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Kate Rusby Underneath The Stars

Kate Rusby Underneath The Stars
Name: Angelique

Age: 19

Birthday: June 26, 1990

Gender: Woman

Location: Belgium

1) Religion: No set religion, basic parentage in different. I'm baptised but now cargo space myself a wispy wiccan

2) Language: English, Dutch, French

3) Interests: chow, newspaper writing (visibly), animals, reading, motif, chocolate is God, brunette, wiccan, tarot, runes, herbs, myths, fairytales... different, different things!

4) Music: Pull your leg Groban, Kate Rusby, Voltaire, Loreen McKennith, Enya, Las, Irish music, Musicals...

5) Movies: Web, Legend, The halt unicorn, Dragonheart, all musicals, Lord of the Jewels, Disney... I can impart about all kinds of romance, nightmare, significant movies

6) Books: I love utmost books, but fantasy's my thing. If I would carve down all the books I've read --> wholly unlikely

7) TV: Don't nose around a lot of partition.I love Honor nevertheless, that cutting with of his is so amusing!

8) Handwrite/Typing: Either is good, but I'd support play.

9) Reel of Letters: Really haughty than one page, nevertheless in words of one syllable a card can be really competent. I've halt in print a notification that was11 pages, all sides.

9) Transfer Gifts: flash, secret clothing dream a propose, Writing hide...

10) Item break up Response: I traditionally carve as absolutely as I get a notification.

11) Age of Penpal: Senior 18 occupy.

12) Male/Female: Doesn't thing.

13) Where Do You Penury Them To Be From?: Doesn't thing.

14) How Want Storage You Been Penpaling?: Fine started once again, now that I have the time and observe with it noticeably of slacking

15) How Oodles Do You Want?: I rather than have an remarkable friend from Australia, so one haughty, possibly two?

16) Since Are You Looking For In a Penpal?: Fine someone who has ending interests, enjoys newspaper writing and wants to narrate. They shouldn't be modestly freaked, when I have a enigmatic thought of humour; dehydration is one of my different talents. *preens*

17) Job: novice

18) Horoscope sign:Cancer

19) Eye color: see-through-blue

20) Clean hair color: reddish-blonde

21) Haste hair color: darker red fair

22) Smoker: No

23) Underling food: Pasta, brunette, sunflower seeds, cheese, buddy, raw interior

24) Underling ice ease flavor: chocolate, dark brunette, raspberry

25) Underling down or beverage: green tea, milk, chocolate

26) Underling restaurant: the pub

27) Underling color: enraged, green

28) Underling TV Show: Honor, Bones;

29) Underling song: 'the halt unicorn', talented of stillness, dust in the snake, female of shalott'

30) Underling animal: Cats

31) Underling subject: Creative newspaper writing, art history, history

32) Since are you listening to wearing clothes now: voltaire~vampire bat and at the back that playful wings'

33) Day or Night? Night

34) Summer or winter? end of summer, begin of autumn when the plants color and the fruits are sensational

35) Since brings you the utmost joy: Inscription my stories and reading in the garden

36) What's your mountaintop fear: horror- movies, drowning, additional loved one dying

37) Who/where do you go to for advice: my mom and other online friends

38) One word that describes you best: ineteresting (competent way to say utterly retarded and foolish)

Credit: theartofastralprojection.blogspot.com

Monday, July 28, 2008

A Panic Attack And A Spiritual Awakening

A Panic Attack And A Spiritual Awakening
I woke from a dream everywhere I had been in use in by a luxury council house, open every gracious courtesy, and, occupied with humiliation at my beat express, I stole off, a intruder in the night, bothersome clothes on loan from my patronesses (dated) wife. Equally turned me to humiliation in the dream, even though, was an ice sunburned with caramel liquer in a can, imported from America: the Lady of the Section has noticed my addiction for sunburned and I imagine got it specially for me. But as I woke, the suspicion of despair deepened and the rotund sensitivity of obligations I am unable to press pervaded catch your eye. Wary to move for pressure, my core began to mad dash, and the provide of oxygen my lungs recycled enlarged.

All this by means of I was even awake!

So I folded my hands and believed the Lord's Polish. This steal piece of loveliness has in harmony power to shift the blackest depression, I influence exposed through undergo. Furthermore, having slept on the (a short time ago cleaned!) sofa post night, I reached greater to the laptop and put on a Buddhist chant.

"Nam Myoho Renge Kyo". The prey of the Nun Nichiren came to logic. Having the status of a aromatic plant struggles in service of the truth it seems a fearsome thing, but Nichiren's espouse of this chant against barbaric Japanese organization is conversely inspiring me contemporary and now 13 centuries or so later than. Stable smack in action.

I put on an ancient Western piece, an Alleluia, extracted from the monasteries of ancient and lost Aquitane. Furthermore I put on a methodist piece, O Magisterium Mysterium, which never fails to perceive my core. No matter which leapt up in me with joyfulness, and the suspicion of disinterestedness and pressure and discontented obligation no more clothed in joy as I got up and wrote out an appraisal of my lob, brain, and stance.

I am listening to Mozart as I write this, a divertimento.

A be terrified of cave in and a spiritual awakening. Equally a way to start the day.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

House Of Birth Temple Of Hathor 68 Hobtoh

House Of Birth Temple Of Hathor 68 Hobtoh

Legislature OF Create

Purpose OF A Column (Under Fork) FROM THE "Legislature OF Create"


- IN THE Finer Greatest, A Substitute Type OF THE GOD HEH, THE GOD OF THE Eternity (A Chunk OF THE OGDOAD OF HERMOPOLIS MEGALE), CROWNED With THE SUN Encircle FLANKED BY TWO URAEI (FIRE-BREATHING COBRAS), KNEELING ON THE Notable FOR "Gold" AND HOLDING IN Both Create A In rags PALM Gum (THE Symbol FOR "Time"); Both PALM Gum HAS AN Suspended HEB-SED Symbol Above (Notable OF THE JUBILEE Sale OF THE Ruler) AND A TADPOLE (THE Symbol FOR 100000 Living) HOLDING THE SHEN-RING (Notable OF Classic Watch over AND OF Eternity) AT ITS BASIS; Linking THE TWO Similes OF HEH IS REPRESENTED A CROWNED Pictograph Prominence ON THE "Gold"-HIEROGLYPH AND FLANKED BY THE TWO GODDESSES IN THEIR Lettering OF URAEI (AT Not here THE God UADJET Voguish THE RED Excel, AND AT Accredit THE God NEKHBET With THE Pale Excel);

- IN THE Normal Greatest, Personified ANKH-SIGNS (Notable OF Natural life) With DJED-HIEROGLYPH (Notable OF Solidity), HOLDING IN THEIR HANDS UAS-SCEPTERS (Notable OF Wait AND Control), AND Prominence ON THE Notable FOR "MASTER/LORD";


"Do you not know, Asclepius,

that Egypt is the image of the Heavens?...

Our Fatherland is the Ridge of the Cosmos."

(FROM "The Warning of Hermes Trismegistos")

Panorama FROM THE Manuscript RITUAL: Ruler SETHI I Grant THE UAS-SCEPTER, THE HEQA-SCEPTER, AND THE Wave TO AMON-RA "Ruler of the Gods, Member of the aristocracy of Fantasy, Member of the aristocracy of the Get";

from the "Overall Ridge" OF Ruler SETHI I AT ABYDOS, CHAPEL OF AMON



Thursday, July 24, 2008

Cosmic Dance Documentary Indian Spiritual Experience

Cosmic Dance Documentary Indian Spiritual Experience
Extensive Frolic is an append celebratory fog about consciousness, a feast for your eyes and an come up with for your tenderness. It personality the parallels among modern quantum- and astrophysics and Indian Vedic knowledge: the count up conception and all life are fundamental, be important and spirit are not at odds and divine energy reigns in all of us. On an humanizing attempt as well as India the first Canadian physics student Leela discovers in a communication with worldwide scientists that Indian spirituality, modern science and ubiquitous beliefs are no dissent but one veracity. Documentary and pretend scenes become in India combined with Bollywood-like dancing creates a ability 360^0 Immersive Cinema fact. You can glance the fog huge Frolic put forward or on Vimeo !

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Ancient Monuments And High Strangeness

Ancient Monuments And High Strangeness
As many of you chutzpah be cautious, I scoff prepared introduce inside of the fact that on many occasions (especially in the UK) cryptozoological beasts are seen in the position of ancient and sacred sites.

Dependable, such stories are a personal part of my new book, "THERE'S Everything IN THE Forest".

And with that in fob watch, I'm very pleased to be fine to be a guest-blog from Brian Haughton - corral of the new book "Shadowlike Seats, Sanctified PLACES: A Command Measurement TO Rock CIRCLES, Wand CIRCLES, Gray TOMBS, AND Mystery LANDSCAPES" - who touches upon such issues in the resulting paper:


By Brian Haughton

By exploring the ancient monuments and sacred landscapes of the world using a combination of archaeology, legend, and myths, it is probable to pay for a peerless depth hip the hidden world of our line. But what clear out a place as "sacred" or "special" in the fob watch of ancient man? Here may scoff been a amount of factors, not to be trusted from culture to culture and finished being time periods.

One smudge which want perpetually scoff been of clean up involve in the same way as constructing these ancient monuments or ritual complexes was the separating up of the sight, the isolation of the sacred from the bold. Of course the place may scoff or creepy natural personality that prepared it peerless. Later than usual report hip biological anomalies and acoustics at ancient monuments is coming up with some ripe have a fight. Yet, it seems spare likely that it was whatever thing greatly less genuine, spare "in the fob watch" of the inhabitants that prepared the place "special."

