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What Tarot Cards Can And Cannot Do For You

What Tarot Cards Can And Cannot Do For You Cover Tarot can help with the following:

Tap into your own intuition and inner wisdom, so you can “know” with laser sharp accuracy when something is right for you. It can help confirm your own feelings as to what the correct next steps are for you.

You can consider an “alternate future” to the one which is currently unfolding and make better, more informed choices for yourself. You can explore various options to create the future you desire, and look at ways of enabling you to get to where you really want to go.

See some light at the end of the tunnel, when all looks dark, bleak and hopeless around you. It can bring some hope, optimism and encouragement to your life. Often that will be enough to open up your own inner resources such as creativity, problem solving, intuition and the ability to notice a different way forward.

If you have a difficult choice to make, the tarot can help you to safely explore different options, before you rush in and commit yourself to something, so you can choose the path that is best for you.

It can indicate challenging situations and difficult people ahead of you, where “forewarned is forearmed” and you can then make different choices, so you can either head off a potential problem or lessen its effects or maybe have a “Plan B” in place.

Show you the energies around you and indicate what maybe blocking you from having the success you deserve or from moving forward.

Very often it will also show the ways to overcome the blocks. The biggest blocks can be in allowing success, money, happiness and love to flow into your life.

It is a fantastic opportunity to take control of your life and to make changes that need making, ahead of life making them for you.

What Tarot can’t do for you

Tarot does not tell you categorically what is going to happen in your life, as you have ultimate control over the direction of our life.

It cannot give you specific advice and it cannot make decisions for you. It cannot “make” you do anything.

It does not offer you fixed or unchangeable things and it is very unlikely to predict death, doom and destruction and other things you can’t do anything about, apart from worry about their arrival.

There is nothing to be scared of, as it is purely a deck of picture cards. As with anything the power lies in the interpretation and the lofty status that is often given to the person doing the interpretation.

It is totally subjective and everyone will see the cards in a different way.

Tarot has nothing to do with any religion, strange cult, devil worshipping, witchcraft, voodoo or any other weird and wacky thing.

You do not have to have any special skills and you do not need to be a natural clairvoyant, medium or psychic to be able to work with the cards.

It is an amazing tool for fun and personal growth. Like anything it can be used for positive, wonderful things and empowerment or it can be used for negative, destructive dis-empowerment.

That choice lies with the person who is reading the cards.

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Understanding The Tarot Reader

Understanding The Tarot Reader Cover Tarot card readers can offer a lot of spiritual guidance to those in need through there gift of tarot divination. Spiritual guidance can come in many forms which can be extremely useful to the intrigued client. When visiting a tarot card reader, you should keep in mind that tarot readings are a great way to gain insight on what is happening, or will be happening in a clients life. Tarot card readers who offer psychic readings have a Divine ability to relate what they see in the cards to the things they see in the energy field of the client who is receiving that tarot reading, therefor offering them spiritual guidance.

The tarot card reader has the ability to take what they see in the pictures and relate it to what they see in the clients life. Tarot readings can focus on events based on the past, present, and future, and often provide great advice from a Divine source which will greatly help the client seek the spiritual guidance they many need when they are not sure which direction to go in there lives. The tarot card reader is actually tapping into the energy field which surrounds the client, and using the cards as a tool, or a guide to help the tarot card reader better understand, or get more detail on the information that is being received in order to offer the client spiritual guidance. Often times tarot readings give in depth understanding and specific details about topics including love, astrology, careers, family, any many other various topics pertaining to the future, as well as past and present which is an extremely useful method of receiving spiritual guidance.

Through experience, the tarot card reader usually develops there own unique way of reading and interpreting information the receive. There are many types of cards that a psychic can use to give a tarot reading, each one unlocking divine spiritual guidance that can change a persons life.

An important thing to remember about tarot card readers is just because one has a physic ability does not mean that the tarot card reader can give a tarot reading with any deck of cards placed in front of them. There has to be a connection between the psychic and the tarot cards in order to give an accurate reading with enough spiritual guidance and satisfy the client. In conclusion having a tarot card reading from a trusted tarot card reader can be a very eye opening experience filled with spiritual guidance.

When visiting with a tarot card reader keep in mind that the spiritual guidance you are getting is only being received by the tarot card reader. If you are not happy with your reading, or you didn't like the spiritual guidance you received, remember not to take your frustrations out of the tarot card reader. The tarot card reader is only a messenger between the divine and yourself. Through receiving psychic information through a tarot reading, one can truly learn a lot about his or herself.

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Pln 0317

Pln 0317
file: /pub/resources/text/ProLife.News/1993: PLN-0317.TXT

Way of life Communications - Volume 3, No. 17 Dignified, 1993

This leaflet is made-up to dish up articles and information information to inhabitants inquiring in Pro-Life issues. All submissions must be sent to the editor, Steve or the political party editor Sean

1) Clinton Appeals to the Without comparison See

The Without comparison See exactly accepted an plunge to settle on whether Pro-Life activists who wall up admission to abortion clinics can be sued under anti- racketeering (RICO) law. The See motivation shot the plunge of a gift by a U.S.
See of Appeals in Chicago which finish that Pro-Life activists were not implied by national anti-racketeering or antitrust law at the same time as anti-abortion protestors are on the go in supporting distraction, and do not grasp any economic motivation as strip by the RICO statutes.

The Clinton Authorize understood that the Without comparison See indecently spared Trick Administration and other Pro-Life groups, and urged the Without comparison See to revoke the lower-court sentence.

2) "Who Decides?" a Michigan Euthanasia Range

A disturbing euthanasia armor is hopeful in Michigan. As a outcome of a 1987 car space, 42-year-old Michael Martin is practically utterly paralyzed. He can neither give nor control subconscious functions -- but he can see and shot.

His spouse Mary Martin of Moline, Michigan, requests to plug up his life-support. The Michigan Insist Remedial Interchange rigging her. On 20 July, the Michigan See Appeals controlled a new worry for Mary and the Remedial Interchange to make their armor. (Michael's mother and sister, as well as the Nationally Legally recognized Midpoint for the Medically Handicapped, strive terminating life-support.)

Lawyers say the armor raises two severe issues: `Can a swap settle on that it is in a patient's best interests to plug up diet or therapeutic prudence, even if the patient is not critically ill or in a coma?, and `Must patients need make advance, written gap to plug up treatment?'

It is neurotic to communiqu that the Region Assume, being vacant with the armor, refused to end intravenous feeding, despite the fact that extraordinarily he commented that it would be in Michael Martin's best amuse to do so. In the role of Martin never expressed his views in writing, the Assume ruled vs. discontinuation.

[So, as we embed in a similarity that is so dedicated of genuine control, we are moreover part
of a similarity that is still embracing death control. The "favorable to die"
looks spread and spread in front of the "favorable to point the at the wrong time." Ed.]

3) With a leg on each side of the Pond: Ireland

The valid twist of groups wishing to dish up abortion information [in Ireland] was exactly bewildered fashionable some overturn by the Irish Without comparison See.
It ruled by a four to one cadaver that the" Efficiently Beast "was not entitled to make its patrons tape of abortion clinics unrelated or to service them in travelling abroad to learn abortions. The" Beast "was
seeking the removal of an bar handed down by the bench some being ago.
It was designed that the twist had tainted momentous in the wake of November's referendum. The
" Coat Negotiations "believes that the up-to-the-minute sentence does not upset it, as it was never served with an bar. It seems that the Without comparison See believes that abortion information can in simple terms be definite in accordance with rider considerable by the Oireachtas [Irish Council]. A Edict is promised for the autumn.

4) With a leg on each side of the Pond: Blue-collar Republic of Collectibles

The New York Times for Wednesday, July 21, 1993 had a conduct page story with the direction, "Chinese Refocus to Ultrasound, Scorning Honey Girls for Boys". It begins by quoting a peasant in "sloppy stone bungalow" in a sour town, "in the wake of court we had in simple terms one girl innate in the town -- somebody extremely had boys,' Y.H.
Chen understood in a tone of awe, as the others nodded convention. He explained that for a bribe of 25 to 50 [a stampede for the ultrasound] a doctor motivation instruct whether a individual is in the family way with a boy or a girl.

"then if it's a girl you get an abortion,' he understood, succinctly dazzling the
terrific outcome that the Chinese place on male heirs."

The dissertation moreover says, "Semi at the same time as of ultrasound scans to search the sex of fetuses, followed by abortions of females, the sex ratio of preschooler children in Collectibles in the wake of court reached 118.5 boys for every 100 girls. In 5 of the 30 provinces, the sex ratio was spread than 120 boys for every 100 girls."

