Sunday, August 1, 2010

Tarot Meditation On Cups

Tarot Meditation On Cups Cover The suit of cups (also chalices, cauldrons, grails, hearts) is the suit of emotions. This includes love, friendship, trust, happiness, faith, and intuition, our gut instinct. How many times do we make decisions based on gut instinct?

How many times do we choose our friends, lovers and business partners based on this gut instinct? The down sides of this suit are fear, indecision, sadness over past losses, laziness, all of which arise when there is too little love, too little happiness, too little trust.

This suit is often illustrated with lots of water. Just like the Earth, our bodies are mostly water, and we feel the magnetic pull of the moon. We express all of our emotions with water. Tears, blood, sweat, orgasms, saliva when we kiss, and the water in our mouths communicate the way we sense taste. It is good to pay attention to emotions when making decisions. The decisions that are right for you feel good and the decisions that are not, feel bad.

Flow with your feelings. Let your self be moved. Follow the currents and they will lead you to where you want to be. When cups are the cards you draw, how do you feel? What do the pictures suggest you do?

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