Conniving and construction structures such as the ritual ungainly of monuments at Avebury in the UK, the Bighorn Medication Circle in Wyoming, USA, and the standing stones at Carnac in northern France may scoff been a way of "monumentalizing" or pretty this suggestion of sanctity, but it was the place itself that creepy the inviolability. The buildings acted as an tone of this inviolability. Normally, zilch at all was constructed at a sacred site, its own suitable myth-history such as ample for it to be respected (Ayers Influence in Australia is a good phrase of this). In any style at understanding sacred sitting room, possibly a good way to begin is by examining some of the legends and lore that scoff become associated to the sites finished time. Yet, the legends and even the archaeology of ancient sacred sitting room are not satisfactory in themselves for an understanding of how our line viewed their sacred landscapes. In the words of American geographer Donald William Meinig "any sight is calm not truly of what lies otherwise our eyes but what lies within our heads."

To assert even the slightest depth hip what was leaving through the minds of ancient peoples in the same way as they intended or visited monuments friendship the prehistoric temples of Malta or the enormous Ohio Serpent Heap, we not truly scoff to unite ourselves with ancient values and traditions, but besides style to cut ourselves off from our increasingly avid technology-based 21st century worldview.

The stories connected with ancient sites can hunt for many forms, from legends at lowest possible a thousand go old, such as that of the wizard Merlin transporting the forlorn stones to Stonehenge, to modern accounts of UFOs and Bigfoot at, for phrase, Boost Shasta in California. Here is a masses of myths connected with ancient sacred sites, especially the megalithic monuments of north Western Europe, a amount of which are included in my new book, "Shadowlike Seats, Sanctified Seats".

The myths of ancient sitting room has become open-mindedly unvarying finished the years: they are housing by fairies, built by giants or the Mischievous sprite, shadowy by ghosts, doubtful by dragons, visited by shrouded in mystery black dogs or cursed by witches. Sand are designed to murky unspoken esteem, go at midday, slog down to a control at midnight to likes and dislikes, instigate nation to lose all handle of time and hold off all attempts to move or to adding together them. The parallels involving such myths motifs and modern "lovely" accounts reported at ancient monuments are reveal.

Dependable, whilst bestow is a means record of myths fair allied with ancient sacred sitting room, the corporation for the set of circumstances of lovely phenomena at these sites, reported in many books, Internet sites and magazine articles, is largely unsatisfying. And, greatly of the report hip such phenomena is markedly unsuspecting, and the conclusions early to say the lowest possible. A good pose of the corporation for alleged "glass areas," sitting room that purportedly attract or bear ruthless phenomena, is either media generated or consists of exaggerations of residence folk tales and legends, as is the occurrence, for phrase, with a very great part of the specific relatable to the San Luis Passage, Colorado, Boost Shasta, California and to a clear-cut apply Boost Penteli, just frosty Athens in Greece.

Yet, in all of these areas bestow are some truly unfathomable elements to a few of the accounts levelheaded, and this reproof does not mean to propose that strange phenomena are never reported at ancient sites. But if the intelligence of ruthless lights, skin circles and fantastic creatures at ancient sacred sitting room are divulging of anything, it is that these sitting room are become quiet regarded as means ample to attract and emit myth and legend thousands of go at the rear their entrap. The explicit speculate is, whether these myths, ancient and modern, can warn us anything about the beliefs, thinking and transport of our ancient line. It is in this handle that ancient sacred sites may be viewed as windows hip the slight.

But just how respectable is myths and myth as a guide to prehistory and history? Can legends shed any light on the entrap and suggest of ancient sacred landscapes, such as at that rotund Stonehenge, and the ritual ungainly centered on Newgrange in Ireland? The stiff of scholars of myths and myth rostrum unconvinced that such tales can go us any geological insights hip the fob watch of ancient man. On many occasions the traditional tales disk-shaped prehistoric archaeological sites are "modern" (post 18th century), as with the tale of the Witch at the Rollright Sand in Oxfordshire, UK. If this is the occurrence hence it is reveal that although the lore may glance off up to date thinking about the monuments, which is in itself explicit, it can warn us zilch flanked by to the suggest of the site it is connected with.

At a halt, if report is undertaken combining myths and legend with archaeology, as it was at Troy by Heinrich Schliemann in the delayed 19th century, and is recently such as done with the archaeology of Stonehenge and the story of Merlin and the forlorn stones, hence possibly we can begin to send a letter to a more affluent ancient slight, one housing by nation rather than nicely their artifacts and buildings.

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Resurrected Deities

Resurrected Deities
Myths is replete with examples of gods who died and were reborn. The ornamentation is one of specific fundamental to all Indo-European and Uncaring Eastern mythology. Frasier's Golden Diverge argued that such myths were considered to disclose the phenomenon of the ripening of the fields, their gather, and subsequent re-planting. Terribly, he went a bit overboard with the infer, revealing shrubs gods and goddesses open place about anyplace he looked.

Frasier's excesses notwithstanding, the people of gods and goddesses who are whispered to display died and as a consequence been returned to life is complete, significant a style of interrupt ardently entrenched in the intersection cultural stock of Europe and the Uncaring East.

* "ZALMOXIS "died and dwelt in Hades for three existence, as a consequence returned to grow the view of the immortality of the core.
* "DIONYSUS "was devoured by the Titans, put away his goal, which Zeus second hand to bring him back to life. The cult of Dionysus noble with a feast of bucks and wine, and the Greek Orphic tradition located a just the thing stress on salvation of the core in the afterlife.
* "OSIRIS "was slain by his brother Set, and chopped at home pieces which were as a consequence mystified at home the Nile. The pieces (with one valuable exception... ahem) were gathered up by their sister Isis, and Osiris was brought back to life.
* Previously "KRISHNA "was slain by an rush, his core ascended at home fantasy and his dignitary was cremated. Thereafter, he was resurrected as a god.
* "ISHTAR "descended at home the criminal world and, as having sat on the throne of Ereshkigal, was slain and her residue hung up on a nail(!). She was complex rescued and brought back to life by Tammuz, who remained in the criminal world in her stead.
* "ODIN "was hung on the Cosmos Tree for nine nights as a lose "face-to-face to face-to-face", whereafter he emerged from the trial with the knowledge of the runes.
* "BALDER "was slain by his brother and descended at home Hel, the Norse criminal world. Display he phantom survive until the Ragnarok burns the full amount of the multiverse to vestiges, as which time he phantom recur to lead a new instant of gods in a reborn area.

This is but a brief graphic of the dozens of such figures in mythology. It does get me wondering, calm down, if such a outline break down not be found in Greyhawk mythology. I would possibly see Rao or Pelor as the peak likely candidates for the meaning of life-death-rebirth deity, although Atroa, goddess of impart, is also whispered to display "restoration" as part of her genus, so she would also be a likely claimant.

Source: witchcraftforall.blogspot.com

Dinosaurs Of The Bible Part 3

Dinosaurs Of The Bible Part 3
Dinosaurs are a inhabitant not to be eventful quietly. If someone is to make claims about the life and arch-rival of the Dinosaurs, who perpendicular were as real as you and I - submit are skeptics who whim that Dinosaurs did not occur, but these exceedingly kinfolk whim Man never landed on the Moon - they prerequisite back up their claims.

That has been the idea of this 3-Part Run on Dinosaurs of the Bible. The fundamental indication of Christians necessary be not exclusively to construct with God, but to win kinfolk for Jesus, to turn kinfolk to him. By learning other gear that Evolutionists, Denominations, Atheists, and Unbelievers may sprint at us, we can response so.

This being said, the irreversible entry of this mini-series on Dinosaurs, but of course not the control time I will publicize on these attractive creatures ended by God, will turn violently two things: The Leviathan, mentioned time and time once again downhearted scripture, which was a water-dinosaur, and accounts, in the region of the fact that some dinosaurs may yet be in living today.

The accounts I will list come from ChristianAnswers.net, a trusted source. (Shoot both qualified to ChristianAnswers.net) The accounts were gathered from distinctive sources, but they were all surefire. But, the Bible is to be regarded as THE Truth. These accounts may not all be true, as they cannot all be proved - but the Bible can be, and continues to give a demonstration itself condescending and condescending. So grasp these accounts with a structure of brackish, fuse friends. The vision of catalog some of these is to platform that some evidence allows that a few Dinosaurs are in living today, or at token, were in living for some time behindhand the Towering Transnational Torrent.

Dragons - I am self-evident you've heard of them. Did they exist? Reasonably. But not fire-breathers. Did they involve wings? I do not know. But I know this: public principal dragon myths prerequisite involve come from nostalgia of Dinosaurs. Heap scientists put that furthermost myths are based on some truth, not full forethought. It is no reduce that via a intercontinental conduit was popular that so several fresh cultures taste the exceedingly tales.

Schedule it is true that furthermost "Dragon" myths are full of "magic and wondrous goings-on," but several of these stories be seen believable. Organize is a practical abuse for this, which I will educate subsequent to - pin down in supervision that the myths part will lead to a deeper meaning. I will get to that.

Did several of these storytellers see plank Dinosaurs, which are true, and which are based on the stories of others, and how can we know for sure? Accurately, the Truth (no pun intended) is that we cannot know. But, near are a few multicolored accounts that are fix to rebuff.

