Monday, August 30, 2010

Why Do I Want Man To Put Ashes On My Forehead When God Will Mark My Forehead Later No Lent For Me

I'm not for Lent. It has a pagan foot and is perpetuated by the deceptive Catholic religion. It's sponge off of with golden calf-Mardi Gras and Pharisaical rituals. In buildup it is exclusion to the Gospel. I know some say that Lent for them is innocently a respectable time of repeat for the introduction New start Sunday AKA Easter. But respectable repeat is as well called for in advance of the Lord's Play a part (1 Corinthians 11:28) and to some expansiveness every time we chief for Sunday like. (Ezra 7:10, Romans 12:1). Strictly we're presumed to high-quality up our tense "weekly", so why set excursion a special time next a go out with for self-examination, obedience, and repentance? Why do we make a notice of preparing for innocently as sacred as an business so publicly? Why thin our faces with relics and be disappointed past we swallow lay into the world, swallow His agreement and swallow been agreed His joy?

"Lookout tower of practicing your modesty to the fore other competition in order to be seen by them, for in addition to you spur swallow no sweetener from your Commence who is in illusion"." (Matthew 6:1)


labeled for reuse. CARDINAL DOLAN ON ASH WEDNESDAY speaking to bear down on

"But past you fast, anoint your originally and wash your envelop, that your fasting may not be seen by others but by your Commence who is in secret. And your Commence who sees in secret spur sweetener you". (Matthew 6:17-18). [stress kill]

Sympathy, the employment of placing a motion on our ridge looked at complete a biblical lens... The bible shows that the deceptive judge chairs a motion on the hand or ridge of those who esteem the antichrist. (Dream 13:16). These spur be preordained once and for all. The Whore of Babylon has a secret name in print on her ridge. (Dream 17:5). Who wishes to be sponge off of with THAT?

On the optimistic challenge, concerning the Assessment, angels motion the foreheads of those who consign Jesus (Dream 7:3, Dream 14:1). In the end, elatedly, "They spur see his envelop, and his name spur be on their foreheads"." (Dream 22:4). The name of Christ spur be upon our foreheads, located acquaint with by angels at the behest of God, or by God Himself, so why do I neediness "man" to put any motion on my forehead? Can anybody make clear that to me? Anyone? Anyone? No thanks. I'll storage space for God to do it.


I know the egotism of my spot. I know that participating in maintain displays of on the outside like travels spur truthful go to my originally and I'll end up promoting my own inviolability done on my own steam. No thanks, I don't oblige any help in substituting works for variety. Possibly others can discover the bribe. I know I can't and I don't even neediness to lick one inch snooty acquaint with. Offering are some competition who feeling the actual but swallow spoken it extreme added strongly. The first one is by a human being named Amanda-

As well as IT ALL JOY: A Store About LENT

"And here's everyplace I may be scary to the added theologically-minded, but it really isn't first and give somebody the lowdown about a venerate for me. Or a admission. It's about me place this is exclusion to the GOSPEL."

John MacArthur on Lent's early period and how it is at this point an abuse for sinning as extreme as possible-

Fresh Store About LENT:

"Specific even added devout souls feeling that you directive of swallow to work your way up to new beginning Sunday, and so they be glad what has become assured as Lent. Forty days of drinking no self and, apparently, expressing regret for sin. I table its, in supreme bags, insincere, the same as regret for sin is not proficient by some self-governing abstemiousness or some self-motivated claim toward God, and its jargon is as well seen, I hold, in the fact that to the fore Lent, competition cling on to to really gather up the sinning the same as they swallow to do imperfect for a to the same extent..."

"In fact, acquaint with are two words that come to consciousness past you hold of the pre-Lenten interest. One is the time of year Mardi Gras, and the other is carnival. In our inhabitants, we're secure with Mardi Gras. In other parts of the world, they be glad carnival. It is a time of unimpeded sinning, of drunkenness, rioting, sexual wrong, success position for view of Easter. In fact, Mardi Gras comes from two French words. If you know French, you know that the French word Mardi treat Tuesday, and gras treat fat. Fat Tuesday is the extreme day to the fore Lent, and you short vacation get fat now, equally you're gonna go imperfect for a to the same extent. Bright comes from words that we're secure with. Carne, we know from chili con carne, treat self. Val, we know from high school days past anybody was the valedictorian and gave a send-off words, treat send-off. Bright treat send-off to self. So you swallow a big touring company to the fore you get spiritual innocently to make of course you don't miss anything; and in addition to you confide in in opposition to confide in that it'll all turn out in the end if you're damaging plenty and without delay from plenty, perhaps someday God spur promote you up."

"By the way, as a suggestion, Lent is not from the Bible. Communicate is no such thing in the Bible. It comes from the mystery religions of the cults of Babylon and was to the point with the presumed carnage of Baal by a unwise boar; and for forty days and forty nights, the priestesses and the legion of Baal mourned his death until, apparently, he rose from the dead on the 40th day, and that is everyplace Lent came from, and it has been superimposed on Christianity..."

Annnnd, this too, from Jeremy Traveler,

THIS LENT I AM Bending UP....Reticence

"Whether or not it is a touch of the Emerging/Emergent gusto for a multiplicity of 'spiritualities' or an spirit for an over-ripe liturgical resuscitation, I cannot say, but I be bowled over if it is in part a zone of distance both of time and space. This imaginary recovery of Lent and Easter is not actually a zone of times of yore fragility and an heritage regained but of times of yore unawareness and an heritage lost. Whether or not it is the high-grade muppetry of revered churches someone urged to tattoo one of the stations of the tense on some part of their anatomy, or some gore-drenched restoration of the unrepeatable penalty, or some spotlit image-fest in which a entirety cruelty to physical representations of the Christ - the image of the hidden God - is displayed, or some be-robed priest-figure short a rate old hat from incense and bow, it does not come from Scripture and it does not belong in Christ's church."

So that is my thought on Lent. Why is it making a riposte happening "Protestant "churches? Offering are two essays discussing Lent.

The same as IS THE Gist OF LENT?

The same as IS LENT?