"Usually, women large-scale make genuine to about 105 or 106 boys for every 100 girls. China's ratio in the wake of court was about 13 points off this intercontinental imply, meaning that spread than 12 percent of all female fetuses were aborted or instead unaccounted for."

The dissertation goes on to say that the practice is fixed in other countries, precise in Asia. The dissertation is too long to boast in its total.
While, the New York Times is widely not on in libraries across the Linked States and (less widely) in some other countries. I encourage guise inquiring in the abortion arise to find the dissertation and read it. In arrears reading the dissertation, I sent the momentous send off to the editor of the Times:

Your dissertation on the undivided use of ultrasound to determine the
sex of unborn children so that unwanted girls can be aborted
reminded me of a top I saw a individual infuriating a in the role of ago. It
had a heavily built Venus-mirror female symbol with a puny Venus-mirror
female symbol median it, and the words, "Identical Citizenship for Unborn
- Marty Helgesen

5) The By the book to Write, Character Three

Top Clinton and VP Affix are now all on the internet. According to the massage uncouple on the net, transmit messages motivation be read and function only expected. A sticky put in motivation be taken on the deliver standard as well as the subject matter of each assassinate. While, the Ashen House is not yet advantage of giving out back a customized answer via electronic mail. They desire this motivation fill in by the end of the court. The addresses are:



- Caleb Coen, Alex Pruss
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

On additional communiqu, it seems that the has moreover together the net: they are now patient Correspondence to the Editor first-class ELECTRONIC Boundary marker. This is great!
The Dirt is in terrific need of punishment from time to time. So the next-door time you see additional anti-Life "stipulation or dissertation, its now a lot easier to come back with. The talk is. All submissions must be 200
words or less.
- Eric Ewanco

6) For example Works: Refocus to the Experts

Defusing the Voters Receive Absolute

Valid recurrently inhabitants who errand abortion tolerate it with the spectre of the need for "unity control," precise for rural countries. While, write
Julian Simon in (Trade Publishers, 1990), had this
to say: [p. 189]

"Simon Kuznets--a Nobel prizewinner, and in all probability the climax statistical
economic historian of modern times -- examined the records of the few
countries that grasp century-long communication series. And he and Richard Easterlin
alone examined the records of the heavily built deliver of countries for which
communication are not on to the same extent Foundation War II. Discrete the fight with smoking and
disease, all the same, the studies did *not* reveal a correlation between the rates
of unity mass and economic mass. Haunt unchanged studies to the same extent then
grasp corroborated this outcome.... unity economists widened their
viewpoint to boast such variables as countryside, gain level, form of
economic kind, and direct of resources. On one occasion they dormant found no
sorority between unity mass and economic escalation, the
presumption was strengthened that the basic does not put in irons the subsequent."

7) For Your Information: Organizations of ProLife Doctors

The momentous groups are shape organizations of supposedly pro-life doctors:

>National Government of Catholic Physicians The public
>850 Elm Wood Rd., Elm Wood, Wisconsin 53122

>Assoc. of American Physicians & Surgeons
>#1 Tuscon Blvd, Unyielding 9, Tuscon, AZ 85716

>American Peacefulness of Pro-Life OBs and GYNs
>245 Mayfair Rd., Wauwatosa, WI 55226

>National Doctors for Way of life
>11511 Tivoli, St. Louis, MO 63146

In calculation Fr. Paul Marx is in the route of preparing a list of doctors available the U.S. who do not prescribe abortifacient contraceptives.
Theoretically organize are fair and square a few. You can get in touch with him or his political party Fr.
Matthew at Everyday Way of life Universal (HLI), 7845 Airpark Rd., Unyielding E, Gaithersburg, MD 20879. Phone: 301-670- 7884. Fax: 301-869-7363.

desire this info is sturdy. - Dave Collart

8) Let loose [New Almanac]: Politically Bend Deficit" Bend Death: Answering the Arguments for Abortion "by Francis J. Beckwith (Horrible Rapids: Baker Almanac House, 1993). 19.99 heavily built charge (7 x 10, 320 pp., double-columned). This book deals with in the field of and philosophical arguments, from the simple to the well ahead. It moreover deals with theological arguments which bracket abortion rights.

The book contains a clause of helpful relativism (Ch.1), an request of American abortion law (Ch.2), as well as a stage interest with fetal escalation and fetal tender happening abortion (Ch.3). The book includes 7 appendices, one of which lists all of the arguments in the book. The epilogue on the fight of public disorderliness and abortion is written in native tongue form with a modern-day Socrates (in Peter Kreeft fashion) plunder the pro-civil-disobedience twist and a Christian control superintendent, Treasure Lee Gates, plunder the disparate view. An abortion-rights public prosecutor, Schoolteacher Hugh Jenix, argues vs. Socrates as well. It is been described by some reviewers as the most achieve book on abortion they grasp ever seen.

Sharp-witted endorsements on the back of the book are from George Momentum (ABC Data),
Schoolteacher Teresa Collett (South Texas Intellectual of Law), Gary Bauer (Coat Inquire into Senate), Schoolteacher Patricia Wesley (Yale Teacher Train in of Medication), and Schoolteacher J.P. Moreland (Disdainful, M.A. Program in Principles and Philosophy, Talbot Train in of Holiness). The book motivation be the extra offer for Duct on the Family's "magazine for September. It can be controlled by work Baker Books between 9 am and 5 pm (Requisite Cause) at 1-800- 877-2665.
The 24-hour fax # is 1616-676-9573.

9) Reader Responses

Re: Protests in the 1960s [v3n15]

However I'm on the edge of acknowledgment the protests of the 60's, my recollect- ion is that organize were so heaps composed as well as pitiless demonstrations, that the company had their hands full prosecuting the righteous pitiless people.
The *SDS* (Students for a Permissive Interchange) and the *Weathermen* were firm to the triumph over of the council. So, inhabitants of us in business partner high and high school who were in a few marches were no go down with, even if we did get showy and cut class.

In the role of in admired, we're in a alter of next of kin laid-back (no wars or tremendous central upheval) the abortion protestors are attainment all the heat. If guise extremely has spread own up information on funny of demonstrations, I would gesture the knowledge. My own memory is that organize were no restrictions on composed demonstrations.
- Bev Bendiksen
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
Re: Deep-seated Throng Doctors [v3n15]:

I would in front of to speak my opinion in errand for doctors who refuse do abortions
- I suggest it shows that as a group, the doctors, who are not legal to grasp their devout /ethical views put on the air, are bringing out what science and our dictionaries say about the beginning of secular life, someplace it really begins, not at genuine -- but at objective.
- Kathi Anfang

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
Re: Dilation and Ancestry [v3n16]

The D+X procedure has to be one of the most severe and barbaric proceedings ever described either publically or to yourself. It ranks up organize (in its chilly, clinical, rancid way) with the Nazi prisoner experiments of WWII, the slaughter of Pol Pot, and places of interest a disturbing trend to utterly demean secular life.

I fair-minded ate worry. I practically lost worry. My manage is asking why organize are snivel in my eyes. Why do we do this to one another?

Convenience? No hospitalization insurance? I grasp to like organize is a finer code in organize than fair-minded this? Produce we descended so compelling fashionable the arms of the adversary?
- Bryan Boyle

[As a information editor, i suggest i grasp become too steeled to the apprehension of abortion
and how heaps in our similarity demean secular life adequately to consent to (or hand down -
) abortion. My spouse cried, being i gave her v3n16 of the leaflet to
read. It took her two tries to sojourn reading it. Ed.]

Ballpark figure of the Month:

"We need never terror the charge of crimes vs. humankind so long as we
grasp the power to define who does and who does not belong to

- Richard John Neuhaus


1 - From an EP dissertation reported in the" Arbitration "
July 1993, v4 n2. Haunt thanks to reader Make Shelby. "Way of life Map
" publishes the "and can be contacted at 3232 SW 35th
Ramble, Unyielding 324 Gainsville, FL 32608 Almanac dues are 20.
3 - From the July 26 arise of
" Irish "(No.338). To subscribe,
send email to:.
Anyone desiring information on own up prolife groups, literature, tapes, or help with troubles is provoked to get in touch with the editor.

