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Beginner Introduction To Tarot Reading

Beginner Introduction To Tarot Reading Cover The designation "Tarot" is applied to a deck of cards, typically 78 in number, made up from four suits of 14 cards each plus 22 symbolic picture-cards. The latter are numbered from 0 to 21. The designs of such trumps, usually called the Major Arcana, are quite intriguing, among them being such Representations as The Pope, The Devil, and The Last Judgment. Due to prototypical patterns, the major arcana are closely related to notions regarding the psychiatrist and psychologist Carl Gustav Jung's theories of the collective unconscious. Tarot card readings are considered, as well, to be viable ways of accessing the subconscious universe.

Similar to psychotherapy, tarot readings are employed so that the person who consults a tarot card reader may be able to break harmful habits. From time to time, people seek the help of psychics and tarot readers when they are especially unstable, at a time when what they really need is professional medical help or emotional counseling. A good reader will know when someone requires more than a look at the cards, and will gently guide that person toward the help of an appropriate professional.

It is intended that an individual receiving a tarot reading focus his interest upon any blocked or problematic affair. For many tarot card readers, a slight mental signal is received when the moment is right to lay the tarot cards down. It could be a sensation in the palms or fingers or a strong emotional feeling that the tarot cards should be laid in formation. A tarot reader may use any number of layouts, and the determination for which will be chosen depends on the capabilities and preferences of the tarot card reader, or on the needs dictated by the tarot reading consultation itself. One of the most popular spreads used to read tarot is the Celtic Cross, which begins with a card corresponding to the current situation that has provoked the consultation. Then, following a winding pattern, the tarot reading reveals the elements that influence obstacles, past, and so on, to determine the outcome. Disagreement exists about precisely how cartomancy works to predict the future: some describe it as a process with the power to awaken psychic abilities, others claim that the cards themselves attune to some external power which either guides them or which they themselves guide, and still others claim it is all bollocks and that cartomancy doesn't work except by tricking the gullible. In any case, tarot readings do not simply pick out random cards, hither and thither from the tarot deck. At each instant of our lives, we are equipped with choices -- choices that spell out and define our fate. It's not simply what you deny to let enter your life that matters; it's also what you allow to come and make a difference. If it is but a deck of tarot cards, so be it.

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Friday, June 9, 2006

Urbi Stimalis

Urbi Stimalis Cover URBI STIMALIS

To gain the sight. This cometh to different people in diverse ways. Tis seldom
it comes naturally, but it can be induced in many fashions. Deep and prolonged
mediation may do it, but only if you be a natural, and usually prolonged fasting
was also necessary.

Of old, monks and nuns obtained visions by long vigils combined with fasting,
flagellation until the blood came and other mortifications of the flesh, and so
undoubtedly had visions.

In the East, 'tis tried with various tortures, sitting in cramped positions
which retard the flow of blood, breathing very slowly till your lungs be fill
with carbon monoxide gas which drugs you. And these torments long and continued,
give good results.

But, in the Art, we are taught an easier way to intensify the imagination, at
the same time controlling the blood supply, and this is best dome by using the

Incense is good to propitiate the spirits, also to induce relaxation in the
aspirant and to help build up the atmosphere which is necessary to
suggestibility. Myrrh, gum arabin, mastic, aromatic rush roots, cinnamon bark,
musk, juniper, sandalwood, and aberius in combination, all are good, but the
best of all is Patchouli.

The circle being formed and everything and everyone properly prepared, the
aspirant should first warrick his tutor and take him into the circle, invoke
suitable spirits for the operation, then dance around until giddy. Meanwhile,
invoking the Gods and announcing the object of the work. Then he should use the
Scourge. The tutor who should in turn warrick the aspirant very tightly but not
so as to cause discomfort, but enough to retard the blood slightly. Again they
should dance round invoking the Gods. Then at the altar, the tutor should
scourge with light, steady monotonous strokes.

It is very important that the pupil should see the strokes coming as this has
the effect of passes and greatly helps to stimulate the imagination. It is
important that the scourge be not too hard; the object being to do no more then
draw the blood to that part and away from the brain. This, with the tight
binding, slowing down the circulation of the blood, and the passes soon induce a
drowsey stupor. The tutor should watch for this and as soon as the aspirant
speaks or sleeps the scourging should cease. The tutor should also watch that
the pupil becomes not cold and if the pupil struggles or seems distressed he
should at once be awakened.

