sunday, November 5, 2006

Cleaning Your Scrying Mirror

Cleaning Your Scrying Mirror Cover Make an infusion tea of mugwort. Do not boil the herb. Instead, in a non-metal
container, bring the water to a boil, turn off the heat and add the dried or
fresh herb. Stir, cover with a lid and steep for at least 30 minutes, stirring
the infusion several times. Strain, then use or store in a glass container with
a lid, in the refrigerator. This is an excellent wash for cleansing magick
mirrors, Crystals and crystal balls. Witches choose the Full Moon as the time to
consecrate a magick mirror because moonlight has the effect of changing it with
power then not in use. Wrap your mirror in a black velvet or silk cloth and keep
it in a special box, away from the light.

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Friday, November 3, 2006

Tarot Outside The Box

Tarot Outside The Box Cover

Book: Tarot Outside The Box by Valerie Sim

Tarot Outside The Box is a guidebook written for enthusiasts of Tarot cards. Intended more for those who are already familiar with the basics of Tarot readings and seek advanced ways to apply their technique or add creative twists, Tarot Outside The Box includes how to read without a querent, interactive readins, original spreads, creative writing with the Tarot, Comparative Tarot methods, combination Tarot, and much more. Diagrams and anecdotes help illustrate this marvelously clear-minded, inspirational guide.

Looking for new ways to expand your Understanding of Tarot? Renowned Tarot specialist Valerie Sim helps Tarot enthusiasts step "out of the box" and advance their practice to a new level. Emphasizing a fun, relaxed approach, she teaches how to break rules in order to stimulate creativity. Readers learn many valuable Tarot techniques, including the Comparative method, which involves practicing with several decks to fully understand each card and its abundant possibilities for interpretation.

Tarot Outside the Box also offers original spreads, sample readings, and valuable advice for practicing Tarot without querents, engaging in interactive readings (both reader and querent participation), and using Tarot for creative writing.

I find myself really engaged with her writing style, she says just enough, doesn't over intellecualize, and keeps it all clear, and very welcoming and allowing. I had left off with Tarot for quite some time, and had been feeling badly that I had done so, only to read that Valerie had at times left off with it too. So sure, I'm feeling behind, but not left out anymore. I am glad my instincts led me to her book as one of the first I read to re-encounter the cards, because it quickly helped me regain my connection with the Spirits of Tarot.

Those are my thoughts for now, and I may be back with more after I finish the book. I can already say I'd recommend this highly to anyone seeking to both deepen and broaden their connection with Tarot.

Buy Valerie Sim's book: Tarot Outside The Box

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Monday, October 30, 2006

The Continental Tarots

The Continental Tarots Cover

Book: The Continental Tarots by Christine Payne Towler

In the essay titled "The Major Arcana" I emphasize that "Something happened" to the Tarot in the late 1600s, when a new trend emerged in the images of the Major Arcana. I point to the Marseilles family of decks and the Etteilla Tarots to illustrate my point.

The images shown by Antoine Court de Gebelin in his book Le Monde Primitif further validates this idea.The remainder of this essay is about exploring "what happened." Let's review the situation of Tarot in the first half of the 1600s. Since the early 1400s, both handmade and woodblock Tarots showed a remarkable constancy of internal structure even though some packs were either edited or expanded to meet the needs of the various games for which they were created.

Tarot appeared in 72-card form in Italy around 1450, although this model may represents "splice" between preexisting symbol sets: the twenty-two Hebrew alphabet-keyed set called the Major Arcana, and the Turkish Mamluk cards of unknown provenance, a 15th century version of which can be seen in Volume 2 of Stuart Kaplan's Encyclopedia of Tarot (see essay on the Minor Arcana).

Kaplan also explains that the numerical order the Arcana appear in now is carried over from the French pack by Catelin Geofroy, published in 1557 (Vol. 1, p. 65). Some earlier fragmentary Tarots show Roman numerals on some of their Major Arcana, but not all of them, and not in the order we are now familiar with. Those very old woodblock decks tend instead to follow the list enumerated in a sermon written by an Italian friar in the late 15th century (see illustration opposite page 1 in Volume 1 of Kaplan's Encyclopedia of Tarot). There is also another order derived from the Charles VI pack that keeps Temperence, Fortitude and Justice together in a group. A very small minority of Tarots follow this order, including Etteilla’s Tarots.

Download Christine Payne Towler's eBook: The Continental Tarots

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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Explaining Runes

Explaining Runes Cover RUNES

For as long as anyone can tell, runes have been around helping people in the
northern European area and now they are making quite a comeback on a worldwide
basis due partly to commercialism and partly due to the unknown uprooting of
many occult practices. People are looking for a better way to live and people
are looking towards oracles for answers and guidance to their troubles. This is
where the runes come into play. In this area, we will be looking at the meanings
of runes and how they can help you.

At this point, we will give only a brief overview of what they are and where
they came from. This is only a survey.

Runes come from the Nordic area where the ancient Vikings once lived, worked,
and fought. Though they were relatively savage in their outings, the Vikings
were people in touch with Earth and the many forces that coexisted with them.
They have a whole lore that includes many popular god figures such as Thor, the
son of Odin. Thor carried a mighty hammer and many of us know him from comic
books. The father of Thor, Odin, was the creator of the Runes and is the most
important holy figure of the Viking people. Odin hung upside down from a tree
limb for a chance of higher knowledge and right before he came down from the
tree limb, he was bestowed with the new system called the Runes. These symbols
were used for writing and magic by the high priests. On this page, we will
discuss the 25 runes most used today and their meanings.


FEHU - Wealth, honesty, truth

Fehu is the light of truth that illuminates the way home where peace and comfort
abide. The desire to know and speak truth. To be true to yourself and others is
Fehu's counsel. The resulting harmony is a wealth beyond measure.

URUZ - Understanding, Strength, Health

Through empowering the components of mind, body, and soul creates a synergy
which manifests the desired reality. Each component supports the health and
growth of the other.
THURISAZ - Introspection, Withdrawal, Regeneration

Withdraw, reflect, review, and the correct path will become clear. Caution
against impulsiveness.

ANSUZ(on-sus) - Communication, Wisdom, Creative incitement

Energy is focused on the creative power of words. Acquiring knowledge through a
wise counselor promotes confidence in scholastic or communication issues. The
rune for a student or apprentice.

RAIDHO (raytho) - Movement, Action, Journey

Travel in comfort. A journey is encouraged, be it from one location to another
or from one stage of life to another. Now is the time to proceed from your
present position on to the next port on your journey.