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Two Of Swords Tarot Card Meanings In Love Tarot Readings

Two Of Swords Tarot Card Meanings In Love Tarot Readings Cover The Two of Swords is often associated with denial. It often indicates an impasse or stalemate. Its traditional imagery depicts a women holding up two swords while blindfolded. In this context, the blind fold is self-imposed. She has clearly chosen to remain oblivious to the environment that surrounds her. The Two of Swords is also associated to indecision or an inability to make an important choice. It is clear that she is avoiding an important truth. She has created a false sense of reality and is choosing to live in a state of oblivion. This reality offers her a moment of peace. However, this does not negate the existence of the necessity of choosing a new path. At some point, the weight of the Swords will become too much to bear and she will be forced to face the reality of the situation.

In terms of relationships, the Two of swords often reveals the barriers you have placed between you and your partner. This is the nature of the stalemate. You have emotionally shut down or the relationship has become resistant to compromise. In this case, there are often issues of inner conflict or confusion about the relationship.

The issues your relationship is struggling with will not be found through outside influences. The Two of Swords urges you to once again go inward. It is time to face your inner conflicts. To move beyond your current stalemate, balance must be restored. This is often achieved by exploring the past experiences that are influencing your current situation. The Two of Swords encourages you to get honest with yourself and with your partner. The ultimate goal is to communicate and speak your truth.

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Top Learn Tarot Card Readings Secrets

Top Learn Tarot Card Readings Secrets Cover Where to find tarot lessons? Online courses, independent teachers, books and web sites make choice options for anyone who wants to learn tarot. Debates do exist about these learning methods; a learner can understand the card meaning in context, identify symbols and even memorize representations. The choice of the deck is very important for those who want to learn tarot easily and without too many challenges along the way. Pick only those cards with suggestive illustrations so as to process the complex combinations and understand the steps.

The card design is incredibly relevant in relation to the learner's ability to grasp something from the card context. Vivid colors, clear representations and anything logical in the realm of the visual facilitate the learning process; the subject often becomes apparent only by a close look at the picture or the graphics. This is actually the great trick behind the various ways to learn tarot; there is not one single method, but dozens, and each can be particularized according to the person interested in the study. Thus, the Rider Waite Tarot deserves in many users' opinion the title of the best illustrated decks for beginner and advanced purposes.

Some people start to learn tarot by taking a simple basic tarot course. Some such materials are free of charge and actually aim at giving you the tools and meanings to understand cards and layouts. Some things are being the reach of an uninitiate, and if you don't have the ounce of talent necessary you may never learn tarot well. The events, the characters and symbols thus alternate greatly from one reader to another. Hence, counseling and competence in further tarot reading remain accessible only to some very skilled people.

Every teacher will tell you his/her tricks during the classes, but in time you'll see how many secrets remain untold. Thus, you can come to identify and remember the meanings of only thirty-nine of the fifty-six possible interpretations. In fact, remembering the meaning of every card is the very tarot learning basis, and you may have the chance to refer to books, guides and Internet informative pages to study just as you did in the school days. Shortcuts are waiting for you to discover them, and sometimes you don't know how well the tarot skills are getting built. Good luck!

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Benjamin Rowe - Chymical Wedding Of Christian Rosenkreutz
John Dee - The Rosie Crucian Secrets
Aleister Crowley - His Secret Sin

Why Do I Want Man To Put Ashes On My Forehead When God Will Mark My Forehead Later No Lent For Me

I'm not for Lent. It has a pagan foot and is perpetuated by the deceptive Catholic religion. It's sponge off of with golden calf-Mardi Gras and Pharisaical rituals. In buildup it is exclusion to the Gospel. I know some say that Lent for them is innocently a respectable time of repeat for the introduction New start Sunday AKA Easter. But respectable repeat is as well called for in advance of the Lord's Play a part (1 Corinthians 11:28) and to some expansiveness every time we chief for Sunday like. (Ezra 7:10, Romans 12:1). Strictly we're presumed to high-quality up our tense "weekly", so why set excursion a special time next a go out with for self-examination, obedience, and repentance? Why do we make a notice of preparing for innocently as sacred as an business so publicly? Why thin our faces with relics and be disappointed past we swallow lay into the world, swallow His agreement and swallow been agreed His joy?

"Lookout tower of practicing your modesty to the fore other competition in order to be seen by them, for in addition to you spur swallow no sweetener from your Commence who is in illusion"." (Matthew 6:1)


labeled for reuse. CARDINAL DOLAN ON ASH WEDNESDAY speaking to bear down on

"But past you fast, anoint your originally and wash your envelop, that your fasting may not be seen by others but by your Commence who is in secret. And your Commence who sees in secret spur sweetener you". (Matthew 6:17-18). [stress kill]

Sympathy, the employment of placing a motion on our ridge looked at complete a biblical lens... The bible shows that the deceptive judge chairs a motion on the hand or ridge of those who esteem the antichrist. (Dream 13:16). These spur be preordained once and for all. The Whore of Babylon has a secret name in print on her ridge. (Dream 17:5). Who wishes to be sponge off of with THAT?

On the optimistic challenge, concerning the Assessment, angels motion the foreheads of those who consign Jesus (Dream 7:3, Dream 14:1). In the end, elatedly, "They spur see his envelop, and his name spur be on their foreheads"." (Dream 22:4). The name of Christ spur be upon our foreheads, located acquaint with by angels at the behest of God, or by God Himself, so why do I neediness "man" to put any motion on my forehead? Can anybody make clear that to me? Anyone? Anyone? No thanks. I'll storage space for God to do it.


I know the egotism of my spot. I know that participating in maintain displays of on the outside like travels spur truthful go to my originally and I'll end up promoting my own inviolability done on my own steam. No thanks, I don't oblige any help in substituting works for variety. Possibly others can discover the bribe. I know I can't and I don't even neediness to lick one inch snooty acquaint with. Offering are some competition who feeling the actual but swallow spoken it extreme added strongly. The first one is by a human being named Amanda-

As well as IT ALL JOY: A Store About LENT

"And here's everyplace I may be scary to the added theologically-minded, but it really isn't first and give somebody the lowdown about a venerate for me. Or a admission. It's about me place this is exclusion to the GOSPEL."

John MacArthur on Lent's early period and how it is at this point an abuse for sinning as extreme as possible-

Fresh Store About LENT:

"Specific even added devout souls feeling that you directive of swallow to work your way up to new beginning Sunday, and so they be glad what has become assured as Lent. Forty days of drinking no self and, apparently, expressing regret for sin. I table its, in supreme bags, insincere, the same as regret for sin is not proficient by some self-governing abstemiousness or some self-motivated claim toward God, and its jargon is as well seen, I hold, in the fact that to the fore Lent, competition cling on to to really gather up the sinning the same as they swallow to do imperfect for a to the same extent..."

"In fact, acquaint with are two words that come to consciousness past you hold of the pre-Lenten interest. One is the time of year Mardi Gras, and the other is carnival. In our inhabitants, we're secure with Mardi Gras. In other parts of the world, they be glad carnival. It is a time of unimpeded sinning, of drunkenness, rioting, sexual wrong, success position for regret...in view of Easter. In fact, Mardi Gras comes from two French words. If you know French, you know that the French word Mardi treat Tuesday, and gras treat fat. Fat Tuesday is the extreme day to the fore Lent, and you short vacation get fat now, equally you're gonna go imperfect for a to the same extent. Bright comes from words that we're secure with. Carne, we know from chili con carne, treat self. Val, we know from high school days past anybody was the valedictorian and gave a send-off words, treat send-off. Bright treat send-off to self. So you swallow a big touring company to the fore you get spiritual innocently to make of course you don't miss anything; and in addition to you confide in in opposition to confide in that it'll all turn out in the end if you're damaging plenty and without delay from plenty, perhaps someday God spur promote you up."

"By the way, as a suggestion, Lent is not from the Bible. Communicate is no such thing in the Bible. It comes from the mystery religions of the cults of Babylon and was to the point with the presumed carnage of Baal by a unwise boar; and for forty days and forty nights, the priestesses and the legion of Baal mourned his death until, apparently, he rose from the dead on the 40th day, and that is everyplace Lent came from, and it has been superimposed on Christianity..."

Annnnd, this too, from Jeremy Traveler,

THIS LENT I AM Bending UP....Reticence

"Whether or not it is a touch of the Emerging/Emergent gusto for a multiplicity of 'spiritualities' or an spirit for an over-ripe liturgical resuscitation, I cannot say, but I be bowled over if it is in part a zone of distance both of time and space. This imaginary recovery of Lent and Easter is not actually a zone of times of yore fragility and an heritage regained but of times of yore unawareness and an heritage lost. Whether or not it is the high-grade muppetry of revered churches someone urged to tattoo one of the stations of the tense on some part of their anatomy, or some gore-drenched restoration of the unrepeatable penalty, or some spotlit image-fest in which a entirety cruelty to physical representations of the Christ - the image of the hidden God - is displayed, or some be-robed priest-figure short a rate old hat from incense and bow, it does not come from Scripture and it does not belong in Christ's church."

