Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Tarot For Life Changes

The Tarot For Life Changes Cover I was introduced to the Tarot back in September of 1984. At first glance, I was fascinated by the pictures and the colors. Each card had its own energy and its own story to tell. Shortly after my first introduction to the Tarot and prior to the development of my already intuitive abilities, I began my own journey with the Tarot.

My journey with the Tarot began almost immediately. When I first began my Tarot journey, I did not feel pulled in learning the symbolism or their origin. I was pulled toward learning the story for each individual card. As I had had no prior knowledge of the Tarot, I did not know that at times the Tarot was viewed as "evil". As an empath, a super sensitive one, with high intuition, detecting things of a dark nature, and a dark nature being an unkind behavior, I never felt anything evil about the Tarot. In fact, it felt as if there was a deeper story to tell, for each one of us, on our own personal journey.

I spent a year learning the meanings of the cards and reading for small groups. As I had no prior knowledge of new age groups or how others were doing readings for groups or individuals, I found myself, just following my own intuition and allowed the essence of the cards, to share their story and insight in these readings. With much practice and a tremendous and healthy amount of respect, I became quite proficient with the cards.

When I began reading professionally and teaching, again, following my own level of intuition, and again, prior to receiving any other knowledge about what was happening in general with the Tarot, I found that my readings were based more on a personal and internal level; how we were feeling on an emotional level. This type of reading was done for 7 years and then, because I had been working with the Tarot for a while, found that my own level of awareness began to evolve, grow and change.

It is now, in 2009, that I understand that there are changes taking place on this planet. It is now, that I have learned, through many of my own experiences with reading and teaching others, that the Tarot, when used with a very healthy dose of respect and awareness, can be used to bring greater insight into how our emotions shift and change. How our emotions, are indeed the key to a deeper level of awareness, that exist in the voice and wisdom of our soul; if for nothing else, a huge level of common sense and conscience, just in our daily life.

Being on this 25 year journey, in the beginning, when having another do a reading for me, yes, there were predictions, and after having this happen a couple of times, I realized that predictions did not serve me, in anyway, on any level at all. In my young life, I believed, once a prediction was made, that I couldn't change my mind if I wanted to. Yes, predictions are fun, but when life is demanding way more than you understand, deeper insight is the key, that will shift the change of your life experience.

Tarot, when looking at the deeper meaning, can bring insight and wisdom for working through emotional highs and lows. The Tarot teaches your logical mind, how to focus on the deeper meaning for change. A prediction won't help, assist or guide you through your life change, however, allowing our ego to connect to the wisdom of our soul, will bring better results for life changes.

I am a conscious empath, with 25 years experience, with the Tarot, as a guide to deeper wisdom and insight, for life changes and bring balance, understanding and awareness to the shifts and changes in our emotions.

If you are ready to really understand your emotions and feelings and want to bring deeper meaning and insight to your life changes, the Tarot can offer new insight, to the changes we are all beginning to experience in our lives.

Once again, with a very healthy dose of respect and awareness, the Tarot can be a wonderful tool, into offering greater insight, to the changes in our life.

We are all being called to life changes and we can do this, one breath, one step at a time.

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