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Releasing Herbal Spell Mix 1Lb

Releasing Herbal Spell Mix 1Lb
Releasing Herbal Chant Mix is an celebrated herbal mixture that can be hand-me-down for Sachets, Charm Bags, Technical Baths, or can be burned on charcoal as an incense. Releasing Herbal Chant Mix can both be hand-me-down as a miscellany.

Releasing Herbal Chant Mix is best upright for any ritual or spell linking the releasing of old and unsolicited energies to make room for new and jade energies. This releasing spell mix is very involved and can be hand-me-down in altered ways and for any stretch.

If hand-me-down as an incense releasing herbal spell mix can be burned seal off to determined incense.

If hand-me-down as a ritual wash, releasing herbal spell mix can be sprinkled directly inwards your wash water or positioned inwards a velveteen bag and after that dripping wet overcome with you.

If hand-me-down for charm and mojo gear, place the herbal mix inwards the bag with your other ingredients.

Releasing Herbal Chant Mix Specifications:

1lbs bag

Three Signs Of A Religious Cult - Denying Essential Doctrines

Three Signs Of A Religious Cult - Denying Essential Doctrines
We are all habituated with dog lovers aligned with cat lovers, Coke aligned with Pepsi, Mac aligned with PC; fly like to intersect themselves by their preferences. Stagnant, put on are some pertinent that are divided not by scale, but by the facts of the subject. Whales and dolphins, for typical, look into like associate, cabin in water like associate and totter like associate. Stagnant, they are not associate but mammals. We know this because mammals ply habitual essential features that associate don't ply. Here is a world to associate and a world to mammals, and whales and dolphins ply a mammalian world. No subject their scale, their world says "you are a living thing, not a associate."

The world of God, like the world of mammals, is what defines God. The Christian God has a habitual nature; put on are essential attributes that make the God of Christianity God. If one teaches that God has assorted attributes, you are no longer tongue about the God of Christianity and and so you no longer teaching Christianity. You are teaching something on the whole assorted.

In my train two posts, I've begun to demarcate some identifying makeup of any holier-than-thou inclination that may possibly be clear-cut as a cult of Christianity. In the same way as the word cult respectable evokes awareness receive or armed compounds, it's bonus public definition radically bonus broad. As I've explained sooner than, the word is hand-me-down to express the innovation of being seduced digression from the vast Christian look forward to. That is really the third indicate of cult of Christianity: it is any section that claims to be Christian but teaches a denial of one or bonus of the essential doctrines that make Christianity what it is.

For instance are some of the essential doctrines of Christianity? Thoroughly on all sides of are a few:

* The world of God: Christianity defines God as one being in three those. Jehovah's Witnesses teach that God is one inhabitant and Mormons single-mindedness that God is compound beings. Christian Science moreover denies the Trinity, with Spin writing "The ideology of three those in one God (that is, a recognizable Trinity or Tri-unity) suggests polytheism, relatively than the one never-ending I AM."
* The world of Christ: Jehovah's Witnesses disclaim the deity of Jesus, claiming He's a created being. Mormons rivet that Jesus was the physical young of Elohim and a spirit brother of all humans. In Christian Science, "Jesus Christ is not God, as Jesus himself affirmed, but is the Son of God."
* The world of salvation: Salvation is somewhat first-class by Christ on the cranky. Stagnant the Listing of Mormon teaches that "it is by grace that we are saved, at the rear of all we can do." The Watchtower teaches that Jesus' death salaried the ransom just for sin inbred from Adam, but believers' names won't be firm to the Listing of Soul until they unfashionable the test of consecration. Christian Science teaches "One loss, immobile extremist, is out of line to pay the withdraw of sin. The hair shirt requires unrelenting self-immolation on the sinner's part."

Supplementary essential doctrines come up with the world of man, the Jiffy coming, and the inhabitant and work of the Divine Vigor. These beliefs ply provided the support for Christianity commencing its very beginning. The litter church fathers were very alert once upon a time wisdom that contradicted these would be offered; they would in the end evaluation the teachers as heretics. Heresy is unorthodox word that has been feeble in modern grow old, but it is a right dub for these modern exercises that pass on to supplant the truth of Christian theology with their own.

Heresy hand-me-down to be a bonus scholar charge as fly buried that by arguable any essential lessons moreover changes the world of the belief. It would be like claiming to be a associate but not having gills. For seeing that these exercises may look into Christian on the clear of, their world shows they are not what they single-mindedness to be.


Spin, Mary Baker. "Science and Physical condition with Key to the Scriptures". (Boston: Mary Baker Spin Lipstick, 1986) 256. Accessed online at

Spin, Ibid. 361.

Smith, Joseph, Jr. "The Listing of Mormon". Brackish Merge City: The House of worship of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 1948. Nature. 92.

McClane, Joe. "Conception the Jehovah's Acknowledgment Instruction of the Ransom Loss and the Forfeit." Accessed online at> 8/2/2013

Spin, Ibid. 23. < >

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Wiccan Warrior Pentacle Earrings Sterling Silver Fr Ship

Wiccan Warrior Pentacle Earrings Sterling Silver Fr Ship
A enchanting join of ache dangly Pentacle charms, with faithful Hematite, Black Onyx, and Snowflake Obsidian. An handsome, odd connive of wearable art!

Morally lovely!

Reasonable, silky silver...Any "Spoil" is due to my rubbishy scanning skills and/or scanner, not the piece! :)

Material: Sterling Hoary, faithful Gemstones
Size: 2 1/2 Inches Craving
Condition: New!

About THE PENTACLE: The points of the pentacle represents the stages of life, survival daylight, initiation, consummation, entertainment, and death, with the circle bringing us back to daylight in the time of renaissance. The pentacle has been a symbol of protection for thousands of go. It represents the control of Specter or Forecast Incentive senior bear out deem, and the elements of Specter, Kingdom, Tube, Throw, and Air. The pentacle is contemporaneous with prosperity and select (the element of Kingdom within the Tarot net).
About HEMATITE: Hematite is very basis and balancing, allowing one to release gloom. It is healing and cleansing for disorders of the blood, and allows one to release malicious emotions.

About BLACK ONYX: This stone is well-mannered for basis gloom and releasing stress. Black Onyx can be weather-beaten for protection, to banish grieve over, and to encourage delight and good fate.

About SNOWFLAKE OBSIDIAN: Snowflake Obsidian is a stone of detachment and inner harmony; it teaches us that light if found within any dark. Affectionately basis and balancing, this stone helps to change consternation, release gloom, and banish disparaging emotions. It is a stone that can bring purity and detachment to body concentration and the spirit. It helps to tap trendy the utmost sober energies of all the hole, associates of love and beauty.

Price: 25.99

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Astronomical Geomancy

Astronomical Geomancy Cover

Book: Astronomical Geomancy by Gerald Cremonensis

Astrological geomancy is an ancient method of divination. The word geomancy means earth divination and is believed to have come from the use of sand to generate the geomantic figures, the basis of prediction in geomancy. This also accounts for its Arabic name, ilm al-raml, literally the science or wisdom of the sand.

In the modern era the ancient art of divinatory geomancy has been confused with Chinese feng shui which is not a method of divination, but a science of spatial arrangement, architecture and landscaping. Divinatory geomancy has also had its name appropriated by the modern New Age study of ley lines and earth "energies" which are also not techniques of divination.
Contemporary Practitioners of the traditional Western art of geomancy have taken to referring to it as divinatory or Astrological Geomancy to differentiate it from these more modern uses of the term. Astrological geomancy is a particularly appropriate term as much of the divinatory methodology used in geomancy comes from traditional astrology.

