Sunday, August 29, 2010

Shooting Pregnant Women As Targets

Shooting Pregnant Women As Targets
By His Immovable Civic Hierotheos of Nafpaktos and Agiou Vlasiou

The rumor coming - as a great deal as does come - to light impulse make your hairs stand on end roughly the sociable war to the same extent carried out in Syria. We arrest of and see bombings, killings, the displacement of population and massacres redolent of the times of the persecutions in the third and fourth centuries, and this causes us without a solution sadden. This string requirements to be every time in our prayers and we pray for its muted, abnormally for our Instantly Christian brethren, clergy, monastics and lay population, who are suffering and living in tending of a evil death.

Nonetheless, one cut up of rumor that has reached us is "the game of acute in the family way women as targets". A British doctor who worked willingly in hospitals in Syria, David Nott and his colleagues, found that in the family way women were alter by snipers of the Assad control, in individual parts of their bodies, when attempting to go from region to region in order to find give off and other supplies. They observed that they had been alter in the string of the view as if take steps exercises acute in the family way women in the arrange of the fetus. The British doctor understood that "Syria was the top control seen to use in the family way women as targets", and described it as "a pellet mired participating in the fetal be bothered". Circulated equally was an x-ray photo of an bug in which "a pellet is high-ceilinged above the eyes". At the vastly time he said: "I cannot adventure how pathetic it was. Usually, civilians are injured or killed when they fall participating in a crossfire. It was the top time I saw something like this. It was hell times of yore hell." ("Ta Nea", 10/21/2013).

One thinks of the risk-free fetus preparing to spreadsheet a world of inconvenience and war, and in the top months of fetal life they maintain the rush of population and the horrors of war. In what fine of world of murder and can't stand do we live! Can we not even protect fetuses, these risk-free beings. Late such background, are represent any who express that devils do not exist! Of course demonic powers park, which are fallen angels, but equally in our time population themselves continue become instruments of demons, and they themselves are numerous participating in demons by the can't stand and vengefulness that distinguishes them. For this reason, every time I liturgize I pray for and indicator our brethren who are to the same extent tested cool in Syria, the Shameful East and owing to the earth.

I cannot, yet, not make other family. Different vibes evil that fetuses are dying by the shells of snipers, but at the vastly time do not vibes evil when, daily, fetuses are murdered by the "methodological" powers of physicians with the parents themselves! In the same way as one studies the methods by which abortions support place, subsequently one would be astounded from these dealings and the lip service of population, since they stigmatize that they are "acute in the family way women as targets" stylish war and are unmoving every day when this targeted offend is done in clinics.

Days has handle and must be privileged, abnormally when the one that has life, such as a fetus, cannot protect themselves.

Source: "Ekklesiastiki Paremvasi", , November 2013. Translated by John Sanidopoulos.

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