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Astrological Pointers For Travel

Astrological Pointers For Travel

The point on Move on in the astrological book, Kalaprakaashika is inclined in the join underside.

The point starts on page 139. 8MaBfTncgC&pg=PP7&lpg=PP7&dq=kalaprakasika+translation&source=web&ots=7096Yp5mnG&sig= pN0EIEn38u-y2pjz277r4gtheM&hl=en&sa=X&oi=book result&resnum=2">SOME Basics that basic be followed.

The basics be full of seeing one's tara balam and Chandra balam on the day of beginning the travel.

(1) Tara balam basic be contemporary. One basic severely improve the 1st, 3rd, 5th and 7th star in the 3 rounds of 9 stars starting from one's start star.

(2) One basic further improve the 12 stars that are inconducive for travel (arudra, 3 pum stars, barani, krittika, vishaka, kettai, magam, chitthrai, ayilyam and swathi) on the day of starting the annoy. But they can be contemporary in lift up course of the travel. The spat for avoidance is that these stars bring one-way chain. They dont allow return chain. This works in role money (lending), reducing doubtful and leave-taking to para-sthaanam. This means money lent on these stars behest not be returned. The one reducing awfully doubtful (holds good for persons with grave illnesses) may not jump back rapidly. The one leave-taking for a defer in para-sthanam (in persons days to in-laws house) behest enclose to defer contemporary and not return as per image. In this day and age staying in parasthanam is unbelievable. The a minute ago projected interpretation is not someone talented return as per distinct image. Care for this we enclose to interpret.

(3) Communicate basic be Chandra balam on the day of starting the annoy. From one's moon sign, the day's moon basic be in 1,3,6,7,10 or 11 signs.

Moon obligation not be afflicted.

(4) The lagna at the time of starting from home basic be good with ashtama suddhi. Communicate obligation be no misery to this lagna or the 8th from Mars and Rahu. If lagna is afflicted by Mars, contemporary behest be harms on the way. If by Rahu, jolt in the vacancy. So one basic drop to a blemish-free lagna for starting from the house.

(5) As well as months, utmost astrological texts affirm that one basic not start a annoy in the month of Panguni. Panguni or the huge month of Pisces did not find favour with astrologers of olden mature.

Commencing the travel in Pisces lagna is further not advised. It was such as Pisces is the public moksha sthaan (leading to other worldly alongside), besides someone a dual rasi with weaken assets (conducive for travel) In persons days travel was for the period of jungles and empty terrains plagued with terrorization and qualms of sorts. Communicate was the trouble of accomplishment goods on the way in persons days. So the good fortune of overcoming persons terrorization and other tribulations was premier in the minds of the astrologers in persons days making them prompt faithfully hip every that you can think of hazard to life. But today these qualms and tribulations are not contemporary. Flurry from one place to discrete has become a very easy and meet one too. So no determination to hug to the maasa (month) shortening.

(6) Most people disquiet Chandrashtama. But avoidance of Chandrashtama is not widely optional by texts for starting a travel. Even Chandrashtama basic be avoided a minute ago in Krishna paksha.

(7) In Kalaprakashika, chandra kandakam is mentioned. Commencing a travel at a lagna someplace moon is positioned causes chandra kandakam. It basic be avoided.

(8) Excellent emphasis is laid on Navama-thrayam or Thrividha navami - the 3 nines, namely avoiding a annoy on the 9th day after the return from a unique travel, avoiding the return from a travel on its ninth day and avoiding starting a travel on a navami thithi.

(9) Vaara shoolai and Yogini basic be avoided what time starting a annoy.

These two are inclined in Panchanga for all days

Vaara shoolai is simultaneous to the day of the week.

Yogini is simultaneous to thithi..

Yogini is the name of the servant of KaaLi who lords from side to side the advice. Based on the combination of thithi and day, yogini is explicit.

In panchanga, yogini is inclined as the name of some instruct, bhoomi and akasha.

One basic improve the instruct invalidate to yogini and further improve the instruct on the fit organize the yogini.

That is, if yogini is inclined as east, the invalidate instruct is west. (The advice are or each other.) The fit organize of east is North. So, one basic improve west and north if the yogini is in east.

Finally, if one's dasa-bhukthi is mutual of the vacancy for which the travel is undertaken, not far away ado wishes to be ready about all these.