Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Tarot Meditation On Pentacles

Tarot Meditation On Pentacles Cover In most Tarot decks based on the classic Rider Deck and those modeled after that design, the suit of pentacles is the suit that speaks of business and money. In the 3,7 & 8 of pentacles, we see images that feature a person who is focused on their work, is proud of their accomplishments and gains some recognition for their efforts. The 3 might also depict an artist who is the beneficiary of a patron of the arts.

In the 2 of pentacles we see a person in the midst of weighing his choices and making a decision. The 4 of pentacles shows a person who can either be seen as miserly or as a person who keeps a close eye on their money and uses it wisely. The 6 of pentacles presents a person who is generous, acting as a philanthropist who acts out of charity.

While looking at some of these images, we are prompted to consider important questions. Am I doing work that I enjoy doing? Do I feel like I get appropriate recognition for my work? Am I satisfied with my compensation? Am I giving anything back to others through the work itself or through the money earned? Do I manage my resources wisely?

If I am not answering yes to most of these questions, am I seriously considering my options? If I am not happy in what I am doing, how can I make changes that will get me into a position where I can do more of what I love? Am I conscious of how I use my resources? What can I do to bring my experience of work and money into harmony in my life?

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