Be not discouraged if results come not at the first experiment. Results usually
occur after two or three attempts. It will be found that after two or three
attempts, results will come, and some more quickly; also soon much of the ritual
may be shortened, but never forget to invoke the Goddess or to form the circle,
and for good results, tis ever better to do too much ritual then too little at

Darkness points of light gleaming amidst the surrounding dark, incense and
steady passes by a white arm are not as stage effects. They are the mechanical
instrument which serve to start the suggestion which later unlocks the
knowledge, that it is possible to obtain the desired ecstasy and so obtain
knowledge of the divine Goddess. When once you have attained this, ritual is
needless as you attain the state of ecstasy at will, but till you have attained
this, or if you wish to bring a companion to that state of ecstasy, ritual is
best – also it is generally found that unless you are very advanced, it is still
necessary to use the ritual to attain Knowledge of the Goddess. NOTE: Witches
believe that the Knights Templar knew these secrets but worked Together man to
man and this brought about their own downfall.

When the aspirant sleeps, speak to him or her saying: "When you sleep like this,
I will look to you, you must take note of what I say". Keep saying this in a
low, firm voice. If they answer in their sleep, say: "When you sleep, I will
talk to you but you will not remember." Repeat a few times, then say "When I
speak to you, you will answer and tell me what I ask you, you can keep no
secrets from me." After saying this a few times, ask Questions that is of no
importance. Keep on doing this till he answers. Continue this night after night
until he talks freely and tell you secrets, then say: "You must ever be obedient
to me when you wake, if I bid you. Sleep, sleep, then I will command you and you
will obey." But ever at any time when you are speaking to them they do awaken,
they are likely to ask "Did you speak to me?" Say, "No, you were talking in your
sleep, go to sleep again and don't talk." Say no more that night but the next
night start talking to them again, until you have their will fully under your
command. Be sure that you speak clearly so that words are heard and understood,
but not so loud that you awaken them.

Remember the circle properly constructed is ever necessary to prevent the power
used being dispatched. It is a barrier against any disturbing or mischievous
forces, for to obtain good results you must be free from all disturbances.

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Rosemary Divination

Rosemary Divination Cover Take a sprig of rosemary and ask a yes or no question Seven Times. Then pluck a
leaf from the sprig and say YES. Pluck another leaf and say NO. Continue
alternating yes and no with each leaf you pick until the sprig is base. The last
leaf you pick reveals the Answer.

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Monday, June 5, 2006

Meanings Of Runes

Meanings Of Runes Cover Runes :- Their Meanings

What are the runes?

Very simply, runes are an ancient alphabet. They can be used in many other ways
though. For divination, a few runes can be pulled from a bag and their meanings
interpreted to represent the past, present and future (or just the past,
present or the future). If they are used for divination, the meanings should be
read to fit the issue you are putting to them. A direct (Yes/No) question is
difficult to interpret through the runes as the outcome is dependent on many
factors. When using the runes for this purpose, instead of saying "Will I be
rich?" try to rephrase it along the lines of "Future wealth". This way the
meanings of the runes you pull can be related more to what you are asking. There
is no rune for either Yes or No!

Below, is a simplified list of the runic meanings. It is by no means meant to
be the only meaning of the runes and with practice you should be able to read
much more into them than what is here. There are also many different ways of
divining with the runes, one of the simplest being to draw three runes from the
bag reading the first for the past, second for the present and third for the
future. I normally replace each rune after I have drawn and read it so I am
always working with a full set. This way it is possible to draw the same rune

Feoh F 1 Cattle

Wealth, Money and possessions. Financial success, usually earned. Indicates the
successful Development of schemes already under way.

REVERSED - Difficulties with money. A warning not to waste what you have and to
think of the future.

Ur U, OO 2 An Auroch or Wild Ox

The strength to advance, persistence and patience.

REVERSED - Missed chances. A weakness or lack of vitality

Thorn To 3 A Thorn

A threshold reached, an important decision. Protection, good news. A test of
will and sincerity.

