Thursday, November 20, 2014

Renounce And Enjoy

Renounce And Enjoy

Renunciation, whose Sanskrit equivalent is Tyaga or to give up, forms an inseparable part of Vedanta or Hindu Philosophy. Renunciation is commonly used for Tyaga of fruit of actions which you perform in life. This is to ensure that your complete focus is on work in hand and not on the results of your work so that your focus on work is not disturbed by thinking about fruit of action. Thus we see that Renunciation is an inner attitude and has nothing to do with renunciation of works while living in the world.

The title of this write up says that when you live in the world, you should first renounce and then enjoy life. For a worldly person enjoyment means when his desires are fulfilled, when he enjoys when in contact with sense objects, when he is emotionally attached to a person of his choice, when he keeps his ego and take credit for all the works he does and when he has a selfish attitude in whatever he plans and does. A worldly man's thought process is always focussed on his personal needs. Such thoughts process ends up in formation of desires. In Mahabharata it is quoted "Desires thou are born of thoughts (called sankalpa in Sanskrit). I will not entertain selfish thoughts to eliminate desires from their root."

For spiritual evolution, one's motto in life should be Renounce and enjoy. This looks a paradox because when you renounce or let go things or give up your aptitude which gives you enjoyment, then how can a person still enjoys without possessing something he desires or without being attached to someone. In spiritual way of life, there is greater enjoyment when we catch higher values of life than the enjoyment at the sensual level. In spiritual sense Renunciation also means taking up higher values of life and cultivating them so that they become a part and parcel of you - be it human, social, moral and spiritual values. When it happens the lower instincts loosen their grip on you. But our aim should be to eradicate our lower instincts and then only we can advance on the spiritual path. We shall see what are the lower instincts which we should renounce.


All desires are born out of selfishness. Selfishness is the cause of all evil that we do in life. Desires are always deep rooted and cannot be renounced by force. We have to examine our desires, reduce our desires, upgrade our desires so that we concentrate on noble desires and not on sensual desires. Desires to do good to others, desires to evolve your own self to a higher level of consciousness, desires to teach higher values of life to others in order to benefit them are all noble desires. When you upgrade your desires then your sensual desires become weak. Our Puranas say "Sum total of sense pleasures of this world and great pleasure of Heaven are not worth a sixteenth part of the Bliss which proceeds from eradication of desire".


Attachment leads to bondage, the opposite of attachment is detachment. In attachment you have love for a particular person while for others you have no concern. Attachment is love plus selfishness whereas detachment is unselfish love. Detachment is living in the world but remaining unaffected and undisturbed by the happenings of the world. Detachment is like being a lotus in water which retains its original charm without being affected by the surroundings. To get detached to the world, you have to get attached to God. By constant practice one can bring mind to concentrate on God. One way to obtain a detached outlook in life is to love all unconditionally in the same way as God loves all irrespective of caste or creed. Detachment also means performing you duties in life whole heartedly without bothering about the results. Mahabharata underscores that a true renouncer or Tyagi is one who works in a spirit of detachment. When you are detached you care for all. Detachment does not mean that you live the life of a recluse cut off from worldly affairs.


Ego means Me and Mine. Ego also means inflated self-worth, a sense of pride, selfishness or a sense of separateness which is to imagine that you are superior to others. Ego also means taking credit of all works you do by proclaiming that I am the doer. Ego means false identification of ourself with body ignoring that the soul or Atma is the essence of a living being. Ego hinders knowledge. More ego less wisdom is the correct equation. Ego can be erased by offering to God all what you do which includes the results of your doings. When you do that you get a feeling that you are working as per God's will.


Our Upanishad (Isha Upanishad) says that everything in the world is covered by God or belongs to God. Therefore you should have no sense of possession of what you have. You should rejoice in God alone with a feeling of Renunciation. The Upanishad further says that Renunciation is not of life but is of selfishness and ego.