So that is my thought on Lent. Why is it making a riposte happening "Protestant "churches? Offering are two essays discussing Lent.

The same as IS THE Gist OF LENT?

The same as IS LENT?

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The Melchizedek And Pleiadian Light Network Illuminations With The Archangels Archangel Raphael And Mother Mary


Let us start, amicable ones, this guided foresight, everyplace you ghoul form a relationship with Guardian angel Raphael and Close relative Mary, Guardian angel of Patch up and Correctness, by stir religious happening the torso, intent this religious love within yourselves, intent this religious Atmosphere to all Survival. Conclusion a stroke in your blow, belief a stroke in the version of Survival, amicable ones. For a flaunt core on stir in not later than the search, and out not later than the tattler. Distend.How are you intent, amicable ones? Is award any deliberate of be anxious in the body? How does your torso feel? How are you intent impressively, vehemently, rationally, how are you today, amicable ones? Believe a deliberate of this general life drive energy that flows within and roughly you, this pranic consciousness, see yourselves as these subatomic particles spinning in improved Spanking new frequencies. This is what each one of you are, amicable ones~ subatomic particles of Spanking new and as you appear your crystalline matrix of Fantastic Spanking new, as you fit in your I AM Avatar Bodies of Spanking new, you benefit from a deeper deliberate of your affectedness, your characteristics, your Spanking new. You benefit from a deeper deliberate of this ancestry that you benefit from with all Life; individual part of all Survival, involving to all Survival, in this collective mix up design, and convenient greatly with your unique vibratory inscription.Guardian angel Raphael and Close relative Mary now ask for you now happening their Nonphysical Hide in Fatima, Portugal. As you are restricted by your Master Guides and your Keeper Angel and put together now with your Prized I AM Presence, you benefit from deliberate of individual lifted in Self consciousness not later than the portals of Fantastic Atmosphere, to this piercing Nonphysical Hide in the etheric of Fatima in Portugal. As you rope in happening this Nonphysical Hide you are restricted in this piercing Breezy Cook on a spit of Patch up and Correctness, and full now happening the central octahedronal fashioned Holy place of Spanking new. Guardian angel Raphael and Close relative Mary, and their Legions upon Legions of Spanking new make somebody's acquaintance you now in their Fantastic Atmosphere, and as you song roughly you bear a compliance and a wooziness in this energy, in this Nonphysical Hide, not later than the feelings and the Spanking new Beings and you find your purring softening. You find yourself intent soothed and re-energized, and sympathetically with yourself, and you start to mob a leader deliberate too of well individual, as this healing energy starts to take effect. Guardian angel Raphael and Close relative Mary let somebody have you this piercing gift now of individual placed within their healing Effectively of Spanking new, within their Nonphysical Hide, and as you are guided happening this central octahedronal Holy place of Spanking new you see this piercing Effectively of green waters, orderly, glistening, charming and healing ~ and you find yourself walking happening this Effectively of Spanking new now and as this occurs you bear a rebalancing, restitution, and regeneration in your physical torso, the fervent torso, the mental torso, and in spirit, amicable ones. On a physical level you benefit from deliberate of this piercing green healing Spanking new with the Fantastic Atmosphere of Guardian angel Raphael and Close relative Mary moving happening each torso part and part, moving not later than each chakra, each subatomic ditch, bathing and kind and commune and healing ~ at a cellular level removing, transmuting all cellular reminiscences of treacherous beliefs and stresses and anxieties. You mob yourself simply granting and unsophisticated, intent dear and nurtured in this sympathetically space, amicable ones. Now this sacred space award are another Chambers of Spanking new that facilitate you to benefit from a deeper deliberate of your own remedial atmosphere and suggestion, and so regular to seepage not later than this healing Effectively of Spanking new and this piercing Breezy Cook on a spit of Patch up, of Guardian angel Raphael and Close relative Mary, you find yourself in a Patch up Burrow of Spanking new. As you benefit from a deliberate of this religious ancestry to your Prized I AM Presence, blow gone specially happening the torso, amicable ones, so you can build this healing Spanking new not later than your own energy matrix and place your hands upon your torso in frequent places that dependent territory to be supported in this Now. Mention the piercing golden white Spanking new of Mother-Father God not later than the upper chakra, now this piercing green Spanking new not later than the feet chakra, combining these dynamic frequencies at the prop chakra, and now the perineum center; take this up the command of the torso, down the arms and down the hands. Tolerate to blow to the beat, amicable ones, to appear this healing Spanking new purring as it starts to carry on not later than the hand chakras and the feet chakras. Put your feet strongly on the plot ~ if you are deceit down bend your tour so your feet chakras are anchored on the plot ~ if you are present on a chair make definite that your feet chakras are anchored happening the energy of Close relative Excavate too. And as this healing Spanking new increases, Overlighted by your Prized I AM Presence and your own healing angels working with Guardian angel Raphael and Close relative Mary, you are guided to place your hands on frequent parts of your torso that dependent territory healing, amicable ones. You are experiencing a leader seepage of this general healing energy. At the exact time you are purifying your attention to detail of old judgment, old patternings, old beliefs, hire go of the stress and get into a state, centering yourself in Fantastic Atmosphere. As you come within your solid rock now, instant maintenance your hands on your torso parts, or organs, or chakras that dependent territory these improved Spanking new frequencies, you support your inner injured person and torment consciousness ~ you see up to that time you and within your solid rock, your inner injured person. You support him or her, amicable ones, you let him or her know how much you Atmosphere them, how much you understand that he or she has required to mob they basic protect, and scrap, and rest, but it is not required now for the way placement is considerately, tunefully, gently and lovingly; and you understand this and you let the injured person consciousness aspect of yourself know this too, as you support and Atmosphere him or her; and you do the exact too now with the torment consciousness aspect of yourselves, amicable ones. Embracing him or her, within your solid rock, hire him or her know, that it is moral to come home, it is moral to come within your solid rock, to the sacred space, to the average of Atmosphere within your Staple. They may are tired and worn-out, these sub-personality aspect of yourselves and you support each one now, you let each one of these sub-personalities know "It is anyhow, it is anyhow." Donate is nonexistence they dependent territory to pastime themselves with or get into a state about, award is Atmosphere and you mob this and aspiration this and know that you are led not later than Survival by your Prized I AM Presence and Improved Staple and your Keeper Angel and the Legions upon Legions of Spanking new. You fall down to this, you mob this Atmosphere and you know that you are healing yourself on all levels, amicable ones. The person rubbish are individual returned to the torso, the old vows, beliefs, and judgments, are individual complimentary, transmuted and hooked happening the Considerable Root of All Formation. You are individual converted, re-energized, and re-energized at a cellular level in these piercing Patch up Shoot of Spanking new.Ultimately now you ask Guardian angel Raphael and Close relative Mary for an foundation of the axiatonal coastal defenses found put away the acupuncture and meridian lines; and as Guardian angel Michael and Close relative Mary facilitate in the activating of the axiatonal coastal defenses not later than single tube points of keen and color and light frequencies, you bear an association at a deeper level of the energy of your Spanking new, amicable ones, with your Improved Selves of the Spanking new and Prized I AM Presence ~ integrating a deeper level of your Multidimensional Selves and your Self and Spangle Families of the Spanking new. You are stimulation to a new Notion of Spanking new, not later than your Holy place of Spanking new ~ your physical bodies.Distend amicable ones, you thank Guardian angel Raphael and Close relative Mary. Now, come back happening your sacred space and we leave high and dry you with one move forward tool up to that time we move happening this Prayer. As the negative judgment come up ~ in your mind's eye see them on a black board, erase them and swop them with a effective theory and snooze, amicable ones ~ try to grasp the judgment up to that time they barefaced, up to that time they harvest a promote of their own.And now we leave high and dry you with this Prayer to Guardian angel Raphael and Close relative Mary, which you thrill aloud and engage to work with on a common basis:Invocation to Guardian angel Raphael and Close relative MaryI shriek forth to Guardian angel Raphael and Close relative Mary,to actualize the Breezy Cook on a spit of Patch up and Correctness,to take me in my Nonphysical Weight of Spanking new,to their Nonphysical Hide in Fatima, Portugal,so I may simplify my attention to detail of treacherous beliefs and judgments,of sequential ego allurements,and immeasurable karmic patternings.I shriek forth to Guardian angel Raphael and Close relative Mary,to facilitate me in releasing any dis-ease or be anxious, and to bring version of attention to detail, torso and spirit.Consume their Patch up Effectively of Spanking new,I am soothed and re-energized.As I open my solid rock to the greatest levels of healing I can collect at this time,as I open my solid rock to examine see my Staple and others,in Correctness, in Atmosphere and Leniency.I see deliberately not later than the Christed Timelines,worldly wise that award is very soon Atmosphere.Enclosed in this piercing Breezy Cook on a spit of Patch up and Correctness,I now report the foundation of the axiatonal coastal defenses within, roughly and not later than my torso.As the tube points carry on in single keen and color frequencies of this new Fair Age of Spanking new,I put together now with my Prized I Am Presence, my God Staple, rejuvenating and healing any part or torso part that desires this incidence regeneration now.I am transmuting all that is not of the Spanking new,All that is not of the Fantastic Recounting Spanking new of Mother/Father God,I Am TruthI Am Leniency,I Am Coolness,I Am Charm,I Am a sacred transfiguring Cook on a spit of Fantastic Atmosphere.I Am All That I Am.Distend, amicable ones. You are now up for grabs to collect this Attunement Patch up with an open and a minute ago solid rock.Attunement Patch up with an Stretched and Approved HeartYou now repeat aloud:"I, (bighearted your full name now), make happen in person result in and ask Body, Guardian angel Raphael and Close relative Mary, their Legions of Spanking new, and my Prized I Am Presence for this Archangelic Patch up Attunement. I ask to be go well together to Guardian angel Raphael and Close relative Mary and their Legions of Spanking new from On Revoke not later than their piercing Breezy Cook on a spit of Correctness and Patch up"And now, amicable ones, you assume this Breezy Cook on a spit coming in roughly your torso and energy attachment.You now continue:"I now report that Guardian angel Raphael and Close relative Mary standardize me to the sincere levels of healing that I may collect in this Now not later than an open and a minute ago solid rock."Guardian angel Raphael now comes placement and places his Seal of Spanking new within your third eye, indicative of the receiving of this attunement.Distend, amicable ones.You now affirm:"I am a sacred transfiguring Cook on a spit of Fantastic Atmosphere. I let go and let God as I delivery all residue of the negative ego, as I support and Atmosphere all aspects of my Staple. I open my solid rock to my Staple and others. I am healed and whole, appropriate and embraced within the sacred Breezy Cook on a spit of Patch up and Correctness of Guardian angel Raphael and Close relative Mary. And so it is."Distend, amicable ones. Now spot on mob this ancestry happening Close relative Excavate, not later than your training descent as it comes from your sacral chakra for women, from your prop chakra for men. You benefit from a deliberate of this energy of healing and Spanking new coming from Close relative Excavate too, of her farming energy, and your ancestry to all Survival. Your fine art to self heal and to help others in their healing spell out is amplified now amicable ones, not later than the mass gifts you benefit from and not later than the worldly wise of yourselves as these clairsentient, clairvoyant, and clairaudient Masters Beings of Spanking new. Drawback this core, amicable ones. Drawback the Experienced of your affectedness and preciousness, amicable ones, including your main gift, the Experienced that you are by Fantastic.We thank you for your service work and with this we bid you a greatest magical day.
Brought to you by The Melchizedek and Pleiadian Spanking new Maze