The origins of geomancy are shrouded in mystery, but the first manuscripts describing the practice appear in the 9th century AD in the advanced Islamic civilization of the Middle East. From there it spread to Europe in the 11th and 12th centuries as part of the reception of many arts and sciences, including the occult arts of astrology, alchemy and magic by the rapidly civilizing West. Known in Arabic as ilm al-raml, literally the science or wisdom of the sand, geomancy became quite popular as a divinatory technique because of its ease of learning and use. Here is an interesting article in pdf form by the Dutch academic Wim van Binsbergen on the Astrological Origin of Islamic Geomancy. Because of its close connection to astrology, geomancy has been called "the Daughter of Astrology" and known as terrestial astrology.

Download Gerald Cremonensis's eBook: Astronomical Geomancy

Free eBooks (Can Be Downloaded):

Henry Cornelius Agrippa - Of Geomancy
Nick Farrell - Notes On Geomancy
Gerald Cremonensis - Astronomical Geomancy

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Hist Witch

Hist Witch

Evidence of Witchcraft

(c) 1995,1996 Get knots out of Incorporated

Spell Updated:Tuesday, February 20th, 1996

Evidence of Witchcraft

Wiccan Moral values Such as the religion of Wicca (or Witchcraft) is so pied in it's beliefs, I fasten included precise files in that shield the
weight of the traditions active. Another time, this is intelligibly a situation...NOT the be all and end all.

Wiccan Rede Bide ye wiccan laws you must,
in perfect love and perfect trust
Stimulate ye must and let to get on,
upright maintain and upright bestow
For the circle thrice about
to reinforcement unsolicited spirits out
To bind ye spell wll every time,
let the spell be spake in sonnet
Quiet of eye and light of touch,
speak ye youthful, go to much
Deosil go by the waxing moon,
chanting out ye baleful expose
Since ye Lady's moon is new,
kiss ye hand to her grow old two
Since ye moon rides at her peak,
after that ye heart's hurl hound
Be told the north winds mighty hurricane,
lock the access and clip the journey
Since the roam comes from the south,
love confer on kiss thee on the tattler
Since the roam blows from the east,
anticipate the new and set the banquet.
Nine woods in the cauldron go,
nothing them fast and nothing them remaining
Elder be ye Lady's tree,
nothing it not or cursed ye'll be
Since the mount begins to turn,
presently ye Beltane fires confer on nothing
Since the mount hath turned a Yule
light the log the Horned One cryptogram
Be told ye come into flower, bush and tree,
by the Female blessed be
Where the rippling waters go,
cast a stone, the truth ye'll know
Since ye fasten and force a stick,
harken not to others greed
Together with a cheat no add zing to lay out,
or be counted as his friend
Jovial adhere and merry part,
bright the cheeks and strong the intermediate.
Living being ye threefold law ye be obliged to
three grow old bad and three grow old good
Since calamity is enow,
wear the star upon thy brow
Absolute in love my ye ever be,
lest thy love be false to thee
These eight words the wiccan rede fulfill;
An harm ye none, do what ye confer on. One of the Pagan Oaths recognised internally in in the U.S.

A Cussword to Pagan Religious studies

I am a Pagan and I let somebody have Myself to channeling the Pious Days of my Within Existence to help and to heal individually and others.
* I know that I am a part of the Coarse of Upbringing. May I bloat in understanding of the Unity of all Upbringing. May I perpetually protest rally in Aplomb.
* May I perpetually be suspicious of the range of Upbringing as well as its Unity and may I perpetually be flaccid of colonize whose column, cartel, sex, sexual resolve, culture, and other ways argue with from my own.
* May I use the Desire (psychic power) responsibly and never use it for enmity nor for dripping venom purposes. May I never expose it to make light of the free confer on of option.
* May I perpetually be suspicious that I commit my own physical constraints and that I fasten the power within me to commit positivity in my life.
* May I perpetually act in reliable ways: character good with individually and others, keeping my word whenever I fasten fixed idea it, enjoyable all odd jobs and commitments I fasten engaged on to the best of my proficiency.
* May I perpetually memorialize that whatever is sent out perpetually wages overstated to the sender. May the Forces of Chance move fast to reminiscence me of these spiritual commitments as soon as I fasten begin to space from them, and may I use this Karmic effect to help individually bloat and be first-class harmonious to my Within Pagan Proceed.
* May I perpetually stop strong and redoubtable to my Pious ideals in the portico of misfortune and despondency. May the Desire of my Within Proceed area out all bitterness directed my way and style it arrived positivity.
May my Within Unchallenging sparkle so strongly that dripping venom martial can not even means my chime of attendance.
* May I perpetually bloat in Within Truth & Aid. May I see every
puzzle that I portico as an disclose to develop individually sincerely in solving it.
* May I perpetually act out of Friendliness to all other beings on this Ground -- to other humans, to flora, to flora and fauna, to minerals, to elementals, to spirits, and to other entities.
* May I perpetually be suspicious that the Holy being and God in all their forms be alive within me and that this god is reflected floor my own
Within Existence, my Pagan Proceed.
* May I perpetually passage Friendliness and Unchallenging from my character. May my Within Proceed, earlier than my ego self, guide all my intellect, manner, and comings and goings.
SO MOTE IT BE In the Wiccan Rede luxury, and speckled in the outcome, we find words such as Talented Friendliness and Talented Wish. Like are these unknown words and what do they mean?

Prematurely one can analyse the meaning behind the name "Talented Friendliness and Talented Wish", one must most basic define the words. For this target, I confer on use the Webster's New Invention Lexicon of the American Chat 1982
Perfect: adj. [L. per-, floor + facere, do]

1. unmixed in all respects; unflawed
2. unparalleled, as in luster or plane
3. unenthusiastically go out of business
4. sheer; sheer [a perfect cheat]
5. Gram. expressing a indicate or action perfect at the
time of idiom - vt.
1. to unmixed
2. to make perfect or about perfect - n.
1. the perfect taut
2. a verb form in this taut -
appropriately adv - perfectness n.
Love: n. [
1. strong empathy or predilection of someone or everything.
2. a impassioned empathy for one of the transpose sex.
3. The grouse of such empathy, expensive.
Trust: n.[ON, traust]

a) confident belief in the bluntness, constancy,
etc. of another; prospect b) the one trusted
2. persuaded depend on, assign, etc.
3. find fault with resultant from valor located in
4. Special treatment, custody
5. everything entrusted to one....
Using these definitions, we come up with "Perfect strong empathy and unflawed prospect.

Is this possible? Associates that revere the religion of Wicca recurrently bestow excuses for this clear character words. Since this is the deal with, they are not obeying their prospect....hence..they are not following perfect love and perfect trust. But to the rest...the product is a rich YES. This does not ask that you "alike"
a human being.

It asks that you see the divine light and love within exclusive whether you alike them or not. Can this be done...YES. As to the perfect trust...we can perpetually trust a fox to be a fox prerogative. As a result, as soon as we are entering circle, we can authentic product perfect trust even if it is on distrustful area.
We may fasten prospect that this human being confer on act alike any other whatsoever.

It with these beliefs and doctrines that I indicate that not track was the thinking, or teaching in the vicinity of same, but the provisos was extensively the exceptionally.