KENAZ - Recuperation, Transformation, Healing

Recovery from any adverse condition, be it physical or material. A stabilizing
energy that heals and harmonizes. Transformation is highlighted, be it from the
state of disease to health, poverty to security, apprentice to artisan.

GEBO - Gift, Allowance, Acceptance

The gift of love is offered. The attainment of inner balance allows for the
acceptance of love from others. Self-acceptance which honors strengths and
weaknesses. The equal and harmonious union of two whole and complete components
provides a supportive and loving environment to share an adventurous journey.

WUNJO(wun-yo) - Joy, Happiness, Artistic expression

Artistic expression finds a medium. Joy and happiness through allowing the
freedom to pursue inner dreams, desires and ambitions.

HAGALAZ - Compliance, Disruption, Risk

Compliance with the natural flow of life. Struggling creates disharmony. Look
for the silver lining in any cloud, it awaits your joy of discovery. Disruption
occurs when one is out of balance. Do not be afraid to take leaps out of the

NAUDHIZ(now-thees) - Deficiency, Tempering, Need

Need creates motivation to achieve or acquire. Focusing of fulfilling needs
creates self-reliance and inner strength. Frustration creates determination,
melancholy can inspire poetry or music.

ISA - Controlled strength, Inner will-power

Pure inner confidence empowers the will to influence and draw support from any
opposing factors. Like ice itself, this rune can be used to freeze a moment
preserving the strength from the situation.

JERA(yera) - Completion, Harvest, Gain

You have built your foundation. Provided that it has been structured with
attention to detail and no short-cuts have been taken, the outcome will produce
a fruitful return. A plant grown with love and care will blossom.

EIHWAZ( A - was) - Patience, Enlightenment, Awareness

Being centered and aware of your position promotes patience at this midway
point. Now is not a time for extremes, be it gains or losses. Knowingness comes
from the central point of being.

PERTH - Change, Rebirth, Revelation

As coal is transformed by intense pressure into a diamond jewel and pearls are
created by the irritation of sand granules, so too can your greatest challenges
be presented as gifts. Change is a reflection of creation not destruction.
Through a diversity comes the opportunity of joyous revelation. A higher purpose
may be revealed.

ELHAZ - Protection, Friendship, Union

Powerful protective energies avail themselves. An invisible shield repels
negative influences. Honor this gift with honesty and compassion for others and
the energy will continue to guard you. A rune of harmonic union and positive

SOWILO - Achievement, Guidance, Clarity

Listen for the opportunity for guidance as wisdom follows. Time to further
education or successful completion of studies. The warmth of this rune is a
blessing of union and the simple pleasures in life. This energy provides a
direct path to victory.

TEIWAZ(Tay-was) - Analysis, Sacrifice, Honor

The gathering of pertinent facts, combined with critical analysis provides a
firm basis from which appropriate skill may be applied. Fairness and equality
are essential. A sacrifice willingly accepted yields success, honor and power.
This runes protection should neutralize competitive situations.

BERKANA - Motherhood, Domesticity, Nurturing

Time for domestic nurturing. This rune may announce a forthcoming marriage or
birth of a child. Simply, it denotes the qualities of nourishing and caring for
the development of an idea, project or relationship.

EHWAZ - Change, Partnership, Creative beginnings.

Growth through physical change, possibly involving travel, residence, or job
Creativity combined with harmonious team effort. A partnership is highlighted
based on trust and loyalty.

MANNAZ - Cooperation, Awareness, Awakening

The rune of humanity carries the message of collaboration, especially between
the conscious and subconscious. Emotional (ego) detachment is uplifting and
provides access to untapped resources. Viewing your situation as an impartial
observer will provide room for objectivity. Remember, energy takes the path of
least resistance, move in balance with the universal flow.

LAGUZ - Intuition, Talent, Initiation

Latent intuition and creative talents emerge. Fear of the unknown should be
replaced with trust in yourself and your instincts. This rune releases
imaginative and creative talents which should be cultivated. Rationality and
analytical thinking should be put aside to allow psychic energy to flow through.

INGUZ - The Void, Intermission, Introspection

The state between the completion of an old cycle and the gestation of a new
cycle. Relaxation, introspection and rejuvenation provide preparation for the
birth of a new and exciting stage on the wheel of life.

OTHALA - Communal energy, Tradition, Stability

Community minded thinking, members of a group working for the betterment of the
whole will provide support and security. Knowing that the foundation is firm
will provide freedom from constraint. Ancestral tradition instills comfort and
confidence. Heirlooms, or inheritances of objects symbolic of loving energy may
be passed down to you. Honor these gifts by preserving the tradition and
evolving from it.

DAGAZ - Truth, Hope, Illumination

This rune is synonymous with the sun's dawning rays supporting an awakening to a
new broader perspective. A change in consciousness may result, manifesting as a
change in previous plans in light of increased knowledge.

THE BLANK RUNE - Unknown, Karma, Universal Responsibility

Knowing the answers to your questions may not be advantageous to your growth at
this time. Knowing may affect your natural actions. Make sure that you have been
specific when posing your question.

This rune also indicates that the karmic wave may be flowing back to you. A
negative or positive vibration that originated with you will be coming back.



The following is a step by step guide to a personal RUNE cast. For the novice
seeker it is not essential to have a traditional hand crafted cache of Runes. An
easy make-shift set can be created by simply cutting 25 equally sized squares
from paper or cardboard. Then inscribe each of the squares with one of the Rune
symbols. For those who are more intent on learning the ancient method and
traditions of the Rune cast, it is suggested that when inscribing each symbol,
its teachings should be meditated upon. This process activates the energy of
each of the Runes symbolic wisdom.

1. Formulate a specific question and meditate upon it.

2. After you feel your question has been sufficiently stated, reach into your
pouch and withdraw three rune stones one at a time.

3. Lay the runes in front of you in the order that they are drawn, successively
from left to right

4. Make sure that the runes are placed as you naturally have pulled them. If a
rune is reverse position, it must be recognized to be in the reverse position.

*Reversed runes will indicate that the qualities invested in the Rune appear
blocked or inappropriately applied. It would denote that the energy of the rune
is available to you if you open yourself to receive.

5. First Rune: Past Influences concerning situation

6. Second Rune: Present influences and energies

7. Third Rune: Probable outcome as it relates to the conditions of the first
two. The future is changeable with a shift in current management.