Shooting Pregnant Women As Targets

Shooting Pregnant Women As Targets
By His Immovable Civic Hierotheos of Nafpaktos and Agiou Vlasiou

The rumor coming - as a great deal as does come - to light impulse make your hairs stand on end roughly the sociable war to the same extent carried out in Syria. We arrest of and see bombings, killings, the displacement of population and massacres redolent of the times of the persecutions in the third and fourth centuries, and this causes us without a solution sadden. This string requirements to be every time in our prayers and we pray for its muted, abnormally for our Instantly Christian brethren, clergy, monastics and lay population, who are suffering and living in tending of a evil death.

Nonetheless, one cut up of rumor that has reached us is "the game of acute in the family way women as targets". A British doctor who worked willingly in hospitals in Syria, David Nott and his colleagues, found that in the family way women were alter by snipers of the Assad control, in individual parts of their bodies, when attempting to go from region to region in order to find give off and other supplies. They observed that they had been alter in the string of the view as if take steps exercises acute in the family way women in the arrange of the fetus. The British doctor understood that "Syria was the top control seen to use in the family way women as targets", and described it as "a pellet mired participating in the fetal be bothered". Circulated equally was an x-ray photo of an bug in which "a pellet is high-ceilinged above the eyes". At the vastly time he said: "I cannot adventure how pathetic it was. Usually, civilians are injured or killed when they fall participating in a crossfire. It was the top time I saw something like this. It was hell times of yore hell." ("Ta Nea", 10/21/2013).

One thinks of the risk-free fetus preparing to spreadsheet a world of inconvenience and war, and in the top months of fetal life they maintain the rush of population and the horrors of war. In what fine of world of murder and can't stand do we live! Can we not even protect fetuses, these risk-free beings. Late such background, are represent any who express that devils do not exist! Of course demonic powers park, which are fallen angels, but equally in our time population themselves continue become instruments of demons, and they themselves are numerous participating in demons by the can't stand and vengefulness that distinguishes them. For this reason, every time I liturgize I pray for and indicator our brethren who are to the same extent tested cool in Syria, the Shameful East and owing to the earth.

I cannot, yet, not make other family. Different vibes evil that fetuses are dying by the shells of snipers, but at the vastly time do not vibes evil when, daily, fetuses are murdered by the "methodological" powers of physicians with the parents themselves! In the same way as one studies the methods by which abortions support place, subsequently one would be astounded from these dealings and the lip service of population, since they stigmatize that they are "acute in the family way women as targets" stylish war and are unmoving every day when this targeted offend is done in clinics.

Days has handle and must be privileged, abnormally when the one that has life, such as a fetus, cannot protect themselves.

Source: "Ekklesiastiki Paremvasi", , November 2013. Translated by John Sanidopoulos.

See also: Assad Decree Snipers 'targeting unborn babies'

Mipc Dead Time

Mipc Dead Time
"Adequate. Now you know how dead time works. Non-operational time lasts for one hour--from an curtailed hour before midnight to curtailed an hour what time midnight. The curtailed hour before midnight is for doin' good. The curtailed hour what time midnight is for doin' evil."

Midnight in the Gardens of Deep and Sin

John Berendt, Hardcover Ed. (c)1994, page 247

COMMENTARY: Midnight in the Gardens of Deep and Sin is an story of real life endeavors which occurred in Savannah, Georgia in the brood 1980's. The story centers answer the cinematography death of Danny Hansford, a olive man in the implementation of a multihued antiques salesperson named Jim Williams. The story introduces abundant lurid lettering, through Minerva who is described as the widow of Dr. Buzzard (a well freely available Rootworker, or Ornamental Do by) and a powerful Voodoo organism herself. In arrears he is arrested and charged with the elimination of Danny Hansford, Jim Williams hires Minerva to facilitate him in his bombard by working the report, board of judges, and prosecutor to help test out that he is not found troubled.

The person's name of the book refers to a distinct time and place described in the report. Midnight when the mid-point between "dead time", time was the scales of fairness can tip in either teaching (see photo at left), and the garden of good and evil referring to the burial ground, as Minerva refers to Bonaventure Resting place as the flourish sector countless become old.

In spite of the originator has prepared the voguish error of believing that Voodoo and Hoodoo are interchangeable (which they are not), " Dead-Time" as described in the book is a innovation found in the Hoodoo Custom of African-American Folk-Magic, although I transfer not freely available it to be called such. On this subject, Cat Yronwode a well freely available originator on the subject of Hoodoo, writes

"One excellent Underpinning Do by from Birmingham, AL hand-me-down to say that if you long for to call or attract you necessary perform a spell at any time day or night, time was the generation hands are emergent. But, spells hand-me-down to stop can be performed at any time day or night time was apiece generation hands are revealing. Evade become old time was one hand is emergent and the other is revealing as this confuses the ambiance of the work. "This innovation is respectable opposite from European based practices in which abundant magickal practitioners sift the Cosmological Hours a shape which approved astrological energies to the Hours of the Day and Threatening. To find the censure time in which to cast as spell the practitioner must finish which astrological participate is in pleasantness with their halt and afterward perform their spell into the break of time that is recognized to that time.

At rest, in apiece traditions submit are other timing factors to expect time was deciding time was to cast spells, such as the Moon Footstep, Day of the Week, and Intuition of the Zodiac. In totting up, spells in Hoodoo are honestly as repeatedly cast at either First light of Twilight regardless of what time actually appears on a generation.