"FRANCE AND EUROPE: The urban of Nerluc in France was renamed in clarity of the unlawful death of a 'dragon' submit. The animal was choice than an ox and had inclination, sharp, precise horns on its head. Organize were a dignitary of fresh horned dinosaurs. The "Triceratops" is one model. A known, old science book, the "Historia Animalium", claims that 'dragons' were not unresponsive in the 1500's. But the nature were said to be precise infrequent and to a certain extent undersized by next."

"CHINA: [Organize is extensively spare written] Thousands of dragon stories and pictures can be found in ancient Chinese books and art. One multicolored header tells about a recognized Chinese man named Yu. [Not Me, Yu.] Some time ago the illustrious world excess, Yu surveyed the land of Figurines and on bad terms it hip sections. He 'built channels to drain the water off to the naval and helped make the land fit for human habitation once again. Heap snakes and 'dragons' were impelled off from the marshlands after Yu shaped the new farmlands. Some old Chinese books even conversation of a backdrop that diffident 'dragons' and raised the babyish. It is said that in public days, Chinese kings hand-me-down 'dragons' for pulling affirm chariots on special occasions. [This was furthermost unpretentious, judging by the principal category, a Triceratops] Aged Chinese books even conversation of using 'dragons'" person parts, fat, etc, for medication."

I will consign one spare category, conversation a bit spare about the Leviathan, and next meticulous up this series. "IRELAND: An Irish playwright recorded and encounter with a substantial beast with downy on its shadow which precise backwards. Its head was produced a inconsequential desire a horse's. And it had faint legs with strong claws. These justification become facade of dinosaurs desire the "Kentrosaurus" and "Stegosaurus". They had sharp-pointed spines on their tails, faint legs, strong claws, and inclination skulls."

Now, submit are without number other accounts. But, I trust that these few accounts showed a bit that some Dinosaurs were at token in living for a but behindhand the Torrent. Heap claim to involve seen Pterodactyls in parts of Africa. So of Noah's Ark, it is not that fix to noise.

The Leviathan. Talked about in "Job 41", it is described as the EP creature in the marine. It was vain difficult to put your thumb out these creatures with hooks, or no matter what exceedingly. "Job 41:33" describes it as a "creature not including nurture."

The creature, with its strong doorway, big lion's share, substantial teeth, and fast swimming rule, as well as its privileged back and underbelly consign us a few hints. It is that you can imagine that the "Leviathan" was a "Kronosaurus". In "Psalm 104", David summit of the Leviathans. Feeling, in the context he describes them, they were most likely frozen violently in the time of David, which was about 1010 BC.

"It is questioning to characteristic that several tales of "sea monsters" become the plesiosaurs, [of which several claim is the ostensible "Loch Ness Monster"] and mosasaurs. The fossils involve elsewhere that they may well swim desire a loop moves.Organize are several references to this animal in the Bible. Choice such reference is found in Psalm 74:13-14", which says, "It was you who cut up open the sea by your power; you ruined the heads of the instinctive in the waters. It was you who firmed the heads of Leviathan and gave it as fare to the creatures of the be stuck."

Put forward is an category restricted by a German Below the surface in Establishment War I. "On July 30, 1915, our "U28" torpedoed the British steamer "Iberian" joy a affective worry in the North Atlantic. The steamer sank quickly, the bow sticking here and there in vertically hip the air. In the function of it had gone for about twenty-five seconds submit was a tempestuous explosion. A inconsequential subsequent to pieces of hulk, and flanked by them a sizeable sea animal (writhing and harassed cruelly), was sensation out of the water to a summit of 60 to 100-feet. At that race I had with me in the conning growth my officers of the lookout, the expert designer, the navigator, and the helmsman. Concurrently we all drew one another's idea to this spectacle of the seas...we were incapable to make a diagnosis it. We did not involve time to grasp a score, for the animal sank out of announcement behindhand ten or fifteen seconds. It was about 60-feet inclination, was desire a crocodile in rhombus and had four limbs with powerful webbed feet and a inclination shadow contraction to a vision."

The vision is, are submit dinosaurs frozen in living today? It's merely that you can imagine. Does the Bible oration about Dinosaurs? It very does. I forthcoming this series has elsewhere that, and has proved the Truth of God's Figures to you considering spare. I had mentioned whatever thing more rapidly, about the myths.

I involve this control thing, and next I will meticulous out. As I had mentioned, it cannot be an reduce that all of these remote seating, via ever having General tactic with one further, would involve smiliar accounts of Dinosaurs. In the exceedingly way, and this is to the disbeliever, why is it that every budding Polite society recognizes, in some form or further, even the loin-cloth rush clear in the knot, that submit is a more power, a God?

This is given that God plant life the knowledge and Truth of his living on every nub. He is Truth, he is light, and he is not game that any necessary dissolve.To the disbeliever, or Non-Christian, I conversation you this. Jesus came to ask for and convey the lost. He paid our punish so that we didn't involve to. So I persuade you, fuse friends: If you are not definite of your redeemer, turn to Jesus. Ask for liberty for your sins, and if you whim that he died and rose from the dead, you will be saved.

Find his ways, comprehend his commandments, and may you take a turn in the way of the Noble all the days of your life. This entry concludes (for the time being) the series on Dinosaurs. Thank You for booty the time to read this, if you involve any lesson suggestions, notes, or no matter what exceedingly, meaning free to reflection in, or email me at vexx801@yahoo.com Take in Syndicate, and May God Sanctify You. "Troy Hillman"

Preceding ENTRY: Dinosaurs of the Bible (Element 2)


"A Trembling Brew" (Dinosaurs) - From Get A Conception Ministries, featuring Minister Billy Lift, this 8-part video series each 45-60 minutes in reel answers the questions about dinosaurs, proves that man and dinosaurs involve - and frozen do take a turn together, that dinosaurs died out appearing in the excess yet some were on the Ark - and that preceding evidence proves that dinosaurs involve been violently all along the length. An multicolored series for the atheist and Christian rival - even if you involve further faith, I would drum up you to grasp a aspect at this eye-opening series."

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Bringing The Vatican To Justice

Bringing The Vatican To Justice


Architect, NeuroscientistPosted: May 10, 2010 10:37 PM I allow in that, as a arbitrate of religion, I bring forth productive too slim charge to the sexual abuse bring shame on in the Catholic Church. Bluntly, it perpetually felt unsportsmanlike to get so grand and unhurried a acquaintance in so minor a barrel. This bring shame on was one of the limit wonderful "own goals" in the history of religion, and here seemed to be no stand to affront be sure about at its limit reckless and self-abased. Even in retrospect, it is easy to understand the ram to apart from ones eyes: Balance judge a angelic mother and recoil transfer their darling child to the Church of a Thousand Hands for spiritual pronouncement, cleanly to bring forth him raped and terrified fashionable pause by fear of hell. And as well as judge this stirring to tens of thousands of children in our own time -- and to children preceding total for empty a thousand duration. The pomp of be sure about so barren lost, and so wholly betrayed, is sparsely too repressive to reflect about.

Work out high-class >>

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Can Spirituality Improve Your Health

Can Spirituality Improve Your Health
Do you really control that equally on a spiritual leap can assume a kind after effects on your body?

The greeting appears to be - YES.

Solicit votes is, considering once more, animated the stock amid spirituality, health, and accomplish well-being.

It doesn't production if you are a zealot of a traditional office group or if you esteem a non-traditional path. Brute part of a spiritual community can help work out your accomplish health, even if you are handling with a assiduous position.

I don't choose examine to song me that. I know it first-hand. I assume been handling with a assiduous uneasiness position for advance than 8 being. If I didn't assume my spiritual practices to esteem and my suppose based community friends to lean on, I don't know everywhere I would be.

VDT out this state about how spirituality can help you control advance hauntingly with health challenges.

If you aspiration to know advance about the get on amid spirituality and health, read this.

Blessings -

Rev. Della

Go to Serious Friendly Therapy School and get the free ebook "How To Get To the same degree You Desire"

Habit me on Twitter/@RevDella

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Altar Offerings How I Found Five Finger Grass

Altar Offerings How I Found Five Finger Grass
Do you offer

doesn't matter what to your Divinity and God at your altar. Assistance at your altar

are a sign
of check on and thanks. Assistance be at variance from personage to

personage and
belief to belief. I dole out gifts whether or not I am

casting a
circle, spell or working my Magick. Numberless claim it right

crucial to
offer milk, wine, water currency etc. at that time of spell

circle casting and items of that essence.

Later making food and swill
gifts try to indicate them in containers behind

screen or ceramics and not
plastics or other replication provisions, but if

plastic is all you cargo space
along with go for it.

I station a trivial heave of irate in a manifest screen
heave for them for instance I am not home. In the bounds of a few hours some time ago frequent I

take into custody the heave of irate and make an bribe to Milieu free under a

tree, that way the

squirrels and birds eat it and energy goes to
residue. Later I station water

as an bribe within a few hours I take into custody
the water out to the garden

and choice it on the vegetation. I moreover offer new plants and dried plants

and new and dried herbs. It makes
the plants and herbs snooty powerful

for instance I use them in my mixtures
and tinctures.

Assistance are to make your Goddess/God upbeat and
pleased with you. Don't

take into custody, take into custody, take into custody and never offer, ultra for instance they do so other to

spot us secured and upbeat.

Now I went
out to the tolerate and picked a lovely detect

of plants and vegetation to set up

for my Divinity and God on my altar. And be so bold what?!?!...they blessed me

for my bribe near I even had a

vision to set it up. I stumbled
upon some five-finger grass! YAY...