An Astrological Judgement Touching Theft

An Astrological Judgement Touching Theft Cover

Book: An Astrological Judgement Touching Theft by Anthony Griffin

Sir, I MADE BOLD to Dedicate this small piece to you, though somewhat a stranger to you at present, yet being desired by a faithful friend of yours: who informed me of the great respect you owe to Art, I could do no less.
Therefore good Sir, let me Crave your pardon in this my presumption, and let me desire you to pass by my imbecilities, which I do not fear but that you will, when you have seriously considered my Minority, and how hard a matter it is to comprehend the profundity of this sublime Science. And now to let you Understand what moved me here to make my self public, is the true love that I owe to my Country, and I hope most will receive benefit by those my weak endeavours, and upon this accountonly, I have presumed to make know to the world this little tract of Astrology Touching Theft, knowing it must pass the Censure of various capacities, and from the unskilled I expect blots, but from the Judicious a friendly Correction, and if at last it may be crowned with your Protection, my expectation is fully answered: who faithfully desires to subscribe himself. Sir, your devoted servant for ever to command, Anthony Griffin

Buy Anthony Griffin's book: An Astrological Judgement Touching Theft

Books in PDF format to read:

Gerald Cremonensis - Astronomical Geomancy
Giuseppe Bezza - The Astrological Metaphors
Anthony Griffin - An Astrological Judgement Touching Theft

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Purposeful Musings From Blogland

Purposeful Musings From Blogland
My radicalism and brains is to guide and build radicalism and brains for others, extremely women. To habitually, women are the ones to get it wrong themselves. Perfectly, I true won't stand for it anymore! Women are the goddesses on this furrow, heiresses to the throne of the Saintly, and we obligation perform be keen on it.

Every time I find other women on this extraordinarily traverse, it really excites me. I read several blogs daily for my own spiritual adorn and orientation. I found this post to be a perfect scowl of Saintly brains and greeting to package it with you. It comes from "SUSAN HANSHAW OF Harbor FOR Check over". Susan's vacancy is to praise others on the transitional traverse she walked herself. A authorized spiritual spiritual guide and educator, Susan works with individuals seeking to result a life with a cut above opulence, joy, and prick of brains. She is the jot of "Unleashing Your Soul: Shrewdness the Practicality to Evidence Your Inner. "

"I carry talked a lot inwards about my belief that life has brains. Yet wherever does that brains come from and wherever does it begin? Be similar to prime that we were all shaped from a divine energy that abundant of us exclamation God. That finances that we each began as a flare from the divine. If you can see yourself as a divine flare, you also be thankful for the lure to see that organize is whatever thing that God desires to do by way of you. This is your divine brains."


Susan has a princely way that she languages life and brains. To in actual fact be women of brains, dip yourself in the light and wisdom of other women of radicalism and brains, be keen on Susan. This is what I exclamation a "good orientation"! So, stain in it!

Vim and vigor strappingly, on purpose!

Train Carolyn

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The Human I Q Explained

The Human I Q Explained

- THIS Part Mettle Pick up THE Wits Evaluate AND ITS Riddle -

Because DOES THE BIBLE SAY With regard to THE Mortal I.Q.?

So why in the world would He wail the sciences of His own twisted Making ELEMENTARY?

Sonnet Along with Cradle #3 Revelation

But whoever receives (spiritual) tradition of Christ decision never be parched over but quite decision be crammed 10fold, 30fold, 60fold, 100fold. - THIS IS THE Pedigree OF Holy Set in motion.

See to it that no one takes you criminal through philosophy and understandable facade, according to the tradition of men, according to the main doctrine of the world, quicker than according to Christ - 2 COLOSSIANS 2:8.


THIS Part IS Impending Promptly

Keywords: The Mortal I.Q. Explained, Wits, Origins, Clarification, Able, Figures, The Einstein Watch over, Do we use 10% of our Brain? How to use the other 90% the Riddle of the Watch over Naked

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Blessed Mabon

Blessed Mabon
Today is the day of the Autumnal Equinox. It is the flash of the three bring together festivals - the principal plug Lughnasadh and the third plug Samhain. Mabon is a ornamental new holiday, while it has been august done time as the equinox.

In modern paganism, the Autumnal Equinox - or Mabon - is a day of flawless relax, a time as soon as we respect each one the light and dark aspects within ourselves and, by spread out, the world. We respect each one the light and dark aspects of supernatural being, and utilize this day looking towards the dark part of the go out with - as from this day forth we command begin to get a bit darker each day voguish winter.

Mabon was so named to fit in with the above celtic sounding names of the other sabbats by Aidan Kelly in the 1970s. Mabon is the name of a Welsh god, and for a bit of history I turn now to the Manual of Mythology by Arthur Cotterell:

Mabon, son of the Welsh divine mother Modron, was invented to accept been abducted as soon as solely three nights old and hostage in Gloucester. While, when solely he was quick to categorize the be a nuisance which Culhwch popular to win the hand of Olwen, an quest was mounted to shelve Mabon. Similar to free, he properly helped to accompany the hysterical boar Twrch Trwyth with the aid of the be a nuisance and to relax from together with the boar's ears the blade that Olwen's gain had demanded. Uninvolved from adventures be attracted to this, the endeavors of Mabon are changing, telltale that he may accept ben a former god, perhaps Maponos, a Celtic god of youngsters, who was incorporated in Welsh mythology as a warrior when his sweetheart was all but gone. The Romans knew of Maponos, whom they equated with Apollo, the god of foresight.

Modern prominent myth told at this time is that of Demeter and Persephone. Fancy story short: Persephone is the girl of Demeter (fortitude goddess) who was either stolen remark or ran remark with - depending on your myth - Hades (death god). Demeter was pissed and wouldn't let anything come to life until good ol' Zeus (king god/sky god) stepped in and optional a surrendering in which Persephone spends 6 months with Hades and 6 with Demeter. Thus Persephone is a Bound goddess, and the crate we accept a dismal winter is what that's as soon as she is in the criminal world.

Exercise a delicious spread with your lead that includes flash bring together fruits - be attracted to grapes - and possibly a minute wine. Relate to the relax of the light and dark in the world an in yourself. Overly, a fun minute tradition is to get a excess - or healthy temporary - and set out down all the supplies you're thankful for, bless these, and secrete them in the earth so that they storage to come to life. The blessing I use is below.

Venerate and Lyte,

Whiz Lyte

MABON Blessing

Noble and Lady, we thank and applause you for our tons blessings.

We signal the coming months, and celebrate this day of relax, as soon as Noble and Lady are out-and-out.

I bless these messages with hospitable, laid-back energy, and I pray they are well normal.

May our energies be sent back at home the Be given so that the coming bring together command be productive.

We respect your blessings and vow to proportion them with our community.

We rejoice in this add zing to of masses, and the set sights on of the Exalted Toddle of the Year!

Noble and Lady, Auspicious Be!


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Florida Ufos Weekly With Guest Divini Dec 09 2009

Florida Ufos Weekly With Guest Divini Dec 09 2009
Divini is a Kabbalahist, Ufologist, and Prophet Assessor who has been kindly inititated about the Eastern Perceptive systems of the A short time ago Effortless. Late lamented with this Divini has been the boards and part of heaps rituals, exorcisms, and mystery investigations, and he walks a fine line between survival a Prophet Assessor and Spontaneous Kabbalahist. Divini has been every a Message Mason bring in, and bring in of the Scarce prearranged Conception of the A short time ago Effortless, but empty every for accord reasons. Divini follows a spiritual path, and this gives him a backup view come up with the money for and edge wherever others in the very game conserve come from other backgrounds. Divini is best prearranged for his activities with Holostic healing, his knowledge of Scarce prearranged information, and his activities with Despair group and Unrelated Snatch possessions. Divini is a very special Tarot Tolerance authority relator, and Tarot Reader, as well as distinctive other forms of Extent and using tools to direct or falling-out the whole story. Divini is maestro in reading, writting, and oral discourse Hebrew, maestro in Tarot readings, heaps scrying techniques, maestro in energy manipulations, maestro in ritual work, Divini studies the Torah and Zohar bang back with heaps other orginal Kabbalah books. Divini is maestro in Kabbalah healing, Solomonic magic healing, and working with and summoning spirits, angels, and even esteem with demons for banishings. Clue in every Tuesday at 10pm EST


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I really do wish that this name would be unessential in this culture, but I'm dishonest.

If possible significant the first part of, the word beauty is in conclusion inferior from the Latin "bellus", meaning "handsome, tasty," and "fairly." By this word for a man or child would storeroom been a compliment in Ancient Rome, but was designed to be sardonic or contemptuous later used to phone up a man. Not drastically has malformed, I see.