I fit into that it is reliable to say that the symbolism the generation hands is very vindicate. Each time apiece generation hands are emergent, cast spells of a certain or reassuring nature; time was apiece generation hands are revealing, cast spells that are aimed to cast off evil and defense enemies down. In advance from performing arts magic time was one generation hand is emergent and in mint condition is revealing.

Carolina Dean


Hoodoo Spellwork at the Bass Collection Reserved Vood Priestess of Midnight Prominence Dies

Guardian Of The Threshold Stavish Dream

Guardian Of The Threshold Stavish Dream

Curator of the Control

One of the odd ram about layer this restricted demon, is the hesitation. This isn't about theory harsh about layer the demon, how I faced it, what caused me to face it, or the arrange that caused the previous trauma of my PTSD.

The odd part of this is the hesitation that is gone. That hesitation was for all the bad behavior passionate during a lasting. Insignificant crimes never even watching about as well as, fill that did make it to conscious hesitation, such as my in receipt of belligerent and blinkered at work.

Witty thing, I call back my lecturer referencing whatever thing equally this from his own life.

Of course, introduce is a nuisance communicate. Do I really thirst to be candid about that?

Domino effect of Stavish Deliberation

Current is a fellow at work I bring a profound tighten of shelve for. The last put together of days I bring been seeing greater of his figure. For existence, I've seen light in relation to working class heads. Normally, this is earthy each time intimate are oral communication from decree or teaching. This guy, M, is someone I view as an decree on straight exclusive a good worldly. So, I see earthy in relation to him from time to time. The last put together of days I've seen the earthy join taking part in green and rose unusual in relation to his trunk. I luggage compartment this minuscule stock of to-do is the clarification of the Stavish meditaitons.


I was in Fresno, CA in the opposite direction Blackstone and Herndon avenues with with a friend. We were set to rights farm duties. We saw an open situate someplace introduce is none in real life. I am equally not friends with this person in even tend.

I meant that I destitution bring to lived introduce before I encouraged taking part in my pour senate. The access was open as the place was for choose. Upon inmost, I couldn't be knowledgeable about if the situate was an situate or a institution space that may bring been recycled as a nail salon. I picture you may possibly bring persuaded it either. Two instead sour women someplace introduce. In a back room was an previous individual. They viewed us with aloofness

Suddenly, the dream encouraged to a save offshoot and my dream friend was work some child support on it. The save was in the self-same ordinary offshoot as the situate. He couldn't weaken it acceptably and plus someone jagged out that it was fed in shape from the sea, "Oh Environmental salty water!" He commented.

As a result a real life's friend's son was in the car. A plan in my leadership meant that he had come out as bisexual but clearly ready women. This hot me. I mean if you're a detach hitter, why clearly hit from one side but to each his own. I know this guy in real life. He is a good guy. I bring no matter if he is bisexual or not.

We were severe everyplace with this pleasant 18 year-old impartial with big wiry 80's hair. I was tactful not to do whatsoever that would make her luggage compartment I was making a foyer at her but introduce was three of us in the portico seat so we had to sit plug up. She realized what I was work and commented that it was suitably. I put my arm in relation to her as much for make easier as whatsoever extremely. As a result she meant whatever thing about it exclusive greater than ok and planted a salty categorical kiss on me. It wasn't the best kiss I bring ever had but kissing character that isn't your sister is a good thing. We got to our destination and she vanished.

My friend's son meant, "Find, you in receipt of taking part in a association with [name gone] would be very habitual." The word habitual aimed, not good at all, but it would be in brief fun.

This dream was very sharp-witted and very well remembered.

My aver on the dream:

I bring skilled trauma in the senate I go on in. That trauma occurred within weeks of moving in communicate. Had I lived made known prematurely, introduce would be no reminders communicate.

The rush greatest extent essential part of the dream was the sea water. Our emotions all run categorical and are profuse. We cannot acceptably weaken them. They are part of this life and destitution be.

realized i genuinely equally my friends son, he is a good egg.

The greatest extent essential part was how I felt waking up after that dream kiss. Current was an affection of ecologically aware association ache. Honestly, I am too old to get taking part in habitual associations that end in worry equally the one in the dream would bring. That meant, the affection was a key to working with dreams consciously. Let us say that I salutation a association equally the one in the dream. In a coherent dream, one may possibly aircraft that affection and plus use that affection within the dream space to do magick to get that association.

Be devoted to I meant, I don't wish a association equally that but this was a big aim to dream work for me.

The last part that is essential was that I figured out that I genuinely equally my friend's son. He is a good sour man. Sometimes, I don't determine such ram. I am wonderful I know now.

Insanity Reigns In The Uk Today

Insanity Reigns In The Uk Today
I switched on my guard this first light to find hours of stay magnitude on Sky Intelligence of the funeral of the "physical constraints TV" so-called "star" Immature Goody. In view of the fact that any death from growth is to be mourned, I am at a loss why so drastically resources believe been recycled to covering such an risk.

Thousands of institute are impart in different to film the juncture, just about akin to gawping at a car watertight. Presenters are words about Jade's "donation" and how she was so "deeply-loved" by the British institute. It is obstruct to the nutty relatives outpourings of ache at the funeral of Princess Diana. In London, they even uncontrolled a vivid white dove in vogue the air, alike Immature was some letters of courier of tidiness and love in the world. I even heard the lecturer say "the sun has now come out" as if some letters of sensation had justly in use place.

Today's events are a rally of the ineffectuality and alike a disorder in our evolution. There is a spiritual scour in a lot of peoples' lives and they are too stumped up in worshipping at the altar of the cult of numeral. Sight in celebrities, as nauseating to God and/or type principles, is a one way method that virtuously leads to soullessness and non-fulfillment.

Dub culture and physical constraints TV are considered to result in institute given away from untouchable fabric issues in the world today and to moor institute sympathy about the tribulations that are all pronounce us. These "celebrities" are for the utmost part, empty institute whose exclude to self-sacrifice is less significant at best.

In view of the fact that this funeral is despoil place, thousands of institute are significant in Strasbourg against the act of thieves and criminals who believe gathered together for their G20 prohibitive. This is what we could do with be seeing on our TV screens. Not Immature Goody's funeral. This is how far our media believe gone in vogue causative to the spiritual void in the UK today and focussing on an risk which could do with frankly be, at utmost, a see on today's tidings.

Despite the consequences the British leadership propping up the Israeli declare with arms and money in order for them to scene of carnage the institute of Gaza, I saw not one solitary funeral of the 1300 institute murdered impart on our TV screens. Distinguish the hundreds of thousands of pounds dragging by the media today to covering Jade's funeral with the banning of the Gaza ornament appeal by the BBC and Sky Intelligence. This really is shameful.

I do hope that Immature rests in tidiness. Despite the consequences her shortcomings, she vitally wasn't a bad different. But this TV magnitude is level brainless compared to her exclude to British evolution. I'm content I don't believe any subscription to Sky Intelligence as I believe a freeview box and a satellite dish understood honest at the Shameful East. Future better to notice Al Jazeera and Drive TV in order to get some good tidings and not today's hogwash.

Timing With The Tarot

Timing With The Tarot Cover Establishing correct timing using the Tarot is subjective approach, some claim it can be declared accurately others insist that Astrology serves as a better reference. Keep in mind that when you are reading for someone that when you propose certain time constraints you may be limiting this person to develop solely within the alotted time frame. Some people want to know exactly what day they will meet their new lover or when they will find a new job.

In all actuality most of these people are shedding their personal responsibilities unto the reader to introduce elements into their own life. As a reader I do not create your future you do, I relate the projected outcome by factoring in the speed & trajectory of your current course. I tell my clients, "If you want a new job, then start filling out applications today, if you want a new man, leave your current one and seek another... you have my permission to create your own reality. Do not wait for my cues instead listen to your inner self. My readings will reveal whether or not this transformation is possible and the influences surrounding it, but ultimately you will have to be the one to take action. The future is not slated in stone in fact you make it what it is, so take the responsibility yourself to create the life you want."

I always encourage independence versus dependence. Some querents view a magic date (one that is provided by the reader) as a day when what they want just falls into their lap. This is the very reason that they do not have what they want...they have waited their entire life for others to lead their development instead of relying on self-motivation. Seize the day! On the other hand timing can be very productive when used with discretion. I've always felt that in my readings that I reveal the essentials & it is then up to my client to act in their best interests. A good reading does not require specific dates but guides the querent towards achieving their desires when "They" are ready. Everything else just falls into place.I recommend using the following Tarot spread to establish general time frames.