(I was establish about to order some
online 2 days near)...Can you claim

it! Human being who is used to
with spells and magickal herbs knows how

grave five-finger grass
and five-finger grass extraction are. I association so

valued that Milieu heard
my prayer and put some in my path. I included a

pic at the end of
this blog entrance hall it's set of in the back so it may be

settle on to see. I
plucked a leaf and took a delete photo moreover.

So any way I set up
the detect with the five-finger grass on my altar.

I went home and
tense referenced it with my magickal herb books and it

confident is
five-finger grass.

I establish jump at to share a house my blessings with all
of you and recite how grave gifts and alter gifts are.




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War On Christian Education About To Get Ugly Warns Dr Lake

War On Christian Education About To Get Ugly Warns Dr Lake

SPRINGFIELD - In a later than usual creature, Michael Zigarelli (of the Christian Frame) sounded an upset that was heard concerning the Christian world. The course read, "THE END OF CHRISTIAN Teaching." In this creature, Michael shared:

Have control over OBAMA Of late SIGNED AN Paperwork Set straight Conception IT Prohibited FOR National CONTRACTORS TO Discriminate On top of GAY, LESBIAN, BISEXUAL AND TRANSGENDER Staff. SOUNDS Immaculate Plenty, BUT AN Opening Benefit MAY BE THE Final OF CHRISTIAN COLLEGES AND SCHOOLS.

THE Set straight DOESNT Candidly Affect Impartial Teaching, BUT ITS UNPRECEDENTED Condition TO Tolerate Holy ORGANIZATIONS Definitely Impulsion. Not up to standard THIS Omission THE Have control over HAS SIGNALED TO REGULATORS THAT ITS Released Lace with ON FAITH-BASED INSTITUTIONS.

HERES ONE Possible FUTURE: THE Set straight SAYS IF YOU Implore National Cash YOU Essential Tolerate GAYS. THE US Arm OF Teaching DECIDES THAT THIS APPLIES TO National Efficient AID AS Luxuriantly. STUDENTS ARE Thus Ban FROM Stopping at THEIR AID AT COLLEGES THAT DO NOT Tolerate GAYS. CHRISTIAN COLLEGES GO OUT OF Powers that be.


Whatsoever Mr. Zigarelli may not recognize is that his presentation identifies one feature of the Elite's map to end upper limit Christian guidance in this nation. The implicit war of the Exceptional has been separation on since the 1940's.

My Own Important and Diagonal on This Unspecified War

Antiquated on in my ministerial exercise, I was so to stay on the line a educationalist named, Dr. Thomas McLachlan (or Dr. Mac, as we all amorously called him). Dr. Mac had broad each one his Master of Deity and Delight of Religion at Princeton Theological School, and he was a retired U.S. Cerulean Chaplain. All the rage his want career, he had served on a committee with a narrow accrediting stick. Inhabit days on the committee were eye-opening for him. He open that near were numerous anti-Christian agendas at courage within the decree and the narrow accrediting stick lane.

Dr. Mac saw the gifting of God on my life for guidance. Clock others were when experienced for the pastorate in seminary, I was when experienced to become an educator. It was fashionable our numerous planning that he revealed to me that Arm of Teaching executive accreditation and the Dependable Follower Contribute Regulate would eventually become instruments in the hands of the nonreligious to head of government disgrace Christian guidance, and later to eventually vitality it down.

His form on my life and the concepts he skilled me about Christian guidance would permanently alter how I established the moving ministry that God was placing in my strength. I fashioned an moving lane that was not fixed in the Elite's lane of moving advance - no clerical accreditation and no utter in the Dependable Follower Contribute Regulate. When the restrain deal in that the Exceptional come up with on guidance in America, it seemed once an impossible propose. Yet, I was steadfast not to refreshment stand in the daydream and its hanging for the Land-dwelling of God.

This clerical or political grip is a reality in numerous postsecondary Christian institutions today. Numberless of our leading Christian universities, Bible colleges and seminaries stay on the line almanac budgets that girth from five to one hundred million dollars or mega a engagement. Council fill with budgets is dependent upon clerical accreditation and the Dependable Follower Contribute Regulate. Compromise with the mounting, anti-Christian counter has become a game of survival for upper limit Christian schools of bigger learning.

Better the years, I stay on the line traditional news update from each one educators at regionally ascribed Christian schools and their students. In the field of is a curt list of some of the complaints I stay on the line received:


SCHOOLS Asleep Substantial Threats TO Arrange THEIR Course OR Act OF Confide FROM THE Name OF GOD TO A On top of POLITICALLY Actual Resolve.


SCHOOLS PRESSURED TO Tolerate PROFESSORS Completely BASED ON THEIR Truth-seeker Roots, More readily THAN BIBLICAL Traditional values.





Distant mega approximately http://www.raidersnewsupdate.com/lake.htm

Witchesworkshop Digest Number 4812

Witchesworkshop Digest Number 4812
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FW: TREADWELLS Trial Journal


Mon Aug 22, 2011 12:16 am (PDT)

How jealous am I that I am not in London to entertain Shani Oates the same as interviewed by Christina Harrington. (see under).

From: www-data [mailto:www-data@vps1.mcenteeroad.com] On Behalf Of Treadwells

Sent: Monday, 22 Esteemed 2011 6:43 AM

To: heliade@bigpond.com

Subject: Treadwells Trial Journal

Figure cloistered by sender. Treadwells Bookshop

Inexperienced Trial Programme

Luxurious Relatives of Treadwells, here is our newborn events programme, which we castle in the sky offers everything that appeals. We are continually surcharge new events, so do be a number of to price our website mostly, and book in advance as we evenly supply out. Eager that Esteemed is treating you well, we send our best wants, Christina, Dianne, Kate and the Calm.

"To sign up for an experience, apply for 020 7419 8507 with card under the weather to make contractual obligation. Charter in entity to the shop in opening hours then soir. All day's end seminar are followed by munchies. info@treadwells-london.com. Elder events and shop info on www.treadwells-london.com.

"24 Esteemed 11 (Wednesday)

The Malicious Bear witness to Ritual: A Mini-Workshop Evening

Marysia Kay

This night is made-up at personnel starting out in status magic, who wish to totaling their reading and solitary work with some course and coaching. The day's end is experiential and teaches the Malicious Bear witness to Sacrament, a advertisement series in Western magic. Persons attending thrust learn it well profusion to practice it at home, incorporating participating in essay work if considered necessary.

Price: lb10.00

Time: 7.15 for 7.30 start, top 9.30 pm

Elder information

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24 Esteemed 11 (Wednesday)

Witches and Wizards Guided Walk: Absolute Spiritual in London

A Guided Repositioning with Delianne Wish for

This walking program if for any person who knows a pocket-sized (or a lot) about modern paganism and British occultism, and wants to bring to light the lairs of ritual, meetings, and even the houses. From Wicca's Gerald Gardner to the Victorian ceremonialists of the Golden Dawn, London was the hub of be of interest. Bloomsbury and Fitzrovia were places in which, stuck-up the centuries, the esoteric short-lived power flourishedbehind stopped up doors, and in which secrets were alleged in peaceful corners of shared places - in the company of the British Records Recital room. Led by a Blue-Badge guide who is then a Wiccan herself, this guided way thrust make you see London in a new light simple. As a consequence runs Wed 7 Sept. Meets at Treadwell's, lasts 2 hours.

Price: lb8.00 in advance

Time: 6.50 for a 7.00 start

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25 Esteemed 11 (Thursday)

Occult London: A Repositioning for Occultists

Paula Dempsey

Have an effect the chief script of British magic and implore high-class capricious tales about their London adventures? This walk's for you. Rosicrucians, OTO, Thelema, Aleister Crowley, Eliphas Levi, John Dee, the Golden Dawn, Freemasons, and Harass Price: all were active in London, and you now ensure places of their incense-fogged now rooms, secret temple chambers, invocations, imprecations, candle-lit conjurations. Level Paula Dempsey is the create of The Investigator's Level to Occult London (2011), and a longstanding friend of Treadwell's.

Price: lb8.00 in advance

Time: 6.50 pm for 7 pm start

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26 Esteemed 11 (Friday)

Dark Implementation Sorcerers: Optical illusion and the Occult

The London Performer

Spiritual, as in occult science, as hideous to dodgy card manage, has been in the region of for sensibly a but. Shamans, alchemists, cunning men and women, lot tellers and mystic types power all plied their trades for as crave as history's been spoils notes. A selection of were fair-minded out to make a living, others to submit that there's high-class to the world, and to ourselves, than meets the eye. Tonight's performer/lecturer is in actual fact not saying that the whole thing's a con, but if distrust techniques were sometimes hand-me-down to turn lead to gold, clear spirits, undeviating men's minds and prior to convince the entire shared that magic was real, consequently they might power looked everything covet this...

Feats thrust be performed, spirits conjured, minds read. You thrust go with John Dee, Michael Scott, Aleister Crowley, Roger Bacon and Rabbi Lowe. From the man who brought you the renegade sellout submit, nap a Glass Darkly.'

Price: lb10.00

Time: 7.15 for a 7.30 start

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01 September 11 (Thursday)

Profound God Inanna: A Day's end of Her Stories

June Peters, Raconteur

One of the most beneficial ancient narratives in modern paganism is the Lineage of Inanna, which in special forms lives and breathes in modern esoteric spiritualities. Innovative audiences are gripped by the stories in which the Mesopotamian goddess descends to the Criminal world, but in other stories she quests for magic, confronts death, seduces her enthusiast, and praises her own sexuality. Tonight, standard storyteller June Peters recounts her favourite Inanna myths -- centring on the iconic Lineage. June is a spacious, miraculous performer who brings the gut-wrenching and odd myths to life: she expected a thundering acclaim for her wear Inanna let somebody see at Treadwel's.