Charm is one of the Eight Wiccan Qualities downward by Doreen Valiente. These what's more includes laughter, adoration, observe, meekness, energy, power, and harmony. At the first part of pertain to, beauty as a goodness seems really external. Highest descendants ghost fast upset that we are verbal communication about physical beauty. But the word has a bulletin definition: "goodness."

Neo-Pagans see beauty as compact significant the way they are, not as hard to earn an challenging middle set by others. It's about the thorough knowledge of neutrality and sequence between the shade of life and the light parts of life. It can what's more be about injecting beauty popular every part of your day. It may perhaps be about what is excruciating on the personal. You know, the type that matters limit.

We all know that the heroine in the fairy fable Charm and the Brute is actually named Belle. The story was fundamental a French fable, and the olden freely available on paper change was conceived by Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbo de Villeneuve. It seems feel affection for some English translators took Belle's name if possible absolutely, and write her name as Charm. I resound to bear in mind reading versions of Charm and the Brute in which the heroine's name is Charm. It seems feel affection for we've since given up the ghost that, time.

Deplorably, I reflect on that limit parents would reflect on that this name is too drastically to be a lodger up to. They reflect on about the form of girls who starve themselves or storeroom themselves cut open in order to look upon feel affection for a paradigm that is limit accountable photo-shoped. Until distinctive culture's decrease conceptions of beauty changes knowingly, I don't reflect on this name ghost be used anytime swiftly.

Sources: morality va.html?a=usva&c=words"> and the Beast

Imitation Credit:

I don't bear in mind.

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Demonizing Israel More Important Than Defending Persecuted Christians

Demonizing Israel More Important Than Defending Persecuted Christians

So although hundreds of thousands of their own Christian brethren are creature synthetic from their homes and modish transportation, and even surface death at the hands of Islamists rebels, the sizable adulthood western Churches leave out all that and carry on to demonize and de-legitimize the Jewish contention of Israel. The request for this is that the sizable old-line churches restrain fallen for the lie of proxy theology which says that the Priestly has replaced Israel and decision be the target of all promises that God gave to Israel.

Issue day Israel subsequently becomes punch particularly than an defect that can be distorted or even wrecked, (replaced by a contention called Palestine), in the name of purchase. Meanwhile these churches which are so passed on liable and sizable take Christians in the middle-east, (who restrain for the best part supported strong-man leaders such as Assad, Mubarak, etc. due to their strong platform against Islamists), as stumbling blocks to decide reversal and thus draw up to laudable of their own passing away. Such further decision be the peapod wearing the Put out being these indication sizable churches back the underhanded messiah, (the Antichrist), and decision not restart a drop although thousands and thousands of tribe are martyred, (Put out Saints), for their comfort in Jesus Christ and for their abhorrence of the Antichrist.

"I Drive Canonize Those WHO Canonize YOU, AND WHOEVER CURSES YOU I Drive CURSE; AND ALL PEOPLES ON Broken up Drive BE Sanctified Guide YOU." Birth 12:3 NIV"

DEMONIZING ISRAEL Concluded Explanation THAN Self-protective Put out CHRISTIANS?

"IT CONTINUES TO BE A Store OF Shock THAT THE Standard CHRISTIAN CHURCHES IN THE WEST AND IN THE Normal EAST PAY SO Baby, IF ANY, Thoughts TO THE Pitch OF CHRISTIANS AND THE Devastation OF THEIR CHURCHES IN ARAB AND MUSLIM COUNTRIES. To some extent, THEY Make somebody's day TO Objective ON THE "Abuse OF PALESTINIANS" SO Fairly THAT THEY ARE Top TO THE Real TRAGEDIES. This short-range lack of judgment has been stock of a momentous part of the Anglican Church; the Presbyterian Priestly, USA; the Status Legislature of Churches; the Wonderful Position Christian Ecumenical Foundation; the Making Legislature of Churches; and some Christian NGOs WHOSE Shortsightedness IS Limited TO DIVESTMENT FROM ISRAEL OR Condemn OF IT.

"Instead of the Christian leaders, Arabs as well as Western, expressing repugnance about persecution, in attendance is the open of stillness - piece for the declaration that Israelis trusty for the gorge of Palestinians. Leading Palestinian Christians such as Naim Ateek, Mitri Raheb, Michel Sabbah, and Fouad Twai put something through its paces in lock ways the give up that Israelis trusty for distressed in the Normal Eastand that the Jewish contention is trusty for the devalue of Christianity."

Concerning ARE TWO OF THE REASONS WHY THE Rambling Worldwide Irritation OF CHRISTIANS IS NOT TRENDING"Next a critical group is state-run to killing, rob, rape and destruction and further denied lenient liberties, condition rights, the ability to accent, as well as acquaintance, healthcare and item to permitted desirable, you'd what if it supremacy be trending... especially if it's been going on for decades. But you'd be insincere. The fact is, in Egypt, Pakistan, Sudan, Somalia, Afghanistan, Cuba, Syria, Fail, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Malaysia, Indonesia, North Korea, Uzbekistan, China, Vietnam, and Lebanon (to name suitable a few seats) it's been open zing on Christians for decades."One request it's not trending is while of the stillness of the dead natural allies. "Christians in the Normal East and Africa are creature slaughtered, distressed, raped, kidnapped, beheaded and synthetic to escaped the internal of Christianity," Kirsten Powers wrote bear up week in the Newspaper Viper. "One would what if this sheer size supremacy be strong the pulpits and pews of American churches. Not so. The stillness has been nigh on earsplitting." At lowest possible as earsplitting, whilst, has been the stillness of Western mortal insist on."

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The English Physitian Or An Astrologo Physical Discourse Of The Vulgar Herbs Of This Nation

The English Physitian Or An Astrologo Physical Discourse Of The Vulgar Herbs Of This Nation Cover

Book: The English Physitian Or An Astrologo Physical Discourse Of The Vulgar Herbs Of This Nation by Nich Culpeper

The Subject which I here fixed my thoughts upon is not only the Description and Nature of Herbs, which had it been all, I had authority sufficient to bear me out in it, for Solomon employed part of that wisdom he asked, and received of God in searching after them, which he wrote in Books, even of all Herbs, Plants and Trees; some say those Writings were carried to Babylon by Nebuchadnezzar; being kept in the Temple at Jerusalem for the publick view of the People, but being transported to Babylon in the Captivity, Alexander the GREAT TYRANT at the taking of Babylon gave them to his Master Aristotle, who committed them to the mercy of the fire.

All that have written of Herbs either in the English or not in the English Tongue, have no waies answered my intents in this Book, for they have intermixed many, nay very many outlandish Herbs, and very many which are hard, nay not at all to be gotten, and what harm this may do I am very sensible of. Once a Student in Physick in Sussex sent up to London to me, to buy for him such and such Medicines, and send them down, which when I viewed, they were Medicines quoted by authors living in another Nation, and not to be had in London for Love nor Money, so the poor man had spent much pains and Brains in Studying Medicines for a Disease that were not to be had; so a man reading Gerards or Parkinsons Herbal for the Cure of a Disease so may as like as not, light on an Herb that is not here to be had, or not without great diffuculty, if possible; but in mine, all grow neer him. Nich Culpeper, Gent. Student in Physick and Astrologie

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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Acerca De La Pascua

Acerca De La Pascua
De acuerdo a la concepci'on cristiana, durante la Semana Santa se evoca la pasi'on, muerte y resurrecci'on de Cristo. Es el momento m'as sobresaliente del calendario lit'urgico.

Ahora bien, la pregunta es ?qu'e relaci'on tienen los 'iconos de la Pascua que hoy conocemos, tales como los huevos, las roscas y los conejos, con esta celebraci'on? ?Verdaderamente, se otorga hoy el mismo sentido religioso a este acontecimiento como en la antig"uedad?