8. These three runes can also be read as body, mind, and spirit when
understanding or clarification of self is sought.

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Sunday, October 1, 2006

The Magican Workbook Practicing The Rituals Of The Western Tradition

The Magican Workbook Practicing The Rituals Of The Western Tradition Cover

Book: The Magican Workbook Practicing The Rituals Of The Western Tradition by Donald Tyson

The forty exercises in this book are designed to develop the practical skills necessary to work ritual magic in the Western Tradition. Their value lies in the doing. They are not meant to be studied or analyzed, but repeatedly performed on a regular basis. When integrated into a daily routine of practice and done consistently over a period of months, the benefits they confer are automatic and universal. They strengthen the will, focus concentration, enhance creative Visualization, and awaken the perception of esoteric forces and spiritual creatures.

Anyone who follows the routine of practice set forth in the appendix will experience profound changes of mind and body. The degree of benefit will vary depending on the latent gifts within each individual, but just as no one can lift weights for months without enlarging their biceps, it is impossible to work these exercises of Practical Magic without expanding and strengthening the occult faculties. You will become more aware of the processes of your own mind, and increasingly conscious of your dreams. You will sense subtle currents of force moving within your body and through the world around you, and learn to control them.

Your intuition will grow keener and more reliable. You will perceive the presence of spiritual intelligences and interact with them. You will be able to project the power of your will as a tangible force to influence spirits and human beings. You will cleanse buildings and places of destructive atmospheres, charge objects with subtle energies, open gateways to higher spiritual realms, awaken the energy centers of your body, and call forth angels and elementals to serve your needs.

All exercises are completely practical. A brief commentary has been added to each, but these commentaries contain no theories or moral cautions or history lessons, only instructions essential to avoid confusion and insure accurate performance. Countless books explain, justify, and analyze various aspects and systems of magic, past and present, in exhaustive detail. These works have their place, but they often suffer from a deficiency of simple directions on how to actually do the magic they describe. Readers are forced to distill procedures from hundreds of pages of general discussion, or must translate abstract references into practical steps.

Download Donald Tyson's eBook: The Magican Workbook Practicing The Rituals Of The Western Tradition

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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Rune Magick

Rune Magick Cover Rune Magicks
by Balder

There are many ways to use Runes, either by themselves or with other techniques
that can enhance your work. One such way is to focus on a single Rune itself and
call upon it to help effect the change required or strengthen the energy.
Another way is to use several runes in a line (much like a typical casting) to
shape the energy around or in the work you are doing. Yet another is to combine
runes into a single shape. These are known as binding Runes. The last is to
write out a word or group of words, spelled in the rune staves, and either
carved, painted, or written down on parchment.

Below I've listed some examples of Rune Magick in typical spell work. The use of
Runes will start to come naturally to you once you have spent time on them. Like
beginning any thing new, start with simple things. Don't get too complex until
you're Understanding of the Rune is clear. There are, in the sagas, tales of the
inexperienced Runester carving Runes for a well intended purpose and winding up
with disastrous results.

I recommend focusing on each Rune, one at a time. Use them in simple divination
and meditate on each staves shape. Note the flow, their relationship, the "tone"
that each one has. There are both the elements of sheer strength and hidden
subtleties to look for. Like the rushing stream, there is both the power of the
movement and the delicacy of life hidden beneath. Or conversely, the seemingly
gentle appearance and the powerful current below.

Candle Magick

Prepare your altar or space, set the lights dim or use lighting by candles only.
Play soft music in the background, I recommend instrumental or non-lingual
vocals. Select the type of candle you wish to use, depending on its purpose.
Carve on the can

dle a binding rune upon it, or you can instead carve the purpose of the candle
in rune staves (E.g. Health).

Set the candle down for a moment and concentrate on your intent. Gather your
energy, pick up the candle, and charge it. The runes will help shape the energy
you send it into its pattern. Set the candle down and meditate on it for a
moment, then light it.

The runes will partially insure the energy you sent into is shaped to its
pattern. This focuses the energy into a very tightly knit band that is very
difficult to disturb. Thus, the work you've just performed is less inclined to
break down due to forces of entropy.

Charging Oils

How you prepare your oils and what type to use is strictly up to you. Some
extract the oil from their own garden of herbs and plants. While I admire such
dedication, many of us rarely have the time or resources to dedicate to such
purity. One must bear in mind though, that what one puts in to their efforts
will be returned.

I usually purchase my oils from a source that knows the difference between good
oils and cheap ones. To those just starting I might point out that you should
stay clear from synthetic based Essentials and stick to the natural Essential
oils. In my industry there's also a known acronym "GIGO", Garbage In, Garbage

Set about your workspace the Runes you wish to invoke. I frequently use another
set of Rune stones that I use for spell work. Blend your oil using the base of
your choice, if its meant to be worn. Otherwise, combine your oils carefully.
After pouring the oil into its vial, meditate on the Runes you've selected and
the energy you wish to send. Charge the oil, hold it, and set it down carefully.
At this point I like to let the oil set overnight, with the Runes surrounding
it. The cone formed by the Runes surrounding the vial help protect it and lets
it "mature" to its fullest potential.

Optional: If you wish to go a step further, you can write your spell to which
you are preparing your oils in Runes, usually on parchment. The spell can be
prose, verse, a single word, or a binding rune. Anoint the parchment with a
touch of the oil. Set the parchment in your cauldron and light the paper. This
acts as the initialization of the oil, activating it.

Sealing Your Home

Its good to protect your home every so often. Many of us absorb a lot from our
environment and as such we should do as much as we can to insure our comfort and
protection. Sealing one's home is really setting up filters on all points of
entry. These filter allow the positive energy to flow in while preventing the
negative from gaining entry. In some cases you may also wish to limit what you
allow out. No need letting the neighbors get hit with whatever you're sending...

What you use in this as a medium is completely up to you. I use incense ash,
others use oils. For the doors, you can use a cord knot or a mounted plate with
your Runes carved on them. This technique will use the ashes, and can be
combined with the more traditional Smudging.

In candle light, with soft music, draw your circle and create your sacred space.
Start with the shielding and Protection of your space. Light your incense. The
kind you use is strictly up to you. Keep in mind, however, that you are doing a
protection spell. If you wish to add other elements to that, such as cleansing,
feel free. Again, sometimes it is better to keep it simple, and there for
minimize the chance of confusing the spell.

As the incense burns, expand the walls of your circle slightly. Meditate on the
feeling of being within that space while the incense burns. When the incense has
stopped burning, and you have adequate ashes, you can let your circle down. Go
with the burner and mark each door and window frame with your Runes. Elhaz and
Thuriwaz are the most "protection" or "defense" attributed. "Uruz" can also be
invoked, albeit cautiously so, and "Othila" can be as well..

Enchanting an Item

The purpose of carving Runes on specific objects is to essentially bless and
dedicate them to their specific tasks. The Runes are either that of Invocation
to make their attributes purer, stronger, and more reliable. Enchanting ones
drinking horn or sword was an extremely common practice. Drinking horns were
carved to enchant the drink it held, or to detect poison. Usually sounding horns
were carved to sound true and over long distances.