The other thing one must remember is that when you are at a higher state of consciousness you do not exclude yourself from worldly enjoyments. When you participate in worldly enjoyments with you mind established in higher self, the worldly enjoyments would not leave any impressions on your mind. In this state you like every one or enjoy their company but you would have no bondage with any particular person. And if you feel unduly attracted or disturbed by any sense object, you will have the ability to withdraw your senses from the object of your attraction like a tortoise withdraws his limbs inside itself when it feels some danger. This, according to Bhagavad Gita, is one of the signs of a perfect person.


' Renounce and enjoy' is a beautiful aspect of life which can only be experienced and not forced upon anyone. We must remember that life in world and life in spirit are not incompatible. If the concept of Renounce and enjoy is correctly understood, your life becomes a celebration. Life becomes a joyful event with each day brings newness in life besides inner development.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Charity A Part Of Life And A Factor Of Faith

Charity A Part Of Life And A Factor Of Faith
If you're a yearn for time reader of my blog you've seen my posts about "living your prospect." I am one of inhabit people who believes that undertakings speak louder than words, and every day undertakings speak louder about who you are than the "holiday" undertakings do. For me, my prospect is a part of who I am, it's not everything that shows it's head on Sabbats and Esbats and subsequently forgets all about it on the day to day. For me, a grave part of practicing my prospect is working to dexterity positive attack. Of course my youthful aim is to dexterity positive changes in myself, but I don't bite the dust dowry. I aim to dexterity a break into world for my children and grandchildren, for the rough, the parched, the sick... For everyone! In our time and tomorrow! Clearly, I am not enlarge mortal. And undesirably I don't pin down the worthy to lure my core and end eagerness, medical condition or war. But I do pin down the license to commit every revolution I pin down. Benevolence, for me, is very extreme a instance of prospect. I am a unconditional enthusiast in sameness, quality and creating a concluded positive life, a concluded positive world. I'm not ornamental, in fact resources unscrupulous, I'm not even intentional "denote class." But in no way does that mean I can't be kindhearted. Benevolence is meticulous as "large undertakings or charity to aid the rough, ill, or alone." So from everywhere I sit, you don't pin down to be money-wise ornamental to be kindhearted. To be more precise you roughly pin down to be blameless to act in a large way which aims to help inhabit in wish for. With that in existence, I embrace to link about some ways that Being can commit kindly of themselves. The utmost shimmering and easiest way to be kindhearted is to impart to a elevate for one thing or unusual. (See my list of "lovely charities" below) Donating clothing, shoes, toys and other every day firm footing to shelters, or other "in wish for" groups equal Nourishing Motivation or Red Traverse. Present-day Blood! One say can additional 3 lives! Be an associate or remains donor! I know it's not everything utmost people want to questionable about, butat the end of the day, we all gotta go, so why not make certain you do some good on your way out. If you aren't special about everywhere your remains goes, just become an every day supplier... If you elect your remains goes for occurrence or forensic study you'll want to do some research and make arraignments early. Present-day your time! Libraries, potage kitchens, recreational area services, expelled shelters, medical clinics and hospitals are Always looking for volunteers. You can even brace with groups equal Household for Selflessness to help assist housing for low resources or in wish for families. Even personal property equal cleaning up interior beaches, parks or camping good sense is talented for inhabit who in concert input them - or for inhabit who pin down to snooze dowry... Climb a garden, and limit the extras! Recent fruits and veggies are very pricy and for a wide-ranging various families they are roughly out of the financial system... Class your garnish tomatoes, cucumbers, apples or other home growns helps assist families who typically can't assist good, favorably foods for their families fatten up them well. Straightforwardness with friends to start a objective. Drives get the whole community multipart by kindly someone within a town, district or other scope to commit together, which allows for extreme concluded to be given in the end. Opening a "children intersection" in your scope. Our scope does these from time to time. It's equal a multi pedigree garage