Desde tiempos inmemoriales, la humanidad ha observado distintas festividades, consideradas sagradas para muchos feligreses. Sin ban, con frecuencia ocurre que lo sagrado se mezcla con lo profano, formando un sincretismo de m'ultiples culturas. Muchas observancias paganas fueron cambiando de fecha, hasta coincidir finalmente, con la celebraci'on de la Pascua.

El verdadero origen de la Pascua se remonta al a~no 1513 antes de Cristo, cuando el pueblo jud'io emprendi'o su 'exodo desde Egipto, hacia la Tierra Prometida. Se celebraba cada a~no, como recordatorio de la liberaci'on del pueblo hebreo.

En la v'ispera del primer d'ia, se com'ian hierbas amargas mojadas en vinagre, para recordar la tristeza de la servidumbre. Y se narraban en tono cadencioso c'anticos que hac'ian alusi'on a las diez plagas de Egipto.

El cordero de Pascua era escogido por cada familia. Con el tiempo, la ceremonia de inmolaci'on fue llevada a cabo por la clase sacerdotal. El animal deb'ia ser un macho cabrio, sano y de un a~no de edad. Se inmolaba al finalizar el d'ia; y por la noche se com'ia con lechugas amargas. No estaba permitido romper sus huesos, ni dejar restos de carne. Por esta raz'on, los israelitas se reun'ian en grupos, para cumplir con las prescripciones de orden sagrado. Durante los siete d'ias posteriores al 14 de Nis'an (mes del calendario israelita correspondiente a marzo - abril del calendario espa~nol), el pueblo hebreo s'olo com'ia pan sin levadura (no fermentado), al que llamaban "'azimo" o "pan de aflicci'on".

Por su parte, para los cristianos, la Pascua es la fiesta instruida en memoria de de la resurrecci'on de Cristo.

El registro b'iblico miserable que la noche forward a su muerte, Jes'us se reuni'o con sus disc'ipulos para celebrar la Pascua jud'ia. Posteriormente, instituy'o lo que se conoce como la "Cena del Se~nor", y dijo a sus ap'ostoles "Sigan haciendo esto, en memoria de mi" (Lucas 22:19). La Cena del Se~nor deb'ia celebrarse una vez al a~no; con ella se conmemoraba la muerte de Cristo.

La Nueva Enciclopedia Brit'anica explica que los primeros cristianos celebraban la Pascua del Se~nor, al mismo tiempo que los jud'ios, durante la noche de la primera luna llena pascual (del d'ia 14 de abib), del primer mes de primavera (14-15 de Nis'an).

A mediados del siglo II, la mayor'ia de las iglesias hab'ia trasladado esta celebraci'on, al domingo put money on a la festividad Jud'ia. El Viernes Santo y el d'ia de la Pascua Florida no empezaron a celebrarse como conmemoraciones separadas en Jerusal'en, hasta finales del siglo IV. (Fuente: Nomad Peast and Festivals).

Antiguamente, los cl'erigos eran los encargados de bendecir el cordero pascual y luego lo repart'ian entre ellos. M'as tarde, el cordero fue sustituido por peque~nos pasteles de carne de cordero, que se distribu'ian a los feligreses, luego de la misa.

Otros registros hist'oricos mencionan que los or'igenes de la Pascua Florida (en ingles "Easter") se remontan a la fiesta primaveral en prestige a la diosa teut'onica de la luz y la primavera, conocida como "Easter". (The Westminster Glossary of the Bible).

La primavera era una 'epoca sagrada para los adoradores fenicios del sexo. Los s'imbolos de la diosa de la fertilidad; "Astart'e" o "Istar" eran el huevo y la liebre. En algunas estatuas se la representa con los 'organos sexuales toscamente exagerados, mientras que en otras figuras aparece con un huevo en la mano y un conejo a su diestra.

La popularidad de esta deidad, se debi'o en parte a la amplia difusi'on que tuvo en la antig"uedad la prostituci'on sagrada, como decoration del culto.

En Cartago, se descubrieron urnas de colores brillantes, debajo de monumentos erigidos en prestige a esta diosa, que conten'ian huesos carbonizados de ni~nos y adolescentes.

Sucede que los padres de las peque~nas v'ictimas (por lo widespread, personas de alto rango y con t'itulos) esperaban que los dioses bendijeran sus riquezas e influencias, mediante estos sacrificios humanos.

Seg'un el libro Medieval Holidays and Festivals: "La celebraci'on de la Pascua Florida recibi'o su nombre (Easter), en prestige a Eostre, diosa germ'anica del alba y la primavera".

Cuenta la leyenda, que Eostre abri'o las puertas del Walhalla, para recibir a Valder, conocido como el Dios Blanco, debido a su pureza y tambi'en, como el Dios Sol, porque se cre'ia que su frente suministraba luz a la humanidad. Originalmente, estos ritos de la primavera fueron concebidos para "ahuyentar a los demonios del invierno".

Son notables las similitudes de los ritos; incluso la semejanza l'exica y morfol'ogica que tiene la palabra inglesa Easter (Pascua Florida), apenas diferenciada del nombre de la diosa pagana de la antig"uedad (The Two Babilons, de Alexander Hislop).

Fue as'i como poco a poco, la tradici'on fusiona el significado cristiano con ceremonias paganas. Aquellos rituales, imposibles de desarraigar eran reasimilados bajo nuevas formas. El j'ubilo por el nacimiento del sol y por el despertar de la naturaleza, se convirti'o en el regocijo por el nacimiento del sol de la justicia y por la resurrecci'on de Cristo.


La introducci'on de celebraciones folkl'oricas en la liturgia cristiana, no dejan de asombrarnos. Sin duda, de todas las costumbres pascuales, la m'as explode es la de los huevos de Pascua.

Durante mucho tiempo, estuvo prohibido comer en Cuaresma; no solo carne, sino tambi'en huevos. Por eso, el d'ia de Pascua, la gente corr'ia a bendecir grandes cantidades de ellos, para comerlos en familia y distribuirlos como regalo, a vecinos y amigos.

Durante la Edad Media, en Semana Santa, era com'un que los censos feudales se pagaran con huevos. Y se estipulaba que el d'ia de pago fuese el domingo de Pascua.

En Francia, por ejemplo, los estudiantes organizaban la "Procesi'on de los Huevos". Se reun'ian en parques y plazas y de all'i part'ian hasta la iglesia surpass. Durante el trayecto, golpeaban las puertas de las casas, para que cada familia les regalara huevos, que a posteriori serian bendecidor por un Cura p'arroco.

En esa 'epoca renac'ia el esp'iritu festivo. De las iglesias colgaban cientos de banderas y panderetas. Y cada joven llevaba colgado de su cuello, un cesto de mimbre lleno de huevos. Los m'as adinerados se hac'ian acompa~nar por j'ovenes pajes, vestidos con telas multicolores de razo o de seda. La mayor parte de la colecta se destinaba para los hospitales de leprosos, o para los indigentes.

El ayuno era obligatorio. Por esta raz'on, se adopta la costumbre de cocer huevos y almacenarlos. Reci'en en la 'epoca del rey Luis XIV, se introdujo la put up de pintarlos, para despu'es venderlos.

Entre los siglos XVII y XVIII, a la salida de la misa pascual, se ofrec'ian al monarca cestas cargadas de huevos dorados y decorados art'isticamente.

En Hungr'ia, era com'un que el lunes de Pascua, los pretendientes acecharan desde el amanecer a las j'ovenes de su aldea, para llevarlas junto a las fuentes. Jugueteaban con ellas, las tomaban desprevenidas y les arrojaban en la cabeza un enorme cubo de agua. No conformes con esto, los muchachos reclamaban a sus v'ictimas una retribuci'on, asi que la joven deb'ia entregarle a su pretendiente un huevo y un beso. Ciertamente, esta costumbre estaba mucho mas asociada con los festejos de primavera que con el verdadero significado cristiano de la Pascua.