For Swords, the enchanting normally called upon its strength, sureness of
stroke, sharpness, etc.. Blades were also named, for naming a thing gave it its
identity and personality. To this end we have essentially created something
which is partially "aware" in the astral realm. Name usually corresponded with
its function or desired result. "Helm Splitter", "Ever Bright" , etc.. In the
case of my ceremonial sword, I have named it "Veil Cleaver" for its ability to
define and cut through the "veils" of reality and the planes on which we work.

Start with candle light, incense, and low playing music. Music for this type of
work may be a Richard Wagner piece.. (that's pronounced Rikhard Vaagner). With
all elements and tools within your reach, create your Sacred Space. Open a path
to your patron deity and ask for their guidance. Offer up the item and call upon
those you wish to help enchant it. Each deity has their own particularities and
qualities, remember the path you choose and why you are dedicating this.

On smudge the item with the incense. This should be prepared for cleansing the
item and help bias it with the properties you will later instill (i.e. Astral,
Truth, Defense, Healing). Hold the object close and let your energy wash it.
Fill it with the energy you wish it to have. Like the candle or the oils, what
we need to possess qualities we must first place therein.

After charging the item, meditate on it. Visualize your use of it. Walk though
its properties and how it helps you. Pick it up again and continue to reflect on
these visions, the feelings. We are programming it, making it our own, and
fashioning its purpose. Once done, paint or carve the Runes you have already
designed. Unless your instinct is well defined, I strongly recommend thinking
Very carefully before marking any object irrevocably. Not only physical marks,
but the astral marks it will bear from the energy you are etching upon it.

Upon finishing the Runes, seal it with an oil or the drop of wax. This in effect
states you are clearly finished with that phase of the rite, putting the period
to the binding of the Rune. Sit a while, meditate, clear your mind and feel the
object. Sense it in the now, and beyond. Open your channels and see how it moves
energy. After satisfactory calm and meditation, lay the object down, clean your
circle, and close. Let the object "cool" overnight.

Other Tips

As I stated previously, all the efforts you put into something is what you can
expect back. IF you feel comfortable, you can start more complex rituals and
Rune Magicks by tying them in with other elements such as Moon phases,
Astrology, Crystals and stones, group circle rituals, etc...

Free eBooks (Can Be Downloaded):

Thomas Moore - Candle Magick For Love
Anonymous - Galdr Verbal Rune Magic
Phillip Williams - Night Magic
Aleister Crowley - Intro Magick
Aleister Crowley - Magick

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Introduction To Runes

Introduction To Runes Cover RUNE INTRO

Could working with the Runes possible help you to better discover who and what
you truly are and then you can give more fully of yourself to others?

I think so. I have been doing the Runes for about 10 years now. They have given
me an insight into a fuller Understanding of who and what I more truly am, not
only now but has given me insights into my past and also into my future.

How did I find out about the Runes? Glad you asked.

I am sure that this has never happened to you but one day I went into the
bookstore, just to look around and found myself in the Metaphysical section. As
I browsed, this set of Runes in a box jumped out, grabbed me by the throat, and
said it a very authoritative voice, "YOU WILL TAKE ME HOME!"

Well, you can bet you bottom dollar I was not about to argue with this, so I
bought them, took them home and the great adventure began!

My first Runes were from Ralph Blum and his book THE BOOK OF RUNES The runes
were made of clay? and in carrying them around with me I broke one or two. Now I
am using a beautiful set carved in rock and the rocks, themselves look like
wood. The carved staves or symbols are done in gold. If there is a Metaphysical
bookstore or shop you can usually find sets there.


Why Runes, over the I-Ching, Tarot, etc. etc.?

I like the "feel" of the Runes when I swish my hand into the bag. They also are
not a Divination tool per say, but a very subtle way of finding out about
yourself, in ways you never thought possible.

I believe we are in a time when these Runes, like they did in the past will
speak to our inner self to awaken our Higher Self - the highest and most noble
aspect of your being. Then you will find that the Greater Self will respond by
giving of Itself for the benefit of the little self. This is what has been true
for me. I also have become aware of my Spiritual Warrior within.

Now there are many books on the Runes because I believe this is "their time." I
would like to recommend only two that I use daily and am familiar with. These

Blum, Ralph, THE BOOK OF RUNES, Michael Joseph, 1982.

Meadows, Kenneth, RUNE POWER, Element Books Inc. 1996.

May I recommend the same thing that Blum did in his book on working with the

"Contemplating the Runes is a process by which we may grow in clarity, in
stillness, in being at one with the Self. To that end , a single question, a
simple prayer, will always suffice:

Show me what I need to know for my life now."

Above all else, let your work with the Runes be as play! My inner guides,
teachers seem to like it this way. Maybe yours will too!

Free eBooks (Can Be Downloaded):

William Wynn Westcott - An Introduction To The Study Of The Kabalah
Aleister Crowley - Brief Introduction To The Religion Of Thelema
Anonymous - Introduction To The Old Religion Lesson 7a
Anonymous - Introduction To The Old Religion Lesson 8
John Ronald Tolkien - Introduction To The Elder Edda

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Golden Tarot Deck

Golden Tarot Deck Cover

Book: Golden Tarot Deck by Kat Black

This deck is so very beautiful, the box is sturdy, the booklet is a nice size and I really like the interpretations, fresh and yet very intuitive. The card stock is firm, but soon becomes easy to handle, the gold gilt edges are truly luxurious. I must say that I was pretty surprised at how reasonable the price is on this deck. I cannot imagine how this was possible, as this deck and book set seem to be of such high quality. U.S. Games System has really outdone themselves in the production of this lovely deck.

The most unsual aspect of Golden Tarot is that deck creator Kat Black has digitally collaged images from various lesser-known paintings from a period she calls International Gothic. This period of time, 1200-1500 A.D., evolved into the Reniassance. She deliberately avoided using art by well-known artists such as da Vinci and Michelangelo, and most of the paintings used for the deck are hanging in European churches. (A sight that most of us will never see!)

The collaged images are so seamless, that I didn't know I was looking at a digitally collaged deck until I read the 200 page bound booklet included in the package. I even showed my artist husband, and he had no idea, either! The images on the cards are truly breathtaking. I feel like I'm looking at a masterpiece with each and every one. I'm sure that Ms. Black intends this deck to actually be read not just admired as an art deck, but they're so gorgeous I'm reluctant to read with them! (So don't expect Information on how they read...I'm too busy drooling over the images!)