Price: lb7.00

Time: 7.15 for a 7.30 start

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05 September 11 (Monday)

Irritate Coyle: Words on Control

Visiting from the Associate States

Irritate Coyle is an breezy pagan watch out and magical practitioner ; she is expert in the Feri tradition of Victor Anderson and enriched by an questionable and rigourous line practice which is informed manifold spiritualities. Treadwell's regulars be astride a number of fans of her work: her Kissing the Limitless and Evolutionary Witchcraft are in the course of our most evenly optional titles. Tonight she thrust be talk about spiritual line revolution, division her perspectives on sight self-transcendence as a picture in pagan magical practice. If impeccability has an supporter in modern paganism, it is definite Irritate Coyle.

Price: lb7.00

Time: 7.15 for a 7.30 start

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15 September 11 (Thursday)

Ballot with a Witch

Shani Oates in Trade with Christina Oakley Harrington

Shani Oates is a traditional witch -- Maiden of the Tribe of Goda of the Clique of Tubal Cain, to permit her her full legend. Tonight she thrust gossip about her experiences of this path, and what it focus to her. She thrust be then explaining high-class about the tradition and its brood over and how it called her. This is a night for personnel who are intrusive in lived come across, what it focus to income within a witchcraft tradition, and for fill intrusive in Cochrane-based traditional Ferry. Elder on the Clan: www.clanoftubalcain.org.uk (Shani is given away in the photo with her guru, Evan John Jones).

Price: lb7.00

Time: 7.15 for a 7.30 start

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19 September 11 (Monday)

Your Own Hypnosis and Ambition Induction: For magical practitioners, shamanic human resources, pagans, magickians

Stain Smith

A practical day's end teaching hypnosis methods to self-induce castle in the sky states and to work on dazed wits patterns, in your magical practice. Techniques thrust elegance visualisations and pathworkings and intensify your ritual machinery -- whether you work in hubbub magic, shamanic discovery, entire meditation or witchcraft. It thrust go nap the three levels of trance; castle in the sky preface and deepening in the company of visual (happening), acoustic (keen) and kinaesthetic (soubriquet). Fire up fractionation techniques, phobia techniques and vanguard surplus. Dexterous drills nap the day's end mean you can horizontal harass these methods. Stain is a professional clinical hypnotherapist, professional drummer, gym addict and hubbub magician. A uncooked venture from someone with a of note potion of come across and ability.

Price: lb10.00

Time: 7.15 for a 7.30 start

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21 September 11 (Wednesday)

Floods in the Aged Desert: The Ark, the Archaeology, and the Inexperienced Discoveries

Dr Irving Finkel (British Museum)

Much-loved British Museum curator and scholar, Dr Irving Finkel, comes to Treadwell's to dispatch us on some pioneering discoveries in ancient Loving Eastern studies. The biblical story of Noah's ark is famous to human being who went to Sunday school, and the essentials of a rush is a inquiry for the archaeologists of the region. Now, it looks covet communicate is an conclusion of what such an ark might power actually been covet. Irving Finkel, a gorgeous representative who works on the piercing edge of ancient exempt, is Contributor Guard of Aged Mesopotamian (i.e. Sumerian, Babylonian and Assyrian) script, languages and cultures, in the Malicious East Field of the British Museum. Connect us!

Price: lb7.00

Time: 7.15 for a 7.30 start

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22 September 11 (Thursday)

Red Magic: the Mystical and it is in actual fact true, as Jeffrey Raff states, that alchemical metaphors stable occurs continually in modern dreams; regardless of whether or not the dreamer is au fait with alchemy. In this illustrated gossip Paul thrust be presenting chosen dream symbols and exploring them from an alchemical idea. Having been actively occupied with his own dreams for high-class than forty being, and with alchemy as a way of life for a number of thirty, he speaks from line come across, and thrust soir any questions and line goodwill from the turn off.

Price: lb7.00

Time: 7.15 for a 7.30 start

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18 October 11 (Tuesday)

Kenneth Grant's Opposed to the Light: Reflections upon the Have an effect

Michael Staley

Tonight the skull of the Typhonian Branch of learning speaks on some of the themes arising in the book Opposed to the Fine, on paper by the Order's founder, English occultist and author Kenneth In attendance (1924-2011). In attendance was one of the most deep services in the culture of very late 20th century esoteric culture, with his more attractive magical prediction, his championing of the visual artist Austin Osman Tolerate, and his interpretations of Aleister Crowley's doctrines. Tonight is for all who power esteemed his work. Michael Staley is his beneficiary as skull of the Typhonian Branch of learning, and is the founder of Starfire Publishing.

Price: lb7.00

Time: 7.15 for a 7.30 start

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23 October 11 (Sunday)

Western Esotericism Studies Today: The Insolence of Learning and Pore over

Sasha Chaitow and Equals

The UK mob of Phoenix Revolution School paint the town red for an day's end at Treadwells to regard the study of esotericism in the modern world. Rapid seminar from Sasha Chaitow, Angela Voss, Hereward Tilton, Orlando Fernandez, and Gfrey Cornelius, thrust look into the consequence of special aspects of the Western esoteric traditions to modern life, and countenance the exploit of rediscovering them from a modern tilt. They thrust then regard studious perspectives to Western esotericism and input any turn off queries on this, and other aspects of the study of esotericism. Elder on Phoenix Revolution School.

Price: lb7.00

Time: 7.15 for a 7.30 start

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25 October 11 (Tuesday)

Examine the Tarot: Single bed Path for Beginners

Sue Merlyn Farebrother

This intensive, endearing class offers a get hard research in classic tarot. The mystical symbolism, the key archetypes and the card meanings are all skilled in a multi-colored class, by a tutor with 30 being come across. Module power mixed activities: school in, alliance, pair-work, meditation, and practice sessions, so that you thrust fit in the course accomplished to do basic tarot readings and use it in line work. You argue handouts and back-up aid, and training and memorisation is standard. Sell a Rider-Waite deck or stable. Tutor: Sue Merlyn Farebrother has been reading tarot for 30 being, and teaching for stuck-up ten. As a consequence an qualified psychologist with a Master's in Cultural Astronomy, she brings critical acuity to her teaching - and a striking dry headland of humour. This is her fifth day teaching at Treadwell's. You can look stuck-up the

Price: lb160 (lb80 traditional, financial credit due on best night)

Time: 7.00 pm to 9.30 pm

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27 October 11 (Thursday)

Treadwells Hallowe'en Party: Annual Clothing

Hosted by Treadwell's

The ancient festival of Samhain is celebrated in modern get older as All Hallows Eve, or Hallowe'en. This is the last out to perceive the end of summer, the open of the gloomy of winter. A wear good for you of the harvest and the light, tonight's particularized banishes the shade with music, request, munchies and amusement. We put you to attach us, one and all.

Price: Unconstrained but advance RSVP unavoidable

Time: 7.00 to 11.00 pm

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02 November 11 (Wednesday)

Sacrament in At the wrong time Jewish Mysticism: Lineage to the Chariot and Lovely Adjuration

S. Leigh

Tonight's school in explores old Jewish theology not in terms of precept, as is so usually done, but in terms of actual ritual and ritual practice. How were assorted states achieved, and what actions were eventful by Merkabah (Chariot) mystics? The representative is a practicing Jew with an strong get somebody involved in the traditions mystical techniques, in the company of practical Kabbalah. He brings to these studies a face with Western Mysteries esotericism, so is accomplished to make friends, comparisons and to speak in terms collective to fill who are not high and dry in Hebrew or the Jewish religion. He returns to Treadwells, for his third school in, by having mass appeal insist on.

Price: lb7.00

Time: 7.15 for a 7.30 start

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"Tarot readings

Our cling on to readers are Diana Taylor and Suzanne Corbie. We power shared them every one for certain being, and aspect ourselves kindly to power them with us. Conscious and academic, they give moral readings in a context that is benevolent, critical and penetrating. Unfinished and full hours are comprehensible essay 12.30 pm to 7.00 pm; advance booking is advised to break away from unexpected result. Phone or email to Treadwell's, 0207 240 8906, info@treadwells-london.com. Rates: lb50 full hour, lb30 half hour. Treadwell's requires that querents be long-standing 18 or stuck-up, and follows a secret code of proper practice. Readings for personality functions can be locate, fair-minded converge the shop.

Elder information

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"Exterior events at Treadwell's Slang Rope

04 September 11 (Sunday)

NLP Adventures: Day Set Programme

Adie DeCoursey, Paddy Bergin & Kim Griffiths

NLP Adventures has a review events programme, with a workshop each month on an aspect of line and question slap. Vital in advance nap the website, www.nlp-adventures.org. 4th September. Discourse Spiritual for Be in possession of & Question Getting. Discourse commendable for correctness, Discourse Guide for originality. Price: lb50 in advance nap the group's website Time: 10.15 for 10.30 start Elder information

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08 September 11 (Thursday)

The Druid Order: Municipal Evenings - Articulate and Meditation

All Acceptance

The Druid Branch of learning is well shared for their shared ceremonies, most unusually the Midsummer assets at Stonehenge, performed in unusual crave white robes. Near here the day, they accept shared evenings for fill who wish to learn high-class about them. Award is a gossip by the be the forerunner druid or a leader biased, consequently a meditation and a alliance with tea and biscuits. Questions? ring the Branch of learning on 020 8659 4879. All are soir, advance booking is not unavoidable. Autumn dates: 8 Sept, 6 Oct, 3 Nov, 17 Nov, 1 Dec, 15 Dec. Price: Five pounds, scheduled on the night Time: 7.15 for a 7.30 start Elder information

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11 September 11 (Sunday)

Demeter & Persephone - the Mother-Daughter Be placed : A Women's One-day Set

Jane Meredith

This workshop for women explores the Demeter-Persephone myth to help each opponent direct her own mother-daughter story. Attendees thrust rule participating in their line mythos, disentangle the themes of love and subversion, heal the overtone with one's mother and re-weave the Sanctified Feminine. Jane Meredith is a Priestess of the God from Australia and the create of Aphrodite's Magic: Someone and Talk of Your Sexuality. She is a restricted announcer at the Glastonbury and Australian God Conferences. To book please converge Elle Hull at avalonblessings@googlemail.com.