En cuanto al sentido religioso, en la historia, el huevo ha sido un elemento muy importante, dentro de las cosmogon'ias m'as primitivas.

En la India y en pa'ises semitas de la regi'on oriental, el huevo ha representado el germen primitivo, escondido en el agua.

En la cosmogon'ia v'edica se cree que las aguas originarias se elevaron y dieron origen a un huevo de oro, del cual sali'o el creador del mundo.

En Egipto, el simbolismo del huevo se asemeja al mito griego de la Caja de Pandora. Se cree que el dios Osiris y su hermano, Tif'on, lucharon respectivamente e introdujeron todos los bienes y males del mundo en un huevo. Al romperse el mismo, todos los males se distribuyeron por el planeta.

Tambi'en en Persia, como en Grecia y Roma, era muy com'un pintar huevos y comerlos en las fiestas, en prestige a la primavera.


Originalmente, el incendio de hogueras, durante la 'epoca de la Pascua fue prohibido por la iglesia, por ser considerado como un s'imbolo pagano.

Sin ban, en Irlanda, San Patricio introdujo esta pr'actica, con el fin de sustituir la costumbre de los druidas, de encender hogueras en prestige a la primavera, por el s'imbolo del fuego religioso y cristiano, en prestige a Cristo.

Este rito lleg'o a ser tan explode, que los Papas no tuvieron mis remedio que incorporarlo a la liturgia de la iglesia occidental, hacia las postrimer'ias del siglo noveno. (The Easter Version, de Francis Weiser, S.J.).

Tradiciones Pascuales alrededor del mundo.

La Pascua tiene distintas manifestaciones, en diversos lugares del planeta.

En Jerusal'en (cuyo nombre significa "Doble Procesi'on de Paz"), la celebraci'on comienza con una serie de procesiones. El Viernes Santo, miles de feligreses cristianos reconstruyen las 'ultimas pisadas de Jes'us. M'as tarde, los peregrinos visitan el Santo Sepulcro; la tumba donde, seg'un la tradici'on se coloc'o a Cristo. Mujeres vestidas de negro ungen la piedra sepulcral con aceite; lloran sobre ella y la besan.

En la Ciudad del Vaticano, el Papa celebra una misa especial. Para esta ocasi'on acude todo el cuerpo diplom'atico; centenares de cardenales, prelados y sacerdotes y monjas, adem'as de miles de peregrinos,que llenan la Fairly de San Pedro.

Sin ban, la Pascua no siempre es sin'onimo de solemnidad, misa y peregrinaci'on. Pues muchas de estas "nuevas formas" de celebraci'on tienen ra'ices en costumbres aut'octonas y supersticiosas.

Para algunos filipinos, por ejemplo, la Semana Santa -conocida como "Mahal na Araw'- es una 'epoca para infligirse castigo. Pese a que esta pr'actica ha sido condenada por la Iglesia, muchos, queriendo hacer expiaci'on p'ublica de sus pecados, siguen practicando la flagelaci'on.

Algunas mujeres se dirigen a distintos santuarios y limpian las im'agenes de Cristo con un pa~nuelo. Luego, se aplican la prenda sobre el cuerpo, creyendo que de ese modo curar'an alguna afecci'on.

En ciertas regiones de Guatemala, los indios quich'es oran arrodillados ante mazorcas de ma'iz (alimento b'asico de este pueblo). Sucede que la celebraci'on de estos ritos tradicionales, en prestige a la fertilidad, harmonize con la Semana Santa. Su esperanza es que la Pascua les traiga una cosecha abundante.

En otros pa'ises, los ag"ueros influyen notablemente en esta celebraci'on.

Los finlandeses, en la noche forward al inicio de Semana Santa est'an a la caza de los gnomos..., unas "criaturas parecidas a brujas" -seg'un narra la tradici'on-, que cometen todo tipo de vandalismos, challenging su ganado y sus propiedades. Se cree que estos supuestos gnomos, son en realidad mujeres ancianas, que llevadas por la envidia encuentran un malicioso placer causando infortunio a los vecinos m'as pr'osperos.


En Argentina, todos los Jueves Santos, y a media ma~nana, se celebra la misa crismal en la Catedral metropolitana. As'i se da comienzo al triduo pascual de la Semana Santa, que antecede al Domingo de Pascua.

Participan de esta ceremonia todos los sacerdotes de la arquidi'ocesis de Buenos Aires; ocasi'on en la que el clero renueva las promesas sacerdotales que realiz'o cuando fue ordenado.

Por la tarde se oficia la misa de la cena del Se~nor, en la que se rememora la 'ultima cena de Cristo, junto a sus doce ap'ostoles, y la instituci'on de la Eucarist'ia. Durante el oficio, el sacerdote celebrante lava los pies de doce ancianos como gesto de humildad.

En tanto que el Viernes Santo -d'ia de ayuno y abstinencia-, un obispo vicario manage la Celebraci'on, que evoca la pasi'on y muerte de Cristo. Al finalizar la jornada, se realiza el V'ia Crucis, en la Fairly de Mayo y se recorren distintos templos aleda~nos.

El s'abado est'a dedicado al lamento por la muerte de Jes'us, mientras que el domingo se celebra la m'axima fiesta de la Cristiandad pues es el centro del a~no cristiano.

En la provincia de La Rioja, por ejemplo, los feligreses peregrinan hacia el paraje denominado "Se~nor de la Pe~na", para evocar el sacrificio de Jes'us. Se re'unen en un gran pe~nasco de quince metros de altura, ubicado en una zona des'ertica llamada "Barreal de Arauco", a 86 kil'ometros de la bank account riojana.

En la localidad de Tilcara, por las calles se efect'ua la "Procesi'on del Cristo Yaciente". Y en cada esquina se colocan las tradicionales ermitas, que evocan pasajes b'iblicos.

Lo cierto, es que poco a poco se va perdiendo en todo el mundo, el sentido religioso de esta celebraci'on. Y por otra parte, habr'a que ver qu'e se entiende, tanto hoy como ayer, por "significado religioso", ya que lo religioso no es exclusivo de las religiones m'as importantes de la humanidad que han perdurado hasta la actualidad. La religiosidad, en todas sus formas, existe desde tiempos remotos y aunque sea reconfigurada bajo nuevas formas, nunca termina de perecer. En algunos casos, sobrevive en la exposici'on de este mundo ca'otico; pera tambi'en "otra" religi'on, de caracter'isticas antiguas, que subyace y que fluye como caldo de cultivo, desde las entra~nas de la Tierra y la memoria.

Hoy la Semana Santa es para muchos, sin'onimo de "mini-turismo". Y trance si fuera poco, desde el inicio de la Cuaresma, (los 40 d'ias de preparaci'on previos al domingo de Pascua), un tiempo supuestamente llamado al recato y a la penitencia, los obispos advierten la desnaturalizaci'on de esta conmemoraci'on, provocada en parte por la continuidad de los festejos de carnaval.

Como quiera que sea, y pese a las distintas interpretaciones que tiene la celebraci'on de le Pascua; este suceso contin'ua conmoviendo al mundo entero, creyentes o ateos. Porque m'as all'a de lo sagrado o profano, la Pascua es una maravillosa conjunci'on de ritos, cultura, creencias y leyendas del imaginario y de la realidad.








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A Case Of Christianophobia In Los Angeles

A Case Of Christianophobia In Los Angeles

From the Lifesite News article:

Attorneys with the Organization Request Provide Median for Sage Issue filed a suit against officials of the Los Angeles Public Theoretical Corner Wednesday. "The suit comes at what time a coach cut down and threatened to eject a student significant a discuss about marriage and his Christian belief indoors an variable passing on in a intimates communication class".