The cards themselves are smooth and silky-feeling and strong enough to hold up to use, without being overly stiff. The gilt edges give the deck a rich look. And I LOVE the packaging US Games has come up with for this set and hope they use this design in the future! The box is sturdy and attractive and easy to use without mangling the cards getting them in and out. And the book, while small compared to a "real" book, is MUCH larger and more comprehensive than the typical LWB that accompanies most decks.

The artwork on the cards is really gorgeous, I for one did not immediately realize that it is collaged, as each cards imagery is so well integrated. Now a confession, I buy new decks all the time ever searching for that perfect deck which I can actually figure out how to read with. Always there are a few cards which turn me off and send me back to my trusty Rider Waite. This deck is the deck I have been looking for - finally a deck that incorporates the best of RW interpretive imagery, and actually improves on it! If you are comfortable with RW - you will actually find this deck even easier to read with! I never have had such an easy time coming up with interesting insights and more in depth perceptions. Excellent Deck - Highly Reccomended!

Buy Kat Black's book: Golden Tarot Deck

Free eBooks (Can Be Downloaded):

Aleister Crowley - Intro Magick
Morwyn - The Golden Dawn
Archmage Bob Andrews - Old Witchcraft Secrets
Samuel Liddell Macgregor Mathers - The Tarot
Aleister Crowley - Thoth Tarot Deck

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Why Do Christians Dislike Fortune Tellers

Why Do Christians Dislike Fortune Tellers Cover If you’re a new Christian or are hanging around with Christians, you may be puzzled about the relationship Bible-believing Christians have with fortune-tellers, psychics, Tarot-card readers, astrologers, and other forms of occult practices.

The Bible condemns these practices. The Biblical word used for this kind of practice is usually "divination" and it is considered an abomination to God. Divination refers to any type of practice that tries to figure out the future. You can use tea-leaves or the stars in the sky or your own intuition. Trying to unravel the future is considered sinful.

So what’s the big deal? Most major newspapers run a daily astrology column. Many fairs and boardwalks offer street psychics and card readers. Why make a big deal about this?

Even if you’re relatively new to the Bible you may have run into the fact that God, over and over, warns people about adultery. This is not always literal adultery in this sense of a husband or wife cheating on a spouse (although that’s a sin, too!) There is a kind of spiritual adultery that a person can commit when he or she is a Christian.

If you’re a Christian, you have been born-again, redeemed by Jesus Christ. It is to Him that you owe your allegiance. To draw an analogy, it’s like being married. You have pledged your life to Jesus Christ.

The Bible says that God is a jealous God. That doesn’t mean that God has fits of envy. God expects those who commit to Him to be faithful to Him. So if you are a Christian and committed to Jesus Christ, He asks that you stay away from false gods and other idols. When God calls Israel an adulterous generation, He meant that Israel had been unfaithful to Him by turning their backs on Him and running after idols.

All of these fortune-telling mechanisms are based–deep down–on a false god or idol. The Bible contains all that we need to know in terms of living a spiritual life. You don’t need to look at the stars to figure out if you’re going to have a good day or not. (And if the stars could predict your future, then how does that work? It must be run by something other than God but more powerful than God. This is "another god.") It’s the same with cards or palm-reading or tea leaves. If the power to predict the future was invested in some sort of charm or talisman or incantation, then that thing is more powerful than God.

You might argue that perhaps they could be compatible. Maybe Tarot cards really are powerful but God is OK with that. Here’s the flaw in that argument: God says He is not OK with that, in fact, He tells us to avoid divination. It’s a sin, which means it is an offense and an affront to Him. You disrespect God when you sin, among other things.

Maybe you’ve been to a psychic or been impressed by their abilities. Now some people will tell you that psychics are all phony. I am certain that many of them are. But maybe you’ve been convinced that some psychics really do possess real power.

I am not denying that. I think that could very well be the case. But if they do have any power, it’s not godly power. It can’t be, since God abhors divination. So if a psychic has impressive powers, it is from another source and that source is not God.

Books in PDF format to read:

Joanne Pearson - Wicca And The Christian Heritage Ritual Sex And Magic
Benjamin Rowe - Chymical Wedding Of Christian Rosenkreutz
Arthur Edward Waite - A French Method Of Fortune Telling By Cards

Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Paulina Tarot

Paulina Tarot Cover

Book: Paulina Tarot by Paulina Cassidy

The Paulina Tarot certainly isn't for everyone (which deck is?). It's colours and tone is soft and gentle. More muted and dreamy. There are many vibrant and striking hues though throughout the deck. But on the whole it has a misty and dream-like energy to them. Those that prefer strong colours and distinct lines or bold images won't be taken with this deck. But there are a few friends who prefer the things I mentioned above but on seeing my deck have been captivated and infatuated and wanted their own copies right off!

This deck is full of stunning detail with black outlines and dreamy water coloured pallet. Even though the art is done this way it is not at all washed out and it is full of vibrant colour. The back features two birds on a cream background, which is classic and feminine.

It showcases many little creatures of the night, quiet gothic looking people and central figures, fae, fairy tale characters and pretty much anything else from a gifted imagination. This deck has a gothic like theme, which will definitely find an audience with young adults, as it is still quiet romantic and not too dark. It has some splashes of Tim Burton and Dr Susses hidden within her artwork, but it does not take away from her creation at all.

The artist and author of the booklet actually set out to create a Tarot Deck allowing the Symbolism to draw her in, this incredibly detailed piece of work took her over a year and a half to complete.

There is a completely different feel to a deck that has been created this way, unlike some decks that are just thrown together from artwork done by well known fantasy artists, those decks feel messy and are terrible to read with.

Just something about this Tarot's aura and exquisite energy. It really draws you in.

The cards measure the average size of most USG decks.....2 3/4" x 4 3/4". The backs are lovely and serene. I wish I had a scanner or camera, but alas none of those to show the backs. They are reversible with 2 soaring birds, flowers, plants. Muted and soft colouring. They happily "fit" the images and style of the cards themselves. We all know way to many decks where the backs of the cards leave you with WTF were they thinking?!

The LWB (little white book) is pretty well-done as far as LWB's are. She describes the cards lyrically and shares her ideas about some of the symbolism on each card. Per usual though the Majors get a little longer treatment. The interpertations are fairly standard With Some interesting twists. No interesting spreads, just the yawn inducing Celtic Cross. Wish more different and interesting spreads would find their way into LWBs. I won't hold my breath though!

If you love and enjoy all things faerie, magical, fantasy, victorian and will really enjoy this deck, you will NOT be disappointed!