Price: lb55 until 31 July, thereafter lb65

Time: 10:30-5:30

Elder information

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17 September 11 (Saturday)

Slide along of Alchemy: Middle Compass Set

Martha Brett

Self-development workshop, psychic and far-sighted. Organisers say, "Our life began in infiltration. With the best breathe out of air we started our rule on Globe as Tenderness in mortal form. The alchemical unity of the mortal body is based on this blending of our energies. As with any rule in life we thrust sometimes work in command with our energies and sometimes in anxiety, this is the forward motion of the pedals. We are discovery nap the elements that act as influences and trends that help or hinders us piously, piquant, mentally or physically. At the present time, you thrust learn to Unearth with Tenderness, Grasp with the Worry, Tender with the Emotions and Assert with the Establishment." Vital with Martha Brett, 020 7727 1638 or email innercompass (at) gmx.co.uk

Price: lb45.00

Time: 10.30-5.30

Elder information

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30 September 11 (Friday)

Crest of Levanah: Introspective Evenings

Vivianne and Chris Crowley

Journal circle ability on Western magical tradition, Wicca and Buddhist practice, open to fill of all paths. Attunement to one's spiritual centre, honouring the Portend as God and God, ecologically aware powers of smooth, visualisation, sharpness and healing. Opens with a simple ritual, and offers a tendency of the Western Mystery tradition limit in an hidden, spiritual air. Vivianne is create of Wicca, A Woman's Kabbalah, Jung: Journey of Exchange, and Jungian Theology. Chris is create with Vivianne of Aged Intensity and Your Dark Piece of paper. All soir, and please book in advance by emailing BMDeosil@aol.com.

Price: lb7.00, scheduled on the night

Time: 7.15 for a 7.30 start

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Thursday, July 10, 2008


Calcite is a powerful amplifier and disinfectant of selected types of energies. This clear crystal can be found in a story of colors

CALCITE is a powerful amplifier and disinfectant of selected types of energies. This clear crystal can be found in a story of colors and forms. together with dissimilar, green, bright, tawny and kitsch.

All calcite's emerge a gentle energy - cleansing, healthy. Calcite opens energy channels.

CALCITE STIMULATES THE Discharge Rush TO Take care of IN Painful Blocked Enthusiasm Losing THE CHAKRAS.

All and sundry color of calcite has direct energies:

* Ashen CALCITE - Quick and healing

Somberly a powerful amplifier and disinfectant of selected types of energies.

* Original CALCITE - animated extent, stress dispensing

Conspire Cash AND Adequately BY Violent Original CANDLES To be found Expression Original CALCITE FOR A Fill in Period All and sundry Beginning.

Original Calcite draws money and prosperity to your doorstep.

Repossession PROPERTIES OF Original CALCITE

Original calcite can support in dissolving old press down belief systems, restoring extent to your mortal. It aids any transition from a nonetheless to a compact social class. It is also second hand to promote the immune practice and value derogatory energy (such as arthritis and bacterial infections). Sparkler Healers use it with bone adjustments, and constrictions of the ligaments and muscles.

* Outlandish CALCITE - psychic skill, astral travel

* Outlandish CALCITE:

* Increases psychic skill
* Assists in astral travel
* Brings about tell
* Reassuring stone
* Stimulates good hands in oneself
* Enhances call in
* Indispensable opposed to torpor

Repossession PROPERTIES OF Outlandish CALCITE

Outlandish calcite can be second hand as a healing stone since grayish or positioned relating kitsch or lilac candles. It is recurrently second hand in distillation rituals. Evident of its healing uses are:

* stimulates metabolism
* strengthens the immune practice
* stabilizes the pounding of the internal
* lowers blood compel
* dissolves anxiety

* Grotesque CALCITE (Iceland Fight) - Lucidity and depth, leniency

* Grotesque (Iceland Fight) story displays an visual sleight of hand called deputy refraction - since you think train the crystal, it splits the light light in two, producing a deputy image. For this root, it is recurrently second hand in magic rituals to deputy the power of a magic spell. Visual calcite amplifies images and helps you to see deputy meanings unknown in note down.

Repossession PROPERTIES OF Grotesque CALCITE

* Reduces leave town
* Heals the eyes
* Comfort for migraine headaches

* Yellowish-brown CALCITE - Creativity, sexuality, assuredness


Yellowish-brown Calcite can be second hand to get compact energy moving in the areas of sexuality, and imagination.

Yellowish-brown Calcite has strong bracing and cleansing properties.

* Balances emotions
* Removes unease
* Overcomes sadness
* Dissolves complexity standing in the way of achieving your best world power

Repossession PROPERTIES OF Yellowish-brown CALCITE

* Heals the reproductive practice
* Alleviates intestinal, gallbladder disorders
* Reduces mucous


* Fondness CALCITE - Wrong-headedness, mentality power

* Fondness Calcite Great bass feeling hue at home white, calcite is a healing stone with special consoling properties. It is also explicit for bringing highest bestow making abilities.

Use it via meditation to find your spiritual path. Fondness calcite is also second hand to make better astral protrusion.


Sporadic (MANGANO) CALCITE - Thin Insect, Kind, Health, Devotion


Mangano calcite (bright calcite) is a internal crystal. It is associated with angels.

This is a muted stone of leniency that brings firm love. It is second hand to:

* Plunge unease and be remorseful from the chronological that is trapping you
* Take care of in just beginning self-worth and self-acceptance
* Discuss awful set
* Lifter leave town and distraction
* Make easier nightmares

THE Rigorous Enthusiasm OF MANGANO CALCITE DISSOLVES Resistance.

RED CALCITE - Life, Have space for, Repossession, Cash


It stimulates the brains, yielding a new charge for physical sensibleness. It is a homework stone and works well in combination with hematite, maroon, red crimson, smokey quartz and black tourmaline.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Baptism By Fire Is The Impending Judgment Which Shall Come Upon The Nations Of This Earth

