Sunday, August 27, 2006

Golden Tarot Deck

Golden Tarot Deck Cover

Book: Golden Tarot Deck by Kat Black

This deck is so very beautiful, the box is sturdy, the booklet is a nice size and I really like the interpretations, fresh and yet very intuitive. The card stock is firm, but soon becomes easy to handle, the gold gilt edges are truly luxurious. I must say that I was pretty surprised at how reasonable the price is on this deck. I cannot imagine how this was possible, as this deck and book set seem to be of such high quality. U.S. Games System has really outdone themselves in the production of this lovely deck.

The most unsual aspect of Golden Tarot is that deck creator Kat Black has digitally collaged images from various lesser-known paintings from a period she calls International Gothic. This period of time, 1200-1500 A.D., evolved into the Reniassance. She deliberately avoided using art by well-known artists such as da Vinci and Michelangelo, and most of the paintings used for the deck are hanging in European churches. (A sight that most of us will never see!)

The collaged images are so seamless, that I didn't know I was looking at a digitally collaged deck until I read the 200 page bound booklet included in the package. I even showed my artist husband, and he had no idea, either! The images on the cards are truly breathtaking. I feel like I'm looking at a masterpiece with each and every one. I'm sure that Ms. Black intends this deck to actually be read not just admired as an art deck, but they're so gorgeous I'm reluctant to read with them! (So don't expect Information on how they read...I'm too busy drooling over the images!)

The cards themselves are smooth and silky-feeling and strong enough to hold up to use, without being overly stiff. The gilt edges give the deck a rich look. And I LOVE the packaging US Games has come up with for this set and hope they use this design in the future! The box is sturdy and attractive and easy to use without mangling the cards getting them in and out. And the book, while small compared to a "real" book, is MUCH larger and more comprehensive than the typical LWB that accompanies most decks.

The artwork on the cards is really gorgeous, I for one did not immediately realize that it is collaged, as each cards imagery is so well integrated. Now a confession, I buy new decks all the time ever searching for that perfect deck which I can actually figure out how to read with. Always there are a few cards which turn me off and send me back to my trusty Rider Waite. This deck is the deck I have been looking for - finally a deck that incorporates the best of RW interpretive imagery, and actually improves on it! If you are comfortable with RW - you will actually find this deck even easier to read with! I never have had such an easy time coming up with interesting insights and more in depth perceptions. Excellent Deck - Highly Reccomended!

Buy Kat Black's book: Golden Tarot Deck

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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Why Do Christians Dislike Fortune Tellers

Why Do Christians Dislike Fortune Tellers Cover If you’re a new Christian or are hanging around with Christians, you may be puzzled about the relationship Bible-believing Christians have with fortune-tellers, psychics, Tarot-card readers, astrologers, and other forms of occult practices.

The Bible condemns these practices. The Biblical word used for this kind of practice is usually "divination" and it is considered an abomination to God. Divination refers to any type of practice that tries to figure out the future. You can use tea-leaves or the stars in the sky or your own intuition. Trying to unravel the future is considered sinful.

So what’s the big deal? Most major newspapers run a daily astrology column. Many fairs and boardwalks offer street psychics and card readers. Why make a big deal about this?

Even if you’re relatively new to the Bible you may have run into the fact that God, over and over, warns people about adultery. This is not always literal adultery in this sense of a husband or wife cheating on a spouse (although that’s a sin, too!) There is a kind of spiritual adultery that a person can commit when he or she is a Christian.

If you’re a Christian, you have been born-again, redeemed by Jesus Christ. It is to Him that you owe your allegiance. To draw an analogy, it’s like being married. You have pledged your life to Jesus Christ.

The Bible says that God is a jealous God. That doesn’t mean that God has fits of envy. God expects those who commit to Him to be faithful to Him. So if you are a Christian and committed to Jesus Christ, He asks that you stay away from false gods and other idols. When God calls Israel an adulterous generation, He meant that Israel had been unfaithful to Him by turning their backs on Him and running after idols.

All of these fortune-telling mechanisms are based–deep down–on a false god or idol. The Bible contains all that we need to know in terms of living a spiritual life. You don’t need to look at the stars to figure out if you’re going to have a good day or not. (And if the stars could predict your future, then how does that work? It must be run by something other than God but more powerful than God. This is "another god.") It’s the same with cards or palm-reading or tea leaves. If the power to predict the future was invested in some sort of charm or talisman or incantation, then that thing is more powerful than God.

You might argue that perhaps they could be compatible. Maybe Tarot cards really are powerful but God is OK with that. Here’s the flaw in that argument: God says He is not OK with that, in fact, He tells us to avoid divination. It’s a sin, which means it is an offense and an affront to Him. You disrespect God when you sin, among other things.

Maybe you’ve been to a psychic or been impressed by their abilities. Now some people will tell you that psychics are all phony. I am certain that many of them are. But maybe you’ve been convinced that some psychics really do possess real power.

I am not denying that. I think that could very well be the case. But if they do have any power, it’s not godly power. It can’t be, since God abhors divination. So if a psychic has impressive powers, it is from another source and that source is not God.

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Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Paulina Tarot

Paulina Tarot Cover

Book: Paulina Tarot by Paulina Cassidy

The Paulina Tarot certainly isn't for everyone (which deck is?). It's colours and tone is soft and gentle. More muted and dreamy. There are many vibrant and striking hues though throughout the deck. But on the whole it has a misty and dream-like energy to them. Those that prefer strong colours and distinct lines or bold images won't be taken with this deck. But there are a few friends who prefer the things I mentioned above but on seeing my deck have been captivated and infatuated and wanted their own copies right off!

This deck is full of stunning detail with black outlines and dreamy water coloured pallet. Even though the art is done this way it is not at all washed out and it is full of vibrant colour. The back features two birds on a cream background, which is classic and feminine.

It showcases many little creatures of the night, quiet gothic looking people and central figures, fae, fairy tale characters and pretty much anything else from a gifted imagination. This deck has a gothic like theme, which will definitely find an audience with young adults, as it is still quiet romantic and not too dark. It has some splashes of Tim Burton and Dr Susses hidden within her artwork, but it does not take away from her creation at all.

The artist and author of the booklet actually set out to create a Tarot Deck allowing the Symbolism to draw her in, this incredibly detailed piece of work took her over a year and a half to complete.

There is a completely different feel to a deck that has been created this way, unlike some decks that are just thrown together from artwork done by well known fantasy artists, those decks feel messy and are terrible to read with.

Just something about this Tarot's aura and exquisite energy. It really draws you in.

The cards measure the average size of most USG decks.....2 3/4" x 4 3/4". The backs are lovely and serene. I wish I had a scanner or camera, but alas none of those to show the backs. They are reversible with 2 soaring birds, flowers, plants. Muted and soft colouring. They happily "fit" the images and style of the cards themselves. We all know way to many decks where the backs of the cards leave you with WTF were they thinking?!

The LWB (little white book) is pretty well-done as far as LWB's are. She describes the cards lyrically and shares her ideas about some of the symbolism on each card. Per usual though the Majors get a little longer treatment. The interpertations are fairly standard With Some interesting twists. No interesting spreads, just the yawn inducing Celtic Cross. Wish more different and interesting spreads would find their way into LWBs. I won't hold my breath though!

If you love and enjoy all things faerie, magical, fantasy, victorian and will really enjoy this deck, you will NOT be disappointed!

Buy Paulina Cassidy's book: Paulina Tarot

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