Buy Paulina Cassidy's book: Paulina Tarot

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Solomonic Grimoires - Lemegeton Iii The Pauline Art
Christine Payne Towler - The Continental Tarots
Samuel Liddell Macgregor Mathers - The Tarot
William Lammey - Karmic Tarot

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Beginner Introduction To Tarot Reading

Beginner Introduction To Tarot Reading Cover The designation "Tarot" is applied to a deck of cards, typically 78 in number, made up from four suits of 14 cards each plus 22 symbolic picture-cards. The latter are numbered from 0 to 21. The designs of such trumps, usually called the Major Arcana, are quite intriguing, among them being such Representations as The Pope, The Devil, and The Last Judgment. Due to prototypical patterns, the major arcana are closely related to notions regarding the psychiatrist and psychologist Carl Gustav Jung's theories of the collective unconscious. Tarot card readings are considered, as well, to be viable ways of accessing the subconscious universe.

Similar to psychotherapy, tarot readings are employed so that the person who consults a tarot card reader may be able to break harmful habits. From time to time, people seek the help of psychics and tarot readers when they are especially unstable, at a time when what they really need is professional medical help or emotional counseling. A good reader will know when someone requires more than a look at the cards, and will gently guide that person toward the help of an appropriate professional.

It is intended that an individual receiving a tarot reading focus his interest upon any blocked or problematic affair. For many tarot card readers, a slight mental signal is received when the moment is right to lay the tarot cards down. It could be a sensation in the palms or fingers or a strong emotional feeling that the tarot cards should be laid in formation. A tarot reader may use any number of layouts, and the determination for which will be chosen depends on the capabilities and preferences of the tarot card reader, or on the needs dictated by the tarot reading consultation itself. One of the most popular spreads used to read tarot is the Celtic Cross, which begins with a card corresponding to the current situation that has provoked the consultation. Then, following a winding pattern, the tarot reading reveals the elements that influence obstacles, past, and so on, to determine the outcome. Disagreement exists about precisely how cartomancy works to predict the future: some describe it as a process with the power to awaken psychic abilities, others claim that the cards themselves attune to some external power which either guides them or which they themselves guide, and still others claim it is all bollocks and that cartomancy doesn't work except by tricking the gullible. In any case, tarot readings do not simply pick out random cards, hither and thither from the tarot deck. At each instant of our lives, we are equipped with choices -- choices that spell out and define our fate. It's not simply what you deny to let enter your life that matters; it's also what you allow to come and make a difference. If it is but a deck of tarot cards, so be it.

Books in PDF format to read:

William Wynn Westcott - An Introduction To The Study Of The Kabalah
John Ronald Tolkien - Introduction To The Elder Edda
Anonymous - Introduction To The Old Religion Lesson 7a
Aleister Crowley - Brief Introduction To The Religion Of Thelema
Paul Foster Case - An Introduction To The Study Of The Tarot

Friday, June 9, 2006

Urbi Stimalis

Urbi Stimalis Cover URBI STIMALIS

To gain the sight. This cometh to different people in diverse ways. Tis seldom
it comes naturally, but it can be induced in many fashions. Deep and prolonged
mediation may do it, but only if you be a natural, and usually prolonged fasting
was also necessary.

Of old, monks and nuns obtained visions by long vigils combined with fasting,
flagellation until the blood came and other mortifications of the flesh, and so
undoubtedly had visions.

In the East, 'tis tried with various tortures, sitting in cramped positions
which retard the flow of blood, breathing very slowly till your lungs be fill
with carbon monoxide gas which drugs you. And these torments long and continued,
give good results.

But, in the Art, we are taught an easier way to intensify the imagination, at
the same time controlling the blood supply, and this is best dome by using the

Incense is good to propitiate the spirits, also to induce relaxation in the
aspirant and to help build up the atmosphere which is necessary to
suggestibility. Myrrh, gum arabin, mastic, aromatic rush roots, cinnamon bark,
musk, juniper, sandalwood, and aberius in combination, all are good, but the
best of all is Patchouli.

The circle being formed and everything and everyone properly prepared, the
aspirant should first warrick his tutor and take him into the circle, invoke
suitable spirits for the operation, then dance around until giddy. Meanwhile,
invoking the Gods and announcing the object of the work. Then he should use the
Scourge. The tutor who should in turn warrick the aspirant very tightly but not
so as to cause discomfort, but enough to retard the blood slightly. Again they
should dance round invoking the Gods. Then at the altar, the tutor should
scourge with light, steady monotonous strokes.

It is very important that the pupil should see the strokes coming as this has
the effect of passes and greatly helps to stimulate the imagination. It is
important that the scourge be not too hard; the object being to do no more then
draw the blood to that part and away from the brain. This, with the tight
binding, slowing down the circulation of the blood, and the passes soon induce a
drowsey stupor. The tutor should watch for this and as soon as the aspirant
speaks or sleeps the scourging should cease. The tutor should also watch that
the pupil becomes not cold and if the pupil struggles or seems distressed he
should at once be awakened.

Be not discouraged if results come not at the first experiment. Results usually
occur after two or three attempts. It will be found that after two or three
attempts, results will come, and some more quickly; also soon much of the ritual
may be shortened, but never forget to invoke the Goddess or to form the circle,
and for good results, tis ever better to do too much ritual then too little at

Darkness points of light gleaming amidst the surrounding dark, incense and
steady passes by a white arm are not as stage effects. They are the mechanical
instrument which serve to start the suggestion which later unlocks the
knowledge, that it is possible to obtain the desired ecstasy and so obtain
knowledge of the divine Goddess. When once you have attained this, ritual is
needless as you attain the state of ecstasy at will, but till you have attained
this, or if you wish to bring a companion to that state of ecstasy, ritual is
best – also it is generally found that unless you are very advanced, it is still
necessary to use the ritual to attain Knowledge of the Goddess. NOTE: Witches
believe that the Knights Templar knew these secrets but worked Together man to
man and this brought about their own downfall.

When the aspirant sleeps, speak to him or her saying: "When you sleep like this,
I will look to you, you must take note of what I say". Keep saying this in a
low, firm voice. If they answer in their sleep, say: "When you sleep, I will
talk to you but you will not remember." Repeat a few times, then say "When I
speak to you, you will answer and tell me what I ask you, you can keep no
secrets from me." After saying this a few times, ask Questions that is of no
importance. Keep on doing this till he answers. Continue this night after night
until he talks freely and tell you secrets, then say: "You must ever be obedient
to me when you wake, if I bid you. Sleep, sleep, then I will command you and you
will obey." But ever at any time when you are speaking to them they do awaken,
they are likely to ask "Did you speak to me?" Say, "No, you were talking in your
sleep, go to sleep again and don't talk." Say no more that night but the next
night start talking to them again, until you have their will fully under your
command. Be sure that you speak clearly so that words are heard and understood,
but not so loud that you awaken them.