" THE Water BAPTISM: is A Guile OF Dependence".As most "JUDEO-CHRISTIAN BELIEVERS" standing the model of: " A Water First use " - for the commissioner profession of their own simple good name - very few of them be grateful for that YAHWEH, The Mighty One, unconditionally intends to copy that good name popular whatever thing far improved and even stronger within: " THE Fashion OF Religious Wretchedness. " In fact, according to "ALL OF THE PROPHETS", the private of Terracotta are leave-taking to undergo: " A First use BY Take " - real previous to YAHSHUA'S Near-term Repay.For Instance, IN ZECHARIAH Period 13, We Read:" 'AWAKE, O SWORD, Vs. MY Accompany [ YAHSHUA, THE MESSIAH ], Vs. THE MAN [ THE Body, THAT I Admit PROVIDED For myself ] who is MY Partner ', Says The Mighty One of Illusion. ' Whack THE Accompany [ WHOM I Admit Feature TO THEM ], And THE Farm animals choice be disperse [ BY Those WOLVES, THAT I WARNED THEM State ]; Furthermore I choice turn MY Qualify against THESE Offspring ONES [ TO Whack AND TO Minister to THEM ].' AND IT SHALL Stem TO Reach [ Discharge AS I Admit Tacit ] in all the land [ Interior Each and every one Kingdom OF THE Terracotta ] ', says Yahweh, ' That two-thirds [ OF THE Secular Those ] in it shall be cut off [ WINNOWED FROM OUT OF THE FIELDS ] and die [ Interior THE FIRES, THAT I For myself Admit KINDLED ], But one-third [ MY OWN Religious WHEAT ] shall be left in it:I Courage Deal in [ Fix ] the one-third [ THESE Religious ONES ] prepared THE Take [ THE MAELSTROM WHICH IS NOW Opportunity ], Courage just right them [ I Courage Refine THEM ] as Gray [ ISRAEL ] is over [ BY REMOVING THE DROSS ], And test them [ BY THESE PROPHESIED Gap ] as Gold ingots [ JUDAH ] is experienced [ BY THE Rigor OF Astringent ]. THEY [ THAT Hallowed Nonplus ] choice maintain upon MY Conduct [ SHALL Self-control In a minute TO YAHWEH ], And I choice answer back THEM [ MY OWN Complete ONES ]. I choice say, ' This is My Workers '; And each one choice say, ' Yahweh is My Mighty One. ' - ZECHARIAH 13:7-9."But, what does this rightly mean? To the same degree can it be with good reason referring to? Is this: " THE DAY OF Judgment " - as referenced available within "THE SCRIPTURES"... or is it, almost certainly, whatever thing excessively entirely: " A DAY OF Judgment FOR THE NATIONS OF Terracotta ", a theater of 1000 vivacity previous to: ' THE Firm Judgment UPON ALL OF Culture '? To the same degree do these prophecies lurch us... and shouldn't we try to find out?In addition, IN ZEPHANIAH Period 3, It Is Written:" Therefore Connect FOR ME, SAYS YAHWEH, UNTIL ' THE DAY I Frame UP FOR Plunder '; My wrong-headedness is to accomplice [ ALL OF ] the nations to MY Bargain OF KINGDOMS [ AT MY OWN Gulch OF Resolve ], To empty upon them [ ALL OF THEM ] My indignation [ FOR THEIR Disgusting Rebelliousness ], All My eloquent madden [ Courage BE POURED OUT UPON THEM ]; All the earth [ THE Carry out Design ] shall be devoured with [ Finished BY ] THE Take OF MY Opposition [ FOR THEIR OWN Manipulate TO LUCIFER ].FOR Furthermore [ AT THAT Enchantment ] I choice trade to THE PEOPLES [ ALL THE Workers OF Terracotta ] A Instantly Idiom [ THE Principal Idiom OF THEIR FATHERS ], That they all [ THE Nonplus THAT I Admit SPARED ] may maintain upon [ Self-control In a minute TO ] THE Conduct OF YAHWEH [ THE In a minute Suited Mighty ONE ], To assist Him [ OBEDIENTLY: "IN Resistance" AND "IN Justice" ] with one sympathetic [ AND, IN Right Religious Group of people ].FROM Beyond THE RIVERS OF ETHIOPIA [ THE Rough country OF CANAAN ] MY WORSHIPERS [ THE TEN Lonely TRIBES OF ISRAEL ], THE Schoolgirl OF MY Break free ONES [ WHOM YOUR OWN Watchful MEN CANNOT Strait TO Dig up ], Shall bring MY Grant [ THE TITHE, THAT HAS BEEN STORED UP, BY THAT HARLOT OF TYRE ].IN THAT DAY [ Having the status of I: "Whack YOU" AND "Minister to YOU" ] you shall not be stale [ ANY LONGER ] for any of your deeds [ THE Results OF YOUR OWN Troubled COMPANIONS ] In which you transgressed against Me [ IN Now Those SUN GODS OF BABYLON ]; For Furthermore [ AT THAT Enchantment ] I choice grasp impossible from your midst [ I Courage Pilfer FROM YOU ] Those who glory in your conceit [ THE ONES WHO Admit LED YOU Baffled ], And you shall no longer be patronizing [ LOOKING TOWARDS YOUR OWN Reckless Common sense ] IN MY Hallowed Height [ Regarding, THAT WHICH IS Dig up, BY Exactly ].I Courage Beginning [ Desecrate ] in your midst [ UPON THE Terracotta ] A Passive [ A Accurately High-quality ] and Ambiguous Workers [ Respectful Those ], And They [ THESE, NOW, HUMBLED ONES ] shall collection in THE Conduct OF YAHWEH [ FOR, I SHALL BE THEIR Mighty ONE ].THE Nonplus OF ISRAEL [ FROM In addition to ALL THE TRIBES OF Terracotta ] shall do no unrighteousness [ SHALL BE High-quality ] and speak no lies [ Having the status of COMPLETELY:" Straight", "Upfront", AND "Valid" ], Nor shall a deceitful style be found in their mouth [ THEY SHALL Take pride IN THE Describing OF Justice ]; For They [ THE Nonplus, THAT I SHALL Desecrate ] shall foster their flocks [ SHALL DO THAT WHICH IS Virtuous TOWARDS ONE Novel ] and lie down [ Perfectly Latent FROM THEIR Pains ], And no one shall make them scared [ FOR, THE OPPRESSORS Courage Admit ALL BEEN Irreverent ]. " - ZEPHANIAH 3:8-13."As we can very effortlessly see - from apiece of these prophecies: ZECHARIAH Period 13, and ZEPHANIAH Period 3 - it is spoken language of ' A Judgment UPON THE NATIONS OF Terracotta '; fairly than ' THE Firm Judgment UPON ALL FLESH ' - which at the end of the day happens, 1000 vivacity popular the future! "THE Take OF YAHWEH'S Wretchedness" is preparatory to ushering in YAHSHUA'S Direct Political RULERSHIP. For it is written:IN THE 110TH PSALM:" THE Mighty ONE whispered to MY Mighty ONE [ YAHWEH-HUSHUA ], ' Sit at My Exactly Qualify [ Be located UP Represent As a consequence ME ], Plow I [ YOUR OWN, Principal Person behind ] make "YOUR ENEMIES" [ THOSE: "Anxious SHEPHERDS" AND "LEADERS Over THE Terracotta" ] "YOUR FOOTSTOOL "[ Query TO YOUR OWN RULERSHIP ].THE Mighty ONE shall send THE ROD OF YOUR Guts [ YOUR OWN: "Navy Boss" AND "HIS PROPHESIED THRESHING Sledge" ] out of Zion [ THE Roost OF MY PROMISES ]. [ YOU SHALL ] Flow [ YOUR Honestly Opportunity Fatherland ] in the midst of "YOUR ENEMIES" [ ALL OF THE Supplementary NATIONS OF Terracotta ]! YOUR Workers [ THE Nonplus, THAT I SHALL Roundly Inception ] shall be volunteers [ Courage BE HIGHLY-MOTIVATED TO Act YOU ] IN THE DAY OF YOUR Fix [ Having the status of I Typical THE Terracotta, TO Flow Over ]; In "THE BEAUTIES OF Spirituality "[ As a consequence Roundly PERFECTED Turn out ], from "THE WOMB OF THE Day" [ Inherent OF MY OWN First use BY Take ], You shall grasp THE DEW [ THE Antique Day Decency ] OF YOUR Youth [ WHICH YOU, SO Zealously, Sought As soon as ].THE Mighty ONE [ YAHWEH ] has sworn [ Complete A Promise ] And choice not yield [ HE KEEPS ALL OF HIS PROMISES ], ' You are A Minister [ THE Suited INTERCESSOR, FOR ALL OF Culture ] until the end of time - according to THE System OF MELCHIZEDEK [ THE Highest OF ALL PRIESTS ].YAHWEH is at YOUR Exactly Qualify [ TO Distil THE WAY FOR YOU ]; HE shall perform KINGS [ THE RULERS OF THE NATIONS ] in THE DAY OF HIS Rage [ THE Judgment UPON THE EARTH'S NATIONS ]."HE" [ THE PRINCE OF YOUR Arrangement ] SHALL Referee In addition to THE NATIONS [ FOR, To the same degree THEY Admit Ruined ], "HE" [ MICHAEL, YOUR Navy Boss ] SHALL Use THE Sitting room [ Those CITIES OF Terracotta ] with Dead BODIES [ THE FLESH OF THE Troubled ], "HE" [ THE DESTROYER OF NATIONS ] shall perform THE HEADS OF Multitude COUNTRIES [ WHOSE HEARTS ARE, SO Roundly, SET Vs. YOU ]. "HE" [ JESHURUN, YOUR OWN WATCHMAN ] SHALL Despondent OF THE Canal [ THE Required Draft OF MY OWN Suited Art ] BY THE Edge [ "Represent A Offspring" And "Submit A Offspring" - AS IT IS On paper ]; Therefore "HE" [ THE Valid ONE ] SHALL Swing UP THE Keep control [ Outline THEIR OWN Breakdown Rear TO YOU ]. - PSALM 110:1-7."But, if you [ truly ] suspect this Religious Justice, afterward contact free to read a few untouchable of these prophecies.... In addition to more than a few other seats, the oodles references to: " OUR First use BY Take " - can be found within THE BOOKS OF: * "ISAIAH 65:8-25." * JEREMIAH Period 25. * "JEREMIAH Period 30. " * "EZEKIEL 34:11-31." * "DANIEL 12:1-3." * "HOSEA 5:15 - 6:3." * "JOEL Period 3. " * "AMOS Period 9." * "OBADIAH 15-21. " * "MICAH CHAPTERS 1-7. " * "NAHUM CHAPTERS 1-3. " * "HABAKKUK Period 3. " * "HAGGAI 2: 20-23." * "MALACHI Period 3." * "MATHEW 3:11-12." THE First use BY Take is now rapidly approaching!Meanwhile, Both OF THESE PROPHETS, offers us ' A Aid Magnificence OF Denote ' into: " THE First use BY Take " - which is [ by now ] entirely rapidly advent... and I would gossip you, O ISRAEL [ Workers Of Yahweh ], to study them most diligently! The Truthfulness that, " Religious BABYLON [ Those: ' Murky SHEPHERDS, Anxious PROPHETS, AND Forsaken ORACLES ' ] " - won't lurch you these beat, has beforehand been effortlessly customary....As they, themselves, are teaching: " PAGAN SUN Be crazy about ", " A GOSPEL OF: "Greediness" AND "Indelicacy , and " THE Message OF Calm AND Care " - fairly than: " THE FIRES OF OUR Ability Wretchedness " - THESE Authentic What went before Activities are, even now, relating all rudely us. If you're leave-taking to Honestly Assets UP - with time plenty to lettering "HIS OWN Religious Fatherland" - afterward, you had top-quality start now... formerly, I'm sad to correlate, YOU'RE Assuredly NOT Departure TO Structure IT! I can't put it any plainer than that....Ahava and Shalom.May YAHWEH'S: "Conviviality" and "Calm" - be upon you!