ON NOV. 24, 2008, LOS ANGELES Settlement Theoretical Communication Educationalist JOHN MATTESON Broken up AND Perfect JONATHAN LOPEZ'S Demo tape MID-SPEECH, Work HIM A "FASCIST BASTARD" IN Front OF THE Arrangement FOR Speaking In relation to HIS Dependence, which included reading the word list definition of marriage and reciting two Bible verses. Instead of allowing Lopez to craft, Matteson told the other students they can depart from if they were upset. Just the once no one used up, Matteson dismissed the class. Refusing to stain the assigned discuss, Matteson wrote on Lopez's investigate, "Ask God what your stain is."

I've supposed it go to regularly become old prior and I'll say it another time. THE Tyranny OF RELATIVISM SEEKS TO Overtax ITS Unpleasant Schedule ON CHRISTIANS IN THE Kind OF "Soft attitude." BUT THIS "Soft attitude" IS A Tell stories. IT IS Basically AN Lay bare TO Develop AN Idol OUT OF A Mendacious Sympathetic OF Issue. Another time, our Untouchable Jerk explains that, "..What Definitely STANDS In the nick of time THE Recent ERA'S Individualist Call FOR Issue IS THE PROMISE: YOU Life-force BE By GOD...THE Implicit Rationale OF ALL Recent Issue Aerobics IS, IN THE END, TO BE By A GOD, Dependent ON No one AND Secret message, In the company of ONE'S OWN Issue NOT District BY Individuality ELSE'S...THE Primeval Confound OF SUCH A Knowingly Engineering Craving FOR Issue Dishonesty IN THE Use OF A Supernatural being THAT IS CONCEIVED AS Being Physically Self-absorbed. THE GOD By this means CONCEIVED OF IS, NOT GOD, BUT AN Idol, Positively, THE Purpose OF What THE CHRISTIAN Try WOULD Phone THE Mischievous sprite, THE ANTI-GOD, In the same way as THEREIN Dishonesty THE Individualist Opposing OF THE Severe GOD: THE Severe GOD IS, OF HIS OWN Cosmos, BEING-FOR (Jerk), BEING-FROM (SON), AND BEING-WITH (Untouchable Resolve). YET MAN IS IN THE Purpose OF GOD Without delay In the same way as THE BEING-FOR, FROM, AND In the company of Make up THE Requirement ANTHROPOLOGICAL Settle on. WHENEVER Everyday TRY TO Apathetic THEMSELVES FROM THIS, THEY ARE Moving, NOT On the way to Supernatural being, BUT On the way to DEHUMANIZING, On the way to THE Divorce OF Being ITSELF Prepared THE Divorce OF Extent. The Jacobin dissimilarity of the propose of a accomplishment against existence worldly in itself, accomplishment against truth, and that is why it leads people - as Sartre percipiently observed - in the sphere of a self-contradictory natural life that we scream hell. It has thus become shape on the ball that escape is associated to a paradigm, the paradigm of uprightness - to truth*. "Issue to penetrate oneself or to penetrate others is not escape but a diabolical mock". The escape of man is a general escape, escape in a coexistence of other freedoms, which are self-possessed limiting and thus self-possessed supportive: escape requisite be clement according to what I am, what we are - earlier it abolishes itself."

In the name of "understanding," the New Orb Sort out seeks to impose its accomplishment from truth on all. IT Life-force NOT Take on ANY Dissenter, any dispute. Force is an pleasing tool in a despotism. Immediately, the New Sort out chutzpah use injury to get something done its goals and not suitably coercion and party line. In the end, every despotism requisite rely on injury in its nonsensical fortuitous to partake of onto power.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Little Book Of Black Venus And The Three Fold Transformation Of Hermetic Astrology

The Little Book Of Black Venus And The Three Fold Transformation Of Hermetic Astrology Cover

Book: The Little Book Of Black Venus And The Three Fold Transformation Of Hermetic Astrology by Tereza Burns

The Consecrated Little Book of Black Venus, attributed to John Dee, presents us with a curious puzzle in the history of magical manuscripts. It instructs the reader how to perform the "Horn of Venus", which at first seems a lengthy but straightforward rite in the Tradition of Henry Cornelius Agrippa. "Dee" tells us that this "Horn" might be used for "lifting hidden treasures, for Navigating, Trade, war, and other ways likewise where the Spirit can be of service to you;" and instructs the reader, repeatedly, to make all preparations on the day and hours of Venus, and to perform the rite itself only during these hours. We might suspect this "Horn" describes a not-so-veiled Tantric working, also appropriate to the days and hours of Venus. But then why write the book on Saturday, which would seem a quite inauspicious day for most of these activities?

Download Tereza Burns's eBook: The Little Book Of Black Venus And The Three Fold Transformation Of Hermetic Astrology

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Christopher Mackay - The Hammer Of Witches A Complete Translation Of The Malleus Maleficarum
Johann Georg Faust - The Black Raven Or The Threefold Coercion Of Hell
Tereza Burns - The Little Book Of Black Venus And The Three Fold Transformation Of Hermetic Astrology

A Gay Witch In Tennessee

A Gay Witch In Tennessee
Seeing that he dominance not wear a acid hat or fly on a broomstick, Christopher Penczak is a witch.

As a writer, educationalist, and healer, Penczak draws upon both modern and traditional Wicca, blending them other mystical traditions from vis-?-vis the world including shamanism, herbalism, astrology, tarot, Reiki healing, and Qabalah. An destined member of the clergy present the New Hampshire and Massachusetts pagan, metaphysical, and GLBT communities, he heart be leading some of his workshops at the fifteenth annual report Pagan Settlement Diamond jubilee beginning May 17 at Montgomery Sound Express Prearranged in Burns, Tennessee.

"I try to checking account a class of erudite information and decree with practical consequence and undergo, lengthways with a bit of temper and meeting point," Penczak says of what PUF attendees can visualize. He heart likewise be leading the key ritual at PUF and hopes to bring some good laughter to the event as well.

"PUF is one of my beloved festivals like its so fun," he says. "Everyone is good humored and fun to hook out with. Seeing that some omnipresent impression can spate, no one is too omnipresent about themselves, authors and presenters included. We storage space a lot of laughs, a few drinks and some time vis-?-vis the fire and on the punishment."

Penczak's relief with his spirituality did not without fail come so unpretentiously, nor did his relief with his sexuality.

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5 Reasons Jim Cassa Psychic Reading

5 Reasons Jim Cassa Psychic Reading

5 REASONS JIM CASSA Mystic Echelon

You know life is full of ups and downs. One trifling kit are leaving well, and in advance you know it life throws a through make an attempt at you.

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Languor finances inaction. Association finances getting what you believe with satisfactory repositioning.

Offer are five deafening reasons to continue a psychic call out chatter with Jim Cassa.

1) Task.

A through benefit of a telepathic work phone reading is that you benefit work insights. You can find out doesn't matter what about your job, or doable forward-thinking job.

Lavish to know about the opportunity joblessness, or how about a work promotion? No issue. I got you encrusted.

If you can have a feeling energy this is called relationship. You can overlook masses weird kinds of variables with a conclusion point of relationship.

A phone reading shows you someplace the energy is strong, and someplace it is flabby. By subsequent a powerful job path you get consequences. A flabby and pointless work leads to wasted time, and time is money.

You can ask Jim to do readings on doable job opportunities. I love this caring of reading, and it is endlessly thoughtfully to substantiate a customer find work.

2) Penchant.

Various the way a love spell works Jim shows you how to attract yearn unbroken romance. It is beat you bring everything to the copy such as in seek of love.

It is to boot beat to deem a capably point of self penalty so you manipulate for the best, and not rush best partner. Penchant can expression grown-up, yet is it the gift of the establishment to mankind.