Remember the circle properly constructed is ever necessary to prevent the power
used being dispatched. It is a barrier against any disturbing or mischievous
forces, for to obtain good results you must be free from all disturbances.

Free eBooks (Can Be Downloaded):

Sri Swami Sivananda - Brahma Sutras
Aleister Crowley - White Stains
Roman Tertius Sibellius - De Vermis Mysteriis
William Phelon - Our Story Of Atlantis

Rosemary Divination

Rosemary Divination Cover Take a sprig of rosemary and ask a yes or no question Seven Times. Then pluck a
leaf from the sprig and say YES. Pluck another leaf and say NO. Continue
alternating yes and no with each leaf you pick until the sprig is base. The last
leaf you pick reveals the Answer.

Books in PDF format to read:

Marcus Cordey - Magical Theory And Tradition
Brian Swimme On Chardin - The Divinization Of The Cosmos
Sepharial - Primary Directions Made Easy
Anonymous - Divination Spreads

Monday, June 5, 2006

Meanings Of Runes

Meanings Of Runes Cover Runes :- Their Meanings

What are the runes?

Very simply, runes are an ancient alphabet. They can be used in many other ways
though. For divination, a few runes can be pulled from a bag and their meanings
interpreted to represent the past, present and future (or just the past,
present or the future). If they are used for divination, the meanings should be
read to fit the issue you are putting to them. A direct (Yes/No) question is
difficult to interpret through the runes as the outcome is dependent on many
factors. When using the runes for this purpose, instead of saying "Will I be
rich?" try to rephrase it along the lines of "Future wealth". This way the
meanings of the runes you pull can be related more to what you are asking. There
is no rune for either Yes or No!

Below, is a simplified list of the runic meanings. It is by no means meant to
be the only meaning of the runes and with practice you should be able to read
much more into them than what is here. There are also many different ways of
divining with the runes, one of the simplest being to draw three runes from the
bag reading the first for the past, second for the present and third for the
future. I normally replace each rune after I have drawn and read it so I am
always working with a full set. This way it is possible to draw the same rune

Feoh F 1 Cattle

Wealth, Money and possessions. Financial success, usually earned. Indicates the
successful Development of schemes already under way.

REVERSED - Difficulties with money. A warning not to waste what you have and to
think of the future.

Ur U, OO 2 An Auroch or Wild Ox

The strength to advance, persistence and patience.

REVERSED - Missed chances. A weakness or lack of vitality

Thorn To 3 A Thorn

A threshold reached, an important decision. Protection, good news. A test of
will and sincerity.

REVERSED - Indicates a need for caution, make no hasty decisions.

As A 4 Communication

Communications, advice and wisdom of the creative self.

REVERSED - Indicates bad advice or information.

Rad R 5 A Wheel

Travel, usually for pleasure, completed happily. Communication to receive a

REVERSED - A bad or difficult journey, Communications breaking down,
negotiations going badly.

Ken K, C 6 A Torch

New beginnings. A period of good luck. Understanding or new energy.

REVERSED - An end to something. A loss.

Gyfu G 7 A Gift

Partnerships, generosity, a gift, sharing.

Wynn W 8 Joy

Joy and happiness, an improvement of life. A very good omen.

REVERSED - Unhappiness, loss of affection. Signifies the need for caution and to
put off any important decisions if possible.

Hagall H 9 Hail

Elemental forces may disrupt, delay of plans. Unknown factors.

Nied N 10 Necessity

Patience, caution. Leave things as they are for now, understand your

REVERSED - A warning that you are on the wrong path.

Is I 11 Ice Standstill.

Put a temporary hold on any plans. A time of emotional cooling.

Jerra J 12 Harvest

A deserved reward. Justice. The harvest of your plans

Eoh Eo 13 Yew Tree

Defend against danger. News from the past, old problems recurring.

Peorth P 14 A Dice Cup

Discovery of something previously hidden. Initiation, unexpected gains.

REVERSED - Disappointment, uncovering of things best left hidden.

Elhaz ZZ, Y 15 An Elk

A Fortunate new influence. A new career or friendship.

REVERSED - Vulnerability. Beware of being used

Sigel S 16 The Sun

Wholeness, success, good health.

Tiw T 17 The God Tyr

An increase of power or wealth. Courage or self sacrifice.

REVERSED - Waning enthusiasm, failure.

Beorc B 18 A Birch Tree

New beginnings. Birth, marriage.

REVERSED - Friction, family problems.

Ehwaz Eh 19 A Horse

A change for the better. Often involves moving or travel.

REVERSED - Restlessness, travel difficulties.

Man M 20 Man,

Self Good help or advice will be given to you

REVERSED - Expect no assistance. Self imposed isolation.

Lagu L 21 Water,

Flow Success in an artistic or spiritual matter. Emotional understanding.

REVERSED - Confusion, delusion, bad intuition and disruptive influences.

Ing Ng 22 Fertility

Completion of one project and the start of a new one.

Odal O 23 Home,

Odin Inherited possessions. Ancestral influences. Duties.

REVERSED - Delay and frustrations.

Deag D 24 Dawn

Personal growth. New dawn. Total transformation.

Wyrd Fate/Karma The Blank Rune

The blank "Wyrd" rune is that of divine knowledge, destiny or karma.

Another way to use the runes is to carve them for specific magickal purposes
such as attracting wealth, protecting the home or relations etc. One thing to
remember with any magick is that no living thing should be harmed in any way.
Neither should any magick be performed for somebody without their permission and
full understanding of what is to be done. Combinations of runes (bind runes)
can be very powerful. I have not put any examples of bind runes on this page as
their use can be easily misinterpreted. If you need a bind rune for a specific
purpose, please feel free to E-Mail me at stating
exactly what it is for and for how long it is to be used.

The simplified meanings of the magickal runes are as follows:-

For attracting wealth and protecting property.

To clear obstacles and change circumstances.

For protection and defense.

To increase communicative skills, pass exams and gain wisdom.

To ensure a safe journey.

To restore self confidence and strengthen will power.

To create harmony in personal relationships.

To bring happiness and spiritual transformation.

To attract positive influences.

To achieve long term goals and help lost causes.

To make a situation static, ground wayward emotions and solve problems.

To bring events to a culmination.

To end situations and solve problems.

To find lost property, obtain inner guidance and make financial speculations.

For protection from negative forces.

To increase good health, vitality and sexual powers.

To achieve victory over adversity and justice.

For fertility, family matters and love affairs.

To cause changes.

To attract good will and new social contracts.

To manifest psychic powers.