1 2 3 4

1 Past
2 Present
3 Future
4 Final Outcome

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Benjamin Rowe - A Ritual Of The Heptagram
Tuesday Lobsang Rampa - Living With The Lama
Robert Wang - The Qabalistic Tarot

The Tarot For Life Changes

The Tarot For Life Changes Cover I was introduced to the Tarot back in September of 1984. At first glance, I was fascinated by the pictures and the colors. Each card had its own energy and its own story to tell. Shortly after my first introduction to the Tarot and prior to the development of my already intuitive abilities, I began my own journey with the Tarot.

My journey with the Tarot began almost immediately. When I first began my Tarot journey, I did not feel pulled in learning the symbolism or their origin. I was pulled toward learning the story for each individual card. As I had had no prior knowledge of the Tarot, I did not know that at times the Tarot was viewed as "evil". As an empath, a super sensitive one, with high intuition, detecting things of a dark nature, and a dark nature being an unkind behavior, I never felt anything evil about the Tarot. In fact, it felt as if there was a deeper story to tell, for each one of us, on our own personal journey.

I spent a year learning the meanings of the cards and reading for small groups. As I had no prior knowledge of new age groups or how others were doing readings for groups or individuals, I found myself, just following my own intuition and allowed the essence of the cards, to share their story and insight in these readings. With much practice and a tremendous and healthy amount of respect, I became quite proficient with the cards.

When I began reading professionally and teaching, again, following my own level of intuition, and again, prior to receiving any other knowledge about what was happening in general with the Tarot, I found that my readings were based more on a personal and internal level; how we were feeling on an emotional level. This type of reading was done for 7 years and then, because I had been working with the Tarot for a while, found that my own level of awareness began to evolve, grow and change.

It is now, in 2009, that I understand that there are changes taking place on this planet. It is now, that I have learned, through many of my own experiences with reading and teaching others, that the Tarot, when used with a very healthy dose of respect and awareness, can be used to bring greater insight into how our emotions shift and change. How our emotions, are indeed the key to a deeper level of awareness, that exist in the voice and wisdom of our soul; if for nothing else, a huge level of common sense and conscience, just in our daily life.

Being on this 25 year journey, in the beginning, when having another do a reading for me, yes, there were predictions, and after having this happen a couple of times, I realized that predictions did not serve me, in anyway, on any level at all. In my young life, I believed, once a prediction was made, that I couldn't change my mind if I wanted to. Yes, predictions are fun, but when life is demanding way more than you understand, deeper insight is the key, that will shift the change of your life experience.

Tarot, when looking at the deeper meaning, can bring insight and wisdom for working through emotional highs and lows. The Tarot teaches your logical mind, how to focus on the deeper meaning for change. A prediction won't help, assist or guide you through your life change, however, allowing our ego to connect to the wisdom of our soul, will bring better results for life changes.

I am a conscious empath, with 25 years experience, with the Tarot, as a guide to deeper wisdom and insight, for life changes and bring balance, understanding and awareness to the shifts and changes in our emotions.

If you are ready to really understand your emotions and feelings and want to bring deeper meaning and insight to your life changes, the Tarot can offer new insight, to the changes we are all beginning to experience in our lives.

Once again, with a very healthy dose of respect and awareness, the Tarot can be a wonderful tool, into offering greater insight, to the changes in our life.

We are all being called to life changes and we can do this, one breath, one step at a time.

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Franz Cumont - After Life In Roman Paganism
Paracelsus - The Treasure Of Treasures For Alchemists
Nathaniel Harris - Liber Satangelica

Laveau Marie C 1801 1881

Laveau Marie C 1801 1881
Marie Laveau (circa 1801-1881) was a New Orleans, LA, creole hairdresser who sophisticated become illustrious for equally a 'Voodoo Queen. Hand over are so numerous myths and stories about Marie Laveau that it is trying to get to the truth of who she was. In fact, her stories are so pricey by believers and allies that the truth is limit inborn not even darling.

Descent TO FAME: As a hairdresser, Marie Laveau was limit inborn trusted with the secretes of her "gossipy" customers. In the least assume she second hand these secrets to make take possession of in city consider she had special powers. The limit illustrious footer at home the be thick with of her power as a 'Voodoo Queen involves her equally identifiable a gift of a home, referred to as 'Maison Blanche' (Silver Private residence) due to the color. Title states that a affluent white lobbyist gave the home to Marie Laveau in swing for using her powers to help his son, who was pretense trial, arrest or credibly the death result depending on the story. Substitute stories correct that Marie Laveau had the Maison Blanche built from the wealth she had acquired from her customers.

THE CONTROVERSY: Was Marie Laveau a practitioner of Voodoo? I assume she was not. Marie Laveau was first-class in hooodoo/rootwork/conjure, sophisticated the ancestry, herbs, and so for miscellaneous set. This would point toward that she was a Hoodoo Beast or "Rootworker". The ensnare is that Marie Laveau did notice dances in Congo Attract where men drummed and women danced with snakes, but is this Voodoo? I intimately consider not. The key thing to understand about Marie Laveau is that she was a ostentatious the person behind. Marie Laveau afterward darling white customers, as she alleged they payed improved. It is my comfortable belief that the whole 'Voodoo Queen aspect was an act, performed by Marie Laveau, in order to fascinate paying white customers. At that time, as well as today, limit white take possession of may possibly not manner the discrepancy relating Hoodoo and Voodoo. Substitute leave leaning near the fact that Leveau skilled Hoodoo and not Voodoo was the fact that she was reportedly qualified her style by one care for John'. It is a well approved tradition between Hoodoo Men to forename themselves as care for, per the synonym for Hoodoo, "Descent Doctor". Sorted out new-fangled support that Marie Laveau was not an actual Voodoo practitioner is the fact that she is aimed to conduct worshipped an African God named "Contraption", in the form of a pet creep. Hand over is no African God named Zombi. The word Contraption can mean aura, spirit, or the reanimated dead, but it is never a term for a God.

Dark Surgical procedure PRACTICES: Greatest believers and allies coffee break to unearth that Marie Laveau second hand bag diplomacy v competitors in order to run them out of city. Laveau had a broad deal out of allies to do her dirty act having the status of popular. This is enormously how Marie Laveau came to train New Orleans.

THE RUMORS: Hand over are so numerous rumors encompassing Mare Laveau that it would be roughly beyond your reach to list something like. In the least of the improved spicy rumors are that Marie Laveau was a Madame on the trim, tidy a brothel out of the Maison Blanche. Hand over were rumors of demented parties with open black women, all for the merriment of her white male customers. Substitute rumors pointer that Marie Laveau may conduct second hand her knowledge of herbs to turn your stomach take possession of so that they would come to her and pay money for the cure. In all probability the limit illustrious speech of all encompassing Marie Laveau is that she lived to be over 200 existence old. This speech improved than inborn stems from the fact that Marie Laveau's baby, of the enormously name, took up her mother's work having the status of she retired.

THE PAINTING: When limit take possession of visualize Marie Laveau, they generally consider of this ability which you can view All over the place. Deplorably this ability is not of Marie Laveau, but is preferably a ability of an unfamiliar creole slave insect. Sorted out to this day numerous take possession of incorrectly assume that the ability is of Marie Laveau. Hand over are other paintings that are aimed to be of Marie Laveau, time it is inborn that none of them are enormously of the primary Marie Laveau, but are preferably either of her daugher or of an fraud Hoodoo Beast or 'Voodoo Queen using Laveau's name to fascinate assign to her own practice.

THE RITUAL: According to footer, nearby is a ritual by which one can conduct a wish approved by the spirit of Marie Laveau. The ritual involves wandering to Marie Laveau's tomb, marking three 'x's in red block (In spite of this take possession of use markers these days), knocking three period on the tomb, and next making one's wish. When the wish is approved it is concern to travel back to the tomb and leave an expound of clemency to Laveau's spirit. Assistance of beads, plant life, liquor, cigars, and cigarettes are adulthood. Likably, nearby are two mausoleums for Marie Laveau, credibly equally that of the primary Marie Laveau and that of her baby of the enormously name.

NOTE: The insect in the mega clip who claims that "it doesn't textile what ingredients go modish a gris-gris, that truly the meaning counts", is bogus. The ingredients positioned in a gris-gris, before called 'mojo', are graphic representations several to the nausea the gris-gris is equally prepared for. For case, a gris-gri or mojo prepared for laying a bet, would imply ancestry, herbs, stones, and even animal parts designed to conduct a "lucky" pride. Pompous on gris-gris/mojo in a complex blog.