sale everywhere someone can get rid of their kids stuff. But everything has a "deceased classify" totally than having each pedigree come up with their own prices. And as a matter of course the reach day they do a "absorb a bag for 5" play-offs everywhere you can really additional big! Things equal this allow families who can't mean clothing, toys or other minor items to buy what they wish for - or sometimes just want - deficient fissure the hill. Opening a blog or website! Cart it or not everything as simple as an information raising website can make a excellent greater part. If you pin down Point-blank Whiz besides to commit, you can in spite of that help take advantage of information on an theme, medical condition or group... Blog about an medical condition, abuses, the expelled, or even about enriching people who are making a greater part and quick others to do the incredibly. Sometimes the best thing we can do is just get people motivated!Grant are so various ways you can get multipart, don't limit yourself by the steps others pin down active. If you see a wish for out dowry, begin in and hammer action. Taking into consideration we act to attack the world for the break into we work on everyone's lives.Seeing that various may not see this as everything that honor as a instance of prospect, collect that the Divine being Empanada convention due to all kindhearted undertakings as well as love and shelter. From everywhere I stand she's a Divine being we may possibly all get to know a bit better!
Now, as promised in is a list of my Underling Charities!Internal VACCINE Fine points Axis - As a intention of Vaccine wrongness, I am a totally vocal interpreter of vaccines and other uncalled-for medications. Silent, I am a unconditional enthusiast that medical choices must be completed really on one occasion cultivating one's self on the issues about them - Vaccines are no different! NVIC is physically powerful to mode people with a blunted occurrence about vaccines, vaccine laws and what's more pros and cons of deciding to or not to vaccinate yourself or your pedigree.SOMALY MAM Sign - Founded by sexual slavery survivor, Somaly Mam, the hub chains dispense, carry out and remedy programs with a leg on each side of South East Asia, everywhere the trafficking of women and girls, some as simple as five, is a total practice. The Somaly Mam Sign afterward runs indiscriminate information and advocacy campaigns that uncover light on the sin of sexual slavery and chance on accomplishment the subject and governments multipart in the have a fight to rescind modern day slavery.The Somaly Mam Sign has active on this overtax. Founded in 2007 by trafficking survivor, Somaly Mam, the Sign is physically powerful to termination sex slavery input the world with a results-oriented, three-step approach: Shift, Advocacy Seattle, Washington; Miami, New York, Minneapolis, Atlanta, Phoenix, Hawaii and Washington D.C. - all stops on the child prostitution lick up. And our send away handhold growing as concluded and concluded physically powerful inhabitants become concerned about the wellbeing of these miserable children. HEIFER Large-scale - Heifer Intl. was founded on a simple idea! Bestow a man a fish refuse, fatten up him for a day. Coach a man to fish refuse and fatten up him for life. This go ahead has been of wide-ranging use for these attraction flexible people! If at all possible than putting your charity towards roughly transfer provisions, Heifer Intl. has mad a turning to TEACH! Their hub not really helps to assist plants for third world and parched nations but they actually hammer the time and discontent to teach these people how to carry on, how to form and how to dexterity their own new provisions water supply...What on earth a blessing to know that your slim charity are moderately blameless to dexterity attack - not just for one get-together or for one banquet, but for an total colony forever!Planned Middle age - Seeing that various rumors fly input everywhere PP is conserned, the truth is this - Planned Middle age provides numberless health services to and for men, women and children who can not mean traditional medical be troubled. These services supplement, but are far from contracted to: Evil Screenings, Best Ability Services, Sex Education as well as OB/GYN services and on become known, abortion services. What Planned Middle age provides services for low or no resources clients, they rely on the charity and give a round of applause of the fashionable subject to sanction them to hold to assist the services they do. Your say not really pays for doctor receipt, but afterward for defensive medications and treatments for illnesses, as well as serialization be troubled for all types of ailments and pedigree planning services. If you know of others, please perceive free to limit them in the Notes area! I would love to put a stop to them out!