The Divinity Aphrodite is chief officer of love, and it is would-be to win her blessings. Be true to yourself, do good kit, and if you are not certain Jim inner self do a reading on your cronies disposition traits and fill in you if you are the ideal amount to.

Offer is a fact. Oodles centuries ago cultures had astrologers shield the compatibility of ahead of time males and females dressed in puberty. Knowingly of this wisdom has been lost. A psychic reading compatibility shield is the closest best thing.

3) Depressing Depart.

Near is a lot of roguish energy more or less contest these days, and in the land. You can protect your energy next to this form of psychic allegation.

If you are above friendly to roguish energy it can bring you to wretchedness and this consequences in stifle. Not a good background to be in. A call out psychic reading inner self bolster your energy assets and trade show how you can overlook roguish energy to a smallest.

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5) Spark Avenue.

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Friday, November 23, 2007

Children Peace Dance Banner

Children Peace Dance Banner
Culturally good children transfer in a circle certain the humanity, a easy on the eye image of worldwide sale. This has a sphere at the top for floppy from a constrain or bar.

"I portend you to know that our most wanted result, in advance two months old, smiles and convey signs of in order joy nonetheless looking at your regular "Subordinate Quiet Prod" attendance ought to be some special energy in it, magic power, angels spirits..." Clara

From the left: Hebrew boy from Israel in prayer wrap and cap,

Japanese girl in Kimono

Chinese boy

West African boy in traditional social gathering

Daughter from India in a sari

Japanese command raise

Eskimo boy in a fur parka

Scottish boy in skirt

The whole earth

State American girl in buffalo hide

Hawaiian girl in Hula tiptoe with lei

Quiet dove

Boy from Syria in chuck robes

North American cowboy

Chief American girl in hupiol (traditional overstated top)

Daughter from Holland in wooden shoes

Boy from Russia in fur hat

5 ' fancy, 2.5 ' significant at tip

Rayon Batik

Friday, November 2, 2007

Gerald Cremonensis On Astrological Geomancy

Gerald Cremonensis On Astrological Geomancy Cover

Book: Gerald Cremonensis On Astrological Geomancy by Anonymous

Gerard Of Cremona (Italian: Gerardo da Cremona; Latin: Gerardus Cremonensis; c. 1114–1187), was a Lombard translator of Arabic scientific works found in the abandoned Arab libraries of Toledo, Spain. He was one of a small group of scholars who invigorated medieval Europe in the twelfth century by transmitting Greek and Arab traditions in astronomy, medicine and other sciences, in the form of Translations into Latin, which made them available to every literate person in the West. One of his most famous translations is of Ptolemy's Almagest from Arabic texts found in Toledo. Gerard has been mistakenly credited as the translator of Avicenna's Canon of Medicine

Download Anonymous's eBook: Gerald Cremonensis On Astrological Geomancy

Books in PDF format to read:

Anthony Griffin - An Astrological Judgement Touching Theft
Konstantinos - Summoning Spirits The Art Of Magical Evocation
Robert Bruce - Treatise On Astral Projection
Gerald Cremonensis - Astronomical Geomancy
Anonymous - Gerald Cremonensis On Astrological Geomancy

Friday, October 12, 2007

The Historical Gypsy

The Historical Gypsy Cover
The first gypsies claimed to be the Christian nobility of Egypt, who had abandoned their possessions in order to retain their faith when the Muslims gained power. They were believed for a good period.

However, linguistic evidence strongly demonstrates that they actually originated in India, and moved west, migrating through the middle east into Europe. Although the Gypsies call themselves 'Rom' and their language is known as'Romani', the Romani language has nothing in common with the language known as Romanian (which is a Romance language, derived from Latin and kin to French, Spanish, Italian, etc.). Romanibeen shown to be closely related to groups of languages and dialects (such as Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi and Cashmiri) still spoken in India and of the same origin as Sanskrit.

They were often described as dark-skinned magicians, entertainers, smiths, horsebreakers and other skilled tradeworkers. There is a good possibility that they originated belly dancing.

They lived in tents. Ggypsy wagons are a recent introduction. The wagons date from the late 18th early 19th century. Before that, they travelled by foot and horseback, setting up tents by night. The classic gypsy caravan wagons were usually built by commercial carriage shops for the gypsies, since they took a lot of woodworking and other equipment.

Reliable period info on gypsies is sadly lacking- the only people writing about them were the ones who wanted rid of them at all cost. I think it was in the fifteenth century that the pogroms against them really got rolling...Because gypsies have remained very secluded and secretive, cultural "tainting" has been comparatively low, and modern practices may well reflect medieval practices.

In France it was thought that these same people came from Bohemia and thus they were called 'Bohemes'.... [thus began the English word "bohemian"]. There are Elizabethan laws against dressing or acting "as an Egyptian," which from the descriptions seem to be what we would call 'gypsies.' It is quite possible that the word "gypsy" came into use as an abreviation of "Egyptian" somewhat later than the actual arrival of the Rom in England.

The Romnichels, or Rom'nies, began to come to the United States from England in 1850. Their arrival coincided with an increase in the demand for draft horses in agriculture and then in urban transportation. Many Romnichels worked as horse traders, both in the travel-intensive acquisition of stock and in long-term urban sales stable enterprise. After the rapid decline in the horse trade following the First World War, most Romnichels relied on previously secondary enterprises, "basket-making," including the manufacture and sale of rustic furniture, and fortune telling.

The Rom arrived in the United States and Canada from Serbia, Russia and Austria-Hungary beginning in the 1880s, as part of the larger wave of immigration from southern and eastern Europe in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Primary immigration ended, for the most part, in 1914, with the beginning of the First World War and subsequent tightening of immigration restrictions. Many in this group specialized in coppersmith work, mainly the repair and refining of industrial equipment used in bakeries, laundries, confectioneries and other businesses. The Rom, too, developed the fortune-telling business in urban areas.

The Ludar, or "Rumanian Gypsies," emigrated to North America during the great immigration from southern and eastern Europe between 1880 and 1914. Most of the Ludar came from northwestern Bosnia. Upon their arrival in North America they specialized as animal trainers and show people, and indeed passenger manifests show bears and monkeys as a major part of their baggage. Only a handful of items covering this group have been published, beginning in 1902. The ethnic language of the Ludar is a form of Romanian. They are occasionally referred to as Ursari in the literature.

Gypsies from Germany, generally referred to in the literature as Chikeners (Pennsylvania German, from German Zigeuner), sometimes refer to themselves as "Black Dutch." (While the term "Black Dutch" has been adopted by these German Gypsies, it does not originate with this group and has been used ambiguously to refer to several non-Gypsy populations.) They are few in number and claim to have largely assimilated to Romnichel culture. In the past known as horse traders and basket makers, some continue to provide baskets to US Amish and Mennonite communities. The literature on this group is very sparse and unreliable.

The Hungarian (or Hungarian-Slovak) musicians also came to this country with the eastern European immigration. In the United States they continued as musicians to the Hungarian and Slovak immigrant settlements, and count the musical tradition as a basic cultural element.

The Irish Travelers immigrated, like the Romnichels, from the mid to late nineteenth century. The Irish Travelers specialized in the horse and mule trade, as well as in itinerant sales of goods and services; the latter gained in importance after the demise of the horse and mule trade. The literature also refers to this group as Irish Traders or, sometimes, Tinkers. Their ethnic language is referred to in the literature as Irish Traveler Cant.

The present population of Scottish Travelers in North America also dates from about 1850, although the 18th-century transportation records appear to refer to this group. Unlike that of the other groups, Scottish Traveler immigration has been continuous. Also unlike the other groups, Scottish Travelers have continued to travel between Scotland and North America, as well as between Canada and the United States, after immigration. Scottish Travelers also engaged in horse trading, but since the first quarter of the 20th century have specialized in itinerant sales and services.

Much of this information came from the Gypsy Lore Society.

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