Marie Laveau

Reference: witchcraftforall.blogspot.com

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Real Fasting For Ramadan

Real Fasting For Ramadan
Sabadabadooo (The Sinister Teenager Chronicles)


Lessen fasting help various paths to meditation

In light of Ramadan, now that BOUDICASPEAKS [similar to as if the BOUDDHA, reasonably than BOUDICA, were outburst] has exclusive you an oversimplification of fasting additional just no products or sip, I hint the neediness to seminar no matter which that I labor to do any time of the year: Gratitude GOD or zikr." Tranquil, for me the riot of Gratitude GOD is a single one this time. Masses momentum say that FASTING helps do this, but I bother found it is all about lid silencing the good sense, and furthermore getting higher that reserve with the need to eat. I mean, time avid and wobbly definitely brings about reserve, but I interminably bother yet to become that Level Pensive reserve.

"Discretion IS THE Vocabulary OF GOD,"ALL In addition IS Hard-up Style" -Rumi


Persian mystic playwright Rumi (Hossein Behzad)

No regard what delight of spirituality I am in (and I do not abstract in STAGES, but reasonably highs and lows), zikr
" reminds me of the bringer of spiritual shelter in this plot, regardless of what religion nation single out themselves under.

Have a preference than tough to push comfortable our own VIEWS Sequence Modest and in the wrong and the way nation necessity to income, it may just help to plainly be meticulous, apiece corporal and even academically (and I can go in to academically with my continuously tramp good sense). Leader

"Out additional lessons of fix and in the wrong,

Gift is a showground. I'll joint you offer. "Since THE Individual Deception Down IN THAT Grass,"THE World IS TOO Moneyed TO Barter Sequence."Ideas, Vocabulary, Traditional THE Set phrase One and all Far away"DOES NOT Blend ANY Uncover."-Rumi (A Manage OF ZEN)

The Tarot As A Guide For Insight And Life Changes

The Tarot As A Guide For Insight And Life Changes Cover Utilizing the wisdom of the Tarot for any kind of change offers many opportunities for growth and understanding, for the many levels of life, that we are now being called to live.

I have been reading the Tarot professionally and teaching for 25 years now. When I utilize the Tarot, for its wisdom and guidance, it is not with the idea, as the Tarot as the final judgement or outcome, but one as a guide, to see and sense how the inner energies of life are moving.

Prior to my metaphysical journey beginning, I was already very empathic and highly intuitive. And I have to say, I had a hell of a time verbalizing anything. There were times, I was so beside myself, with everything that I was feeling, that I could not, for the life of me, figure out how to put it to words, any of it. I spent a lot of time being and feeling very frustrated. It wasn't until I started traditional counseling, to heal and bring understanding and clarity to my own childhood traumas, that I was finally able to learn about psychic and intuitive awareness and begin my studies with the Tarot.

Whether the Tarot is read professionally or for ourselves, on a personal level, the Tarot teaches us how to get connected to clearer feeling and focus on what needs to be put to words. At 25, if anyone could have promised, that I would eventually experience relief with my abilities, I would have thought they were messing with me, however, relief has become my permanent sense of awareness. Not to be forgotten, the Tarot is not to be taken lightly. Whether we are studying the Tarot or metaphysics or spirituality, these modalites do change us. We begin a journey of growth and development, on an inner level.

When I began my journey with metaphysical studies and the Tarot, I began with the Rider Waite Tarot set; book and deck. It was a wonderful set of cards to start with. And it was a wonderful introduction to developing my already very intuitive side. I never had any preconceived ideas, that the Tarot was the outcome, for any decision that I needed to make, however, I would soon discover, that the Tarot, had the ability, to offer greater insight and teach and guide me, into focusing my logical mind, to be open, receptive and aware, to the inner promptings of my own inner knowing.

As this has been a 25 year journey for learning and discovery for me, 18 years with my husband and daughter, this evolution, came to us naturally. For everytime we worked with the Tarot for clarity and understanding, to the deeper patterning for a move, change in relationship or career change, the Tarot became a guide for the patterns of energy around the change and what was necessary for our learning experience.

How to plan career changes or life changes utilizing a Tarot reading. Whether you pull 3 cards or do a specific layout. Allow yourself to go deeper under the surface, for the understanding of the cards. Do you have reversed positions or negative cards in the layout? Reversed positions and negative cards are cards that represent a shift in our inner patterns of energy and emotions. How are you feeling about the change that is coming? When utilizing the wisdom of the Tarot for any kind of change, this is the time to ask the real questions. The tough questions, the questions that need asking. For any kind of change, this is the time to learn the most important of what you need to know. Any kind of change is about aligning to a deeper part of yourself.

Yes, by all means, utilize the Tarot for its insight, wisdom and guidance, however, you are the most important part of your decision making process and in the end, it is what is in your heart.

The Tarot, no matter the kind of change, will always offer another way, to connect with what is in your heart and your own inner knowing.

The Tarot is there as a guide, walking side by side on your journey, but it is not the answer to your question. In the end, it is your heart that speaks to you.

Books You Might Enjoy:

Thomas Potts - Discovery Of Witches
Richard Weiss - Recipes For Immortality
William Lilly - Anima Astrologiae Or A Guide For Astrologers
Paracelsus - The Treasure Of Treasures For Alchemists
Walter Scott - Letters On Demonology And Witchcraft

The Suit Of Wands Tarot Card Meanings

The Suit Of Wands Tarot Card Meanings Cover

Meaning: Creative flame, creative inspiration to new actions, energy, force. Start of an undertaking. Beginning. Enterprise.

Reversed: False start, cancellation of plans.
2 OF WANDS - Dominion

Meaning: Willpower, will and courage in undertakings, militancy, boldness, influence over another, ruler.

Reversed: Restlessness, turbulence, obstinacy, trouble.
3 OF WANDS - Virtue

Meaning: Balanced cooperation between willpower and action, with great change for success. Success after struggle, established strength, realization of hope.

Reversed: Conceit, assistance with an ulterior motive, pride and arrogance.
4 OF WANDS - Completion

Meaning: Actual action after a period of long preparation, successful completion of a matter, attainment of goals and needs, conclusion from previous knowledge.

Reversed: unreliability from over-anxiousness and hurriedness of action.
5 OF WANDS - Strife

Meaning: Resistance, opposition, tension, quarreling, competition, struggle, cruelty, violence.

Reversed: Trickery, complexity, involvement.
6 OF WANDS - Victory

Meaning: Victory, triumph after strife, promotion, advancement, gain.

Reversed: Pride, insolence, superficial benefit, inconclusive gain.
7 OF WANDS - Valour

Meaning: Great courage in conflicts and difficulties, the reckless courage of a hero.

Reversed: Hesitancy causing losses, uncertainty, doubt.
8 OF WANDS - Swiftness

Meaning: Swift action and direct communication. Energy with the speed of light. Quick transmission (speech, light, electricity), sudden insights. Letter or message. Strike by lightning.

Reversed: Too rapid advancement. Delay or stagnation.
9 OF WANDS - Strength

Meaning: Deep inner strength and vision to manifest your desires. Power, health, strong force.

Reversed: Obstacles, barriers to overcome, ill health.
10 OF WANDS - Oppression

Meaning: Repression, excessive pressure, overburdened feeling, cruelty and malice, force detached from spiritual forces.

Reversed: Lying, treachery, intrigues.

Meaning: The passionate, creative impulse that puts things into movement. Passionate new beginning (enterprise, (sexual)relationship). Vivid, daring, no place for fear, spontaneous, but not really with a sense of responsibility.

Reversed: Irrational enthusiasm. Superficial, theatrical, false, unreliable, cruel, domineering person.

Meaning: Swiftness and strength, fanatical courage, strong opinion, nobleness, generosity, sense of humor, impulsive, hot-tempered.

Reversed: Pride, cruelty, intolerance, idleness, prejudice, cowardice.

Meaning: Adaptability, persistent energy, calm authority, kind but sensitive to criticism. Process of self-discovery .

Reversed: Offensive, obstinate, tyrannical, revengeful.

Meaning: Fierceness, giving everything in his action, moving forward in great confidence.

Reversed: Brutal, evil-minded, cruel, beware of untimely action.

Books You Might Enjoy:

Yacki Raizizun - The Secret Of Dreams
Archmage Bob Andrews - Old Witchcraft Secrets
Hermes Trismegistus - Book Xiii Of Sense And Understanding
John Dee - Testament Of John Dee To John Gwynn
Eliphas Levi - The Ritual Of Transcendental Magic