REVERSED - Indicates a need for caution, make no hasty decisions.

As A 4 Communication

Communications, advice and wisdom of the creative self.

REVERSED - Indicates bad advice or information.

Rad R 5 A Wheel

Travel, usually for pleasure, completed happily. Communication to receive a

REVERSED - A bad or difficult journey, Communications breaking down,
negotiations going badly.

Ken K, C 6 A Torch

New beginnings. A period of good luck. Understanding or new energy.

REVERSED - An end to something. A loss.

Gyfu G 7 A Gift

Partnerships, generosity, a gift, sharing.

Wynn W 8 Joy

Joy and happiness, an improvement of life. A very good omen.

REVERSED - Unhappiness, loss of affection. Signifies the need for caution and to
put off any important decisions if possible.

Hagall H 9 Hail

Elemental forces may disrupt, delay of plans. Unknown factors.

Nied N 10 Necessity

Patience, caution. Leave things as they are for now, understand your

REVERSED - A warning that you are on the wrong path.

Is I 11 Ice Standstill.

Put a temporary hold on any plans. A time of emotional cooling.

Jerra J 12 Harvest

A deserved reward. Justice. The harvest of your plans

Eoh Eo 13 Yew Tree

Defend against danger. News from the past, old problems recurring.

Peorth P 14 A Dice Cup

Discovery of something previously hidden. Initiation, unexpected gains.

REVERSED - Disappointment, uncovering of things best left hidden.

Elhaz ZZ, Y 15 An Elk

A Fortunate new influence. A new career or friendship.

REVERSED - Vulnerability. Beware of being used

Sigel S 16 The Sun

Wholeness, success, good health.

Tiw T 17 The God Tyr

An increase of power or wealth. Courage or self sacrifice.

REVERSED - Waning enthusiasm, failure.

Beorc B 18 A Birch Tree

New beginnings. Birth, marriage.

REVERSED - Friction, family problems.

Ehwaz Eh 19 A Horse

A change for the better. Often involves moving or travel.

REVERSED - Restlessness, travel difficulties.

Man M 20 Man,

Self Good help or advice will be given to you

REVERSED - Expect no assistance. Self imposed isolation.

Lagu L 21 Water,

Flow Success in an artistic or spiritual matter. Emotional understanding.

REVERSED - Confusion, delusion, bad intuition and disruptive influences.

Ing Ng 22 Fertility

Completion of one project and the start of a new one.

Odal O 23 Home,

Odin Inherited possessions. Ancestral influences. Duties.

REVERSED - Delay and frustrations.

Deag D 24 Dawn

Personal growth. New dawn. Total transformation.

Wyrd Fate/Karma The Blank Rune

The blank "Wyrd" rune is that of divine knowledge, destiny or karma.

Another way to use the runes is to carve them for specific magickal purposes
such as attracting wealth, protecting the home or relations etc. One thing to
remember with any magick is that no living thing should be harmed in any way.
Neither should any magick be performed for somebody without their permission and
full understanding of what is to be done. Combinations of runes (bind runes)
can be very powerful. I have not put any examples of bind runes on this page as
their use can be easily misinterpreted. If you need a bind rune for a specific
purpose, please feel free to E-Mail me at stating
exactly what it is for and for how long it is to be used.

The simplified meanings of the magickal runes are as follows:-

For attracting wealth and protecting property.

To clear obstacles and change circumstances.

For protection and defense.

To increase communicative skills, pass exams and gain wisdom.

To ensure a safe journey.

To restore self confidence and strengthen will power.

To create harmony in personal relationships.

To bring happiness and spiritual transformation.

To attract positive influences.

To achieve long term goals and help lost causes.

To make a situation static, ground wayward emotions and solve problems.

To bring events to a culmination.

To end situations and solve problems.

To find lost property, obtain inner guidance and make financial speculations.

For protection from negative forces.

To increase good health, vitality and sexual powers.

To achieve victory over adversity and justice.

For fertility, family matters and love affairs.

To cause changes.

To attract good will and new social contracts.

To manifest psychic powers.

To end a cycle of events or specific situation.

For property matters.

To create new beginnings or opportunities.

I hope this helps you understand and enjoy the runes a little more. Please feel
free to send your comments and suggestions to me.

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