To end a cycle of events or specific situation.

For property matters.

To create new beginnings or opportunities.

I hope this helps you understand and enjoy the runes a little more. Please feel
free to send your comments and suggestions to me.

Free eBooks (Can Be Downloaded):

Samael Aun Weor - Magic Runes
Karl Hans Welz - Armanen Runes
Bernard King - Meanings Of The Runes

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Tarot Card Readings The Spread

Tarot Card Readings The Spread Cover When a tarot reading is done, the cards are laid out as a pattern in what is
called a spread.

There are many different types of spreads, ranging from those that comprise
of a single card to spreads that include all 78 cards of the deck. Some
spreads are only done with the Major Arcana Cards.

Which spread is applied is up to the reader and the particular type of
question or reading. Some spreads focus more on a specific type of

An example of this is that a spread may be focused on a singular question,
while others are broader in terms, such as in ones outlooks and prospects in
regards to Relationships, financial maters, etc...

One of the most common tarot spreads is the Celtic cross, it is used more for
those specific questions. This is the one I am going to cover in this

It depends on the person giving the reading, but usually, prior to the
reading, the cards are shuffled by the person receiving it, also known as the
querent. The reason for this is that some say this carry-overs the person's
energy to the deck. The person, while shuffling, should also concentrate on
the answers they are after.

Some readers do it differently, asking the querent to cut the cards for them
after they have shuffled. Or in more traditional circles, a more complicated
sorting and separation of the cards is executed .

Card 1: Represents the Present.

Card 2: The immediate challenge confronting the querent. You will frequently
pull a hard card here, which will suggest an obstacle that must be overcome.
If you pull a "good" card here, analyse it carefully because it will still
represent a challenge.

Card 3: Distant past, foundation. This card should indicate the root of the
subject matter of the question

Card 4: More recent past, including events. This will indicate events taking
place, not necessarily directly associated to the question. For instance, if
a love affair going wrong Card 3 would show the root of why it is going wrong,
whereas Card 4 will show something that recently happened to reflect this.
You could see this as a "check comment" card - a way of seeing that the
reading is valid.

Card 5: The best that can be accomplished. This is directly associated to the
question. Note that this may not necessarily gel against Card 10 - it depends
whether you are able to get the best. However, a negative card here in all
probability signifies that it is worthwhile cutting your losses rather than
putting any more effort into the situation.

Card 6: Immediate Future. This indicates events in the next few days or week(
s). This reading does not cover months.

Card 7: Factors or internal feelings impacting the situation. Compare this
against Card 1 in order to understand underlying forces/trends. If there is
conflict between them this tends to indicate that the querent is going in the
wrong direction.

Card 8: Outside influences. People, energies or events which will affect the
outcome of the question and are beyond the querent's control.

Card 9: Hopes or fears around the situation. This may bring forth a card that
confuses us badly. Always bear in mind that hopes and fears are closely
entwined, therefore that which we hope for may also be that which we fear,
and so may fail to happen. Occasionally it is useful to draw a second card
for clarification after the reading has been laid, and to read the two

Card 10: Final outcome. This is a fairly self explanatory card. However it is
worth saying that if the card comes up fairly ambiguous, once more it may be
worth drawing three extra cards to clarify. These should be interpreted
through the lens of Card 10.

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Power Tarot More Than 100 Spreads That Give Specific Answers To Your Most Important Question

Power Tarot More Than 100 Spreads That Give Specific Answers To Your Most Important Question Cover

Book: Power Tarot More Than 100 Spreads That Give Specific Answers To Your Most Important Question by Trish Macgregor

Let me start off by saying this book provides far more than just Tarot spreads. Admittedly, the promise of 100 spreads was the reason I bought this book in the first place. As I began my journey reading Tarot, I needed spreads to practice my skills--only knowing the common Past/Present/Future spread. There were spreads online, but I wanted a resource in book form.

With more than 100 spreads to choose from, Power Tarot offers experienced and novice readers alike innovative and accurate ways to get answers to their most pressing questions on romance, work, finances, health, and spiritual growth. From the single card "Yes/No" draw, to the comprehensive twenty-four card spread of the Double Horoscope, from the traditional Celtic Cross to the Past-Life Spread, you will find spreads to answer particular questions, while others describe more general situations. Writing in plain English, authors Trish MacGregor and Phyllis Vega give you information an the meaning of each card in the tarot deck (no matter which deck you use), both in general and as the card relates to specific issues. There are tips on how to determine the time frame of an event, exciting insights into traditional interpretations, and easy-to-follow diagrams for the position and meaning of the cards in each spread.

Suprisingly, out of 288 pages, only 84 pages contain spreads--and they're in the back. The authors show you how to do a Yes/No spread, and which cards represent yes, which cards represent no and those that represent maybe. The rest of the spreads are categorized by the number of cards, spanning from the single "Card a Day" spread to the 24 card Double Horoscope Spread.

Spreads include Birthday Spread, Child Spread, Prosperity Spread, Horoscope Spread (covering all 12 Houses of the Astrological Chart), Chakra Spread (a card for each chakra plus a meditation card), Relationship Spread, Wish Spread, Career Spread, and New Relationship Spread.

My two favorites are the Mirror Spread and the Treasure Chest Spread.

The authors have this to say about the Mirror Spread: "Quite often, the qualities we dislike in another person are qualities in ourselves we aren't crazy about, either. In this way, the Mirror Spread addresses our shadow selves as well as our projections. The fifth position, what is really there, is actually a summation of a relationship's weakness or strengths."

As I mentioned, however, this book is much more than just spreads. I found it incredibly helpful in learning the meanings and nuances of Tarot Cards because the authors take each of the 78 cards of Tarot, and show you what each means for different scenarios. The authors devote a paragraph to each issue, explaining what the card means in a general reading and for questions related to work, romance, finances, health, spirituality, and empowerment. So, if the querent is asking a question about finances, for example, and the Hermit is drawn, you would find the section on the Hermit card, and read the paragraph under Finances to get an idea of what this means.

Power Tarot also features brief, general information on the Major and Minor Arcana, the Court Cards, personal loss cards, and the four elements. I highly recommend this book for those who are curious about Tarot, wanting to know how it works and what the cards mean, as well as beginning readers trying to put it all together. The variation of the 100+ spreads will appeal to both the beginner, and the seasoned veteran Tarot reader.

Janet Boyer, author of The Back in Time Tarot Book: Picture the Past, Experience the Cards, Understand the Present (coming Fall 2008 from Hampton Roads Publishing)

Buy Trish Macgregor's book: Power Tarot More Than 100 Spreads That Give Specific Answers To Your Most Important Question

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