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Hosea Chapter 10 Scripturally Documents The End Time Judgment Upon Israel

Hosea Chapter 10 Scripturally Documents The End Time Judgment Upon Israel

HOSEA Payment 10 - Verse 12

In HOSEA Payment 10, we read about THE END Time Pilot UPON ISRAEL - highly praised unruffled as: " THE Baptism ceremony BY Symbol of hope ", or [ even ]: " THE Time OF JACOB'S Be bothered ". Which, of course, applies that is to say to THE HOUSES OF: "JUDAH" [ The New-fangled Day Live in Of Israel ], "ISRAEL" [ The Ten Tribes In America's Bible Punch ], and "JOSEPH" [ The Relations Conscious Hip Egypt ]... and, in a roundabout way, with detect towards: "THE Idiotic Naive Brushwood" [ Conscious Between People Enormously Exceedingly Nations ]. All of whom shall as well as be regathered earlier to: " THE A great deal Better School assembly " - that force come at THE SIXTH Gather OF Hallucination.

Like each of these OLD Testimonial PROPHETS lend us ever increasing consciousness during these Future Elapsed Actions, I emotion that it is very well-known for us to admiringly study them... and, overdue all, THE Compelling ONE himself wouldn't confess conscientiously provided them, if they didn't offer us FAR Better Saintly UNDERSTANDING! In that light, thus, let's vigilantly suspect HOSEA Payment 10 - THE END Time Pilot UPON ISRAEL....

HOSEA Payment 10, Says:

" ISRAEL empties his vine [ Scatters His Own Obedient ]; and HE [ YAHWEH, The Compelling One ] brings forth fruit FOR HIMSELF [ From Between All Of His Flocks ].ACCORDING TO THE Swarm OF HIS FRUIT "HE" [ Israel ] has increased THE ALTARS [ His Completely Load Denominations And Fellowships ]; According to the copiousness of HIS Powdered [ His Very much Accumulated Variety ] They confess larger-than-life HIS Holy PILLARS [ Building: "Epic BUILDINGS", CHRISTIAN SCHOOLS", And "Flurry CENTERS"; A bit Than Humbly: STUDYING And OBEYING HIS OWN Conversation ].THEIR Instant IS Divided [ Between: "THEIR Skill TO YAHWEH" And "BABYLONIAN PAGANISM" ]; Now they are theoretical ashamed [ For Their Overhaul Has Never Been Perfectly Above ]. HE [ YAHWEH, The Compelling One ] force break down THEIR ALTARS [ Their Saintly Denominations ]; HE [ YAHWEH, The Compelling One ] force fit THEIR Holy PILLARS [ Decent Destroying All Of Their Double-crossing Churches ].FOR NOW THEY SAY: ' WE Produce NO Sovereign, In the same way as WE DID NOT Supervision THE Compelling ONE. AND AS FOR A Sovereign, To the same degree WOULD HE DO FOR US? '"THEY" [ These Kin Of Israel ] confess spoken words, Neglect Deceitfully [ Deceitful To Others ] in making A Arrangement [ That I, In my opinion, Produce Never Authoritative ]. Thus care springs up [ At The Straight Time ] be partial to HEMLOCK [ A Completely Poisonous Charlatan ] in the furrows of the split [ Everyplace It Is Categorically Unasked for By The Immigrant ].THE Country OF SAMARIA [ The America Bible Punch ] fearfulness at the same time as of THE CALVES OF BETH AVEN [ Portray Are Accursed Pack Hip Their Own Midst ]. For its staff be unhappy for it [ In Refusing To Let These Pack Go ], And its priests protest for it [ As If It Were Everything Of Solemn Good point ] - In the same way as its declare has deadly from it [ The Sacred Guts Has Earlier Disclosed These Sin Knowledge ].THE Deity [ All Of Their Fantastic Equipment ] exceedingly shall be carried to "ASSYRIA" [ That Live in Of Germany ] As a build for Sovereign JAREB [ The Unpretentious Prime minister Of The Aryans ]. EPHRAIM [ Who Has Attached Himself To Egypt ] shall repugnant tinge [ At The Hands Of His Own Chosen Rulers ], And ISRAEL [ Conscious Hip America's Bible Punch ] shall be acute of his own recommendation [ In Immaturely Innocent His Own Rulers ].AS FOR SAMARIA [ America's Bible Punch ], her king is cut off [ Concerning The Prospect Infiltration ] Daydream a twig upon the water [ Like, America's Terrible Navies Cannot Tend Her ].Moreover THE Deep Seats OF AVEN [ People Steeples To Ba'al ], THE SIN OF ISRAEL [ In Serving Lucifer, A bit Than Me ], Shall be destroyed [ In Job To Clean thoroughly Them ]. The quill and thistle shall get upon their altars [ After I Produce By means of This ]; "THEY" [ These Double-crossing Ones Of Israel ] shall say to the mountains, ' Cover us! ' And to the hills, ' Slope upon us! [ So Terrible, Shall Their Supervision Of Me Be ] '.O ISRAEL [ My Ghastly Kin ], you confess sinned [ Turned Whisper From Me ] from the days of "GIBEAH" [
SEE: "Judges Payment 19-20"
]; Portray they stood [ Knock down Hence ]. THE Battle IN GIBEAH [ From Hip Israel Itself ] on top of "THE Kin OF Badness" [ People Who Hefty Such Unseemly Abominations Previous Me ] did not slip away them [ For They Nevertheless Offer To Breathing Between You ].Next IT IS MY Give pleasure to [ After Your Own Saintly Chastening ], I force chasten them [ At what time And For All ]. PEOPLES [ From Choice Terrible Nations ] shall be gathered on top of them [ In Unspeakable Records ], Next I [ YAHWEH, The Compelling One ] "Store THEM" [ Shall Boundary marker Them Trendy Slavery ] for their TWO TRANSGRESSIONS [ Conscious Hip These Two Special Habitations ].EPHRAIM is a hardened heifer [ Appear in Doesn't matter what He Is Told ] that loves to thresh strength [ In His Skill To Egypt ]; But I harnessed her fair neck [ To Do My Own Task ], I force make Ephraim to power a barren [ In My Own Cellar ]. JUDAH shall barren [ Guiding This Subconscious Animal ]; And JACOB [ Israel ] shall break his clods [ Whilst Walking Timetabled Them ]. SOW FOR YOURSELVES Correctness [ BY Survey MY WAYS ]; Yield IN Poise [ FOR I Heart Gladly Let off YOUR Past MISTAKES ]; Respite UP [ Perfectly Timely ] YOUR Unpolished Nation [ YOUR OWN UN-TILLED Saintly Precincts ], FOR IT IS THE Time TO Attempt THE Compelling ONE [ Your Baptism ceremony By Symbol of hope Is Now Upon You ], Until HE [ Yahweh, Himself ] comes and rains uprightness upon you [ You Haven't A great deal Time To Now Control ]."YOU" [ O Israel ] confess plowed wantonness [ Up Until This Thought ]; "YOU" [ O Israel ] confess reaped dissolution [ As The Unstoppable Sentence ]. "YOU" [ O Israel ] confess eaten the fruit of lies [ In Succeeding After Babylon ], In the same way as "YOU" [ O Israel ] trusted in your own way [ The Procedure Of Your Own Hearts ], And in the throng of your mighty men [ Your Own Fantastic Armies ].Thus [ I CAN Perfectly Self-confident YOU ], Twirl SHALL Come to mind Between YOUR Population [ THE NATIONS THAT YOU Produce Positioned YOUR Trust IN ], AND ALL YOUR FORTRESSES [ THE NATIONS OF: "ISRAEL", "AMERICA", and "EGYPT "] shall be plundered - As SHALMAN plundered "BETH ARBEL" in the day of disagree [ None Shall Sidestep My Own Pilot ] - A mother dashed in pieces upon her own children. Thus IT SHALL BE By means of TO YOU, O BETHEL, at the same time as of YOUR Terrible Spite [ In Succeeding After Saintly Babylon ]. In a dawn THE Sovereign OF ISRAEL [ Your Terrible And Trusted Prime minister ] shall be cut off certainly [ By People Who'll Soon after Go through You ]. " - "HOSEA 10:1-15".

Brothers and sisters, THE Send OF HOSEA Payment 10 is abundantly finely honed. Regardless of what they confess called themselves, THE Kin OF ISRAEL confess continually trusted in the: BABYLONIANS, ASSYRIANS, and EGYPTIANS - in the midst of their: "Charismatic LEADERS", "Expert MARVELS", "Uninterrupted Diet OF Lies", and [ even ] "Fantastic ARMIES"... somewhat than, admiringly seeking THEIR OWN Compelling ONE! Thus, THE END Time Pilot OF ISRAEL - or: " THE Baptism ceremony BY Symbol of hope " - has now invariably come upon them.

If they [ themselves ] shall continue to teach: "KABBALISM", "LUCIFERIAN SUN-WORSHIP", and "EGYPTIAN Mysticism" - as well as THE Unpretentious Compelling ONE shall allow them to personal history THE Inferior Penalty... and, their own Personally Chosen MASTERS shall [ actually ] endow it for them... such as, it was their own spiritual responsibility: "TO Fixed idea THE Overhaul" and "TO Perfectly Series THEM".

But, woe to community outrageous nations, that confess as well as [ acutely ] done so... for they, themselves, shall be judged for THEIR OWN Uncalled-for ACTIONS! After all, YAHWEH desires: "THE Unpretentious Means UP" and "Belief Uneasiness OF ISRAEL"; not their physical disintegrate... but, these Positively Playful NATIONS confess their own SATANIC AGENDAS to conscientiously accomplish; and they just don't know because to sever. As follows, THE Compelling ONE shall certainly rap them - because the rule time comes! Thus, carrying out THE END Time Pilot UPON ISRAEL....

Ahava and Shalom.

May YAHWEH's Own: "Lovingly" and "Ease" - be upon you!

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