Thursday, August 19, 2010

Tarot The Five Of Pentacles

Tarot The Five Of Pentacles Cover Understanding the meaning of the Five of Pentacles ~ In its most basic meaning, the Five of Pentacles is about worry and concern. Worry and concern for the outer aspect of our lives. It could be about finances, relationships, our well being.

Worry and concern can also affect our communication. Worry and concern can also affect our focus and connection to our present moment. Experiencing life challenges, can keep you focused in the past or future and then you are prevented from handling life's challenges as they come up in each moment.

Now, this may appear to be the downside of the Five of Pentacles. However, as we begin to evolve in our journey to inner knowing, the Five of Pentacles, in its shadow side, can also teach and guide us into feeling, understanding and bringing much needed awareness to the challenges at hand. It seems that this is pretty true for all cards in a Tarot deck.

I have been using the Tarot since September of 1984. When I was first introduced to the Tarot, I had no clue, knowledge or understanding for how the Tarot worked, much less how to read their insights and teachings. I began with the Rider Waite Tarot. It was pretty simple. There were upright positions and reversed positions. Now, I admit, it took me almost a year to learn the Tarot. Although I am empathic, with high intuition, I found an interesting thing happening as I was learning the Tarot. I was utilizing my logical thinking, in trying to understand an energy that was highly intuitive.

Trust me when I say, I was having my mini meltdowns about why I wasn't grasping onto learning the Tarot positions and their meanings. After a few months of doing it this way, I put the book away and began using my intuition to learn the Tarot. During this time, life was simple and changes hadn't made their presence known to me. By putting the book away, I finally began to feel intuitively how to follow the cards and utilize their insights as a guide.

But something began to happen, after 6 years of doing readings for myself and reading for others and teaching psychic and intuitive development, my energy and awareness began to change and life changes and challenges began knocking at my door. I found myself living in the energy of the Five of Pentacles; worry and concern. My finances, living environment and relationship began going through major changes;

I found myself living in the past and the future, because I had no clue about how to deal with these major changes in my present moment.

Emotionally, I was in despair. And then one day, while just shuffling the Tarot, I found myself asking questions about the changes that were taking place in my life and the cards really began speaking to me on another level; a more deeper and internal level. At first, I didn't grasp on to the logic of this, but kept going anyway. It was at this point that I was introduced to the Alleister Crowley Tarot, for it specifically journeyed into my shadow side; the part of me that had no answers or understanding.

25 years have gone by since my worries and concerns. I learned a lot. I learned how to utilize the Tarot for lifes inner journey and I learned how to access insight and soul wisdom when the going got tough. It wasn't an easy transition from logic to intuitive knowing, but the rewards were great in terms of inner learning and awareness.

So, if you find yourself having a reading and the Five of Pentacles comes up in your reading, or any card that pushes at your shadow side, have no fear, for this just represents a journey to the inner realms of your knowing, to guide you on your awakening journey.

Life changes are calling to many of us now. These life changes are pushing at our emotional boundaries and forcing us to feel what we may have pushed out of our sight or feeling space. It doesn't always feel good to feel these kinds of changes, but feeling is the key to healing, and the Tarot, for life changes and challenges can become a wonderful guide and teacher, in offering insight and wise counsel to these changes.

Yes, and all this from experiencing life changes and the Five of Pentacles.
Life definitely is interesting!

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